they teased her so much haha

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Happy birthday to my super cute ticklish tumblr best friend who means the world to me By far one of the nicest people I've ever met And a damn good friend And whatever she tells you it's all lies she loves being teased and tickled about her ticklish belly button and toes😏😜

Awwwwww! Thank you so much you cutie haha! Absolutely none of what you said it true! I don’t know what you’re talking about…

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whats Oshiete! Galko-chan? is it good?

“Oshiete! Galko-chan” or “Please Tell Me! Galko-chan” is a short anime series about a group of friends with nicknames that correspond to basic stereotypes

so as main characters we have

  1. Galko, who looks like your typical gyaru, but is actually a great compassionate friend who really likes to help others, reads and watches anime sometimes and is just a big sweetie
  2. Otako, who looks like an introverted nerdy otaku type, but actually loves to talk about things that she finds interesting and to tease her friends in playful harmful ways
  3. and Ojou, who looks like a refined spoiled rich lady and she kinda is in reality haha, but also she’s a big airhead!

There are plenty of interesting background characters who also called by similar style nicknames like Fushigi-chan(oddball) or Iinchou(class president)

Now there’s not much plot going on (or at all), but it’s a show about teenagers talking about sensitive but equally important topics like sexuality, human body quirks and various myths about them, but in a funny lighthearted tone

It was one of my fave shows in that season so i recommend to give it a shot

Falling In Reverse - One

Spencer x Reader

Y/N was not ready for this. At all.

Flying, she hated it. But it was a necessary evil if she wanted to visit her family. Which she did but she also didn’t. Y/N going home for her sister’s wedding. Her younger sister’s wedding. And she was going alone, armed with a barrage of replies to the ‘why are you single?’ questions she knew she’d get from her relatives. None of her answers would satisfy them though. But she’d cope. There was a free bar, that was going to get her through it.

Glancing around the plane briefly Y/N saw that it seemed full of tourists, people visiting Vegas for the first time. There was that sense of buzz and and excitement in the air. The buzz and excitement that she no longer felt. Having lived there for eighteen years it quickly wore off, as did the constant, “Oh you’re from Vegas? Can you count cards?” No, she couldn’t. But she was a pretty decent poker player so she did at least fit that one stereotype. Y/N had moved away for college when she was eighteen and now ran a small bookshop in Virginia. It wasn’t what she’d expected to be doing at 26 years old but she loved it all the same. There was just something about books, the smell of them, the feel of them in her hands knowing that the pages contained an entirely different universe sometimes, one that she could immerse herself in. Y/N had started working there at college and when the previous manager had left, Sally the elderly owner had offered her the job. As she wasn’t particularly doing very well in her chosen studies, she’d taken it.

Slipping her book between her leg and the side of the seat, Y/N clutched her bottled water and cursed herself for not buying any hard candy to suck on. She hated flying, taking off and landing was the worst, and sometimes she suffered from an intense pressure build up in her ears which gave Y/N a headache for days. At the moment though it looked like she was going to be lucky enough to have an entire row of three seats to herself, it was approaching takeoff time and so far no one else had claimed the other seats.

“Excuse me, excuse me.. ” a tall man with brown hair that looked like it hadn’t seen a hairbrush let alone touched one in years was trying to skirt around the air hostess that was helping the family in the row behind. Managing to slip by, he took out a few items and then stashed his satchel in the overhead locker before flopping down into the seat at the end of the row.

Guess you weren’t going to have the row to yourself after all, Y/N thought to herself

She tried not to look at him as he fidgeted, trying to fold his long legs into a comfortable seating position for the flight. Finally getting settled, he gave Y/N a quick look and then pulled out his book, burying his head into it.

The crew got ready for take off, neither Y/N or the man sat by her paying any attention to the safety instructions the air hostesses went through. Y/N was a seasoned flyer as much as she disliked it and she assumed he was too. As the plane sped down the run way Y/N closed her eyes and breathed deeply, her hands clutching the arm rests as the palne took off.

As the plane gained altitude Y/N started to feel that familar pressure building in her ears. She began to swallow, wishing she had some candy to suck on, it always helped in the past. Her ears popped once and then almost immediately the pressure began to rebuild.

“Do you want something to suck on?”

A voice came from her right and Y/N’s eyes flew open. It was the man sat next to her looking at her with concern. Y/N swallowed hard, her ear giving a little squeak.


“Would you like something to suck on?” he asked again, clearly not realising how his offer sounded. Y/N stifled a laugh, wincing slightly as her ear went again.

“I think they frown upon that here,” she told him seeing his brow furrow.

Y/N could almost see the penny dropping in his mind and his cheeks blushed a furious red as he fumbled in his pocket pulling out a packet of hard candy.

“Sweets, I meant sweets!”

He was cute, a little squeak to his voice.

“Are you sure? Cos it sounded like you were propositioning me…..”

He fidgeted again looking extremely uncomfortable and Y/N grinned, the interaction with this cute stranger distracting her from her own discomfort.

“Look, do you want one or not?” he thrust the packet towards her and Y/N took one, popping it into her mouth and tasting the sweet but tangy taste of lemon sherberts, her favourite.

“Thank you. I appreciate it…. And I’m sorry for making fun.”

“It’s okay. I do realise how it sounded,” he sounded more relaxed suddenly and Y/N turned to study him.

He was definitely attractive, even despite the messy hair. Strong jawline, hazel eyes and plump pink lips. He was dressed in courdroys and a pale blue button down shirt with a navy cardigan thrown over the top. One leg was tucked under the other and he had converse on his large feet. His hands rested on his lap, twiddling with the ends of his cardigan and she could see a watch worn over the sleeve of his jacket rather than under. Y/N wondered how old he was, she couldn’t quite tell.

“I wonder if that line would ever work on anyone?” she pondered out loud.

“Probably not. Now I think about it, said to the wrong person and it would probably earn someone a slap round the face.”

Y/N laughed and she could see the corners of his lips twitching upwards.

“Good job I’m not the wrong person then.” Hearing a ping she looked up and saw that the seat belt sign had flashed off. Phew, that meant the worst of it was over and Y/N just had to endure the rest of the flight praying there wasn’t any turbulence.

The man beside her unbuckled his belt immediately, readjusting his position slightly. Glancing down he saw Y/N still had hers fastened.

“Erm… You can take your belt off you know. The seat belt sign is off.”

She raised your eyebrow at him. “Wow. First you offer me something to suck on, now you’re trying to convince me to take my belt off.”

The man turned red again.“ I… I….. I…” he stuttered. Y/N burst out laughing.

“It’s not nice that you’re making fun of me you know. I’m just trying to be helpful,” he looked like a puppy that had just been kicked and she suddenly felt bad.

“Shit… I’m sorry. I just… It’s just… I didn’t mean to upset you….”

When he smirked, a glorious smile crossing his face reaching up into his eyes, she knew that he’d been messing with her. He spoke again.

“Truce? No more innuendos? At least I’ll try… ”

“Haha. Okay, truce. You don’t proposition me again and I won’t tease you about it. I do have to thank you though. You’ve distracted me so far. I hate flying and you’ve made taking off much more enjoyable than it usually is.”

“Well… I’m, erm.. I’m glad I could help. I think… ” he tucked a loose lock of hair back behind his ear and then coughed slightly before continuing, “I’m Spencer.”

Attractive name for an attractive man.

“I’m….” Y/N glanced upwards quickly. “I’m Charley.”

Spencer narrowed his eyes and then the corners of his mouth twitched upwards again.

“You’re not, but that’s okay. I’m a stranger and you don’t want to give me your actual name, I get it.. That’s very smart.”

“How… How did you know?”

“I work for the FBI. I’m a profiler so I’m trained to read body language amongst other things. You looked up before speaking, first sign someone is lying.”

FBI? Wow.

“Oh… Okay. I’m sorry, it’s just I don’t know you and the last movie I watched where someone befriended her fellow plane passenger, well. He tried to kill her.”

“Red Eye, right?”

Y/N nodded and he continued, “I’m no Jackson Rippner trust me. Those are the type of guys I catch. But like I say, I understand.”

“So Spencer, are you heading to Vegas on business then? Is there a bad guy I should be aware of?” She kinda wanted to keep talking to this guy despite not wanting to tell him her real name. Not yet anyway.

“Not business. I’m from Vegas actually, I’m visiting my mom. What about you, Charley.. ”

Y/N smiled at his use of her fake name.

“I’m from Vegas too. But I live in Virginia now. I’m going home for my sister’s wedding, something I’m not looking forward to at all.”

“Can I ask why not, or is that too personal?”

Over the next four hours Y/N and Spencer talked about her family and her upbringing. He told Y/N about his job and then about his Mom, looking suprised with himself and then revealing that he rarely talked about her. When the plane started it’s descent he distracted her again, talking about his favourite books. When Y/N eventually disembarked they walked together to the luggage terminal and Y/N and Spencer both hesitated, knowing they had to go their separate ways.

Digging in her bag, Y/N pulled out her cell phone.

“So I guess it’s my time to proposition you. Could I maybe get your number? Maybe we could hang out here, or when we get back to Virginia?”

Spencer blushed again but recited a series of digits which she saved in her phone. She quickly called him, seeing him pulling out his phone with her own number flashing up on the screen.

“There, now you have my number too,” she told him.

“So I do. But what do I save it under? Charley or…?” he asked and she smiled softly.

“Y/N. Save it under Y/N.”

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You keep saying me with these fluff shurikens straight to my heart. I need a surgery. A transplant, dunno how much more I can take. (please don’t stop)

Slaying *

Lol can’t stop won’t stop!!!

“So do you have a girlfriend? Boyfriend? Mate?” Howard asks excitedly, wrapping an arm around Tony’s shoulders and leading him to the kitchen.

Flushing, Tony answers, “Uh, um, no? I’m. I’m the Old Maid. Ha. Haha.”

“Honestly that’s all I ever hoped for,” Howard says, mostly to himself. “No one’s good enough for you anyway.”

“Dad!” Tony exclaims, embarrassed, because the rest of the team is sort of following them and Natasha has this glint in her eyes that says ‘I’mma tease you for days.’

“Well it’s true!” Howard huffs, grabbing the coffee pot and pouring himself a huge mug. He goes to the fridge to grab the milk, sees chocolate syrup, and happily makes a cup of chocolate milk for his son.

Tony stares at the cup, biting his lip to try and keep from laughing, because he’s a grown ass man but his dad still made him chocolate milk. It probably hadn’t occurred to him that Tony can drink coffee now. He’d never let him when he was younger. “Thanks, Dad.”

“My pup grew up to be so beautiful I’m honestly surprised I didn’t have to immediately go get my gun and shoot anyone,” Howard chortles. He sees Steve flinch out of the corner of his eye and turns to stare at him.

Steve tries to smile at him. It’s shaky. He’d looked just as awkward when he’d been panting after Peggy.

“Tony, fetch my gun,” Howard orders, making Tony choke on his chocolate milk.

Natasha nearly starts vibrating because this is hilarious.

Anakin Skywalker - The Morning After

Requested:  Yes. ( Can you do the Reader super flustered and nervous the morning after their first time with Anakin? And him being all proud and caring of his sore partner and fluffy fluff )

Prompt: The morning after the reader’s first time with Anakin, she gets all flustered and Anakin teases her, finding her really cute.

A/N: This was so odd yet cute to write haha. I hope you like it and that it’s fluffy enough! <3 It’s also quite shorter than my others, I hope that’s alright!

You woke up feeling sore, yet oddly content. At first, in your sleepy haze, you couldn’t quite remember why you would feel this way but then it hit you. Last night had been your first time with Anakin. It was everything you could’ve imagined, and he treated you with so much respect and admiration. It was perfect. You smiled at the memory as you cuddled into the side of your lover that was still fast asleep- or so you thought.

“Good morning, love.” Anakin mumbled, his morning voice sounding raspy in your ear as he wrapped his arms tighter around you. 

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?” You asked, your head resting on his chest with your hand next to it, drawing gentle patterns on his skin

“I did.” He said, looking down at you and smiling. “Last night was…amazing. You were amazing.” 

You buried your face into his chest so he couldn’t see you, feeling your cheeks heat up. You were naturally a shy person, and you had already come out of your shell around Anakin a long time ago but after last night, you were starting to become all flustered which hasn’t happened around him in a long time.

He chuckled softly when you hid your face from him, knowing quite well that you were blushing. He pulled you even closer to him and tilted your head up so that your faces were so close, your noses were almost touching. “You don’t have to be embarrassed.” He laughed, moving a few strands of your still tangled hair from your face. “You really were amazing.”

You rolled your eyes, your cheeks were still burning but you couldn’t stop the smile forming on your face. “I’m not embarrassed…” You said, leaning in to quickly peck his nose. “But you were pretty amazing too.” You said quietly, staying back and just admiring him for a moment, as he was for you, before moving to sit up with one of the sheets wrapped around you, slightly wincing as you did so.

Your wince was very subtle, but Anakin still caught it and you heard him quietly chuckle from behind you as you sat on the end of the bed. “Are you sore, love?” He asked. His tone was soft but you could just tell he was grinning, proud of what he was able to do to you.

You turned around slightly to hit his chest. “It’s your fault. Don’t make fun of me.” You tried to pout but you just couldn’t help the smile that kept coming back to your lips. 

He laughed, grabbing your arm as you went to hit him again and pulled you onto your back again, him moving to hover over top of you. “I’m not making fun of you. You’re just really cute.” He said, placing a kiss to your nose like you had to him earlier before trailing his lips down to yours, kissing you passionately. You could practically feel the love he had for you radiating from him. You were each other’s everything, and in that perfect moment, you knew that you and Anakin were definitely meant to be together for the rest of your lives.

I’ll See You Then  [ T.H ]

Hiya! I’ve finally managed to write up this request and once again, I would like to apologize for how long it took me to get this up. 

Request: Hey, If you’re not busy, could you write an imagine about Tom being in love with a famous author, who has a personality like Luna Lovegood, and he doesn’t know how to tell her bc they’re good friends (she wrote the book the movie he’s in is based off of)–and then Haz could tease him because he talks about her ALL the time/admires her from afar haha:) Eventually, he tells her on accident, and they kiss or something, and there’s lots of fluff! Thanks, and I LOVE your writing, btw :)

I’m sorry if this isn’t really what you wanted but it’s all I could manage do get out :)

Okay so, I don’t actually know much about Luna Lovegood so I’ve tried my best but I’m not sure how accurate this is. Also, my writing is kinda really not good woops sorry. 

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 996

Warnings: None!

Butterflies filled your stomach as you silently watch ahead of you. A piece of your writing–a piece of your own imagination and dreams–finally comes to life. The movie had only just started and your mind was already racing to see how the movie-makers had portrayed one of your many masterpieces. You sat beside Tom Holland, who played the main character of your story in the movie. His best friend, Harrison, is sitting in the seat on the other side of him with his face pretty much stuffed into his box of popcorn.

Tom glances at you from the corner of his eye. The two of you have grown surprisingly close over the time that it took for the production of the movie and he couldn’t help but to have come to grow some pretty strong feelings for you. You were soft spoken and had your head in the clouds a lot of the time but Tom had grown infatuated with how you manage to do anything and everything that you do with such grace and kindness. He admired you.

“Dude,” Harrison scoffs, silently whispering to a distracted and flustered Tom. “You’re paying more attention to Y/N than the movie. Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you feel about her.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Haz. You’re making no sense.”

“Oh come on, don’t play dumb.” Harrison rolls his eyes, pushing a fistful of buttered popcorn into his mouth. “I’m not blind and you’re not stupid. Just ask her out, man.”

“Fine, fine, I do like her. A lot.” Tom leans away from you and closer towards Harrison, flickering his eyes between his best friend and the movie that he played the lead role in. “But she would never say yes to me. She’s so–she’s so good and she deserves someone who can–”

“Shut up, Tom. I didn’t think you were such an idiot. If you can’t do it, I will do it for you.” Harrison raises his eyebrow, reaching over Tom in attempt to catch your attention. Tom panics, pulling him back with a harsh whisper.

“No!” Tom shakes his head. “I’ll ask her myself.”

Harrison shoots Tom an indescribable look, raising his eyebrow. Tom just stared back at him innocently, as if he had no idea what was going on. For the second time, Harrison rolls his eyes. Tom was never like this with any of the other girls he dated. He was usually confident and sure and ready to dive head first into anything without a second thought.

But you were different. In Tom’s eyes, there’s nobody like you. You seemed fragile as a china doll but he knew that you are anything but weak. You are smart and caring and beautiful and kind and humble and gosh, the list could go on. He found it hard to believe that you really existed. And above anything else, you were generally a great person. Tom was proud of you and your wonderful talent for writing and you were proud of him and his acting. He was never one for books and you were never one for movies but he was fond of your books and you were fond of his movies.

“No you won’t.” Harrison quickly taps you a couple times, leaning over Tom and then returning to his place in a matter of milliseconds. You turn half of your attention to the boys, your eyes warm and sparkling. You had your concentration focused more on the movie playing but you still waited to hear what Harrison had to say to you. “Tom wants to ask you something.”

Tom glares at Harrison. How childish can he be? 


“You, uh–I, um,” Tom stutters. “Will you maybe want to go on a date with me?”

Now he has your full attention.

You blush, tilting your head downwards as you nod so that your hair covers your eyes. You weren’t expecting that at all. It would be a lie if you said you really wanted this to happen sooner or later but it was something that you only thought you could dream about. A grin finds its way onto your face as you mumble a ‘yes’, finally looking up to meet Tom’s chocolate eyes.  

“Yes, I would love to.” You reply, biting your lip as you smile at Tom without noticing the teasing looks that Harrison was throwing at the two of you. Tom’s smile mirrors your own, his eyes sparkling as he lets out a sigh of relief.

All of a sudden, it was as if you’d already confessed your deepest feelings for each other without needing to have said a single word about anything. You and Tom just knew, somehow. Tom’s hand finds your own, his fingers intertwining with yours. He gives your hand a quick squeeze, pulling his eyes away from you and fixating them onto the movie. You do the same, returning as much of your attention to the movie as you can.

The both of you finish the movie with a wide smile, quickly making your plans for your date before you decide it’s time to head in. It’s way past midnight and despite that happiness and excitement that rushes through the both of you, you’re exhausted beyond words.

“I guess I’ll see you on our date then.” Tom smirks, holding your hand in his. You meet his eyes, nodding your head slowly.

“Goodnight, Tom.” You say, biting your lip lightly. “I’ll see you then.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.” Tom leans over, placing a soft kiss on your cheek before flashing you a cheeky smile and dashing off in the other direction. You stand there for a few seconds, relishing the tingle that he had left on that small spot on your cheek before making your way from the cinema.

Tom turns around to get one more glance at you. Harrison is beside him again, smirking deviously at him. He raises his eyebrows, teasingly muttering two words to Tom.

“You’re welcome.”

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Ghana Chocolate event (29 Aug 2016), 11 min video of parts with Yuzuru.

2:25 of video- 
Yuzu: Skate season is coming. I will be having more and more performances in front of everyone, so I really look forward to that.
And Tao-san, please try skating. Do try ice sports as well. (laughs)
[because she was talking about wanting to challenge sea sports]

MC: Now let’s try addressing one another not by family names but by your own names. So instead of saying ‘Hanyu-senshu’, please say 'Yuzuru-kun’.

[note: 'senshu’ means athlete and is a formal way of addressing a sports person.
’-kun’ is informal and a more endearing form of addressing a boy or young man.]

3 girls saying together: Yuzuru-kun, let’s enjoy today together.
Yuzu: Yes…. yes…. (laughter)

MC: How did you feel hearing that?
Yuzu: Nervous!  (laughter)
MC: Normally do you get called 'Yuzuru-kun’?
Yuzu: Not much. Fans might use that but usually it’s 'Hanyu-kun’ or 'Yuzu’ or 'Yuzuru’.
MC: So how was it hearing it from 3 girls so near you?
Yuzu: I could not look at their faces at all. (laughter)

MC: Well now it’s your turn, can you please look at their faces and address them by their names?  [**the MC is so mean, haha!**]

Yuzu: Yes. Airi-chan, Tao-chan, Suzu-chan, I will enjoy today.

MC: Hanyu-senshu, you seem so shy.
Yuzu: I used ’-chan’, but then at the end I said ‘-masu’….. haha…. Yes I was feeling embarrassed.
[note: when you address someone as ‘-chan’, it means a certain familiarity and you use the informal form of the verb at the end of the sentence instead of the polite -masu form. Yuzu is laughing at himself for being so awkward and having a funny mix in his sentence. ^^]

Yuzu: During the filming of the CM, there was a cut of eating (the chocolate). I was only required to eat a bit, but each time, I ate about half of it. There were more than 5 takes, so I ate about 2 to 3 bars at that time….. (laughs) It was really delicious…. The director also filmed me continuously eating the chocolate. (laughs)

One of the girls, Suzu-san, said she has been doing muscle training.
MC:  But muscle training and you seems the most mismatched….  Hanyu-senshu, you are reacting to this too. (he was nodding in agreement)

Yuzu: As an athlete, I think about various things regarding muscles. But looking at this body (Suzu’s), I’m thinking where are the muscles? (laughter)

Suzu: At my stomach. Muscles have started to form and I am aiming for a 6-pack. But maybe 6-pack will look awful on me, so now I am having family meetings about it. (laughter)

MC: (About women having 6-pack)  Hanyu-senshu, what do you think?

Yuzu: Hmm….. I think it can look good. Slender ladies look beautiful and there are many skaters who are like that. They all look good. Suzu-san also. I would surely like to see it. (laughter)

MC: We will look forward to a chance to see that! (laughter)

Suzu-san gestures towards her stomach, like splitting it up.

Yuzu:  Split into 6 parts…. If you can, eight parts might be good too. (laughter)

[**haha…. Yuzu is so naughty! Telling her to go for 8-pack! Look at how much he is laughing at his own suggestion! He is such a tease!!**]

MC: How about you, Hanyu-senshu? Recently what are things that get you excited?  [t/n. in Japanese, the word means “make your heart throb”]

Yuzu: Lately, I am working really hard at practice and so there is nothing but skating that I am excited about. I am looking ahead towards the competitions and working hard so that I can do good performances.

MC: When we watch you perform, we get very excited. For yourself, do you also get very excited when you do a good performance?

Yuzu: Mm….. I think I like the reaction. When I am skating, I am concentrating on myself, so I don’t really feel anything. But when I finish and the music stops, the reaction and cheers from everyone really make my heart race.

MC: Now please show the photo that “gets your heart throbbing".

Yuzu shows a photo of his earphones.

MC: What are these?
Yuzu: They are my earphones. When I have work to do, I bring them along with me. One, two, three… (counting the ones in the pic)…. eight. I bring eight with me.

MC: I’m thinking, are they really such a necessity?
Yuzu: Well….. I have wireless ones too. They each give different sound quality. At times when I am very particular about the sound, or times when I think I want to listen to this kind of music and this kind of sound quality, I get very excited with the earphones that I am obsessed about.

[**haha….. nothing very much new about what he loves.^^]

Translated by me;  video thanks to Jijipress.

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

dsflghsjdkg I was tagged by @the-flame-and-hawks-eye !! Thank you so much Shay!

Oh god I don’t even know if I have that many to rec… Let’s see

  1. Portrait (Royai/Oneshot/Art-inspired/Pure Fluff) a gift for @ask-royai-lty and the wonderful piece she drew of Roy and Riza as the Fuhrer and First Lady
  2. The Confession (Royai/3Chaps/MORE fluff) A valentine’s day fic where Roy is a jealous dork and omg Royai heated argument was one of the best things I could have written. 
  3. Death (Royai/5th theme of the 100 challenge/ Fluff-hurt-comfort) HAHA first one that’s not entirely fluff. I love thinking of ways Roy could help Riza lifted the literal burden that’s on her back, because it probably torments her a lot? maybe? Idk I just love it. 
  4. Naming the Hero (TrishaxHoho/One shot/ FLUFF go figure) I love them so much omg. I love to think about a pregnant Trisha teasing Hohenheim too. and kdfghdsjkg. 
  5. Gunshot (Royai/2rd theme of the 100 challenge/Fluff-ish) I’m a sucker for adding onto sexual tension ok. Drag me. dfgsdh

As for who to tag… I’m gonna go out on a limb here trying to think of the writers I know @lonepiper5758 @ishvallas @wrongnote @ladynorbert @thetruthofyourdespair @princ3ssf33t As always, you don’t have to do this

1,000 special: Dd/lg tag!

So as many of you know, we hit 1,000 followers a while back. We said we’d do this, so here it is. Sorry for it being so delayed. Enjoy! 💕💕💕 -Little L & Master M

Little L
1. How old are you? 👶🏼 18br> 2. How old are you in little space? 👧🏼 2-6
3. Do you have a caregiver? ⭐️ Yep! I have a wonderful daddy!
4. Do you have stuffies? How many? 🐻 I do! I have 4.
5. Which is your favorite stuffie? 🙈 Sadie the Giraffe!
6. Does your caregiver give you kisses and huggies? 💖 Of course!
7. Has your CG ever punished you? 😫 A lot!
8. What are your favorite rules that your CG gives you? 😌 Always hold daddy’s hand crossing the street, princess can always watch cartoons, and never look at your beautiful body in a negative way
9. What are your least favorite? 😒 Has to be ‘Never forget to do your daily chores’
10. Does your CG cuddle with you? 💕 Of course he does!
11. Does your CG cheer you up when you’re sad? ❤️ I never get a chance to be sad, cause daddy always makes me better.
12. Does your CG tuck you in and read you stories? 📖 Well, I don’t live with daddy but sometimes when he’s at my house and goes home he tucks me in. He tells me stories over the phone.
13. Do you have pacis or sippy cups? 🎀 Yep! I use both.
14. Are you a brat to your CG? 😈 definitely
15. Do you have other little friends? 👭 No. Just you guys.
16. What are your favorite snacks when you’re in little space? 🍬 Marshmallows!!!
17. How often do you go into little space on an average day? 🍫 More than I can count.
18. Do you think your CG is strict? 😔 Not too bad.
19. Does your CG give you treats when you’re good? 🍭 Yeah, he does.
20. When is your bedtime? ⏱ 10:30 on weekdays and 12:00 on weekends/breaks
21. Are you sexual or non-sexual in little space? 😏 Sometimes sexual.
22. Do you talk back to your CG? 😉 Of course I do.
23. Are you in a long distance with your CG? If not, how often do you see each other? 🚗We’re not in a LDR, but I see him at school and most weekends.
24. How did you know you were a little? 💖 I just always felt myself when I colored or had tea parties with my little sisters. I Just knew it was for me.
25. Do you like the cgl community? 😋 Of course I do! You guys are amazing!
26. What are your favorite movies? 📺 The Little Mermaid and/or Tangled!
27. Do you like nappies with your CG? 😴 Defiantly.
28. Do you have nicknames for your CG? 😘 Daddy, handsome, Butthead. All depends on my mood.
29. Do you have nicknames for things when you’re in little space? 🍬 Oh yeah. Feeties (feet), nini/night night (goodnight), hungie (hungry), etc.
30. Do you think you would ever be in pet play or other BDSM lifestyles? 😻 Of course! I love being daddy’s little kitty.
31. Do you wear diapers? 🙈 I would like to try
32. Does your CG spank you? 😫 All the time
33. Do you ever enjoy your punishments? 😁 Sometimes. I don’t like writing lines tho.
34. What are you scared of in LS? 🙈 Spiders, knives, scary monsters. You name it, I’m scared of it.
35. Do you have a blankie? 😋 Yep! A unicorn one.
36. How long have you and your CG been together? 💕 On February 25, it will be 3 years.
37. What’s your favorite thing to do with your CG? 🖍 Literally anything.
38. Would you ever tell anyone that you’re a little? 🤐 Maybe if I trusted them enough.
39. What’s your favorite color? 👑 Pastel purple
40. Can you imagine a future with your CG? 💍 Of course I can. He’s the king to my kingdom. 💖💖💖

Master M

1. How old are you? 🔢 18
2. Are you a daddy, mommy, or CG? Daddy!
3. Do you have little? 😇 yep!!
4. What do you call your little? 🗣 A lot of things: kitten, babygirl, little one
5. What does your little call you? Daddy and master
6. Do you give your little chores? 📋 Yep, but she never does them
7. Is your little a brat? 😈 Yep! All the time!
8. Do you like nappies with your little? 💤 Yep
9. Do you have other CG friends? Yeah, just one!
10. How do you praise your little? ☺️ letting her know she done good, rewards, making her feel good about herself
11. How do you punish your little? 😓 Spankings, time out, writing lines, etc
12. Do you allow your little to kiss you whenever?😘 Of course!
13. Are you in a long distance relationship with your little? If not, how often do you see each other? 📞 were not in a LDR. At school and most weekends.
14. Do you make good meals for your little? 🍝 we barely get the chance, but I’m sure I will when we live together
15. Do you choose your littles clothes? 👗 Sometimes
16. Do you like your littles stuffies? 🐻 Yeah, but sometimes their mean
17. Are you open about being a CG? 🔓 no, cause most people don’t understand
18. What are 3 rules you give your little? 📝 follow all rules, don’t be bratty, make your bed everyday
19. What are your favorite movies? 📼 The ones I watch with my little
20. Do you tell your little bedtime stories? 📚Of course I do!
21. Is the relationship sexual or non-sexual when your little is in LS?🤐 Sexual, but not all the time.
22. What would you do if someone insulted your little? 😨 Things that are too bad for her innocent little ears
23. Do you have a lot of patience with your little? 😪 Although she may not think so, i do.
24. Do you consider yourself a strict CG? 😣 Not too bad
25. What are your favorite things to do with your little? 😍 Color, cuddle, watch movies, or just sit and look at her
26. Do you and your little ever argue? 🙈 Of course. Haha
27. How did you know the role of a CG fit you? ✔️ I’ve always been naturally dominate. I’ve also loved to just take care of her, prior to knowing about dd/lg. She brought it up and it took me a while to get used to it but now I love it.
28. Do you let your little stay up late? 😴 Sometimes, but she has to beg me for t.
29. When your little is sad, what do you do? 😿 Tickles, story time, nap time, kisses. Whatever she needs.
30. How many CG/L relationships have you been in? 👫 Just this one.
31. Do you mind the cute accessories your little has? 👛 I LOVE the cute accessories. Especially her paci and tiara paired together. She’s my little princess.
32. Do you like to mess with your little? 😜 Always
33. If so, what do you do that makes your little mad? 😝 Random tickle fights, teasing
34. What is it about your little that makes you laugh? 😆 Her clumsiness and her cute ways.
35. Would you ever do pet play or other bdsm related lifestyles? 😸 Hell yeah! (No cussing, daddy! -Little L) She’s already my little kitty.
36. Would you ever let your little be in little space outside? 💅🏻 Of course! She’s pretty much little 100% of the time.
37. Have you ever gotten furious with your little? 😠 I wouldn’t say furious. Haha
38. What are your favorite shows to watch with your little? 🖥 My Little Pony, Stawberry Shortcake. She loves cartoons
39. What are your favorite colors?🖍 Red
40. Do you imagine a future with your little?💍Oh my god, of course. I am just waiting for the day to marry this girl and move in with her. Cook for her, pack her around the house, take care of her stuffies. 😍😍😍

anonymous asked:

Got any headcanons for Pharah, and Zarya with a short s/o?


  • Makes it super easy to pick them up and fly about with them!
  • Would take any excuse to pick them up
    • When they hug, kiss, cuddle, battle a control point
  • Pharah just loves the feeling of holding her s/o while in her flight suit, that she’ll want to hold them outside of her flight suit, too, even if she can’t fly with them
  • Would never be a tease, always helps her s/o reach things when they need it. Sometimes even lifting them off the ground to grab it themselves
  • Might baby her s/o a bit much. She already has a sense of duty to protect them, but since they’re extra smol, she might see that as an extra weakness and be overprotective
    • Won’t let them go into a fight alone, watches closely if they’re trying to do something in the kitchen


  • Finds it so adorable!
  • She wouldn’t be the biggest tease about their height, but she’d poke fun at them every now and then
    • Like if her s/o punches her playfully, she’ll be like “haha, that tickled, little one!”
  • When she teaches them how to spar, sometimes she’d pretend to be toppled by her tiny s/o, falling to the ground like “I cannot best the world’s smallest and strongest wrestler!”
  • She’d also lift them like a weight if she wanted to show off
  • Even though her partner is tiny, she would never underestimate them no matter how much she teases them
    • Zarya knows looks can be deceiving and that anyone, no matter how small, can still be strong as a mountain
Bad For You - Jay x Evie

Okay so anon asked me this - and since they just asked for a Jay x Evie, I decided to combine it with another one that was suggested by evilette-in-training


So many Jay x Evie prompts in my ask! Like I said, I will definitely write them all! Just be patient with me :):):)

“That’s the bell!” Jay said enthusiastically, grabbing his bag and swinging it over his shoulder. Carlos was right on his heels, chattering about going to see Dude before the big tourney game tonight. Jay gave his little buddy a smile, rubbing the top of his head to mess up his hair a bit. Carlos didn’t even seem to notice as he bolted from the room and down the school hall towards the stables where Dude stays during the day. Jay casually leaned against the lockers right outside the door, waiting for the ladies.

“I got that too!” Evie exclaimed, practically skipping out into the hall.

“Well I didn’t. I wonder if there is a spell to change the answers…I’ll catch you guys later. I’m gonna meet up with Ben before the game!” Mal said, running off in the direction of Ben’s dorm while waving a hand behind her.

“I’d say we aced that test Evie,” a proud Doug said, throwing his arm around her for an awkward hug while trying to balance his books in his other arm.

Evie hugged back rather tightly, giggling and jumping up and down. She turned around after the brief contact with a dazed Doug and saw Jay leaning against the wall.

“Hey Jay! We were just discussing how well the test went! My study sessions with Doug are really paying off!” Evie squealed again, grabbing Doug’s hand and squeezing it while giving him a knock-out smile. Oblivious to the world around him with Evie in his sights, Doug simply smiled and stared at the dark haired goddess.

“Yeah tests aren’t my strong suit. Tourney is,” Jay said, trying his best to sound bored to hide the anger in his voice.

Evie immediately picked up on his somewhat sour mood. “What’s wrong, Jay?” She asked.

“Nothing. I have a game to get ready for. I’ll see you two love birds later or something,” Jay said, pushing off of the wall and storming down the hall.

“Love birds?!” Evie exclaimed. She stalked off the hall after him, brewing a storm of her own in Jay’s wake. Doug immediately started to follow, which made Evie whip around on her heels with a glare. “I know you mean well and want to help, Doug. But right now this is Island kid Jay. So let me handle this on my own, please,” Evie asked, an edge to her sultry voice.

“I–uh. Okay,” Doug said, immediately caving to her.

“I’ll see you later, at the game!” She called out to him as she continued half running after Jay.

“Jay!” Evie had finally caught up to him. He was almost to the tourney field. She was carrying her heels so that she didn’t break them trying to get to him before he disappeared into the locker room.

“JAY! WILL YOU STOP OR AT LEAST SLOW DOWN?!” Evie yelled at him. To her surprise, Jay halted, and then turned to face her. She came bearing down on him with heels in hand, looking fierce because of her long, dark hair billowing out behind her. “What the hell is your problem?!” She spat out, glaring up at him.

Jay looked at her, taking in Evie’s raw beauty. Her hair was a mess from running after him, and she had a fire in her eyes that she didn’t have as often since leaving the Island. Her makeup was perfect, of course. Tiny beads of sweat rolled down her exposed collarbones, going into hidden areas he wished wouldn’t remain covered forever.

“Jay,” Evie repeated. “What is up with you? You haven’t acted like that since we were on the Island.”

“It’s nothing, Evie,” Jay sighed heavily, turning away to look out across the field.

“Well something is up because you always call me Ev,” She stated plainly, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow. Jay knew that look. That was the look that demanded an answer.

“It’s just…I’m no good,” Jay whispered, looking at his feet and putting a hand on the back of his head.

“What do you mean no good? Jay, I know choosing to do the right thing all of the time is tough, but you can’t just give up. You have to keep trying–”

“No,” Jay cut Evie off. “I meant that I’m no good for you.”

Evie looked stunned. Her eyes got really big, and her mouth popped open as she stared at Jay. He squirmed in her sight, looking from her to the ground and back to the field.

“What–what are you saying, exactly, Jay?” Evie asked, slowly unfolding her arms and looking at the ground.

“I’m bad for you. Doug isn’t. You should be with Doug. I can tell you like him,” Jay started.

“Jay, you don’t even–”

“Don’t deny it. I saw the way you acted around him today after the test. Anyone can see it Evie. You’ve been acting that way around him. You like him,” Jay said. It wasn’t a question, but an observation.

Evie pinched the bridge of her nose with her finger and thumb, closing her eyes. “Jay. Just because I act that way doesn’t mean that I like Doug,” She looked up at him then, letting her hands fall loosely to her sides. “Have you forgotten who raised me? How I was supposed to act around any guy no matter what to try and get him to like me enough to consider marriage? But only if it was to a Prince, mother always said,” Evie trailed off, lost in a memory of her past.

Her eyes snapped to Jay’s, and she took a deliberate step closer to him. “Just because I chose to be good doesn’t mean years of being told to behave that way are just going to wear off.”

Another step closer.

“You may think you are bad for me, Jay,” Evie said seductively. “But you don’t get to choose who I like.”

And with that, she took the last step separating them and kissed him full on the mouth. Jay made a surprised sound, but then greedily deepened the kiss and wrapped his arms around Evie.

They stood like that, lips locked and bodies entwined, until Ben happened along and broke them up.

“This is great, I mean like wow, but uhm, maybe–maybe you shouldn’t do that here? I mean we have a big game starting soon and uhm–J-Jay has to get ready. And uh…technically this isn’t allowed on school grounds but uhm it’s cool. I won’t tell anyone. Except maybe Mal, but I mean she figured this was coming anyways…” Ben rambled.

“We get it dude. Just got lost in the moment,” Jay smiled, winking at Ben.

“Yeah, well, uhm—okay!” Ben clapped his hands together. “Let’s go get ready for this game, huh?” He asked, looking from Evie to Jay with an awkward smile plastered to his face.

Jay shoved him aside, turning back to blow a kiss at Evie. “See ya after, Ev!” He smiled, giving her a wink and a playful lip bite. Evie smiled, waving at the two as they walked towards the field. Evie turned around and saw Mal walking up to her.

“So did I call it or what?” Mal smirked, taking a bite of a strawberry.

“Shut up,” Evie laughed, rolling her eyes and lightly pushing her best friend. They walked arm in arm towards the tourney field along with the rest of the school that was pouring out onto the grounds.

“Took long enough,” Mal said under her breath.

“What was that?” Evie said, pretending to sound annoyed.

“You heard me, it took you two long enough to realize your feelings for each other! Ben and I figured it out weeks ago,” Mal informed her.

“Oh so now you’re an expert in dating?” Evie teased.

“I happen to know a lot about it, thank you very much,” Mal teased right back. “Now, let’s cheer on your man! Haha!”

Invade My Privacy

Requests: Hi love, could you write a oneshot Bucky×reader where she’s the youngest Avenger with powers similar to Loki & Wanda’s, & she’s sassy but shy at the same time. Bucky is shy at first but then he falls for her & is overprotective of her and don’t know how tell her he loves her, so Tony says to him he should tease the reader. He tries but reader get’s very awkward & blushes & after all she tells Buck she was that way because she’s a virgin & she gets very nervous? I don’t know, this is a bit awkwar  

Haha it’s okay 😂 it was about the reader being a mutant sort of like Jean Grey and teaching at the Xavier school and she knows Steve coz he teaches art there :) and he comes to get her to help Bucky after CW 😂 i might submit it to you then … 😜 ahaha thanks so much ❤️ 

Word Count: 3.4k +

A/N: since i morphed the two requests together, they were changed a teensy bit but the main themes are still there

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

You could sense him.

Steve was never good at hiding his feelings in general, but today seemed different. You could feel the sense of anxiety pulsing through his chest, a hint of excitement intermixed with it. You could feel the overwhelming sense of nostalgia he was experiencing as he entered the first gate, memories of his old job flooding his mind. And most of all, you could feel that he was here for something, and that he wouldn’t leave until he got it.

The corners of your lips quirked up, a ghost of a smile appearing on your features. Even though you knew Steve was not here just to visit, you were ecstatic to be able to see him after a couple of years.

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anonymous asked:

I really enjoy that in your fics you don't rely on heavy power roles. Sometimes Katya pushes Trixie down and eats her out, but them Trixie will tease Katya and it's all just really nice. It's more exciting then one obvious dominant one and one obvious submissive partner. Because honestly Katya and Trixie are both hot in either role, I'm really just here for the smut you write, obviously I appreciate the soft moments, but ur fics are the first I've read that have a realistic w|w sex so I'm hype!

omg someone complimenting me on my SMUT?!?!?! screech… thank you so much lolll this means so much to me because im always insecure about it haha, i agree that they’re both hot in either role and i like to switch it up ya know. and im so glad you think it’s realistic! that’s the goal

Lawful Tease pt.4

Word count: 1951

Author’s note: I managed to finish this! It only needed some small add-ons and checking here and there, so even though I had no time today this afternoon, I still managed to post it in the evening, woohooo!! (And I still have to study, meh.) It probably turned out a bit awkward, haha – also, I think you will hate me juuuust a little bit for the ending. This is more special now, because a sweet Law major Anon has sent me a message here to let me know how much she likes Lawful Tease, and I promised her to try and publish part 4 asap. Here it is, I hope it was worth the long wait c:

Your name: submit What is this?

I have to admit that the last lesson with her was a disaster. She was smart and quirky as always, cute in her own way, looked gorgeous and enticing – too much, even.

Initially, I thought that if I manage to find her and figure out her identity, I’ll be able to finally forget about her.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Now, my mind won’t quit bombarding me with any kind of thought that is relatable to her – and what’s worse, those thoughts now include some which I would much rather ignore for my and her sake.

This is my last lecture for today, and I can’t help perking up whenever that damn door opens or closes and someone either leaves or arrives. It takes me an extra dose of willpower to be able to focus on what I’m talking about. Apparently she’s still giving me hardship teaching, although now my situation has improved so I don’t get bored when there is no one to answer me or come up with a witty response to my questions.

After the class ends, and I explain some things to pupils who come to me to ask about the actual curriculum and not my personal life, I head to the absent professor’s office. I fall into the chair with an exasperated sigh and stare out of the window, which shows the entrance of the building of Faculty of Law.

My eyes wander on the outdoors, scanning the students and secretly wishing she would show up – I haven’t seen her for over a week, and it’s killing me. I’m not the type to leave things unresolved, the tension we have between us just further adding to my frustration. Even if we don’t talk to each other ever again, I still want to explain my demeanour to her. My fingers curl into firm fists as I recall the way my body acted on its own in such a close proximity to her.


Her scent engulfed me, the apparent smoothness of her lips entranced me, the soft noise she made when her butt hit the edge of the desk, the warmth of her body under my palms, the way she stared into my eyes, her pupils dilated, looking just barely scared and more like she was dying for it at least as much as me…

I stand with a groan. I have to keep my thoughts away from her, otherwise I’m going to go nuts.

I snatch my phone from the desk and dial Erica’s number to tell her to give me a heads-up about my agenda. I don’t need it, I know I only have to attend one dinner tonight with the judge and the coroner of my latest case, but I need a freaking distraction.

. o O o .

On Tuesday next week, I deliberately go to the Faculty of Psychology. I’ve been waiting impatiently to finally have a chance to talk to her, not wanting her to think I’m the kind of guy who takes advantage of women. I want – need – her to know that.

During the past days, I made a little research to find out her full name and which semester she’s taking at the moment. There were a total of seven (Y/N)s in the student database of the Psychology department. Thankfully, they have pictures attached to the profiles of the pupils, so it wasn’t hard to find her among the seven records. This way I also have access to her timetable, which makes it a thousand times easier for me to bump into her again accidentally on the corridors of the university. My mind is accusing me on end of stalker behaviour, but I justify it with the fact that I have no other choice if I want to have a last talk with her.

Right now, I’m in the building of her faculty. It doesn’t take too long for me to glimpse her among the sea of people. I start walking towards her, but she notices me, too – and then she turns and hurtles her way through the crowd, heading in the opposite direction, practically escaping from me. It equally hurts and infuriates me.

I accelerate my steps to try and come level with her, but the people around me don’t make it easy for me – especially because a girl stops me by grabbing my arm.

“Are you Derek Hale?” she asks, awed. I’m stretching and craning my neck to find her again, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to spot her. I look back at the girl who made me stop, and judging by the puzzled expression her face morphs into, my fury is showing on my face.

. o O o .

I get to meet her nearly two weeks later. There’s a downpour washing over the town – it’s been raining for about twenty minutes, the water flowing on the streets like shallow rivers, and occasionally the drops are so thick and raging that they look like a waving transparent curtain. I’m on my way out of the institute, about to head home to go through the files of my case once more for tomorrow’s hearing, when I glimpse someone running on the street. I wouldn’t spare two glances at the girl if her figure wasn’t so familiar.

I jerk to a halt with my Camaro.

For several seconds, only the wiper arms commuting back and forth on the windshield are the only things that move in the car, otherwise I feel like time has stopped for me. I shake myself awake, then start my car again, slowly approaching her. I roll down the window on the right so that I can talk to her.

“Hey,” I say, hoping she will hear my voice over the rain. Her walking falters and she turns to see who called out. As soon as her eyes land on me, she continues on her way like she didn’t even see me. However, I don’t budge, and keep following her with the car slowly. “You’re soaking wet.”

“Very perceptive of you,” she spits back. I ignore the disdain in her tone.

“Hop in, I’ll give you a ride home,” I offer. I don’t miss the way her body spasms, contemplating it momentarily. She still refuses, though.

“I’ll deal, but thanks,” she says sternly. I won’t have it.

“You’re going to catch a cold,” I point out, making her stop finally. “And your clothes are see-through now.” Even the tips of her ears go red, and I have to suppress my smile at the sight. I unlock the door for her, and she hops in, letting an exasperated sigh escape from her lips. No wonder why I win all of my cases – I always know what to say.

“Okay, you won,”  she says, avoiding looking at me, presumably because she’s overly self-conscious about her bra being available. I take off from the sidewalk, maintaining a slow pace on the wet pavement. “Thank you,” she says eventually, hardly audible.

“You’re welcome,” I nod, turning to the left towards the crossroads. Once there, I stop at the red lamp. I can’t help but my eyes travel over to her body, skin still flushed with pearls of raindrops flowing down, collecting in the dip under her neck, the tee she’s wearing sticking to her collarbones and general shape, the dripping material leaving nothing to the imagination – it not only allows me to see her navel, but also every single part of the lace that adorns her lingerie. Her heart is beating wildly.

My mouth falls open, and I completely forget about where I am until someone honks behind me impatiently. I clear my throat, taking off from there. Save for the heavy knocking on the exterior of my Camaro, there is silence between us; it’s only broken when I speak up.

“So,” I begin, feeling abruptly awkward. She turns away from the window to look in my general direction, albeit never quite finding my face, not daring to glance higher than my shoulders. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you.”

She nods, then asks, “About?” like she could possibly be clueless of that.

“About what happened after my latest lecture.” Her cheeks heat up once more. “I want you to know that…” I contemplate what to say. I don’t want her to think I find her unattractive or that I want to take advantage of her. How does one convey they temporarily lost control of themselves and just gave in to their desires? So much for the ‘not wanting to take advantage’ part of my speech… I take a deep breath to ground myself. I try again. “I want you to know that I don’t normally do this. I don’t take advantage of women.”

She nods in acknowledgement.

“Okay,” is all she replies with. It tenses me up more, and my knuckles go white as I grip the stirring wheel. She doesn’t push to ask why it happened then, which I’m grateful for.

“You started avoiding me altogether,” I continue.

“Yes, I’ve – I’ve been busy lately,” she explains. To my biggest relief, she asks, “And how are your lectures?”

“Fine,” I answer, easing up a bit, my muscles uncoiling as the rigid tension seeps out of them a tad. “But they are not nearly as interesting compared to the ones where I had someone to talk to.”

She involuntarily smiles at that, lifting my spirits. “What happened to the professor, though? He seems to be absent a lot.”

“He was involved in an accident, and among many bones, even his jaw got broken.”

“Wow,” she says, and I couldn’t agree more.

After a long debate with myself, I end up asking, “May I buy you another hot chocolate?” She gives me an equally surprised and confused look, so I proceed to explain. “You left yours on the desk.”

“Oh,” she bites her lip. Tearing my eyes away from her mouth, I force myself to check the rearview mirror instead. My nervousness wells up in me again as I’m waiting for her answer. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked, maybe it was too much and I ruined all my chances to – “All right,” she says finally. It’s a near call that a wide grin stretches to my face, but I manage to school my features before that could happen.

I’m already opening my mouth to say something else, but my phone goes off. I take my hand away from the clutch to hold it out towards her as I say, “Could you give it to me? It’s in the pocket of my suit.” I hung it on the back of the passenger seat after sitting in – it got a bit wet in the short time between closing my umbrella and jumping in.

(Y/N) moves to feel for the device, then hands it over to me without sparing a glance at the caller ID. Her fingers are still cold when they brush against my skin, making me want to warm her up. I keep watching her as she’s looking through the window on the side, but then I tear my eyes away from her to pay attention to driving. I accept the call.

“Hale,” I say, tone monotone and business-like.

“Did I leave my folder at yours yesterday? I need it for the court in half an hour. Can I go over to get it?”

“Sure,” I answer, ending the call. I look over at (Y/N) again. “I have to go home. Someone left his papers at mine, and he needs them in thirty. That okay?”

(Y/N) nods.

So I’m taking her to my flat, and that’s that. And I’m not freaking out over it.

kyasuu  asked:

I don't actually have a preference for what gender I draw, so describe whoever you want to. Their base personality traits might be helpful too so I don't draw them OOC haha.

Omg okay! Then I’ll describe my 3 mains:

1. Kari: she’s about 16-17. She’s very wise with memories of past lives, but also a nervous person and reluctant to do things that are outside of her experience. She’s Sri Lankan, with dark hair, skin, and eyes.
2. Ruby: she’s also 16-17. Much more adventurous than Kari, and kind of haughty. She teases Kari and denies that she has a soft spot for her. She’s got cracks in her skin filled with gold, and the locals know her as the Kintsungi Girl. She’s got long black hair and lighter brown skin, from somewhere in East Asia (she’s an orphan and doesn’t totally know where her parents were from)
3. Leora: she’s 18-19. She’s the comic relief and holds the group together, but also has the heavy burden of filling Ruby’s cracks with gold, which hurts her badly. She doesn’t feel important because she doesn’t have some grand destiny like the other two do, but in some ways she’s the gold that holds things together.

anonymous asked:

So it's okay to ask for headcannons?? Because I would really love to hear some of yours for if the RFA members saw MC wearing glasses one day. Like she always wore contacts and they never knew so it was a surprise to see them. Bonus points if her glasses are kinda thick meaning she's blind af cause that's so me haha

eyyyy blind people of the world UNITE UNDER GOD SEVEN (or V? god, i can’t take this seriously)

  • Seven probably just loves you all the more. He’ll tease you to all hell, though - he loves seeing you scramble about without your glasses, desperate to find them. But hey, he’s pretty blind too, so… Revenge is sweet.
  • Zen loves your glasses so, so much. They just make you look so adorable! Not only that, but they’re super chic. You’ve even discovered him admiring himself in the mirror (best he can - the thick lenses mess up his vision) with them on…
  • Yoosung likes that you have glasses, and doesn’t understand why you don’t wear them more often. Honestly, he needs glasses, too… All that gaming has finally messed up his eyes. So he makes a promise - if you wear yours more often, he’ll wear his!
  • Jaehee was surprised when she saw you with glasses on for the first time. She had never thought that you’d be a fellow glasses-wearer, and honestly, she likes them on you… Although she is grateful that her own vision will never be quite as bad as yours.
  • Jumin is shocked by how bad your eyesight actually is - he had seen your contacts lying around, but had never bothered to check your prescription. Despite his insistence that you visit his ophthalmologist, he actually likes seeing you with those thick lenses… They’re cute.

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BTS reacting to you wearing your glasses

Hello love! I hope you like this!! I tried really really hard on it!! I hope its not garbage.

Jin: He would understand why you didn’t want tot wear the but would think you are so adorable He would probably wear his around you to make you feel less uncomfortable. “Woah! You look so pretty!! Do you not like them? Here I’ll wear mine too!!”

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Suga: He would ask why you’re wearing glasses and say that you look weird. He would probably pull you into a hug and say something like “Oh you know I’m only joking right? You look amazing and I love you *kisses your forehead*”

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J-hope: He would be so shocked as to how cute you look with them on!! He would want you want you to wear them much more often!! “Oh my, you look sO CUTE!!! Please wear them more!!! Why have you been hiding this from me?!”

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Rap Monster: This cute baby would look at you and be confused why you hid you have poor eyesight. He would probably find a fake pair and wear them around you so you don’t feel so self-conscious. “Look at it this way, you look much prettier in them than I do haha! Why were you hiding this again??”

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Jimin: This cute patoot would take you everywhere and show everyone that his girlfriend  looks beautiful with or without glasses!! “Let’s go to the park! I want to show the world  how beautiful you are! Please please pleaseeeeee??”

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V: Tae would think you look absolutely adorable! He would LOVE the look on you and beg you to wear your glasses more around him! “you don’t even need to wear them out. Just around me! I don’t need everyone to take this beautiful being away from me!!”

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Jungkook: Kookie would tease you so much about it but deep down he would think it’s the cutest thing about you!! “Hey four eyes looking good haha. *Oh man she looks great how do I tell her?* Wanna get lunch you cute nerd. Heh heh..”

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