they took my kidney!

some of y’all: yuri on ice ended in a way that fulfilled the narrative arc and allowed the audience to envision the characters living their lives and achieving their goals in the future, so another season isn’t really necessary but would be an added bonus

me: i’ve sold my soul to this goddamn show and would give kubo mitsurou both my kidneys if that’s what it took to make season 2 happen

This one goes out to the one I love.

When we first met in that coffee shop, I instantly knew I wanted you.
When we kissed, angels sang lightning melodies to shock my bitter heart back to life.
When we shared that delicate night on the water, I fell in love.
When we danced at our wedding, I knew I’d do anything for you.

When your ex showed up at our door, I got into my first fight since grade school.
When the bank came for your student loans, I worked extra and spent nights looking for more.
When that mugger surprised us, I took the knife to my abdomen.
When your kidneys failed, I gave you one of mine.

When the warning came, I did everything I could.
When the last ship opened their doors, I begged the officials.
When the sirens wailed, I ran back to you for one final embrace.
When the chaos erupted in the crowd, I held you as we watched the bright glow of their weapons prime.

When the officials said there was room for one more, I…

purrple-skies  asked:

I understand you cannot feel warmth or any emotion other than those you claimed. But can't you feel pressure? Like, if someone were to stand behind you and you didn't know, wouldn't you feel it when they were to touch you? Or is there really nothing you can feel, besides a few emotions that you have? And also- sorry for the ask with the foot thing. I just find it funny when Mark does that and how most everyone freaks out or goes "ew".

“Can’t feel a thing. A human could drive a knife into my left kidney, and if I didn’t happen to be looking, I would have absolutely no idea it was done. The knife would most likely remain there until I happened to swipe my hand along my left kidney.”

To further concrete his words, he took his favorite dark red pen out from the inside of his tux pocket, and slid it over the wooden surface into their awaiting grasp. Next, he splayed his hand worrilessly against the table top, and with fingers spread, presented his palm.

“There. Now, if you’re brave, drive that pen straight through my palm. Go ahead. I promise I won’t feel anything. I can’t do it myself, because Figments can spread pain and sensation to other Figments, and being a Figment, I can harm myself rather easily.”

So apparently it’s No Shame Day… something I’ve never heard of until now. This is hours late, and it took me a lot of courage to post this, seeing’s how I’ve always hated how I looked in photos…and still do.

But seeing all the posts on Tumblr gave me a little boost of inspiration, so I thought, Why not? (You are all awesome, by the way. <3)

So here is my story (which will be shortened, since there’s only a few hours left of 04/17 here. If anyone is interested in finding out more, please feel free to Inbox me. :) )

My name is Casey Lin. I am a 23-year old Chinese young lady born and raised in the United States. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (Medical Laboratory Sciences/Medical Technology) last December, and am currently looking for a job. For all intents and purposes, I’m just your average young adult who loves reading, listening to music, and hanging out (on social networking sites because I tend to be awkward as heck around people…even friends).

But I am also…

-Under 5 feet tall - you can’t really tell from the picture, but yeah, I’m around 4′10″. They put me on growth hormone for a while… Didn’t work. Did I mention that I can’t drive? I have a permit, but no license. :/

-A transplant recipient - I was born 2 months premature and when I was around 15 months old, they took out both of my non-functioning kidneys and replaced them with 1 adult kidney. I take 2 anti-rejection medications for this.

-A cancer survivor - In May 2002, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was put on chemotherapy. Didn’t end up finishing treatment (due to some other major event happening), but everything turned out okay, since I was declared in remission in 2007.

-A Type 1 diabetic - Yep, insulin shots - 4 times a day, every day. Plus finger sticks. Makes me glad that all the lab tests that I’ve had to have done as a child (and even now) have pretty much made me immune to needles. (Though I should probably still work on my carb intake…)

I also have hypothyroidism and hypercholesterolemia (yay, more medication!), plus there’s some other stuff that happened during my childhood that I don’t quite remember - either what they were or what caused them. (PTLD during first grade…yeah. All I remember is being hospitalized for a while).

But yeah, that’s me in a nutshell, I guess. I will be honest and say that even right now, I’m still trying to accept myself as I am. It’s a long, hard journey…but I’ll get there. :)

我不再去想別人怎麼看 我就是喜歡自己很勇敢
現在我只想做我自己 真的很愉快  -黃麗玲/A-Lin, 做我自己  

Charlie the Unicorn Sentence Meme

Here are several quotes from Charlie the Unicorn that can be used as sentence starters.

  • “You silly sleepyhead, wake up!”
  • “God, you guys, this had better be pretty fricking important.”
  • “Is the meadow on fire?”
  • “We found a map to Candy Mountain!”
  • “It’ll be an adventure!”
  • “I’m just gonna go back to sleep now.”
  • “You have to come with us to Candy Mountain.”
  • “It’s the land of sweets and joy, and joyness…”
  • “It’s a magical leopluridon! It’s gonna guide our way to Candy Mountain!”
  • “Shun the non-believer…shuuuuun!”
  • “It’s just over this bridge, this magical bridge of hope and wonder.”
  • “Is anybody else getting like, covered in splinters? Seriously, guys, we shouldn’t be on this thing.”
  • “I’m right here, what do you want?!”
  • “We’re on a bridge!”
  • “Well, what do you know? There actually is a Candy Mountain.”
  • “Candy Mountain, Candy Mountain, fill me with sweet sugary goodness!”
  • “Go inside the cave, magical wonders will behold when you enter!”
  • “Oh, when you’re down and looking for some cheering up, then just head right on up to the Candy Mountain cave.”
  • “When you get inside you’ll find yourself a cheering land, such a happy and joyful and perky merry land.”
  • “They’ve got lollipops and gummi-drops and candy things, oh so many things that will brighten up your day.”
  • “Alright fine, I’ll go into the freaking candy cave. This better be good.”
  • “Hey, what’s going on here?! Hello?!”
  • “Aw, they took my fricking kidney!”
Gone ~ Liam Dunbar (female reader)

anonymous asked: Hi love, could u please write a long imagine where the reader is a patient of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, she’s sleeping and Liam is walking around. He sees her and he tries to take her pain away, just to see if he actually can. But she accidentally sees him, and days later they meet at school and idk make something happen between them♥. Also, your last imagine was really good! :)

A/N: Hey guys! Hope you liked my last imagine :) this is my first request so i hope you guys like it. hope this is long enough for you haha. Btw Y/L/N= your last name and Y/A=your age. 

Word count: 914 words

You were in the hospital after you had got your kidney transplant. Liam’s step dad was still on shift so Liam was just wandering around the hospital. He thought he would try to take someone’s pain away and decided to try on you. After you were released from the hospital and stuff you went back to school and saw Liam and you two got all cutesy aw

It had been a week after you got your kidney transplant.  You were still in the hospital; in probably the worst pain you’d ever felt. Your abdomen erupted in massive pain whenever you laughed or coughed. It even hurt to sit up without assistance. Most of your days were spent sleeping or getting checked by the nurse. A couple of your friends had visited you, and your family had been visiting too. Your family had just left as you started to drift off to sleep.

 Liam’s POV

 My step dad had picked me up after school and brought me to work with him. It was relatively quiet in the hospital, so I decided to do my homework. After an hour or so, I finished my homework. I was bored so I decided to walk around the hospital. “What if I can take someone’s pain away? It might make their stay a bit better,” I thought. I decided to find someone who was sleeping. I saw one room with a girl who looked about my age in it. She was fast asleep. I looked next to the door to see who the girl was. The files read “Y/L/N, Y/N. Female. Y/A”. I slowly opened the door and crept into the room. She was beautiful. She had gorgeous hair, with flawless, radiant skin. I sat down in the chair beside her bed, and held onto her hand.

Your POV

You slowly returned to consciousness. You felt a strong hand grasp your hand, and thought it was just your father visiting or something.

“Hi dad,” You said sleepily and opened your eyes. You looked and instead of seeing your father’s eyes you saw a pair of unfamiliar eyes. They were the most beautiful color of blue you had ever seen. You were trying to figure out who this boy was, and suddenly your pain diminished. You looked down in shock as the boy’s veins turned black and his breathing changed.

“It – it’s gone, the pain is gone,” you mumbled, still in shock, while the boy let go of your hand.

“I’ve never done that before,” he began, a hint of emotion in his voice. He stared at his hand in awe, then at you. “Sorry to intrude on you sleeping.”

“Oh no, it’s okay. You took my pain away. How?” You asked.

“It’s complicated. My step-dad’s shift is probably ending soon, I should go.” The boy said quickly and got up to leave.

You started to ask his name, but he was out the door before you could finish. “That was strange. I wonder how he did that,” you thought to yourself. Soon, your nurse came in to do tests and make sure you were doing alright.

4 weeks later


It was your first day back at school after your surgery. You tried your best to catch up in all your classes while you were out of the hospital, but it didn’t help you much. You still didn’t understand half the things you were learning in your classes. To help you catch up, you were assigned a tutor. Your tutor was a senior. Her name was Lydia Martin. You and Lydia met up for a quick meeting in the library during study hall. Lydia was helping you with geometry and explaining all the different theorems and properties of polygons.

“Hey Lydia do you think you–“Someone began to say. The voice was familiar yet you just couldn’t put your finger on who’s voice it was. You looked up as the person stopped dead in their tracks. You saw the same eyes from weeks ago in the hospital. It was the boy from the hospital. The two of you were in a trance as you remembered those moments from a couple weeks ago.

“Guys? Y/N? Liam?” Lydia said. “Do you guys know each other?”

“Uhh, yeah,” You stated. “A couple of weeks ago, when I was in the hospital, he came and took my pain away. It was just after my kidney surgery.” You took this boy’s appearance in and realized that not just his eyes were perfect. Everything about him was perfect and you started to catch feelings for him.

“You’re even prettier in real clothes,” He mumbled. You giggled as a blush rose to your cheeks and you looked away. “Oh my gosh, did you guys hear me?”

“Yeah,” Lydia laughed. “What were you going to ask me, Liam?”

“Oh nothing, you’re helping Y/N right now. I can get help later.” Liam replied.

“How do you know my name?” You asked with a puzzled look on your face.

“I, uh, read the name on your hospital file next to the door.” Liam said sheepishly. “Well, I’ll let you two get back to your studying.”

You smiled as Liam walked away and you and Lydia returned to your work. A bit later, the bell rang, signaling the end of study hall. You packed up your things, thanked Lydia for helping you, and left the library.

“Y/N! Y/N wait!” Liam yelled. You stopped to wait for him.

“Hey Liam! What do you need?” You smiled.

“I, uh, I” Liam looked at the floor. “I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me?”

“Of course,” you smiled and watched as Liam’s eyes lit up.

“Friday night at 7:00?” Liam asked.

“Friday night at 7:00,” You said and hugged Liam. “See you later!’

“See you later Y/N!” Liam smiled and walked to his next class.

One of the best letters I’ve ever received

Today I received the first communication from Maxine, the recipient of the kidney I donated last December.  Her 3 page letter filled my heart and reminded me of the difference we can make in the lives of others.  

I had always imagined the phone call from the Mayo clinic telling her that a live donor kidney was coming and her story was better than I hoped.  Her entire letter was joyful and I appreciate the details she shared.  Here’s my favorite quote,

“When I woke up it was the most AMAZING feeling.  Like, I wasn’t sick anymore.  The doctors were so amazed at how well my body took to the new kidney.  As soon as they attached it, it was working.

An altruistic kidney donation is a bit like sending a message in a bottle; because the whole process is anonymous you’re not sure if the kidney survived, if the other person is doing well, etc.  But now I know that Maxine and her family are doing great and I’m thrilled.  It was totally worth it.

This was the last photo I ever took with my beloved dog, the night he passed away from kidney failure. My parents let me come to the vet’s office, but my dad wouldn’t let me go into the exam room. I sat alone in the lobby while my baby boy went to sleep for the last time. 

Lallybroch Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Chapter 4: Anticipation

Summary: So the birth was all supposed to be one chapter, but this got a little long, the second part will be posted tomorrow. Enjoy!

It was sometime later in the afternoon, I was helping Jenny and the kitchen servants prepare dinner for the night. My mind was restless and I couldn’t help but think about how much I wanted to find Jamie and have him finish what he started earlier this morning. Ever since the morning sickness had passed, I found that my libido had increased much more than it did the first time around. My need for Jamie became almost insatiable, much to his delight, but every day now was becoming more uncomfortable than the last. My lower back pained me to no end, my breasts ached with the influx of milk, and it felt as though my stomach should be a mass of blue and purple from the amount the child kicked me. As much as I was hesitant about the upcoming birth for medical reasons, I found myself wishing to have the child out of me every hour.

I must have made some sound of displeasure, or perhaps it was just my face that prompted Jenny to give me a sympathetic and knowing glance. She chuckled and put down the knife she was using to chop the onions for the stew. She pulled up a chair, grabbed my hand and tugged me to plop down on it.

“Ye’ll sit down for a moment and gather yer wits. I ken what it’s like so far gone. Like ye want to peel your skin off and ye wish the child would come every minute,” Jenny said.

I sighed and let out a chuckle at her mind reading abilities. I put my hands on my massive stomach and let my head droop. I felt Jenny stop in front of me and she made a Scottish noise. I glanced up at her. She was appraising me, and I could tell she was coming up with some other idea. Content to let her think, I simply let my head fall back down again.

Suddenly, I felt her grab my hands off my stomach and she yanked me off the chair.

“Wha-“, I exclaimed at the sudden movement, which made the child strike a jab to my left kidney. Jenny grabbed the chair and took it across the room and then seemed to begin gathering things in a basket.

I eyed her, annoyed at being uprooted.

“Would you like to explain to me what you’re doing?” I said, hoping my voice sounded as sour as I thought it did to my ears.

I supposed it did because she smirked a little, and came to stand in front of me and handed me the basket.

“Ye need to be outside, Claire. Fresh air will do ye good instead of being cooped up in here like my brother wants ye. Go and pick some herbs or tend to the gardens, or even just walk about to get some fresh air. There’s some food to get ye through the rest of the day until supper.” She gave me a small push to the door, and went back to grab her knife.

I stared at her, dumfounded. “But don’t you need help with supper-“ I started to protest.

She waved the hand carrying the big knife in a dismissive manner. “Nay, we’ll manage. Get on with ye.” And she began chopping again. Clearly the conversation was over.

Seeing as though I had no option to object, I began to slowly shuffle towards the door, muttering obscenities under my breath. As I grabbed my shall from one of the ever-present servants, I heard her call, “Don’t wander off too far!”

As reluctant as I was to walk any amount in my advanced state, I had to grudgingly admit that Jenny was right. As I breathed in the fresh air, I felt more relaxed and at ease than I have in days. My steps became a bit quicker and lighter as the fresh, crisp Scottish air renewed me. It was quite a nice day out, blue skies for a change with only a slight chill to the air. Except for the aching in my back from my elephant sized stomach, I felt better than I had in days.

I found myself so content to just be out of the house, I didn’t realize that I had walked nearly a few miles into the small, dense forest near by the estate. I was originally just going to try and find some rosemary, but my mind was too distracted with the joy at being unwatched for the first time in weeks. Perhaps, I could even convince Jamie to accompany me on a walk tonight. If he found out I was out I was on my own now, he would scold me for days. I sighed and decided to take a little rest in the shade of one of the big trees. It took me a few minutes to get to ground level without toppling over, and I finally found a somewhat comfortable spot with my back against the tree and nibbled on some bread and cheese that Jenny had packed me. Then, full and tired from the walk, I simply let my mind drift to the movements of the baby, ignoring the small ache in my back.

I must have drifted off for sometime, for I came abruptly awake when I felt a large pain in my lower back again. I thought this was probably a sign of false labor, but to be on the safe side I made up my mind to go back to the house. I was using the tree to help myself up on my feet as I felt another stabbing pain.

“Ah!” I exclaimed as the pain rippled down my stomach. I was still holding on to the tree catching my breath when I felt a gush of liquid run down my thighs.

My mind was rationally telling me that my water just broke and I was going into labor. The small back pains I was feeling all night and this morning wasn’t false like I thought, but the early stages of actual labor.

I let out a large breath as I leaned back against the tree, trying to decide the best course of action. I could risk the walk to the house by myself, or I could simply wait here until someone came and found me. With the breathtaking pains, I felt the best choice was to simply wait here. Jamie usually came back in the afternoon for food and to check on me, hopefully Jenny or one of the servants would inform him of my whereabouts.

I struggled back down to the grass to sit down and tried to breath deeply and not panic. It wasn’t too soon, two weeks early means a perfectly developed baby, maybe a little on the small side, but healthy. I tried to reassure myself of this fact to try and calm my mind. Anxiety and stress would be the worst thing for you now, I told myself.

I dozed on and off throughout the pains, trying not to think about how long it has been since they started. The contractions were about seven minutes apart, but that could change at any moment. I was focused on counting the seconds with my eyes sealed shut, when suddenly I felt a presence near me.

I opened my eyes and brought my head up to meet the eyes of a less than enthused Murtaugh. He was looking at me with dispassionate eyes. He shook his head at me, sighed, and stooped to help me up.

“What in Gods name are ye doing out her, woman. Yer husband has the whole farm looking for ye. He’s gone mad with worry,” he said with a very disapproving and exasperated tone as he helped me to my feet. I let out a cry as another pain gripped me. I clutched my stomach and tried to breath through it. I felt Murtaugh start and peered into my pained face.

“Christ! Is the bairn coming?!” he exclaimed and he suddenly grabbed me tighter to him and put a hand on my contracting stomach.

“I rather think so!” I said breathlessly. “Will you help me back to the house or are we to discuss the weather as well?”

I felt him chuckle and sigh and then he asked, “Can ye walk or should I carry ye?” I was about to answer before he made up his own mind and leaned down to grab me and hoisted me into his arms as if I was a log.

I heard him let out all of his breath as he began walking. “How many stones do ye weight?” He asked accusingly.

We finally made it to the house after some struggle. The contractions were about five minutes apart now and more painful than ever. As we came into view of the house, I saw one of the stable boys that Jamie must have deployed to keep watch catch a glimpse of us and yell out.

“My larid! The mistress is over here,” he yelled loudly as he took off running, presumably to wherever Jamie was hunting for me.

The pains were taking up most of my attention at the moment, but I did at least have enough awareness to ask Murtaugh one question.

“How mad do you think he will be?”

I felt him snort and squinted as the bob of bright copper hair appeared around the turn of the road, atop of Donas, and immediately swung off the beast when he got sight of me, tossing the reins carelessly to the boy would followed right behind him.

“Well, let’s just say it’s a good thing he’ll have a new son to distract him, it might be a good few days until he remembers to scold ye properly.” He said in his usually straightforward, honest manner.

He didn’t have time to say much else before Jamie was before us, running determinedly to where Murtaugh stood, still holding me in his arms. He was still a few yards away, but that didn’t stop him from the shouting.

“Sassenach! Do ye ken how worried I’ve been? Do ye have any sense at all? Jenny should have never suggested such a notion of ye to go out by yourself! And for you to venture so far out, while yer as big as a house, that I have to send the whole damn farm to search for ye because I coudna find ye! Do ye ken…,” he suddenly stopped his frantic, angry rant as he came close enough to see the pained expression on my face. This alarmed him very much and he sprinted the last few feet to me.

He came up to Murtaugh and took me gently out of his arms and into his own. I immediately became more at ease, even though the movement made the contraction worse. And then Jamie became tender as milk, which was his usually reaction when I was in pain. He began to make soothing Galeic sounds as he began to walk into the house.

“What’s amiss, lassie?” He asked as he walked through the door way. “Let’s get ye in bed, mo nighean donn,” he said, not waiting for me to respond.

I let out a deep breath as the contraction finally passed. My temples were damp and my fingernails were embedded into Jamie’s shirt.

I was working up the ability to speak when we passed Jenny on the way to the stairs with little Kitty on her hip. She took one look at my flushed face and Jamie’s unaware one.

“Ouch, the bairns’s coming then. I’ll tell Fergus to go get the midwife directly. I’ll give wee Kitty to Mrs. Crook and be up to help ye, Claire.” And then she was she a flurry of skirts as she turned.

I felt Jamie start and he

peered down to look at my face.

“The barin’s coming?” He asked rather dumbly in my pained opinion.

I let out an impatient breath, wanting to be in bed before the next contraction comes.

“Yes, I rather think so at this point if the shooting pain is anything to go by. Do hurry, please.”

I heard him swallow hard, but he finally began walking, taking each stair extremely carefully, calculating every step of the way up to the second floor and to our bedroom and at last, to large bed.

As he laid me gently on the bed, I glanced up at his face, which had gone white and stiff. I gently brought my hand up to cup his cheek. His eyes immediately looked down at me, and I realized just how terrified he was about what was about to happen. I was suddenly overcome with tenderness for him, a man scared out of his wits that his wife might die in the coming hours or at the least face a serious illness.

He didn’t let go of me once he set me down, and instead tightened his hold as though he must lay his hands on me or else I might disappear in that exact moment. His eyes searched my face for a long time, and I didn’t know quite what he was looking for. I stroked his cheek, gently brushing my thumb under his stricken eyes, which explained to me the depth of his terror without words.

Please, don’t leave me, they said, don’t leave me alone here, I couldn’t bear it.

My own eyes prickled with tears, and I tried to speak very soft, and in a comforting manner.

“Everything’s going to be alright, love. I’m going to be fine, I swear it.” I said, as I implored his eyes to understand the truth in mine. I could see a faint glimmer of tears in his own eyes, which made my heart break even more.

His hands gripped mine hard enough to rub the bones together. He bowed his head for a moment and nodded slightly while sniffling ever so quietly, trying so hard to keep his own fears from making my own greater.

He brought his head up after a few moments and attempted a small smile; I realized how much work it took to put it there, and leaned down to press a gentle but strong kiss to my forehead.

“Aye,” he whispered, “You’ll be fine. And soon enough ye will have our wee bairn in your arms.” He said, and I felt that the smile transformed into something a little bit more authentic.

“I’m always right, aren’t I?” I said, trying to ease him and myself.

He chuckled against my forehead and brushed my damp curls behind my ears.

“Aye. Sassenach, ye have-“ his response was cut short as I let out a small cry as the next contraction cam over me. I doubled over and clutched my stomach to somehow try and control the pain. This one was so strong, I barley noticed Jamie’s rubbing on my back, a little to fast to sooth. He pried one of my hands off my belly and let me grip it.

I let out a large breath a few moments later as the pain eased a bit. I became aware that Jamie was kissing the same spot on my temple repeatedly, which started to irrationally annoy me.

I leaned away from him and let go of his hand. I closed my eyes and tried to calm my heartbeat as Jamie continued to mumble Galeic to me. This was how Jenny found us some minutes later as she entered the room with a pitcher and rags. She walked over to the bedside table, pushing Jamie aside, and placed the items on the table. She glanced at her brother fleetingly.

“Ye can leave now, brother. Dinna fret, I’ll take good care of yer wife.” Jenny said with a conviction so strong that even I believed as she poured water from the pitcher into the basin.

Jamie glanced at her and then back at me, helpless, as she began mopping my sweat-ridden forehead with some of the cool water from the basin as another contraction ripped through me.

During the shuddering pain, I felt him let go of me and begin to start reluctantly edge closer to the door. My mind suddenly panicked, as if he disappeared, so would my grasp on the world. I couldn’t bear to see him actually leave, the thought of it bringing a sudden gush of tears down my cheeks and a gasping sob that didn’t have as much to due with the psychical pain than the emotional distress of my voice of reason leaving me in the time I needed it most.

“No!” I gasped hoarsely and reached out a hand to him as if I could will him to stay with my mind. “Please! Stay, Jamie. I can’t bear to have you leave yet! I need you, now,” I pleaded with him, making myself speak through the pain.

Jamie looked startled at this, but within seconds came rushing back to my side, moving past Jenny who had stopped her attentions to me, and brought his head down to kiss me gently and chastely. He looked into my eyes, not a inch from my own, and said in a very strong, authoritative voice, “I wilna leave ye ever, Claire. So long as ye wish me to be here, here I’ll be.”

The irrational tears lessened at his promise and I clutched his forearm as if it was an anchor to keep me from slipping away into the dark haze of pain.

Jenny looked down disapprovingly at me, clucking her tongue. She assessed Jamie and I, sealed together as if we were actually attached. She shook her head and handed Jamie the wet rag.

“Fine, ye can stay until the midwife gets here, but ye’ll be of use.” She said and then walked away to the door.

“I’ll go make some broth to keep your strength up, ye will need it.” And then she was gone.

Jamie glanced after her and said something under his breath, as he brushed the back of my neck with the rag. I laughed as the contraction finally eased.

Jamie looked back down at me, the tension in his shoulders easing as he heard my laugh. He brushed the rag down the front of my neck, water droplets running down into my bodice.

“Alright for now, lass?” he asked.

I heaved myself up into a sitting position and tried another deep breath.

“No, I need to get out of these clothes. Now.” I said, as nicely as I could under the circumstances.

“Aye, of course,” he responded quickly, grateful that there was something he could help with.

He supported my back with one arm as he grabbed my hand and helped me ease up with the other. I groaned as I became vertical once more, shocked that this felt much better now than lying down. Jamie untied my skirts and then unlaced my half-tied corset, leaving me in my shift and stockings. I relaxed a bit more when the cool air rushed on my skin, leaving it a mess of goose bumps.

Jamie put one hand on my shuddering belly, his facial expression a mix between fascination and awe as to what was happening now and what was going to happen soon.

I put my hand over his. “You’ve seen birth before,” I said, softly.

He looked up at me, a gaze of childlike blue. He looked back down at our hands.

“Animals, aye. But never a woman, and certainly never…my wife,” he whispered, his voice breaking on the word wife.

I squeezed his hand, hard. “I know that-“ I was going to continue to sooth him, but the sharp pain of another contraction stopped me. I squeezed his hand hard enough to break it, as I gasped to him, “I need to walk!”

“Walk?” He asked, confused as to what I was talking about. “Ye need to be lying do-“

“Walk,” I interrupted him, “Now.” I started to step away, placing both of my hands on my lower back and began to pace around the perimeter of the room. Jamie watched me, helplessly. He said something under his breath and came over to where I was panting, near the window. He grabbed my hand and put his other around my waist.

“Fine,” he said, exasperated, “walk, it is.” And we began to paced slowly around the room, stopping once every few minutes, when a contraction took me and left me bent over my stomach, gasping through the pain, with Jamie whispering soothingly in Galeic and rubbing my aching back.

This was the way Fergus found us some time later as he rushed into the room, too excited to knock.

“The midwife’s here! She’s just come around the bend in the road. I’ll bring her up as soon as she’s in the house!” He exclaimed and promptly rushed back through the door.

Jamie and I both looked at each other, every emotion displayed on our faces, unguarded. There was hope, fear, excitement, but most of all there was love. And we both knew this would get us through whatever happens next.

Chapter 5

Hi, I’m Olga.
I don’t have any brothers or sisters. My grandparents are not among the living anymore. My father left us when I was 5. For 11 years, I’m living alone with my mother, far away from the small family we still have left. My mother is Ester, a strong, 54 years old woman that has been through so many things in her life. She immigrated to Israel when she was 10 years old. She grew and studied in Haifa, served in the army and fulfilled every obligation she had.
When she was 36 years old, she met and married my father, in Ukraine. 2 years later, I was born. So far, things are pretty good, aren’t they? Well, no. When I was born, it was discovered that my mother has preeclampsia. Her kidneys failed. She got worse and we had to return to Israel, so she could get a better medical treatment than what she could’ve got in Ukraine at these years.
We stayed in Israel and we tried to rebuild our lives again, aside with my mother’s disease. Dad was working all day long, he came back home only to sleep. My mother also worked, although she was sick, and it helped us a lot. So again, for a while, my parents were working, I went to the kindergarten, we were a family and everything was good. At least that’s what it felt like. When I was 5 years old, my father decided that he can’t live in Israel anymore. The work is not good enough; the people are not the same. He missed his family and his country, Ukraine. So he left. A sick woman and her 5 year old daughter were left to live alone. My mother’s family was all on the other side of the country.  We were alone.
At the beginning, my mother did dialysis at home. There was a big machine, and big bags of water, that connected to my mother’s tummy. In this way, her body was getting the water out of her system, because her kidneys failed to do that.
When I was 6 years old, my mother managed to get enough money, she went to get a kidney transplant in China. My teacher took care of me at that time, she was happy to do that. The transplant went well. Now I could go to the beach and to the pool with my mother! There are no more cables that may get infected in my mother stomach!
When she came back from China, she got fired from her work and started working in another place, with harder conditions. She had to work outside, in the great heat of Eilat. Though she was very lucky for even having that job.
As hard as she tried, she didn’t manage to keep the kidney. This kidney too, failed. She was hospitalized. This time I stayed at my neighbor’s, who was also very glad to let me stay there. I had no Idea how bad it was, until my mother told me she had a cardiac arrest. I was shocked, terrified. My mother was nearly dead. The only person I have left. Nearly dead. What was I going to do? A 9 year old, my father was living somewhere in a different country, what would I do without my mom?
It was the scariest thing that could’ve happens to me in my life, and I’m so greatful that she survived and that she’s here until this day. After the kidney was rejected, my mother continued doing dialysis in the hospital, work and raise me all at the same time. I never missed a thing, she always got me anything I wanted, she cooked and help in anything she could. She is the only person that stuck with me through everything, that I could always go to when things were bad. She is the strongest person I’ve ever known. When people asked me, “Who is your role model?”, I’d answer, “my mom”. Cause she’s been through all these things and she’s still going through them, amazingly.  We made it through here, but I still have this fear in me, that one day, not so long from now, she won’t be here anymore. That constant fear when she is not home, when she won’t answer the phone, that something may have happened. That maybe now, everything is over. In all those years, she have been through so many things, divorce, at least 10 surgeries (if not more), so many complications, her mother’s death, her brother’s death. She has made it through all that. It would be such a shame to lose her now.
People don’t know, but these days, a kidney transplant isn’t a very complicated surgery. Also, you can live perfectly fine with only one kidney.
But we have another problem. I guess it’s just our luck. My mother has a very high level of antibodies. She can’t get a kidney from a dead person because it will get rejected. The only way, is to get it from a living person. There is a treatment, called plasmapheresis. She and the donor have to go through that treatment before the surgery; therefore he has to be alive. We are looking, hopelessly, for someone who is willing to help.
This letter is really our last hope. We believe we tried everything. This is our only hope to live a normal life for at least a little while. Our only hope to fulfill our dream and get a few years of peace. I wish seeing my mother happy, not frustrated with the struggle of the disease. I wish she will live long enough to see me getting married and having children.
I hope that every person that reads this will take a moment and think about it. Maybe you are the one to help? Please, pass it forward, the farther the better. Help raising the awareness.
“Whosoever saves a single life, saves an entire universe"
For more information, please send an email to Thank you.