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A-Z NSFW: Yixing

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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

A = Aftercare
Yixing is the most caring person in the world. Honestly he’s the best human that walks the Earth, don’t fight me on that. And he definitely will be the most loving and caring boyfriend/lover in EXO, if not in the entire human population. Yixing is certainly a guy that refuses to let you leave the bed until he knows you’re 100% okay. He’s not very rough in general, so hurting you isn’t a fear on his mind often, but he does want to make sure you’re happy and comfortable before he gets his dose of cuddles; either a quick shower if you feel up to moving or he’ll jump to get a warm rag because no one likes sweat and dry cum snuggles….

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Nothing fucked my day up more than reading an passage from his book, where he went to say things like he’s a good dancer, but not as good as Kai, a good singer but not as good as Luhan, handsome but not as handsome as Kris. It’s obvious no matter how brilliant he is, he’s literally the most perfect human alive, he’s still rather self conscious. He’d favor his abs, definitely. He rips his shirt off every chance he gets and on Go Fighting when he was woken up he literally went to the bathroom and stared in the mirror at them for a good 5 minutes…I’m sure he’s pretty proud of them. Being the sappy guy he is, of course he says your eyes are his favorite. He’s really lovey, what do you expect, honestly?

C = Cum
While he is the epitome of a gentleman, Xing’s still kind of hesitant and awkward around females. He’d have to finish in a condom in you or something, I feel like he’s such an angel that cumming all over you in semi degrading in his mind, insulting even. If the odd chance he does cum on you by accident, he’s flying off the bed to find something to clean you off. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
I feel like Xing’ll have a lot of dirty secrets. Even though he loves you and he likes being honest with you, he doesn’t really like to be vocal about sex things. He respects you too much to actually bring any of it up, different positions and places he wants to have sex, he keep his lips sealed tight. But…you’ll just have to make him tell you, won’t you?

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
See this is the thing, I can’t imagine Xing watching straight up porn. I remember him saying he does watch 19+ movies? Idk if any of you have watched those but I have and they’re….something…but certainly not on par with porn. I know he had a GF back in China, and wrote her songs and all that, he was definitely a loving boyfriend. He knows too much good stuff to put in his songs mym ??? boy…. and onE DOES NOT SIMPLY KNOW HOW TO MOVE THEIR HIPS LIKE THAT UNLESS THEYVE BEEN IN THAT GOOD PUS-anyways, I don’t think he’s a virgin….he definitely knows what he’s doing, he’s just too respectful to be a fuck boi like the rest of em XD

F = Favorite position

The way that boy gets down on the floor and humps boi busted his fuckin belt how tf that’s a straight up missionary guy. Xing really gets it going too….missionary sure as hell ain’t boring with his hips grinding away. He does fool around with the position, though. Prop your legs up over his shoulders or hook his arms behind your knees, the whole big thang, lord knows one simply does not get bored with xing’s dicc in ‘em.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

While Xing is kind of a meme, he’s adorkable in the best ways, when his shirts off and hips are moving, I’ve never seen the dude more serious. He’s damn determined to give the most for you; he’s in ‘character’ and he’s focused entirely on giving you both the most pleasure imaginable. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Lord knows I love his tummy and I have a weird obsession with his happy trail. I think he might wax every once in a while…I’ve seen him missing the hair from one armpit a few times……that’s weird…..anyways I don’t think he trims or stays bare much, probably one of the other boys forced him to go along to the ahem..’groomers’ or something.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
This is Xing we’re talking about…they boy that wrote love songs for his childhood GF…..k but imagine baby xing writing little love songs, cute image, isn’t it? O-fucking-course Xing is tHE MOST romantic member in both your non-sexual relationship and your sexual one. He pampers you, and especially in the bedroom, he’s almost singing lyrics to you his sweet nothings are so sweet. He’s a stickler for that good ol ‘loving eye contact’ and holding your hands, bodies pressed entirely together while he confesses his love and admiration over and over again. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

Listen…I know he’s a grown man….but I literally can’t see Xing jerking off? Like I feel like just the thought makes him flustered and he gets all awkward and has to think about all the rice cake he was force fed on Go Fighting! to chill back out again. He’d much rather be with you, so if the feeling arises, he stores it in the spank bank for later when he gets to be back in your arms.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Okay, okay. I do think Xing is an innocent little baby, but I know he’s not. You know the times he wears that like…silk fabric as a blindfold? He lowkey stole that and brought it back to keep for himself. He really likes the cool fabric feel against his skin and sometimes after a long long day, he likes to just lay back and hand you the fabric and let you have your own, uncontrolled, fun with him. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Regardless on how he is in the bedroom, we all know Yixing is a good boy, he’s not going to take you somewhere there’s a risk of getting caught and/or in trouble, so he’s very firm in staying in the bedroom. But I really think he’d love bath sex, he likes water so much, the performances and all he wanted to do on Go Fighting! was go swimming, he’s a lil fishy. Bedroom and bath are really the only options to him.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

His songs are lowkey dirty, and if he’s got you, I imagine he’d be secretly writing songs about/for you all the time. I bet my leg he’s be writing his not so innocent lyrics and be thinking about you and then his mind wanders….and things grown….and he’d have to hunt you down…Yixing urned himself on just writing about you…sheesh he’s a weirdo…

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Back to Location, he 100% will not do anything public. He’s not easily turned on when he’s out in the world anyways, so it’s kind of pointless to try.  Also anything by his neck? Not happening, he’ll have a melt down. I’d pay to see someone try to give him a hickie….

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

God Xing is such a little shit….He has the most talented mouth I’ve seen….he’s just too much. He’s a very big pleaser, he almost gets off on just getting you off, he’s a pro and even better since he knows your body’s reactions so well. He almost doesn’t like you going down on him, but he’s one that won’t even propose the idea of you returning the favor and if you take initiative to do it, he’s down for the ride, but he’s not going to ask.  

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

How the floor isn’t pregnant after all this time, I have no idea. If his um…floor fun is anything to show, he’s kind of rough. With an actual person, I don’t think he’d be that wild, a bit slower that he portrays and way more loving and sensual. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
I feel like Xing has a pretty tight hold on his lust and whatnot, so I think if there isn’t proper time to have regular sex, he can easily push it away to bring up later when you’ve got time for it. If they did happen, quickies would be extremely rare, to the point you can count how many times you’ve had them on one hand. He just doesn’t like the rushed feeling.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

[See Location and NO] Yixing’s pretty hesitant in trying new things with you, he doesn’t really want to do anything that sounds like it could hurt either of you so a lot of things he isn’t game to even try but if they sound harmless enough, like just a new position or something, he’s okay with trying that.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

Yixing does the very most all the time, he gives 142% in every single thing he does. I don’t think he tires out easily, that’s why he can’t do quickies, I don’t think he cums fast…you’ll probably be at it for a good 10 minutes and that’s excluding the foreplay. But one round is usually all he will do. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

Beyond a few things that doesn’t really count as toys really aka the silk fabric blindfold thing, Xing doesn’t delve into toys much. He’s pretty much a sex machine on his own, him bringing toys into the bedroom isn’t a very likely scenario, he doesn’t really like or see the need for them.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Make no mistake, Xing is a little shit, Go Fighting! exposed his naughty side quite a bit lmao but after keeping his hormones in check, once he finally has his hands on you he can’t really hold himself back anymore. Teasing you is more so teasing himself and he don’t live for that life. Foreplay is a must, but teasing is right out the window.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Xing has the vocals of a god, don’t fight me on that. The boy has a good set of pipes but he’s more of a grunt/moan guy in the bedroom. No one’s going to hear him but you, he doesn’t like breathing on his neck but more often than not he’s got his head tucked against your neck and moaning and panting in your ear.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

We know Xing has his lil dance studio in China, and he 100% brings you with him on his trips back to his home country solely because of the place. Unless shiz is happening, no ones really in there and let’s just say sometimes he really likes the mirrors in the dance practice rooms…

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Okay we’ve literally seen his dick…like 100% Xing dick has been exposed.

b y e
Obviously it don’t really look like much but dicks are strange things, they grow like plants lmaoman i dead ass was watching this porn and it was like 30 mins long and dude had a lil thumb dick and i was like wtf is that and when he actually was hard the fucker was like 5 inch how tf that work either way, that whole motion in the ocean thing is legit, and we’ve seen his moves….itll be ok..

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Like I said, he’s lowkey a dirty guy but he keeps himself composed well. Xing has a pretty average sex drive, just slightly higher than usual but he keeps himself on a leash pretty well so it doesn’t show…but he’ll show you dont worry…

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Xing is a pretty cuddly boyfriend/lover in my mind, especially sine you’re alone his PDA hold back has gone out the front door, he’s latched to your side. I think after pretty much having an intense work out, you both fall asleep pretty fast. Xing’s definitely down for the count immediately after you’re cleaned up.

From Me To You- Taegi(m)

Two times the trouble is two times the fun. 

(m)- mature | 1k words | Daddy!Taegi | Happy Birthday! @akaria

The lighting is dim, Taehyung pushing your back down as a long moan arches form your swollen lips. His bed sheets are cool, the silk smooth against your flaming skin and fingers digging in for purchase when a hand comes down on your ass. 

“Is someone needy for Daddy?” Yoongi cooes, coming in front of you to grip your chin with rough, ink-stained fingers. He’d been working in his studio all week, finally coming home after numerous pictures you’d been sending to him of you and Taehyung having fun without him toppled his sexual frustration over the edge. 

You clamp your mouth shut, avoiding eye contact and staying still to keep from drowning in the pure black of his eyes. Yoongi kisses the tip of your nose in an odd act of fragility, your eyes fluttering closed just to burst open again when Taehyung spanks you once more, making sure you stay alert. When it was just you and Yoongi you could barely handle it, but since Taehyung has joined in by the time both were finished you couldn’t walk for hours. Or days. 

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Tim Drake: First Time For Everything

Imagine being Tim’s significant other and telling him you love him for the first time.

Warnings: Tim may die but not really.


You were never one to express how you were feeling, not explicitly anyway. You could show it and it would evident in the way you held yourself but when it came to saying things like ‘I love you’, specifically to your boyfriend. Things became less obvious, it wasn’t on purpose but it just happened and suddenly you didn’t want to tell him because that meant he was important and you had a higher risk of losing him since you were both vigilantes. It also brought a realness to everything, suddenly he’s a big part of your life.

You’re pretty sure he figured out you had issues with saying those three words early on in your relationship.

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Celebrate Me Home - The One Where Sam Opens a Can of Worms

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 7.2k-ish

Warnings: Not much at this point. Just fluff and general longing.

Summary: A Dean Winchester Holiday//Daddy//Bookstore!AU ~ The reader learns more about the Winchesters as she settles into Pine Tree. She grows closer with them all as deep family secrets are revealed.

A/N: I don’t know where I’d be or whether I would post this fic if it were for the very wonderful and very perfect @winchestersnco. She has been nothing but a perfect angel throughout this whole journey. I can’t thank her enough for all her time and energy.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7|| Part 8 || Part 9

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47 Days until Christmas…November 8th, 2011.

When y/n was a little girl her mother used to tell her that even the best laid plans are bound to be changed; if not for an unforeseen circumstance than for god himself realizing that he doesn’t like the path that your life is going down. At the time—being no more than an eager, naïve 7 year old—she believed every word her mother had to say. However, as she got older, as her world changed and her mother become more resentful of both her and her father, y/n realized that her mother just wanted to appease her regret. She wanted to ease the pain that she felt for getting knocked up fresh out of the Ivy League, by a man with a more promising future than most, but still, maybe not the man of her dreams.

So, yes, some plans don’t work out. Some mother’s earn Master’s Degrees in Egyptology and Ancient Civilizations only to have them fall by the wayside; a promising career replaced by the pitter patter of little feet of a bouncing baby girl. 

But y/n always thought she was different than her mother, thought she had a chance to make everything she dreamed of come true. Although, now that she’s older—now that she’s lived a solid three decades—y/n doesn’t know why she thought she was special, why she thought she mattered more than all the rest.

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Jian Yi/Zhan Zhengxi relationship study

The perfect facade- 

 The Jian Yi that his best friend knew was always smiling, silly, and made stupid jokes.

 He tried his best to never let Zhan Zhengxi in to see the dirty, tainted side of himself. The pitch black feelings of pain, sadness, anger, anxiety and jealousy that overtook him as soon as he was out of his line of sight.

 But sometimes his facade slipped- like when he had been caught punching that tree, his knuckles crimson with blood. Luckily he managed to play it off convincingly, and just like a switch, the mask was back on. 

 A repressed memory- 

 The world was coming down on him, and everything he had built so far was shattering into a million pieces. He was never supposed to find out. 

Did he like men? Was he gay? He didn’t know. He had never even thought about it seriously, let alone put a label on it. It was all supposed to be fun and games, wasn’t it? Why did it have to come to this? 

 The mask he had worked so hard to maintain was breaking, tears slipping past his guard as he shook, swallowing his sobs. Jian Yi steeled himself to smile, (that was more of a grimace) to play off his tears, but it was obvious that Zhan Zhengxi wasn’t buying it. He wanted to die. 

 There was nothing left to do but to beg pathetically for him to treat him the same.

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Some stuff about gnr in detroit

-I was so pumped when they opened with its so easy because I was literally punching people
-double talkin jive and estranged were blessings to hear
-axl put his arm around slash multiple times and you could see them chatting and liaghing throughout the show
-mine fav costume change of axl was the shirt that said “the bitch is back”
-duffs neck looks even longer in person
-this I love was so beautiful I’m pretty sure my soul ascended from my body axl was great
-the instrumental of wish you were here MADE ME WEAK
-I still can’t get over double talkin jive
-slash’s godfather solo thing was the best I’ve ever heard him do, I cried
-some guy ten rows behind us did a flying leap to catch slash’s sweat rag and I don’t blame him
-we were in the pit so all the members looked at us ESPECIALLY DUFF DAMN
-the coolest was slash soloing in front of raining fire in november rain
-also slash almost murdered duff with his guitar and I laughed
-axl made a comment about Detroit’s greasy and fried food haha
-out ta get me was HYPE
-Axl’s mic and earpiece weren’t working the first song and you could tell he was pissed but he was so nice about it by just saying “wait” and then got it fixed “so i can hear”
-slash is such a beast and slayed every solo (we already know this but still)
-axl sounded so goooooddd
-a magical experience they made me so happy

Preference #1: Withdrawal

with•draw•al (noun): an act of moving something away or taking something away; an act of ending your involvement in something; the act of taking money out of a bank account

A/N: Only Matt, Shawn, Nash, Jack G, Jack J, Carter, Dillon, Taylor, and Sam; hope I executed the definition/s correctly; inspired by the song The Only Reason by 5SOS; wrote this on my phone so yeah

J A C K G: It was just there a few inches away from him. He could reach for it so easily and so quickly without any obstacles. It was right there, right in front of him. Looking at it longer, he was so tempted, so piqued, so…angry at himself for having little self-control and probably no willpower at all. He exhaled and thought of something else and of course, his thoughts drifted to you. He made you a promise—a promise never to smoke again. It felt so hard keeping that promise; the absent sensation was eating him up slowly. Sometimes his hands would shake. But he made you a promise, and he didn’t want to break that. It was for you. This struggle was for you, because he wants to be better and healthier and to live longer to be able to marry you and be with you forever. 

N A S H: He just wanted to quit. He just wanted to go back to you and run away together and let go of all his responsibilities. Right now, he was angry at 26MGMT and at Magcon and at his father and Cam and Hayes and this stupid Meet and Greet that was about to start in five minutes. He missed you so fucking much it made his heart crush and plummet to his stomach. He had this gut sickening feeling inside of him that he couldn’t fix because you weren’t there beside him. He hated leaving you. He hated seeing that pretend smile on your face whenever he was about to leave for his plane ride. He hated the fact that you were so happy and supportive of him. Inside he wanted you to complain to him for always leaving you. If you did, he’d go back to you in a heartbeat. He wanted to call you so bad, but Chad confiscated his phone knowing he’d be texting you all day. His jaw was starting to hurt from all the clenching. He just felt so…angry. He wanted to punch a wall but realized—yet again—he had done that already yesterday and even sprained his wrist. He tried to breathe evenly and focus on the screaming outside. He just missed you so much. 

D I L L O N: He stared at his phone, at your contact number and the cute little picture of you beside it. He wanted to call you— Heck, he needed to call you. If he didn’t, he knew he’d go insane. Really. His chest was starting to hurt, his breathing becoming restricted. He kept tugging at his short hair. His mind was full of you you you. He needed to think of something else like his homework or the dishes he had to wash downstairs, but last night—and the nights before that—was so incredible that until now he was still speechless. He never really understood what both of you were doing. You both slept together, yeah, always calling each other in the middle of the night when either felt lonely or sad. It had started at a party two months ago, and the two of you had kept it going ever since. He didn’t know he fell so hard for you. He didn’t know how fucked he was until he realized you told him you were “just friends”. He didn’t realize the crushing feeling he would get when he found out you were seeing someone for real. He wanted you back in his arms, back in his life even though he didn’t know what you two had. Was it love? Maybe. He wasn’t entirely sure but one thing he was sure of right now was that he needed you. He needed you so much that it made his heart crush into a million pieces knowing the other guy shared something real with you. 

J A C K J: He felt so restless and uneasy. He kept bouncing his legs up and down. He felt sweat starting to form on his forehead. His hands were shaking and his breathing was ragged. Just one call and he could get it. Just one call, and he’d feel alive again, feel happy. He’d feel…here. Just one call from his supplier and he’d get it in no time. It was so easy, as easy as snapping your fingers that it made it so hard for him not to call. He had no stash, no blunt, no anything. He wanted to feel again. He wanted his head to be way up there in the clouds and away from all the hate and rumors and insults. But he didn’t want to end up like you. From the phone call yesterday, you told him to change. You told him never to be like you again. You told him rehab was a horrible place. You told him not to worry and to stop apologizing. Part of it was his fault, of course, because he influenced you and brought you to those “parties”. It was partly his fault your mother caught you, and partly his fault you were in that terrifying place, gone and away from him for who knows how long. But you didn’t admit that, of course, and neither did he because he was too much of a coward to do so. And he was angry at himself. And at your mother and at that rehab center and again at himself. He needed to take something, at least one little blunt, just to feel right again. 

T A Y L O R: He felt so fucking stupid. He buried his head in his hands and clenched at his hair, trying to focus more on the pain he was feeling inside and less of you. He felt so guilty, so horrible and disgusted with himself. He knew he should have never done that. He knew he should have never made a decision while he was angry, while the two of you were fighting. He decided so fast, so rash that he didn’t have time to think it through. He didn’t have time to think of how much it would hurt you. Thinking of it now, sitting on his hotel bed alone, he knew you didn’t deserve it. You didn’t deserve any bit of it. He was hurting now and that was okay for him. What wasn’t okay for him was the fact that he chose leaving for Magcon over you. He clenched his eyes shut and willed not to think of you. He tried not to think of anything at all. He focused on the pain he felt inside—his head hurting, his heart beating so wildly it was going to burst out of his chest soon, his knuckles turning white, and the abhorrent feeling of him leaving you. 

C A R T E R: His eyes slowly fluttered open and instantly focused on your sleeping figure. Your skin looked so tan and irresistible against the morning sunlight. Your back, barely covered by the sheets, looked so small and soft and smooth and— He shook his head. He was so whipped. He looked at your face, at your closed eyelids and that little cute nose of yours he loved to kiss. His eyes drifted south to your lips which were slightly parted. Not being able to take it anymore, he brought his hand to your cheek and caressed it hoping to wake you. You did—slowly, which made his heart race a little bit more—and smiled at him mumbling a cute good morning. He smiled back and brought you on top of him. 

M A T T: It felt so good, so incredible, so amazing, so…wrong. But he felt so alive and happy and he liked the way his heart was racing—it was the good kind, the adrenaline rush feeling; not the bad one he felt yesterday and the days before that. It had been so long. He was slowly going crazy, and his heart raced (the bad way) every time he thought of you or of his lips on yours, which was basically every minute of every day. He felt so distant the days you were gone, always daydreaming about you and him, thinking of the future and his “what ifs”. He didn’t think and care about anyone or anything else the past two weeks. His head was full of you—of your lips, the way your hair fell when you took it out of a bun—he was scared his head was going to explode because of the too much thinking. But now he was happy. His lips trailed down your neck, leaving love bites everywhere, and right there and then he didn’t care about the other people. He didn’t care how wrong it felt, that at any moment you both could get caught. He didn’t care that you were already taken, that he was kissing his best friend’s girlfriend. 

S H A W N: He felt a need to reach for his guitar but remembered he smashed it till it was in pieces last night right after you left his house, right after you left him. He had a spare somewhere around but oddly didn’t look for it. He wanted to sing and play anything, even Happy Birthday, but singing now brought too much painful memories. Singing and playing the guitar reminded him of you, of how you two would write songs, of how you would sing. Your voice was so beautiful, better than his. It seemed to float in the air and kind of suspend there, leaving your listeners speechless and wanting more. He wanted to play but he couldn’t because he remembered that time he taught you a few chords. He wanted to do something, anything, but it made his heart hurt just thinking of it. He was a fucking paradox. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know why you left him. He didn’t know what he did wrong. He felt so bad even though he was clueless and felt tears brimming his eyes. He thought of sleeping instead and hoped he’d be in it forever. 

S A M: He clenched his fists so hard they turned white. He felt his chest tightening, making it hard for him to breathe. He felt his head pounding, thud thud thud, and felt his brain was going to explode any second. Every muscle in his body was pinching, was clenching so tight he was almost going rigid. He ran his fingers through his hair repeatedly. He tried to focus on something else, on something nice and good for him, but his thoughts kept coming back to you. Fuck, he can’t get you out of his head. He pictured your smile, the way your laugh sounded and how you looked so beautiful throwing your head back and giggling freely as if nothing was wrong with you and him and the world at all. He tried so hard to think of something else it made his eyes tear up. He needed a distraction. He needed to forget about you because no matter how hard he tried, you would never come back. You were gone and it hurt his heart that he couldn’t do anything about it. 

Drunk In Lust - Calum Smut

Requested: Yep

Word Count: 760

Content Warning: It’s sex. of course there’d be some hot stuff

Author: Emi:3

Notes: this has been in our ask box for a long time because I had such a hard time writing smut. I wanted it to be perfect and I think this is no way near that. but I hope you guys at least like it tho love you all! :D

Hot time Calum

It was my keys that got us into the building and our hotel room since Calum lost his. As per usual. But nearly no one paid attention to us when we got up since almost everyone was in the ballroom, occupied with the party. Calum and I snuck out since it was all snooty and boring anyway. But that wasn’t our excuse. Someone stood too close. Someone smiled. And suddenly hands were everywhere and we had to look for a place to lie down.

I didn’t plan it either, at least for not until after the party. Somehow though, the quick kiss had become a slow one, and then his hands roamed over my body as we went up to our room. Next thing I knew, Calum was backing me up against the wall, whispering my name in short breaths as he touched me everywhere while I mirror his tongue movements.

“Y/N…” he breathed in my neck, sending shivers through my whole body. I giggled as he lifted me up and threw me on the bed. I admit I was a little tipsy from the wine but it just made it even more fun. Reclined and propped on my elbows, I watched him took off his jacket and shirt and threw it on the floor. Hands on the waist of my underwear, he stripped them off of me and threw them in the same pile of discarded clothes. I noticed the redness of his cheeks as he pushed the skirt of my dress up. But I think he was also a little bit buzzed. Either that or we’re both just drunk in love and lust.

I felt the roughness of Calum’s hands moving against the wetness of my opening. He parted them a little and teased me with his index finger, up and over, around and around, amking me shiver and arch my back. I closed my eyes as I savor the feeling and as I reach my orgasm, I let out a whimper. “Calum. Please.”

“Almost there, babe.” his breathe hot against my wet clit. After a minute, I shuddered so hard and came as my muscles quiver and tense. “How was that?” he asked, giving me a sly grin.

I shook my head at him and let out a chuckle despite our situation. “Fuck you.”

“Oh I hope so.” he said. Now he rolls onto me, holding himself up above with me underneath. I can see how fast he’s breathing by the speed his chest falls and rises which I’m guessing what I look like, too.

“Oh God.” Both of us moaned as he slid inside my wetness and glides onto me. Calum groaned as he sank into me all the way in making my shallow breath even more obvious. We both rest a minute, lying against each other, feeling each other. Then Calum started to move in and out and I can’t help but moan deeply. We stare at each other down face to face. His expression contorted in unbelievable pleasure while my mouth is open and my eyes wide in a silent scream.only a moment, I feel myself nearing the edge. Calum saw the pleasure building up in my eyes as he picked up the speed making me yell out a curse. “That’s right, baby. Scream my name.”

Calum’s last sudden thrust into me gave us such pleasurable pressure that made me shiver and shudder again, but it lasted even longer than my initial orgasm. Plus Calum seemed to reach his, too.

His eyelids flutter closed as he fell beside me. I can feel his sweat and warmth when his skin touched mine. Our breathing grew less ragged as our climax came and went. I can feel the rhythm of his heart even though I’m not touching that part of him. It’s because I’m pretty sure our hearts were beating as one at the time.

“Y/N?” he said. I looked over at him and saw his eyes closed as if having sex with me gave him all the peace in the world. I smiled and answered, “Yeah?”

“You know that I love you, right?”

“No. Not really.” I teased him. He opened his eyes and looked at me with a smile.

“Well, I do.” he said. “I love you so much.”

Despite having a flushed face already, I blushed even more. “You sure it’s not the sex?”

Calum chuckled, grabbed my hand and placed a kiss on it. “The sex is just a really big plus, Y/n.”

“Then. yes. I love you, too.”

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A Cherokee Rose By Any Other Name

So I saw this post from @na-bruma-leve and IDK, my hand slipped…It features a little line from this post as well. Anyway yeah, I rarely write fics anymore and I’ve been super hesitant to even attempt Caryl but here we are…Not sure if I’m in love with the title but I figure that’s the least of my worries so we’ll just commit to it and move on! Anywany, it’s long so I’ve put part of it behind a cut…Okay I’m going to stop talking now…

It came as a whisper…soft…Inviting…

“Carol…” It was a ragged sound. But it was also the only sound. His hair was matted to his face with sweat but there were tears in his tightly closed eyes. They edged a little further down his cheeks every time he said her name. And every time he said it it sounded a little more urgent, a little more desperate.

Rosita glanced at the blanket draped across Daryl’s shoulders and watched as he shuddered again. She tried not to look at him too much. Knew he wouldn’t want anyone to see him so weak…

Then again he had no idea that anyone had even noticed he’d passed out after it was all over. The blood loss. The dizzying shouting and maddening scene of pure brutality. The shock would never wear off.

But the minute it was over. The minute they were left with just the echoes of their own screams he’d run out of steam. Slumped over in the kneeling position. It wasn’t obedience. It was defeat. Cold and impenetrable. It had the entire group in it’s grasp.

They used the makeshift gurney they’d brought Maggie on to get him back into the RV.

The first time he said her name it sounded relieved. Like he knew she hadn’t been there. Like he was returning to awareness. Like he knew if the situation was different he wouldn’t have hesitated. He would have given it all up. The second time he said it he sounded like he was trying to get her attention. Then came the fits of wakefulness; feverish, angry, he never asked where they were. He just asked where she was. Why she wasn’t here. He would change tactics and demand to see her.

Dr. Carson was able to ease some of the pain and bring the fever down but the hallucinations weren’t related. He was feeling it. They all were.

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