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ok wait important question

so everyone has those types of monsters that they like, design and appearance-wise, but what’s your favorite kind of personality for a monster? do you prefer for them to be mostly human-like with only some monstrous traits, do you prefer for them to be friendly, or do you prefer for them to be fully capable and willing to completely tear you apart? and we’re talking like, hypothetically in a situation where you wouldn’t literally die from that

so uh, i updated my download link to go through a ‘tou’ page first, and tbh i’m so proud of how it turned out i haven’t had this much fun with html stuff in ages ;-;

anyway, what you see is what you get- if you want to edit any of my original meshes (which i think is like one jeez i can’t even remember) feel free to do so, sky’s the limit!

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What if Jess doesn't want to be Nick's rebound, so she decides to tell him she loves him just to take it off her chest and that's it. So she leaves. In this way it would be Nick's turn to declare and show stuff, which I think is long overdue. This might help making it less forced and more believable on Nick's part. I don't understand though why he would run towards her...? I mean unless she tells him at the beginning and he realizes he wants to be with her only later on. Thoughts?

No idea, honestly. But he has to realise it immediately, not when the episode is about to end. There’s no scenario where Nick knows about her feelings and doesn’t act immediately- he can’t think about it, it has to be immediate. For me, at least.

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Hey forosha, any tips on building a following online? Its kinda discouraging seeing people who are 18/19 have thousands of followers. Their art is deserving of it of course, and i work everyday on my own stuff, but im turning 21 soon and have no real audience online if youve got any advice itd be a big help, thanks.

Pretty much this:

Also, always try to learn and grow with your work. If you never improve or try new things, it’s hard to convince people to stick around. But again I cannot stress this enough DO YOUR ONLINE CONTENT FOR YOURSELF. It won’t matter how many followers or junk you have if you genuinely love what you’re doing. It’s just an added bonus that they like it too!

I dnt understand whats with this site and always being so weirdly negative whenever something Nice becomes popular…like i always  see stuff like that with the mcelroys and im always seeing posts like “i cant wait for them to turn out to actually be mean and betray everyone” and stuff like that…like no offence but Bapy Blease

Disclaimer: I haven’t quite gotten enough experience on my tablet yet so my drawings from there are still a little choppy. I’m trying to expand my technique a bit but it’s so confusing to work all the buttons and stuff sometimes lol.

My traditional art turns out better most of the time but I need the practice with my wacom. I think it’s the lineart that kills me every time EVERY TIME. Im so messy blah

Commander Report.

Played a 1v1 against a Karlov deck using Jori En.

The first three turns consisted of me countering and/or killing Karlov three times. Once that got boring I’d let him stick it, then resolved a board wipe or two- Baral’s Expertise into Brutal Expulsion being darling- and finally stuck a Docent of Perfection followed by a SICK Turn//Burn to kill Karlov through a block.

The game, from that point, became ‘Counter Karlov’s activated abilitiy’. I cast Disallow three times that game (thanks Archaomancer) and at one point responded to a very full set of Upkeep triggers with a Summary Dismissal, negating what would have been six counters onto Karlov. The game settled into me countering threats on his turn and swinging with Wizards (Baral, Jori, Archaeomancer, and the tokens) on mine.

I killed him from 89 life over four turns, once I started swinging. It was good stuff.

The moral of the story is that an unanswered Docent of Perfection wins games.

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boyfriend buys my makeup challenge with seb LMAO

is this like a youtube challenge?!?!???? lol i don’t go on there as often anymore SO

“oh god,” sebastian groaned as he looked around the shelves of sephora. “um, let’s see.”

he picked up a glassed foundation and held it up to your face. you watched as he furrowed his brows and frowned, before picking up another bottle and holding it up to your face again.

when he finally chose one, that would be too light for you anyway, you moved on to another part of the store. you giggled as you watched him swipe his fingers on some of the testers and watched his eyes go wide in fascination.

“i only get to see this stuff,” he turned to look at you. “like on set and photo shoots, yknow? but i’ve never gotten to PLAY with it.”

“it’s not a toy, sebastian.”

he shrugged and stalked off to another section. after what was hours of shopping, your basket was full and sebastian was getting ready to hand over his credit card.

“you picked some good stuff,” you nodded as you watched the cashier ring you up. “i might have to come exchange some things though.”

“aw,” sebastian whined. “but you just said i did a good job.”

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Like, do you know if anyone has made a list of fics for both of your AUs, or a list of people who have written things for them? Sorry if I wasn't clear, delusion with tiredness

There hasn’t been a list yet of any of the fics for either of my AUS but I do have a “masterpost” for mafia au in the works in my drafts (but I kind of forgot about it until just now so… I should work on that). I should definitely start one for Loverboy since that’s taken off way more than I ever could have expected too!!

Also, if you have written, drawn, or done anything for one of my AUs (like moodboards etc) and I haven’t replied or seen or reblogged it, just link me it. While I have email notifications turned on for any mentions or stuff, sometimes I miss stuff because it just gets buried (or the notification doesn’t send at all, or whatever)… Don’t be shy because I love seeing anything you guys come up with!!


RFA Magazine Mockups!
{{I also have a Society6 account now!}}

They were supposed to make magazines about the charity parties and benefits lol – i guess everyone did little edits on each other’s covers too hhhhahaha

V’s approval stage:


I’ve fallen into the RWBY Rock AU.

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