they take too much time for this outcome

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How do you spot someones dominant function in real life?

(Gif: James Norrington, PotC. ESTJ.)

It’s not easy in introverts, but the extroverts on the other hand…

Te-dom: direct, forward, authoritative, blunt and objectively logical. Tends to correct other people’s facts / logical fallacies without even thinking about it. (TeNi: inclined to talk about future outcomes and patterns; TeSi: more laid back and interested in present concerns and ‘how the world works’)

Fe-dom: warm, personable, and emotionally demonstrative; very forthcoming in their opinions, sometimes with a slight inference that you better agree. (FeNi: intense and focused on future patterns, inclined to immediately read behind-the-scenes or assert their intuitive conclusions as facts; FeSi: concerned with everyone’s present needs and sensory stability)

Se-dom: eager to experience everything life has to offer, inclined to follow new and interesting pursuits, change professions, jobs, etc; willing to ‘get physical’ and push people out of their comfort zones, emphasis on sensory pursuits (art, sports, fashion, global events, hobbies, experiences). (SeTi: detached, logical, but external warmth through Fe, a general desire to get along / willing to sacrifice to keep the peace; SeFi: more intense, driven to accomplish things, can express strongly disapproving Fi judgments from time to time.)

Ne-dom: excited to discuss abstract concepts (theories, psychology, religion, philosophy, etc) at length; inclined to rapid changes in mind / approaches; often argues both perspectives at once, as if they can see three different conflicting arguments at the same time; frequently reads too much into things / has strong instincts about people, but not always certain of the outcome so they seek “proof” to back up their suspicions. May have an opinion 100% different from the last time you spoke to them. Five hours ago. (NeTi: detached, logical, more interested in systems and concepts than people; NeFi: people-and-relationship centric, driven to accomplish things, can express strongly disapproving Fi-judgments from time to time)

And the introverts, which will take way longer, since they tend to ‘hide’ their introverted dominant function:

Ti-dom: detached, logic, with a desire to categorize or systematize everything, often emotionally laid back / unconcerned with causing offense in favor of digging into the truth. (TiSe: physically active and engaged, inclined to favor ONE specific point of view, developed over time; TiNe: incredibly abstract, vague, generalizing, curious about abstract concepts / theories.)

Fi-dom: sensitive and easily hurt, but private in their feelings; makes decisions based on personal values / ethics / how it impacts other people / animals. Finds it difficult to verbalize intense emotions, often finds it easier to ‘write them down’; not inclined to offer immediate emotional judgments on important things. (FiSe: physically active and engaged, inclined to have a singular focus and/or reach firm conclusions; FiNe: abstract, interested in intangible things / psychology / concepts / theories / etc, inclined to change their minds a lot and often second-guess themselves)

Si-dom: comfortable with routine, takes things at face value / tends to self-reference a lot (personal experience), can be sentimental or have an archetype way of looking at reality; not always comfortable with too much change, very good at catering to their own internal sensory needs / comforts, eager to involve their hands, somewhat frustrated by too-abstract things. (SiTe: focused, often good with practical / business ventures, detail-oriented; retains lots of facts, logical and direct in their assessments; SiFe: emotional, easily hurt, makes decisions on how it impacts people / animals, able to share their feelings in easily understood ways once they are ready)

Ni-dom: continually reads behind what is there / interested in high abstracting / theories / futuristic patterns, somewhat detached from sensory reality / poor at interacting with the sensory environment; inclined toward theories, asserting hidden truths as if they ‘know’; often disinterested in changing their mind after they have pondered on it and reached a conclusion. (NiTe: detached, logical, wants to get things ‘done’; sees things in terms of business / rationality; good at reciting logical things or giving facts to back up their arguments; NiFe: emotional and articulate in sharing their emotions, inclined to forming moral and ethical judgments, and trying to ‘figure out’ people’s motives)

- ENFP Mod


THANK YOU FOR 2K FOLLOWERS! Here’s a long (for me, 4K words) one-shot to celebrate! On AO3 I’m going to split it into two parts, but here I wanted it all in one place… so…

It’s Keith-centric, canonverse klangst (we’re still throwing the angst at Lance dw) that could be seen as platonic or romantic and is very loosely based off of my addition to this post but with Keith. It’s set after the fourth episode of season 3 at first, and then switches to post-season 4, so just be aware of that.

Summary: After traveling to a different reality, Keith wants to ask Slav about it, as the whole concept confuses him. What he finds out, however, is far from what he wanted to hear. Apparently, there are a lot of realities in which things don’t end too well, particularly for Lance.

Keith wasn’t sure how the others could stand it. Ever since they’d returned from the alternate reality, thoughts of it had been plaguing his mind. He even found himself pondering it more than where Shiro might’ve gone.

But then again, the Shiro of the other reality didn’t so much as recognize Keith. In fact, he was an entirely different person. The outcome of the war had a butterfly effect, and the two timelines were so drastically different that it made his head spin.

He almost understood why Slav was so crazy, and unable to talk about anything else. If Keith knew every possible outcome of every situation and what said outcomes could lead to, he was sure he’d have gone insane, genius or no.

He’d resolved to discuss the topic with Slav, and told the team as much at breakfast one morning.

Lance nearly choked on his food goo. “You want to do what?!”

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Harry Styles’ Natal Chart Analysis

So many of you have been asking me to do this forever and I finally finished it and decided to post it! It’s quite long but quite worth the read.  (And very interesting.  Especially if you want to see what you have in common with him!) 

A general note: none of this is written from any bias or from what we as fans already know. It was taken from websites and books that I own, as well as my own knowledge of the signs and how they affect a person.  Read this willing to note the positive AND negative aspects of his personality. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my own personal feelings/interpretations of this, or chime in with your own! 

Without further ado and below the cut, here is… the Natal Chart of Harry Styles.

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By “not simply receive vampire blood” and “the burden of responsibility for his life” I THINK SHE MEANS





Onnnnnnnnnnn a side note:

Fai thinks that him dying is the best outcome for all of these people. 

Fai thinks that Kurogane hates him a lot of the time. 

Fai probably does not expect Kurogane to fight so hard to keep him alive. 

Fai definitely does not expect Kurogane will WILLINGLY take this continuous burden to keep him around. 

I really hope that, when Fai wakes up again, this is a clue that will help him understand just how much Kurogane wants him in his life. 


Okay, I give. You win. UNCLE. I just spent the last hour deleting, unfollowing, and purging what little footprint I had left on social media. I’m still here. I’m just not willing to participate any longer in the Outlander Obsessable Universe. I, like so many others, have been accused of despicable things online. Yes, I am a shipper. But, I have never left hate on anyone ’s IG account. And I, like thousands of other shippers, are being maligned for simply admiring the chemistry between two actors and hoping it carries over into their private lives. But, I am no longer OBSESSED. I’m disgusted. 

I don’t give a rat’s ass who’s dating whom. But that doesn’t mean I can’t observe and comment on my observations. I have come to know so many beautiful, funny, talented women in the shipper community. And, now those women are being derided as old, fat biddies who don’t have meaningful lives. Those women are wives, mother’s, students, doctors, nurses, accountants, lawyers. And they are being marginalized because of what they think. So, many of them are just walking away, with a bitter taste in their mouths, from something that had given them joy. 

Sam, I feel especially saddened by the effect this is having on the MPC Program in which you have invested so much time and effort. At ECCC you seemed genuinely moved at the stories of how that program has helped so many to feel good about themselves for the first time in their lives. And now you have this journalist, Bernadette Giacomazza, spewing hate toward some of these same women because they happen to call themselves shippers. She and her aide de camp, Vince DeMello, mock the before and after pictures of MPC participants as a way of “putting them in their place”. I’m sure this is not what you had in mind as the legacy of your labor of love. 

None of the women I know, who call themselves shippers, condones the terrible comments posted on Mackenzie Mauzy’s IG account. Many of those being blamed by Mr. Shatner have been in the forefront of begging people to stay away from those posts. Some of us have asked why Ms. Mauzy doesn’t simply disable comments as a way of eliminating a war zone. But, to merely suggest such a solution, is seen as an approval of the trolls. If all the shippers somehow magically disappeared (and we’re close to that outcome), the trolls would still be there stirring the pot. 

Every time, things quiet down in the fandom, and people are just enjoying being an Outlander fan, William Shatner starts dredging up old grievances, calling the fans cockroaches and deranged grandmothers. He seems to get a perverse amount of pleasure in belittling anyone who speaks up for shipping in any fandom. It seems a strange way to build a fan base. So, the outcome is that finally self-preservation takes over any fan loyalty. Fans can take only so much abuse. Starz has let this bloodbath go on too long. It breaks my heart.

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what's your opinion on the "ouma is komaeda 2.0" debate? or, more aptly put: why is ouma NOT komaeda 2.0

I’ve written various points about why Ouma and Komaeda are extremely different as characters in previous meta, but all of them were a long time ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually written an entire post that was only dedicated to talking about the two of them. So this is actually a really, really good question, and one that I’ve been meaning to respond to for a while.

In order to go into depth about why the two of them are so different as characters (and most importantly, why Ouma isn’t just “Komaeda 2.0” or a “purple Komaeda clone” or anything of the sort), I’ll have to talk about spoilers for all of ndrv3. So please only read if you’re comfortable with that!

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First Editing Steps: How to Transform Your Novel

Whether you’re pleased with your first draft or you want to tear it to shreds, you should take the editing process very seriously and use it as an opportunity to transform your novel into something you’re super proud of. You worked hard on that first draft, you spent months—or maybe even years—building something you can rework into an impressive full length masterpiece. Don’t stop working after that first draft is done. Give yourself a break and jump back into it.

Here are a few first editing steps you should be sure to make:

Use the first draft to check for plot holes/continuity

Plot holes and continuity errors could end up ruining a novel. The world needs to remain consistent and we need to trust that the writer thought it all out. Go through the first draft and take notes. Does everything match up? Do scenes need to be rearranged? Does it connect? Do the scene transitions make sense? Read through your novel first to make sure everything works. If it doesn’t, that’s fine, but make sure you jot it down. Plan on rewriting scenes that don’t add up and adding in detail where you might need it. This is important!

Don’t worry too much about small grammar edits

Small grammatical errors don’t make a huge difference in a first draft. If you see something, take the time to make note of it, but don’t stress. I usually work on content first and then jump into editing grammar mistakes. If sentence structure and problems with tenses need a huge overhaul, that’s a different issue. Point that out during your first run through.

Check on character development

Does character motivation make sense? What does your protagonist want? Do they get it? Does the outcome make sense and leave readers satisfied with the conclusion? Character motivation and development is what drives your story forward, so make sure it’s all there. Work on building a character that your audience can relate to and even root for. Use your first draft to make sure your characters grow and change in some way (unless the point is for them to stay stagnant).

Print out your novel

This might seem like a weird suggestion, but printing out your novel so you have a physical copy makes a HUGE difference. It can be somewhat expensive, so if that’s not possible for you, it’s okay. With a physical copy, you can jot down notes, circle mistakes, etc. If you’re comfortable doing that on your computer, that’s fine too!

-Kris Noel

Just Hold Me

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 870

Warnings: mostly angst, a teeny tiny smidge of fluff at the end, mentions of a child’s death not in detail, Dean beating himself up like always

Request: Could you do a fic where it’s like a mix of Dean and reader taking care of one another? Like… maybe he had a bad days and he’s depressed about something and she hugs him and comforts him and then she starts feeling bad wishing she could do more for him and so he comforts her. If it’s lame just ignore me, :) anyways thanks.

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it!

Feedback the glue that holds my writing together

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Originally posted by deangirlsince07

“Dean, can I come in?” You asked, knocking on his door. You knew he took the last hunt personally. You went with the brothers on a hunt that was supposed to be a simple salt and burn. However, there were complications on Dean’s part and it costed a child’s life. You knew he didn’t mean to mess up, shit happens sometimes.

You and Sam, both, tried to tell him that the outcome of the hunt wasn’t his fault, yet, he wouldn’t listen to you. This is what Dean Winchester does. He takes it personally, beating himself up over it until it eventually bottles up too much that he ends up hurting someone or himself.

You hated seeing him like this and you wished there was something that you could do and usually, just holding him and being there for him was enough but you knew that this time was different.

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I wanted to hold off until after the bomb, what do you think about the show’s writing and direction so far?

I think this season showed a very marked improvement in its average quality! Tighter pacing and jokes, “filler episodes” (those that don’t make the plot go forward) are focused more on the characters we already know and care about, rather than new quirky one time characters, and I loved the way they built up to Marco moving to Mewni and having his own real growth arc (he clearly grew while on Earth with Star too, but having to take such a huge decision forced him to truly get out of his comfort zone this time, challenge himself and grow from it). Compare Battle For Mewni, where he was full of good intents, but overall influential to the outcomes, to today’s episodes, where he took dangerous and risky decisions for Star’s sake, and saved her butt. That’s the kind of development we were all rooting for, after a S2B where he essentially enjoyed Jackie without much to suffer through (until the finale, obviously). 
Star too had a nice arc, putting to use all that she learned so far, while still clearly having a looot of improvements left in the future, as highlighted in Monster Bash by her “failure”: wanting to do good and being determined to do it often is not enough. She needs to plan more, to know more.

Only thing that doesn’t convince me entirely, and this is weird since that had always been the show’s strongest aspect, is the way they handled the relationships: the Jarco breakup was excellent, in my opinion, but I’m a bit iffy about how fast Star and Tom got together (still that might actually be a point in their relationship, going to make a post about it later!), and about how Marco essentially went through the same events Star did to realize his crush. Still, those events and the triggers for them were different, and fitting their different personalities, so it’s far from being bad. Just not as excellent as I was used to. Plenty of time to make up in the future, or even to prove that everything was on purpose and I just jumped to conclusions.
Great job with Tom’s character as well, especially given the little screentime he got: he peaked in Demoncism, than understandably laid lower for some episodes, and then showed all his progresses, and all the rough edges he still has to work out, in Monster Bash. Good way to portray a changing and tridimensional character.

All in all a great half of season, I’m just subjectively biased because I’m missing the old Star-Marco moments: there have been several cute, meaningful and important ones, but between Star’s relationship with Tom and, especially, her incredible focus first on changing Mewni and then on the portals prevented them from having more Sleep Spells / Mr. Candle Cares tier moments. I’m waiting for them.

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Do you think EddEddy was canon in the series?

Understanding that it is a show about 12-year-olds who are repulsed by romance, and the less-sensitive time period the show comes from, and the completely-insensitive old-fashioned setting it takes place in, I think EddEddy is as canon as it can be at this stage of their lives and more developed than most of the other ships addressed in canon so far.  It is also one of the only ships that seems to be headed anywhere positive.  The show has directly acknowledged it as a potential outcome several times, they hold hands, lock lips, share beds, and marriage has been suggested at least twice…  Add on the fact that keeping Edd and Eddy together is essentially the whole plot of the show, and it just becomes too much for me to write off.

I think it’s important to remember that canon in this show is just hard to ascertain, multiple episodes unravel their own reality and don’t explain what was or wasn’t real.  These children go to space without spacesuits and have no issues. There is an official map that the show almost never adheres to.  The most canon things, if you ask me, are the things that get the most focus and EddEddy gets more focus than anything.  I would even imagine they’ve gone further with EddEddy’s shipteasing than any of the hetero ships.

BTS reacting to you accidentally sending a nude to another member.  [SMUT]

Rap Monster: He’d accept it as soon as you tell him that it was an accident but would still be mad at you and feel like he needs to punish you. ‘Let me show him who’s babgirl you are~”

Jin: He’d feel really dissapointed that another member saw what’s mean to be for his eyes only but wouldn’t be able to admit his feelings to you. He’d let it out on you on frustrating, dominant sex. 

Suga: He’d take it more as a challenge and get insanely turned on by it, not once hating you for accidentally sending it to another member. ‘Should I remind you who you belong to?’

J-Hope: He’d can’t help but secretly enjoy the fact that someone else has seen what is his and would especially make sure that the boys know who you belong to. [Skinship in front of them]

Taehyung: He’d talk to the member first, making sure he deletes the nude and then take all his frustration out on you, punishing you for being such a bad girl. 

Jimin: He’d become insanely protective of you and make you realize the outcome of your accident all through the night. He’d make sure you remember to always check twice before sending such private pictures. ‘How many times do I have to punish you until you realize?’ 

Jungkook: He’d firstly make sure that you don’t feel too uncomfortable and tell you to not worry about it too much before threatening the member with his life if he doesn’t delete it. Even if he isn’t angry at you, he’d still take out the frustration of another member seeing such a beauty on you during make up sex. 

Love, Youngmi~

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Does Star think of herself as a screw-up? Does she have any self-esteem issues?

My impression is that she is a person who is very sure of herself and her actions, so unlike Marco she’s rarely going to worry too much about any little things or let fear of insuccess stop her from even trying, but at the same time she has been affected from a life of being considered reckless and irresponsible by the people close to her (”Mother issues!”), and as such takes heavy hits when she actually fails in something she considered important, as seen when she lost Glossaryck and the book.

So we can consider her the polar opposite of Marco, in this aspect, and that’s why they help eachother so much! Marco has a very hard time in doing things he’s not familiar with, when he doesn’t know what the outcome might be, while Star throws herself in the fray. But when he set his mind on something Marco never gives up, and gets up and tries again when he fails, while Star tends to mope, lay on the ground, and tell herself that she can’t do it.

Take them to the vet

One of the saddest things I hear sitting on consults is “my family think I’m really stupid, say that I’m crazy taking her to the vet for —” and all I want to do is jump up and assure them that they’ve done the best thing and congratulate them for having it checked.

I get down about how people think its silly and unnecessary to take your pet to the vet for small reasons, and it goes so far that their owners feel shameful about doing it. Even though I’m entering vet med my family still do this to me from time-to-time (????).

The best outcome is pretty much “it’s nothing, but take these meds to make her comfortable”.

The worst outcome is that they’ve left it for too long and their animal has been in pain for a while now and/or the problem is more expensive/too late to treat.

You Pushed Me Away


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Prompt: “I don’t know who you are anymore”

Summary: You found out that Theo killed his own sister, which makes you reconsider everything you previous thought you knew about him. But how the conversation ends shocks you.

Slamming doors, throwing belongings into bags and constant shouting was several of the things that were happening between you and Theo. It had been a long day, one of the worst ones you had ever had in fact.

“Are you really not going to give me the chance to explain?” Theo asked trying to calm you down since the moment you walked through the door.

Picking up your bag which had most of your things inside, you walked over to the door. “Explain what? Explain how you murdered your own sister or how you could of saved her but you decided not too, because the Dread Doctors told you some insane story that you believed!”.

He picked up your bag and placed it back into the bedroom, you gave him a look like he was crazy to even think that you wouldn’t need some space away from him after this. He turned to you, stopping any chance you had to retrieve your bag.

“I was nine years old Y/N. You can’t blame me for believing someone when they told me they had a way to save her.”

“Are you that delusional Theo! They took her heart and gave it to you, your sister died and here you are working for the people who told you that it would be a good idea to kill her.”

This is something that Theo had tried to hide very well, but it was Stiles who told you of his deep dark secret. Which you knew Theo wasn’t happy about.

“I can’t take back what I did babygirl, but what I did then shouldn’t effect us now”.

Turning around you had to refrain from giving in to your urge to slap him. How could he not see that this changed everything? He lied about something that was huge, how could he have kept that from you?

“It effects us now because I don’t know who you are anymore. I’m standing here questioning everything Theo. Our whole entire relationship is a lie”. Looking at him he was looking beyond guilty.

“How I feel about you isn’t a lie babygirl. Me loving you isn’t a lie”.

He had a way with words, that was one of the things that you fell in love with. Theo was one of those people with a charming personality, he knew what to say and the right moment to say it.

“No, don’t do that! Don’t pretend that this isn’t a big deal just because you don’t want to deal with it”.

Sitting down on the kitchen stool it was exhausting fighting with Theo. This relationship was exhausting, and no matter how many times you wanted to walk out the door and stay away the pull of Theo was too much and you came right back. Some would say the relationship you were in was unhealthy, and at times you would agree. But it came down to the simple fact that you love Theo more than you had thought you would, and when you love someone walking away is one of the most hardest things to do.

“It’s a huge deal Y/N and I know that, especially if it’s affecting our relationship this much to make you consider walking out on me. I should of told you, I shouldn’t of let Stilinski be the one to tell you but everything with us happened so fast. And when I was planning on telling you then something always screwed it up, I saw the look in your eye when I told you about me working for the Dread Doctors, I couldn’t bear that same look happen again”.

He keeled down beside you, “It was like you were afraid of me, like I disappointed you in the biggest way possible. But we survived that, and we can survive this. Just please don’t walk out that door, don’t leave me.”

You got up from the chair and joined Theo on the floor, you looked over towards the door and you were stuck. “Everything about us Theo is a constant battle, we fight to stay together so much that in comes back and bites us in the ass. We love each other that’s something that won’t change, but I need you to give me space”.

“So you are leaving me?” he asked.

Moving closer to him you gently kissed him, wanting to feel his lips on yours just in case it was going to be the last time. “I’m giving us time to make sure that this relationship is what we both really want”.

He got up and you followed, pacing back and forth Theo wasn’t looking happy with the decision. “You mean you want space to figure out if this relationship is what you want! Because I already know what I want, you babygirl….I want you”.

“You can’t blame me for wanting some time out! Do you really want me to stay and have us risk this entire relationship for good? Or do you want me to leave for a little while to think things through and then come back to you better and stronger?”

He shoved a photo frame into yours hands, “Look at us here Y/N. Were already better and stronger”.

“No Theo, were not. And I love you too much to have you believe that we are”.

Stepping towards him, you cupped his face and looked at him with sad eyes.

Everything about this relationship was a risk, but it was one you were happy to take. That is why you needed space, because losing Theo wasn’t an outcome you wanted to happen. This option was to prevent that happening down the road. No matter how many times he screwed up, or how mad you got at him the option of a break up wasn’t ever going to be on the table. Space was, but to end this relationship wasn’t even a thought.

“You need to trust me Theo, and you need to have faith in how we feel about each other is stronger than anything. You lied to me about your sister, and I can’t pretend that I’m okay with what you did. But you have to give me time..”.

He walked back into the bedroom and grabbed your bag, handing it to you. "I know when someone tells you that they need space, it means that they’re thinking of leaving you. Babygirl I’m not an idiot so if you’re going to break up with me, than do it here and leave. Because I’m not going to sit around and wait for you to do it sometime down the road.”

He was pushing you away, he had that little faith in you that he was practically shoving you out the door.

Grabbing your bag you stared at him “Wow so this is how you want it to be? Your really going to force my hand?”.

“I’m just speeding up the process” he said.

You looked him dead in the eye, “This is on you, me leaving is your fault. So when you wake up tomorrow all alone in our bed, wishing that I was there…just remember you pushed me out the door.”

Walking up the two steps to the door, you opened it but didn’t exit just yet. You looked back, “I loved you regardless of you being in league with the Dread Doctors, even regardless of all your evil plans to gain more power. And all you had to do was trust me to come back to you” Tears were forming in your eyes, “Theo I was going to come back”.

He didn’t move from his position, so you shut the door behind you and walked into the elevator. Turning once more to look at Theo’s door, the elevator doors shut closed and so did the chapter on your relationship with Theo.

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Second first morning after!!!

Anonymous asked: Second first morning after in the 1 night ‘verse, you luminescent angel? :)

Also requested by @lapiccolina

This was, by far, the most popular prompt for the 1 Night ‘verse, so I hope this lives up to everyone’s expectations! Thanks to everyone who prompted me for it!



The very first thing that Jemma registered upon falling rather apruptly into consciousness was the searing ache between her eyes and the rancid taste in her mouth that was enough to have her gagging. Releasing a low groan, she shifted slightly, trying to fumble her way into at least sitting up so that she could figure out what the hell she’d done last night.

But, then she felt skin beneath her palm, and the firm but giving surface of flesh, and Jemma’s eyes shot open.

Almost instantly, sunlight burned across her retinas, causing her to let out a sharp hiss of pain and clench her eyes shut once more. It took a few moments before the danger of her empting her stomach (which she assumed that she’d already done at least once the previous night, given the taste lingering on her tongue) had passed, and then she cautiously reopened her eyes.

A glance around what was clearly a hotel room (likely one located in the same hotel where Bobbi and Hunter had gotten married) revealed her maid of honor dress, which was now crumpled on the ground, along with a suit jacket and a wrinkled tie, and her bra, now hanging precariously on the back of the desk chair.

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Te-Fi vs. Ti-Fe

Te: It’s not always important to understand all the intricate details of a situation in order to gain a sense of logic or rationality. It’s more important to take action than to spend too much time asking questions. Logic is a fairly universally defined concept; you can see if a plan is efficient, a system works, data/facts support a statement, etc. The outcome is the most important concept of logic, and it is an objective measurement. 

Fi: However, it is important to recognize the subjectivity involved in morality. In fact, morality is a made-up concept created by humans and morals are inherently illogical. The most important part of moral values is the process of personal experience and questioning that goes along with it. We can’t just accept moral laws without personally questioning them and putting them into context of our own lives and beliefs. 


Ti: The most important part of logic is the internal process of reasoning for each individual. Exercising our intellect, questioning the rationality of a process, and being able to understand why we think certain things are logical or not is extremely important. We can’t just accept logic for how it appears on the surface, we have to personally understand why something makes sense. Everyone’s internal process of arriving at an answer is different. 

Fe: Fundamentally, humans have values in order to affect their outward and societal interactions. At the end of the day, it is more important how we treat each other and the people we decide to be than our internal debate about morality. There are certain qualities that we as humans have recognized and valued (ex: kindness, altruism, honesty) because there is a certain universality in morality. It would be pointless to debate the concept of morality and never act in a moral way, that is the most important outcome of the situation. 

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Babyyy you don't have to feel guilty, you've done your best! Take your time so you can produce the most satisfied outcomes for your doujin~~ And don't forget to get enough rest and stay healthy <3 <3 don't push your self too hard cause doujin can wait <3 <3 btw, love you sooooo much *kisses*

AHHHHHHHHHHH BB ;;;  <3 <3 YOURE SO SWEET~ I will try!!!! Thanks to your message I just let myself relax after work without guilt for a bit and it definitely has helped, I’m still gonna work as hard as I can though because this really is a passion project, and I am enjoying it!! I just get frustrated by my human limitations LOL

<3 <3