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Wolf Boy

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Wolf!AU

word count: 3,449

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you knew this was a bad idea. 

your date was creepy, your dress was way too revealing for this type of weather and your phone was dead. 


when your friends suggested you to a dating app, you thought it was a harmless idea, your boyfriend of 5 years had been cheating on you and you had broken up with him a year ago; it was time to get back out there. 

however when your date turned out looking nothing like their profile picture you should have taken that red flag and ran, but no, you’re too nice for that. 

so that how you ended up in the middle of the fucking forest because your date liked the scenery. 

As soon as he said ‘ill be back, i just need to get something from the car’ you bolted. you weren’t that dumb bitch people see in the movies; you weren’t about to get murdered, no fam, not today. 

so now here you were, wandering through the forest, looking for your way back. you thanked Jesus that you didn’t give your date your address and decided to meet up at a local cafe before driving here, but you cursed the lord for your clothing decision of a dress. 

the forest is not a good place to wonder at night, everyone knows shit goes down in the forest. 

every single noise started spooking you out. twigs snapping, leaves shaking, everything.

suddenly the sound of a wolf howling urged a small scream to escape your lips, it sounded so close and sounded loud. 

you almost bolted in the opposite direction but the whimpers that followed the howl had you freezing in your place. the wolf was hurt? 

shit. do you go and help it? no, of course not Y/N it’s a freaking wild animal! could be friendly? 

you face palmed at yourself before eventually deciding that you should go and look at the situation and then decide. 

as you slowly approached where the howl had come from, you heard the continuing whimpers of the wolf and it broke your heart. it was almost like a sad puppy. 

you shook the feeling off reminding yourself that you could be in potential danger before straining your neck over the branches to check it out. 

on the floor of the forest lay a large white wolf, his fur was long and beautiful but you could help but notice the large stain of red on its leg; it was bleeding. 

by the way, the wolf wailed and rolled on the ground, you decided he was too injured to hurt you and it was safe to SLOWLY approach the wolf. 

as you stepped into view the wolfs head immediately snapped towards you, his eyes were almost as wide as yours as the two of you stared at each other awkwardly.

the wolf flopped his head back down to the ground and continued whimpering, almost asking for your help. 

as you walked up to the wolf you were going through the options of how you would help him. 

he let out a barkish noise when you touched his wound. 

for some reason though, you were afraid, it was kind of as if you had known each other for years. 

“Okay buddy, you’re gonna need to help me out okay?” you said even though you were pretty sure he had no idea what you were saying. 

as you tried to push the wolf onto your shoulder so he could lean on you for support. you completely forgot that this was an extremely large wolf and of course he would weigh like mhmmm.. a lot. 

the wolf seemed to know what you were trying to do as he hoped along side you. 

the poor thing was bleeding out blood and you were losing energy as you finally reached the end of the forest, thank god you didn’t live far from the forest and in the city like most of your friends.

you thought about taking him to the vet and claiming that he was just a rather large dog but you didn’t think anyone would believe that; therefore, the only option you had was to talk the injured wolf back to yours.

you stumbled through your door, the wolf barely fitting through the frame. as his body hit various pieces of furniture he whined in pain causing you to roll your eyes in annoyance. this damn wolf was starting to get on your nerves. 

you plopped the wolf on your couch and instantly regretted it because the blood stains are going to be very difficult to remove. 

“okay…now what?” you asked as you huffed and puffed. the wolf gave you a puzzled look before it clicked in your head that he couldn’t actually respond. 

you groaned before going to grab a tee-shirt big enough to wrap around his wound but also apply pressure to it. As you tied it around his leg he let out another whimper before snuggling himself into your couch. 

you awkwardly stood there contemplating getting a blanket for him? do wolves even need blankets? is it even a he? 

you sighed tiredly before deciding to just retreat back to bed. today had been fucking insane. 


as soon as you passed out it seemed like morning came around. 

you groaned tiredly as the light from the window shone into your eyes. you were not a morning person, not at all, not one bit actually. 

*shuffle shuffle* 

your eyes widened as you stared at the ceiling in silence. The wolf!

quickly ran out of your room and followed the shuffling noise, but you couldn’t find the large wolf anywhere and it’s not like he’s easy to lose.

you stared at the couch he was previously on in confusion. where the fuck did he go. 

“You’re awake” you heard some chirp. 

naked. there..who..why was he naked.

you screamed loudly as you closed your eyes and felt around for something you could use as a weapon. 

“What!? did you see a spider?!” he shouted nervously as you continued to scream, the both of you were now running around the apartment in a panic. 

“Who the fuck are you and how did you get in here?!” you shouted as you pointed a knife at the stranger who was undeniably attractive but nether the less, a stranger.

he stopped running around screaming before pointing at himself in confusion. 

“hey did i- IM HUMAN?!” they boy shouted in complete shock as he looked down at himself. 

“yes thank for your stating the obvious” you commented as you chucked a tea towel at his bottom half. 

“How did you do it?” he asked as he ran up to you excitedly. 

“okay oh god, you are extremely naked right now” you said as you awkwardly turned around, but the strange boy wasn’t having it. 

“You turned me back into a human! how?” he asked again as he grabbed your hand in his extremely large one. 

“What are you talking about, who the hell are you and how did you get in here?” you asked as you removed your hand from his. 

that action brought a sad look on his face as his shoulders slumped down. 

“You don’t remember? you brought me in here last night? my leg was injured” he stated as you walked to your bedroom, him following close behind you. 

“…what the fuck…you’’re the wolf?” you asked after freezing in your spot, confusion now clouding your brain.

“yer the wolf! that’s me” he smiled as you chucked some of your oversized clothes at him. you never thought getting the wrong size from online shops would come in handy. 

“this doesn’t make any sense” you said as you sat down on your bed. He put on the underwear and the white tee-shirt before joining you happily. 

“so did you change from a wolf to a human?” you asked him in confusion. 

“there’s a whole bunch of us actually, usually to get changed back into a human, the wolf has to be considered worthy by the moon princess…although, i have heard cases where a human and wolf form a bond, this bond then lets the wolf shift from wolf to human form to serve his human mate until the end of time” he explained happily. 

you just stared at him. what the actual fuck. 

“this is a joke, right? your friends with that guy I ran away from last night and this is revenge right?” you said trying to figure out what was going on, but the look on his face showed you otherwise. 

“okay so…what do I call you?” you asked as you shook your head in disbelief, this is actually happening. 

“i actually, don’t have a name” he sighed as he rubbed his head nervously.

“okay Firstly, let’s get you some clothes, secondly, you sleep on the couch and thirdly, what do you eat?” you asked him as you went to get changed in your cupboard. 

As he tried to follow you in you quickly closed the door leaving him to wait for you outside. 

“i’ll eat what you eat” he said as you slipped on some fresh clothes. 

is this like babysitting? what do i do with him? 

as you finished getting changed you decided the best thing to do was leave him occupied here, while you go and get him clothes. 

you sat him down and turned on the T.v in the living room. 

“okay! here are the rules while I’m gone” you said as you paced in front of him, his eyes were glued to you as he listened carefully. 

“you do not leave this house, you do not answer the door if someone knocks, you do not take anything out from its original spot and put it somewhere else okay, i need to be able to trust you before that happens okay?” you asked carefully making sure he fully understood. 

he nodded his head quickly before crossing his legs on the couch. 

“here, watch some T.v, relax…ill be back soon” you said as you turned the t.v on, some k-drama was playing so you knew it would be fine.


ugh, whats his size? 

no that looks too small…

but that looks too big…

as you walked through the entire mall looking for reasonably priced clothes that would fit the giant current vacating your home, you constantly kept thinking about shit you would need to get him. 

the boy needs a toothbrush, he needs his own deodorant, he needs all the shit another human being would need. 

after shopping for what seemed like a decade you had finally gathered all the things he would need. you even got him a phone. 

what do you even call him? 

how do you just enter him into my life…like what do you tell your friends?

you sighed as you pulled up to your house with all the shit you just bought. you can’t believe this is now your life. 

“I’m home!” you shouted out as you struggled through the doors. 

before you could do anything you were met with soft lips on yours and a bear hug. 

you froze in your spot as his lips moved against slowly, your stomach did a little flip as he deepened the kiss; your eyes fluttered shut as you lost yourself in pleasure before realising what was going on. 

“welcome back honey” he smiled happily as he pulled away. 

you were still completely frozen, confused and surprised about what just happened. 

“why…why did you k-kiss me?” you stuttered as you shook off your initial shock. 

“isn’t that what I was supposed to do? on the T.v the man came home and the woman greeted him with a kiss and said ‘welcome back honey’…did I not do it right?” he asked curiously. 

“you have a lot to learn” you sighed as you placed the bags on the table.


The first week was hell. You had to take a week off from work just teach him simple human mannerisms. 

mannerisms such as don’t take your clothes off randomly because it’s too hot, you understood why he would want to, everyone wants too, but its not socially acceptable. 

He was attached to your hip, which got extremely annoying, especially when he would just walk into the bathroom while you were showering. The habit of locking the door was still new to you. 

The second week went a little better, he was adapting to the human lifestyle, you had even given him a phone for when you were at work and he needs to reach you. At first, it seemed like a mistake, they boy was calling you every five minutes. 

‘a bird flew into the window! what do i do?!’ 

‘why doesn’t Harry go live with Dumbledore? or Hagrid? why does he have to stay with those mean people?’ 

‘i miss you, come back’

eventually, you were even able to take him outside, you gave him the name chanyeol, you had seen the name pop up on someone’s phone as you creepily read their messages and thought it was fitting. 

your friends loved him, of course, they did, he was attractive, adorable, practically a prince and altogether the perfect boyfriend material.

“Y/N!” he called from the bathroom as you lay on the couch scrolling through your twitter feed.

“What!” you called back as you continued to scroll. it was 10 pm at night, he probably just put too much bubble serum in the bath again. 

“whats this?” you heard him say as he approached you. 

as you turned around, your heart sank and your cheeks flared red as you saw what was in his hand. 

a vibrator. 

your vibrator that you haven’t even used yet. 

Due to your lack of a boyfriend and your lack of dates, that also meant that you have had a lack of dick. 

that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but your friends thought it was. 

“errr, its just something that woman use, when they need it” you said awkwardly as you quickly stood up and grabbed it from his hands. 

“oh…well can you show me how to use it?” he asked as you placed it down on the table. your cheeks reddened at his words as you shook your head vigorously.

“can men use it too?” he asked as you sat down and started fanning your face. once again you shook your head again. he groaned in frustration causing you to look at him questioningly. 

“how do i get rid of this?” he asked as he pointed downwards. 

you tilted your head in confusion until you followed where his finger pointed. you eyes were met with a raging boner poking through his shorts. 

you gasped before covering your mouth and looking away, you suddenly felt your stomach bubble with excitement. 

no! stop it feelings, you’re not fucking your wolf boy!

“It happens alot lately, especially when you wear those shorts, i don’t know how to stop it!?” he stated nervously as he sat next to you

your heart sped up as a small pool of arousal found its way through its pants at his statement. 

“mmm and that! that smell! where is it coming from?!” he said as he took in a big whiff, sniffing out the source. As his face came closer towards you stomach you quickly pushed him back and crossed your legs quickly. 

he groaned slightly as he rested his head back against the couch.

“i do this sometimes” he whispered, as he closed his eyes and rubbed his crotch a moan escaped his lips.

your core got wetter by the second as you watched him closer.

“but it only works if i imagine you doing it” he added as  another moan escaped his lips.”Why is that?” he asked as his eyes connected with yours.

you gulped before a whine of desperation escaped your lips

“can i try something? i saw it in a video once, and i want to try it” he stated as his eyes were noticeably darker and his voice had dropped an octave. 

you knew if you tried to speak, English would not be the language to leave you mouth. 

you knew you probably shouldn’t and this would change your relationship but you really didn’t care right now.

as soon as you nodded your head Chanyeol crashed his lips onto yours.

he pushed you backwards laying you down as your tongue pushed into your mouth.

His hands explored your body as they travelled underneath your shirt.

you moaned as he used his supernatural strength to rip off your shirt and bra off your body, getting annoyed with them blocking your body.

As he trailed harsh kisses down your neck, you tugged at his shirt while he fumbled with your zipper.

As his shirt hit the floor he sucked on your skin leaving love marks everywhere. 

where the fuck did he learn this shit? 

you continued to moan as the pool in your lower region grew. 

chanyeol took another whiff and growled as he pressed his lower half into yours. 

“can i taste you? please?” he pleaded as he breathed in your scent that you were radiating. 

“please” you begged as he pulled down your pants. 

“fuck you’re so beautiful” he said as he lowered himself.

as he placed soft kisses on your inner thighs you whined desperately as your hand knotted in his hair. 

As soon as his lips dove into your core, you gasped loudly as your back arched upwards.

chanyeol growled as his grip on your thighs tightened and he chased the taste of you even more.  

you moaned relentlessly as he swirled around your clit, small growls and deep groans emitting from his throat as you moaned his name. 

He sucked harshly on your clit causing your body to jerk and a cry of his name to escape your lips. 

As you core dripped, chanyeols tongue was instantly licking it up causing him to moan from the taste.

“c-chanyeol i-i-i need you inside me, baby please” you begged as you lifted your head to see him rub himself intensely. 

he needed this just as much as you did. 

“you taste like heaven” he breathed as he pulled away from you, his lips were covered in you and his eyes were filled with lust.

He quickly pulled down his pants before giving his length a quick pump.

He positioned himself at you entrance as you prepared yourself.

As your eyes connected with his he pushed into you causing you to moan loudly as he stretched you out.

He moaned with relief before he started rocking his hips back and forth, pushing forth inside you with every rock.

You moaned in sync as you started seeing stars. He growled deeply before spreading you legs, he pushed himself deeper inside you, as he hit your G-spot you yelp in pleasure.

With insane sped he rocked back and forth hitting the same spot over and over. Your breath started to shorten as your heart beat sped up.

You were being electrocuted with pleasure as his hips slammed against yours.

His eyes were dark and focused as you arched you back with each rock. Your stomach started to knot as you clung onto his shoulders for dear life.

“mine” he repeated as he slammed himself into you faster.

“c-c-c-chanyeol, s-slow down” you stuttered as the pleasure was taking over your whole body, your core was sensitive and which each rock of chanyeols hips your body shook.

His head dipped down to trap your lips with his.

As his tongue explored your mouth again, you could feel yourself coming towards your finish.

“I think im going t-t-to cum” you said quickly as you dug your nails into his shoulders causing him to growl in pleasure.

As you rode through your high chanyeol joined you, spreading his warm cum through you.

You tried to catch your breath as he pulled out of you. He pulled you up wards so he could move his body underneath you and cuddle you on the couch.

“Where did you learn that?” you asked as your heart finally slowed down.

“Damon sent me links after I told him I was single” he laughed. You soon joined him in laughter as he played with you hand.

“even though im technically your servant…do you think we could do that again?” he asked

You giggled before nodding your head “well if im going to be stuck with you till the end of time, might as well have some fun” you shrugged as you snuggled further into him.

You would definitely be doing this again.

Maybe having a wolf boy isn’t such a bad thing after all.

anyway have some peraltiago headcanons following the proposal im not even putting this under a read more suffer like i did (@elsaclack made me do it)

  • listen okay jake and amy aren’t really sure how they end up at shaw’s it’s all kind of a blur after boyle faints there’s definitely lots of making out and forehead touches while grinning at each other and crying and they probably broke like 7 laws driving to shaw’s bc jake can’t keep his eyes off of amy long enough and they show up 40 minutes late
  • is the rest of the squad even at shaw’s???? who knows not them they cant keep their eyes (and hands) off of each other (the rest the squad kinda migrates away after an hour anyway theres only so many times they can stomach jake and amy kissing in one night) (rosa drags charles out with her)
  • theyre not even like dying to have sex tho like thats not it they just cant believe its real like theres a real life honest to god ring on amy’s finger and it looks so pretty in all of the different kinds of light and she cant help but spin it around her finger (neither can jake he hasnt let go of her hand bc he loves feeling the ring press against his fingers he’s squeezing so tightly its kinda painful and sharp but it just reminds him that all of this is real) (he can’t wait to get his own ring and have it clink against hers)
  • its surreal that they get to do this for the rest of their lives i mean there was never any doubt that they wouldnt but now it’s official and when amy looks over at jake every other second to check that this is still happening she always catches him grinning right back at her so she leans up and kisses him bc its different now its all a part of the next stage of their lives and she can taste the happiness on his lips (its super hard to figure out how to makeout when they cant stop laughing into each others mouths)
  • its like theyre frozen in time honestly has there ever been anything more beautiful than amy santiago it seems largely impossible bc she only seems to get prettier with every second jake stares at her (which is every second)
  • its also like time is slipping away though bc there’s this incredible urgency to spend every moment like it counts like at any second someone’s going to come and rip it all away (its happened before oc and jake doesnt like the thoughts creeping up in the back of his mind bc this is their night this is the rest of their lives but he’s woken up to enough nightmares of amy falling out of his grasp) so they can’t get enough of touching each other and laughing and looking at each other and kissing this is going to be a night they remember forever
  • amy likes running her fingers over jake’s face and through his hair and she memorized how he feels a long time ago but she’s so restless to get down every last detail of this night the way his eyes glisten and the redness in his cheeks from laughing and smiling and kissing and how messy his hair is from her fingers pulling him in for another kiss every second she goes without him (its every second every moment she needs him more than anything) his smile is wider than she’s ever seen and she traces her fingers over his lips and ghosts her lips over his skin and pulls him in again bc even when he’s right next to her he’s too far away
  • it takes them an hour to even make it past her doorway bc they cant stop laughing and grinning is this real is this happening amy can hear his proposal on repeat thru her mind and she’s breathless from kissing him for every word she remembers i love you you’re beautiful you’re the best detective will you marry me and she wants to say yes over and over again yes of course how could you doubt it
  • jake is shell shocked and tries to take his shoes off by the door but his hands are occupied around amy’s waist and her hips her back and her hair and her face bc she will not ever slip away from him again he’s going to make sure of it there is not one moment he wants to spend without her by his side ever again
  • i love you has been said so many times it has lost all meaning so they say it in other ways instead and in the tone of their voices and in the softness of their eyes and in the caresses of their hands and in the reverent way they linger after every kiss with their eyes still closed because sometimes feeling are more important than tangible things anyway
  • it’s around 5am when they finally get a chance to breathe normally and theyre face to face safe under the covers of their own bed and they havent felt even the slightest hints of sleep but theyve felt enough love to last the rest of their lives and beyond (and its good its perfect bc they actually get to love each other for the rest of their lives god jake would scream it from the rooftops if it didnt mean unentangling himself from amy)
  • theyre still trailing their fingers over each other and jake can feel the chill of the ring against his skin and its driving him crazy he’ll pick up her hand every once in a while and bring it to his lips just to stop the torture (but he always lets her go again amy knows exactly what she’s doing)
  • they spend the rest of the night (morning? they have lost all track of time theyve lost every sense except each other) talking just talking about the night and how they feel and what theyre going to do next
  • amy spends about half an hour already messily planning the wedding (theres a full binder under the bed but that would require leaving jakes arms and the little kisses he keeps pressing to her chest) and her words arent rly making sense bc she’s still on adrenaline and stuttering over the waves of pleasure as jakes hands ghost up and down her sides and it’s hard to talk when smiling so wide but she lays out everything as well as she can
  • jake is hanging off of every word she says really truly she’s put so much thought into this and them and him and he would give her anything she asked for he’d count every star in the sky one by one (one for everything he loves about her) if it meant spending the rest of his life with her (really truly he’s not sure what he ever did to deserve the woman in his arms)
  • their alarms go off when theyre still faintly giggling with fatigue finally washing over them but theyre too reluctant to end the day and put it in the past and too reluctant to stop looking at each other and god really the only way they manage to fall asleep at all is with the promise that they get to spend every day like this forever until death do them apart
[Menscamp] Spy Cam - The Documents

This took me longer than expected, sorry… (Uni is messing up my schedule T_T)

Anyways…the neko in this is so cute >.<  I get why Nagase is so head-over-heels for him…He’s so flirty with the neko, holding his hands, complimenting him *///* Summed up, this scene is just hot and super adorable, with LOTS of dirty talk, so enjoy!

Btw, if you guys can recommend me any other videos with Nagase, please do! Until now, I haven’t seen much of him unfortunately :/

Translation last scene: Koudai Nagase (Top) and cute neko (Bottom)

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crossover au


@all-you-see-is-nightmare-eyes HELPED ME WITH THESE

- the boys get progressively gayer now that they’re together, they hold hands and make out and cuddle and everyone finds it really cute?? (everyone as in heidi and jeremy’s dad)

- they have a specific way they cuddle, connor’s on the left curled up around them since he’s the tallest and the main one he’s curled up around is michael, his nose nuzzled in his hair. honestly he’s just spooning michael. michael’s arms are around evan, who’s nuzzled in his neck and has his arms wrapped around him and connor. jeremy’s spooning evan, nuzzled in the back of his neck as he wrapped his arms around michael and evan and he’s holding connor’s hand.

- it’s almost impossible for them to sleep unless they’re with each other it’s crazy

- connor definitely dramatically drapes himself across michael when he’s playing games to get his attention

- “pay attention to me and your other boyfriends”
“just one more level-”
“no it’s late and we wanna watch movies”
“start one without me then i’ll be there right after i beat this i promise”
“you said that four levels ago, please?”
all three of them give michael puppy eyes; he can’t resist

- okay but evan’s never had a slushy before and michael is OFFENDED, so he grabs all of the boys and they go to the seven eleven down the street. at 2 in the morning.

- when evan first tries it he’s like “HOLY HECK THIS IS GOOD” and he drinks it way too quickly and no one has enough time to tell him about brain freezes


- turns out evan gets extremely hyper with just a small amount of sugar so everyone just watches him tired himself out and then connor has to carry him home when he crashes

- they all bought evan a bonsai tree for his birthday and evan treasured it so much that he wont even let his boyfriend’s touch it

- eventually they all end up talking about the squips and the suicide attempts. there’s a lot of tears, but they’re there for each other and they comfort each other through it, they make sure to be each other’s rocks.

- HALLOWEEN IS CONNOR’S FAV HOLIDAY he plans out matching costumes (they’re all dressed up as zombie mario characters) and he helps decorate everyone’s houses because he can’t do it at his own and he scares the fuck out of his boyfriend’s 24/7

- christmas is definitely jeremy’s favorite time of the year because he likes the cold, but also because of the cliche’s - mistletoes, matching sweaters, snow ball fights, dazzling lights and presents - it’s just great

- god fuCKING RUN from michael on april fools day he plays so many tricks on everyone and one time he put hair dye in connors shampoo and he came out with bright pink hair its a fucjing disaster

- everyone protects evan from michael on april fool’s day to be honest

- evan’s favorite time of the year is definitely new years eve because. like. everyones celebrating for their own reasons, and he has his own. connor’s lived another year, he’s been with his boyfriend’s for another year, he’s actually here for another year. plus, he gets to kiss his boyfriend’s at midnight.

- plus they all stole wine from jeremy’s dad and evan totally got grounded for it

- on their anniversary, they decide to get each other promise rings and give them to each other at the end of the day. they go back to the orchard with a picnic basket and spend the entire day there, talking and laughing and taking pictures. eventually they all pull out the rings and give them to each other.

- the inside bands of rings all say something different

- jeremy’s says “you’re our world and stars”
michael’s says “you’re our happiness and laughter”
evan’s says “you’re our calm in the middle of a storm”
connor’s says “you’re our beacon of light in darkness”

- they kept their relationship a secret from everyone at their schools, but when they checked Instagram that night, evan had posted a picture of their ring hands reaching for the sky. underneath it the caption says “All we see is sky for forever ~ These three mean the world to me and I can’t express it enough. One year already and I can’t wait for the years to come.”

- they all decide to post similar things on their instagrams, and it feels nice to finally be out and free to be themselves.

- the first time the boys went to connor’s house was to meet his parents - he had told them a month earlier that he was gay and had three boyfriend’s and his parents took it somewhat okay, but they’re really confused about it all. so they invited them to a dinner.

- connor finds out last second that they were supposed to dress up all nice, like tuxes and stuff and he tried to warn his boys but they were already there

- so now there’s these three awkward boys standing there in their basic regular clothing while everyone’s wearing dresses and tuxes

- at least connor looks good

- after that they spend a lot more time at evan’s house because his momma is so sweet when she’s there


- “shit bitch tit fuck asshole” THEY LITERALLY SCREAM

- “you know you guys make such a big deal out of me swearing when i can have you all swearing and moaning in five minutes” EVERYONE GOES INTO SHOCK

- one night evan’s mom goes out on a date and everyone is SCREAMING BECAUSE HEIDI HAS A BOYFRIEND

- her boyfriend has a little four year old daughter !!!

- he meets evan and his boys and hes like “oh are you guys heidi’s sons?” and connor without thinking says “nah we’re all evan’s boyfriends” and everyone’s hearts stop for a moment but new like “okay” and evan actually feels his chest swell with pride and happiness and he just. laughs and says “okay.” back and everything is good

- he’s able to bond with all of the boys in one way or another, he talks with michael for hours on end just about how amazing his jacket is and all of the patches on his jacket and stands behind connor while he’s drawing sometimes and gives him some tips and when jeremy tries to cook he swifts by and gives him tips too, adding in stuff now and then secretly to help and with evan, well they talk all the time considering this man is dating evan’s mom, and really quickly evan trusts him and is happy for him and his mom


- all the boys are the best men no questions asked and they all wearing matching ties and tuxes and heidi’s boyfriend’s little girl is the flower girl

- after the wedding at the after party the boys lay outside in the grass and they’re just talking and watching the sky and there’s music faintly playing in the background from inside the building and they’re just so happy and calm

- jeremy suddenly says “i can’t wait for our wedding” and everyone is shocked but jeremy is just confused because he didn’t even know he said that out loud but when he finds out he did he blushes and covers his face

- connor is like “i would marry you all in a heart beat” and michael is like “we already have matching rings..”

- evan suddenly stands without saying a word and the rest of the boys stand too thinking they made him anxious, but he turns around and suddenly gets down on one knee and hes like “will you all marry me?”

- and it’s so cliche but every one of them say yes and they all cry

- here they are - these fucking kids, jeremy and michael at age seventeen, evan at eighteen, connor at nineteen - here they all are, proposing to each other

- they of course can’t legally get married but they all change their names a week later. they all sport the last name, Hansen-Heere-Murphy-Mell.

okay im done for now because my fingers hurt from typing

I could get use to this

Jughead Jones x Reader

Sitting in Pops diner with my half empty glass of chocolate milkshake, it felt strange being here without everyone. Veronica, was busy arguing with her mom about what she had done with the contract for Andrews construction. Archie, was busy with Valerie or his music and Jughead and Betty were too busy with finding Jason’s killer along with clearing Polly’s name.  

My parents had been arguing a lot more over the last couple of months and this morning my dad just packed up and left, no “goodbye” or “I’ll be in touch soon” he just left without even giving me a second thought. I wasn’t sure if my mom was happy with my dad just leaving us like that or if she was upset, heartbroken or anything she just carried on cleaning and doing laundry. It felt empty being in that house with all the memories I have of growing up with amazing parents, who love each other and now I’m almost 17 and they split up or separate whatever they want to call it, soon to be possibly divorced and neither of them even blink an eye at me.

Pops placing a basket of fries on my table snapped me out of my train of thought, giving him a smile for his kindness. It wasn’t unusual for Pops to give away fries or onion rings even the occasional burger but it was out of politeness to show some sort of thanks at his generosity. Turning my attention back to the empty seat across from me, I felt like I was cut off from everyone, maybe it was just paranoia or maybe my friends are just caught up in their own problems.  
Leaving Pops I aimlessly walked around town no specific destination in mind, just the thought of going home to silence doesn’t seem too appealing, I guess having them shouting at each other wasn’t as bad. Walking past Andrews construction all the lights were out making me wonder if Fred was having a boys night with Archie or taking Mrs Lodge out for dinner. It had began to rain at some point along my travels, starting off light and had gradually came pouring down. I was soaked but I felt to emotionally numb to care. The ding of my phone brought me back from my thoughts once again.  

From: Archie
Come to the station, its about Jughead

Making my way to the station not evening questioning Archie why Jughead was even there to begin with, all I knew is one of our friends was in possible trouble and I needed to be there. I didn’t realise how close I was until I had arrived not much longer than 10 minutes after Archies text. Walking in Archie was the first to see me, embracing me in a hug, holding on those few seconds longer. “You okay?” He whispered in my ear, obviously noticing my prolonged hug. “Later” I mumbled, pulling away to see Betty coming out of the interrogation room with Jughead.  "Thanks for coming" Jughead mumbled slowly moving his way towards me, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck in a hug. “Anything for you” I whispered in his ear, his arms squeezing even more securely round my waist.  

Leaving the station we were surprised with Jugheads dads appearance, Forsythe Pendleton Jones II . “Jughead" Mr Jones called. “Forgot to plug my phone in last night” He explained. “What the hell happened?” FP, spoke his body language still rigid. “Nothing. It’s fine now. Mr Andrews took care of it” Jughead told his dad, leaving myself very confused. Why would Fred need to fix this for Jug? “What jacked up crap did they accuse you of in there?” FP, asked. “Those bastards trying to throw you in jail like your old man? Well screw that, I’ll rip Keller, a new one!” He shouted, making his way towards the station. Jughead, grabbing his shirt to stop him. “Dad, don’t. Please?” He mumbled, pleading with his dad.

“Maybe you should go home?” Fred, spoke to FP, trying to help his long time friend. “He is my son” FP, called out, pushing at Freds chest. “MY son. You would do the same for your boy” Stepping back realising maybe being here wasn’t good for him. “You coming home with me?“ He turned to his son, seeing the hesitation on Jugheads face I knew he wanted to go with his dad but also wanted to stay with the Andrews. “Yeah dad” Jug muttered, quickly squeezing my hand as he walked away.  

“We’ve told Jughead he can stay with us Mr Jones” Archie spoke up. “Is that what you want?” Mr Jones, asked Jughead, staring at his son, hands on his shoulders. “Maybe its for the best” We all heard him tell Jughead. “Son listen to me, I’m going to do what you want” He told Jug, looking him straight in the eye. “Get my act together, I’m going to get your mom and Jellybean home so we can all be under the same roof” He promised. “I just need a little time to do that, a month, two at the most and then we’ll get everything back on track” Why was he pushing Jughead into staying with Mr Andrews? Sharing a hug between the two of them, both parting ways, Jughead made his way home with Archie and his dad, Betty and I going with them.


“Can I have a word with Y/N?” Jughead, spoke to Archie, Betty and Mr Andrews as we stood outside the Andrews house no one knowing what to say. “Just come in whenever you’re ready, Jughead” Mr Andrews told him, lightly squeezing his shoulder before the three of them descended inside.

“What’s wrong Jug?” I asked, almost too scared to hear his answer. Taking my hand in his as he walked us around to the backyard.

“I feel like I owe you this explanation because you stick by me with everything and sharing a little bit of my life with you doesn’t sound so bad” He explained, squeezing my hand for security.  

“My dad worked for Mr Andrews but he had to let him go and ever since then my dads life hasn’t been the same” I remember Jughead mentioning that once they planned to shut the drive-in down.

“He started drinking, a lot. I guess after all his drinking my mom had finally had enough and took my sister Jellybean to my grandparents. They’re both doing really well out there but after they left I couldn’t handle knowing my dad was either going to be drunk by the time I went home or was going to end up coming home drunk” My heart aching knowing that Jugheads kept this to himself for so long.

“So I started living at the drive-in until they shut it down and since they done that I’ve been living at the school which Archie found out about this morning and Freds offered to take me in” I could feel the tears at the back of my eyes but I knew if Jughead seen at least one tear he would regret opening up to me.  

Stopping in my tracks, I pulled Jugheads arm to stop him from walking any further, making him turn towards me. “How can..” I was speechless. “How can you be there for others but let yourself suffer alone?” I asked, Jugheads always there listening to everyone else’s problems but never complains about his own.

“Complaining doesn’t do anything but I’m thankful that I have you and Archie who hasn’t judged me” A small trace of a smile gracing his plump lips. “I would never judge you” Pulling on his hand, bringing him closer towards me. “I care for you Jughead” I almost whispered, looking up at his beautiful face, his blue-green eyes having a slight sparkle in them.

“I care about you too” Mumbling, his eyes flickering between mine and my lips. Standing on my toes slightly, my free hand that wasn’t holding Jugheads, caressing his cheek, running the pad of my thumb across his top lip, his eyes closing ever so slightly at the contact. “There’s no going back after this” I breathed, our lips brushing against each others. “That’s not always a bad thing” The words almost catching in his throat, gently pressing our lips together, both his hands now on my face, one of mine still caressing his cheek, my other firmly grasping onto his famous light blue denim jacket.  

I could get use to this” Jughead grinned pulling apart, pressing his lips back on mine in a more passionate filled kiss.

FIC: Tonight, I’ll need you to stay (part 2)

Here is part 2! This is the last part, too. Much less heavy than the last part.

Part 1:

Title: Tonight, I’ll need you to stay (part 2)
Pairing: Tom Holland/Reader
Summary: After her relationship with abusive Brad comes to an end, Tom helps the reader pick up the pieces.
Warnings: Smut! Also some fluff, swearing, and mention of abuse.

Fulfills the anon’s last prompt in the long list: “Are you sure about this?”

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Kaisoo Analysis | Kaisoo Origins

I was inspired to do this post after I researched for something online. I was honestly curious about how people started shipping Kaisoo, since I never saw a specific moment that made people ship them together. Because, everything has a start, right? So, giving this thought a shot, I started to research…

And I found this on fykaisoo (apparently, someone had the same doubt as me!):

I put the link of the answer above, but if you’re lazy to click at it or you don’t know what predebut they talked about, I’ll put them here because I’m a masochist and I love Kaisoo too much to let it go.  

I really don’t know why people started shipping Kaisoo romantically after these pictures came out… sarcastic laugh

This picture only confirms what Jongin said on EXO Second Box DVD about him and Kyungsoo going to take a coffee and hang out together.

Full gifset here.

The iconic Kaisoo pose again (Kyungsoo with his cheek close to Jongin’s). 

 No comment needed on this one, honestly.

Fykaisoo’s post has another pictures/gifs that show some moments of them in MAMA Era.

Some moments of Kaisoo being clingy with each other. Not only Jongin being clingy with Kyungsoo, but the other way around, as well. What is super important, if you consider Kyungsoo’s personality as someone who doesn’t like people touching him.

This moment is very important to me because it was after Jongin suffered an injury. You can see Kyungsoo carrying him and his face looks so determined… I don’t know how to explain this, I just think that’s very deep.

This is another moment I appreciate tenderly. Some members of EXO-K are talking to the camera, but Jongin and Kyungsoo are missing. It’s almost imperceptible, but, if you look closely, you can see Kyungsoo having his throat massaged by Jongin. When Kyungsoo spots the camera, he reacts with surprise and tries to hide. Not very successful, I would say.

Everything I just saw made me take some conclusions that I wanted to share here that maybe will sound obvious for a lot of people:

  1. Kaisoo was always reaaaaally close, since predebut days no shit, Sherlock;
  2. They didn’t have a start point, like one moment in front of the cameras, in a showcase or concert. They just had this awesome relationship since the beginning and, when people realised this, some of them started to ship them together;
  3. Right after their debut, Kyungsoo and Jongin still touched each other a lot in public places, but not because they were forced to (I think). For me, it was a habit, that they kept doing it lightly for a time;
  4. They were always there with each other, taking care of each other and making sure that the other was alright. I put some other moments I found online to illustrate this:

Kyungsoo opening the water bottle and giving it to Jongin instead of drinking it first. 

I didn’t find the video of this moment, but it’s basically Jongin with a hot pack on his hand. Sehun wanted it because it was pretty cold. Jongin wanted to share his hot pack with Kyungsoo instead, but he refused. He was feeling cold as well, but he preferred to see Jongin with the hot pack instead of taking it from him! 

I just stay mad when some people say that Kaisoo is planned by SM or they fake their friendship or whatever. I mean, those people don’t know them at all! I know and agree that some fans exaggerate a lot about some of their moments, but it’s a normal thing to do. A lot of shippers of other couples do the same thing and, believe me, it’s normal. But say that everything Kaisoo does is fake? 

Their interactions changed a lot through the years, it’s a fact. But that’s why Do Kyungsoo and Kim Jongin matured as human beings and they’re a lot busier than they used to be. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like each other anymore or that they’re not together anymore (as friends, or lovers, whatever you decide to call them).

I swear that I tried to imagine just for fun they going to take a coffee and take selcas there because SM obliged them to and this idea is one of the most ridiculous things I ever thought in my life.

Kaisoo has this huge quantity of shippers because the sincere way they build their relationship every day, with every interaction. Shipping them as brothers, best friends or even lovers don’t change the fact that they really appreciate each other’s company and are really fond of each other.

And honestly, knowing this in my heart, even if they don’t date, makes me really proud to be a Kaisoo shipper.


Credits here. If even a Baekhyun’s friend admitted that Jongin and Kyungsoo were close, who am I to say otherwise, right? Or maybe he was paid for SM to say that, because Kaisoo makes part of “SM’s fake couples”! That’s something we’ll never know.

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imagine if the squip became a human au. idk I think that'd be kinda cute.

Oh my gosh, let’s.

Jeremy introduces him to everyone as “Reeves” (he was gonna go with Keanu at first, but he thought that’d be too suspicious.) and calls him his “second cousin”, because how else do you explain a random guy that nobody’s ever seen before popping up out of nowhere and staying at your house?

When Michael finds out it’s the SQUIP, he dumps a whole liter of Mtn Dew Red on him. Which does nothing but make the SQUIP hate him more. They then spend most of the day glaring at each other when Jeremy’s not looking.

He pretty much survives on Mtn Dew, but being just “born”, it’s not like he has any money. So needless to say, Jeremy’s dad now believes he has a Mtn Dew addiction.

Eventually Jeremy tells him he’s gonna have to get a job. He suggests working retail at the mall, since telling people how to dress is one of his specialties.

The SQUIP, despite being human, still has the same basic programming and has to now get used to the fact that he can’t make decisions for Jeremy anymore, which takes some time. The first few days are especially hectic; while Jeremy’s at school, the SQUIP takes the liberty of replacing his entire wardrobe, updating his social media, changing all the music he listens to, and ALMOST throwing out all his video games (thankfully, Jeremy arrives home just in time to put a stop to that.)

It also takes him awhile to learn how to use electronics normally (Jeremy jokes all the time about the irony of the fact that a computer can’t use a computer.)

It’s not all problems, though! The SQUIP is great at keeping house, he likes to keep things presentable in case any guests should stop by (he’s all about making a good impression.) He’s also ideal for helping with homework. And he almost always gets a discount at Starbucks.

Michael takes a looong time to warm up to the SQUIP, for obvious reasons. They butt heads a lot because they both think Jeremy’s life is better off without the other, and they both have their own ideas of how to protect him. Jeremy has to be the buffer whenever they’re in the same place at the same time, poor guy. They do eventually learn to live with each other, though, once they realize that neither of them is going away anytime soon.

Also, the SQUIP still can’t touch alcohol. He’s not exactly sure whether or not it’d still affect him in the same way, but he’s not taking any chances.

He also watches way too much MTV.

Late Night Confessions

Luke Skywalker/ Reader

Originally posted by the-return-of-the-imagines

Words: 1,446

Summary: After conversing with Leia about your situation, you decide that taking the leap of faith wouldn’t hurt after all. 

Request: Could you please do one with Luke where reader is a little nervous to confess their feelings but decides to get past their nerves and tell him even though they aren’t sure how he’ll react. Thankfully he feels the same!

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: This is the first time I write for Luke so I hope I did this man justice!! Cotton candy found dead in Miami bc this fic is filled with fluff oh my goshjdsahudislhvlfi

Sometimes when Luke looks over your way, you get the urge to scream at the top of your lungs to declare your love for him. Though you wave or smile at him instead, you can’t help but put yourself down for not confessing right then and there about your feelings.

The sole reason that you hold yourself back is your nerves.

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Summary of the Triple M radio interview with Linkin Park

I imagine a recording will probably emerge sooner or later, but for now here are the notes I made while listening to Triple M’s ‘Life after Chester’ radio interview today. The interview itself was recorded backstage after the tribute concert.

- Mike doesn’t entirely know how the tribute concert made him feel. 'People kept asking me “how do you feel? how do you feel?” today, and the truth is I don’t know. I still don’t know.’ It was fun, though. It was a little like a whirlwind tour through the last few months, when there were good days and bad days; suddenly he’s being pulled through all those different emotions in the space from one song to the next.
- Dave (accidentally attributed this to Mike earlier, sorry!): 'The five of us are a really great support system for each other; there’s no one else who knows as well as us what we’ve been through, and I’ve found a ton of solace in that.’
- Joe says that Chester had a strong emotional reaction to the song 'One More Light’ - 'for Chester, the world stopped with that song.’ He says that Chester always wore his heart on his sleeve.
- Mike: 'The fans have really been so fantastic - we couldn’t be more grateful … That song [One More Light]’s been kind of turned around on us, we’re no longer the ones giving, we’re the ones receiving condolences, we’re the ones receiving that hug, and I kind of - I can’t get enough of that, that’s what I need, and we’ve been getting a lot of that, so that’s really comforting.’
- Well, now they’re playing the live performance of 'One More Light’ for Chris Cornell, where Chester was so emotional he couldn’t even get through the last line. Thanks for somehow finding something even more painful than 'Shadow of the Day’ to play, radio station.
- Mike mentions that they got a lot of condolences from other musicians both in public and in private. Perhaps he wants us to know that we can’t draw 'why didn’t this person react to Chester’s death?’ conclusions; they may well have got in touch with the band privately.
- Mike: 'I kind of took a hiatus from social media; I don’t think they needed to see the kind of shit I’m going through.’
- Mike’s not sure what’s going to happen with the band. They’re friends; they see each other a lot; they’re just going to have to see what happens. 'We don’t know what’s going to happen, and that’s okay.’ They might have to try some things and screw up before they can pin down what they’re actually doing.

Gerita Headcannons


-Ludwig was actually drafted twice to the war. The first being when he was married to Feliciano, the second when the twins were 3.

-He had severe nightmares for months before they started to lose the intensity

-Still very jumpy and startled easily so Feliciano and the twins are cautious

-Lud wears stupid sweater vests and Feliciano laughs at him for being a stereotypical dad

-Ludwig came back early the first time he was drafted and surprised Feliciano while he was working at the high school. There were a lot of kisses and celebration things given.

-Ludwig is still anxious about his prosthetic, he wears a sleeve and a glove over top to hide it when he’s in public

-Lud’s also more affectionate than when he started dating Feliciano. Gives his family a healthy dose of kisses everyday.

-Lud bakes, Feli cooks, twins stay out of the way

-They both hug each other from behind when the other is in the kitchen

-Ludwig is a suburban mom 100% and bakes things for the twins’ bake sales.

-Ludwig is the fuckin best cuddle spot when he’s on the couch. He’s warm and swol and will give his babies a lot of kisses

-He breezes through books lightning fast on his own, but he is still the story-time master for his babies. He’ll do the voices, too.

-He slow dances with Feliciano in the living room after he puts the twins to bed and it’s all soft and gentle and they fall in love with each other all over again every time.

-He teaches both twins German

-Lud spends a lot of time in his office working on papers and Feliciano comes in sometimes and has to drag him away from the pens and make sure he gets breaks. It usually consists of Feliciano sitting in his lap and helping him get re-grounded. (i.e, touching his fingers, getting him to count, finding three fun things that happened that day, etc)

-Ludwig sometimes has to lead his army soldiers in parades and shit and Claus and Isobel fuckin lose it BECAUSE VATI IS IN THE PARADE. ((There’s a video that went viral of them running up to Ludwig when they were really small and Ludwig smothered them in kisses and set them back with Mama.))


-Feliciano is a growly momma bear when people pick on his bambinos and will punch your face.

-When he and Ludwig have to go to parent-teacher meetings, they dress sharp af so they can show off to the homophobic parents that they mean business and will kick your ass

-Feli will still sing to his babies to sleep no matter what their age is

-These two are worse than rabbits smh

-Feli thinks his husband is the best thing since sliced bread

-Feliciano doesn’t like it when Ludwig shaves because he looks hot af with stubble but the babies don’t like the pokies on Vati’s face

-Feliciano is still the king of making cannolis and it’s a house specialty and the twins think of it as a gift from god

-Feli owns several lingeries wink wonk

-Did have a lot of problems with his body and still does. He caught word of co-workers saying he was putting on weight so he got very self-conscious and stopped eating for a while. Ludwig got him plenty of help and TLC and he’s happy and bubbly again

-Still lots of stretch marks (lud assures him everyday that he loves each and everyone one of them)

-He teaches both twins Italian

-Feli will sometimes sit in the corner of Lud’s study and just doodle so he has some company

-He painted the twins’ rooms himself

-A lot of Feli’s paintings decorate the house

-He hangs all of the art projects his babies bring home. All. Of. Them.

-he has the most gorgeous legs and a killer ass and wide hips that makes it easy to seduce his husband

-he has a beautiful smile and it’s contagious

-prefers Ludwig’s hair to be loose and down, it’s easier to play with and he looks calmer with it down

-still gets all flustered and smiley when Ludwig kisses his wedding ring

-Wears the iron cross Ludwig gifted him with pride

-Nearly always has a hickey on his neck/shoulder somewhere

-He’s a magician when it comes to soothing tantrums and getting his babies to clean up and get ready for bed

-Feliciano slipped into a state of depression when the soldiers told him Ludwig was MIA the second time he was drafted and heavily depended on Francis, Gilbert and Antonio to help out.

-Feli will insult olive garden’s Italian food. It’s shameful to his blood.

Secret Feelings (Alec x Reader) Imagine

One hit, two hits, three hits. Alec just kept on hitting the punching bag.

“Just tell him how you feel already” a voice from behind me said. Turning around I see Jace with his arm cross and a smirk on his face.
“Like now because I’m getting tired of both of yours guys love sick attitude” you rolled your eyes,
“You’re one to talk, you follow Clary around like a love sick puppy these day” Jace stood there looking shocked.
“You and I both know that’s a completely different story” he said defending himself. “You keep telling yourself that” you answer back.
“Hey guys what are you two taking about?” Alec asked as he walk out of the training room taking a sip from his water bottle.“Nothing” you both quickly answer and left the room, leaving a very confused Alec behind.

  “Do you ever plan on telling my brother that you like him?” Izzy asked as she sat on your bed.
“Have you been talking to Jace lately? Because all you two do is ask me that same question every time we talk” You said as you lay down next to her on your bed. Izzy laugh then look at you with a smile.
“You know that’s means that more then one person can tell then right?” You went to answer back but then your bedroom door open to revealing Clary. “It’s time to go”

You three walk through the halls of the institute heading to the main area. Knowing that’s where the boys would be waiting to leave for your guys mission. Today mission was the same as always go out and kill a demon, then come back make a report about it then it would be done.
“You all ready?” Jace asked as you guys walked up to where him and Alec were standing.
“Let’s go!” Izzy said cheerfully as she grabbed yours and Clary arm and walked out of the institute.

“So Y/N you and Alec huh?” Clary said teasing you on your way back from the hunt.
“OH MY ANGEL” you yelled causing Jace and Alec to stop walking ahead of you and turn around to see what the matter was. You had enough, couldn’t they all see that you just wanted to keep it to yourself and not tell him.
“Could all three of you stop asking me that,I had enough” you shouted while looking from Clary to Jace to Isabella.
“Stop asking you what?” Alec asked standing there between all of you looking more confused then ever.
“It’s nothing so don’t worry about it” you said back.
“That’s a lie. It’s is something important dear brother so we will leave so the two of you alone so you can talk about it” Izzy said pulling Jace and Clary away with her. God damn Izzy you thought as she left, leave it to her to do something like this leaving you no choice but to face your fears.
“What’s so important? Alec asked. Isn’t he full of questions to day you thought but you knew if you were in his situation too you would be doing the same.
"Do you really want to hear something that would change our friendship forever? There’s no turning back after you hear what I have to say” you said looking him in the face staring at his eyes. His hair was a bit messy from fighting the demon earlier and he looked tried but he still smile at you.
“Go ahead, say it. You never know if I feel the same way. If you don’t ask.” he said as he walked closer to you.
“Well hear I go Alec I- wait what did you just say?” You ask looking dumbfounded. Did he really just say that he had feeling for me you wonder.
“Me and you both know what I said, Yes I have feeling for you Y/N. You and I both know you have them for me too. It doesn’t need to take a genius to figured that out.”
“But why haven’t you said anything before” you stated. Alec just shrugged “I guess every time I try I just chicken out of it” he said looking at you
“I always got nervous and back out, thinking that when everyone said you have feeling for me was just a lie”
“Oh Alec, I do like you” you said looking at him “A lot really”
“Good because I like you too and now I can do this” he while bending down to kiss you.
Your guys lips touch and it felt like home. Like this is what you always needed but never knew you did until now. It had so much passionate from all the years worth of feelings you had built up inside. You guys pulled away from the kiss and rested your forehead together. Finally this moment that you always dream of was here and it sure was hell worth the wait.
“Would you two hurry up sucking each other face off because it cold” Jace yelled. Causing you guys to stop kissing and laugh along with Izzy and Clary.
“Come lets go” Alec said as he pulled your hand making your way back to the others to head home.

A/N: if you guys have any requests or idea please send them along. I will happily do them.

Dating Keanu Reeves Would Include

*A/N: This is my first time doing something like this so please cut me some slack if this is horrible :)*

- Him trying to convince you to ride on the back of his motorcycle

- Kisses before either of you leave the house

- Kisses when you get back to the house

- Just lots of kisses really

- Making breakfast together whenever he gets a day off

- Dancing in the kitchen which turns into a make out session and burning the pancakes 

- LOTS of showing off

- “hey babe watch this”

- Skype sessions while he’s off filming or doing promos for his newest movie


- Late night intellectual conversations when neither of you can sleep

- Telling each other stories from your childhood

- Catching him staring at you ALL THE TIME

- “sweetheart please stop touching my hair”


- Him being protective over you

- Always making sure you have enough to eat/drink throughout the day

- Making you walk on the inside of the sidewalk away from the street

- Opening doors for you

- Literally just Keanu being the perfect gentleman he is

- Having the perfect relationship that everyone is jealous of

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Another question who is Mike and what do you mean by doing a lot of Larry hopping?

mike is mike navarra, senior director of music licensing and publicity at columbia records. aka very closely involved in harry’s stuff. louis has been hanging out with him on and off during the hiatus (to the point where i almost expected him to sign with columbia). of course they know each other from the 1d days but it sure is interesting that he’s around

Dawn (An AntiXDark fanfic)

And yet another! A bit more chill this time, and hopefully better :P Once more, took inspo from @markired (y’all should follow BTW - hella good fanfic ideas there!) so thanks to them! :)

WORD COUNT: 924 words

WARNINGS: Insomnia? AntixDark, if you’re not into that. No sexual behaviour, though. Like I said, this one is pretty chill.

Enjoy! Please feel free to criticise, or even like or reblog if you really think it’s good enough (Don’t know why you would though!!! lol) but please don’t repost as your own! Hope you like it :)


Dark laid in the bed, feeling the soft mattress below him still sinking underneath his weight, slowly slipping into the material like it were gradually absorbing him, night by night. The softness of the scrunched sheets lingered against his hand beside him, his other hand hanging gently over the side of the bed, touching the air out of boredom like he was playing the piano, just like he did when he first met Anti. Anti hated him playing the piano. Said it was a waste of time. Said that everyone played the piano and that he was different, so he shouldn’t be doing it too. He took it as a compliment.

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I thought a lesson on embellishing prints would be great for today! So here I am adding embellishments to my big “Alveare” Fine Art Prints for #wipwednesday! 🖌 I like to use Holbein goauche and/or liquid acrylics when I hand embellish! They dry quickly and evenly so I can do a lot in a short amount of time. Metallics are my fav because it adds a little bling bling to the prints. 😉✨✨ Since I individually paint one to each one, it becomes a #oneofakind type of print because no two are the same. I love adding these extra special touches, especially with these prints because I can make it look like lots of pollen! 🐝💕 I’ll be putting up a few of these blinged out prints on my Etsy for my Bee Release on Friday at 9AM PST. So make sure to check out for these and my other special items too! 😄 Now I’m off to keep making things shiney and pretty! 😘 

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Any Harry/Uma headcanons on how they got together?

Maaaaaaaybe. ;)

- It’s kind of weird to think about them actually making it official - in a lot of ways, they’re already very couple-y. Harriet doesn’t say they should be spayed and neutered when they’re flirting in her sight line for nothing. 

- I’d not be surprised if people who aren’t in the know were under the misconception they were already a thing. 

- Honestly, I think it’s mostly a matter of conversation. They’ve never really talked about what they are or made anything official. Sometimes that’s fine, certainly less distracting, but other times it’d be nice to have a little clarity. 

- On the other hand, how the heck do you broach a subject like that? It’s an intensely vulnerable position and vulnerability is not a hand you play lightly on the Isle. 

- I think they were somewhere casual, comfortable, and most importantly private - Uma’s cabin on the ship or maybe Harry’s room on the Jolly Roger? Somewhere it’s okay to talk feelings and they won’t be subject to immediate intense mockery if it goes badly the way they would be if they got shot down in public. Not that either of them was specifically planning on broaching the subject, so much as they wouldn’t broach it anywhere else, if that makes sense?

- The two of them were probably initially hanging out in whatever private space. Whether they were planning an attack on Auradon, or a rival gang or talking about their crew or just chilling I’m not sure, but the point is it wasn’t initially supposed to be a date. Uma doesn’t do one on one dates, they’re too serious.

- Anyways those two nerds are flirting up a storm and playing the same game of ‘question and rejection’ they always do with the same sense of question and rejection but  today they’re getting really close to each other and touching a lot and Uma’s playing with his hook and the chemistry is heavier is just…thicker today. Which says something because it’s usually pretty thick. Those two like each other a lot (regardless of whether or not they want to date). 

- At some point that flirting comes to a head. Uma was playing with his hair and then  she saw how relaxed he looked and they are now REALLY CLOSE together and it’s kinda freakishly intense. 

- So finally, after pulling away from him, Uma asks what they’ve got here. Like, what is going on here? Harry shrugs and says he thinks it’s kinda obvious and Uma said ‘Yeah, it is’ and then they’re kissing and making sure they split off together whenever the crew is doing something. 

- It took anybody like 4 weeks to notice they were dating now, because seriously you two were ALREADY PRETTY DANG COUPLE-Y. 

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The Reader (you) meets Stefano during his first exhibition in Krimson City. He's frustrated; most critics so far have dubbed his work as "sensationalist", or like a cheap horror film in a different medium, appealing to shock value. But when you tell him that you have an appreciation for macabre art and the effort that goes into it, it's the best thing he's heard all week. He offers to take you to dinner. No, you won't not be his next project. Dead people can't appreciate his future projects...

You were standing there, mesmerized by the unique, bloody and gory photograph.

It was one of the many times you were in Krimson’s City Art Gallery, but sadly, latelt nothing caught your attention. All the other works of ‘artists’ were just plain boring, every one had something in common with the other, you were sometimes starting to think that they were copies of one another.

But not this one.

These art works were different, in the litteral meaning of the word. There was something that attached you to it, like a moth to a lamp. It was gory, full of blood and, well, macabric, but the first time you laid your eyes on the photographs, you couldn’t take your eyes off of them.

Your eyes wandered to the name of the artist that was engraved into the frame of the photo, Stefano Valentini, it said. Hmm… Interesting, so forgein and unique, just like his art.

Suddenly, you were pulled out of your thoughts when you heard the clicking of shoes on the white marble floor. You turned around elegantly and were met with the sight of a tall, lean raven haired man in a expensive-looking dark blue suit and red scarf tied in a french knot.

As the man neared you could almost sense a strange, almost dangerous aura emiting form the artist, but you also had another, even stranger feeling that you could feel safe around the mysterious man.

Ah~ I saw that you spend quite some time looking at my photos. I take that as a sign that you…like them?”

The man, Stefano, said with a neutral voice, but even someone dumb would figure out that there was a smugnes, or even joy hidden behind his careful words. You smiled lightly and once more looked at the man’s works.

“Of course I like them, there is… Ah, how could I say it… I feel like there is something behind it? It’s just so fresh, it’s original in it’s own sense, something that isn’t a hundredth copy of one and the same piece. And believe me, I can appreciate true art when I see it.”

You told him truthfuly and turned towards the photograph again, but there was something different with him now. In his visible eye you could see a storm going on, various emotions made way throught his beautiful cyan eye, but then he spoke with barely contained joy. ‘Like a child’, you thought.

“Ah~ Finally someone that appreciates true art! I knew form the first time I saw you, that you’re different from these… Philistines. They couldn’t be able to see true art even if it was showed down their throats- Oh, excuse me, I overdid, didn’t I? And where are my manners, I am Stefano Valentini as you propably already know, and what’s your name, mio carissimo?”

Stefano asked with his deep Italian accented voice that shook you to the core. You held out your hand towards him and said,

“I’m (Y/N) (L/N), nice to meet you, Stefano”

His name rolled off of your tongue smoothly and you could swear you saw him shudder lightly. Then, you felt a hand gently grab yours and a pair of warm soft lips make contact with the back of your hand. You gasped softly in suprice, no one did something like this to you.

But the most interesting thing that happened, is that Stefano didn’t let go of your hand, but gently pulled you towards him so you were almost touching. The male smiled at you and tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear and then lowly said,

“So, (Y/N)~ What would you say to me taking you out for dinner hm~? I can sense that we have a lot in common, and I’m sure that we could even learn a bit from each other, and… Maybe we also could get to know each other better. So, what do you say?”

Stefano was now extremaly close to you, not even three inches away, you could smell his expensive colonge and if you leaned in now your lips would definitely touch.

But you did the exact opposite, you smirked smugly and gracefuly stepped out of Stefano’s embrace.

“I’d love to meet up with you, Stefano. And yes, I’m sure we have a lot in common and a lot of interesting conversations are before us.”

Now you could see it in his eye clearly as day, there were three emotions clearly dissplayed in his eye, lust, interest and… adoration?

“Perfect~! I’ll pick you up tommorow, 8 o’clock. I can’t wait to meet with you again, il mio fiore.”

Me too.”

This was the only thing you said with a lovely and warm smile, before you turned around on your heel and leaved Stefano alone in the almost empty gallery.

The only thing you didn’t see was the giant, maniac smile that appeared on Stefano’s face when you were out of sight.

You were perfection in Stefano’s eyes, true, beautiful perfection. A masterpiece. Stefano knew from the start when he first saw you that you were the one. The one that would be his muse, his light in the dark, the love of his life.

And he would never allow you to get hurt, not even he would dare to hurt such a perfect person, because you know what they say, dead people can’t appreciate true art.