they think i'm odd

Briana and Olivia’s periscope in April 2016:

“It just hurts so much when they say Freddie isn’t real, because he is! He’s just the sweetest thing! He’s so precious, and—”


                                                              for better for worse,
                                                              for richer for poorer,
                                                         in sickness and in health,
                                                            ‘til death do us part.


На протяжении недели, единственное что мне хотелось рисовать, это антропоморфные весы из странного мультфильма, которому 13 лет :Y

  • Me: *is wearing something I like a lot*
  • Person: you know, you look stupid wearing that
  • Me: you know, you look ignorant insulting someone who doesn't care
  • Me: *puts on sunglasses upside down and double peace signs away*

overwatch: favorite skins

ra & nomad


she’s a handsome woman || panic! at the disco

  • me: i love trying new things!
  • other person: ooh, here, try this new thing!
  • me: oh.... no thanks.... *goes back to my favorite thing*

northern downpour // panic! at the disco

If John and Paul got married what would their last names be?


folkin around // panic! at the disco


Ryan: Do you have a question, Kelly?

Kelly: Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number one: how dare you.

‘Night Out’ The Office, 4x15


Everyone has some kind of bucket list



There is so much to say, to someone as hardworking, inspiring, enduring and incredible as you. but i will keep it short by saying thank you. thank you for working hard, for getting yourself where you are now, for being not just an artist but someone who pushes himself and the people around him to be the best versions of themselves they can be. thank you for sharing yourself, zhang yixing, with us. don’t you worry, love, xingmi will be forever with you ♡ here’s to 4 more years of success and love!