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Curly curly curly - Sherlock Holmes x Reader

#5. Doing each other’s hair. Heyyyyyyy , first request for something else than Marvel or DC ! I’m excited :D. Hope you’ll like it :

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-This is ridiculous.

You sigh for the hundredth times today, and ignore yet again his comment. He scoffs at your lack of vocal reaction, but doesn’t do anything to get away from you, which you took as a good sign. You resumed what you were doing, and turn your head toward the entrance door as you can hear John’s footsteps going up the stairs. 

Without seeing him, you were sure it was John Watson. You’d recognize the way he walked anywhere. Each of his feet on the wooden steps making a particular sound, unique to his way of climbing stairs. You’ve always been able to tell those kind of things…Most people pegged you for a crazy person, or a stalker, as you always knew too much about them before they even spoke to you. Most people…But Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. 

And sure enough, the door opened on a John whose hands were full of groceries. When he saw you, his face brightened, and you smiled back to him. You two became great friends, and John would always have a soft spot for you because of how happy you made his best friend (though Sherlock would scoff at that, calling him a “cheesy pathetic hopeless romantic man”…even though he was right). 

Sherlock didn’t even turn around to greet his friend, still kind of annoyed with you and your stubbornness to…brush his goddamn hair. 

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Hiya! Would you mind doing a writing with either Genji or McCree when they have lazy day at home with their s/o? Like whichever one you choose they just have a nice sweet day with their s/o and maybe they cuddle and kiss em a bit? :0c Keep up the good work running this blog!!!!

((A/N - sorry for the break! 24 hours does not seem like enough hours in a day eugh))


Something soft stroked your cheek. You leaned into the touch, moaning softly. It travelled up the side of your face, combing through your hair. You opened one eye and saw sunlight flittering through the window. You promptly closed your eyelid, groaning and rolling over so you were facing away from the light. You heard a chuckle from above you. You peeked over your shoulder to see Genji sitting upright on the bed, leaning against a pillow with his hand still tangled in your locks.

“Come back. I was enjoying that.”

You mumbled incoherently into your pillow.


You sighed. You lay on your front with your head facing your boyfriend.

“Better?” You said, voice still slightly muffled from the awkward angle.

“Yes, thank you.”

You relaxed into his hand, which was now massaging your scalp. The touch travelled down to your nape, the heavenly feeling of your neck being massaged while your hair being played with was keeping you in a drowsy state. You managed to worm your hand out from underneath your body, curling it up and placing it by Genji’s hip, your fingers lightly drifting over his exposed skin.


A grunt escaped your throat.

“Would you like some breakfast?”

You hummed in response. You had ended up falling asleep early last night, having to make Genji carry you from the sofa to the bed. However, falling asleep early also meant you missed out on dinner and you could feel your stomach slightly rumbling.

“Stay.” Your boyfriend commanded.

You weren’t in any position to say no. You were far too relaxed, stretching out like a lazy cat. The sun was warm on your bare skin not being covered by the duvet. You felt Genji climb out of bed and his little tapping all the way to the kitchen. He made noise mostly for you. Him being a ninja meant he had conditioned himself to not make noise, but after the one time you genuinely nearly shat yourself after he tried to surprise you he had made a promise to himself to make his whereabouts known to you.

Clanging came from the kitchen, no doubt the cupboard full of pots and pans was opened and it all came tumbling to the floor. You gently snorted to yourself at the thought. Genji belonged in the kitchen as much as a bull in a china shop. The two just clashed. It made you smile to think he was going to the effort to please you, though.

You dozed off into sleep, hearing a frustrated groan every now and then from the other room. Only moments seemed to pass and you were being woken by a rather enthusiastic Genji, holding a tray in one hand the other shaking your shoulder.

“Breakfast in bed.” He proudly announced.

You grinned at him. Eagerly sitting up, you looked at what he made for you. A glass of orange juice, a slice of toast with butter, a crispy rasher of bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs and two of the most juiciest sausages you had ever seen. There was also a second identical plate for him.

“Wow, I’m amazed.”
“You are welcome, (Y/N).”

You leaned over and pecked him on the cheek.

“Thank you, my love.”

You were genuinely surprised with how well Genji had cooked your food. He took your plate from you when you were finished and scuffed out to the kitchen.

You threw the covers off of you and decided to throw on something comfortable. It was a lazy day today; no work, no plans, no nothing. Just you and Genji to relax. Throwing on a baggy t-shirt and some underwear, you walked into the living room and plopped yourself down on the couch.

Genji came up behind and ruffled your hair before placing himself next to you. You lay down, head resting on his lap.

“What would you like to watch?” He asked, flicking on the television.
“Anything. Even if it’s that daytime telly crap.”
He looked down at you, amused. You shot up a smug grin before laughing to yourself.

You loved lazy days. Especially with Genji.


You were flat on your back on the floor of yours and Jesse’s shared apartment, arms and legs spread out.

“Please, no more.” You begged, panting.

You were looking up at your boyfriend who was standing over you triumphantly, feet apart and hands on his hips.

“I can do this all day, sweetheart.”

You groaned. For the last half an hour or so you had been trying to escape your apartment. You had told Jesse there were just a few e-mails you had to send and then you’d be straight back. He, however, had other plans. Every time you tried to get up he would be all over you, digging his fingers into your ribs, armpits, thighs, where ever he could reach. You were incredibly ticklish, which was an absolute nightmare for you.

“I just need to run to my office and-”

You couldn’t even finish your sentence before he crouched down and had his large hands hovering over your dishevelled top.

“You done?” His eyebrows were raised, eyes daring you to say another word.
“Please?” You whined.

He grinned wolfishly, baring his teeth.
“Wrong answer, doll.”

He instantly wiggled his fingers on your ribs, making you scream while laughing. He was not relenting, you tried curling into a ball only to give him access to another area he could tickle you. Your breath became short, trying to whack his hands away and plead with your boyfriend at the same time. Only when he saw tears rolling down the side of your face did he take his hands away and sit back on his heels.

“It’s your day off, (Y/N). Work can wait.”

You brought a hand up to the corner of your eye to wipe away a tear.

“Okay. I’ll stop trying to leave.”
“You sure?”
“S'posed to be a lazy day, (Y/N).”

You sighed, slumping back into your original starfish position.

“Y'need t'learn how to switch off.”

Your eyebrows creased, frowning at the cowboy.

“Go sit on the couch ‘nd lemme look after ya.”

You lifted your hand slowly, scared to make any sudden movements which made Jesse chuckle. He took your hand and lifted you off the ground with ease. You stumbled into his arms, encasing you in a bear hug. Jesse smelt like coffee, tobacco and gunpowder. You took in a deep breath, associating him with what is now your home.

“You okay, doll?”

You nodded, not bothering to be vocal. It would have been muffled by his chest anyway. You let out a little cry as you realised his hug was a ploy to get you to the couch, your toes now only skimming the ground as Jesse waddled over. He gently placed you down and and pushed you, making you topple over. You huffed at him, crossing your arms.

He plopped himself next to you, wiggling around to get comfy. He flung his arm over your shoulder and brought you in close so you were laying on his chest, peppering kisses onto the top of your head.

“Now, stay with me. Don’t want you runnin’ off.”

You hummed, amused. Your hum turned into a mewl when he started scratching your head, your body becoming limp and relaxing into his embrace.

“There we go, sweetpea. Di'n’t I say I’d take care o’ ya?”

You kept silent, only letting out a reluctant, ‘mmhm’ when he briefly took his hand away.


Jesse reached over and switched on the television with the remote, flicking through channels. It was for background noise more than anything, you halfway to going back to sleep because of how relaxed you were.

You hadn’t realised you had dozed off until you were being woken by a southern drawl. You buried your face into his stomach and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Darlin’, I need to make us lunch.” He repeated, laughter behind his voice.

It was indeed a lazy day, one that you had needed for a while. The thing you loved about Jesse was that he could make you switch off from work. You loved him for it.

Infatuation - Part 7

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Summary: You are now a Pre-K teacher and you meet Jaebum, a single dad. 

Genre: Romance, teacher, crime, murder, single dad

Warnings: smut in later chapters, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

“So this is my house.” Yugyeom told you as you entered his living room.

You and Yugyeom had went to your house, so you could pack your essentials. As much as you tried to avoid it, it looked like you were actually going to be staying with Yugyeom. 

“Here I’ll show you the guest room.”

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Capable (Chapter 2)

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Bucky Barnes x mutant!Reader

Summary: You were kidnapped by Hydra 10 years ago but now you’re free. You find yourself at the Avengers Tower while you recover and readjust to real life.

Warnings: language (mild), angst

A/N: If you can or have time, feedback is always wonderful. I’ve tagged some pages down below, most are other writers and blogs who I follow (this is a side blog so if you think I don’t follow you, I promise I do) and love and wanted to tag, if you don’t want to be tagged in future fics please just let me know, promise I won’t be offended. Or if you do want be tagged and you’re not you can tell me that too! Hope everyone enjoys the new chapter! ALSO, I have officially opened requests!

It had been a few months and since you didn’t have any family and you had stopped talking to pretty much everyone you grew up with once you joined the army, you didn’t have anywhere else to go, so you had pretty much just made yourself comfy in the hospital wing of the Avengers Tower. It wasn’t particularly exciting since you still were recovering and couldn’t walk around too extensively, but Tony had a TV installed in your room and had given you a laptop so that you could catch up on current events and keep yourself mildly entertained. Though after a few weeks even these items became boring to you. Thankfully a few of the Avengers had warmed up to you and would stop by to talk to you every so often.

Bruce obviously came by more frequently than the others so that he could check on your recovery process but he usually stayed to chat afterwards, if he didn’t have anything else to do. You enjoyed his company though so you didn’t mind having to see him all the time. He was always so kind and thoughtful, although he could talk your ear off sometimes. You had gotten so comfortable around him that you had even started to mess with him some when he would go off on his tangents. Science, it was always about fucking science, while you loved how passionate he was, it just wasn’t a topic you could focus on so you would start playing with your powers while he talked. You would try to see how many times you could turn the flashlight in his lap coat pocket on and off, or slowly start to turn invisible one limb at a time just to see how long it would take him to notice. You had actually managed to become a floating head once while he went on a tangent about micro neurons. He didn’t seem to mind your little games, after all it was pretty safe to assume that he knew you were getting bored.

Your favorite visitor was Natasha, she and you could talk for hours about combat and weapons training. It almost made you excited to get back into the gym just so you could spar with her. She was always blunt with you too, which you deeply appreciated. Sometimes you felt like the others thought you were going to shatter into a million pieces if they said the wrong thing. Natasha would even sneak her guns up to your room so you could clean them for her, she hated doing it herself and it gave you something to do that was actually productive even if it wasn’t the most important task in the world.

You had learned so much about everyone in the tower during your time there except for Bucky. He would stop by to say hello every once in a blue moon but he rarely stayed to talk and even when he did it was just cordial conversation. He did bring you presents though which you thought was odd. He would bring you books, movies, and other random things, like one time he even brought you plums. You tried to ask Natasha about him but she pretty much told you that it was his business and he would tell you when he was ready and you knew that if she wouldn’t tell you then sure as hell that no one else was going to so you dropped the subject.

Today was pleasantly different from the past few weeks, today you got a special visitor, Mr. Tony Stark himself had stopped by and challenged you to play a few games of chess. Although you weren’t very good, you cherished the few times you had spent with Tony and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to talk to him some more. Plus, you had been thinking about wanting to become an Avenger once you had healed and could get back into training and you knew he was the one you were going to have to persuade to let you stay.

You were starting to get more restless by the day and it gave you lots of time to think about what you were going to do with yourself now that you had the opportunity for a future. You started to think about how growing up in the system you always had taken it upon yourself to protect the other kids in your foster homes, even though most of the time it would get you into trouble, it gave you a sense of purpose and belonging that you otherwise never thought you had. Your squad in the army was the closest thing you ever had to a real family, and the Avengers reminded you so much of them that you couldn’t help the growing desire you had to join them. Sitting in a hospital bed all day getting waited on hand and foot wasn’t exactly your idea of a good time and you were starting to get restless. Sometimes you could get Wanda to walk the halls of the hospital wing with you but the more you talked to everyone and learned about what they were doing you just wanted them to like you as much as you were starting to like them.

“HA! Check mate, again!” Tony exclaimed as he dramatically knocked over your king. You hadn’t even realized you had spaced out while playing the game, although it didn’t particularly matter since this was the 3rd game in a row he had won in less than 10 moves.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, why don’t you go get a deck of cards, then I’ll show you how to play a real game.” You brushed off his gloating as he did a little victory lap around the room. You had gotten really good at poker while deployed on your first tour, before you joined special teams, so you dared someone in the tower to challenge you to a game.

Tony finally sat back down and you figured now was as good of a time as any to talk to him about joining the Avengers. “Tony can we have a serious conversation for a minute?” You bowed your head a little, worried that Tony would see the nervousness in your eyes. You didn’t want him to think you weren’t ready just because you were anxious right now.

“Of course Y/N, is everything okay? Do you need a bigger TV? Are the nurses taking good care of you?” He started to get antsy as you took longer and longer to decide how to actually ask the question burning in your head.

“I want to join the Avengers please.” You lifted your head up to look him directly in the eye trying to feign some confidence in the words that you had just blurted out. He seemed shocked at first but his face quickly softened.

“Y/N, do you really think you would have stayed in the tower this long if we didn’t want you to join us? I mean seriously with your abilities AND your training, we could definitely use you on the team.” Tony quirked an eyebrow and stared back at you, a little dumbfounded. You hadn’t really thought about that, you kind of just thought they were being nice since you didn’t really have any where else to go. You reached across the table and pulled Tony into a tight hug, he chuckled and recriprocated. It was quite a confidence boost to hear that he had been thinking about this too.

All of a sudden, the door creaked open, you looked over and saw Bucky slipping into the room. “Hey, um, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, I just wanted to drop off some new books for you.” He held up the canvas bag filled to the brim with books for you to read. Honestly you hadn’t even gotten through the last bag of books he brought but you felt bad telling him that so you broke away from your hug with Tony to take the bag and thank him.

“Hey Barnes, guess what!” Tony piped up, clearly not sensing the hesitation and angst Bucky had about being in the room right now.

“What Tony?” Bucky rolled his eyes and shifted in place, not leaving his spot next to the door. He clearly had hoped to just drop the books off and leave.

“Once Bruce gives Y/N a clean bill of health, she’s going to start training with us to be an Avenger!” Bucky’s head shot up to look at Tony and then to you, his eyes going wide. You weren’t sure if he was excited or nervous, god damn he was so hard to read.

“Oh, wow, that’s great.” His words seemed enthusiastic but his tone left much to be desired. You really wished he would just say what he was thinking. “Well, uh, I gotta go, I’m supposed to be meeting up with Steve in the gym. Congrats Y/N, and, um, let me know if you need any help training.” And with that, he slipped out the door as quickly as he could.

“What the fuck was that?” You turned to Tony in time to see him shaking his head.

“Don’t read too much into it, Y/N, Bucky is a complicated guy but I know he’ll warm up to you eventually.” He put his arm around you and guided you back to your bed.

“Complicated seems like a bit of an understatement.” You huffed as you sat back down still clinging to the bag of books Bucky had given you. Even though you couldn’t get him to have a real conversation with you, you really liked Bucky and wanted to be friends with him. Everyone kept telling you that he’d warm up and that you both had so much in common but he just seemed so self conscious around you, and you around him that you weren’t ready to believe that the two of you would ever truly be close. But now that you were going to be an Avenger, you had much bigger things to worry about than how to make Bucky be your friend. I mean for fucks sake you hadn’t been to a gym in 10 years, you were going to be in for some rough training.


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Wrong House

Prompt: My neighbor’s sibling got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment on accident

Pairing: H2OVanoss


It was early in the morning and Evan had just gotten up. He grudgingly got up, walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Evan poured himself some coffee and sat down in the living room. He turned on the tv and watched some random tv show that was on.

While Evan was mindlessly watching whatever was on tv, he heard the front door slam open and a voice yell “I’M HOME BITCHES!” This caused Evan to jump as he didn’t know who the voice belonged to.

He got up and slowly walked to the kitchen to find a man in a blue hoodie raiding his kitchen. “Ahem.” The stranger turned around to face Evan with a poptart hanging out of his mouth.

They both were surprised at each other’s presence. The poptart fell out of the guys mouth and onto the floor as he said “Well you’re not Luke.”

Luke? Wasn’t that his neighbor…?

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You are absolutely amazing!!! Can you make one where Y/N is still really shy to him?! Please and thank you!!!

Thank you so much! Here you go :)


It had been a couple months now since you and Harry had officially started dating. Both of you were so happy and could definitely see yourselves falling in love with each other, but for now you were just enjoying what you were. You respected Harry so much and were so fond of him, but you couldn’t help but still be a little intimidated by him. He just seemed so perfect. And of course he always made you feel comfortable and had become so relaxed around you, but you still couldn’t shake off the feeling of nervousness when being around him because you didn’t want to screw up whatever the two of you had, and you never felt like you were quite enough when you were stood beside Harry. 

You weren’t aware that he noticed, though, until today.

“D’you wanna have a cuddle on the couch, maybe watch a film?” Harry asked you as he stood across from you in your kitchen. He had today off so he’d come to hang out with you at your flat.

“Mmm yeah, that’d be nice,” you told him with a small smile. 

And it really did sound nice to you, but you became frustrated with yourself when that nervous feeling returned as soon as you’d sat on the couch with him as he put his arms around you. And Harry noticed the way you pulled away from him slightly as soon as he cuddled up next to you. A pout formed on his face as he turned on the movie.

“Comfy?” he asked.

“Mmm,” you smiled up at him before turning back to try to watch the movie despite the butterflies that were now fluttering around in your stomach.

And Harry couldn’t help but feel that maybe he’d done something wrong or that he wasn’t turning out to be as good of a boyfriend as you’d been hoping. But you’d been like this with him all along - not super talkative, not wanting to be too close to him and acting almost nervous around him. Of course you showed him affection when he did first towards you and he was pretty sure you were into him, but he couldn’t keep doing things like this thinking that he’d done something. 

After a few minutes of watching the movie, he finally decided he’d just get it over with.

“Hey Y/N, can I talk to you about something?” he asked you quietly, putting his long finger under your chin to gently turn your head so you were looking at him.

Your heart immediately began to race and your eyebrows furrowed as you bit your lip, nodding your head. 

“I just, I really, really like you but I feel like you’re always pulling away from me? And not just literally,” he smiled as he glanced at the space between you two on the couch now as you’d unconsciously scooted a few inches from him when you sat up. “If I’m doing something wrong you can just tell me, I just I want us to be comfortable with each other, I mean I am with you but it just seems like you’re kind of closed-off with me…” Harry trailed off, searching your face.

“I’m really sorry, Harry,” you told him, voice quiet and eyes locked on the wall behind him.

He decided to speak again when he realized you weren’t going to say anything else.

“S’okay just please tell me what you’re feeling because I think I’m falling in love with you and I just -” Harry cut off when he realized he’d just slipped up big time. He hadn’t wanted to tell you because he was worried you wouldn’t feel the same way, but the look on your face after he’d let those words slip out relieved him somewhat.

“In love with me?” you repeated, unsure of whether that’s really what he’d said, a huge smile lighting up your whole face.

A small smile formed on Harry’s lips as he watched you, figuring that what’s done was done and he might as well own up to it now.

“Yes but I just need to know what you’re thinking, why you draw yourself away from me, please,” he pleaded with you.

You looked down, the smile on your face fading.

“I just, it’s stupid but I don’t know I guess you just intimidate me, Harry. Sometimes I just get so nervous around you and I can’t control it and it makes me shy so I won’t get close to you or talk to you about things. I’m sorry,” you told him honestly, finally looking up back into his eyes to find that they seemed to be twinkling, a smile on his face. How was he so damn beautiful?

“Is that really what it is?” he asked, shaking his head back and forth slowly, the smile on his face growing. You nodded, a small smile forming on your own now as you realized how ridiculous you sounded.

“Babe, you don’t have to be nervous around me, I promise I’m not scary! And you also happen to mean a great deal to me and you’re someone who I want to pour my heart out to so there’s no need for you to be nervous. Promise,” he assured you before sweetly kissing your knuckle. And suddenly you felt so at ease, so comfortable and relaxed.

“I love you Harry,” you blurted out, eyes locked with his. And the smile that lit up his face gave you all the reassurance you needed that with Harry was where you belonged.

“I love you so much Y/N,” he murmured before tackling you on the couch as you let out a squeal and he laughed. And finally the only butterflies in your stomach were out of excitement and love rather than nervousness as you lay with Harry, your Harry. 

Am I Enough PT 3

Bucky X Reader

Summary: Bucky has hurt you, so you run away. Seeing no other option but the team can’t just give you up. It’s time for an intervention.

Warnings: angst but now fluff

A/N: Apologizes for the long wait. I was lacking words and didn’t want the story to fall flat. We finally get a back from the angst. Some fluff for you. Enjoy!

“Who knew? Did anyone know about this? Or did everyone know and just not say anything? No, they would have told me. I don’t understand, any of this. I love you and you still did all of it. No one forced you to do it, did my love mean so little to you that… No I don’t care it’s been done and from the looks of it, it’s been done many, many times. So why couldn’t you just end it either me or her. Did you really think you would get away with it? Be able to be with  both of us until you figured out which one you wanted the most?“ 


The team had been whispering to each other, making plans, when Bucky entered a room they hush up and send him glares. Not that he could blame them, he had screwed up. In fact he wasn’t sure how he could fix it. They had left this morning stating they had mission to go on, but he wasn’t allowed to come. He watched them leave turning back to the now near empty living quarters. 

He had taken Sam’s advice seriously, and from what he could see, was only (Y/N). Every place he sat and went was a memory of them or her. The bench in the park as he went on his run. She had been sitting there when he had gotten distracted and tripped landing face first in front of her. He remembered the snort that came out of her mouth quickly followed by her hand covering her mouth, before she quickly got up and offered him a hand up. He got pulled into the memory of their first meeting.

“Sir, are you alright?” She offered her hand to him, pulling him up. He brushed himself off. “Oh dear you’ve scrapped your knees let me find you a bandaid.“ 

While she turned he took her in, she wasn’t anything special to look at. Her (Y/H/C) hair fell in her face as she scrounged through her bag looking. From the brief glimpse as she pulled him up, her eyes were a nice shade of (Y/E/C). She was dressed causally nothing too fitted but not baggy, she looked comfy. 

 She started to pull things out of her bag still digging. Finally pulling out a bag she forced him to sit. Insisting she help him. If only she knew who she was talking to, a freaking soldier, and assassin that had always had to fix himself up. You had him patched and quickly packed you bag. Scurrung away from him, only leaving him with a view of your backpack. 

That darn bag it was almost attached to her, he remembered. The bag would change from time to time but you were seldom without it. She always said "You never know when you’re going to need something." 

More times than not she had something to help everyone. Tissues, wipes, and even a few games for when they got stuck somewhere. The team had quickly started to rely on her for the things you needed. (Y/N) became an essential for all Avenger outings, he recounted the many ways she worked to become each person’s friend. Creating something unique for each one, something that was strictly between the two. 

Bucky had tried to keep her a secret at first not really wanting to share his new friend with the team. She was something so normal and yet so perfect, the way she handled the things he told her, to treating him like everyone else. He was just another person, another friend she could have. 

So where had he got wrong where had he messed up and thought he could use you like he did? 


You stretched, sore from sleeping in a slightly awkward position. Suddenly you felt arms around you tightening from you stirring. You crack your eyes open, heavy from the crying and itchy from dryness, your gaze is met by Steve. 

"Hey you’re awake." 

You nod moving to sit up. It’s then that there is a subtle noise filling your apartment. Turning your head you are met with the team stuffed in your room. Sam is even half in the bathroom to make room. You widen your eyes trying to take them in. You turn back to Steve checking that what you really see is true and not just a figment. Though from how each is behaving they are without a doubt real. 

They turn to look at you taking you in. "Not that I didn’t miss you guys but what are you all doing in my house?" 

"We’re on a mission!” Tony states stepping forward. 

“Huh, what kind of mission?” You ask, you didn’t think there was a Hydra base around here, but wouldn’t put it past them. 

“A really important mission. We are calling it Operation: Get (Y/N) Back and Beat Barnes Up For What He Did.” He states proudly. The rest if the team is shaking their heads obviously they hadn’t agreed to the name or all the details in the plan. 

You really had nothing to say to that. You couldn’t help but feel joy at the fact that they had come to get you, choosing you over Bucky. Steve presses on your shoulder turning your attention back to him. 

“Excluding what Tony said, you are our friend and we are here to help you. I know Bucky hurt you, I’m not condoning any of his actions but you didn’t have to leave like you did. Do you know how worried we were to suddenly find you had disappeared? You took all your things and left. I get you didn’t want to stay but you could’ve at least told us you were going.” He has put on his Captain America voice and firmly holding you so you don’t look away. By the end all you can do is nod, no you shouldn’t have done it. But there was a part of you that was glad you did. 

Tony claps his hands, drawing attention once again to himself. “Now that that’s all settled let’s get you packed up and back to New York.” The team starts to move, collecting items near them. 

“Whoa,” you stand holding up your hands to cease all further movement. “Who said I was going anywhere, I happen to have a two month lease and right now I don’t really feel like going back to New York. This is where I live now." 

They stare at you like you had grown a third head, "But the operation, we came to get you.” Tony says swinging his hands to indicate the team. 

“I know and I’m glad you did but,” you hold up you’re hand to stop Tony from speaking, “What he did to me doesn’t go away that quickly. He meant everything to me every single spot in Manhattan, heck all of New York City reminds me of him. I can’t just go back, let alone see him." 

Sam comes forward now, making Tony back up. "We aren’t asking for you to forgive him, we just hate to see you separate yourself and give up your life because of what he did.” He can see you getting agitated shaking your head. You couldn’t go back not yet. “(Y/N) let’s take a walk. Alright? It’s getting a little crowded and warm in here.”

You nod, taking the hand he has offered you. You head out walking to a park. You come to a bench sit down, Sam next to you. Quiet settles over the two of you, until you remember first meeting Bucky. 

“You know,” Sam perks up leaning toward you slightly. “Bucky and I first met in a park like this. I was sitting on a bench, I had a random day off and decided to take in a little nature. So there I am reading when he comes and trips over himself landing right in front of me. You should have seen him, faceplant right there, so of course I laughed. I felt bad and had to cover it up. When I pulled him up, man, the sun hit his eyes just right and it took my breath away." 

You got drawn into the memory, but continue to speak, forgetting for a moment everything that has happened since. 

"He was handsome, drop dead gorgeous, and I remember thinking that this must be some sort of prank because this doesn’t happen to girls like me. It happens in the movies or to the pretty girls. I had to look down, didn’t want to get caught up in something that could never happen. Huh, I should have kept to that thinking shouldn’t I?” She chuckled to herself before continuing. “I noticed he was bleeding so I went to my bag for bandaids. As luck would have it I couldn’t find them. So there I was embarrassing myself with this gorgeous man because I couldn’t find a stupid box of bandaids.

Sam laughs at this, this was so different from the way Bucky told the story. From his account you had saved his life single handedly with that bag of your. 

"I finally found them, had to make him sit down before I could put them on. He was stubborn wanted to do it himself. He didn’t quite know that I’m just as stubborn as he is. After I fixed him up I patted his leg and told him all good to go. It was then I realized I had put on princess bandaids. Man, if a person could die of embarrassment I would have then. I packed my bag up and scurried away before he noticed." 

Sam is laughing, your version was so much better than Bucky’s. He remembered that day, heck he was the one that pointed them out. He had complimented him on his taste in first aid bandages. He had just looked down saying someone had helped him. He went on to wear them for the rest of the day not caring about any other comments. 

You grew quite after your heart clenching painfully as you see how far you had come. This time it was Sam that broke the air. "I can’t possibly understand what you’re going through, but I’m here to help. I need you to believe that and to let me. Bucky wasn’t right in any fashion for what he did. Everyone knows that, but the reason they came here is because they didn’t want to lose you. They have lost so much, after knowing you and you becoming a friend to each of us, we aren’t going to just give you up. We are going to fight to make this right. You belong back with us. If you need time they will respect that, they may not agree but they will understand why.” He looks at you gauging your reaction to his words before continuing. 

“When you left it felt like we had lost someone all over again. That is hard, especially when in the business we are in one of may not come back. It is almost an unspoken rule to not get attached to anything or anyone outside of what we do. But you were an exception. You didn’t really give us an option for it either. I can’t count the number of times you have been there for me personally. Every hard mission, every life event you were a phone call or less away. I can’t thank you enough. I won’t lose that with you. I want … no need you to come back. I am though willing to wait for you because you mean that much to me." 

He leans over taking you into his arms, you realize that your crying. When you had left you hadn’t thought about how it would effect your friends. You needed them just as much as they needed you. You really didn’t have as close as friends as them anywhere else. 

"I’m sorry.” You sob to him clinging to his form. 

“Hey none of that you cry I’m going to cry. You don’t want to see me cry.” He rubs your back, gently shushing you. You relax in his grip as the tears slow but you don’t let go, not yet. You needed his comfort and his understanding. 

Time passes and you separate taking a deep breath. You look at him seeing his smile and triggering one of your own. 

“There’s my girl. Now let’s get you home and kick all these people out and grab some grub.” You chuckle and nod in agreement. 

Heading back to your apartment with Sam beside you, arm wrapped over your shoulder you knew you would be OK it would just take time. The best part was though was the friends you would have beside you. 

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request from @acceptingtheunacceptable: “Okay could I possibly have 107 42 28 with Daryl. (Could it possibly be that when whoever says ‘baby’ it’s more of a slip of the tounge than a pet name for bf/gf situation) thank you thank you thank you 😊”

pairing: Daryl x Reader

summary: after a successful run, you get drunk and dance along to a CD that you found, Daryl later watching you with amusement before you pass out

warnings: none, except alcohol counts

word count: 1.1k

note: thank you for requesting!!

#28 “is that my shirt?”

#42 “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!… oh, hey baby…”

#107 “was i that drunk?”

prompt list


Originally posted by psychodelicznapomarancza

You just got back from a run with Michonne and Rick. You found a pretty amazing, and working, old stereo with a CD in it and couldn’t wait to try it out. The run was also a very successful one, you all found more than you ever had and to that, you wanted a drink. You knew that you had a variety of beverages in your house that you shared with Daryl and Carol, and you really wanted to try them all.

Going up the steps to your house, you pushed open the front door and slipped out of your shoes. With the stereo in hand, you walked into the living room and placed it on top of a cupboard that seemed to empty for just that. You checked for the CD and then pressed play, the music of whatever mixtape that was filling your ears. You walked into the laundry room to look for something comfy to wear and just picked out the first shirt that came along, which just so happened to be Daryl’s. Dancing around the house to the loud tunes gave you a happy feeling that you hadn’t felt in a while. You felt more relaxed than usual, the alcohol you would soon be drinking probably playing a big part in that. You slid towards the kitchen and opened the cabinet that held all the bottles, looking at some of the lables before simply choosing a bottle of whiskey. You took a swig, the liquid smoothly running down your throat and filling your body with warmth. You danced towards the living room, swaying along to the music and mindlessely sipping from the bottle, feeling yourself getting drunker every minute that passed.

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Late Night Getaway - Vernon Scenario (Fluff)

admin k: this took a while but I actually loved the scenario request and enjoyed writing ti so I hope it lives up to your expectation. xoxo

word count: 3.3k

genre: fluff

pairing: vernon x reader

Originally posted by sneezes

(why….is he so cute like tf?? my boyfriend) ^^

“Three months in Seoul, Korea, are you ready?” Your friend, Hannah. She had a warm smile as she was packing away and turned her head to the side to you, in wait for an answer.

“Yeah. Ready as I’ll ever be.”  

“That’s the answer I want to here.” You laughed. You had finished packing first and was waiting for Hannah. The two of you had to head to school soon so that you could get into your group and head to the airport.

“Who do you think your partner will be?” You wondered, laying on your bed and starring at the wall.

She continued to fold her clothes and put them into the luggage. “I don’t know. I hope she’s pretty and nice and speaks good English.” She laughed lightly at her hopes.

You made a small smile. “What is it’s not a girl but a guy?”

“Then I hope he’s hot.” She laughed even more. “Are you trying to find love in Korea Y/N? Hm? Keep things professional between you and your partner!” She teased.

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Friend-zone [Christian Yu x OC [AMBW]]

Characters: Christian Yu and Janet

Genre: Angst, Friendzone, Romance

Crush. The word had many meanings, yet in Christian’s case he had an a eye for a girl. To him this girl is not just a girl you’ll come across on the street. No. His person of interest was like a rare gem. One that you’d have to look for closely and cautiously through the multiple of precious stones. His gem was full of life, optimistic, kind-hearted, and a feisty one. Feisty with her witty comebacks and snappy comments.

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#220 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “a fic where you are the lead singer of the opening band for catfish and you an van take smoke breaks in private together and really enjoy each other’s company? it doesn’t have to end with them in a romantic btw”

Note: Thank you to @placidus for help with an idea!

It was getting harder and harder to find places to sneak away to. Most venues were smoke-free spaces, and in some of the countries you’d tour, even the outdoor areas of pubs and clubs were void of tobacco and ashtrays. 

After sound check, before anyone could pin you down for planning or interviews, you ran across the road to the four-story carpark. You took the elevator to the roof of the building, and when the thick metal doors parted, you hesitated.

Van, the singer of the band you were opening for, was already up there. Like you, he’d been dying for a smoke. You stepped out into the daylight and Van turned as the elevator made a heavy sound when the doors closed. He smiled and waved for you to join him. At his side, leaning against the high chain linked fence, you lit a cigarette and felt the wave of calm.

“Great minds, huh?” he asked quietly, looking out over the familiar city. You nodded, then moved to sit on the hard concrete ground, legs crossed. Van watched you sit, then copied your movement.

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All I need is someone

Thinking about posting a part 2. What you think?

Jerome x reader

Summary: where the reader is Jerome’s therapist (Harley Quinn) and they develop feelings for each other.

(Y/n) POV:
I sit in the metal chair starring at the empty red couch. I check my watch and sigh. 5 minutes late. I huff my breath cause my hair to fly out if my face. I tap my pencil on my note pad till the sound of the rusty door opens. I look behind me and see two guards on either side of my new and very first professional patient.

One guard turns to me with a worried look. “Are you sure you don’t want him in bonds?” “Yes I’m sure.” The guard nods and they both walk out closing the door and leaving the two of us alone.

“Welcome Jerome. My name is (y/n) (y/l/n). I’m here just to talk is all. Would that be okay?” I ask in a light voice making sure to use my words carefully not wanting him to snap. He nods and sits on the couch. “Ohh. Comfy!” He bounces up and down a few times causing me to giggle at his child like behavior.

He looks up at me and smirks. “When they told me I was gonna be put in therapy I expected an old broad with rotting teeth…not a beautiful girl like yourself. Tell me how old are you? You seem young to be getting this position.”

I blush slightly and look at my pad. “How about we make a trade? Next two weeks we talk about you and then if you want you can ask me anything and I’ll answer. Deal?” I stick my hand out to him asking for agreement. He grasps it and brings it to his lips kissing my skin tenderly.

“So Jerome let’s start at the beginning.” Jerome told me about his mother and how she was abusive. He even went into exact detail about how he killed her. That’s information the cops don’t even have; so for me to have it I feel very privileged.

We had gone over his whole story and all his memories in just 8 days. Right now he sits in the couch constantly moving around bored. “Can we play a game?” Jerome asks looking at me. I tilt my head to the side and smile. “What type of game?” Jerome stands up and talks around me. “Well…more like role play actually. You be me and I’ll be you.” “Honestly Jerome I don’t think you could pull this skirt off.” I say smirking at him. “Oh you’d be surprised, but what do you say? It’ll be fun! We’re not exactly doing anything productive anyhow.” I sigh and look at this mad man. “You Mr. J are sure one of a kind.” I giggle and go sit on the couch.

Jerome picks up my pad of paper and pencil and sits straight up acting professional as possible. “Now (y/n) let’s start from the beginning.”

“Well my parents were nice people, good people, but my mother was killed in a car crash. After that my father started drinking and he soon became abusive. I stayed out as much as possible, but that didn’t work because when I came home he got upset and beat me. One day the neighbors heard my screaming and called the cops. I was taken away and into a safer home. That was when I was 10 and since then I’ve been missing something. In school I was always called weird just because I never fit in. I started home school when I was 16 and finished all my education earlier then all my school mates hence why I’m so young and have my job.” I breath deeply trying to hold in tears.

“You know the same pain as me. The one thing I need is someone to laugh with and just love me. Maybe even join me in my crime.” Jerome says as he writes something down on the pad. “Yes! Exactly!” I exclaim siting up. Jerome stares at me and smiles; his lips stretched wide and his teeth showing. “Who’s someone who makes you happy (Y'n)?” Jerome asks while staring at me with soft eyes. I know what you’re thinking. How unprofessional she is. Falling for her patient. Not to mention he’s a psychopath. You sure do know how to pick em! “Well I would have to say you J. We’ve become friends and you make me laugh and feel wanted I guess. I don’t have many friends so it’s nice.” Jerome smiles at my answer. “Well (y/n) you got one now.” He smiles once again but it’s not the menacing creepy smile he gives. It’s filled with actual happiness, and maybe some soft of affection.

“What’s your favorite holiday (y/n)?” I look at him strange confused by the sudden subject change. “Um Halloween actually. I always go to this once costume party with my one friend.” “How exciting! What do you dress as doll?” I blush looking down at my fingers. “Usually harlequin.” “The clown character? Huh. Interesting.” I raise my eyebrow at him. “Interesting how?” “Well if you just change up the letters slightly or miss say it you could get the name Harley Quinn. Ever thought of a name change (y/n)? It would suit you.” I ponder on the name. Harley Quinn. Not bad I must say.

Suddenly a beeping sound is heard meaning our time is up for today. “Ugh. Come on doll don’t send me back yet. We’re having fun!” Jerome sighs dramatically slumping in the old rusting chair. I giggle walking over to him and resting my fingers under his chin and pulling his eyes up to mine. “Same time tomorrow J. I promise.” I kiss his cheek quickly, but he holds my neck and pulls me back to him, and presses his lips against mine. He’s are cold, but surprisingly soft. Jerome pulls back to my dismay. “Same time tomorrow doll.” He winks and walk to the door for the guards to come and escort him back.

I walk home and unlock the door to my appartment turning the light on making my surroundings known. Especially the unknown man sitting on my couch. I gasp and quickly pull out my gun from my vase by the door. “Who are you?” “Nice response time. Could use that.”

I walk closer with my gun pointed right at his head. “Who are you?” I ask once more. “Theo Galavan. I’m here to help you.” “Help me? I don’t need any help.” “No? Not even with a certain inmate at Arkham?” I lower my gun slightly but still keep my guard. “What do you mean by that?” “Oh drop your act Ms.(Y/l/n). It’s not hard to see you have feelings for Jerome, but seeing as his current placement it’d be hard to grow any type of romantic side. I can help get him out.” I lower my gun fully and stare at the man. “What’d you have in mind?” Galavan smirks and pats the seat next to him.

My grandmother had Alzheimer’s. She passed away last night but something she said before she died has been keeping me up.

by reddit user defnotleland

Last night my grandmother passed away. She was 79 years old. Which I guess is a pretty long time. It’s actually .3 years older than the US average. So I guess I can’t complain. But, still. It sucks.

My grandma’s death wasn’t unexpected. For the past 5+ years she’s suffered from Alzheimer’s. She was always a little ditzy, so at first no one really noticed something was wrong. Then slowly over time, things became more apparent.

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My grandmother had Alzheimer's. She passed away last night but something she said before she died has been keeping me up.

Last night my grandmother passed away. She was 79 years old. Which I guess is a pretty long time. It’s actually .3 years older than the US average. So I guess I can’t complain. But, still. It sucks.

My grandma’s death wasn’t unexpected. For the past 5+ years she’s suffered from Alzheimer’s. She was always a little ditzy, so at first no one really noticed something was wrong. Then slowly over time, things became more apparent. Walking into rooms and not remembering why she was there. Making the wrong dish for dinner. Calling one of my uncles the wrong name. Little stuff. But then pretty soon it was getting up at midnight and cleaning the house as if it was midday. Staring at blank walls for hours on end. Unable to make dinner at all. Not being able to recall anyone’s name.

Alzheimer’s is a hell of a disease. It eats you from the inside. Feasts on the old you, the one everyone knows, the one everyone loves. It hollows you out and leaves something else behind.

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Mission Save-The-Princess - Bucky Barnes x Reader

lachicadelamanzana said to rogerthat-bucky: Can you make #30 with Bucky? Where he and the reader fight and she says it cause she thinks it’s her fault, which makes Bucky feel bad? Love u, have a clear day!

30: ”This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here.”

The air around the Avengers base had been very tense ever since you had an argument with Bucky, everyone in the team was trying not to pick sides but it was soon becoming impossible thanks to both you and Bucky acting very petty over the whole ordeal.

In your head, you’d done absolutely nothing wrong and it was all on Bucky. All you’d wanted was one night together but he’d refused that and instead concentrated on some mission that ended very badly for him. Your very stupid boyfriend had ended up with a lot of broken bones and a couple of scars that you didn’t think would heal. When he’d returned you were practically stuck to his side, but now that he’s all better, you were letting your true colours show and avoiding him until he apologised.

And in Bucky’s head it was switched around. He was avoiding you until you stopped being petty about something you clearly didn’t understand, he knew you wouldn’t understand because he refused to tell you anything more about the mission other than that it was more important than one night together. He didn’t see the problem with it either; though you had separate rooms on the base you always shared a bed (until recently) and so in his mind that counts as spending every night together. He didn’t realise that you just wanted more than the odd snuggle.

You wanted to go out on dates, proper ones, where he’d wear an uncomfortable tuxedo and you’d wear a dress that made you look so appealing to Bucky that he’d find it impossible to keep his hands to himself with heels that were painful but finished off the entire outfit. You wanted a date in a posh restaurant where you didn’t like any of the food, only the free refills deal. You wanted to go on a date where you had to sit in a stuffy corner near the kitchen because neither you nor Bucky could afford a better seat in the large, cream coloured, building. You wanted a date where just each other’s presence was more important than the huge, beautifully designed, chandelier attached to the roof. You just wanted to go on a proper date with your long-term boyfriend.

When you first woke up after an awful night’s sleep alone in your bedroom, you knew to wait ten minutes before going to the bathroom because that’s when Bucky would go and make himself some cereal. You busied yourself with getting dressed in a jumper and some leggings as well as doing something with your hair which was much more messier than usual because you’d been constantly moving around through the night. You found it impossible to find a comfy spot anymore, you’d become too use to have Bucky’s arms wrapped around your waist.

Once the ten minutes were over you went to go make some toast for yourself, but as you arrived at the kitchen so did Bucky. Your eyes turned to slits as you stared him down, his face adorning the exact same expression as yours. “Why didn’t you have breakfast ten minutes ago, I waited,” you explained this through gritted teeth.

“I waited too. So I guess one of us will have to go back to their room and wait a little longer,” he replied back. You easily sensed the challenge in his voice and it made your fists clench by your sides, turning a pale white.

To reinforce yourself more, you turned up your chin to try and seem taller then him and you even propped your hand onto your waist in a ‘fuck off’ sort of way. “Well seen as you’ve already ruined my plan for one meal I think it should be you.”

Bucky rolled his eyes, only aggravating you further, which he knew it would do and that’s exactly why he did it. “You’re the one with the problem, not me.”

A scoff passed your lips, “I have a problem? No, no, no. Not a single problem over here.” You began to wave your hands in a carefree way, letting a lazy smile drift onto your lips as you relaxed your entire body to make it clear that you gave no fucks whatsoever.

“Well neither do I!”

“Well then I guess neither of us care if we have breakfast at the same time then?!”



Silently, you both proceeded to stomp into the kitchen and grab what you needed to make up your breakfast’s. He was having cookie crisp cereal (something he’d become very addicted to after you first showed him that such cereal existed now), whilst you were having jam on toast. Sometimes you’d hand one another things and share a begrudged ‘thank you’, hating yourself for automatically getting back into the routine of making breakfast together.

Whilst eating you stood at different corners of the kitchen and glared. Each chew of bread for you suddenly became your teeth crushing bones, and the usual calm morning became a competition as to who could act the most aggressive whilst eating.

Eventually the other Avengers began to enter the kitchen, first came Steve, then Wanda. Both of them looked to each other, rushed to get their breakfasts as fast as they could and then left with the meals in their hands. Steve did try to have a conversation with the both of you but it was very stilted and you managed to make Captain America feel like he was that little kid from Brooklyn again by simply being hostile.

Tony was the last one to enter and, of course, he was never one to miss an opportunity to speak. “Oh this again!” He huffed, throwing his hands up in the air like he was a part of some play and needed to act as dramatic as possible, “can’t you guys just kiss and make up already, it’s not just awkward for the two of you, you know?” Tony kept pushing you two around the kitchen so that he could start to make his breakfast.

Bucky didn’t really like arguing with Tony after the whole Civil War ordeal and so he rushed to finish the bowl of cereal and leave before anything could escalate further. You remained in the kitchen, knowing that this was now a safe place from his presence.

“Are they gone yet, I’m starve- Oh, hi, Y/N!” Clint looked at you with wide eyes, knowing that you would have heard his complaints, but you didn’t mind.

If you were to be honest, you actually felt quite bad about how the others were being affected by everything seen as it wasn’t exactly their fault. But it was all a matter of pride, and you needed Bucky to apologise to you. You needed him to know that he couldn’t just get away with this sort of stuff.

You weren’t one of those needy girlfriends, but you were one who liked to be respected in a relationship and if you made plans with your partner than you expected that they stick to the plans. You’ve had past experience with boyfriends that could easily pretend like you didn’t exist, and that was just something you weren’t going to let happen anymore.

“So have you two broken up or something?”

“Tony…” Clint said the billionaire’s name in a warning tone but of course Tony didn’t listen.

“No, we’re still together. Just arguing. I’m surprised you don’t know what it’s about, I would have thought Vision would have told you seen as you’re all best buddies and he knows everything that goes on around this place.” You moved over to the sink and began to clean up your plate and Bucky’s bowl, other people could have done it for you but you preferred to do it yourself and make other people’s lives easier.

Whilst you were cleaning all of the dishes you heard Tony and Clint begin to whisper at one another, they were doing an excellent job because you couldn’t decipher a single word, all you could tell was that they were arguing over something.

After another few moments of them standing behind you, you twirled around and you were about to walk out of the kitchen when Tony grabbed your hand. Clint let out a couple of ‘no’s but, as always, Tony didn’t listen.

“Vision,” Tony called out which confused you a lot considering that he was looking directly into your eyes, “bring the folder for mission Save-The-Princess.”

“You mean mission 92-X?” You jumped out of your skin when you realised that Vision had been stood behind you the entire time. It had become quite a challenge ever since Vision joined the Avengers for you, for you to not jump whenever he suddenly appeared somewhere as it seemed to be one his talents. Your eyes widened when Vision said the name of the file Tony was requesting; though you didn’t know about mission Save-The-Princess (a nickname you’d guessed Tony had given seen as he always refused to try and remember the numbers and letters of each file name), but you did know that mission 92-X was the job Bucky had chosen over your date night.

The next hour was filled with you being sat at the kitchen table whilst Tony and Clint (who’d also gone on the mission) briefed you about mission 92-X.

By the end of it not only did you feel ashamed, but also very, very guilty.

Bucky had gone on this mission to protect you. Your life had been in literal danger thanks to Hydra and so he’d gone into very dangerous territory to try and stop their plans of kidnapping and executing you; the only reason they even knew about Hydra’s plans for this was because Bucky had been having suspicions after seeing some suspicious looking people whenever the two of you went out together and so he’d risked his life to get a Hydra agent so that they’d be able to torture the plans out of him.

Apparently Hydra’s reason for wanting you off the map was quite a simple one: they wanted to break Bucky. Of course their plan did the opposite thing, his anger and rage at them for wanting to hurt you had only made him stronger.

The torture part even threw you off because he’d done the torturing himself. You knew that Bucky absolutely detested that part of himself but he’d risked it all, even his sanity, to ensure you were safe. And what did you give in return? You simply damaged your relationship with him.

To say that you hated yourself would be an understatement. You spent the rest of your day pacing around your room and repeatedly banging your head against the wall, hoping that it would kickstart some brilliant plan which would help you make Bucky forgive you. Around the tenth time you’d hit your head on the wall, Vision saw it fit to intervene and ask you to stop damaging the walls.

By ten o’clock at night you’d formed some sort of plan but it wasn’t as extravagant as you would have liked. You’d had to ask Vision for some advice and he told you that you should cook for Bucky, the only problem was that you couldn’t cook and so takeaway was the best substitute you could think off. Plus, in your opinion, pizza solved everything so you didn’t see why it couldn’t solve this little conundrum.

Bucky was in his bedroom, this meant you didn’t really need to search much through the base which upset you a little as you’d hoped to spend some time figuring out what exactly you were going to say to him. When he came to the door after you nervously knocked on it, the words that spilled out of your lips were very embarrassing and you knew you’d be regretting them for a while. “This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here.”

His first reaction was to be confused, as he couldn’t wrap his head around why you’d suddenly appeared at his door with no warning, offering an ‘apology pizza’. Then it seemed to click in his head though and his eyes turned into slits, “who told you?”

“Tony,” you mumbled, still keeping your arm raised and outstretched, hoping he’d eventually take it from you. Bucky released a long and frustrated groan, beginning to bang his head on the door frame but you placed your hand in the way and tutted, “don’t do that Buck, Vision will come after you like he did me.”

“What?” Still frustrated, he breathed out of his nose but then surprised you by taking the pizza and moving out of the way so that you could enter the room. “Nevermind, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I just didn’t want you to worry or anything.”

“I get that now,” you were playing with the end of your sleeves nervously as you were still being swallowed up by guilt. “I’m just really sorry…” Tears began to prick the corner of your eyes as you realised just how much you’d messed up by making assumptions about Bucky; this date had been the only sign Bucky had given you to suggest that he is anything less than a great boyfriend, and you’d taken it and made a huge drama out of it. The fact that you’d hurt Bucky had really upset you

Bucky’s eyes widened when he noticed a single tear trickle down your face. Ever since he was a young boy he’d always believed that one of the worst things a man could do is make his woman cry, though he didn’t see it as some sort of sign of weakness, he did see it as a very negative thing. His instant reaction to that tear was to drop the pizza box and wrap you into his arms.

“Stop crying,” he demanded, and when you continued to let out a little sniffle he repeated himself multiple times whilst attacking you with hasty pecks on every inch of your naked skin. “Stop crying, stop crying, stop crying, stop crying.”

Eventually you’d had enough of his wet lips hitting every part of your face and tried to push him off you, your sniffles being replaced with loud laughters as he proceeded to throw you around the bed. “No! Stop!” You cried out as he landed on top of you, trapping you underneath the heavy weight of his body. “Oh, god no, help me! Somebody, anybody!”

“No one can save you now!” He cackled in the most evil way he could muster and then attacked you once more with his lips, this time they landed against yours and you simply couldn’t resist kissing him back.

So are you

Request: Hi! Just wanted to start out saying I love your blog. I was wondering if you could write something (could be Sam, Cas, or Dean doesn’t really matter) about the girl being self conscious about her weight? But where she is really thin and she kinda feels gross about herself. Like she’s even had people in public ask her if she’s anorexic.

Character: Dean

Reader gender: Female/male (There is no tell)

Word Count: 1541

Warnings: Bad self esteem, skinny reader, NO SMUT IN THIS PART, but plenty of fluff

A/N: I’m sorry, that took me forever to write! I am not a skinny girl myself, but I tried to gether some information from friends and stuff. Also, I may write another part to it (with plenty of smut) so let me know. Also, let me know if part two should be male reader!



You bent over, gasping for air as another fit of laughter erupted from your chest. You were in the back of the Impala, and for once, Sam was driving. There had been an almost-accident and Dean had looked so terrified, his face twisted in a shocked snarl, that you and Sam had started laughing. Once you started, there was no going back, and therefore you were still laughing, five minutes later. Dean was pretending to be grumpy in the passenger seat, but you knew him too well; a smile was forcing its way into his face.

You hadn’t felt this good in ages. The hunt had been surprisingly easy, nothing a silver bullet couldn’t handle. Also, you had gotten to see Dean in his boxers as he relaxed on the motel bed. Definitely not a bad day. Sam pulled over at a restaurant to get some food, seeing as there still was five more hours left back to the Bunker. Dean jumped out, the grumpy look gone with the thought of a bacon cheeseburger. You had just stepped out of the car when the first cramp hit you. Damn it, you thought angrily. You had just finished your period, but you had a tendency to get cramps several days later. You groaned loudly and the boys were at your side in a blink. “Y/N, is something wrong?” Dean put an arm around your waist, holding you to his side. They both looked really worried. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, just, you know, after-cramps.” They both seemed completely oblivious and you rolled their eyes at you. “They’re like period cramps, only after the period.” Their eyes became bigger as realization hit. A chorus of oh’s and I see’s followed. You had to laugh. “I will not be able to eat much now, though.” The thought of anything fatty made you want to throw up. Usually, you ate everything, but these cramps wouldn’t allow for much. Sam and Dean nodded as you headed inside.

The restaurant was a nice and quiet place. It was more of a diner, but the sign had said Macy’s Restaurant, apparently trying to be something it was not. There was quiet, classical rock playing over the stereo and the booths were nice and comfy. You slid in between the boys, resting your head against the back of the chair. You swallowed some painkillers dry, hoping to ease the pain a little. You shrugged out of the shirt you were wearing, allowing your arms to roam freely in your singlet. You didn’t usually wear singlets – you didn’t feel comfortable. Your arms looked so fragile and skinny in them, but now you were melting.

You had always been a skinny kid. You remembered never finding any jeans that could qualify as skinny. They all sagged around your knees and your butt. Maybe because you didn’t actually have much of a butt. You didn’t have the struggle with love handles, but you certainly struggled to find jeans that didn’t make an extra bag underneath your buttocks. As you grew older, your mother always told you that the hunting would make you really beautiful and full of muscles. That didn’t happen. You didn’t tone and bulk up like you had hoped. Instead, you remained small and skinny. You were strong and healthy and you could run a marathon, but the muscles just wouldn’t show properly. You had tried everything to gain weight. At twelve, you and your best friend had made a deal to eat a chocolate a day for a year. You barely gained a pound.

After you started hunting with the boys when you turned 18, you had started to feel gradually more secure about yourself. They didn’t seem to care. Dean tended to be a little more protective, but he soon realized that you could take care of yourself. It was about that moment that you had started to fall for him. He didn’t treat you as if you would break. He let you do the heavy lifting. He never once commented on how you looked. Of course, you wouldn’t have minded a compliment every now and then, but nothing was better than the constant you’re so skinny and do you even eat?

A middle-aged woman came over to take your order. She had a lovely face that seemed to scream caring woman. She smiled at you when she came over, waggling slightly. She shifted the apron a little around her substantial waist, and you envied her. You didn’t really want to become obese, but the apron actually stuck to her figure. Yours kept falling down if you tried to wear one. “What can I get you darlings?” Her voice was as kind as her face. Dean ordered the usual burger and Sam got a chicken salad. “I’ll just have the regular salad,” you smiled at her. Her face seemed to fall a little, and her eyes filled with the unmistakable petty. “You sure you don’t want anything with some meat in it?” You could feel your insides drop. This wasn’t going to well. “Honey, your thighs are as big as my wrists, you could use some protein.” What she was saying was true, and you bit your teeth together, trying not to cry. Instead, you gave her a small smile. “No, that’s fine, I’ll have the salad.” The woman left, and you shrunk back into the chair. Neither of the boys seemed to have noticed how you felt about the recent word exchange.

When the food came, you ate in a hurry, hoping to get away quickly. The same lady came over to ask you for desert, which you all politely declined; you were hoping to get back to the Bunker before morning. You stood up to leave and you tried to make the shirt fit so that you would look bigger. You walked carefully, hoping that the lady would think that she had been mistaken. Out in the Impala, you slid into the back seat, plugged your phone to the earplugs and fell asleep against the window.


You slept for the rest of the journey. When Sam parked in the garage, Dean opened your door only to find that you were heavily asleep. He smiled a little as he lifted you from the seat. Sam helped him open the doors on the way to your bedroom. He laid you down easily, about to pull the covers over you when he noticed the little tear on you cheek. He stopped what he was doing and sat down on the edge. With a careful hand, he wept the tear away. Concern filled him as he looked at you. For so long he had wanted to hold you, to stroke your hair, to feel your hands on his body. And now he was finally touching you, and it was to remove tears from your face. You were asleep, but they kept coming. Dean couldn’t take it anymore, so he got into the bed, pulling you to him. You woke with a start, but the feel of Dean’s arms around you calmed you down. Your chest started to beat faster when you felt him stroke a finger down your back.

“Shhh, Y/N, what’s wrong?” His voice was soft and concerned, but it had none of the gruesome petty that the lady at the diner had. You sniffed carefully, deciding that maybe it would be a good idea to open up. “I just feel really gross,” you spoke carefully. You felt Dean stiffen around you and regret started to fill you. “What do you mean, gross?” His voice was shaking slightly, and you nearly bit yourself with regret. You never meant to hurt him. Still, you had started and there was no stopping now. “I’m so skinny. That woman in the diner seemed to think I was anorexic.” You gave a bitter laugh. “She certainly isn’t the first.” Dean was silent for a while. You started to get worried, and then you felt a slight tremble. Dean seemed to be laughing and you turned around so that you could see his face. “Are you laughing?” Dean stopped immediately, but there was still a twinkle in his eyes. “Darling, you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I am serious, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I have wanted nothing but to be with you for years, envying every person who has ever gotten that chance, and here you are, telling me that you don’t like yourself? I didn’t even think that was possible.” His words filled you with a warm feeling, and you could feel another tear form in the corner of your eye. Dean saw it, and hesitantly, he bent forward. Carefully, he kissed the tear away, and you stiffened. When he pulled away, it seemed to be impossible for him to look at you. You let one hand cup his chin and pulled it up. “I have wanted you for that long, as well.” Then you pulled him in for a kiss, and his arms wrapped around you. Warm palms spread around your waist, sending shivers down your spine. “You are so, so beautiful,” Dean whispered in your ear and you couldn’t help but sighing. “So are you.”