they think he's a righteous dude

I’m gonna casually remind you all that there were a bunch of naysayers about the LARGE collective women (almost 50) who came forward about Bill Cosby until he finally admitted from his own mouth that he gave drugs to them to have sex with them (re: date rape)

So, you have to take some consideration into the fact that there are lots (and I DO mean LOTS) of allegations against Vic for being gross, creepy, and self-righteous. (the context for the link is from when I went to Anime St. Louis in 2013, LONG before I got into RW*BY. I won’t disclose who the voice actor was, but they are from Funimation as well, and they do very good work as some very well known characters. If you do some digging, you might find out who I’m talking about.)

Even if you think he’s a nice, cordial dude, and even if you think there are 1 or 2 liars (the unrealistic expectation of wanting him to sign explicit yaoi fanart, and debunking one person’s sexual assault story about him are the only examples so far: whoop-de-doo.) that doesn’t automatically debunk the rest of the claims. People are not collaborating to make his life miserable. Young teenage girls who adore anime characters and go to high school etc. in America PROBABLY are not going out of their way to slander someone who was formerly their favorite voice actor for funsies, especially knowing the backlash that they’ll get when y’all are behaving EXACTLY AS EXPECTED.

Please at least consider that this isn’t just about Vic: This is about fandoms being safe spaces for minors.

By shouting down the allegations being made by said minors, because they’re “probably not true” or whatever the fuck, you are not making them feel safe.

You also broadcast to existing creeps that they can get away with being gross people, because they can shine on with a “good reputation” and with enough loving supporters.

It’s fine if you think there’s not enough evidence to draw conclusions, but to go out of your way to actually invalidate people speaking up about these things contributes to an unhealthy culture of silencing and humiliating victims, and making them afraid to come forward.

These are claims that have been made for literal YEARS, and with significant reason. And to the people saying that “well he was nice to me when I met him” a lot of people are like that. They kind of have to be. How many times have you worked in retail or customer service and you were only pretending to be nice?

I have my own opinion of him because his behavior, from what I’ve seen, matches up with what’s being said about him, and the “disputable” proof to go with it. All of the accounts of his behavior are consistent. That is the key thing here. The man is banned from attending conventions for his behavior. And I’m not trying to force either my or anyone else’s opinons of Vic on you with this post.

All I’m trying to say is don’t silence and invalidate victims. Be fucking considerate, especially towards people claiming that he got really handsy and touched them inappropriately. (there’s literally so much video and photo evidence of these things, like seriously, the man is in his 50s, and even if the underage girls “consented” they legally can’t consent to sensual or sexual behavior from an adult, and its unacceptable that he thinks he can behave this way towards strangers, especially underage girls, but I digress) You are not helping minimize the problem by defending Vic.

ps I need Jon Michael Hill to play pre-serum Steve Rogers

I mean yes I love CEvans but have you seen this dude?

I mean not only is he a fox

he’s also MORE than capable of playing a tiny ball of righteous judgement and dead-pan snark

he doesn’t need to have the serum make him taller, just use CGI to get rid of his pecs and then give them back I mean look

dude’s already built

look I know its a pipe dream but its something I think about every time I watch Elementary. Ps; go watch Elementary. Warnings for drug use and the occasional moments of gore. Jon plays Detective Marcus Bell who gets introduced in the second episode and is literal perfection 

Oh, he’s very popular. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads—they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.
—  Me, explaining Adolf Hitler to a preschool