they together <3

Ahhh this flashback to the ACA passing just came over my twitter feed



Katy thought the best way to celebrate making it to 40 weeks was to spend the night at The Pier with Max and Beau~

It’s off to the hospital for her after this

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Hellooooooooooo So i'm pretty decent @ reading norsk, but listening and comprehending is a bit difficult. Do you have any tips on how you accomplished that?

Hey cherub!! I’m not going to include this in the sleepover stuff, since it’s a bit more or a general question!!

Honestly, I find that watching Norwegian shows and listening helps ALOT. Also, practicing - You can’t improve if you don’t practice. Speak to yourself, speak to your friends who are also learning Norwegian - whoever you can find!! Speaking helps your comprehension! Work your way up from slow to fast pace, and just try to follow along. Use subtitles if you need, but get your ear tuned in - it helps alot! 

Best of luck - and if you ever want to practice together, I am here!! <3

 “…can you two stop being so mushy for a bit and pass me the bread?”

@tecochet you giving otabek a little sister is one of the best things that i’ve ever seen (i drew them hope you don’t mind :U )

bonus: yuri losing spectacularly at video games


yuri!!! on ice instagram: mila babicheva, sara crispino, & anya

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