they take too much time for this outcome

Everyone, please lend me a moment of your time.

I ask that everyone who sees this please, PLEASE say a prayer for my dad’s friend’s youngest (22, I think)son.

He was found unresponsive in his apartment sometime last night/this morning. The doctors say he has a brain hemorrhage and they’re not sure right now if he’s going to make it or exactly how much brain damage he’s suffered from it.

Please, say a prayer for the best possible outcome. Pray that he makes it, pray that he isn’t in too much pain and that the damage is minimal. Or, if nothing else, pray that he has a peaceful, painless passing. And pray for his family, that they will be able to find comfort in this terrible situation.

His father is a good man, his family has been there for us through everything. The boy’s name is Chase, in case you want to use it.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, I’ll be reposting it regularly until we have new information.


Te-Fi vs. Ti-Fe

Te: It’s not always important to understand all the intricate details of a situation in order to gain a sense of logic or rationality. It’s more important to take action than to spend too much time asking questions. Logic is a fairly universally defined concept; you can see if a plan is efficient, a system works, data/facts support a statement, etc. The outcome is the most important concept of logic, and it is an objective measurement. 

Fi: However, it is important to recognize the subjectivity involved in morality. In fact, morality is a made-up concept created by humans and morals are inherently illogical. The most important part of moral values is the process of personal experience and questioning that goes along with it. We can’t just accept moral laws without personally questioning them and putting them into context of our own lives and beliefs. 


Ti: The most important part of logic is the internal process of reasoning for each individual. Exercising our intellect, questioning the rationality of a process, and being able to understand why we think certain things are logical or not is extremely important. We can’t just accept logic for how it appears on the surface, we have to personally understand why something makes sense. Everyone’s internal process of arriving at an answer is different. 

Fe: Fundamentally, humans have values in order to affect their outward and societal interactions. At the end of the day, it is more important how we treat each other and the people we decide to be than our internal debate about morality. There are certain qualities that we as humans have recognized and valued (ex: kindness, altruism, honesty) because there is a certain universality in morality. It would be pointless to debate the concept of morality and never act in a moral way, that is the most important outcome of the situation. 


Omg this took me so much time and effort!  I still can’t believe I did it! 

I’m working on this piece since around a month (well, it took me something like 30hs or so, probably even more but, yeah.)
I don’t even own a tablet so i worked ONLY by mouse and… i think i’m dying x.x  
I can’t move my arm anymore, it hurts too much, but it was worth it ;;
I’m so happy ;;
I’ll never be friends with hair and clothes (the collar is random and I cut off the jacket cause I couldn’t handle it uuups~) but yeah, I did it! ;3; 

I love the outcome but–next time I’ll do a digital portrait I wanna use a tablet xD mouse takes too much time and effort, even if details can be more accurate (?) 

I’m really proud of me ;3; 

 Anyway, hope you enjoy ;3; 🙆🙆💞

It’s probably a mistake for me to take to tumblr so soon after reading a new chapter. Normally I’d be too busy flailing with delight to gather my thoughts. But there’s no flailing this time. Not much anyway.

For the first in a very long time, I’m disappointed.

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Bismuth’s Allegory

Crewniverse is bloody brilliant, and here’s why.

Before I begin, I would like to emphasize that this is not an attack on Bismuth as an individual, but rather an observation of her choices and how they serve as a corollary for an event that changed the real world. 

Look at this gem. This beautiful, wonderful, amazing gem that took our hearts by storm and made us feel so intensely complex and conflicting feelings that we wanted to hug her and smack some sense into her at the same time. This absolutely amazing gem that almost changed the outcome of history because of her final creation: The Breaking Point.

The question is: What would have happened if Rose had okayed the use of the Breaking Point during her rebellion, instead of taking such drastic steps to hide its creation and Bismuth’s involvement.

We don’t have to look too far back into history to see the potential results. 

This is a man that, much like Bismuth, created a device that changed the face of the world forever. However, unlike Bismuth, the powers that be ensured that his weapon was used instead of just tested. During World War II, J. Robert Oppenheimer (above) created a bomb that had more destructive force than any other explosive created up until that point. 

He and a group of scientists created the atom bomb, and used it against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 in order to end WWII. It ended the war, just as Bismuth believed her Breaking Point could have, and some people have considered it a success as a result. However, the historical implications of nuclear weapons and their use altered the world in a terrifying way.


Shortly after the end of WWII, the Soviet Union and the Western Nations entered into what is commonly known as “The Cold War”, wherein a nuclear arms race occurred and the powers that be sat at desks with fingers hovering over big red buttons that would rain fire, death, and nuclear winter upon anyone that ticked them off. This not only changed how we viewed war, but also how people reacted to the introduction of nuclear weapons outside of the “established order”


Case in point: North Korea. The military regime of North Korea has been suspected of developing nuclear weapons for some time now, and it’s making the rest of the world nervous. Mainly on account of the fact that the head of state of aforementioned nation is considered by many to be a psychopathic manchild.


The point that I’m trying to make is that Bismuth and the Breaking Point were allegories for Oppenheimer and the Bomb, respectively. Rose Quartz’s intervention with regards to its use was a way of averting an even lengthier and possibly more deadly war with Homeworld.

After all…


Imagine what would happen if a gem like Jasper got her hands on the Breaking Point.

Target Practice || Heartstrings

Now, by ‘take us to the shooting range’, Tohko had actually meant, 'my daddy is going to take us really deep into the woods to do this because letting us use his guns is all sorts of illegal’.  She doubted that Yuuya would mind the slight difference too much, since the outcome would be the same.  Her father had been totally on board, his grin giving his excitement away.  Their cover story date was that Yuuya was going to meet her parents 'for the first time’, since Tohko had recently eaten with Haruna and Kouki.

By the time Yuuya arrived at the Kirisaki house, Tohko and her father were ready to go.  'Dress for the forest’, had been Tohkos advice.  She herself was in long sleeves and jeans for once, her socks rolled over the bottom of her pants for extra protection from bugs.  She had gloves in her jacket pocket just in case, and her hair was pulled back into a simple bun.  She slipped a hat on just as the doorbell rang.  As Tohko walked down the steps, her mother opened the door and greeted Yuuya warmly as usual.

Good morning, Kizami-kun~”  She ushered him inside and brought him to the kitchen.  "Shuu will join us shortly.  He’s off double checking his bag.  Would you like something to drink?“  Tohko stepped over to them, standing beside her boyfriend and offering a soft smile in greeting as her mom spoke.


Stealing was bad, she knew that.

But.. Cynet wasn’t a good person. Even the internet test stated that she was “chaotic neutral”. Neutral. Not good. And chaotic too! Which was damn accurate!

So, while the act of stealing was bad, the outcome was good. 

At least for her

And right now she needed the cash. Lots of cash, really, really quickly. If she tried getting it the legal way, in her car workshop, it’d take at least a few months. And she didn’t have that much time.

Thus stealing had to happen. As always her prey was distracted. Cynet didn’t even know with what, her eyes fixed on her victim for a few seconds, only to make sure that it’d take some time for him to chase after her. And off she went, with his bag in her hand, trying to get out of there as soon as possible.

It wasn’t even that hard, after all she was pretty fit! And used to running.