they update on a regular basis

The houses when: they try to close Hogwarts
  • Gryffindor: Protest !! Protest protest protest protest. Best motivating speeches. Protest. Chain themselves to the Whomping Willow. Occupy the Great Hall. Send dozens of hundreds of Howlers to the board. Unleash the Blast-Ended Skrewts in the Quidditch pitch. And this is just the beginning.
  • Hufflepuff: Hide everyone in the Room of Requirement so they can’t close the school before finding them. Snacks, drinks provided by the kitchen elves. The younger students are being especially taken care of. Ravenclaws and some 6-7 years from other houses give a few lessons here and there. Group hugs on the regular – Yes Slytherin even you
  • Ravenclaw: Plan the global counter-attack – organize Students Representative elections, advise the Gryff leaders for safe protests, proof-read Slyth letters and speeches, write witty banners to hang from the top of the towers, negotiate with the Ghosts, Peeves, the Centaurs and even the Merpeople so they join them in the protest
  • Slytherin: Keep in touch with the teachers to be updated twice a day on how the situation goes and adjust their strategy accordingly. Contact and speak to the press on a regular basis. Try to get elected and then meet the board as Students Representatives to //threaten// make them change their mind. //Have you ever heard of the Basilik Sir//

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New reylo shipper here! can you recommend me blogs about reylo to follow? I want everything of that in my dash.

Hey dude! Welcome to the reylo void aka the reylo trash compactor :))) I’m very glad to have you on board, so get ready for this ride, it’s gonna be w i l d, and exciting and damn, so kriffing good. 

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Of course I can recommend you some blogs! *been waiting all my life for this moment jk* 

I’m gonna give you a full list of reylo blogs I follow so far that update in a regular basis and are awesome af. I’m sure I’m mising a lot of my lovely reylo fam out there so pls let me know if I’ve missed you!

@gwendy85, @incorrectreyloquotes, @kylosky, @perrydowning, @nsfwreylo, @my-reylo, @reylo-solo, @reylotechnician, @thefirstorder, @kylo-reylo-trash, @beauyega, @i-am-reylo, @heyoreylo, @reylolicious, @reyloeverafter, @reylo-sin-anthology, @force-bond, @pro-reylo, @reyloforce, @theknightsjedi, @reylo-trash-can, @kyloshipsreylo, @nonibear11, @reylo17, @reylo-junkyard, @forcebondedreylo, @extrakyloren, @sanctuarytrin, @reylooo, @terapid, @kylorenvevo, @reylosource, @pixelrey, @the-reylo-void, @reylo, @reylosmut, @reyloart, @knights-of-ben-solo, @lilithsaur, @reyloislife, @panda-capuccino, @reylo-is-canon, @starwarsnonsense, @bastila-bae, @reylo-ren, @hardyness, @reylo-is-my-halo, @whyreylowhy, @vulnerablewarlord, @mixtapemasterjipc, @i-am-thesenate, @starwarsreylo, @could-reylo-be-canon-today, @holocroning, @unapologeticreylotrash, @reyxkylo, @maytheforceormaynot, @manyymedia, @balanceofgray, @bentages, @darkkylos, @reyloheylo, @knightsofreyloren, @kylo-x-rey-trash, @trash-for-reylo, @reylotrashcompactor, @reyloporn, @fyreyandben, @corariley, @kylorenbabe, @reylo-trash-love, @voicesofreylo, @trashy-knight-of-reylo, @reyloedit, @alwaysreylo, @daily-reylo, @kenobody, @apolloisburning, @psy-kylo-gy, @onlyreylo, @clockwork-cameo, @dearmisskitty, @these-are-the-first-steps, @scavengertrash, @kylosjedi, @mika4eyed, @reylo-trash-lives-here, @force-bonds, @theauraki, @reylogarbagechute, @renpressrey, @mssedated, @pissbabysithlord, @reyloiscanon21, @frozenmusings, @boomdafunk, @secret-jedi, @reymous, @hesgotmewishiniwas17, @obi-wan-ken00b, @cevemo, @reylorobyn2011, @sansacat, @kylo-please, @red-applesith, @theboywhocan11, @xdramionereylox, @kylo-rey-trash, @adamdriiverr, @reylotrashfromecuador, @cobwebbing, @loyal-to-reylo, @coupdefoudrey, @obva-rin, @sylviasnow89, @shwtlee4reylo, @myflairway, @reylospacebear, @reybenrose, @foxesdance, @thesovereignempress, @korpssw, @fettuccine-alfreylo, @once-upon-a-reylo@kylotrash, @ladydepurple, @reyxkylo-reylo, @thereyloawakens, @returnofthereylo, @sionis, @mummiesandlightsabers, @palimpsestheart, @f0rcebonded, @lefirststeps, @lightsaberwaltz, @uncleanakin, @the-goldberg, @captain-cassian, @haikoui, @reyren, @ashla-bogan, @hothmess, @ohtze

well, I hope I’ve helped you, and let me tell you that your ask made my day! so  that’s a tiny bunch of them hehe. Fam, feel free to tag fellow reylo shippers pls. I would love to meet them too. //bolded ones - I enjoy their content so much, they either make stunning edits or write wonderful fanfics, or make mind-blowing fanart, or write so precious meta or even if they don’t all this blogs are so interesting and you should totally check them out.// and anon, i could show you the ways of the Force reylo

*Love, Alison* :DD

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i love your website!! :D i'm gonna need one for myself soon. how did you build it?

I used Squarespace this time around, actually!  I built the last version of my website from the ground up, but it made updating it on even a semi-regular basis a total pain – editing the html, cropping thumbnails, adding alt text, etc.

I’m so swamped with work right now that I just can’t afford the time it would take me to build a new website out of whole cloth, and heck – people want to see my art, not my web design, so I figured I’d much rather focus on something that lets me keep my portfolio fresh and relieves some of the stress. :)

Now that Squarespace lets you use your own domain, it was a great fit for me – super easy to customize, gave me the navigation complexity I was looking for, and it’s drag and drop for whenever I want to add new work. I am a walking podcast ad right now.

(My buddy @chelseakenna just set up her portfolio with Wix, so that’s another option as well!)

This is for everyone who is asking me how I do my uncluttering sessions.

1. Start with your journal. Write down everything first. Find a place where you can think and have some quality time with yourself.

2. Think of specific areas you want to include in your uncluttering. Some areas on my list are: food, music, gadgets, books, plans, journals and blogs, finance, exercise, etc.

Food - what to eat and what not to eat. go healthy! ( I do juice fasting/cleansing sometimes)

Music - songs I want to learn, pieces I need to play

Gadgets - I organize files on my gadgets every month and I also customize themes

Books - reading list and study goals

Plans - plans for the month, monthly goals, weekly goals

Journals and Blogs -  organizing my journaling stuffs, updating my blogs

Finance - budget, savings, organizing my wallet

Exercise - regular exercise schedule

3. Unclutter your thoughts too. Write down all your million-dollar ideas before you forget about them. Remove all non-sense and dwell on happy thoughts and positive things. Stop worrying!

4. Get rid of all stuffs you’re not using anymore. Send them out for donations or throw them in the trash.

5. Tidy up your room and your desk. I do this on a daily basis. Nothing feels better than a clean and fresh room atmosphere.

6. Unclutter by prioritizing. First things first. Leave the internet alone and do your school work.

7.Practice minimalism.

I hope this has been helpful. Remember that uncluttering is personal. You can always do it in your own way.  

Stuck with Me


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Sam x Reader (eventually)

Words: hair under 1,700

A/N: Once upon a time I had this little idea, next thing I know it turned into a multi-part monstrosity. It’s been in the works for a while now, and is pretty much done so I’ll be updating it on a pretty regular basis (probably twice a week). Thanks as per usual go out to my darling wifey Beka ( @impala-dreamer ) who has listened to me bang my head against the wall more than once and assured me I wasn’t bat shit crazy for putting this out there.  

P.S. this will shift POV’s periodically, hopefully it isn’t confusing (but please let me know if it is).

“Hey sweetheart. What’re you doing in here so late?”

“Hungry. AGAIN. And I swear I’m going to turn orange soon because carrots are the only thing I want to eat.”

“Well I’ll leave you to it, just came for some water. Don’t stay in here too late – that’s my niece you’re growing in there – you need your rest.”

“Goodnight. Dean.”

Dean shot up in bed, so confused by the dream he wasn’t really confident where he was.

What. In. The. Hell.

Dreaming about pretty girls wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary. Dreaming about pretty girls, pretty very-pregnant-carrot-eating-in-my-kitchen girls sure as shit was. Niece? Seriously. Did he drink last night? Wrong question. How much did he drink last night?

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Hi! Are you taking prompts? If you are, then can you do a near future bughead, Betty goes out of town for some time (for anything of your choice), jughead is there to pick her up from the airport, lots of fluff ensues :3

Hey @zeldawrecks sorry this has taken me so long to get to. I have had a hard time writing fluff at the moment so I hope this was worth the wait.

Coming Home

He was waiting at the gate for her, anxiously glancing at each person who came through the doors, eagerly awaiting her bright face to appear.

She had messaged him earlier in the night to let him know that her flight had been delayed urging him not too wait, that she would catch a cab or uber into town instead.  But Jughead had made a promise that he would pick her up, and no-one who valued their life or safety broke their word when it came to Alice.

So instead he had made his way to the airport cafe ordered himself some coffee and opened his laptop to the latest article he was working on for The Register, in reality he found himself much more concentrated on the arrivals board looking for any updates on her flight.

He had been the one who told her to go ahead with the internship. He wasn’t going to be the guy who kept a girl from achieving her dreams especially one as bright as Betty Cooper, there was no dulling her brightness.

To say that he missed her was an understatement. He had tried to keep himself as busy as possible, volunteering to help Alice at the register following Hal’s unexpected departure, as well as visiting his dad on a regular basis and assisting his lawyer with whatever was needed.

His new role at the Serpents, he had intentionally downplayed to Betty, she would only worry more than she already did and he didn’t want her to be distracted from her work. Safe to say the jacket would remain tucked away in his closet for tonight.

He noticed her instantly as she came through the gate. He felt relief wash over him tat her return, Riverdale never quite felt like home without her. He reached up to his head pulling the Beanie from his head, gripping it tightly in his hands.

He watched as she scanned the crowd for him and he waved over to her, her eyes finally settling on him and she rushed over to meet him. As she reached him she dropped her bag at her feet and let him enclose her in his arms as he lifted her up in a dramatic, movie worthy twirl that before her he would have imagined himself capable of. She let out a laugh and it was like music to his ears being able to hear it purified instead of through his laptop speakers a thousand miles away. He let her back down and she pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. He held himself back from deepening it.

He pulled back from their kiss. to take her face in her hands, memorising every feature of her face, as he moved his thumb gently across her cheek, revelling in the warmth of her skin.

She pulled him in for another hug, her arms wrapping so tightly against him as she breathed in his scent, her memory and the worn flannel shirt that she had fallen asleep in on numerous occasions had not done him justice, not at all.

“God I missed you.” He said into her hair, before tilting her face up, fingers on her chin to capture her lips again with his own. He deepened the kiss immediately this time, pouring all his longing and lonely nights into that kiss. She gripped his shirt tightly with her small hands, clinging to him, never wanting to let go again.

“I missed you too.” She said as they broke their kiss for air, his heart was pounding with anticipation. She threaded her hands with his, brushing her fingers along his knuckles. “So much.”

He bent down to pick up her bag, slinging it over his shoulder, a little knocked back at the unexpected weight. He offered his other arm to her as a gentleman would and she linked her arm in his as they headed towards the airport car park to F.P’s truck another one of his inherited gifts from the Serpents.

“So Miss Cooper now that you are back in Riverdale what is our first stop? ” He exclaimed dramatically and she tightened her grip on his arm.

“ Well Mr Jones as much as I have missed you and would love to spend the next few hours, tangled in your arms.” She mused a tell tale blush spreading across her cheeks. “I have been craving a Pop’s Vanilla Malt milkshake like crazy for the past 2 months.” She admitted to him. At the mention of food his stomach growled in response.

“A girl after my own heart. ”

Social Media HCs!!



He has a hard time deciding which form of social media he prefers when it comes to Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat…So, he uses all three of them faithfully. He has specific purposes for each platform. When he wants share abstract thoughts, he takes to Twitter. When he wants to share pictures of his cute new hat, his adorable dessert, or a photo of Elizabeth he runs to Insta but when wants to talk to his audience about how his day went, give a sneak peek of what a day in his shoes is like or embarrass his friends he uses Snapchat.


He has a public account for everything except FB. It is the only private form of social media he has. He has a small amount of friends because his FB is limited to real childhood friends and family. It is under a different name. He never saves his FB profile photo to a picture of himself either. He does this so that it would be fairly difficult for just anyone to find him. He has a Twitter and Instagram but they’re generally only ever used for promotional purposes. They’re usually ran by a PR team rather than himself. Every now and then, he’ll delight fans by allowing his team to share a candid photo of him to his Insta.


He’s an Instagram fanatic. If he’s not in a group chat harassing his friends, he’s on Instagram sending love to fellow idols and sharing adorable selfies. He loves to follow fans back and blow up their notifications because he knows it makes them happy. He replies back to comments as much as he can.  Aside from Insta, you can find him and his smiling face on Snap along with a video of Camus pretending to be sweet when we all know that once the camera goes off, Cesshi is getting his ass handed to him.


He has every single social media account you can possibly think of. His username is always something along the lines of @theRealJinguujiRen. He uses Instagram faithfully. He doesn’t follow everyone back so if a fan gets a follow they must be pretty special. In fact, if he does follow a fan back, it’s for reasons. He has gotten into trouble for DMing fans so he doesn’t do it as often as he used to. He doesn’t have a FB account and has gone a public record stating that. He urges fans to understand that although the accounts may say it’s the real Ren Jinguji, it’s really not and to steer clear of them. There are many Instagram users that follow him and has no idea that he even sings for a living. They just follow because he’s nice to look at. He uses his Twitter for promo purposes. His Snapchat is private and he only shares it with people that he knows well in real life. It’s practically impossible to find. He’s gotta have something for himself, right?


One may speculate whether or not he actually lives on Twitter. He uses his Twitter for both personal use and promotional purposes. Fans can take to Twitter if they curious about how much water he drank that day, if he skipped a meal or if he’s working. Trust me, they can find it all if they want. He is not one to think twice before posting and once he nearly exposed a Starish project in pre-production. The agency put him on probation and they had to monitor everything before he posted it. But, since he updates so often, they gave up and left him with a slap on the wrist. His Snaps are often silly videos of him joking around with [read: annoying Tokiya] the others.


His Snap is LIT at all times. He is that person that just makes you hate that your life isn’t theirs. He always seems to be having more fun than anyone else in the world. His stories be centuries long if we’re just being real but they’re so entertaining you can’t look away. Otoya and Natsuki make appearances in his snaps on a regular basis. His Instagram is a more humble look at his life, shockingly. He usually posts photos of himself and the others in the studio or on the set of an interview with captions like: ‘All in a day’s work,’ ‘So ready for you guys to see what we’ve got in store for you ;),’ ‘Love my job!!’


Have you ever witnessed your grandparents using Facebook?  Okay, good. Imagine that but instead of Gma or Papa, imagine Masato. Haha. Just kidding. He’s not that bad but he’s not what one would call proficient. His Twitter and Insta are half-ran by a PR person and half-ran by himself. He’s never sure what he should or shouldn’t post so the promotional posts always outweigh the candid posts.  Go to his Insta if you want to see a candid video of him, playing the piano and singing! On the rare occasion that he does actually post on his own, it’s always something like a photo of a beautifully prepared meal with the caption: ‘Itadakimasu!’, a picture of a waterfall he visited or some shit and on the rarest of occasions, a stunning selfie. He doesn’t use Snapchat but that doesn’t stop him from making appearances in anyone else’s snap.



He is another guy that lives it up and doesn’t mind sharing all of his good times with the public. He’s most active on his Snapchat. He loves giving fans a behind the scenes look at his life. He once made an entire Story he called ‘Getting Ready with Onii-chan!!.” Fans were able to witness a shirtless idol, walking around his place with bedhead and a bonus cooking class. Did anyone really care about the cooking class? No. He was still shirtless. Glorious? Everyone else thought so. Anytime he meets a fan out in public (non-work related) he features them on his Snap. The other members of QN are often shown in his Stories as well. Now, whether or not they wanted to be is up to your interpretation.


Although he has an account on every mainstream social media platform there is, they’re all ran by his PR team. He has 0 dealings with them. He is more interested in spending his time watching Youtube videos.  He has an account that is oddly named and he lives in the comfort of knowing he can comment and like any video he wants without having to think twice about what it could do to his reputation. Not only does he not have to worry about being stalked by fans but there’s no way for his activity to be monitored by the agency.


He’s more of a forum kind of guy because he’s always interested to learn other people’s opinions on things. But if he had to choose at least one popular social media platform that he uses often it’d likely be his Twitter account. He prefers it to Insta and Snapchat because it is the most impersonal form of social media. To him, social media is just another way to stay relevant with his audience. He can post the most abstract thing and generate thousands of like and RTs which gets the job done.


It’s not that he tries to rub the idea that he lives a better life than you in your face, it’s just that…. He truly does live a better life than you and you just have to accept that as fact. He likes to pretend that he doesn’t care about social media but the truth is, Instagram is his guilty pleasure.  Just one look at his elegant aesthetic and you’ll know how much time he spends on it. To be fair, at first he wasn’t interested in the app but after time went on he found himself curious and voilà now he has the most beautiful Instagram you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Honestly, his Insta makes even the wealthiest people look like peasants.

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what if gom, kagami, takao, and himuro were a k-pop group?

( ◡‿◡ *) this.. took a lot of thought lolol. sorry if some of the songs may be more or less inaccurate (there are way too many songs out there) or if you can’t open them. btw idk what the group name would be lol 

Some definitions (in case you’re not familiar with them):

- Aegyo: “cute display of affection often expressed through a cute/baby voice, facial expressions, and gestures”

- Skinship: touching, hugging or physical contact to express close friendship

- Selca: “shortened combo of the words ‘self’ and ‘camera'” (basically selfie)

- Maknae: the youngest person in a group

- Bias/Bias List: favorite member(s)

- Bias Wrecker: essentially someone who “seemed to looked more appealing at a particular moment”


  • Position(s): Sub-Vocalist; Dancer
  • The eldest member (really mature but can still be playful *winks*)
  • Does not mind doing aegyo, but he’s very subtle
  • Likes skinship (says it’s for fan service but nah it’s all natural lmao)
  • His body rolls are lethal
  • Gets along with everyone in the dorms and has a lot of friends outside of the group (makes friends with other groups; pretty popular)
  • Likes taking selfies and pictures with members (often on social media)
  • Gets the least amount of lines and they’re mostly in English (but it’s cute)
  • Doesn’t change his hair for almost any comeback (no touchy!)
  • Likes singing upbeat songs like “Baby I’m Sorry” by B1A4 or really dramatic songs like “Cocktail” by Jonghyun


  • Position(s): Vocalist; Dancer; Reminds everyone he’s the Visual
  • HELLA LOTS OF AEGYO AND FAN SERVICE (pleases fans often)
  • The sunshine of the group and really outgoing, but is also one of the noisiest
  • Takes the longest to get ready
  • Constantly updating on social media (selca king, always on the phone)
  • Has a busy schedule (photo shoots, show host, variety shows, etc.)
  • Literally tries to hog as much screen time as he can
  • Often mistaken for the maknae because he acts like one
  • Skinships with Kuroko almost every two minutes
  • Likes singing cute and happy songs like “Home Run” by GOT7 and like “Mansae” by Seventeen


  • Position(s): Vocalist; Lyricist and composer
  • Likes everything to be clean in the dorms
  • Will seriously punch a wall if someone asks him to do aegyo
  • Practices the most (whether it’s singing or dancing)
  • Will bring a lucky item on stage every single time (don’t stop him)
  • Mostly quiet and serious but is not afraid to pass some salt
  • Secretly cares a lot for the other members and fans but does not show it
  • Banned from the kitchen (to cook)
  • Dislikes skinship so he’s almost always at the center of group hugs so he can’t escape (the love)
  • Likes singing ballads like “Here I Am” by Yesung or songs that are kinda poppy-ish but not too upbeat like “Mono-Drama” by Jonghyun


  • Position(s): Singer, Rapper; Dancer
  • Almost everyone’s bias wrecker at some point
  • Also one of the noisiest members
  • Skinships with multiple members (brotherly love with Himuro makes fans scream)
  • Likes to cook for everyone and eats large portion meals
  • Will do aegyo when asked but gets embarrassed afterwards
  • The one most likely to be asked to go  often shirtless during live concerts
  • Most clumsy during practice
  • Kinda shy and flustered in front of the camera at first, but gets over it and becomes an energetic, cute puppy
  • Likes singing/rapping songs with a chill, pop-ish vibe like “Good Thing” by NCT 127 and maybe like “Solo Day” by B1A4 (probably with Himuro)


  • Position(s): Rapper; Singer; Dancer; Lyricist
  • Lots of body rolls (all day, every day)
  • Sleeps the most (and wherever he can) and the one who gets up last
  • Says he hates doing aegyo but does it anyway (three minutes later)
  • Eats a lot (sometimes steals food from the other members)
  • Likes skinship (with almost everyone)
  • Will also most likely go on stage often shirtless during live concerts
  • Surprisingly likes going on variety shows (would like to go on Law of the Jungle for example)
  • Releases solo singles often
  • Likes songs that make him feel like a badass like “Gorilla” by Pentagon but has a secret emotional side like “What If” by EXO


  • Position(s): Surprisingly good at rapping; Vocalist
  • Probs the laziest and most stubborn member
  • It takes a whole lot of effort just to get him to practice
  • Has a stash of junk food that he never shares
  • Likes doing aegyo, but only when he wants to
  • Almost always gets his clothes picked out for him (via the stylist, Himuro, or Akashi)
  • His singing/rapping makes fans scream (and re-evaluate your bias list) 
  • Somewhat does not mind skinship (usually holds on to Akashi or Himuro)
  • Actually goes out a lot to buy snacks (so he’s almost always seen by fans)
  • Likes “cool” songs like “Honey Funny Bunny” by TVXQ and songs mentioning food/sweets like “Chocolate” by SHINee


  • Position(s): Sub-vocalist; Dancer
  • One of the loudest members and the other sunshine of the group
  • Tries to cheer everyone up when they’re feeling down
  • Loves doing aegyo (does it to Midorima on a regular basis)
  • Likes skinship (clings onto Midorima and sometimes sleeps in his bed)
  • Likes taking selfies and short vlogs
  • Also doesn’t get a lot of lines but gets a lot of screen time to make up for it
  • Really outgoing so he also has a lot of friends outside the group
  • Consistently updates on social media and always tells fans he loves them
  • Also likes singing happy songs like “So Amazing” and “Black Hole” by SHINee


  • Position(s): Leader (even though he’s one of the youngest members); Vocalist; Attempts to rap sometimes (probably bokushi); Lyricist and composer
  • Will come after your bias list at some point
  • The most stressed member
  • Wakes up the earliest and even makes breakfast for everyone
  • Deeply cares for the other members (he’s the mom)
  • When the camera’s on him it’s sexy fan service time
  • Thinks about the fans often so he’ll always try his best to give back (through fan meets, concert goods, social media, etc.)
  • Can get somewhat competitive when it comes to doing aegyo
  • Actually looks up how to be funny because most of the time he comes off as serious and intimidating (but really he’s a cinnamon roll)
  • Likes emotional and deep songs like “House of Cards” by BTS; if he were to rap it may be like “Give It To Me” by Suga (bokushi mode)


  • Position(s): Vocalist; Lyricist
  • Maknae (who everyone loves and protects)
  • Everyone’s precious child (even if he’s not your bias)
  • Has the least amount of stamina so he has to take multiple breaks
  • Aegyo on point without even trying
  • Sometimes uses misdirection to avoid doing chores or to prank the members (also uses it to run away)
  • Almost always at the center of skinship
  • Always brings his dog on stage (he dresses Nigou with a shirt that has the group’s name on the back)
  • Probably the first one out of the group to have a solo debut
  • Likes singing soothing songs like “This is Love” by Super Junior and like “When I Grow Up” by Seventeen

So.. Who would be your bias and/or bias wrecker lol?

-coughs- my bias would be Akashi, but my bias wrecker would be Himuro

While I’m on the subject of malware and security updates and all that fun stuff, it’s time for me to say again what I love to say whenever possible: please regularly shut your computers down properly. Don’t turn them over and let them “sleep”: it’s not the same thing. I’m talking proper power down, select “shut down” from the menu action here.

When you shut your computer down properly it does thousands of little, crucial things in the background. That’s why it can sometimes take a while. On Windows computers, this is where the updates happen – updates that can include security patches. You usually get a warning a few days in advance, where the menu will say something like “Update and restart”. Eventually that will go to “Update and shut down”. If you do not shut down your computer, those updates won’t happen. Those updates are crucial to the longevity and efficiency of your computer. Even if you restart occasionally to get these updates, there are countless other little tasks that your computer cannot do unless you shut it down properly.

I know if you use your computer often it can be seen as pointless to shut it down. You think to yourself well, I’ll be using it in a few hours, or well, I’ll be using it as soon as I wake up, so why shut it down? But guys, it’s a couple of minutes, and the good it does your computer is endless. Ongoing tasks are shut down properly, updates are installed, the system is cleaned up and ready for use again. It is essential and basic computer care, possibly the best thing you can do for your computer on a regular basis. I’ve heard a lot of people in my time complaining that their laptop is running slow, it’s glitchy, it’s not working right, they need to get a new one, and their laptop is only a year to eighteen months old. This is not normal! A good laptop should be able to last you three, maybe five years, possibly longer, but you have to take care of it. Shutting down properly and regularly is essential to this. Please do it, and save yourself a lot of hassle. 

tl;dr there’s a reason that the “shut down” option is on a laptop and there’s thousands of good reasons why it sometimes takes a few minutes, please shut your laptops down regularly.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you a quick update on this blog’s inactivity lately. I recently moved into a new apartment and haven’t had internet access on my computer for about a week at this point (I’m posting this on mobile at work lol), and I was super busy with getting ready for the move for a couple weeks before that. But hopefully I’ll have full internet by tomorrow and at that point this blog should be back to posting on a more regular basis!

Thanks for sticking around through this unplanned semi-hiatus!

DBT Skills and Related Information Masterpost 2.0

All the content in this post uses the Skills Training Manual (Second Edition) by Marsha Linehan as the basis of every post on skills and concepts.  Rather than just copying out what is written in the Manual, I’ve elaborated on these skills, concepts, and their components using what has been taught to me in my DBT group sessions as well as my own personal understanding of the skills.  Nevertheless, the Manual is the basis and starting point of all the posts here except for the “Other Information” section.  Everything that is covered in the Manual’s Skills component will eventually be covered in posts contained in this masterpost.

General DBT Information:


Distress Tolerance and Radical Acceptance:

Interpersonal Effectiveness:

Emotion Regulation:

Other Information:

NOTE: This post will be updated on a semi-regular basis as we add more DBT posts to the blog. If you’re seeing a reblogged version of this, be sure to check the original post to see if it has been updated.  This is a Work In Progress and will be updated regularly as I write more posts.   Each time I write a post, it will get immediately added to the list.  

Also additional posts may be added that are not already included on this list.  Now that the inbox has been re-opened, feel free to request one of the topics on this list that you would like me to prioritize.  I’m currently in the process of learning the Emotion Regulation unit, so those posts are likely a couple weeks away at least and I won’t be able to get to them if they’re requested until I’ve learned about them in my DBT group.

This post will be reblogged every time four or five new DBT posts have been added to it, so that you can have an up-to-date record.



I’ll sign on every once in awhile to update, I just can’t be here on a regular basis.

So here’s a few highlights from Wondercon. Made a lot of lifetime friends, worked the runway, and wreaked plenty havoc. Thank you to everyone who made this experience one of the best weekends in my life.
Now for June! 😱

Batch 5 of Undertale AU Music Notes is here!

Included is an updated Sylphy Note, as well as Papixie from Underfaerie, Lavender and Poppy from Naturetale, and a Note for Fennel, Sylphy and Lav’s child! 

Also, kudos to Lavmun for drawing flowers on a regular basis. I took HOURS trying to get them to look right on these Notes. But I did have fun drawing these Notes, especially coloring them~ ^_^

Underfaerie belongs to @underfaerie / @xxtheaufactoryxx
Naturetale belongs to @lavender-sans
Fennel belongs to both of them.
Music Note designs and art by me // @dragaura

“Some worlds are represented by only a single Note, others have a handful of Notes, a few, like the ‘Classic’ world, have whole Scores…” -The Music “Muse”

First Impressions and Second Chances (part 12)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,633

Misha x Reader

Warnings: implied smut, angst if you squint

Notes: gah, it’s been forever since i updated! things are starting to flow a little more smoothly for me and i’m planning on keeping updates for this series on a semi-regular basis from here on. as always, feedback is appreciated, and i hope you guys like this part!

Your name: submit What is this?

You and Misha drove together to the convention center, parting ways once you were inside. He stole a quick kiss when no one was looking before heading off, promising to text you throughout the day whenever he had a chance.

You headed towards the room where Jared and Jensen’s panel was about to begin, and took a seat in one of the front rows. The next thirty minutes were spent laughing and cringing at the two answering questions and telling stories, and before you knew it, you were being ushered out to have your duo photo op with them.

The line for the pictures moved pretty fast, and before you knew it you were next to get your picture taken with the two. They smiled as you walked up, making your heart jump. Jensen pulled you into a hug when you were close enough.

“Hey Y/N, how’s it going?”

“Pretty good, how are you guys?” It felt so casual, talking to them as if you’d known each other your whole life.

“Tired, but good. Never a dull moment.” Jared grinned. “So what can we do for your photo?”

“Honestly, nothing would make me happier than just a hug from you guys.”

Jensen chuckled. “Yeah, of course. C’mere.”

You were pressed between Jensen and Jared, wrapping your arms around the latter as Jensen hugged you from behind. After the picture was taken, they both pulled you in for another hug. Jared called after you before you could head out.

“Hey, we’ll still see you for lunch, right?”

Another tug at your heart. “Yeah, of course.” You tried to answer as nonchalantly as possible, though you were screaming on the inside. They waved as you walked away, grinning broadly.

You were walking towards the vending machines to grab a snack when your phone started to ring. You pulled it out and answered without checking the caller ID.


“Grab me a Snickers, I’m dying for some sugar.”

You snapped your head around, smiling when you saw Misha watching you from around the corner. Without missing a beat, you hung up and turned back to the vending machine, inserting a dollar and pulling out a Snickers. You walked over to Misha and handed it over to him, leaning up against the wall.

“Don’t have a dollar on you?”

“Nah, I’m just too lazy to walk all the way over there.” You rolled your eyes as he took a bite of his candy bar, humming appreciatively. “God, this is so much better than the granola crap they have in the green room.”

You chuckled. “Hey, so when are we doing lunch?”

Misha grunted in response. “Right, well uh, J and J just got started with photo ops and that’ll probably be a while, so,” he checked his watch, “an hour? Maybe less?” He finished off his Snickers and crumpled up the wrapped, tossing it in a nearby trashcan. “Wanna come back to the green room with me?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.” He took your hand and you let him lead you back the way he’d come from. “Who all is back there right now?”

“When I left, Mark. But he’ll probably have left to do autographs by now.” He looked at you and smiled. “So it’ll be just us.”

Your heart did another flip. “Yeah?”

“Boring, I know. I guess we’ll just have to find some way to entertain ourselves.” You reached the door to the room and he leaned against it, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. You laughed and punched him playfully in the chest.

“You’re an actual child. You know that?”

“Who, me?” He feigned offense before his playful expression was back. “I’ll show you just how grown up I am.”

You groaned as he opened the door, pulling you in. “I hate you.”

He kissed you softly, barely pressing your lips together which sent chills up your spine. “No you don’t.”

About an hour later, Jared and Jensen walked in the green room to find you and Misha laying on the couch, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Jared grabbed a beer from the fridge and smiled at you. “What’s up with you guys?”

You blushed, remembering your previous antics, before you answered him. “Not much, we’re just talking about when we were kids.” You giggled. “Hey, did you guys know that when Misha was in high school, he-”

“No! No no, they don’t get to know that.” Misha quickly covered your mouth with one hand and glared at you.

“Probably nothing we haven’t heard before.” Jensen laughed and sat down at the table.

You wiggled out of Misha’s grasp. “Oh, you’d be surprised.” You ignored Misha’s protests and stood up. “So, where are we eating? I’m starved.”

Jensen’s eyes lit up at that. “You’ll see.”

You ended up driving out of town to a small dine-in place you’d never been to, probably because it was basically in the middle of nowhere. Jensen swore by it, saying they served “the best burgers and fries you can get in a 1,000 mile radius.” You’d laughed at that, having just witnessed a bit of Dean in him at that moment.

The four of you went in and ordered after taking a look at the menu, having settled on the same thing as Jensen, just to be safe. You made small talk as you waited for the food to come out.

“So, do you guys do this a lot?”

“Go out to eat together? Yeah, all the time.” Jared smiled. “We have a pretty similar schedule for the most part, so whether it’s going somewhere or ordering take out for dinner, we’re together a lot of the time while filming.”

“Unfortunately,” Misha mumbled under his breath. Your eyes widened in surprise as Jensen and Jared laughed.

“Whatever, dude. You’re just jealous that you don’t live in Austin and get to see us even more when we’re on break.”

Misha huffed at Jensen’s remark. “Sure, that’s it.”

The conversation went mostly like that for a while, light banter and teasing until your food was ready. The burger you’d ordered was much larger than you expected, and the shock on your face must have been obvious because everyone burst out laughing. You shook your head, grabbing some napkins and pulling your plate closer.

“I accept the challenge.”

Conversation continued as the four of you ate, comments thrown here and there in between bites. Your knee brushed against Misha’s leg at one point, to which he reached down with his left hand and rested it on your thigh, rubbing it every now and then with his thumb. It was a small gesture, but so domestic that it gave you butterflies in your stomach every time he did it.

The whole situation was weirdly comfortable, really. Jared and Jensen sat across from you, making jokes and making an effort to get to know you better. Misha contributed to the conversation, but most of the time he was silent, and when you glanced over at him, he’d be watching you silently and smiling to himself, blushing slightly when you caught him staring.

And in the middle of it, there was never a moment where you felt uncomfortable or out of place. It felt like you just… belonged.


You snapped out of your thoughts and looked at Jared, smiling.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“We should probably get going, before people start to wonder where we are.”

“Yeah, of course.” You got up and the others followed suit, Jensen laying down a few bills on the table before heading out to where Cliff was waiting in the parking lot.

You stared out the window the entire way back, participating sparsely in the conversation the four men were having. Misha squeezed your hand at one point and gave you a questioning glance, to which you answered with a smile and a kiss on the cheek, assuring him that you were fine.

When you got back to the convention center, you shared one last hug with both Jared and Jensen before they parted ways.

“Don’t be a stranger, ok?” You nodded and Jensen waved, heading inside.

“Let us know if you’re ever in Vancouver, or Austin, if it’s off season.” Jared smiled. “We’d love to see you again.”

You gave Jared another hug and a muffled “me too” before he followed Jensen in, disappearing through the back door.

Misha wrapped an arm around your waist, walking you in as well.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, just a little tired. Probably that huge ass burger I ate,” you lied.

Misha nodded, contemplating before turning a corner and removing his arm from around you. “I gotta go back to do some more autographs, think you’ll be good for a while?”

You nodded, smiling at him reassuringly. He smiled back and kissed you, slow and sweet. “I’ll text you later, ok?”

“Ok.” He started to walk in the other direction, before turning around and blowing you another kiss. You laughed, pretending to catch it in the air and holding it to your chest. He smiled again and mouthed “I love you” before disappearing down the hall.

Sighing, you leaned back against the wall and closed your eyes.

I love you.

The words Misha uttered to you as you slept, at the end of every phone call, every text, even just now as he walked away.

You knew you loved him back. You really did. But were you ready to admit it out loud? After today, there weren’t going to be any more lunch dates with celebrities, no more fun times in back rooms, no more falling asleep next to someone who made you feel wanted and complete. You shook your head.

Why did you have to go and fall in love with your best friend all over again?

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Getting played

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Artist: Jay Park

Word Count: 775 :)

You had called Jay to ask him what time you should be ready for the little date that you guys were supposed to have late in the day, but he had told you he wasn’t feeling very and that he couldn’t do it anymore. You were a little bummed because you were supper excited but you didn’t want him to feel bad and told him you guys could always do something another time. 

Jay had lied to you though. There was an event that suddenly came up and he planned on calling you to take you with him but the guys didn’t want you to join them and Simon put him under the pressure that he had to do, so he lied and said he wasn’t feeling good.

While you were home you went to a close pharmacy and bought him cold medicine and then also went to the grocery and bought stuff to make soups no other foods.

Jay had texted you and told you that he will work extra today so he doesn’t have to go back the next day and just rest at home which you thought was the best for him.

So when Jay came back home he found you in the kitchen cooking up something.

“Hey babe” he called out, and you turned around to him. 

“Heyy, how are you feeling?” you asked and put your hand on his forehead to see if he had a fever. Which he didn’t and that was good. 

Jay noticed when you got closer to him how you had your makeup and hair perfectly done and that was probably because you got ready for he canceled date.

“What are you doing?” he asked nodding towards the stove. 

“Oh I’m making you a soup since you said your not feeling well. It’s should be really good if your feeling a little sick” you said.   

“Oh and I also got you some medicine just in case that way you don’t have to leave and get some”
“And I stocked up on your favorite drink so you could stayed hydrated" you told him and Jay started feeling bad and guilty. 

 "If you want go ahead and take a shower, and the soup should be done by then" you told him. 

 "Okay" he said and went to your shared bedroom. 

 When Jay came out he was done with his shower and changed into his comfy clothes. 

 You guys were eating the food you made and Jay was super quiet. You figured he may not been feeling good so you let him be. You were just talking about you day at work and a cute puppy you seen while coming back home. 

“Babe are you not feeling good” you asked. 

“No I’m alright right now” he said. 

“I’m sorry” he suddenly said guilt in his voice 

“Sorry for what babe” you asked him confused 

“For today” he said and looked down at the table 

“Oh babe it’s fine. It was just a date, we could always have another one when your free and your feeling better” you told him, sweetness coming from you which made Jay feel even guiltier. But he stayed silent “

Really babe. I’m not mad or anything. Your health is the most important to me so don’t feel bad. Plus this is nice too. As long as I’m with you I’m happy” you told him He just nodded. But deep down he felt like shit for treating you that way. 

You were too good to him, and taking care of him. You didn’t even complain about the date being canceled or if he works for late house. You were just always making sure he took care of his health.

“I’ll make it up to you” Jay said. 

“You don’t have to babe” you told him sweetly 

“I want to, I feel really bad” he said

“Okay, when you feel better we could plan another date” you told him

Jay was really regretting it so he really wanted to make it up to you and start treating you better. He wanted this date to be something different and he wanted to go all out. 

He ended up taking you to the fanciest restaurant that had the best food, then he took you for dessert to one of your favorite places that you always talked about, and a long walk at the end of the night and ended it with giving you a necklace as a gift. Jay worked extra hard on that date which surprised you because he never done anything like that before, they were either low key dates or dates at one of your places. 

Sorry if this is shitty and short, I just feel really bad that I haven’t posted for sooooo long. I’m really trying to get back with updating on a regular basis, I have scenarios that just need to be edited and fixed up and hopefully I have them posted soon. 

MY INTERNET IS BACK!! and i finished moving

If you have any commissions from me you’ll be getting an update or the finished product tonight and tomorrow morning at the very latest ! 

Sorry for the hiatus, comics and such will be posted again on a regular basis!~