they totally look like its their wedding

never thought id be this obsessed with disney characters. theyve been upping the gay.

ziam side of tumblr im abt to learn you a thing

sooo we all know our fave disney prince aka zayn malik has SEVERAL tattoos as an ode to his sunshine puppy boy payne right?

the most famous being this beauty

now im a desi woman and here on tumblr we’ve allll talked about mandalas and their significance in pakistani weddings and brides etc. ALL TRUE OFC.

but i was stumped to see how many posts hadnt made this connection

know how zaynie’s got a nose piercing right? and everyone thought oh wow what a cool dude hes so edgy with all the tattoos and now the piercing

mmmm think again

notice one more thing about pakistani brides?

see that giant ass nose ring? yup
now i know what you might think
THAT looks painful (i assure you it isnt)

point being MOST pakistani brides get their noses pierced before their wedding

its a tradition that has been followed in our culture for generations now

here’s my own nose pierced (im unmarried)

i apologise for the in your face zoom in on my face (it was necessary)

and i shit you not the next day (after getting my nose pierced) when i went to work i was teased the ENTIRE day abt how i really got engaged on the DL or am getting married (i didnt)

only then did i make the connection: OH pakistani women get their noses pierced when they are of age to be married OR are married (more likely)

notice how its on the left side of my nose? (its a selfie so flip it) thats exactly how its done

we legit frown at non-desi ppl when they get it done on the wrong side lol (pls dont come for me)


yup left side of his nose (also proves how someone else took this hot half naked pic lol but nvm)

lets go back to the mandala (yes pls)

the main difference between that tattoo and the mehendi that brides get is the permanency

but fret not thats a big signage for good things in the ziam world

there is this myth or old wives’ tale in my culture that the stronger the colour of a woman’s mehendi (henna) the stronger the love her husband has for her

so basically whenever i used to get mehendi done i’d test my boyfriend lmao

bitch you better love me my hands tell me different

anywho needless to say zaynie didnt half arse it: he got a fucking permanent version of the wedding tattoo

basically his way of saying: you’re tied to me now bitch you better love me forever

i mean why not.

now put it ALLLL together


this here is the reason i now fully believe in ziam

i was oblivious to all this but the moment i saw a picture of him with his tattoo and piercing my mind went WAIT A MINUTE

so there you go peeps

its realer than you think

Alternate Titles For Every Rick and Morty Episode
  • Pilot: Wow This Drunk Old Man Is Psychotic
  • Lawnmower Dog: Your Dog Probably Hates You Just FYI
  • Anatomy Park: That One Magic School Bus Episode Except Ms Frizzle Is A Total Asshole
  • M. Night Shaym-Aliens!: Jesus Christ My Brain Hurts
  • Meeseeks and Destroy: Jerry Sucks At Golf
  • Rick Potion No. 9: Morty Is Literally Irresistible
  • Raising Gazorpazorp: This Is Why We Need Planned Parenthood
  • Rixty Minutes: Surprise! We Almost Aborted You
  • Something Ricked This Way Comes: Pluto's Not A Planet And Jerry Is Bitter About It
  • Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind: Too Many Ricks
  • Ricksy Business: And The Award For Most Irresponsible Grandpa Ever Goes To Rick Sanchez
  • A Rickle In Time: Just Try To Tell Me Rick Doesn't Care About Morty I Fucking Dare You
  • Mortynight Run: Fart
  • Auto Erotic Assimilation: Thought This Show Was A Comedy? Lol Think Again
  • Total Rickall: Beth You Fucked Up
  • Get Schwifty: American Idol: Final Boss Edition
  • The Ricks Must Be Crazy: Summer And The Deathmobile
  • Big Trouble In Little Sanchez: TINY RICK BITCHES
  • Interdimensional Cable 2 - Tempting Fate: Imagine Getting Your Genitals Surgically Removed To Save Martin Luther King Jr's Life
  • Look Who's Purging Now: Furry Bitch Shoots Rick and Friendzones Morty
  • The Wedding Squanchers: Birdperson Was Arguably The Best Character On This Godforsaken Show And Didn't Deserve This
  • The Rickshank Rickdemption: Your Move, McDonald's
  • Rickmancing the Stone: Wow Mad Max Fury Road 2 Looks Great
  • Pickle Rick: It's Exactly What It Sounds Like
  • Vindicators 3 - The Return of Worldender: Wow Avengers Infinity War Looks Great
'The Emoji Movie' Nabs $26M Weekend
By Scott Mendelson

The Emoji Movie earned $25.65 million on its opening weekend. … The Emoji Movie, in its first weekend, made about as much as Dunkirk did after seven prior days of play.  … 

 If it plays like The Smurfs ($35m opening/$142m domestic total), then we’re looking at a $102 million domestic total. 

If it plays like The Angry Birds Movie ($38m/$103m) or The Smurfs 2 ($27m Wed-Sun/$71m domestic total), then it’s a $65-$68m finish for The Emoji Movie. 

Random things while rewatching the musical:

Snow… I think those cleaners are taking you for a ride, my love. 

“Just shake it out a little and spray some Febreeze on it. She won’t know.”

Just saying

Awww… Killian put out a couple bowls of nuts and nibbles for his and Dave’s wedding prep. He’s excited, bless him.

Also that suit looks like it’d drown him.

Killian… my darling…. you know you’re the groom, right??? 

He totally plays the blushing bride so well here.

David’s face when Hook is kicking everything 

“That was a perfectly good jug-”

 “Well there goes your invite to dinner at our dining table.”

Does Gold just wait in the back room purely so he can enter dramatically through those curtains?

I’m glad Emma and Henry brought the canoe back to its rightful place.
(I know I know it’s a rowing boat… i think)

That broach and earring set wasn’t in there before…
(I’m gonna headcanon they were a gift from the hubby during the early stages of dating… bless him, I guess he’s only perfect 99% of the time)

Have those criminals on that board ever been found?

So… heart rips… I mean i know it’s ‘magic’ and whatnot… but surely they’ve got some sort of sticky or wet residue around them. I mean they are still being taken out of the body. Why does no one clean them off before putting them back? That’s how germs spread, people. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a virus outbreak in Storybrooke. Organs being exposed to all sorts and thrown around in the dirt and on the floors- and i’m sure no one’s washing their hands before handling. 

It’s terrible. 

Emma should have used this forcefield during the pancakes scene.


 “Go awayyyy!!!” 

*magical blast slams the door*

I have nothing to say other than he is beautiful…. 

And Archie’s creepin’ on the Captain again.

I know your game, Cricket. 

I would 101% be part of this conga line. 

Romance and music aside… it just kind of looks like they’re showing each other their fillings. 

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I've looked around a lot for like ADHD apparel and it's impossible to find anything that's not offensive. I found a few things that were okay but I didn't really like them cause they were like "I don't have ADHD you're just boring" tbh if you guys started selling stuff that's funny but inoffensive I would totally buy stuff.

we shld sell sweatpants that say ADHD on the butt


Aaron and Robert at Andy and Katie’s first Wedding

  • Liv: Feels a bit like three's a crowd.
  • Aaron: Do you want to be the flower girl?
  • Liv: No.
  • Aaron: Go on, then. We'll see you in there.
  • Robert: Hey, erm... would you mind taking care of these?
  • Liv: Aren't ring bearers usually, like, four?
  • Aaron: Go on. Scram.
  • Liv: Erm... today's totally not what you would have imagined. Er... you probably going to hate it out there, but that's Charity and Faith's fault, so... yeah, I just hope it's still special for you.
  • Aaron: Thank you. (hugs her, she leaves) You look nervous.
  • Robert: Aren't you?
  • Aaron: Not for one second.

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no one can convince me that henry wasn't thinking about archie when he made the comment about ppl getting sea sick archie totally looks like the kinda guy who would be leaning over the side of the Jolly Roger the whole ceremony and Henry doesn't want to put his friend/therapist through that and NO one wants to have to deal with it during a wedding.

archie ruined our shot at a jolly roger wedding its #confirmed

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what would a murphamy wedding involve ?

Hope you enjoy!

  • “Murphy, please just come help us do the invitations.” “No. I told Bellamy I would only say yes if I didn’t have to do shit for this.”
  • “Yeah but he told us if we needed help-” “To leave him alone. You wanted to plan this, guys.” “Yeah but we need extra hands, Bellamy.” “Clarke, there’s ten of you.”
  • “Bell, I don’t like them get them out.” “They’re planning our wedding Murphy.” “Don’t care. Come take a shower.”
  • “Ew, what? No, don’t fuck my brother while we’re all here.” “Then leave.” “You’re such a douche, Murphy.” “Bye.”
  • Murphy totally pretending he is not nervous at all around everyone then Raven notices his hands shaking as he tries to tie his bowtie so she kicks everyone out and sits him down
  • “Here, I got it.” “Thanks, nerd.” “You look great, dick.”
  • Emori hiding from Octavia and Clarke in Bellamy’s room
  • “They’ve gone insane. It’s like they’re planning some grand royal wedding.” “Oh god.” “No, no. It’s not that bad. It actually looks pretty nice out there.” “Yeah?” “Yeah.”
  • “Murphy will probably think its lame and complain the whole time.” “I think he’ll love it… but still complain the whole time. He really loves you you know.” “Yeah I know.”
  • The bridesmaids and groomsmen all wear white and Bellamy and Murphy wear fine ass black tuxes
  • Murphy refusing to walk down the aisle so he makes Bellamy do it
  • “Hi.” “Lame.” “You love me.” “Do I?” “Why you standing here then?”
  • “You two know everyone’s staring at you right.” “Let’s just get this the fuck over with.”
  • Bellamy being a total dork and quoting Sappho in his vows
  • “You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us.”
  • Murphy making puns about how much Octavia will be steaming from the ears right now because her brother agreed to marry a psycho like himself
  • “This is the part where I get to kiss you.” “Is it now? I had no fucking idea.” “You’re such a-mmph.”
  • “YOU DID IT!” “Yes Jasper, we did it.” “NO ONE RAN AWAY!” “Yes Mille, no one ran away.” “NO ONE DIED!” “Yes Bryan, no one-wait what?”
  • “PHOTO TIME!” “Please, no.” “We have to do it, Murphy.” “Bell nooooooo.” “Fine, fine. Why don’t you guys just go take some photos?” “Bellamy stop enabling him.”
  • “That was actually kinda fun.” “Murphy, you wouldn’t let Bellamy put you down the whole time.” “The grass was wet.” “You’re impossible. Bellamy tell your husband he’s impossible.” “They’re his dad shoes, Finn.” “Oh…well fuck the grass then.”
  • The reception:
  • “Well fuck me.” “You guys did pretty fucking great.” “Right?” “Clarke and Wells were totally here till 2am yesterday getting this set up.”
  • “First dance.” “O, no.” “FIRST DANCE! FIRST DANCE! FIRST DANCE!” “ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!” “Perfect, I have the song right here.”
  • “Wait Bellamy, what song?” “It was just this stupid thingfrom when we were kids. I didn’t think she was actually listening to me.”
  • The song
  • Murphy dancing with his head buried against Bellamy’s collarbone as Bellamy hums along and they’re both completely pink to their ears
  • Abby dragging Clarke out onto the floor to dance with her like she used to and they end up spinning each other like mad
  • Kane watching on with a ridiculous grin on his face
  • Wells and Jaha getting more than a little drunk together and singing every last classic cheesy song that comes on 
  • Miller and Bryan having a worrying competition to see who can hold onto the inside balcony ledge the longest
  • Raven beating both of their asses
  • Monty and Jasper dancing very very badly until Maya and Harper come over and drag them away from each other
  • Lincoln making Bellamy dance with him and giving Octavia looks till she goes over to Murphy
  • Bellamy giving Murphy the nothing is happening tonight if you reject my sister look till he says yes
  • “I hate you.” “I hate you more.” “I hope your marriage fails.” “I hope Lincoln never proposes.”
  • “See you at Christmas, ass hat.” “You know were technically brother and sister now.” “You’re not that bad.” “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! BELLAMY SHE’S BROKEN!”
  • Everyone drunkenly dancing around but Bellamy and Murphy are just sitting there with their jackets off and bow ties open just staring at each other
  • “Bellamy, what are you doing?” “Nothing. I want you to sit on my lap.” “Fine, what are your hands doing?” “Nothing.” “You’ve had champagne and you want to get out of here?” “Yup.”
  • “Wait…Clarke. Where did the grooms go?” “What? No Raven, they left without saying goodbye?” “You know with the way they’ve been whispering to each other all night can you blame them?” “They left us all a card by the way to say thank you.” “You mean Bellamy did?” “No it was Murphy’s idea.” “Oh…Gross.”
  • “I can’t believe you agreed to that.” “You’re my husband now. I can introduce you to people as my husband.” “You’re a Blake.” “…” “Murphy…Murph? Baby? You okay? John.” “I think I just died a little.” “Are you tearing up?” “Nope.” “Oh my god. You’re tearing up.” “So are you.” “Shut up, Murphy.”

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(my babies I had to I mean imagine that being Bell’s reaction when Murphy agrees to have an actual wedding)

send me in a “what would _____ involve?

johnkat is like a fuckin…. fever dream. its bizarre. bc back when i started reading (early 2011) it was The Big Ship in the corner of fandom i tended to frequent.

not everywhere (most hetero-dominated spaces favored johnvris or johnrose) but, like, on tumblr and ao3, and even fuckin livejournal in its last dying gasps… johnkat was It. the bnf clique built their empire on it. promstuck was the Big Popular AU. and if you didnt ship it you had to make a big fuckin deal about it (not to name names but it starts with v and ends in exarian). hell, that particular drama bomb was the first time homestuck ever got featured on The fandom_wank. it was everywhere, so much so that even its absence was conspicuous.

and then it wasnt. pop. like that.

what the fuck happened. “john and karkat were separated on the 3-year journey so fascination on their interpersonal drama died down”… maybe? but john and dave were also separated by that journey, and johndave shippers kept on chugging along and producing content throughout act 6. im not saying people dont ship johnkat any more, cause some do, but look at where its currently sitting in that holiest of fandom metrics, the ao3 ranking:

you got your johndave, king of the hill through sheer fortitude and longevity. davekat, once a total crackship but skyrocketed to second place by word of god - and tied with rosemary, the longest-lasting and healthiest romantic relationship in homestuck, the only couple to share a consensual onscreen kiss (while both parties were living and breathing) and to have a goddamn wedding, playing second fiddle to the non-canon m/m ship, but it be like that sometimes. dirkjake, also canon, but only briefly, fraught with teen drama, and not even introduced to the story til the end of johnkats heyday.

fourth place. 1,863 fics. a pittance.

what happened? where did all the johnkat shippers go??? oh sure a few of them are still around (one of them works at what fuckin pumpkin) but theyre not doing johnkat anymore. what happened. what was the meteor that killed the johnkat dinosaurs

  • thorin: yes bilbo take off your clothes now yes good
  • thorin: now let me look through this like it's a wedding veil
  • thorin: and tell you of the value of this priceless gift which is the second most precious thing in the mountain
  • thorin: btw it's a dwarven courting tradition to give a gift which shows how you view your intended
  • thorin: also this is worth three times the value of the shire
  • thorin: now i'm going to smile at you like i'm completely and irrevocably in love
  • thorin: but it's totally 100% a gift of friendship nope not gay at all

idk why it came to me but

i really want to write a little fic or drabble where Sasuke and Sakura actually go off and secretly get married first out of everyone but no one fucking knows a goddamn thing about it for MONTHS or even A YEAR OR TWO because he’s still traveling around and sometimes she’s with him so sometimes they don’t even see the both of them for a good long while and the both of them wear their simple little wedding rings on a necklace hidden under their clothes and they’re not exactly calling each other husband and wife either but they did subtly drop the habit of calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend

and its like their little secret and they love seeing the others pretend they got married first and they share a little smile because they KNOW they’re the ones who thought about it first and loved each other enough to do it first and they are the ones who got to live the married life first and dskhlkhalhgsdkhglkh

i just need them to be secretly married and for someone to notice their necklace one day and go all, “is… is that a wedding ring…?”

and they just share a sly look like,  "hell yeah we totally rock, we’ve been fooling them for so long"


Strange Magic FanFic - “Watch Your Back”

Four Times Marianne Used The Spine Thing And The One Time Bog Exacted Revenge. 

Oh God…for something that only ended up being 14 pages, this gave me so much trouble, though I suppose I can blame my rough week for contributing to that. But finally got another fanfic on my timeline done, so it’s onwards and upwards from here! Also, sparring scenes are so freaking hard to write well. So hard. Hope you enjoy! 

The first one had been merely a joke, one whose outcome neither of them had expected.

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I would be quite angry, if my fiancé didn't know where my family is from. I can live with people I don't know who are still like eastern Europe=Eastern bloc=Sowjetunion=russia, but I'd expect my future husband to know/say I'm from poland and not russia. It's basic knowledge like India is not Pakistan :D

what make me angry is not the fact that she is ignorant to this point 

(because not everyone has to know i lot of people dodn’t know but they learn) 

but the fact she never apolagize for her ignorance

but if is something that she may looks bad then is a totally differente story

like when she said that her wedding would be a big circus this is not a thing that a private couple as zerrie would have right?

so was all leigh-anne 

or when all she did was talk about the engagement

but she said that she haven’t spoke about the engagement

or when she defend her  ugly engagement ring ( i’m sorry that ring is just …)

so you would think well if she defend the ring that her fiancee gives to her for sure she defend him right?

well her band members did

but what about perrie?

everytime not a single comment about zayn 

was looking for the article about the indian element and i see that she says that she don’t want to have a long engagement 

how funny

It's ok SasuSaku fans!

It’s totally normal for mothers to tape a picture of themselves over another woman standing next to their husband.

Just because your daughter looks exactly like a woman who loved and was very close to your hubby it doesn’t mean Sarada was her baby.

Lots of mothers have no pictures of their wedding, honeymoon, or other family pictures. Proof doesn’t matter!

It’s ok if you cant remember if your husband had glasses, he really didn’t spend much time with you anyway.

Just because a sexy man treats you like shit, tries to kill you and then abandons you and his daughter for 12 years without contact doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you more than the world.

Sasuke will come back and even after being a horrible father and husband Sakura and everyone will forgive him and a magical happy ending will happen.

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Marinette, Sabrina, Chat Noir

A  FURIOUS  BLUSH    highlights  pale  exterior  and,    behind  fingers  pressed  against  delicate  lips,    she  mutters  quickly,        Bed  Chat  Noir.    Ugh,    gross.    Wed  Sabrina.    She  totally  knows  everything  about  me  already.    And,    obviously,    behead  Marinette    !      

BED,    WED,    BEHEAD    !