they teased her so much haha

Anakin Skywalker - The Morning After

Requested:  Yes. ( Can you do the Reader super flustered and nervous the morning after their first time with Anakin? And him being all proud and caring of his sore partner and fluffy fluff )

Prompt: The morning after the reader’s first time with Anakin, she gets all flustered and Anakin teases her, finding her really cute.

A/N: This was so odd yet cute to write haha. I hope you like it and that it’s fluffy enough! <3 It’s also quite shorter than my others, I hope that’s alright!

You woke up feeling sore, yet oddly content. At first, in your sleepy haze, you couldn’t quite remember why you would feel this way but then it hit you. Last night had been your first time with Anakin. It was everything you could’ve imagined, and he treated you with so much respect and admiration. It was perfect. You smiled at the memory as you cuddled into the side of your lover that was still fast asleep- or so you thought.

“Good morning, love.” Anakin mumbled, his morning voice sounding raspy in your ear as he wrapped his arms tighter around you. 

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?” You asked, your head resting on his chest with your hand next to it, drawing gentle patterns on his skin

“I did.” He said, looking down at you and smiling. “Last night was…amazing. You were amazing.” 

You buried your face into his chest so he couldn’t see you, feeling your cheeks heat up. You were naturally a shy person, and you had already come out of your shell around Anakin a long time ago but after last night, you were starting to become all flustered which hasn’t happened around him in a long time.

He chuckled softly when you hid your face from him, knowing quite well that you were blushing. He pulled you even closer to him and tilted your head up so that your faces were so close, your noses were almost touching. “You don’t have to be embarrassed.” He laughed, moving a few strands of your still tangled hair from your face. “You really were amazing.”

You rolled your eyes, your cheeks were still burning but you couldn’t stop the smile forming on your face. “I’m not embarrassed…” You said, leaning in to quickly peck his nose. “But you were pretty amazing too.” You said quietly, staying back and just admiring him for a moment, as he was for you, before moving to sit up with one of the sheets wrapped around you, slightly wincing as you did so.

Your wince was very subtle, but Anakin still caught it and you heard him quietly chuckle from behind you as you sat on the end of the bed. “Are you sore, love?” He asked. His tone was soft but you could just tell he was grinning, proud of what he was able to do to you.

You turned around slightly to hit his chest. “It’s your fault. Don’t make fun of me.” You tried to pout but you just couldn’t help the smile that kept coming back to your lips. 

He laughed, grabbing your arm as you went to hit him again and pulled you onto your back again, him moving to hover over top of you. “I’m not making fun of you. You’re just really cute.” He said, placing a kiss to your nose like you had to him earlier before trailing his lips down to yours, kissing you passionately. You could practically feel the love he had for you radiating from him. You were each other’s everything, and in that perfect moment, you knew that you and Anakin were definitely meant to be together for the rest of your lives.

I’ll See You Then

Hiya! I’ve finally managed to write up this request and once again, I would like to apologize for how long it took me to get this up. 

Request: Hey, If you’re not busy, could you write an imagine about Tom being in love with a famous author, who has a personality like Luna Lovegood, and he doesn’t know how to tell her bc they’re good friends (she wrote the book the movie he’s in is based off of)–and then Haz could tease him because he talks about her ALL the time/admires her from afar haha:) Eventually, he tells her on accident, and they kiss or something, and there’s lots of fluff! Thanks, and I LOVE your writing, btw :)

I’m sorry if this isn’t really what you wanted but it’s all I could manage do get out :)

Okay so, I don’t actually know much about Luna Lovegood so I’ve tried my best but I’m not sure how accurate this is. Also, my writing is kinda really not good woops sorry. 

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 996

Warnings: None!

Butterflies filled your stomach as you silently watch ahead of you. A piece of your writing–a piece of your own imagination and dreams–finally comes to life. The movie had only just started and your mind was already racing to see how the movie-makers had portrayed one of your many masterpieces. You sat beside Tom Holland, who played the main character of your story in the movie. His best friend, Harrison, is sitting in the seat on the other side of him with his face pretty much stuffed into his box of popcorn.

Tom glances at you from the corner of his eye. The two of you have grown surprisingly close over the time that it took for the production of the movie and he couldn’t help but to have come to grow some pretty strong feelings for you. You were soft spoken and had your head in the clouds a lot of the time but Tom had grown infatuated with how you manage to do anything and everything that you do with such grace and kindness. He admired you.

“Dude,” Harrison scoffs, silently whispering to a distracted and flustered Tom. “You’re paying more attention to Y/N than the movie. Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you feel about her.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Haz. You’re making no sense.”

“Oh come on, don’t play dumb.” Harrison rolls his eyes, pushing a fistful of buttered popcorn into his mouth. “I’m not blind and you’re not stupid. Just ask her out, man.”

“Fine, fine, I do like her. A lot.” Tom leans away from you and closer towards Harrison, flickering his eyes between his best friend and the movie that he played the lead role in. “But she would never say yes to me. She’s so–she’s so good and she deserves someone who can–”

“Shut up, Tom. I didn’t think you were such an idiot. If you can’t do it, I will do it for you.” Harrison raises his eyebrow, reaching over Tom in attempt to catch your attention. Tom panics, pulling him back with a harsh whisper.

“No!” Tom shakes his head. “I’ll ask her myself.”

Harrison shoots Tom an indescribable look, raising his eyebrow. Tom just stared back at him innocently, as if he had no idea what was going on. For the second time, Harrison rolls his eyes. Tom was never like this with any of the other girls he dated. He was usually confident and sure and ready to dive head first into anything without a second thought.

But you were different. In Tom’s eyes, there’s nobody like you. You seemed fragile as a china doll but he knew that you are anything but weak. You are smart and caring and beautiful and kind and humble and gosh, the list could go on. He found it hard to believe that you really existed. And above anything else, you were generally a great person. Tom was proud of you and your wonderful talent for writing and you were proud of him and his acting. He was never one for books and you were never one for movies but he was fond of your books and you were fond of his movies.

“No you won’t.” Harrison quickly taps you a couple times, leaning over Tom and then returning to his place in a matter of milliseconds. You turn half of your attention to the boys, your eyes warm and sparkling. You had your concentration focused more on the movie playing but you still waited to hear what Harrison had to say to you. “Tom wants to ask you something.”

Tom glares at Harrison. How childish can he be? 


“You, uh–I, um,” Tom stutters. “Will you maybe want to go on a date with me?”

Now he has your full attention.

You blush, tilting your head downwards as you nod so that your hair covers your eyes. You weren’t expecting that at all. It would be a lie if you said you really wanted this to happen sooner or later but it was something that you only thought you could dream about. A grin finds its way onto your face as you mumble a ‘yes’, finally looking up to meet Tom’s chocolate eyes.  

“Yes, I would love to.” You reply, biting your lip as you smile at Tom without noticing the teasing looks that Harrison was throwing at the two of you. Tom’s smile mirrors your own, his eyes sparkling as he lets out a sigh of relief.

All of a sudden, it was as if you’d already confessed your deepest feelings for each other without needing to have said a single word about anything. You and Tom just knew, somehow. Tom’s hand finds your own, his fingers intertwining with yours. He gives your hand a quick squeeze, pulling his eyes away from you and fixating them onto the movie. You do the same, returning as much of your attention to the movie as you can.

The both of you finish the movie with a wide smile, quickly making your plans for your date before you decide it’s time to head in. It’s way past midnight and despite that happiness and excitement that rushes through the both of you, you’re exhausted beyond words.

“I guess I’ll see you on our date then.” Tom smirks, holding your hand in his. You meet his eyes, nodding your head slowly.

“Goodnight, Tom.” You say, biting your lip lightly. “I’ll see you then.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.” Tom leans over, placing a soft kiss on your cheek before flashing you a cheeky smile and dashing off in the other direction. You stand there for a few seconds, relishing the tingle that he had left on that small spot on your cheek before making your way from the cinema.

Tom turns around to get one more glance at you. Harrison is beside him again, smirking deviously at him. He raises his eyebrows, teasingly muttering two words to Tom.

“You’re welcome.”

Phobias Are Not Funny *Natasha Romanoff x Reader*

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Summary (requested by anon): reader is deathly afraid of spiders and the team kinda teases her about it and Natasha helps (haha black widow u get it) (sorry about that in advance) and yeah you can change it however you want i just really need a nat fic because i lOVE HER SO MUCH
Warnings: arachnids, phobia’s swearing, nudity and Natasha being herself (always needs a warning for that)
Admins Note: I have arachnophobia, so I can relate to this so damn much, also I feel like I have neglected the requests due to the fiction ‘I Never Forgot You’ also I feel like I have neglected the older requests, so for the beginning of this year, I will be sorting through all the older requests and getting them done for you. 

“I don’t understand” Steve chuckled as you sat beside him, Sam and Clint “you are an Avenger but are scared of a little arachnid?” he asked, eyebrows raised at you, you frown and pout slightly at his mocking attitude. 
“Everyone has something they are scared of, Steven” you tell him “mine happens to be a bug, besides it’s not like there are spiders running around the tower” you shrugged, he chuckled and nodded in agreement, well actually sometimes Peter Parker is in the tower but he doesn’t count; considering he is still human but has spider abilities… gross. 

Irrational fears are not okay for an Avenger” Sam defended, you frown slightly, letting out a huff of air “fears for us is like… death, a loved one being taken or something, not a spider” he chuckled and you understood that it’s stupid for you to be scared of spiders but you couldn’t help it. 
“I’ve been scared of them for years probably since childhood” you shrugged, standing up to go have a hot bath “I’ll see you, boys, later” they nod allowing you to leave. 

Ever since the team found out about your phobia they tease you. You understand since you face death every day and yet you are more afraid of the creepy crawlies than anything else. 
You filled the bath up with different smelling scents, it had been a while since you were able to relax in a bath, you had so many cold showers because of missions. You stripped and got into the hot water, the bubbles covering your body and you sighed loudly, you didn’t care if anybody could hear you; you missed warm water so much. You knew that when you got off the water you would be wrinkly, you were planning on spending a long amount of time in this bath, you didn’t care. 

You see something crawling out of the corner of your eye, you smoothed your hair figuring it was just that getting in your eye shot, you didn’t want to over-think anything and get scared over nothing. Although your heart rate increased when on the wall a huge-ass spider crawled into view, it was a dark brown, legs sprawled out struggling to stick to the tiled wall. You were stuck, you couldn’t move and just watched it as it remained still and unmoving. 
“Um…Jarvis” you whispered, not wanting to scare the beast, he replied “tell all the Avengers to suit up and get in here” you tell the A.I before he could reply, he commented on he didn’t want to alarm them “Jarvis, I swear to God” he agreed and within a matter of minutes you could them all shouting for you. 

Tony and Steve entered first, suits and shield, you placed your arms over your upper body and everything else was covered with bubbles; they both looked confused as you blushed shyly. Thor, Wanda, and Clint entered next, guns and hammer aimed up high. You pointed to the spider that was currently crawling across the wall, it took them a second to all react, each howling with laughter at your frightened expression and you suddenly felt silly. Stupid even but you couldn’t help it.
Natasha pushed passed the men, letting out a long sigh, she on-purposely nudged Steve out of her away a little harder; he stopped laughing instantly, hitting Tony and the others to stop laughing, all realising how humiliated you must feel. 

She used her pale, petite hands and grabbed the spider, Tony jumped out of the way when she walked to the window and released it outside. She turned back to the men, handing you a towel to cover yourself more, it became wet but at least it concealed you a lot more. 

phobias are not funny,” she tells them all “they can consume someone’s life, make them not do stuff they want to do, give them anxiety in case they come into contact with that phobia. It’s difficult and should not be laughed at, instead, you should all be helping (Y/N) deal with this, not laughing at her!” they all looked down in guilt, muttering apologies to you, Wanda grinned as you smiled at Natasha “Phobia’s come from a certain event that happens in someone’s life, Steve hates trains, for obvious reasons and he gets panicky whenever on one!” Steve let out a loud sigh, nodding at the fact he does hate trains “everyone has something” you muttered a thank you to Natasha as everyone leaves, she nods with a grin. Leaving you to continue your bath. 

(Hopefully you enjoy this, I get taken the piss out of so much for having weird phobia’s, I have like four and people call me crazy or insane for them. Anyway remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

Request: Silence

Request: It’s still Wednesday where I am!! Haha I hope this counts. A dean x reader one shot where the reader is giving dean the silent treatment for whatever reason and dean is teasing her and being cute and trying to get her to talk. At one point dean talks so much about something knowing it’ll annoy the reader, so to shut him up she kisses him and tells him to shut up and they both laugh. So much fluff okay. As much fluff as you can do! Haha thank you. You’re the goddess of SPN one shots!

Word Count: 632

Goddess? That’s one hell of a compliment; thank you so much!!! I hope you like it, sorry if it’s a little short!<3

“Y/N?” Dean knocks at the bathroom door gently, trying not to make you any madder, “Y/N, are you still mad at me?”

No answer. He sighs, leaning his hand against the wood and knocking again.

“Talk to me?” He asks desolately, “C’mon, Y/N, I didn’t mean to!”

Alright, that’s a lie. He’d planned on replacing your chocolate after he ate it; you’d just caught him in the act, and haven’t said a word to him since.

After all, you had made him promise not to touch your chocolate. And it had been safely concealed within your bag, forcing Dean to go ahead and rifle through your stuff to retrieve it. He knows fine well that he’s in the wrong, but he’s already apologised a thousand times and you’ve been in the bathroom for almost an hour.

“Y/N, at least give me a sign that you’re okay?” He asks, and in response you open the door, stalking out and going to sit on the motel’s creaky bed without saying so much as a word to him.

“Aw, babe, c’mon?” He prompts, coming to sit beside you. You turn away from him angrily, picking up a book. After a few moments of watching you in silence, he harrumphs childishly and folds his arms, standing up, “Fine, then. I don’t need to talk to you. I can amuse myself!” He proclaims, propelling himself to his feet and crossing over to the table on the other side of the bed, shoving Sam’s laptop open violently.

He stares at the screen, occasionally typing things in – no doubt some shitty gossip website again. As much as he’d like to deny it, Dean likes to keep up with pop culture. Every so often, however, he’ll sneak a glance over at you and hope that you’re looking back at him – but you never are.

“Maybe we should go out tonight?” Dean asks loudly, vying to get your attention, “There’s a restaurant down the block that look nice.”

Still, you don’t even react to him. He shoots you a glare, but there’s nothing to it. In fact, all he wants is your attention back on him – he doesn’t like it when he can’t hear your voice or see your smile.

“Come ooooooooon!” He groans, throwing his head back in frustration, “Can you please talk to me? I’m sorry I ate your chocolate. I’ll buy you ten new ones if you say something.”

“Something.” You say shortly, not even looking up from your book. He merely stares at you for a moment, not sure whether to laugh or cry. Instead, he goes to sit beside you, resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Please talk to me?” He begs, “I wanna hear you say funny stuff again. Or mean stuff. Or happy stuff. I don’t care, just stuff.”

When you don’t reply, he continues on.

“I like your voice.” He insists, “It’s nice and soothing and it makes me feel at home. I know we don’t have an ordinary conventional home as such but when I’m with you it’s the closest I’ve ever felt. You make me feel like I’m at home, like I’ve dropped in and kicked my shoes off and gotten a bottle of beer and sat in front of the TV and put my feet up and put the game on and-“

Sick of his rambling, you groan, taking his face in both of your hands and pressing your lips to his firmly, successfully shutting him up.


“Mm?” He stares at you, awestruck as you pull away from him.

“Please shut up.” You say, and you both burst into giggles like a pair of children.

“Gladly.” He grins, pulling you in and kissing you breathless; making sure that this time, you’re both doing something much more interesting than speaking.

alwaysafangiirl  asked:

You never fail to surprise me, really 😂 so I'm catching up on Silver Spoon, and I love the way you've tied in Masquerade, ah 😍 The way you drop hints here and there like when Jimin is helping Y/N find stuff for her dress, "silver and red" he chose? That was on purpose wasn't it? 😂 And when asked why red he says "red makes everything more seductive" Mr. Park would know 😏😂 I'm in love with your writing girl, I must take tips from your fics 😊

hehe thank you so much!! And mwehehe you caught me xP I like teasing my readers with little hints here and there haha

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anonymous asked:

hello ! I really really like your blog and you write sooo well! If it doesn't bother you, can you give me links to read your fanfictions ? Also, for the scenario, how Ayato, Tsukiyama and Uta would act when trying to hit on a girl ??

thanks for the compliment, haha! maybe one day I’ll link my fics, I’m still a little shy about them right now~ (。´∀`)ノ

Ayato: He’s relatively direct with his flirtations and interest, but Ayato would only act so confidently if he’s almost certain the girl is interested back in him. Sometimes he’d tease her a little to get a reaction out of her, but she bounces back with equally smart comebacks, and Ayato hopes that she’s enjoying the friendly banter as much as he is. He almost chickens out when he wants to suggest that they meet again, but when he ends up blurting out the request like a demand, the girl just chuckles and happily agrees to hang out with him again.

Tsukiyama: He’s surprisingly patient and sweet to the girl. Tsukiyama knows he has a tendency to come off as flashy and superficial, but when talking to somebody he’s genuinely interested, he takes care to ensure that she feels comfortable spending time and talking to him. Tsukiyama does ply the compliments on though, because he really wants her to know just how amazing she is to him. It makes him really happy when he sees that she appreciates the compliments and endeavours to shyly respond in kind.

Uta: Likes to test the waters with some light teasing, and from there on Uta gages how best to approach the girl he’s interested in. He doesn’t actively approach her all the time; rather, he lets her come up to him and make small talk or ask about him. Uta would let her direct the conversation so she can tell him whatever she’s comfortable with first, and once they’ve established some ground to work on, he’d slowly ask his own questions to get to know her better and casually name some places he’d like to meet her at sometime in the future. If she’s caught on to his little tricks, she hasn’t called him out on it yet, and seems to be enjoying Uta’s company as much as he’s interested in her.

Iyakk and Sisil as progeny because gosh I saw asuralations‘s initial post as well as the bandwagon of drawing asura characters as progeny so hey why not. My headcanon is that young asura would have different colour eyes when young, much like kittens and baby corvids (jackdaws and australian ravens having brown eyes when young and blue eyes when adult, haha)

Sisil was probably a very sickly child, stuck in bed reading. it wasn’t until later when her thieving habits came to light, but before that, she was very curious and would escape quarantine in increasingly daring ways. She developed better immunity spending time outside.

Iyakk had a growth spurt early, some progeny their own age teasing them about growing as tall as a norn which caused Iyakk nightmares. As time went on and they didn’t really grow as much as expected, they were slightly disappointed, it might have been cool to be very tall for an asura.