they understand her

slytherin moody and hufflepuff tonks is very important i like to think that it was well-known by all the aurors that moody, a certified legend, never took on apprentices until one day a bright, tenacious witch showed up for training with a pink mohawk and kind smile and made some smart-ass remark while shaking his hand and moody was just like 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 and then they went on to become the department’s most renowned partnership

I mean if you need to PROVE something so hard (and to who exactly?) then it doesn’t bode well for the legitimacy of your claim

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I don’t know who I’m supposed to be.”

“Who do you want to be?”

my mom brought me one of my old diaries the other day, and i found this while flipping through it.

i feel so removed from the person who wrote this, from the 13 year old me who was so terrified of who she was that she “would never tell anyone in a zillion years.” this little girl who cried herself to sleep because she didn’t understand herself and thought no one would ever accept her for who she was. my heart hurts for her. i want so badly to be able to go back in time and tell her that it will be okay, to accept herself, that one day she will come out to 18,000 followers, and that she will have a boyfriend who accepts her just the way she is and a beautiful friend she talks to everyday who understands her in ways she never imagined possible. and that her sexuality doesn’t have to be a secret or a burden, and secrets don’t have to be burdens at all.

because now, 10 years later, i understand that while in some ways my sexuality will always be my secret to keep, it will never again be my burden.

I don’t understand why people write fanfics about BDB when the WARDen has explicitly asked us not to. It seems really disrespectful to go against her wishes like that. I hope she doesn’t find out and get pissed at us as a fandom just because a few folks can’t listen.

Hypno-Weekend with LeeAllure

In Seattle, of all places! In mid-September!!

Yes, if you’re anywhere near the Pacific Northwest, and you’re interested in Hypnosis, theleeallure is teaching a whole weekend of classes dedicated to any and all aspects of erotic and recreational hypnosis. 

Have questions about hypnosis? 

Want demos about aspects of hypnosis, but didn’t know where you could turn? 

Want to see what’s possible, but never had the time? 

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then dear lord, you should go! 

I also understand that her lovely and talented assistant may know a couple things about the subject…. <Ahem> OK, it turns out I’m her lovely and talented assistant, and we’re collaborating on a whole weekend of classes, experiences, play, and brilliant times up Seattle-way. 

It’s two days of prepared classes, unconference-y classes by request, a play party, lunches and all the Seattle coffee and tea you can safely drink. 

(We’re planning on covering everything from the basics (like what it is and how to do it, safety and ethics, first steps) to really advanced topics (like transformation play, BDSM, tease & denial, pain, “hypno-drug” play, hot negotiation and more!)

Here’s a link to the Fetlife page:

Here’s a link to the regular event page with even more information:

Space is limited to 40 people, so act fast! 

It should be a blast! (As always, memories not guaranteed.)
Anxious Chapter 30, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Hermione's anxiety takes a hold of her and threatens to get in the way of her slow and developing relationship with Ron. He is the only one who can pull her out of her own head long enough to finally let go.

“Hermione smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes - her tired eyes that were filled with sadness and feelings he didn’t get in any of her letters, but felt between the lines. He wanted desperately to reach in and pull those paragraphs and sentences and words from within her, to read her soul, to understand her mind and the way it had reshaped itself after the war. No one was the same afterwards, but no one else was Hermione. No one else made him feel so helpless and whole at the same time. He was beginning to worry that so much of his life, his frame of mind and emotions, were wrapped up in her. It all came down to this one person, and it scared the shit out of him.”

Ben wished Audrey could be more understanding, but her life had been charmed from the beginning as the pampered princess of two doting parents - especially Aurora, who had been separated from her own mother and forced to spend her formative years in a fairy foster home, under the thread of a deadly cure. “My daughter will never know anything but love and beauty and peace and joy,” Aurora had declared. And she had meant it.

(Emphasis mine) 

Huh, that makes a lot of things make a lot more sense, characterization wise. I mean, when your background is as bad as, say, Cinderella’s, wouldn’t it be easy to go to far the other direction, in the hopes of protecting your child from the background you had? 

IDK, obviously your mileage may very, etc. but I thought it was a nice touch 

Tanuth Tanuth Tanuth 

Gettin some oc practice in. With where I am in the current plot, Tanuth honestly has a lot on his mind. When Path makes a controversial decision regarding another oc of mine, whom he greatly distrusts, he becomes extremely frustrated with his friend, while still trying to understand her actions. Idk I guess I played with some of that frustration when making these. 

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Regina I actually kind of like because I see where she came from and how far she's come. Hook on the other hand I will always have a hard time dealing with. I just really feel that Regina has redeemed herself from her years of evil. (There are always going to be disagreements and this is just my personal opinion.)

There’s not a single things wrong with liking Regina.  It’s when you invade an anti tag and tell people they’re wrong for not liking her that someone is wrong.

Hook I can’t see at all, and it makes be uncomfortable any time he touches a woman.  The only thing that makes me more uncomfortable is Zelena.  Regina makes me sad because I understand why people like her and I can see how I could, but they mess up her story too much.  Considering that just in the last few episodes she took Belle’s heart without permission and she’s not ‘evil’ right now because she’s getting what she wants I can’t buy her as redeemed.  I’m really upset that Henry has been changed so that he thinks her getting her way is a good thing.  I’m upset that ‘let’s erase Roland’s memory’ is a legit plan.  I’m upset that Robin’s rape is shown as a thing that causes Regina pain, rather than to address what happened to Robin or what Zelena did.  This season started with Regina wanting to kill Marian, a woman she’d already killed once, and her ignoring her son until he started taking care of her.

There have been a lot of times I could understand where they could redeem Regina and make me like her.  But they they whitewash her actions or dumb down other characters to make her the victim and it rubs me wrong.

Vane Appreciation Week Day 2: Favorite Quote.

“I saved your life. I killed him for you, Low and his crew. I killed them all to protect you”.

I love this quote, & I know this image doesn’t belong to the moment when he told her that, but the reason I love this quote is because in that very moment he exposes his feelings with the heart in his hands and tries to make her understand that everything he does, he does because he loves her. That’s why I chose this pic, because when they kiss, they are demonstrating each other the love they have for one another, even though in other circumstances they don’t admit it.

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Hey, so I'm meeting the daughter of my moms friend for the first time next week but she has anxiety and she's super shy. She's also in a new country (she's from America and she's in England) and I'd just like some advice on what to say/do around someone who has anxiety/is shy because I'd like to make her as comfortable as possible and be friendly without being overbearing and weird. Do you have have words of advice?

Hi there! In my experience people with anxiety reaches very different and individual. Some like it very much when others talk a lot so They don’t really have to carry the conversation forward, and some think it’s unconfortable with someone talking much.. Can’t you ask her Mom about what works best for her? But I understand that you have her very best at heart so I think it will be fine and you will feel in the situation ❤️

I’ve been watching a let’s play of a fairly obscure PS2 game, Lifeline (or Operator’s Side in Japanese). It’s designed to use a USB Microphone, and your job is to use voice commands to control the main character Rio (Basically, you’re Navi), and I find it absolutely fascinating, even if it is notoriously hard to get Rio to actually understand what you’re telling her to do.

The setting of the game is a hotel in orbit around Earth that looks surprisingly like the re-design of Thunderbird 5 (only much much bigger) and Rio’s glitchy voice recognition gave me the idea of drawing EOS as her. With Brains being the long-suffering Operator who’s trying to get her to understand that he means look at the thing right in front of her and not on the other side of the room entirely! Or worse yet, deciding that he said to leave the room entirely.