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nursey week day 7 - red

Dex is grinning at his phone when Nursey sits down across from him at the table. Nursey doesn’t say anything, because Dex doesn’t smile nearly as often as he should, and he doesn’t want to ruin it. Dex catches him staring when he looks up, though, so Nursey’s kind of forced to recover with a chirp.

“What’s got you all smiley? Did Aerosmith announce a reunion tour?”

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Fic prompt - Hazel bumping into Aaron somewhere and finding him with a house, a husband, a sister and a beard.

This one got a bit long so there’s a read more 

AO3 link here if you’re on mobile

Aaron knew the date.

It was forever etched into his heart; his soul.

It was something he’d never escape from, after all.

He slinked out of their house early that day, without Robert. He knew Robert was due in Leeds for a meeting, and he threw himself into lugging scrap metal around for the day as he tried to wrap his head around his memories.

It wasn’t that Robert didn’t know what day it was – they’d talked about it, albeit infrequently and in an incredibly stunted manner – but Robert knew more than anything that Aaron needed to be left alone to process his thoughts about it all.

About Jackson.

About what he’d done for Jackson.

It was one of many demons he kept fighting, but this day would always bring it all to the fore, no matter how much he tried to suppress it.

He was tired of fighting with car engines come 3pm, and Adam didn’t bat an eyelid when Aaron slammed the bonnet of the car he was working on and cursed as he retreated back down the driveway to the scrapyard.

Adam knew the date, too.

Aaron paced through the village and into David’s shop, not uttering a word as he picked up a four pack and slammed a fiver down on the desk.

He made his way up to the graveyard, and he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw a familiar figure standing next to Jackson’s grave.


He thought about turning and running away from her – wasn’t sure he had the strength to battle through that conversation with her – but all in a second he was too late as she turned and spotted him.

Her face broke into a smile.

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Twenty-One: Part Six

Part One |  Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | 

Although a challenge, I manage to focus myself enough to run through my routine almost as efficiently as normal and I’m soon back in my office. I don’t get chance to relax though, because as soon as my bum hits the chair the phone rings. It takes me a second to register the foreign sound and my heart races as I force myself to pick up the receiver.


“Emilia! The phone works then?”

Alfie. His voice sounds strange through the tinny speaker, softer almost, his usual intimidating tone lost through the transmission, but it’s still clearly him.

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Double Blessings (A Jayfamily fic)

Twas The Night (part 2) | Player Five (part 3)

Prompt: Can í request and jason and reader introducing their baby twins to his family, please and thank you! by anon

Jason would never admit it, but he was a softie. He fell for Y/N the moment her met her, taking one look into her e/c eyes and falling harder than he ever had before. He had never been more nervous than the day he proposed and he had cried when he heard her say “I do.”

When he found out she was pregnant, he had thought his heart would burst. He was weak in the knees when the ultrasound revealed the second baby. He was terrified that he wasn’t going to be a good father. When he was young, his dad hadn’t been much and Bruce wasn’t the best example of a father out there, so he didn’t have the best father figure to use as a reference. Of course, there was Alfred, but he hadn’t spent near enough time studying the butler to know exactly what made him such a good parent.

Y/N had silenced his fears almost immediately. Sometimes he swore she was psychic because she knew what he was thinking before he did. She had assured him that no parent was perfect, just like no person was perfect, and that all he needed to do was love and protect their babies and life would do the rest. What really got him was the fear in her eyes. She had seemed ecstatic about having his baby and becoming a mother, but two babies is a lot when you’ve never even had one before. She had taken his hand and whispered that she was just as scared as he was and in that moment Jason knew that he would do everything in his power to protect his family and be the man they needed.

The sound of his wife stirring brought him back to the present. He smiled and brushed the hair back from her face. It had been hard. Harder than they had thought, but birthing babies isn’t meant to be easy.

He leaned down and laid a kiss on her forehead. He wasn’t surprised to find that her eyes were open when he pulled back. “How are you feeling?” He whispered.

“Tired.” Y/N sighed. “And sore, but I kinda just want my babies now.”

Jason nodded. “Do you want our boy or our girl?” He asked as he walked over to the two bassinets in the room. They had asked that their babies remain with them whenever possible so the twins mainly resided in their mother’s room.

“Both.” Y/N said as she worked on sitting mostly upright. She winced a bit, but managed to get into a mostly comfortable position.

Jason brought her their little boy and laid him in her arms before reaching for their daughter. 

Instead of also laying her in Y/N’s arms, he sat on the edge of the bed and cradled his daughter as he scooted closer to his wife’s side. Y/N smiled as she ran a finger over her son’s soft little face. “We are parents now.” She said in a small voice.

“Yeah.” Jason replied. He watched in awe as his little girl opened her eyes and looked around. “She had your eyes.” He murmured.

“And how did you decide that?” Y/N laughed. She hadn’t really begun to look for resemblances yet. Although she was pretty sure her son was a carbon copy of her husband.

“Well, they do look like yours a bit, but I was going mostly off that they made me fall in love with her the moment she looked at me with them.” Jason teased.

“You are horrible.” Y/N groaned. “I am literally disgusting right now and you are trying to flirt.”

“You are beautiful, Y/N. Especially when you have my baby in your arms.” Jason said in a serious tone. He leaned over and gave her a soft kiss. “Besides, I always try to flirt with you. What makes now any different?”

Y/N was about to answer him when they heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” Jason said, expecting it to be a nurse. Instead, his entire family filed in. Bruce, Tim, Damian, Dick, Barbara, Cassandra, and Alfred all found a way to fit into the small room.

“What are you guys even doing here?” Jason asked, standing up from the bed.

“We heard Y/N had the babies and we wanted to come see them.” Damian said as he warily examined the infants from across the room.

“And you couldn’t be bothered to call ahead like normal people?” Jason asked. Everyone of them avoided his gaze. Jason sighed. “I guess you all can stay for a little while, but only Alfred gets to hold them.”

“That seems fair enough.” Bruce said before anyone could argue. Dick looked like he wanted to say something, but Barbara elbowed him before he could.

“Alfred, come sit down and meet my daughter.” Jason said, nodding to a chair next to the bed.

The older man came and sat down. Jason carefully laid his baby girl down in his arms. The baby squirmed a bit, but quickly settled into the new embrace. Alfred looked down at the little face and could feel tears begin to well up in his eyes. When Jason had died, he had given up all hope of seeing the boy grow up and have a happy life, but he was full of surprises. First Jason had come back to life, then he brought home an absolute sweetheart, and now he and his wife have twins.

“Have you named them yet?” Dick asked quietly, not wanting to disrupt the moment but also letting his curiosity get the best of him.

“This is Matthew Alexander or Mattie as we are going to call him.” Y/N called out from the bed. She lifted the baby slightly so that the people standing around the room could get a better look. “And Alfred is holding Rose Dinah or Rosie.”

Everyone in the room smiled at the babies. They were not even a week old and yet they already had the entire family wrapped around their tiny fingers.

Jason let Alfred enjoy a couple more minutes with his daughter before ordering everyone out of the room. “Y/N, is still tired. We’ll invite you all over after we get home and settled, but right now you can’t just stand around in this little hospital room.” He said as he took the baby from Alfred’s arms.

The group obeyed begrudgingly, muttering as they went out the door. Jason turned back to Y/N and smiled. She had fallen asleep holding their son. He put Rosie down in her bassinet and then took Mattie out of Y/N’s arms.

“Mommy is really tired right now and needs her sleep. You guys could probably do with a bit of that yourselves, too, huh?” He cooed as he put his son down as well. He looked over his twins proudly. They were such beautiful babies.

He smiled and took out his phone. He took a picture with both bassinets in it before posting it on his social media with the caption “I spawned.”

The First Date

You, Jesse and Hanzo go on your first date! Fic is PG-13. 

Link for AO3:

Hanzo and Jesse have left it up to you to decide where you’d be going on your first date. Being a person who is no good at making decisions, this was more pressure than actually being asked out on the date itself. You are currently sitting at home in your own apartment watching your phone as the notifications go off one after the other. Being in a group chat with the two of them is a trip:


Jesse: where

Jesse: do

Jesse: u

Jesse: wnana

Jesse: go!

Hanzo: Stop spamming.

Hanzo: Let her think, smh.

Jesse: im right here if u wanna fight me

You: IDK

You: I’m really down for whatever!

Hanzo: Where do you like to go during your free time?

You: My room?

Hanzo: -_-

Jesse: im calling u


And he does, less than a couple of seconds after you had received that text. You stare at the screen with a shit-eating grin while it’s ringing, and let it go to voice mail.


Jesse: answer ya damn phone plz

Hanzo: Don’t cuss at her.

Jesse: answer ya darn* phone plz

Jesse: also fuck u han

Hanzo: Hmmm. Interesting for a person who just asked me to make dinner.

You: Somebodys bout to starve!

You: Also sorry! I had lost my phone very suddenly :/  


Your phone starts to ring again, and you wait until the last possible moment to answer it. You don’t even have to say a thing; Jesse just starts going off in your ear, “Hey, now listen! I’ma count teh’ three, and when I count teh’ three your’ gonna say the first place that comes to mind alright?”

You let out a long, dramatic, heavy sigh, making sure to blow air into the phone as much as possible.  

Jesse laughs, “Alright here we go! One! Two! Three-“


“Ah shit, Han! We goin’ to the zoo!”

“No, no, no wait! Let’s try that again!”

Jesse hangs up the phone.


Jesse: no take backs  

Hanzo: I am excited! I’ve never been to the zoo!

You: We shouldn’t go to the zoo that was stupid

Jesse: nu uh! we going!

Hanzo: Why is it stupid? Now I really want to go!

Jesse: pick u up on friday!!! wear zoo clothes!!!!

You: WTF are zoo clothes

Hanzo: What she said.

Jesse: clothes u wear to the zoo???

Hanzo: Hmmm true.

You: Whatever! Fine! I guess we’re going to the zoo

Jesse: u bet ur ass

Jesse: shit

Jesse: butt*  

Hanzo: We’ll pick you up around 9am. Is that okay with you?

You: Pfff yeah.

Jesse: see ya friday!


Friday rolls around, and you guys go to the zoo. It’s the perfect day for it; the sun is out, and it’s partially cloudy. There’s a light cool breeze that feels amazing on the skin. After thinking about it, you’ve actually come around to the spontaneous idea that Jesse had to coax out of you. You guys take your time at each exhibit. The zoo isn’t very crowded at all, and nobody cares that you guys take nearly thirty minutes at each. Hanzo does dramatic readings of the facts on each of the placards, putting on what he likes to call his “tour guide voice”.

When you guys get to the Red Fox enclosure you and Jesse listen while Hanzo reads. At the end, Jesse raises his hand, “Um excuse me, Mr. Shimada? May I ask a question.”

“All questions are welcome, Mr. McCree.”

Jesse points to the cage, “Why are they called Red Foxes?”

You can see Hanzo try and suppress a laugh, and you try to suppress yours as well. Feigning like you, too, would like to know why Red Foxes are named Red Foxes. Hanzo is trying to remain in character, “Mr. McCree, if you can do me a favor and look at the animal?”

“Mhmm, yes.”  

“The fox has red fur.”

Jesse places his hand on his chin and nods his head up and down, “Uh huh.”

“So it is called the Red Fox because well; it has red fur.”

You can’t keep up the act anymore. Hanzo says that last line with such conviction and a matter of fact tone that you are doubled over, and clutching your stomach laughing. Jesse refuses to give up the act. He looks down at you, his cowboy hat casting a shadow over his face.

“Darlin’, what’s so funny? I don’t understand.”

Hanzo keeps it up as well, “Sir? The Red fox. Red is a color. The color of the foxes fur is red. Therefore, Red Fox.”  

You’re still doubled over wheezing. A small crowd has actually started to stare, thinking that Hanzo is an actual expert and tour guide. They believe that Hanzo, a man who is wearing unbelievably tight joggers and a navy blue tee shirt that says, “Choose Cremation. You Urned it,” is a god damn professional, articulately explaining to a cowboy why a Red Fox is called a Red fox. Jesse sees the curious onlookers and decides that maybe it’s time to end the charade, “Ah, I get it now, and ya’ know what? That’s a pretty dumb fuckin’ fact.”

Jesse throws an arm around your still shaking shoulders, tosses his other one around Hanzo’s, and you guys all walk away from the confused onlookers. Eventually, after marveling at the big cats for nearly an hour, you guys make it into the reptile house. Here is where you figure out that Jesse really doesn’t like spiders and that Hanzo couldn’t care less. You do care a little bit, but the thick plexiglass between you and the arachnids is enough to keep you from being irrational like Jesse is being.

“Can y’all stop puttin’ your faces so damn close to the glass?”

You smile coyly and rest your cheek against the glass, Hanzo follows suit and places his cheek against the glass as well, “Take a picture, Jesse.”

Jesse crosses his arms and pouts, “Y’all think your’ funny huh?”

You grab your phone out of your pocket and turn on the camera, “Guess we’ll just have to take a selfie.”

The spider that is in the little glass case is clinging to the other side, showing off its belly and legs. Perfect for the photo op. You and Hanzo point to it and smile nice and big for the camera, while you hold your phone in your other and snap a photo.

Hanzo says, “Make sure to send that to me in the group chat.”

Jesse is glaring at Hanzo, when you notice one of the workers is trying to get any of the customer to listen to what she has to say about whatever it is she is presenting, but she’s getting no takers. You walk towards her and look into the large, deep, open plexiglass tub that she is standing next to. Your eyes widen and you start to cackle. Oh, this is gonna be good!

“Hey Han! Jesse! Come here!”

You watch closely has they look into the glass enclosure. Hanzo now has the biggest smile, and Jesse takes one glance and literally runs off about twelve feet.

The workers face lights up, “Hello! Would you guys like to hear about this tarantula?”

The look that Hanzo gives her almost looks like he might abandon the two of you and take her out on a date; he is so happy.  

“I would absolutely love to hear about this tarantula!”

The woman practically dances, because she is delighted to finally have people who want to listen to her. She clasps her hands together and starts to spew off all of the knowledge she’s got on the spider. Hanzo listens and has questions for her, and she is able to answer everything. Meanwhile, Jesse is in the background huffing and making off-handed comments like, “Interesting” and “Wow, real fascinatin’.” When the spider starts to stretch its legs and move around, you lean in farther to get a better look.

“Hey! Sugar? Maybe don’t do that! That thing is gonna get your face.”

The tarantula handler finally turns her attention to Jesse, “Oh no! Honduran Curly Hairs are docile tarantulas. Also! Tarantulas can’t jump that far. A fall from where her face is at to the bottom would actually seriously hurt the curly.”

Jesse does his best at being polite, “Thanks for the knowledge ma’am.”

At this point, Hanzo is practically inside of the enclosure, and you’ve reached your limit. Any closer, and you’d be pushing your comfort zone. The woman clasps her hands together, “I am so sorry! I haven’t asked for your names yet!”

You both introduce yourselves and take turns shaking her hand, “Hanzo! Seeing as you seem to be the most interested, would you like to hold her?”  

Jesse claps his hands together, “Han! You put that spider in your hands, and we are breakin’ up!”  

Hanzo puts his hands together, palms up and lowers them into the enclosure; “It’s been nice knowing you, Jesse.”

Jesse is still squirming, but it seems this is something he just has to see. He gets just close enough to be able to look in. He’s standing right behind you, looking over your shoulder, and he’s got two nervous handfuls of the back of your shirt. You reach back and pat his thigh, “There, there. It’ll be alright!”

The woman first coaxes the tarantula into her open palm using what looks to be a soft bristled paint brush. It’s funny watching her gently nudge the brush against the creatures big furry butt. It slowly crawls into her hand, and you can physically feel Jesse tremble. You look back at him, “Jesse, just one of your hands are at least two times bigger than this tarantula is. This tarantula can’t do shit to you.”

“Darlin, I ain’t tryna say you’re not right, but that doesn’t keep the little critter from being real creepy.”

Hanzo isn’t paying any attention to the two of you. He is concentrating on the spider that is now crawling into his welcoming hands. It stays there, cradled, its two front legs feeling along the tips of his fingers. Hanzo is still smiling, “Thank you for letting me hold her.”

The woman continues to light up, “Are you kidding me? You are very welcome. I’m so happy you guys took time out of your day to hang out with me and listen to me ramble about this. Tarantulas are my passion.”

After a couple more tarantula facts, Hanzo places the creature back down into its habitat, and you guys make Jesse very happy by deciding it’s time to move on. The three of you continue to stay close to each other as you visit the rest of the exhibits. When you’ve officially seen them all, you guys go back to gawk at each of your favorites. When hunger strikes, you guys stop at a little cart that specializes in soft tacos. You watch in amazement as Hanzo orders six and downs them all. You guys don’t leave the zoo until you are forced to, because it’s closing time. The three of you leave feeling the good kind of tired, all having found a new favorite place to be.


Can’t imagine him riding Edgar haha! I hope Edgar likes his hole, because I really do. [Process]

Taking requests! 

It’s a Boy

Me: Has homework and no time to write fanfiction.

Me: Writes about Ford finding out he’s a dad in the Stay-at-Home Stan AU.

               Ford sat in the living room of his twin’s house and flipped through his journal idly.

               I can’t really expect Stan to leave. There’s no way he’d abandon his kids. Especially since Angie works full-time.  He looked up at Angie, who was standing at the entrance of the kitchen, on the phone. Ford could hear splashes and chatter coming from the bathroom, where Stan was giving the girls their nightly bath.

               “Jenny, are ya adjustin’ to things all right?” Angie asked.  “I’ve told ya, Stan ‘n I can take the lil feller off yer hands fer as long as it takes to set things in order.”  Ford looked back down at his journal.  

               I’ve already been here three days…when am I going to get back to Gravity Falls, and resolve this bullshit?  

               “Oh, did my ma tell ya ‘bout that?  Yes, apparently Stan had an estranged twin, that he never told anyone in my fam’ly about, and that twin is the same person what hired Fidds to work up in Oregon!  Ain’t that wild?”  Ford shrunk back into the chair he was sitting in, well aware of the fact that Angie was looking directly at him.  “Hmm? That’s how I found out, was meetin’ him, yes.  Is he still here?  I’m lookin’ at him right now.  Really?” Angie covered the receiver with her hand.  “Ford, Jenny’d like to talk to ya.  She’s Fiddleford’s wife.”

               “…Oh,” Ford mumbled.  Angie pursed her lips.

               “Get yourself over here, Stanford.  It’s the least ya could do.  Jenny don’t have her husband and Tate don’t have his father no more.” Ford nodded reluctantly and stood. He walked over to Angie.  “Here he is.”  Ford took the phone from her.  He cleared his throat.

               “Hello, Mrs. McGucket.”

               “Stanford Pines.”  The voice was smooth and soft, nothing like Fiddleford’s rather rough southern accent. “I’ve been wondering if I should reach out to you.  But I decided to wait for a sign.  You ending up at my sister-in-law’s house definitely qualifies.”

               “Look, I’m sorry for what happened to Fiddleford, I-”

               “This isn’t about my husband,” Jenny interrupted.  Ford blinked.  “It’s about Tate.”

               “Y-your son?”

               “Your son.”  Ford’s heart stopped.

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Little Bits of Happiness (Part 4) 

lol. Well Izuku is the best and worse kept secret of Yuuei… so small reveal probably 

Read Part 1 (The best and worse kept secret of Yuuei)

Read Part 2 (Shouta visit Inko’s grave)

Read Part 3 (MOAR Pictures)

  • When Izuku is (finally!) old enough to come to Yuuei, there is a frenzy in the staff room over who gets to be his homeroom teacher. 
  • Too bad Nedzu already picked Shouta fourteen years ago. (It was the only way to prevent the future bloodbath. Shouta always has first dibs on Izuku especially after the fight over who got to take Izuku out for his first ice cream cone.) 
  • It doesn’t matter where Izuku places, Shouta is his homeroom teacher even if he has to give up the covenant spot of Class 1-A for it. 
  • People mourn and cry. 
  • Izuku is just a little embarrassed. Just a little. 
  • The less said about the entrance exam the better.
  • The first day of class is… interesting. 
  • Yeah… interesting, let’s totally go with that. 
  • His classmates don’t really know what to make of Izuku. On one hand, he seems really familiar with well… everything. None of the exams or tests surprise him, he knows all the shortcuts in campus and seems to know who all the teachers are (beyond fanboy facts). On the other hand, he’s kinda cute and adorable and awkwardly weird. 
  • Until one day, Izuku falls asleep during lunch and most of the girls instantly whip out their phones to snap a cute picture of Izuku sleeping. (no one notices that their sensei does the same thing too) 
  • It turns out Izuku reflexively smiles in front of a camera. 
  • It turns out that after a month of picture taking the girls have safely accumulated enough pictures to make a photo album. 
  • Izuku is horrified. 
  • Half the of the guys are jealous of Izuku. The other half wants to know if they can get a copy too. 
  • One morning, before the start of class, Uraraka shows off her design for the photo album. It featured the first picture the girls took of Izuku sleeping on the cover and is labeled “Volume 1: Sleeping Beauty”. 
  • “You’re planning on more than one volume!?!” 
  • “Well it’s only a month into a school year, so yes.” 
  • Before Izuku could protest that maybe the rest of the class should be in the photo album, Shouta walks into the classroom. 
  • Shouta who takes one look at the cover and the sheepish look on his students’ faces. 
  • “Uraraka.”
  • “Yes sensei?” Uraraka squeaks. 
  • “If you want it to be in numerical order, the photo album should be volume 43 and the title Sleeping Beauty was used for Volume 12,” Shouta said in a dull tone as if he was discussing the weather.
  • The entire class stared at him before all eyes turned on Izuku. 
  • Izuku shot his father a look of betrayal. How could he?!

I have a theory about this, so hear me out:

I read this a few days ago, and I couldn’t help but think to myself; what will httyd 4 be about if it did get released?

we all know that httyd 3 will be about how Hiccup won’t be needing Toothless anymore, and how dragons become extinct. so, WHAT IF the fourth movie (if there is going to be a fourth movie) will be about how Hiccup and the Berkians are living life without dragons.

maybe the fourth movie will show us how the Vikings survived without dragons. maybe it can also be about the dragons coming back? but since the movies follow the books, it is very unlikely for that to happen.

and also, what if, at the end of the fourth movie (let’s say… the last 20 minutes or so?) there’s a kid from the future - the MODERN future - who has a slight obsession with dragons. he/she believes in them and, of course, people completely disagree because they think that dragons never existed. but that doesn’t stop the kid from having hope that dragons did exist.

so maybe they show us a brief few minutes about how he/she researches about dragons, maybe even trying to dig up holes to find some bones as well etc.

long story short, he/she does everything they can do to find evidence of dragons. but doesn’t find any, and at this point, he/she has started to lose hope. he/she is staring out of his/her window, staring up at the sky while sighing.

he/she says “maybe dragons really didn’t exist…” and once they turn to leave, the kid hears a roar - the roar of a dragon (a Night Fury to be more specific). the kid gets overly excited, grabs his/her phone to take a picture.

once the kid gets a good glance of the dragon, he/she takes a picture, a slightly blurry picture. and even though whenever he/she shows the picture to someone, and even though they don’t believe that it’s true, the kid doesn’t lose hope; not from that day on. because they are sure that dragons used to exist after that moment.

ok I know that there are a few pieces of this theory that aren’t really complete yet. like the roar of the dragon, so technically when the Night Fury roared people thought it was the sound of something else (like a plane or a jet, or even a rocket??) so of course they weren’t concerned. but because the kid knew dragons very well, he/she knew that it belonged to a dragon.

and when the dragon flew, how could they not see that, right? well I haven’t really thought about that part yet. this is a small thing that quickly popped up into my mind after a while of thinking, hehe

Seventeen Reaction to Being Your Wallpaper/Lockscreen

make a request or check out the master list! [ gifs do NOT belong to me

-Admin Nina

S.Coups/Seungcheol He’d be flattered to be your wallpaper/lockscreen. He’d either take a picture of you or with you and set it as his lockscreen so that he can always smile when you’re the first thing he sees when he goes on his phone. 

Jeonghan He’d take a peak at your phone when you turn it on and he’d see a picture of him as your lockscreen. He’d smile to himself but he wouldn’t tell you the reason why.

Joshua/Jisoo He’d find it really cute and tell you himself he finds it adorable. “I didn’t know I was your lockscreen! How long have I been?” He’d want a picture of you two as your wallpaper as well if it wasn’t already.

Jun/Junhui Like Jeonghan, he’d find out he was your lockscreen the same way. He’d take this as a chance to tease you about it. “Who’s that guy on your lockscreen? He’s very handsome.” he’d say as he smirked.

Hoshi/Soonyoung He’d want you both to have the same matching lockscreen: a picture of you both. Once you two had done that, he’d like to tease you going back to when it was just him as your lockscreen.

Wonwoo He wouldn’t know what to say besides blush the entire time. Every time he saw you turn on your phone, he wouldn’t help but look at your phone, still shocked he’s your lockscreen.

Woozi/Jihoon He’d smile wide at you when he sees he’s your wallpaper/lockscreen. He’d keep telling you how you’re such a cute and amazing girlfriend.

DK/Seokmin He’d see that he was your lockscreen and you were already his. He’d randomly hold his phone up to you and turn on his phone to show you his lockscreen, then ask, “Jagi, don’t you think she’s beautiful? I think so, I like her a lot.”

Mingyu He knew you have taken many selfies on his phone so he’d look through all of them asking you which one should be his wallpaper. He’d be really amused to see you blushing a lot causing him to tease you even more.

The8/Minghao He’d be a bit surprised to see that he was your wallpaper, and feel a bit bad that you weren’t his to begin with so he’d change his quickly in secrecy. 

Seungkwan He wouldn’t keep it a secret at all if he found out himself. He’d find it sweet, but he’d complain about the picture you picked. “Jagi, I look weird there!” However, you’d try your best to convince him that he looks cute (as always).

Vernon/Hansol He’d probably chuckle a bit but he’d find it cute of you to do that. Every time he saw you turn on your phone, he couldn’t help but feel shy about it. 

Dino/Chan At first, he thought it was another boy as your lockscreen and he’d be jealous, it’d be quite obvious that he was. Eventually, he’d see that the boy was him all along and he’d smile wide making you confused about the sudden mood changes.

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Sorry Timehex again ^^' haha..., the team reactions when they find Rip and Jonah asleep together on the couch maybe ? (I can't help it, so sorry)


  • Sara immediately covers her mouth to muffle the scream of pure joy, looks around to see if anyone else is SEEING THIS ADORABLE GAYNESS, and then whips out her phone to take pictures. She isn’t even sure what she’s going to DO with the pictures, but preserving this moment is important.
  • Mick’s reaction pretty much amounts to “Well now where the hell am I supposed to sit?” and then give them shit about it later.
  • Len just smirks, because his queerdar was spot on and he loves being right, and then turns the lights down so they can sleep better. If he’s feeling really generous he might grab the afghan the gang keeps on the back of the couch and throw it over them.
  • Kendra DEFINITELY gets them a blanket, and maybe gives Rip’s shoulder a little pat, because she’s glad he finally has something that doesn’t suck going on.
    • (Sara, later, upon hearing this: “Well I mean hopefully BOTH of them suck, if you know what I’m-”
  • Jax and Ray just came back to grab some stuff they left in the common area, but upon seeing the snuggly couple they immediately turned into giant goobers and started trying way too hard to whisper and be stealthy, which is actually just really loud. They thought they were doing really well until a groggy Jonah started talking and scared the shit out of them.
    • “You’d both better get your noisy selves out of here, because I’m not going to be happy if you wake Rip up.”
    • “Oh, god, I am so sorry -” “We didn’t mean to, we were just -”
    • “Get.”
  • Martin walks in, realizes what he’s stumbled in on. “Ah. Good for you, Captain.” And then he turns around and walks right back out, never to mention it again. 
The City (Part 3)

Dean X Reader 

Tags: @oasis-in-a-desert-of-chaos , @sdavid09 , @paulis0499 , @bellastellaluna

Warnings: Drinking & Swearing 

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Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes is all it takes for the pill to start working. I lean back in my bed, and turn on the TV, hoping to distract me in the meantime. The sounds of Will Ferrell fill the room as I decide to leave on Talladega Nights. Before I know it, I am laughing along to a joke, almost oblivious to the pain I was feeling earlier.

My phone keeps ringing. First its Alyssa’s name, then Sam’s and finally Dean’s. I shut my phone off, not wanting to hear from any of them.

The credits roll across the screen. Turning my phone back on, I see twelve missed calls. I open the phone to get the notifications to go away, but I catch a glimpse at the time as well, realizing I have been in here for almost an hour. I stand up, deciding it would be better to just go out, so they don’t come here looking for me.

Opening the door, I run face first into Alyssa. She has her hand raised, clearly ready to knock.

“Hey!” Her voice is high pitched, clearly surprised at my sudden appearance.

“Hey.” I say shutting the door, and heading towards the elevator. She barley hesitates as she matches my stride.

Walking in silence, we finally get the elevator bank. Hitting the button I keep my head down, trying not to make eye contact.

“So, I haven’t known you very long, but I’m going to call it like I see it.” She doesn’t give me any time before she launches into her lecture. “You’re in love with Dean, and seeing him with that girl sent you over the edge. So instead of staying and dealing with it or what I would have done, smack him in the face, you left.” Letting out my breath, the elevator door dings, allowing me a few extra moments to decided how to respond.

The doors close, while we start our decent to the lobby. Alyssa patiently waits for me to answer, much to my surprise.
“Yes.” I say curtly. Keeping my head up I watch the numbers descend.

“Okay.” I look at her, not believing she was just going to drop it. “Do you want to go to a bar or to the stadium? I think they opened the gates so we can go in a get our seats.” Smiling I look over at her.

“Lets just go to the stadium.” My excitement of finally getting to see the famous Fenway has my spirits up once more. I feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster this day has been so outrageous.

The streets are full of drunk people and vendors as push our way to Entrance B. the line was not long, and before I know it, I’m standing in the stadium, talking it all in. the smell wasn’t the best. Between the waves of stale beer and carnival food there would be someone’s perfume or cologne that was too strong. But I smile, enjoying every minute of it.

You couldn’t walk more than thirty seconds without there being a beer or food vendor, but Alyssa informed me that the seats we have on the turf have their own stuff there, that is much better. So I nod my understanding and agreement and follow her to the security guards to our sections. Holding out my ticket, they check that I belong here and step aside to let me pass.

Emerging from the little tunnel, I step up onto a huge raised platform. Not able to take another step, I stare at what is before me.

Bellow me is where the field is, but is now covered in a very large hard white plastic. It must be used to help protect the field from all the people. There are folding chairs that fill the floor, and surrounding the outside are a bunch of vendors. Looking up, there is a wall that has a metal railing at the top, where the stadium seating begins. I have a view of everything from this platform. I can even see part of the stage that was to my right.

Snapping out of it, I catch up to Alyssa who is already at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. “You good?” she smirks, clearly amused at my awe.

“Yeah.” I manage to get out while still looking around. First thing I noticed was the ground was not as even as I thought it was. The plastic looked almost like giant jigsaw piece, making some of the seams peak a little more than others. The second thing I noticed was by far the best. Sitting right next to me is a Vodka Lemonade cart. Alyssa see me looking at the cart and laughs.

“Lets get some!” She grabs my hand and pulls me to the line. Alyssa was right, there are so many vendors here, just for this section there was never more than three people at any of the lines.

“Thirteen dollars please.” The guy working the stand hands me my I.D. and drink, waiting for me to hand him money in exchange. Sadly pulling a twenty from my wallet I hand it to the guy, who smiles while giving me my seven dollars back. Grimacing I put the change in my wallet, seeing only two more twenties.

Walking to the security at section one, we show our tickets and walk down the isle to section b, where we have to show our ticket again to two more guys. Finally we make it to row three and take our seats right on the end. Alyssa goes one in, which I am thankful for. I love being the isle seat, I feel freer.

“I hate how often we have to show our tickets. Why not just give us wristbands or something so I don’t have to carry something around.” I tare my attention from the stage that was almost close enough for me to touch, and look at Alyssa.

“Thank you so much for this, this is truly amazing!” Alyssa’s face lit up.

“Oh its my pleasure! Really, its nice to see someone for once that aren’t my parents.” She laughs and takes out her phone. “Lets get a picture.” Before I could respond she has her arm up, and snapping a picture. “That’s a good one! I’m definitely posting this.” I just laugh, amazed at how normal and natural this feels. I feel like I don’t kill monsters for a living.

Finishing my drinking, I turn to Alyssa seeing she has as well. She stands, “Lets go get another.” I know I shouldn’t. The pill I took, I’m not supposed to drink on. It doubles the affects of the alcohol and the pill, and can even cause seizures.

I’m about to tell her no, when I spot Dean and Sam, with the two blondes from earlier, on the opposite side of our row. Dean goes in four seats and sits and is followed by Blonde One, then blonde two and lastly Sam on the isle seat. Dean looks down the row, seeing me; he gives a small wave. This catches the attention of Blonde one. She pokes his arm, and he turns to kiss her, forgetting about me.

Taking a sharp breath, I stand up, joining Alyssa in the journey for another drink. She places her hand on my shoulder as we walk, a show of sympathy.

Alyssa buys my next drink, saying she owes me for putting me in the same row as them. I try to say no, she has given me too much already but she buys it anyway, so I thank her and take it.

Back at our seats, I can actually hear the girl giggling at whatever Dean is saying, or doing. I know I shouldn’t but I drink to numb the feeling.

Fifteen minutes later I have nothing but ice in my glass, and a head full of sadness. Glancing at Alyssa I see she is not even half way done with hers. Getting up, I say I am running to the bathroom. Keeping my empty cup from her eyesight, I turn and head for the Vodka lemonade line.

Third drink in my hand, I make my way back to my seats. Keeping my head down I run smack dab into a broad chest. “What the fuck!” I am seething as look at my now soaked shirt.

“Watch where your going slut.” My head snaps up. I knew who it was before I even look at her. Blonde number one.

“I am so sorry.” The deep gruff voice I would know anywhere says. Looking up, I meet by the amazing green eyes I always get lost in. “Y/N?” I say nothing, unsure if I would cry if I opened my mouth. “You look… wow…I…” Dean stops talking at a loss for words.

“You two know each other?” she asks. I look at the blonde bimbo hanging on deans arm, claiming him. I want to pull out the knife I hid in my belt, and show her I am no one to be fucked with.

“Um yeah, this is (Y/N). We are um friends.” He looks down at his feet when speaks. Pain radiates through me. We have spent years together, every day fighting monsters this girl could never dream about, and I get a “we’re friends” really?! Anger and sadness engulf me.

“Yeah friends.” I say to the girl, who just huffs at me. “I need to go buy another thirteen dollar drink cause some asshole spilt mine on Me.” the venom drips in my tone, but I could feel the tears coming. Turning on my heel I head back to the drink line.

Taking out my phone I pretend to be so engrossed by something, so it looks like I don’t even notice as dean and her walk by. Unfortunately though, I am all too aware, so this time I order two drinks. Chugging one on the spot, I throw out the empty cup and take a few sips of the other so it does not look brand new. I can feel the swirl of alcohol and drugs in my system, making me feel delightfully intoxicated. Taking a deep breath I head back to my seat hoping more people would be in our row, making it harder for me to see him.

Thank you, Sammy. pt 3

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Pairing: Deanxreader
Word count: 1,678
Warnings: Swearing

You were shaken awake by two large hands. Groaning, you looked up to see Sam. “What the hell, dude?” You grumbled.

Laughing, he motioned behind him. “We’re at Ellen’s, sleeping beauty.” He looked far too amused. You considered yourself lucky, though. He could have done something much more cruel. Cold water. Honking the horn.

“Where’s Dean?” Sitting up, you looked around, not seeing him. You moved Sam out of the way and slid out of the car. You were starting to feel the effects of sleeping in such an odd way. Stretching, you let out a small groan.

He shut the door behind you before you started towards the front door. “He’s inside with Ellen and Jo.” His hands were in his pockets, which usually only happened when he wasn’t sure what to do with them. And that usually happened when he was uncomfortable.

You stepped in front of him and put a hand on his chest. “Okay. Spill it, Moose.” Your look made it clear you were not in the mood for him to be screwing with you.

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Kirsten’s A Marshmallow- A Stitchers Fanfiction

Summary: Kirsten doesn’t do cuddling. Except she totally does, at least with Cameron. Camsten fluff. One-shot. Also posted on Fanfiction/AO3

Bonus points for anyone that gets the reference ;) (couldn’t help it, it was the best description I could think of lol).

Inspired by that Camsten photo, but unrelated to the Halloween episode promo.

“You know, you should really take a break,” Cameron said, pointing at her laptop. He glanced at the clock in his kitchen, 12:53am. They had been looking into their latest stitch case, trying to figure out if the victim had any enemies. The first stitch didn’t give them much to go off of, so until the refractory period was up the next morning, Kirsten was furiously researching his life and didn’t have much to show for it.

“I’m good,” she replied without looking up from the laptop. She had taken over his dining room table ever since they got back from work. If he didn’t send her to bed, she would probably stay up half the night working.

“Well I’m not. I’m tired,” he said with a yawn. “Do you want me to give you a ride home?” He wasn’t looking forward to the thirty minute round trip, but he didn’t want her to wait for a cab this late.

“No, I’ll just stay here,” she shrugged.

Cameron’s heart raced. This didn’t mean anything. It was late, Kirsten was just being logical. He mentally calmed himself down, thankful that Kirsten didn’t notice the time passing.

“I’ll uh- take the couch.” He was already heading for his bedroom for an extra set of sheets, when she interrupted him.

“Why?,” she asked finally looking away from the screen and directly into his green eyes.

“Well Princess, I’m not going to make you sleep on the couch.” He chuckled nervously.

“And why would either of us sleep on your couch? Your bed is big enough.” She closed the laptop, figuring that she wasn’t making much progress anyway, and waltzed past Cameron into his bedroom.

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even the meaning’s disappeared. - (wren.)

for @fmdwren

* ♡ ˙ ˖ +  ◜- it’d be a hectic few days for sooyeon- she was at the gray area of promotions for inferiority complex, with just enough promotions she couldn’t relax just yet, and the days that she did have that were free were all booked full with schedules, and photoshoots.

“everyone!” sooyeon throws open the door to the practice room, expecting to see everyone practicing, but only wren’s sitting in the studio. she pouts, walking over to the leader who’s taking a water break. “unnieeee.” she drags out the words, leaning on the other’s shoulder.

“i’m sorry i got here so late, the photoshoot dragged longer than expected. it turned out really well, though! wanna see?” without waiting for her answer, sooyeon takes out her phone and begins scrolling through the pictures.

“do you think it turned out well?” she hums. she doesn’t pick up on the other girl’s silence, and just continues. “i’m excited! tomorrow will be the first day of the music video shoot, and today we already filmed a bit of t-vivi during the shoot.” she laughs at the pun. “i think i’ll have to go to bed really, really early, since i have to be at the salon at 4am. i have to touch up my roots.” her newly dyed, red hair is a contrast to the comfortable green sweater she’s wearing. the sweater’s wren’s, something she took from the other’s closet in the morning while she was half awake.


Happy Halloween 2015! I really really enjoyed being Belle, it was even worth wearing heels. I just felt so glamorous, which is weird since I was wearing her ‘servant’ outfit. Belle is a glamorous servant, hehe! :D The first pic was with my mom’s phone, which is a lot better than mine. My phone sucks, but I made up for it (?) in more pictures. I’m really proud of this costume, it turned out so well for being a two day project! It is a little low cut, but I just got to show off my “brave beautiful boobs,” hehe!

I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday, if you celebrated. I am very tired, but it was totally worth it. Belle will probably be taken out again the next time I go to a convention.

Austin Carlile: Your Love's Not What I Need

Request: Could you do an Austin (from of mice) imagine where you guys meet at a bar and start talking and he flirts with you and you saw him instagramming that he wants a relationship and you ask him why because you don’t believe in love and he asks you out for dinner in the end?


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Wrapped Around Your Finger - Final Chapter

I’m really sorry this took ages, but I think I had trouble letting go of this, him, everything. But here you go, your final WAYF chapter and I’m sorry to disappoint. Thank you for staying with me, you’re the best, really. You deserve an award. Love you! xx-Z.

Previous chapters (x). 

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