they taste nice though

another analogy for sexuality that no one asked for
  • homo/hetero: I only like coffee OR tea. Just the one, the other one is cool but it's just not for me
  • heteroflexible: I strongly prefer tea, but sometimes I'm thirsty and they only have coffee.
  • bi: I like them both, doesn't really matter what form they come in. You could mix them and it'd be fine, honestly.
  • pan: It really doesn't matter what the drink is as long as it's hot and comforting.
  • demi: It has to be just the right temperature and the right amount of sugar and cream, but yeah I'll drink it.
  • ace: I love the smell of coffee and tea, but I don't really like the taste. It's nice to have some around though.
  • aro: I don't drink anything. Like ever.
  • poly: I have so many half drunken mugs in my room right now

I was thinking about what would happen if my Fire Emblem children ever met each other and decided to doodle it.

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❤ Reactions from the S,M and T brothers if their S.O. gave them a bouquet of flowers? ❤

I’m not dead I swear nvn. Sorry this took so long babe.


Shu - “What are these? Quiet down I know they’re flowers…” He may seem like you’re bothering him with such useless things and interrupting his sleep, especially when he hands them back to you and orders you to put them in a vase, but that’s just Shu… he cares and appreciates them!… We think.

Reiji - “Well you do have a very nice taste in decor. Though these leaves are starting to wilt I’m sure I could fix that.” He fills a vase and they go right in the center of the table so he can admire them while you two eat dinner, even if he is nitpicky he still loves the thought that you gave them to him.

Ayato - “Uhh thanks, but you know something that Your’s Truly really wants?” Of course, it’s your blood. He may play around like that but he is really touched that you thought about him and will find a proper vase for them.

Kanato - Honestly he may be a little lost with his words because to be completely honest he’d rather you had brought him something sweet after all flowers die so easily at least candy has more… uses. (ノ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ*:・゚✧

Laito - “Oh Little Bitch these are very pretty, maybe we could spread them on the bed~” If you were to agree he’d decline and keep them in a vase, you did go out of your way to pick them out just for him after all~ He’ll save that idea for a later date.

Subaru - Subaru.exe has stopped responding would you like to restart this program again? He’s at a total loss for words, through blushes and stutters you’ll get a thank you but other than that he’s hit the road jack. You’ll see him admiring them before placing them in a vase, so he can’t damage them.


Ruki - “Hmm these are rather nice Livestock, I suppose you have learned something.” He seems rather pleased with them actually, or more so pleased with the quality of them. They’ll be set in a vase in the dining room as the centerpiece that night for sure.

Kou - “Aw did my Kitten get these for me? Well, now I have to give you something back right?” Say yes… Just, please say yes.

Yuma - “Hey, Sow, where’d you get these? They better not have come from the garden… A shop? But I grow them?… A gift? Uh thanks…” After the questionnaire, he’d plant a kiss on top of your head and put them in a vase.

Azusa - “Ohh… these are really… pretty just like… Eve.” Did he just turn this back on you? Yes, he did… smooooth.

Tsukinami (they don’t get no love):

Carla - “These are very nice but you do know that I have no need for such things when you’re around.” How he manages to be this smooth is unfathomable but he does.

Shin - “What? Why would I want these, especially from you?” Rest assured when you are out of sight he’s blushing so hard. You may just find them in a very special vase in a very special place where he can see them whenever he wants… but he’s not gonna tell you that.

Bad Coffee

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Hospitals, mentions of illness and surgery, really bad coffee haha

Word Count: 914

Summary: The hospital makes shockingly bad coffee, good thing the company is good though

A/N: Thought of this while sitting in the hospital waiting room for 5 hours today

My eyes dropped as I sat at the small cafe in the hospital’s main lobby, my hands still wrapped around the coffee cup I’d bought more than an hour ago despite the fact I wasn’t drinking it anymore. It tasted awful anyway.

I’d lost count over how long I’d been sitting here, waiting on any news, trying not to think about the possibility that it could be bad. The doctor had said that it was unlikely that the surgery would go bad but I still hadn’t managed to quell the anxiety sitting in the middle of my chest. At this point I just needed any kind of news.

I licked my lips, pulling out my phone and opening up a new message to my Mum, knowing that if I didn’t update her on what was happening she would call and that was something I wasn’t sure I could handle right now.
Once the message had sent I locked my phone back up, sliding it into my jeans pocket before returning to stare down at the wood grain in the table, wondering whether or not anyone would care if I had a nap right here. After all it had been more than six hours since we’d gone through emergency and I was exhausted.

I jumped as the chair across from me was pulled out, a hand sliding a fresh coffee towards me. I glanced up with confusion, seeing a man across from me that I’d never seen before.
“Sorry,” He said with an apologetic smile. “You’ve just been sitting here for a while and I figured you might need a top up.”
“Thanks,” I replied, trying to give him a smile in return.

I took the cup gratefully, taking a small sip as I looked him over, tracing my eyes down from his slicked back brown hair to the slope of his nose; the heat prickling over my cheeks as I realized his eyes were on me. I cleared my throat, gesturing to his own takeaway coffee cup.
“How long have you been here?”
“Not that long,” He shrugged. “I was just with a friend, came down to get some coffee while the Doctors checked him over.”
“Something serious?”
“Just a broken nose,”
“Oh,” I said with a small frown. “That doesn’t sound pleasant.”
He shrugged again, chuckling a little as he took a drink. “Probably not, but I guess this is what happens when you mix beer and backyard footy.” I couldn’t help but laugh, instantly feeling bad for the guy that had undoubtedly taken the football extremely hard to the face. “I’m Chris by the way.”
“Oh! Y/n,” I said, reaching over to shake his held out hand.
“So y/n, what’s got you here?”

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Underneath the Bandages

Summary: Dan hits his head whilst masturbating, and despite being rather awkward, the incident brings him closer with his best friend, Phil.

Warnings: vomit, hospitals, head injuries, fainting, mentions of masturbation

Word count: 6.7k

A/N: Disclaimer, probably not my best work but I wrote it so here you go.

A loud thump from Dan’s room interrupted the TV programme I was watching. At first I thought it was nothing, but as I replayed the sound in my head, it started to bother me. He probably just dropped something, he was known for his butterfingers, but something made me worry that it could be something serious.

I turned the volume off on the TV and called out his name, “DAN!?”

There was no reply.

To ease my mind I decided I would go and check everything was okay. I stood up, slipping my phone into my pocket and made my way to Dan’s room. The door was shut, so I knocked, again saying Dan’s name loudly. When there was again no reply, I decided I would go in. I guess he could be asleep and maybe the noise came from the neighbours, but something in the back of my mind told me that I needed to know.

I opened the door and was met with a sight that I had not prepared myself to see; Dan lying, naked, on the floor.

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Sober me: sure we’re going to a karaoke bar for the end of term event but I’m not fucking singing

Drunk me: sometiMES I FEEL IVE GOT TO *snap snap* RUN AWAY, IVE GOT TO *stamp stamp* GET AWAY

RFA+V+Saeran orders at Starbucks


  • He’s a bit wary of the caffeine
  • He knows that the “Pass Out After Drinking Coffee Syndrome” is fake but still prefers to play safe
  • Usually orders hot chocolate with caramel syrup
  • Vanilla bean frappuccino during summer
  • Doesn’t get any food because then his order would be too expensive (honestly same)


  • His favorite is Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Doesn’t care if it’s considered to be Basic Girl DrinkTM, it tastes awesome
  • Normally orders tea though because it’s good for the body
  • Also gets Greek Yoghurt with Berries Parfait


  • Caramel Macchiato with three extra shots of espresso
  • Caramel Marshmallow Frappuccino/Iced Caramel Macchiato during warm months
  • She also buys packages of coffee beans to brew at home
  • Loves the chocolate brownies


  • Flat White is his go-to drink
  • Also likes Espresso Con Panna 
  • Cold Brew when it’s hot outside
  • Grabs Turkey Pesto Panini or the Caesar salad for snack because it seems nutritious


  • Orders secret menu drinks 
  • Which he also modifies himself
  • Baristas are always afraid they’ll have to remake the drink
  • Because who could possibly like a Captain Crunch Frappuccino with 25 pumps of caramel sauce and cinnamon powder, right?
  • Well, Luciel has strange tastes (must be a nice break from PHD Pepper though)
  • He also gets carrot cake and then has a sugar high


  • Unicorn Frappuccino
  • It’s so his aesthetic
  • He also likes White Hot Chocolate and Eggnog Latte
  • Gets blueberry muffins to go along with that


  • Orders plain black coffee
  • Then adds a ton of cream and sugar at the condiment stand
  • Likes Cake Pops and cinnamon bubblegum

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hii~~, i was wondering if you have some new hannigram fic recs bc i made my way through the ones on ur fic rec corner (it took me a hot sec lol) and u have very good taste and i was wondering if there are anymore youve read recently that arent on the fic rec corner yet? (i hope its not too much of a bother you dont have to answer or anything if u dont wanna obvs <3 just thought id ask!!)

Hi, friend!  Questions are never a bother. <3

Let’s see.  I poked at the private bookmarks on AO3, where I keep the things I am intending to rec on pinboard one day but haven’t yet, and came back with a few things for you.  I’m not doing very well at keeping up with new Hannific right now so some of these are older, other folks should feel free to chime in with other newer suggestions!  Also, you might poke at @freshmeatfriday - I saw that their April round-up just went up, but I haven’t had a chance to read all the offerings yet myself.

1) Prettier in Pink by @shiphitsthefan: Okay, so on this one I am cheating, because it’s not actually Hannigram, so much as one of those things where the fandom randomly decided to ship other Hugh and Mads characters together, and I’ve never even SEEN either Ella Enchanted or Valhalla Rising, but look, I just love ship’s fics in general and this one in particular is just DELIGHTFUL to me so far, one of my very favorite ongoing fics right now.  So I’m giving it to you anyway since you said nice things about my taste. Maybe check it out even though it’s technically not at all what you asked for, sorry, I am The Worst.

2) @pragnificent is writing excellent things for us. I’m particularly fond of the Identically Different AU, but if you would like something finished (and fluffier), how about Leashing Machiavelli?

3) I realized the other day that I had been amiss in leaving @northernveil‘s post-canon singing all your songs of praise off my fic rec list, so that’s definitely going on the list next time I update. 

4) @the-bees-patella hasn’t been around Tumblr in quite a while. I hope she’s doing well - NYC Fannibals, if you see her, send her my love?  I live in the hopes she’ll come back to us both because I like her a lot, and because I’m hoping she’ll finish Letters from Capgras, which is wonderful even in its unfinished state.

5) I recently re-read whiskeyandspite’s 1930s mobster AU Nice Work If You Can Get It, which is GREAT.  (It also has its own AU, All Or Nothing At All, which might appeal. I’d take the original if I had to choose, but luckily, I don’t.  Also, AUs of AUs delight me.)

6) I was also recently reminded that @halotolerant‘s Literally Speaking, an AU that shouldn’t work and yet absolutely does, and while I will be overwhelmed with joy if/when the final chapter arrives, it stands pretty beautifully as it is right now, you could read it and be perfectly satisfied with where it ends as it stands.

7) I really want to reread the post-canon The First Condition of Immortality is Death by @radioxsilence again before I rec it properly, but I’ve been waiting to find myself with a big chunk of time for it.  But even if some of the details are fuzzy at this point, I know I loved it, and I rec it happily.

8) Everyone’s reading everything by @weconqueratdawn, right?  Take your pick of Cathexis or Quicksilver, start there, and read the other one when you finish the first.  Plus: timestamps!

9) @redfivewritingby is writing a Jaws AU, and I’m not gonna lie, I suspect there’s a bunch of stuff I’m missing by never having watched Jaws (I KNOW, I KNOW, I’M SORRY, I’LL WATCH IT SOMEDAY) but I’m still enjoying it.

10) It’s a bit of a crime that I only have one of @moku-youbi‘s fics on Pinboard, I need to add more as soon as I decide which one to rec next, they’re ALL SO GOOD, ARGH.  But just to give you a starting point, I’m going to send you to The God of Appetite if you like AUs, or Wear Me On Your Skin if you want canon.  (Among the many reasons I like Thursday is I think she likes pretty boys covered in blood almost as much as I do.)

You can also assume that everyone on this list is someone whose fic I recommend in general, so you would probably have yourself a grand time going through all of their back catalogues.

Hope that’s enough to keep you busy until I get some more reading done and can bring back more offerings of recs for the fandom, my friend..

Never Again

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders)

Word count: 2218

Characters: Sirius x reader, James x sister!reader, Peter, Remus, Lily

Warnings: Reader getting drunk andd  doing silly stuff, pining.

Summary: James’ twin sister does not deal well with what she thinks are unrequited feelings for Sirius.

“Okay. I am so glad that term is over,” you announced, shoving your trunk into the luggage rack and then slumping into the seat opposite Sirius. “Honestly, it felt like the professors didn’t want us to get any sleep this month.”

“Well, if you didn’t leave all your essays to the last minute…” Remus suggested. You scowled at him.

“I like to have fun with my life, Remus. Unlike you.”

Sirius dipped his head, sniggering. You grinned triumphantly. “Speaking of, James and I are having a party a few days before New Year. You two are coming, of course.”

“Really? I didn’t know about this.” James, your twin brother, eyed you warily as he took the seat next to you. “Do our parents know?”

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“I guess she can’t come to me for support… Well I supposed I wouldn’t rely on someone like me either.” - Baek In Ho not knowing how trustworthy and wonderful of a person he actually is.

My personal experience meeting Bobby

So to begin the reason I was able to meet Bobby was because of my best friend, whom I will refer to as Y in this post for her own privacy. A little background about her, her family and Bobby’s family are very close and have known each other for a while. Her family and Bobby’s family live very close together so they see each other often. Y went to school together with Bobby until he moved to Korea his sophomore year of high school to become a YG trainee. 


Y and I had planned on eating together on Saturday. Since Saturday was Bobby’s last day here though she wanted to make sure that I was able to meet him. He didn’t have enough time for lunch so we decided to go get snocream instead. She is the sweetest girl ever, she told me afterwards how she “was so scared that he wouldn’t have time to go out cause she really wanted me to see him.” So I got to snocream and went on the bus to meet Y and Bobby’s cousin, who I will refer to as JH. For the record, Y, JH, Bobby and I are all the same age. JH, Y, and I ordered our snocream and then went out to the car to wait cause it would take about 30 mins for our order to be ready.

I got in the car and the first thing I see is Bobby just curled up like a ball in the passenger seat which I thought was really funny. Y introduced me by saying “Ya Bobby this is my friend Madeline” so he turned around to say “annyeonghaseyo” and bowed his head at me before turning around. Y replied at him saying “she’s not korean” so he turned around and said hello instead haha. Before I got there apparently Y was telling Bobby how I was coming to eat snocream with them. Bobby asked “is she my fan?” and Y lied to him saying “no she has no idea who you are” to mess with him LOL. So when I got in the car he had no idea that I was his fan.

Since JH, Y, and I are all college students we talked about school and stuff. Y and I were telling JH that he should come visit us at our school and come to a party sometime. We proceeded to talk about drinking and such and Bobby said that he doesn’t like drinking cause he doesn’t like the taste. I told Bobby that I could change that if he came to visit Y and I at school and he laughed and smiled at him. According to Y, Bobby’s always wanted to come visit her at school to see what college is like but he never has enough time when he comes to the US. Also since he usually comes in December/January, Y and I are usually on winter break. I talked to Bobby and JH about Y’s drinking habits since they’ve never seen her drunk. I told them about she get’s really emotional and cries when she’s drunk which they thought was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. I showed them some pictures of her when she got really drunk and just some funny pictures of her in general which made them laugh. AND HE TOUCHED MY PHONE LIKE 3 TIMES, I was honestly freaking out internally. Anyways, the pictures weren’t the most attractive photos of her but Bobby and JH kept saying in korean to her that she’s the prettiest girl they’ve ever seen. Bobby even said that Y is prettier than Beyonce which was really nice and funny LOL.

While we were waiting Bobby kept saying how it was really hot in the car. The windows were fogging up from the heat so he start playing around and writing on the glass. First he wrote his signature on the windshield. After that he started playing around with the sun roof. JH, Y, and I were talking until we noticed he was up to something cause Bobby and Y’s younger brother couldn’t stop laughing. We looked up and they were drawing dicks on the sunroof glass. We all said that the dick they drew looked so small and sad so Bobby said he would draw a better one, He proceeded to draw the weirdest looking dick I have ever seen in my life. The dick he drew looked like a rounded edge upside-down triangle. After he was done all of us just burst out laughing saying what the fuck kind of dick is that. He got hot again so he would kept opening the car door to cool down. Eventually he decided to just get out and walk around the parking lot. At one point he randomly started dancing which was cute. 

A few minutes later we decided to go check on our order. So we all went on the bus to get our snocream before going back to the car to eat. Bobby had the honeydew flavor at first so when JH asked him how it was Bobby said it was a little too sweet for his taste. JH was nice enough to trade his taro with Bobby’s honeydew though. Bobby liked the taro better than the Honeydew. He started complaining about how it was cold now and kept putting his hands in this weird position cause they were cold from holding the snocream. After we finished eating we were trying to clean up all the cups and stack them together. They made Y’s younger brother do it cause he’s the maknae of the group haha. When he was trying to figure out how to do it Bobby told him to scoop the contents of one out into the other cup and called him a dumb (insert curse word here) in Korean as a joke which made everyone laugh hahaha.

Y and I got out of the car to throw away the cups. Y told Bobby to get out of the car to take a picture with me which he was confused about. Meanwhile I was starting my car and connected my phone to the audio system, my car started playing I Like 2 Party by Jay Park. He got out of Y’s car and heard the music playing and said something to Y about the music. I couldn’t hear exactly what he said but I definitely heard him ask something about Park Jaebum. Y told me that he was surprised because he didn’t know I was into kpop since Y didn’t tell him. So Y finally told him that I like kpop and that I was a fan of his and he said that he liked my shirt hehehe. You have no idea how happy I am that I wore that shirt on Saturday LOL. So I took a couple pictures with him before saying thank you and I told him he smelled good which made him smile at me haha. I’m a very straightforward person so I will say whatever’s on my mind so that’s why I said that to Bobby. Y came over and I hugged her for a while and saying goodbye and how I would miss her cause I probably won’t see her until I go back to school. Y kept saying “anajwo” to Bobby so he would give me a hug but I didn’t make a move and neither did he so it was just awkward haha. I waved goodbye to her and when I got to my car door I looked up at Bobby, who was looking at me, so I smiled and waved while he did the same back and ugh can I just say how adorable he was when he waved at me. 

Looking back I kind of regret not wishing him a safe trip back or that I look forward to his debut or something more fan like since he knew by that point that I was a fan haha. But for those of you wondering his English is good, he has not problems speaking English. He spoke mostly Korean though because I was the only non-Korean of the group so I’m sure he was more comfortable speaking Korean. He’s just a regular teenager honestly. He’s funny, dorky, chill, and nice. He’s very good looking in real life. Every time he smiled, my heart melted though cause he was way too adorable. It was nice to see the side of him that isn’t super bad ass rapper Bobby. Now that I have experienced both sides of him though it’s kind of hard to imagine how they are same person. Bobby can be a regular dorky guy or he can be this incredibly charismatic idol. I think we all forget about how all these idols are just regular human beings sometimes. 

Honestly I’m still stunned that I was able to meet him. Y always reassured me that she would make sure I met Bobby whenever he came to the US but I honestly never thought it would actually happen. I got so excited when she told me he was coming to the US. But after he arrived she wasn’t sure if I would be able to meet him for other reasons which I was a bit disappointed about I’m not going to lie. I tried to keep a positive outlook though, that there would be other opportunities to meet him cause I don’t like to be negative. But Friday night when I was texting her she was saying how she was trying to text him to see if he was free during the day on Saturday. She texted me the plan Saturday morning and no lie I was freaking out internally all the way to meet them. I couldn’t stop thinking about what would I say and what I should and should not say. 

Now that it’s actually happened and I’ve met my #1 bias, I am so grateful and I realized how lucky I truly am. This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity that I was presented with and I’ll never be able to forget it. I’m so eternally grateful to my best friend for making it happen for me cause she knows how big of a Bobby fan I am even though she hates to hear about it haha. I think I’ve told her 3 times since I last saw her about how much I love her and how grateful I am for her being my best friend. So if you are reading this Y, although I doubt you would read all this shit, I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH <3

But yeah that’s about it, if you still have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an ask! I’m sorry it was so long but if I don’t write everything down I’m afraid that I will forget about it. I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my personal experience!

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I really love the youkai au! It brightens up my Thursdays. I didn't know any fokelore before. It's cool that you put research into your comics. And on another note, I saw your apartment au with iwaoi, and just wanted to express that it's hilarious. Oikawa's pjs are just ridiculous and I'm glad you made them that way. I would totally wear that though, so it's all in good taste. Have a nice day/evening :)

thank you so much!! I would wear Tooru’s space themed ajumma pants too ♥

Mark Imagine - He

A/N - So for this one I drew inspiration from Dodie Clark’s song She but changed the lyrics to fit a male perspective (Mark’s POV). Hope the anon who requested this likes it! Keep on sending me your requests everyone~

Am I allowed to look at him like that
Could it be wrong when he’s just so nice to look at

Something about him caught my eye and now he’s all I think about. I can’t stop thinking about the way he walks, the way he talks; it’s all just engraved in my mind. I’ve never felt like this about a guy before, I’ve only ever thought of girls like that. But it feels right. I know it’s not something that’s accepted loads here but I just can’t ignore how happy he makes me feel, even if this is just a crush.

He smells like lemongrass and sleep
He tastes like apple juice and peach

Every time I think about him, my mind always goes back to a memory of us when we had first met. We were sitting in the sun with a bunch of mutual friends, most of them idols since we all had similar schedules. Everyone was just having a picnic, enjoying the summer weather. I was drinking apple juice and someone had brought peaches as well and now that combination of fruits just left me thinking of him. It brought a sense of comfort and familiarity that I now craved all of the time.

I’d never tell
No, I’d never say a word

I don’t think I could ever tell anyone. Not because I’d be worried about their judgement or anything; I couldn’t care less about that. No, it’s more I’d just like to keep this to myself.  It’s unlikely anything will happen between the two of us so I’d like to keep this crush a secret. My own little treasure.

But it feels oddly good to hurt

I see him flirting with girls a lot. He chats to them and makes them giggle and blush. It makes me jealous when I know I shouldn’t be and it hurts. But it’s not quite painful. It’s like an ache, just sitting there as a reminder that I had such feelings about him. It’s a nice ache though, almost comforting.

Cause he tastes like birthday cake and storytime and fall
But to him, I taste like nothing at all

He’s special. He’s someone I wish to be. He’s someone I wish to be with. But to him, I’m just me. I’m nothing special. I’m just a friend of his. Not even a close one at that. Just someone in his life who holds no significance other than, “yeah, he’s a cool person. good friend”.

You would find him in a polaroid picture
And he means everything to me

Even though he’s such perfection to my eyes and I know we won’t be together, he means so much to me. He’s not just a crush. But he’s the acceptance that maybe liking guys is normal for me. He’s a symbol for me. A symbol of everything I wish to be and want to have. And he means everything to me.