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Hungry Sleepless Night Theories

There are so many things to say about this video, so I’m just going to make an organized, bulleted list (shouldn’t be too hard, right?) Well, here goes nothing:

  1. Phil’s “Room”

The video was filmed in the room that Phil claims to be his. I’ll admit, my little demon phannie heart was a kind of disappointed at the fact that it wasn’t in the Moon Room. That being said, the video gave us a better glimpse into the bedroom set. For example, I noticed how small that room actually is. Phil is over 6 feet tall, so not a particularly small human. He was literally crouching to fit in frame (and the room!) Also, his room was very bare. Even though they recently moved, that was a few months ago, so you’d assume that if he was living in the room, he would have decorated it a bit sooner… Also he only showed the section of his room that he films in, leaving the rest of the room a mystery – perhaps because there is nothing else there besides the ap set.

  1. The Flooring

There has been a lot of discourse (on twitter especially) about Phil’s centipede tweet, in which he showed a centipede caught under “his bed” and the flooring was the same as Dan’s. We got a better view of his floor, which was white tile, so definitely not the material shown in the tweet.

  1. Dream Daddy

Phil did confirm that they are indeed going to be playing Dream Daddy (Yayy!!) Butmthere was a catch. He showed the game being downloaded on Steam, and 7 mb of it had downloaded (around 3 tumblr gifs) The timestamp of when the game started downloading was around 20:30 (or 8:30 for normal people) Now, Phil claimed that it was 4:00 AM in the video, and there is no way it took 6 hours to download 7mb, no matter how bad the WiFi. This means that clip was filmed somewhere around 8:30, which feeds into my over-arching theory.

  1. The Entire Video Was a Hoax

I love Phil, and we all do, so this is no way an attack on him or a serious accusation. I believe that Phil (and Dan) saw the chatter about the two sharing the Moon Room after Dan’s LS on Tuesday, so they decided to do something about it. Phil tweeted out that he was not sleepy, and that he may do another “Sleepless Night With Phil” He pre filmed it to try and prove that he indeed slept in his closet room.

Don’t get me wrong, everything I wrote may be completely false, but who knows…

P.S. I am currently on a plane, so there may be typos galore in this post, but also the timestamps are non-existent / probably wrong. But the analysis is supported by the actual numbers.

So textbooks in Japan, usually English-learning ones, have a history of being spun into memes. One such case recently occurred, and has spread over the collective Japanese Twitter feed. Here’s the pages that started it all (ignoring the tweet itself):

It’s pretty unassuming, but this particular dialogue has caught Japanese meme-rs’ attention:

She’s talking about her love for watching baseball. The pose is basically ripe for editing. And so it goes:

And my personal favorite fanart of Ellen-sensei… you may have already seen this vine:

Has turned into this:

And this, my friends, is why Japanese memes will always be best memes.