they took over my heart

Things that Grace and Frankie are afraid of losing:

1) Waking up in the morning and finding Frankie’s hat’s in the dishwasher
2) Hearing Frankie singing in her studio (Kriss Kross will make you jump jump🎶)
3) Cringing at Frankie’s borderline-offensive Jamaican accent
4) A bunch of other things she can’t find the words to say

1) Grace’s love of colour-coding the spices
2) Grace trying so hard to be funny
3) Grace’s peculiar ability to always find Frankie’s purse
4) A bunch of other things she can’t find the words to say


This theory by little-dragneel HURTS ME. And yeah, it’s probably not a realistic theory, but let me drown in the angst possibilities, ok? 

… man, I can’t wait till END!natsu turns up in canon. Let it be as angsty and tragic as possible. It’ll destroy me, but it’ll be beautiful. 




Scott: gotta keep moving forward together. If you get scared, just hold our hands and we’ll continue to lead the way. Keep venturing on. 

It’s like I have no space to love anyone else.
Like the love I had for you was so big, it took over my heart.
—  S.A

They day I met you, I knew you were special. Your hair, it fell so perfectly on your shoulders. Your eyes reminded me of the sea, I could’ve drowned in them happily

You held my hand for the first time at a football game, I felt my heart begin to beat rapidly, butterflies took over my stomach. From then on, I craved you. I craved your touch, I craved your affection.

The day you told me you didn’t love me, I felt my world fall apart. Your hair didn’t fall perfectly on your shoulders that day, you wore your hair up. I found myself drowning in your sea-like eyes, only to realize it wasn’t as pleasant as I once had thought.

I reached for your hand, you pulled away. I felt my heart drop, I felt sick to my stomach. From then on, I cried for you. I craved your love, only to remember I never had it.

—  still drowning in your sea-like eyes
The Tale of The Remorseful Vampire

An empty cell is where I belong, because I destroyed a love that was strong. Her heart was pure but mine was black. So I walked the shadows hungry for the attack. Every night I saw her with her gentleman friend. I wanted her with a passion that knew no end. This passion consumed my immortal heart. She had to be mine never to part. So, I sat about to win her love and heart. Her heart and love were within sight but just out of reach. To love one such as I was a chasm her love couldn’t breach. It was now that my black heart took over and tore my empty soul. It left nothing untouched and plunged me into the darkness of an inescapable hole. The fire of passion burned hotter than ever before. No matter how much I resisted I wanted her more than ever before. So, I came upon a most unholy scheme. I would wait for her to sleep and visit her in her dreams. Her dreams should have been sacred and by the angels blessed. But I and my darkness tormented her allowing no rest. Then one night for me she was not prepared. Her and her mortal lover walked in the garden quite unaware. The night had come and my chance was here. I would take her soul and hold her forever near. Her mortal lover I dispatched without waste. And to my new bride I made haste. Now we were face to face and eye to eye. She could not beg for I wouldn’t let her cry. I held her in my grasp until there was only a faint beating left in her heart. I opened my chest and bade her drink my blood. She drank as if she were dying of thirst and I was her immortal flood. I had taken her precious soul. I had taken her life. I condemned her to darkness as my demon wife. But my happiness could never last. Because my bride was tormented by memories of her past. As her torment grew I knew what it would take. I must free her and clean up this horrible mistake. As the sun began to rise in the eastern sky a single blood soaked tear fell as I cried. I took her hands and held her so near. I told her that she would be free and had nothing to fear. And without a single moment to waste, through her heart I drove my stake. To my crypt I had to flee. The sun with its vengeance chasing me. Now in this darkness where I dwell, I must say if there is a heaven then my existence must be eternal hell. For my only love by my hand has turned to dust.

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“Can’t I be strong a n d go to prom?”

Why (MGG)

Warnings: none

*Read it and find out lol just going with whatever flows from me* (and the song drown i mean the cover of 5sos its more softer than bring me the horizon)

Your pov: 

The hysteria took over my heart. The doubt and the sadness took over my mind. My heart was broken, bruised, bitter. Bitter with the words that came from his once loving mouth. 

“You know Y/N, I really don’t feel like hearing about that.” he said annoyed as I said I felt bad. “You’re really getting on my nerves with you’re complaining. Every single word that comes out of your mouth Y/N, ‘I have cramps, I feel sick, I feel sad.’ Well too fucking bad. I know it sucks but you can deal with it. Just fucking take something to make you feel better.” 

He spat those cold words to me as he pushed passed me earlier. I realize that it was just something he said but it hurt me it left me laying on the couch for a couple of hours wondering if he even loved me anymore. If he felt the feelings he once had. It made me wonder if he had ever loved me. It left my face tear stained. I pulled my face into my knees trying to kill the pain of the period pains. He knew how I would get when I was on my period. I would get depressed. I would get lonely. I’d be in a very low place that he would have to pick me up from. I could feel my heart slowly tear as I continued to cry. I sat up slowly taking a deep breath. I grabbed my phone and made my way to the door. I looked around and saw the beautiful house that now seemed broken. I saw the pictures thinking back to when we took them, they were happy loving memories that now seemed dead. I took the keys that were in the bowl I walked out to the driveway and got in my car. I felt my heart rip again. The warm hot tears flushed down my face. I put my car key in and started it up. I blasted slow songs until it stopped on a particular song. It stopped on Drown, my lungs over filled with the sinuses. I coughed as I choked on my tears. I pulled over to the side of the road. I couldn’t see anymore. The wetness blinding me. 

His pov:

“Y/N?” I called as I came down the stairs. I walked over to the couch and stopped to peer over the back. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion not seeing her. I scanned my eyes over the living room not seeing a trace of her. I walked to the kitchen looking to see if she was trying to get the ice cream. ‘No’ I walked faster to the spare room opening it quickly. I saw the bed neatly made up, I walked to the bathroom fast as my legs would allow me. “Y/N?” I asked barging in. I was only left with an empty bathroom. I pulled out my phone dialing her number. ‘Come on come on pick up baby pick up.’ No answer…. No answer… No answer. “Fuck!” I yelled through angry tears. “She’s gone.”  

I miss the sensation of your lips taking mine, and the bittersweet aftertaste of mint left in my mouth. I miss the tangle of our fingers when we danced in the candlelight that one night there was a blackout. You took over my mind and my heart, and then you left, leaving nothing behind but a sweater that smelled like home and the destruction of a whole person. How dare you do this to someone you claimed that you love?
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1083 // excerptsofstories