they used to eat flies



A lot of the time they get too close, sometimes they try to touch me, occasionally my security doesn’t react fast enough, but rarely do they injure me. Actually make that never. Never before have the paparazzi cause me physical pain, emotional pain is a whole other matter but we won’t dwell on that.

“Let them through…. come on… back up!” Ian, who was our security guy tonight, shouted as we came out of the restaurant to go to the car.

Adam was holding my hand tightly and leading me through the building crowd of paparazzi blocking our way.

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pizzaback  asked:

Do mosquito hawks really eat mosquitoes? Also why did they manifest in my yard out of nowhere once April started?

Nope, it’s a myth! The term “mosquito hawk” has also been used for dragonflies, which definitely do eat mosquitoes, but it’s more often used to refer to crane flies, even though they don’t really eat at all!

Like many insects they have a timed life cycle so the adults all emerge at once for a reproductive frenzy; they don’t even live long enough that they ever need food.

Their huge maggots, sometimes tentacled, usually live in water, although some species may live in moist soil, compost heaps, dung or dying plant matter. They can be scavengers or predators!


endless photosets of my favorite actors/actresses: Matt Smith

“If I see a spider in the flat, I try to get a cup and a piece of paper and throw it out of the window. I can’t kill them because they’re good for catching flies. Apparently, as a kid I used to eat spiders. Maybe there’s some Freudian significance behind that.”