they survived and they persevered

GoT S07E03 Thoughts

And here we go again.

As always, these are my rambling nonsensical thoughts on the episode, but disclaimer, my stream lagged so i missed maybe 30 seconds to maybe a minute of the episode. Let’s begin. 

Jon and Tyrion’s conversations had to be some of my favourite scenes from this episode. That shared smile between them when Jon first lands on Dragonstone and they greet each other was so pure. There is potential for a great friendship between them. They both have an understanding for each other that they don’t share with anyone else. Jon as a bastard and Tyrion as a dwarf. This was evident in earlier seasons too, but more so now that they have both found their places in the world. They respect each other, but they’re fighting for very different causes (and for different reasons) and I wonder if this fledgling friendship will become a point of contention for them later in the story.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say that one of my favourite scenes had to be Tyrion and Jon’s conversation about Sansa. What I loved about this scene was although it was fleeting, it still gave us Jonsa feels (if you’re inclined to read the scene this way anyhow). 

When Tyrion says, “does she miss me terribly?” Jon is very quiet and they let that silence play on long enough for it to be a significant marker in a conversation. Jon didn’t want to talk about it. It wasn’t an awkward silence; it was absolutely an annoyed, aggravated silence. And then what’s great is that Tyrion immediately went on the defensive and says that the marriage was never consummated. 

It’s a strange thing to say, especially when they were so friendly earlier. Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that if Jon had any suspicions that Tyrion had hurt/touched Sansa against her will that exchange would’ve gone very differently? There was clearly no need to mention it at all, but yet Tyrion did and Jon’s response was “I didn’t ask” in a clearly annoyed tone that suggested if this topic didn’t end soon someone was going to get choked out. Either Jon really hates the thought of Sansa with another man he turned into grumpy kitten Jon or he doesn’t want to think about his sister having sex at all. But bear with me here, if it’s the latter, why have this dialogue at all? There’s no narrative reasoning for this whatsoever unless Jonsa is a real possibility in the future and we’re supposed to continue to think about Jon, Sansa and ‘sex’ in the same line of thought.  

Okay, okay, admittedly my shipping goggles are on, but I still maintain the fact that it’s a weird piece of dialogue to have. If all they wanted to do was establish Sansa as a real political player, they could’ve cut that entire 2-3 lines out and just went straight into:

“She’s smarter than she lets on.”

“She’s starting to let on.”

And now that we’re onto the topic, I absolutely believe the mention of Sansa’s intelligence here serves two purposes. The first is to establish Sansa as a real political player here. She’s been underestimated by everyone in Westeros, but she’s far smarter than anyone gives her credit for (yes, even Jon).

In fact, jumping straight to Winterfell, you are given a whole scene of Sansa demonstrating that intelligence – not only in keeping everyone fed, but in keeping the soldiers protected. She understands what it takes to rule. But what I love about this sequence of scenes is Littlefinger praising her then going on to claim to know Cersei better than everyone and Sansa just shutting him down, saying she knows her better. Once again, we’re being forced to consider all that Sansa’s learned from Cersei. She just didn’t learn how to play the game but she learned Cersei herself. If anyone can outplay Cersei, we’re being led to believe it’s Sansa. 

Why I think this is important is how this episode also demonstrated that Cersei is once again one of the smartest and most devious rulers in Westeros. She completely outmaneuvered Tyrion, Daenerys and Olenna. People think her ‘madness’ from losing her children will make her weaker, but she’s still as shrewd as ever. She is very much Tywin’s daughter, but she’s much more ruthless. Tyrion may be smart, but thus far? He’s not as smart as his sister. 

But who is? 

Well, there’s a ‘queen’ in the North who is, and the more I think about it, the more I think this quote is actually referring to Sansa: 

“Aye. Queen you shall be… until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.”

Because Cersei is right. Dany is a revolutionary, not a ruler. She can conquer and free slaves, but she doesn’t know how to rule. She’s not nearly as intelligent as Cersei in playing the Westerosi game, but Sansa is. She’s learned from the very best after all. Whether I’m wrong or right, I am convinced Sansa’s role in this war will be far greater than just ruling Winterfell in Jon’s stead. 

Its second purpose is basically to reaffirm Jon’s faith and trust in Sansa and her judgement. But what I found interesting is the way he says it is almost in an exasperated way, like he knows she is and she continues to “twist him in a way no one else can” because she’s too smart for her own good. But alas, the shipping goggles are on, so take that what you will. 

Now onto the big anticipated meeting. Honestly, I enjoyed Jon and Dany’s interactions. The juxtaposition of them as individuals and rulers were pronounced in the last episode, but they were even more glaringly so in this one. While Dany continues to talk about her rightful place and her indignation that he refuses to acknowledge what is hers, Jon continues to fight for his people and the war up North. I mean that’s just the thing, isn’t it? Every mention of Dany being this benevolent ruler who cares about the people doesn’t actually come from Dany. She doesn’t actually say she wants to save the people of Westeros. It’s always someone else because maybe, just maybe it’s not really her true purpose here in Westeros. Yes, I don’t believe she would be indifferent to the loss of innocent lives, but if it was the only way to get her to that throne, wouldn’t you think she’d do it? Wouldn’t Dany say ‘to hell with all of it’ and fly her dragons and burn everything in sight for that throne? If it was her only option, she would choose herself over the people. 

Hell, she even says it. After her speech about all she’s overcome, she says the only way she’s endured any of that was because of her faith in herself. While it’s a good speech if you take out the context, Dany’s survived and persevered this long because of her unwavering belief in her birthright, which was to rule on the Iron Throne. Everything else comes second to that. And I refuse to believe that the ultimate hero of the story is someone who believes themselves a hero and entitled to a kingdom. 

Whereas Jon was thrust into his position. He would choose the people over himself and that difference was emphasised by this quote they just had to repeat twice: 

“…took a knife in the heart for his people.”

Also, the fact that Jon cut Davos off before he could blab about Jon’s resurrection and Dany’s fixation on this feels highly foreboding. It’s definitely going to come back up, but in what way, I don’t know. 

Objectively speaking, I could see how Jon3rys could be hinted in this episode, as Jon and Dany come to understand each other, but personally, I believe it’s a tentative alliance at best that borders on an impasse rather than actual understanding. Right now, they can work because Dany has bigger fish to fry and Jon needs dragonglass. But when their objectives clash? What then? You could even see this opposition highlighted in the way they were filmed on that cliff. They’re standing together yet they’re facing opposite directions. They spend far more of that scene looking away from one another than looking eye to eye. Having their first one-on-one interaction being filmed in the light is also quite telling. The sun can be a symbolic source of goodness, but it can also be an oppressive force. Actually, it made me think of this quote from Albert Camus’ The Stranger: 

“The sky was already filled with light. The sun was beginning to bear down on the earth and it was getting hotter by the minute. I don’t know why we waited so long before getting under way. I was hot in my dark clothes […] it was inhuman and oppressive.“

Jon is a man of the North. His season is winter. I’ve said in previous metas that having Jon’s resurrection coincide with Winter’s arrival was symbolilc. Where usually in literature winter represents a time of stagnancy or even regression in the hero myth, for Jon, it represents rebirth and growth. Winter is a time for Starks. Having such sunlight bearing down on them in this scene (looking more like summer than winter) and Jon still wearing his furs seems to forewarn perhaps bad consequences with this alliance. 

For my Jonsa shippers, this is the exact opposite in how Jon and Sansa’s scenes are shot. They’re almost always in dimly lit areas or surrounded by candlelight, and snow is usually falling. Their reunion also coincided with Winter’s coming, so don’t despair if you are over Jon3rys meeting. 

Speaking of how scenes are shot, Sansa and Bran’s reunion couldn’t be more of a stark (ha ha) difference to Jon and Sansa’s. Yes, he was never going to run towards her, but she didn’t nuzzle him. I’ve always said the choice of having Sansa nuzzle Jon’s cheek was a bizarre one. It’s just odd. People don’t nuzzle their family members. But maybe she wasn’t in the nuzzling mood, fine. Go to the godswood scene though and there just seems to be such a distance between Sansa and Bran. I think that’s partially Bran being the Three-Eyed Raven as well because the distance was also entirely about who he is now as well.

Anyway, Clearly in the books Bran’s importance and power is more obvious, so they had to demonstrate somehow that Bran as the Three-Eyed Raven can see everything. But why does he bring up Sansa’s wedding? If they wanted to show off his power, they could have him bring anything else up, so why her wedding? Why bring up Ramsay at all? Shouldn’t Bran know better than that? Especially to tell her she looks beautiful that day after already implicitly saying he knows what Ramsay did to her. It feels unnecessarily cruel for Bran who, while seemingly distant, does love her. It has to serve a purpose for them to write that in. Perhaps foreshadowing a future wedding in the cards for Sansa? Perhaps a fake one to LF? Or maybe something further down the line where it’ll be the opposite of everything she had with Ramsay. No godswood, no beautiful white dress, no snow falling, but with someone she loves and who loves her. I don’t know but I’m just speculating here. 

Moving on to my favourite scene in the episode though: Cersei with Elaria. Honestly, Lena Heady is a phenomenal actress. Everyone is so focused on Cersei being this horrible evil villain, but you forget the real nuances to her character. When she asks Elaria why she killed Myrcella, it was delivered in such a vulnerable tone. You really, truly get a glimpse of the heartbroken, grieving mother who just tried to do her best for her children (whether that best was actually good or not), but then immediately after, you get the vindictive, cunning and formidable Cersei as she kisses Elaria’s daughter. It was amazing. Horrible but amazing. 

Second favourite scene had to be Olenna’s. What is there to say? She is the Dowager Queen of Badass Bitchery and Snarky Comebacks. Give me a great, complex female villain any day! I wouldn’t even call Olenna a villain tbh. But what I mean is I would 150% take morally grey or morally corrupt female characters over your atypical one-dimensional girl-next-door ones any day, week or month.  

Stray thoughts that I don’t have time/energy to write about:

Did anyone else get flirty vibes between Tyrion and Dany? 

And does anyone think Jorah’s “perhaps our paths will cross again” sound entirely too foreboding for Sam?

anonymous asked:

I know you have already done a lot of the ship posts (and they are all phenomenal and accurate af) but can you pretty please do Jesper and Wylan from six of crows/crooked kingdom? Xoxo <3 <3 I can't get enough of your writing tbh! Your such an inspiration, dude. <3 <3 <3 <3

I’m SO sorry this took so long, you’re such an absolute sweetheart and also christ I’ve never been called an inspiration before holy.. god

also heck i love wesper this is a treat


who is more likely to hurt the other?

don’t.. do this

they’re genuinely so good neither of them would ever TRY to hurt the other, and they’re both so tender and apologetic if they ever do. I think I’m gonna have to say jesper though just because. he’s still a little stirred by his addiction (to trouble! to bringing two guns to a gun fight! to gambling! to love!) and he’s got some jealousy and sensitivity baked into him, bless him. I feel like he’d run a risk and break Wy’s heart by accident, a little bit

who is emotionally stronger?

a genuine toughie bc they’ve both survived and persevered so MUCH. I think in terms of immediate reactionary instincts, Jes is better at letting bad vibes roll right off of him. He’s made of smiles. He’s trouble and a good time rolled into a waistcoat. If you insult him he only gets stronger. Wy was raised in silk and champagne but he was raised BY an absolute monster so. he’s a very bruised peach. criticism pierces him v easily. Though in a more fundamental way, wylan has fashioned his past trauma into a shield. by the end of ck he’s building himself new emotional strength with his bare hands

who is physically stronger?

ohhh man. They’re both noodle boys. Wylan is too smart for exercise. Jesper does his fighting at a 20 metre distance from his target. Jesper is bigger than wylan but most of his size is gangly and delightful and awkward. I think jes could probably still beat wylan in a pinch, but I’m more caught up in how funny it would be to see them try to fight it out

who is more likely to break a bone? 

man I’m tempted to say jesper just bc he seems like he would be…… brittle. I think he gets into scrapes a lot. I think wylan starts to get into p frequent scrapes by nature of being the sixth crow. I think the both of them are so busy worrying about each other’s fights that they neglect their own and trip off a building or smth

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

I think wylan can be a nasty piece of work when he’s pissed enough. like he may be a silk eared puppy but he’ll chew your shoes and track mud around if you forget to feed him. jesper doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body man, I think he’s a sarcasm queen and a joker but he’s definitely not mean

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

I think jesper’s constantly assuming he did something wrong and he sits down with wylan 100% serious like ‘babe.. im so, so sorry. I never wanted to be the sort of person who made you look sad like that, we’re past that, I truly made a promise–’ and wy would be like ‘what no I was sad bc a screw on my flute is loose and I couldn’t practice today’. but also yeah if it’s a serious fight they make up in a rush, and they laugh at themselves, and they use their energy for something better

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

here’s the thing about the crows man, they’re always sustaining minor injuries as a team and it’s a win if they live, right? All I can picture is the roar of activity when they pull off a job and they come back limping and bleeding and swearing and crowing w joy, and jes and wy take their seats opposite each other and clean wounds, kiss foreheads, smooth back sweaty curls, squeeze hands, make promises. the routine, u kno

who is in constant need of comfort? 

uhhh both of them (it’s always both my guy jot that down). Wylan has 16 years of shitty imposed self loathing to unlearn, and traumatic experiences all over him. jes has lost a lot (including his mom) and he struggles with addiction so like. yeah they both need comfort. they both wake up w the phantom feeling of a mother’s arms around their shoulders. they’ve both seen the very worst of humanity. They’re just two nervy, high stress kids trying to figure things out

who gets more jealous? 

lmao WYLAN VAN ECK did y’all read his scenes in crooked kingdom that boy is NOT SHARING. he glared real holes in kuwei’s head guys. jesper tbh is a terrible flirt and a HANDFUL and wylan is happy. to have his hands full. no one else.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

mmm nahhh

who will propose? 

u bet ur ASS it’ll be jesper. Imagine wylan’s blushing face…… he’d do it for that alone. tbh there’s probably a point in their relationship where jesper’s outrageous flirting isn’t enough to get that pretty blush from wylan like he’ll roll his eyes and shove jes in the shoulder and w/e but they have to have increasingly ridiculous conversations about kinks or w/e until that blush comes out. jesper’s like ‘dang. guess I gotta step up the romance. what’s the most romantic thing? marriage? marrying wylan? son absolutely where do i sign’

who has the most difficult parents?

lmao lm a o lmaooo Lmao LMAO lmao

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

I feel like depending on the social climate of Ketterdam, hand holding might not be on the table?? especially for two criminals associated w the bastard of the barrel like idk man I can’t picture it. they don’t want to draw attention to themselves (well i mean. jes wants to. but they can’t). I think they’re all about sly glances and the most obvious smirks you’ve ever seen, and brushing shoulders!! brushing shoulders are their makeouts

who comes up for the other all the time? 

they’re always together man bf’s that blow shit up together and live together stay together so like they rarely have the opportunity to talk about each other. howEVER jesper probably mentions his boyfriend in the middle of a hand of poker w an inappropriate smile or gushes to w/e prisoner he’s breaking out of jail or makes Kaz’s day weird by trying to confide in him

who hogs the blankets? 

wylan is exhausted w luxury and jesper is a child who wants to be held so he rolls over and then over again so that wy always wakes up to a lapful of boyfriend and a roll of blankets and he has to wait for jesper’s heavy sleeper ass to arise so he can get up to pee 

who gets more sad? 

booooth – jesper is understated sad with a side of unnerving frowns, wylan is a wobbling mouth and clenched fists. Sometimes they stay in the Wylan Van mansion and lock the doors so the maids can’t come in, and they bring the lavish decorative pillows into a heap on the carpet and feed each other sweets and rub each others backs and laugh and laugh the darkness away. wylan sketches. jesper poses. there’s scheming & kaz impressions. jesper is a storyteller and he imagines out loud what nina or inej are up to at that very minute, controlling gravity and hearts and the sea and their lives 

who is better at cheering the other up? 

see above ^^ they both go pro at the comfort olympics. Jesper is that little bit better though. He’s a sweetheart with all the right words in his pockets. He knows how to chop wylan’s dad down like the overgrown dead tree that he is. he knows how to flirt a smile onto wy’s face. he maybe lacks delicacy sometimes, but he’s so fun and wholehearted and warm that he can’t really go wrong

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

this is canon y’all, jesper is a lecherous bastard and wylan is equal parts disdain and delight. he absolutely will slap a boy

who is more streetwise?

god bless wylan but he knows a hell of a lot less about the streets than jes. He’s learning fast by the end of ck, but he’s still very sheltered in a lot of ways. Jesper has a few years under his belt, and he’s.. like tbh he’s a part of a gang so. He’s seen a lot. He’s participated in a lot. He has a pretty steep list of kills, same as every other survivor out there. He’s detached from the deaths but he’s been on the other side of a lot of bullets that have crumpled people up and thrown them in the trash. He knows his business, too. He knows Ketterdam. Well. Wy knows the half of it Kaz wants him to see.

who is more wise?

Wylan is utterly brilliant and Jesper is wholeheartedly here for it. What was that line again? ‘you’re cuter when you’re smart’? Wylan can think his way out of just about anything, the world belongs to him. jsyk

who’s the shyest? 

Wylan absolutely what a sweetie. I mean a lot of it stems from unfortunate self esteem issues and a history of being burnt but a lot of it is pure soul deep candy sweet embarrassment and not knowing what to do w his own cute face. He doesn’t know how to deal w people a lot of the time. he knows sheet music & formulas. he does not know how to look at a boy with beautiful lips all curled up at him and not pass out

who boasts about the other more? 

jesper is loudmouthed usually and he’s that much more loudmouthed when he’s in love, catch him talking to anyone who will listen about wy’s stupid face 

who sits on who’s lap? 

jesper would definitely try it, don’t even test him, he would fold all his crane limbs into wylan’s lap and say ‘hello peaches’ and wylan would have to slide both of them onto the floor to escape his embarrassment. on a good day, jes’ll scoop wylan into his lap and he’ll feel quiet, for a while

Hey Dob Stans, Let’s Talk...

So first off, I want to say that I don’t know if Dob is going back.  I personally don’t believe it, but that’s not what this is really about.  Secondly, this is for the stans, I don’t care to fight or discuss with the haters, they’re not worth the time. The only reason I’m even talking about this is because I know a LOT of you are up in your feelings and I just want to hit you with this friendly reminder:

If Dylan O’brien decides to go back to Teen Wolf, the only thing that makes him is a good and forgiving person. 

It doesn’t make him a flop, it doesn’t make him a failure.  It doesn’t make him gullible and it says nothing about his net worth, his cache in Hollywood nor will it have any negative impact on his future career and more importantly… my love for him and his craft. 

Y’all know I am petty af and this show has freaking hurt and burned me and because of that I would love nothing more than to see it burn to the ground so I can salt the earth it’s scattered on and nothing can grow there again. 

I’m not Dylan O’brien. 

Dylan O’brien who last year nearly got dragged to death, survived, persevered and shot as a lead in an upcoming franchise making film.  Dylan O’brien who traversed continents only to come back and fulfill his contract to a show that has a character he will always cherish and love. 

Dylan O’brien who is now preparing to traverse more continents to film a movie that will directly mirror the set on which he got injured.  Dylan O’brien who has always treated his fans with respect and decency and is always lauded for how kind, and generous he is.  Dylan O’brien who can do whatever he wants, when and however and he wants because he’s freaking earned it.  

I know Teen Wolf has used and abused him and treated him like crap. I know about stretching him thin and then using his name to try and hide their complete incompetence.  I know about using him to openly lie to the media and fans about their nonsense. I was there when they hinged an entire season on him knowing he wouldn’t be available and then decided to launch a romance knowing that he wouldn’t be there. I know about the ideas he had that they stopped listening to, about the scenes he had to say no to, about the ones they made him do anyway. I know about the times they told him no just because they could and I know how they’ve consistently shown exactly how little they respect him while denying (and yet somehow exploiting) how much they need him. 

What I don’t know is what it would take for Dylan to preserve the integrity of Stiles. I don’t know the relationships he’s formed with the people on set (not just the cast) and how he separates them from the show itself.  I don’t know what kind of pressure he’s getting to return and how it feels to try and preserve the love you had for a project while in the middle of its downfall.  I don’t know what could be said to convince him to come back, but I do know if he does, while I’ll be disappointed, I won’t stan for him any less, I won’t be worried about him.  Our boy is a trooper and he’s gone through hell; if coming out the other side for him means doing Jeff a solid and wrapping up this crap show then that’s what it means. I’ll just probably take a smooth break and wait until Amas comes out!

When Dob deserves to be dragged, y’all know I do so (albeit with great reservation because bae), but there are enough unknown variables involved in making a decision like this, that I don’t think it’s fair.  Dylan has shown us that he has the ability to make excellent choices. I don’t know what could justify him going back, but I trust him to know and understand his limits and the impact of his decisions. Call me a hypocrite, call me a stan, but he’s been through enough with this crap show, that he knows what’s up, even when we don’t. 

I’m still under the impression that all of this will be moot, but if you’re starting to waver over something we have no stakes in, and no control over, it’s time to refocus.  If anyone can withstand this mess completely unscathed, It’s Dylan. Rest in that fact and focus on the amazing future he’s going to bring us. 

The Price of Beauty


I love pain and Knock Out headcannons so…I wrote you this. 

Cybertron’s death didn’t happen with a bang, it wasn’t like a dead taillight or faulty battery. It didn’t just all of a sudden decide not to work just because some grand mythical deity no longer resided at it’s center. It was slow. Like the death of most of it’s denizens. Knock Out remembered it all too well because he in fact he was a product of it.

Being one of the last truly Well forged meant his young burgeoning frame had little to nothing left to work with. Everything stolen from Cybertron’s metal to be put into predictability. Which why it wasn’t a surprise when he came out deformed and underdeveloped. Broken and sick. What could be considered a surprise was how he had managed to get away instead of being sent to get smelted right on the spot. He wished he had the courage enough to tell the tale but his processor had repressed it eons ago. 

Remembering his life on the streets was hard enough.

The streets of Cybertron’s cities were not kind, especially in the ritzier ones where Knock Out had called “home”. Of course they were never really his home. Nothing could have been called that. Nothing could because absolutely nowhere wanted him, not even the Well, because he was good for nothing. Except perhaps a few hours of entertainment for some drunk rich brat and their friends.  Knock Out still had nightmares of even the first few weeks of life. The beatings, the assaults for at least “his pretty face and hauntingly alluring optics”, the murder attempts by scavengers and siphoners just trying to make their own ways in life, and most memorable of all the attempted poisonings of the more “charitable” mechs. 

And despite the pain and the sickness he still persevered. If one could call just surviving perseverance. His life meant nothing after all. Nothing he managed to learn, nothing he managed to be good at mattered. No one he had actually managed to help or befriend ever stayed or returned the favor. He learned quite quickly that it was because he was an eyesore. No one wanted you around if you weren’t at least pretty, easy, or sell-able. But deaf, mute, illiterate, and barely managing to online some cycles, that hadn’t exactly been an option.Until some lavender eyed missionary told him he could make him into something great…..for a price.

Knock Out wished he had remembered his old rules. Trust no one. Never speak. Stay hidden. He wished he hadn’t sold his spark for pretty frame and expensive forbidden words. The streets would have eventually killed him but at least he would have never learned what it was like to not be alone.         

My thoughts are filled with poison, dribbling out of the cuts I wish I could give you. I’d make you as ugly on the outside as you claim I am. I’ll show you the grotesque reality; I am the monster you have spawned. And I am a horrifying kind of beauty only those who have suffered understand.

I have survived the trials you tried to trap me in. I have persevered above the chains you coiled around me. And you know what?

I might miss what I was, but hey, isn’t it great to watch us rise from the ashes?

jadedbirch  asked:

for the h/c promps, I'm intrigued with what you might do with this: 17. “I don’t know where I am. Help me”

Okay, I haven’t forgotten about these, I swear. I still got one more to do. But here you go @jadedbirch!

I was pissed about this one because it seemed the only way to do it was with a modern AU and i really didn’t want to do that and I mentioned that to El​ and she was just like “Well maybe one of them could say it in a letter.”

“Nah,” said I, “Ima put Flint in a hole.”

note: this is set in the orange universe because i felt guilty about putting canon flint in a hole, he’s been through so much. orange!flint is a loved yet grumpy farmer. in the hole he goes. if you haven’t read that, here’s a summary: they grow oranges, and have sex. 

also happy birthday @ellelan!

17. “I don’t know where I am. Help me”

Flint had never dealt with a hurricane on land. The storms he’d weathered on ships had been frightening, ferocious things, and he’d nearly lost his life on more than one occasion, but it was still preferable to this. At least he’d had things to do.

Sitting in the small cellar beneath his house, ceilings too low to even stand, listening to the storm tearing apart his orange grove with absolutely nothing to stop it – it was a nightmare.

“It’ll be fine,” said Silver. He had yet to let go of Flint’s wrist. “The wind’s just going to knock all the oranges from their branches, and you’ll just have less work to do.”

“That’s the opposite of what I want,” Flint said.

Silver thought about that. “Well, picking them all up off the ground will take a lot of time, most likely.”

Flint did feel better. For a moment.

“I hope the money doesn’t get blown away,” he said idly, listening to the thin wooden door above them rattle with the wind.

Silver said nothing, but it took Flint tugging at his shirt with both hands and the two dozen cats screaming at his foot to get him to sit back down and not go racing into the storm.

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I made it.

I’m not far away from going onstage to compete now. A couple hours… enough time to share my thoughts with you all.

It’s been quite a journey getting here - difficult for me, as many of you know. But now I am here I do feel a sense of peace and satisfaction at the moment arrival. So many times in the last few weeks I wanted to quit, to end the pursuit and let my self-loathing take the wheel. But… I persevered, I survived, I’m here and its going to be great.

I overcame these obstacles; many things put in my path. At every turn my BDD challenged me and ripped into my wellbeing. But I challenged it back and now that I’m backstage and finally about to compete, perhaps I’ve armed myself better to deal with it in the future.

In the middle of my contest preparation, I had a great loss. A breakup with a romantic partner to whom I had given every ounce of my heart and loyalty. He becomes a footnote now, and yet it was powerfully shattering enough to put me back a month or more in my endeavor as I was left abandoned without closure to grieve. When I give my heart I give it fully. Yet another scar of love is added to my story… yet I still look to the future with hope for the relationship I really deserve.

And let’s not forget other factors…going in for surgery mere weeks from this event… running a 7 day a week business that causes no end of stress… being isolated and alone… but carrying on and making it this far. Yes, finally I feel pride.

And I’ve had an army at my back, as someone else wrote to me. You reading this… every one who writes through Tumblr and other social media supporting me, encouraging me, lifting me up when my strength and light was failing. I’m here at this event in part because of you, every one of you who said “Don’t give up!”

Well I didn’t, I made it, and the event will be over soon. More importantly I am optimistic for the future both as a pup, person, and a bodybuilder. I have a lot to look forward to. I’m going to keep growing. Keep bodybuilding. Keep on blogging here and finding my voice. We’ve come far together already… and we have so much further to go.

Let’s do it!

- Beast 2016

Today is for the Cubans

It is not for (WHITE) socialists to “mourn” the death of Castro- it is not for them at all. It is for the Cuban people, who were dragged out into streets and executed. It is for those who sacrificed their homes, wealth, and culture to provide a life of freedom for their families away from a tyrannical dictatorship by escaping their home country on rafts made of fucking trash, knowing full well that they could (and more than likely would) die in their attempts to escape and seek asylum. It is for the people who have been politically disenfranchised for so long, yet still survived and persevered. Today is for Cubans everywhere. I am so happy for all of you. The future is yours to prosper.

And rot in fucking hell, Castro

Prayers Answered

Author: @alliswell21

Rated: T

Disclaimer: Mild racism. Underage. Arranged marriage. Unbetaed, pardon the many mistakes.

Author’s note: This was originally written for the Timeless love Everlark prompt, of d12d, but didn’t finished it in time. Since the theme of thievery was already part of the original story, I decided to rework some plot around it, and it just got too long to handle as a drabble. This will be a one shot, and the completed version will be posted on AO3 in the next few days, also be warned the rating will be upgraded to E for underage smut.

“Heavenly Father above, let us see the light of day. Let us find provision for our families on board the ship. Spare our young, and women, give us strength to continue the expedition. Save us from this harsh winter…”

The prayer continued falling from frostbitten lips, voice raw and unsteady little above a thin whisper, loud enough for the young Dutch boy to hear it. The boy wasn’t completely aware of who was actually speaking, but he kept his ears fixed in the piteous plea, hoping the knowledge of another member of his party was still alive would keep him tethered to the land of the living as well, no matter how cold, exposed and hungry they were out there.

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The Sith Code for non-psychos

I was playing through and thinking about LS Sith runs, and about characters like Lana Beniko, Uthar Wynn, and Yuthura Ban; y’know, the ones who do not act like they start every morning by inhaling a mountain of cocaine.

Anyway, the code is curious. Absolutely nowhere does it say “behave like a bloodthirsty idiot.” So, how would a relatively sane Sith work?

Peace is a lie: Where there is life, there is conflict. This is inevitable. There’s only so much food, water, sunlight, good soil, and other resources to go around. Conflict is not just life form versus life form, it’s against one’s self and the environment. Conflict is a law of the universe, and you can’t always control the conflict itself, but you should be able to determine how to navigate it and maybe make it work for you. Remember Darth Traya’s emphasis on how to push a little here and a little there to make an existing conflict situation work out in your favor. With luck, and a little skill, you come out ahead and without any inconvenient enemies to worry about. 

There is only passion Picture traveling through the Dune Sea.  There’s a distressing lack of resources needed to stay alive. You’d like to stay alive. The environment wants you dead. Your will to live must be greater than the environment’s will to kill you. However, passion is like energy. Dissipated energy is worthless. Focus the same energy through crystals and emitters and you have a lightsaber or a power turbine. It’s not enough to be angry or fearful - the point is to focus it into something useful, like determination to survive.  

Through passion, I gain strength: That desire and passion to stay alive against an environment that wants to kill you will require you to draw on whatever resources you have and hone them in order to get what you want, that being survival. Your will to live and your resourcefulness need to keep you going even when all else fails you. 

Through strength, I gain power: Your will to live enables you to keep walking, to look for animals, and use your wits to know where there are animals, there is water. Having to test yourself and use your wits and will to stay alive will make you better equipped to keep surviving.    

Through power, I gain victory: You’ve persevered and survived the desert so far, but you are thirsty and hungry, tired, and need a ride back to civilization. You come upon a small settlement - plenty of food and water, maybe a speeder for hire, but they won’t just give it away. After all, it’s the Dune Sea and they want it as much as you. Now, what are your options? Where are your strengths? Can you negotiate for it? Can you trick the locals into giving you some? Can you steal some while they are distracted? Can you light your saber and threaten or kill them? How can you use what you have to get what you want when, again, there isn’t enough for everyone? However you obtain the water, you have prevailed in your desire to live over their desire to keep it - victory is yours. 

Through victory, my chains are broken: You have used your passion to survive and gain strength, your strength to gain a victory, and you are no longer thirsty, starving, and alone in the middle of a hostile desert. You will use what you have learned in the future to survive other hostile environments.  

The Force will free me:  You have won this challenge, and survived the desert. The Force and your passion, strength, and power have allowed you to come out on top, but guaranteed there will be another challenge and you’ll have to put what you learned here to use. Yuthura pointed out that Sith view the Force more as a tool or companion that teaches by adversity and challenge. Those who can master the realities of the environment and overcome adversity thrive, those who cannot wither and die. 

Now, nowhere in this does it state that all conflict has to end in violence. Conflict is inevitable, but Darth Traya was the one who pointed out that a better victory than killing an enemy is to convince an enemy of your convictions through strength of charisma, principle, or will. 

Your victory is in using your strengths and the power you developed to get what you need; whether that be your intelligence, your stealth, your cunning, your charisma, or your lightsaber. Unfortunately, Sith society has limited itself to only that last one to the point where the only real law of the empire is “mine’s bigger.”  Self-sabotage has always been an Imperial specialty, however. 

A Shakespearean Drama by Lev Novak

(The sequel to Watch the Throne can be found here .)

Act I, Scene I

Kanye is sitting upon the throne of rap. His trusty lieutenant, Pusha T, stands beside him. On the other side is Kim Kardashian.

My liege,
As Jay-Z hath ascended
Past this mortal realm
The throne has become watched by those that would seek it for themselves
The guilds of rap grow restless, my Lord.
MMG of the north waits patient,
and YMCMB rake their coals in darkness
Even the fiefdoms seek their claim;
A$APs require attention, Asap,
Taylor Gang and TDE watch us from afar, 
And, though I hate to report it,
There is a whispering of evil within the very halls of G.O.O.D.

(J.Cole enters, triumphant)

I have long said the same, 
Oh Pusha.


Jermaine? Ah!
So good to see you!

(The two embrace as Pusha watches)

Have you found success?

Indeed, Yeezy. 
As befitting my princely status, 
I have completed my first quest: 
I have solidified our treaty with Kendrick of the West.

The West, slumbering
May threaten West
Nevermore, without Kendrick’s flow.
But aligned,
The two might prosper.
You have done well Jermaine.

Thank you, Yeezy. 
But I have taken a name unto myself: J.Cole

Christened by Yeezus, I approve your nameship.
May pressure make you a diamond.
Like the Roc-a-fella’s before us.

(They look skyward)

Praised be J-Hova.

Praised be he.

And yet…

Yet what, Cole? 

It was odd;
As I left the palace gates,
I found myself without reinforcement.
Guest verses undelivered,
My album was assailed by critics.
I survived, and persevered but this;

(shows a scar on his face)
Is damage from Pitchfork.

The young Don Glover
Found his head upon one.
‘Tis but a scratch.

You shroud your meaning, Pusha,
And speak of my scratch
As though it were not upon my flesh,
But rather a mark upon your records,
And thus fully inconsequential. 

Though you say “Cole World”
You would be wise to be wary of heat;
heated words, of course.
Forgive the entendre.

You are modest in your estimation.
I fear no weapon.
But am wary of he who wields them.

(J.Cole leaves, an eye to Pusha.)

This is heavy news to ponder. 
Pusha, I require my jester.


(Pusha T summons 2 Chainz enters in his jester gear.)

Two Chainz,
my head is weary, as though two chains, 
each heavy, 
hung around my neck.
Tell me, oh Jester, 
Is ruling yet a fool’s errand?

If it were, your majesty, 
you’d have sent me in your stead.

Ha! For a fool, 2 Chainz, your wit speaks loud. 
Send in my first guest!

(Ludacris enters, in all his finery.)

Hear, oh wise Ludacris, 
That you are welcome in my presence. 
Oh, wise Luda, hear how Jay-Z hath ascended
And left me to follow in his wake.
It is I, now, who must watch the throne 
From King Richard the Ross and of Weezy F. Baby, 
The occult swamp-man who threatens to devour us all.

Ay, and you have asked for my partnership. 
A wise decision, Kanye.
For indeed, my clan of DTP is mighty
In the southern realms of this land, 
And together, 
We can rule this land as brothers. 
Though shrouded in irony, we may keep the peace.

Nay, Ludacris; 
I cannot split my rule of this kingdom. 
I ask not for your partnership, but for your service.

A knee? 
Wise Luda, you have called me, 
Yet you play me for the fool.
I serve standing, never hunched like your jester. 
He used to be a rapper, a man amongst us, 
Though he ran from my service only to find your favor?
An outrage! 
He hath 2 Chainz, oh Yeezy,
But no honor.

Aye, take me for a fool? 
Perhaps, and that path be quite oft taken to my benefit. 
They laugh, oh Luda, but I do so to the bank.
Why, for me to be forgotten or broke,
Why, that would be Ludacris.


(Ludacris draws his sword)

There shall be no violence in this halls. 

Hear, Yeezy, how I work alone. 
But for respect to you, I swear an oath of separation. 
I will not be disturbing the peace.
Keep your clan-mates with you, but be wary, O Yeezy, 
Some watch the throne
When they should watch their court.

(Ludacris exits.)

Oh, my trusted advisor! 
How might I handle a foe, oh Pusha?

My liege?

A foe. 
In glorious battle, with the colors of banners 
And the roar of my warriors, the clashing of weapons and diss-tracks-
What a spectacle! 
But tell me, Pusha, who radiates a glory near mine?

None, my lord.

Indeed, Pusha, and this worries me greatly.
Jigga, the king before me, 
rests amongst the greats 
Having defeated countless foes. 
But who may I face?
Who can match my luster?

One may exist.

You are kind, Pusha 
But I doubt that.
Still, as I pursue greatness.
Can I trust you,
To do what is necessary?

By Biggie’s Ghost,
I pledge my loyalty, now and forever, 
To the ‘Ye. 

I sense in you the truth.
I retire gladly, Pusha. 
I leave to examine leather skirts.

(Kanye exits)

For truth, I am loyal to the ‘Ye.
The yeyo, cocaine, sweet white. 
Hard white, they call you, 
though you be soft in my embrace. 
Kilo’s, soft as pillows, 
how I long for you in my bed. 
Caine, oh Caine!
It is for you, my love, 
that I will ascend the throne myself. 
Forgive me, Pac! Forgive me, Biggie!
I betray for love, of the game and of the game.
As Cain killed Abel, I too am able for ‘Caine.
See how I have come to loath the man Yeezy
For now the throne is watched
Observed by paparazzi
Bloggers and more
Nerds, hovering over us
Casting a shadow over rhymes
This doth provoke in me a malice
And such as Malice is my brother
I find it inseparable from my motivation.
That I may avenge Clipse with clips
And take the throne I have earned.

(Offstage he hears the click of heels)

Yea, for the strumpet approaches
I must keep my plans disguised.
Yuch, I say, Yuch,
For the Kardashian comes quick.

Oh Pusha, 
hath thou seen my husband?

Kris Humphries is out,

Rouge! My husband, my love, 
the famed and talented-

Ray J?

Yeezy. Oh Pusha, push me not. 
My plans move beyond you,
With rapid steps measured in weeks and years. 
My wealth exceeds yours, as does my wit. 
You pushed cocaine? 
I too sold poison-
Loved, loathed and consumed 
By every fiend across this country. 
Do not doubt me, Pusha.
Keeping up with the Kardashians is a fools errand.

Such that your viewers are
I am inclined to agree. 

You are an ass, Pusha
And one that rivals even my own.

(Kim moves beyond Pusha to the kingly chamber, her eyes at the mirror behind the throne)

Oh, my sweet fair Kanye!
I envy you,
For the vision you have.
How good it is to be seen.
And how good it is to see me.

Oh, my sweet fair Yeezy indeed! 
To see you is to see me, reflected, ad infenium. 
Your beauty is my own, in blogs and magazines, 
radiating in this kingdom and beyond. 
Ah, sweet Kim, she that may join me in blessed union, 
My true equal.  
love thee, Kim, for in you I see myself.

(The two embrace, each holding a mirror over the other’s shoulders)

How goes the realm?

Difficult, my wife.
Tensions abound in all corners.
The youth, Drake Drizzy,
Rallies troops
And our alliances have frayed.

What need have you for alliance?
You are a ruler, my love.
Why allow them to share your light?
Come, Yeezy,
And take what is yours.
From every corner of the world, let them see you-
Let them hate us,
Or love us,
So long as we are noticed.

Your words to tempt,
But Jay-Z was a noble king,
Who survived the wrath of the old Gods
To usher in my realm.
Surely, some fealty-

You are a God, Kanye.
As surely as I am a Goddess.

My…my ego sees true.
I understand your logic.
Our beauty is too transcendent for the mortal realm.

So too shall you leave it.


Nothing, my love.
I said,
So too you will believe it-
And make them believe as well.
A kingdom, united, 
With us as Gods.

Gods, you say?
The aesthetic appeals,
I cannot lie.
A crown is garish,
Gold, outplayed.
But divinity?
Such a concept would turn a head.

Aye, Yeezy, and the eyes would follow.
Let us conquer these kingdoms more fully.
Let them make statues of us, 
Temples in our likeness. 
May all kingdoms praise Yeezus in their worship.

Such an act would be grandiose. I love it.

(Big Sean comes running)

Send word to Weezy of the swamps, 
that we seek his tribute.
Or else a war upon him.
Alliance is bland,
Peace boring.
Let loose war,
In all its shades and hues!
And Pusha!

…my liege?

It is time to prepare my successor. 
As Jigga hath ascended 
To the Booklyn in the heavens
He had tapped me as his number #2
For so justly- I was the shit.
But now, as the ascendant
It is time the next be groomed.

Aye, I am prepared.

Go and fetch J.Cole.
He is the next prince of rap
And the heir to the Roc.


Did you hear me?

I did, oh Yeezy.
And I assure you.
The heir to the rock shall have his throne.

Very good, Pusha.
See to it that he does.

(Kanye leaves, and Pusha seethes on stage)

Ay, for I spoke true;
The heir to the rock shall succeed;
Crack rock, that is,
Myself, then
And not the child Jermaine.
Jermaine? Who That?
He shall not Work Out, 
Me thinks.

(Shakes head)
I have waited too long for Greatness, 
What good then is G.O.O.D?
Ye, I shall take what’s mine.
And the heir to the Ye’ shall be the heir to the ‘Ye
The prince of the Rock shall be prince of the Roc’
And I shall do as needed to take what’s mine.

"You're really going to dig Beth's journey this season."

What, you mean the ‘journey’ where she gets kidnapped against her will, gets locked in a strange abusive hospital miles away from her family where she is beaten and almost raped, helps a relative stranger escape who then ultimately ends up dying anyway, needs to have the group come ‘rescue’ her, has no real reunion with anyone, and then makes an out of character decision that ends up getting her killed and leaving the group devastated?

Or her real journey of showing the group and the viewer how strong she really is by surviving and persevering when she was literally left for dead and has no one but herself to rely on yet somehow makes it, head wound and all, through walker infested Atlanta and unknown woodland terrain with nothing but some happened upon weapon, Daryl’s training, and her own bravery and determination, and then not only makes her way to safety but finds her way back to her family, stronger than ever with her hope and faith and optimism and compassion still in tact.

when people say that celaena’s arrogance is a flaw of writing and not an important character flaw that balances her strength of character with weakness and humanity

not to mention the fact that celaena’s arrogance is largely all bravado anyway, a facade of pomp and circumstance, a defense mechanism that holds her steady and lets her keep persevering and surviving even when she hates the world and hates herself


Jumblr this is my idea for Preservation Day:

It should be a day in which Jews share photos of something they made based of something that inspires and connects them to either Judaism, Jewish culture, Jewish community, or sense of Jewish self. 

So the something can be an art project, a baked or cooked good, a selfie, or what not based off of something that gave them inspiration from their connection. 

I think this way it board enough that all Jews (which messianic ‘Jews’ are not) will feel included. Because we don’t all have the same background we have different levels of observation, some of us have been born in Judaism and some of have been adopted in or converted. Some of us are Mizhari or Sephardi, or Ashkenazi or Igbo or Kaifeng and so many more.

So I was thinking that instead of a day it could a be week long and go on over Channukah.

Why? Because Channukah is about us surviving and persevering. Also it will give people enough time to come up with and put together their ideas as well it is a purposeful time instead of a random day.

We can tag everything to with Preservation Week as #Not Going Anywhere.

This week can be devoted to us as individuals and as a community and our experiences. A time for all of us to come together.

I think that what I came up with will work and that everyone should feel included because it as no one focus on culture or what not, but instead on what makes you feel connected and inspired to any aspect of being Jewish.

If anyone has any comments or improvements add them on and if you send me an ask, but don’t want it published just write private in it.

Also I’m gonna tag all stuff related to this as Preservation Week? so that you can track it.

Hope what I’m suggesting works for everyone.