they taste like fall because of the apples and cinnamon

Some Taakitz hcs for @necromantrix!

  • Taako is attracted to all of Kravitz’s forms, drunk or sober and even if he’s cold as hell
  • Kravitz’s eyes remain red no matter how hard he focuses, he cannot turn those glowing red eyes off
    • When they lounge together in Taako’s room in the dark, his eyes act as a nightlight for Taako who will never admit that the glow soothes him
  • Kravitz cooks for Taako, the elf won’t cook for Kravitz (1. He doesn’t need to eat and 2. his past) but he does teach Kravitz how to cook
  • Kravitz has no sense of taste, like vampires in some stories all the food he eats tastes like ash or turns into ash. Because of this, he can’t taste test food and puts way too much cinnamon into apple pies and while his hot chocolate is to die for (ha) the chocolate will coat your mouth completely
  • Kravitz absolutely adores Taako, within the first week of dating him. He’s immortal but he falls hard and fast while Taako takes a bit longer to warm up to him
  • Kravitz picks up on Taako’s low moods and will collect him up into his lap, back to chest, and play with his hair until he feels better
  • Kravitz is nearly always in a state of mess since he’s always so busy and no longer needs to look after personal grooming. Taako ends up doing his hair and getting him decent clothes and does his eyeshadow when he thinks it won’t disappear because he has to change form
    • Kravitz doesn’t tell Taako that he can just shape his form to have makeup or clean hair, and it just takes more concentration, because he likes being taken care of (and also the feel of Taako’s hands)
  • Taako loves Kravitz’s work outfit and despairs every time this fashion disaster of a boy shows up in multiple shades of grey and once he wore socks and sandals
  • Taako will fiddle with Kravitz’s hands, robe, and hair when he’s jumpy and needs something to distract himself
  • Taako’s bed originally only had enough pillows for Taako, he’s now got so many he can bury his boyfriend in them and enjoys doing it when Kravitz is ‘sleeping’ just so he can sleep on him without getting ribs to the face
  • Taako’s room is messy as hell and Kravitz cleans it slightly every time he visits, if it were anyone else Taako would’ve gotten angry but he lets the reaper do it (maybe he tripped a few too many times for Taako to feel okay getting mad at him)

liloo-al2  asked:

Can you give me some healthy breakfast options?


what you’ll need:
an apple, cinnamon, yoghurt, and muesli (and maybe a lil bit of sugar)
and a mug
OKAY WELL YOU SKIN (lol i know that this is not correct x) THE APPLE AND SLICE IT INTO CUBES. put a lil’ cinnamon and if you want to the sugar in the mug and mix it with the apples
microwave that shit for about 1:30 minutes and throw some yoghurt on top of it and then the muesli AND YOU HAVE A BREAKFAST THAT WILL FILL YOU UP FOR A LONG TIME AND IT IS NOT THAT BIG AND IT TASTES LIKE FALL


but i actually never ever have breakfast like maybe once a month because i’m a fuckup lol dksjdjdjdi JUST TRY FALL IN A CUP OK

Without Him

Based on this song


It was a Monday in every sense of the word. The sun was hidden behind blankets of dark, murky clouds. Rain fell throughout the day, creating puddles everywhere that conveniently splashed wherever there wasn’t. 

It was the kind of day that most people spent indoors, safe and comfortable and warm, unconcerned with the weather that clearly had no concerns for them. 

It was a day to stay inside, yet Castiel found himself drenched and shivering on a park bench in the middle of the city, and he had no intentions of moving.

He was in love. Damn it, he’d fallen in love… with Dean Winchester.

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