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Marlene Griggs-Knope was not present when her only daughter got married.

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Remember when ali drugged emily that night it was so romantic she so cares about her and oh remember when she manipulated her all those times so amazing phenomenonal healthy relationships oh and remember when ali dated all those guys as well she really cares about em hey most of plliars need your head checked

Remember when Ali kept Emily’s sexuality just between the two of them? Remember when Ali and Em went to the kissing rock? Remember when Alison said “That’s why I love you, you’re big on happy endings.” to Emily? Remember the entire library scene when Ali was vulnerable, honest and herself? Or remember when Alison tells Emily that she’s the only one who understands her and that she’s the only one she can be completely honest with? Remember when Ali gave Em the snow globe and no one else? Remember when Alison saves Emily from being trapped in the barn? Or when she told her that she missed Emily the most and that she was always her favorite and then kissed her? How about when Alison got protective over Emily when Ben was telling people they had sex? Or when Ali kept Emily’s secrets? Remember when Ali tried showing Emily that Ben wasn’t right for her? Do you remember when Alison told Emily she’d look so good on top of the Eiffel tour and that they could go away together forever? Or when Ali knew that she hurt Emily the most? How about when Alison saved Emily’s life 3 times? Oh and “You don’t know how much I regret hurting you. If I could do it all over again thing would be so different.” How about all of the times Alison trusted only Emily with her secrets? Or how Alison came back to Rosewood simply because Emily wanted her to? Or when she told Emily that her kisses weren’t just for practice and that she was the hardest one to leave behind? Remember when Ali told her that her feelings weren’t one sided? How about when she said she was afraid she was going to lose Emily? Remember how Emily was the only person Alison would go to when she was scared and didn’t want to be home alone? Remember how Emily protected her from SO many things and fought off A just to save her? I guess you don’t remember all of this because you’re too busy being blinded by the young,confused, naive girl Alison WAS and not by who she IS.

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So I'm actually struggling day to day to not kill myself, and I think/hope a got7 reaction would help somehow, so is it ok if I ask for a got7 reaction when they were on a fanmeet and the fans have to say something shocking and the fan whisper (but said something else happier like I love you) in their ears saying that she doesn't see a point in staying alive?

I hope everything’s okay. I’m honestly not really good at being a sympathizer… I’m just bad at approaching situations. Normally, I would not answer a request like this and I’d disregard it because it’s blatantly against the rules I have posted, but because it seems like you’re reaching out for my help… and I don’t want you to kill yourself, I’ll do it. No one should even have thoughts of that. I may not know you personally but had I heard news you did and found out you followed me, I’d be devastated. I hope this helps you get through your rough patch and if you need anyone to just talk to, I’m always here! 

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Ask disabled friends how to handle disability related things

Anonymous said to realsocialskills:

I have a friend who has a speech impediment. When we meet new people they often have a hard time understanding her. I can understand her about as well as I understand most people, but I’m not really sure what I can do to help. I don’t want to talk over her or act like I’m a translator.

realsocialskills said:

It depends on what your friend wants you to do. Different people with speech impediments have different preferences.

I don’t know what your friend wants in those situations, but they probably do.

You can say something like: “I’ve noticed that sometimes when we’re interacting with new people they often have trouble understanding you, and I feel like I end up excluding you from the conversation. Are there are things you would like me to do in those situations?”

It’s likely that they know, and that you will be able to do what they suggest. Some possibilities:

  • You interrupting people who talk over her
  • (Eg: “Susan was saying something.” or “Susan, what were you saying?”)
  • Interpreting for her sometimes (*if* this is what she wants; some people do)
  • (Eg: “Susan said that the mushroom sauce is better at Delicious Restaurant”)
  • Interpreting more subtly, by asking her questions
  • (Eg: “Susan, did you say that we should go to Delicious Restaurant?”)
  • Or any number of other things

tl;dr Your disabled friends are probably a better judge of what would help them than you are. If in doubt, ask.

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It's so obvious that Julie has no understanding of her characters or character growth. She is reverting Damon back to season 1 Damon, mopping over a petrova (many fans say that it would be ooc if he didn't do so which I kind of agree with but how about some character growth. She's also gone back to a season 1 reading of Caroline, with the whole "never being chosen" crap - does Julie not watch her show, has she not seen s 2-5? All this woman knows how to do is character regression.

You’re absolutely right. The only thing JP has managed so far with her stories is a regression or (best case scenario) a status quo. Before season six started, she was blabbing all about how season six was going to have a season one vibe and I thought that was a good thing: I thought it meant going back to focus on plot and mythology instead of romance, I thought it meant going back to blood, killing, believable characters, vampires acting like vampires instead of having talks about eggplant, plot twists and great cliffhangers. Instead, what she did was keeping all the bad stuff (Elena forgiving Damon again for everything without a good reason with disgusting scenes she pulled out of her ass to “honor” the shippers, characters hooking up in the grossest ways (consent anyone, hellooo?), constant focus on relationship drama and using every other plotline to create more relationship drama, with the death of Caroline’s mom as a sad, sad, sad winner, etc) and instead of creating the vibe season one had, she thought reverting the characters back to who they were then was going to do the trick. No, you unbelievably stupid witch, that’s not how you fucking do it! We didn’t see Caroline go through that incredible journey only to see her whine about how she’s never chosen first again. Klaus chose her, Jesse chose her, the love of her life (her words, not even mine) Tyler chose her over and over again, but yet again she’s the poor innocent victim who “never gets the guy”? Is that why she had love interest on top of love interest? If anything, Bonnie’s the one who always gets overlooked, Bonnie’s the one who never has a guy who’s interested in her and when she does, he gets killed off. But instead of focusing on that, yet again we get see Caroline whine because the guy she likes didn’t say he liked her back while they were standing next to her mom’s dead body. GTFO. And instead of finally showing some growth in Damon, again he was bitching and whining and ignoring Elena’s choices, saying the most disgusting things that the writers considered romantic (yes, because a dude saying he’d rather see you miserable with him than happy without him is so cute, relationship goals!) and doing the most disgusting things like gushing about how he wants to be the father of Elena’s kids while at the same time destroying a kid’s toy and smirking about it. It’s been six years, can we pretty please do something else with Damon now? And it’s not like season seven’s going to be any better, oh no, Caroline Dries already said they’re not going to put him with anyone else because “the fandom would hate that girl instantly”. No, you would, you disgusting asshole, especially if it’s Bonnie because you’re a racist fuck, not “the fandom”. Might I remind you not everyone ships that gross fucking excuse of a relationship like you do? Might I remind you “the fandom” consists of more than a bunch of pre-teens who don’t have a clue about life and think man pain and abuse and harassment are adorable?

All I can say is that it’s ridiculous. This show had a shitload of potential, it could’ve easily become an iconic classic like, oh, I don’t know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer anyone? But nope, on this show potential gets screwed over for the sake of a few moronic trends on Twitter. Only in TVD-land, people. It blows my mind that it has been able to go on for this long.


I’ve done it, friends – I’ve found the cutest mutt on the continent. I swear if she wasn’t all the way in Vancouver I’d kidnap her just for looking like a giant teddy bear, but the fact that she’s calm, well behaved, and good with other dogs/animals is a pretty sweet bonus.

Dear probablefox,

I think Mr. Nick will always think of me as a little girl.

Even Trucy gets that treatment.  Someone should really tell him that we’re grown women now… but I do still enjoy juice.

I wasn’t jealous meeting Trucy for the first time, but I was a little upset that Mr. Nick would go and get a daughter behind Mystic Maya’s back, at least until he explained himself.

Honestly, I think that turned into my best memory of them.  It was such a shock to see how Mr. Nick matured as a father and seeing all of Trucy’s magic tricks made us fast friends.  I can even do the trick where I pretend to take off my thumb!

And… and we came to an understanding on who her new mommy should be.

-Pearl Fey

So I had this weird vivid dream of me going into some kind of underground cell, basement perhaps. I met her there. Tied with chains and ropes. Her four arms were chained to the cold floor. Stubs of her wings were piercing from her back like two grotesque branches. She looked at me with hatred with her eyes and beautiful, charming smile… I was completely stunned by her appearance. I didn’t understand why someone imprisoned her but at the same time I was afraid. Pity, sadness and compassion.
Funny how sometimes you know exactly that you’re doing bad thing in a dream but yet still at the same time not stopping. I freed her. She strained her muscles, cached balance and jump into me completely changing her appearance. Now she was chubby naked green woman, and I could resist her. Grabbed her body in some kind of psychical and physical ecstasy, kissed and loosed myself completely.
She pushed me aside, changing her appearance again. She looked like me. She smiled appallingly and went thru the door. Locked me completely confused and stunned in the cold, dark basement cell. I cried. She was my lust who took my place in the real life to steal everything I got.

But then my dear husband saved me and killed that bitch XD So happy end XD

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Kishi's explanation for Sasuke's absence boils down to the line where he tells Naruto to make the mission "top secret." Yes he contacted Naruto, but risking the mission to contact the hokage with important updates is part of the mission. Overall, I wish it was a bigger deal, but Naruto and Sakura's acceptance and understanding of Sasuke makes it clear that it was a necessity. Otherwise, he would've been met with hostility.

Well that makes more sense. I just wished it was emphasized more and actually tied in with Sarada’s concern. Because even though he may have said it to Naruto, and I suppose I don’t blame him…I still wish it was a genuine problem for Sarada to explore and understand on her own. One of the questions Sarada should have asked besides “Who’s my real mom?” was “Why hasn’t my father ever contacted me?” in which case either Naruto or Sasuke (preferably the latter) would have said, “For your protection..”/ “Because I love you…and being in contact would have endangered you and mom. Trust me that it was all for you.”  (showing a flashback at that moment of Sasuke asking Naruto to keep the mission ‘top secret’ as another REMINDER OF HIS REASON), and THEN do the whole “Don’t worry, your mother’s and my hearts are connected, and you, Sarada, are the proof. I will see you next time.” in a way to validate that even though he STILL can’t be in contact, he will always love and think about them both. 

Because not emphasizing the former for Sarada to understand, it makes it seem that Sarada just sort of accepts that Sasuke indeed loves Sakura because Sarada is the product….instead of ‘ah my father has not been in contact even though he tried so hard, but because he wanted us to be safe…he had to make a tough decision.” 

That’s all I wanted from this actually…that Sasuke felt “guilty” and “torn” for doing this to his own child. In the end it was more of a, “I love you and your mom…but you have to deal with it.” instead of a “It hurts me to do this…because I love you both. But I have to.” Because if Sarada accepts the latter, that seems to me more powerful and mature, and along the line of why Sakura and Naruto are fine with Sasuke’s absence–because they know he does it with the best interest in mind, even though it kills him inside to make those decisions. Because then it makes Sasuke more human, and someone we can sympathize. 

But like I wondered before…maybe it’s a ninja thing to endure and not show these emotions. Folks in this world just sort of have to “accept” things the way they are and believe that everything will turn out okay. I felt the same way with Naruto at first, like telling his kids just to “accept” his absence. But the fact that he tries hard by putting a clone with Boruto, asks Shikamaru to tell Boruto sorry for missing his exam, and in the movie trailer, even says that he is proud of his son and he will always be there to watch him grow, shows that he feels that “guilt” and has to make that tough decision for his position.

Leaving out that “guilt” sort of left room for nuances for Sasuke. I mean personally I feel that he would feel bad for leaving his loved ones behind, but not emphasizing that sort of leaves that human side of him out. Gaiden was okay in its own way, but I can’t seem to deny that the more important questions that needed to be asked from Sarada herself was overshadowed by questions that we didn’t really care about. Like her wanting to know her real mother was not something we even needed to know…what we really wanted to know was about the father. So with the whole baby mama distraction, it took us away from the emphasis of the “secret mission”  and how it tied in with Sarada’s concern. Now a lot of folks have different opinion about whether this baby mama drama needed to be there. Maybe for a short while it was okay…but lengthening it took us away from the actual person who needed to do the answering–which was Sasuke. Because these main things were the things that people wanted to see, but instead they were delivered something else was why  a lot of readers got frustrated. But that is just my opinion on what I think this Gaiden should have emphasized more or made clear. 

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Why do people like April Carrion so much? I don't hate her, she just wasn't around long enough for me to become a fan so I'm trying to understand

Go to her Instagram and just cry at the perfection! She is so much better than she was presented on the show!

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people who say marrish is unhealthy make me laugh! not only is lydia a consenting adult, but the circumstances in this show are so different from real life. also parrish is a lil puppy that would never do anything to her? i understand why a lot of people don't like relationships with big age differences bc a lot of the time it can be problematic, but that's only because these older people usually have bad intentions/will pressure the younger. obv this is not the case. lydia is too smart for that

lydia martin has been through more in eighteen years than some sixty year olds. she’s also never shown to be dumb or naive when it came to males in her life? if she thought parrish was over stepping any boundaries she’d speak up immediately. but majority of fandom had no problem with sterek so this whole backlash for marrish is very confusing to be honest? plus you’re right, literally the only this they’ve done is do some research and drink some coffee. (also he’s probably one of the sweetest guys on this show)

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I was inspired by the ruling to come out to my mother. Bad choice. She still loves me and I know I'm safe, but I learned that she believes "it's a choice" and that "I can change". I can't help but regretting coming out. Her acceptance means everything to me and I don't want her thinking my sexuality is "a choice". I also told my ex. He told everyone he knew without even asking me. Right now I feel like coming out to some people has been a mistake. Does it ever get better?

It’s okay to regret your choice, and want her acceptance after all she is your mom. You can try to change her mind and help her understand that it isn’t a choice. Also what your ex did was wrong and he should know that. It’s okay to feel this way right now, and it may not seem like it right now, but it does get easier as time goes on. Life changes and things will not always be the same as they are right now.

Sophia looked around, confused as to why she was here. There people she barely knew, people who were much older and different from her. She didn’t understand why her parents would ship her off like this, but maybe it was for the good. She sat down by herself at table and opened up her notebook hoping no one would notice her. “I’m still not sure why I’m here.”

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I saw your tags about Morgana and I COMPLETELY agree.

morgana pendragon is one of the greatest characters in existence.  her transformation from a good, caring girl to an evil villain filled with hatred was done brilliantly.  yes, it was character development for the worse but it was the best character development i have ever witnessed.  the way her story was crafted is just so tragic and you can’t help but feel awful for her.  although i can’t excuse a lot of morgana’s actions in the later seasons, i completely understand her motives. (i also can’t excuse uther or arthur)

honestly, if the story was told from the druids/sorcerer’s pov arthur would’ve been the villain.  a lot of people forget watching the show that arthur does some really awful things and i get it was partly because of uther, but he never truly accepts magic users bc he dies.  and he still persecutes them so?? morgana totally had the right to fight for her freedom to practice magic just to the audience she was the villain because the show was about merlin and arthur (however morgana didn’t always go about it the right way and she was sucked into wanting power) but i also blame merlin for not being there when she needed someone and morgause for taking her away for a year (who knows what morgause did to her?)  the real tragedy is that morgana could have been an amazing, good person just the way things happened made her “evil”

i think merlin is really interesting bc when you think about it none of the characters are truly good or truly evil.  they are all in the gray area.  


((sorry to bore you with that long response and going off topic i just love talking about her and the entire show))

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I completely love Billie, but honestly i don't think what she said about TenToo is right, ditching him to go and find the Doctor, Rose would never do that. She is a fan of the show, i expected her to understand more the whole thing, and the situation. But on the other hand maybe she was just joking. I love her so much, she is amazing, but what she said makes me kinda sad..

Well, Billie has the right to her own opinions on that matter, but also try to remember your first reaction to Journey’s End. I know I was gutted and angry and that it took me a little bit of time to adjust to the idea of Tentoo (guided heavily by good fanfic and fandom). And now I love him (and Tentoo/Rose) and find it hard to imagine any differently! She’s (we assume) not been in that world and so she’s probably still at that early stage. 

Billie also flits around on her opinions here (I wish I could remember some examples…whenever she’s with David she’s certainly pro-Tentoo/Rose) so I’m not sure you should take any of what she says too seriously. 

And of course my headcanon is that it’s all a metaphor, haha.