they sure do touch each other a lot


Linda Montano and Tehching Hsieh, Art/Life: One Year Performance 1983-1984 (Rope Piece). For one year, the two artists remain tied together at the waist by an eight foot rope. They are not allowed to touch one another.

From a 1984 interview with Alex and Allyson Grey:

A&AG: Now that you’ve been tied together for almost a year, how do you feel about each other?

TH: I think Linda is the most honest person I’ve known in my life and I feel very comfortable to talk—to share my personality with her. That’s enough. I feel that’s pretty good. We had a lot of fights and I don’t feel that is negative. Anybody who was tied this way, even if they were a nice couple, I’m sure they would fight, too. This piece is about being like an animal, naked. We cannot hide our negative sides. We cannot be shy. It’s more than just honesty—we show our weakness.

LM: Tehching is my friend, confidant, lover, son, opponent, husband, brother, playmate, sparring partner, mother, father, etc. The list goes on and on. There isn’t one word or one archetype that fits. I feel very deeply for him. 

Do you ever wonder if Harry and Louis have fought about things we’ve noticed?

The only problem with Levi and Eren openly being a couple is that the higher powers would start to question Levi’s ability to kill Eren should he become a menace to society. They would assume that Levi’s affection for Eren would hinder Levi’s duty to keep him under control.

So here are some secret couple head canons:

-Eren sitting next to Levi at every opportunity and holding his hand beneath the table. Or tapping his foot on Levi’s toes. Thighs and shoulders touching.

-Levi spending extra time making sure that Eren’s cleaning is up to his standards. Lots of Levi putting his hand over Eren’s and “this is how you do it.”

-Patching each other up after battles.

-Accidental touching. All the time.

-“Eren I need a word with you in my office.” Then lots of making out and fucking quietly against the door.

-Patrolling together at night and holding hands.

-Eren making a pot of tea before he goes to bed because he knows Levi will be awake most of the night.

-Levi going into Eren’s room with the excuse to check on him. Sometimes Eren is awake and they will talk and kiss and have sex. Sometimes he’s sleeping and Levi will just sit beside him and read and pet his hair.

-Levi praising Eren after a good practice session or a battle and Eren getting worked up because Levi praising him turns him on.

-Gazing into each other’s eyes but everyone thinks it’s an alpha male staring contest thing because whenever one of them blinks the other goes “I win.”

-Silently communicating with facial expressions.

-Pretending to be fighting to get physically close to each other and maybe roll around on the ground a bit or push the other up against a wall.

-Almost taking their pretend fighting games too far and having to cool off in separate rooms.

-Walking in on the other when they know that the other one is getting changed or in the shower as an excuse to see them naked.

-Eren perched on the arm rest of the couch so that Levi can lean his head against Eren’s side.

-Going for horse back rides alone together under the guise of scouting so they can fool around a little.

-Kissing instead of biting shoulders to muffle moans since they can’t leave physical marks on each other.

-Nails and teeth grazing along flesh but never breaking it. Just pretending like they can.

-Shoulder massages after a long day of work.

-Levi suddenly becoming the king of dirty jokes and looking at Eren whenever he says them (not so subtle, Levi).

-Levi polishing Eren’s dirty boots as both a kindness to Eren and his own need for cleanliness.

-Levi making cookies one day and giving the only heart-shaped one to Eren.

Their squads knowing that they are a couple but letting them keep pretending just in case someone from the Interior happens to come along for an unexpected visit.

but i’m so sure magnus and alec have to absolutely always be touching each other

like, what other side of the bed??? ¿¿¿ i’m gonna sleep half on top of you with my head on your chest like chairman meow

also, what do you mean you can’t cook when i’m hugging you alexander??? what kind of shadowhunter are you???

and, alec darling lift your head for a sec so i can turn the page

and a whole lot of showering together to “”“” save water “”“”

also a shitload of playing with the other’s hair while their hand is draped over the other’s shoulder while they talk to people (((it makes alec blush like a freaking tomato)))

and when they’re fighting they’re a badass a blur of seraph blade and blue sparks and they’re always back-to-back so they can protect each other but also having their shoulders press together gives them strength

(((the only time they’re ever apart is when magnus puts on his make up and it pisses alec tf off so he often comes to kiss him and messes it up)))

                                 Reasons I ship Star x Marco

1. Their chemistry is just WAY TOO GOOD. I was immediately sold on it at the end of episode one like “F*CK, THEY ARE AWESOME”.

2. They hug and touch each other. A LOT. I mean, sure, friends do this…but even for best friends, they are insanely close. I don’t think many teenagers in plationic relationships hold hands as much as they do.

3. Marco helps keep Star from going out of control but Star brings joy into his life. In other words, it’s a balanced relationship where both of them gives something back to the other.

4. Neither one can stand it when the other is sad and they go to ridiculous lengths to cheer each other up. I mean ridiculous.

5. ^ And it actually works. They can make each other laugh and smile even during the crappiest of times.

6. They treat each other well and are considerate of each other’s feelings. When they fight, they apologize quickly and get right back to being on fantastic terms.

7. Because Tom is a jerk….and well….evil. lol

8. The other people they crush on are not interesting. The crushes feel shallow and they don’t really go anywhere. Which I think means something.

9. They are opposite enough to balance each other out but similar enough to not fight all the time. They just click.

10. I didn’t need to see fanart or read fanfics to convince me to ship them. I merely watched the first 11 minutes of this show and said “Yes.”

11. Because they are f*cking cuter than a puppy and kitten trying to climb into the same slipper in both looks and interaction.

12. The Blood Moon Ball. Nuff said.

I noticed something with Kaisoo…. I know people are like “duuuh it’s just fan service (which is even ridiculous, cuz most of it happens in secret or off spot light) bla bla”… but, after watching a lot of stuff and being in a relationship myself, I noticed a certain thing:

the urge for skin ship.

it’s known that korean guys/men touch each other more than western people would, but the way they touch and how often is something that really only couples do. Like making sure everyone knows they are together or just needing the feeling of the others’ touch or having the urge to touch your significant other, to have some kind of connection. And I looked at the places on their bodies they touch each other and how and compared it to how I touch my boyfriend or how he touches me and it is quite similar. It’s a way of reassurance… like: “you’re mine”.

Of course we delusional shippers could also just see stuff and make everything up… but really, if you ask non kpoppers or just gay couples or hetero couples… they would all say Jongin and Kyungsoo are together. It’s the way they do it, not even that they do it or the amount. It’s how they show affection for each other and that is definitely more than just friendship. 

LEARN UR PARTNERS LOVE LANGUAGES! there are 5 love languages

  • words of affirmation (saying nice things, lots of i love you and appreciate you, etc)
  • quality time (intentional one-on-one time, dates, etc)
  • acts of service (doing nice things for each other - make them dinner, run an errand for them, help out w something stressful, etc) 
  • gifts (buy them something nice)
  • physical affection (touching, cuddling, sex) 

everyone has primary and secondary love languages, and if you know what yours are and what your partners are, it’s way easier to know how to connect and share love and make sure both people feel love 

like if one person is all about quality time and someone else is all about acts of service, it can feel like the love needs aren’t being met, but really you just aren’t matching each others love languages you feel me??  THIS IS HELPFUL AS FUCK. Start asking people what their love languages are. 

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Hooray it's open 👍👍. First off, good luck I'm sure you have a lot to do! And second, could I request Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Lev, and Bokuto reacting to their crush falling on them and ending up in a suggestive position •////• Thanks

Thank you~! Ohoho ( ̄ω ̄)

Iwaizumi immediately blurted, “Sorry!” while hastily trying to decide where it was safe to touch, if he was even allowed to touch. He and his crush both ended up helping each other stand with many accidental, awkward touches along the way. Iwaizumi wouldn’t be able to look at them for a while after that.

Oikawa stared at his crush in genuine shock, but it only lasted a second before he quickly put on a goading smile. “So forward~ Are you trying to tell me something?” he asked insufferably as he tried not to notice, well, anything. He was flustered, really flustered, but he also didn’t make an effort in moving. 

Kageyama’s mind went blank. “Um,” he heard himself saying. He tried not to focus on their current position. “Could you maybe… Could you please, uh, move?” It wasn’t out of rudeness that he said this. Rather, Kageyama was deathly afraid something wrong was going to happen again if he tried amending the problem. 

Tsukishima, usually so calm, found his mind going into shambles. He grimaced and cursed as a hot blush took over his face. “Watch where you’re going,” he griped as his crush hurried to stand. Tsukishima would have rather stayed on the floor to brood in shame, but he accepted the hand his crush offered to help him up. 

For once, Kuroo was stunned into silence, his breath hitching by how close his crush was. He knew he should feel embarrassed but instead he felt oddly amazed by this outcome. His crush was the first to stand no thanks to him, and Kuroo remembered to cordially apologize, feeling bad that his crush was so mortified.

Lev didn’t know what to do, what to think. His body went on autopilot, and he ended up bonking foreheads with his crush in his haste to get up. All manners escaped him and, after blurting out an incoherent apology, he fled down the hall. Lev kept replaying the moment in his head afterward, much to his embarrassment.

Bokuto’s eyes widened as he stared at his crush, mouth slightly agape. They were in close proximity, just a hair’s breadth away, but he just couldn’t look away. Maybe he should apologize and pull back? Maybe he should lean in? Before he could realize what he was thinking, his crush had already scrambled onto their feet.

One night stand gone wrong-Jack Gilinsky imagine pt. 4

“And remember this, Jack. I’m more than willing to step up and be the man that you can’t be”


“What the hell is that supposed to mean, Sam?! You honestly think you’re responsible enough to help support Y/N and a child? That’s got to be the greatest joke I’ve ever heard. You can’t do shit, Sammy, and you know it” Jack said, venom laced in his voice.

“I can sure as hell do a lot more than you can, Jack” Sammy responded, taking one step closer to Jack, their chests almost touching at this point.

Sammy and Jack were glaring at each other, and it seemed that any second one of them would lose their cool and all hell would break loose right in my driveway. I stormed up to them and stepped in between them, pushing each of them back with my hands.

“Enough boys! Both of you, in the house. Now!” I yelled at them before walking into my house. I heard their footsteps not too far behind me, so I knew they had listened. I walked into my kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water for myself, and then two more for the boys. I walked into my living room where Sammy was sitting on one end of the couch, and jack standing up, neither one of them looking at each other. I sat down on the opposite end of the couch from Sammy and looked at him before looking at Jack. They both looked expectantly at me, waiting for me to say something.

“Alright Jack, you wanted to talk, so talk” I said, giving him my attention at this point. I’ve been waiting to hear what he would have to say for a while, and now that it was going to happen, I didn’t know if I was quite ready to hear it. Jack sighed and sat down on the ottoman right in front of me. I could tell he was trying to figure out exactly what he wanted to say, but I was getting impatient.

“C’mon Jack, don’t you think you’ve kept me waiting long enough?” I said quietly, hoping to get the ball rolling with this talk. He looked up at me and gave me a weak, apologetic smile.

“I know, Y/N, and I’m so sorry for that. It’s just that…. I had no idea what to think. When you told me you were pregnant, I honestly thought I was dreaming, or that you were playing some cruel joke on me. But then you told me that it was mine, and I knew you were serious. I know I shouldn’t have kicked you out, but I needed time to think about it, and I wasn’t going to be able to do that if you were still there.” He moved to the edge of the ottoman and grabbed my hands in his.

“But I’ve had my time now. I want to help you out, as much as I can. I want to be by your side at doctor’s appointments, and to pick out the furniture for the nursery. I want to be sit by your side while we flip through a baby book and try and decide what we want to name our future baby boy or girl. I want to argue over whether we find out the gender beforehand or keep it a secret, but laugh it off 5 minutes because we both know it doesn’t even really matter. I want to be the best father I can be for this child, our child. And I want to be right by your side through it all” Jack’s voice cracked with emotion as he finished talking, and I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with what he just told me.

“Really, Jack?” I asked him quietly. He nodded his head yes and gave me a smile.

“Y/N, you’re not really going to let him just walk right back into the picture like that, are you?” Sammy had decided to speak up, and I could tell there was anger in his voice.

“Sammy, what do you mean? He is the father of the child, and if he wants to be in the baby’s life, then he has every right to be” I replied, slightly annoyed at Sammy’s comment.

“He couldn’t even own up to the responsibility in the first place! What if 4 months down the road, he suddenly decides he wants out? What if he doesn’t clean up his act in time for the baby’s arrival? Why don’t you ask Jack what he’s been doing this past week while he’s apparently been ‘thinking?’ He can promise you all of those things Y/N, but do you think he’ll actually go through with it all?” Sammy was clearly angry now, as he glared at Jack and I, who still happened to be holding hands.

I looked at Jack hesitantly. “What have you been doing this past week?” I asked him. He was refusing to make eye contact with me now, and I knew that I just caught him in some sort of story.

“He was out smoking and getting drunk, hooking up with a different girl each night. You were the last thing on his mind, Y/N. It took him 6 days of doing that before he finally even told me what happened, and honestly, he was so intoxicated, I doubt he even remembers telling me.” Sammy explained for Jack. Jack stood up in anger and stormed over to where Sammy was sitting.

“You were right there with me, Sammy! Don’t try and act all innocent!” Jack yelled at him, causing Sammy to stand up, pushing Jack away.

“But I am innocent, man! You’re the one who knocked Y/N up, you’re the one who was trying to forget about your problems, you’re the one who claimed that the baby probably isn’t even yours, and you’re the one who said you weren’t going to do anything about it! If I was in your shoes Jack, I would have been there for Y/N the second she told me she was pregnant, no questions asked. And that is what makes me more of a man than you will ever be” Sammy retaliated, his face red with anger.

Tears were rushing down my face as I took in the words that I heard Sammy yell at Jack. ‘You weren’t going to do anything about it’. So Jack wanted nothing to do with me after I told him? I wanted to ask him why, and why would he suddenly change his mind, but I couldn’t quite get the right words to form.

“Get out” I said to both of them, who were still in each other’s faces arguing. They stopped what they were doing and turned and looked at me.

“What?” Jack asked.

“I said, get out. What, are you not used to being the one getting kicked out of the house, Jack?” I spat at him, anger suddenly rising in me. Jack gawked at me, surprised at what I had said to him. Sammy stood next to him, a smirk on his face.

“I want you out too, Sammy” I said to him, making sure he realized Jack wasn’t the only one getting kicked out here. He looked just as surprised as Jack, and started to walk to me.

“Don’t, Sammy. I need time to think and process what I’ve heard today, and I need time away from both of you. So I think it’d be best if you leave right now” I said. I didn’t make eye contact with either one of them as they walked out, and it wasn’t until I heard the door slam shut that I knew I may have just gotten rid of the two biggest people in my life, and that was when I sank on to the couch and cried, wondering what I had done, and what I was going to do.

; Here is part  4 for you all. I hope you enjoy, and please give me feedback, lovelies! 

Also, requests are always open, and i will get to them as soon as i can! ;

Romance: Quashing Romantic Reader Expectations

Anonymous asked: Hi :) So I have a fantasy story with a female protagonist. In her adventures, she befriends a male character, and he helps her with her quest and becomes a loyal companion. But he is NOT a love interest. I’m worried about how to make that clear, because I feel like readers will expect a romantic subplot from them. Do you have any advice?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, and the bad news is, if your readers want to pair up two characters in their mind, there is almost nothing you can do about it. I’ve seen fans of various fandoms pair up characters that can barely stand each other, much less interact in any meaningful way. All you can really do is make sure you avoid creating any sort of romantic tension between them. Here are some ideas:

1) Avoid creating romantic tension - no flirting, no unnecessary touching, no lingering eye contact or shy smiles, no hugs or hand holding, no gifts or compliments.

2) Give them some anti-chemistry - give them opposite likes and dislikes, have them get on each other’s nerves, have them disagree with each other frequently, and intentionally push each other’s buttons. 3) Establish a non-romantic relationship - if it’s appropriate, you can have them come to see each other as being like a sibling, or you can have them become best friends. 4) Tie-up their hearts elsewhere - nothing will quash romantic expectations faster than an off-screen romantic interest. Have the guy talk about “the girl back home” or have the protagonist let slip about her own love interest. Maybe they tease each other about their love interests, perhaps they discuss them seriously and advise each other, or maybe they commiserate with the sadness of being apart from them. That’s a good start, anyway! :)
First Dates with GOT7: BamBam

Check out the first date here and start from the beginning! 

- Insists on going next (fourth)

- Takes you to a spa/resort

- Enrolls the two of you in a pole dancing exercise class

- He’s not a bad twerker

- He likes to watch you dance

- A lot

- You two don’t do well on the poles themselves

- But you do your own things and dance anyways

- The teacher gets really frustrated with you guys

- Nearly tosses you out the minute BamBam tries to teach the class how to dab while on the pole

- You get massages and facials

- You’re pretty sure this isn’t the first time he’s worn a mud mask before

- Eats the cucumbers off his eyes

- You do some of that mud painting thing on each other

- He draws smiley faces on you

- And tries to be sneaky and touch you a lot

- “I’m just painting! Like we’re supposed to!”

- “On my butt? I don’t think so!”

- You like to write words on him

- He tries to flaunt his body a little too much

- You shut him up with a big hunk of mud paint to the face

- It turns into a violent mud fight and you two destroy the room

- Employees can’t believe the damage

- He tries to head into the showers with you

- It takes an employee and a promise to dab for an instagram video for him later for him to leave you to get cleaned up

- He himself dabs the whole day

- Dinner is at the spa

- It’s a five star restaurant and it has a ton of desserts 

- You sit by the lake there and have a great view of the fountain that’s lit up in the middle

- Bambam eats 2 big slices of cake and asks for one to go

- Tries to sneak bites of your flan

- He steals a fork

- Doesn’t kiss you at the end

- Instead, he asks you to kiss him

- Maybe you comply

None of the gifs are mine! Hope the resort explanation made sense, I’ve seen those mud painting things and they looks super fun and messy (and you’re actually supposed to shower together bc it’s a couples exercise thing but it’s usually with bathing suits on and I didn’t know if everyone would understand that and might think it’s kinda far for a first date uwu)

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3 (end). physically wise, aside from looking downright ill all the time. i have bags under my eyes, fairly tall for someone of my sex, dark hair and eyes. altho my hair is an absolute wreck all the time. its very fluff, thick, curly, and wavy. im fine with people who are very close to me touching it. i love hugs, cuddles, and neck kisses to the max. -- hope this is good! sorry if its a bit tmi ;v;, im kinda always in limbo of "is this enough" or not lol

pt. 3

Your match is Underswap-Undyne! Both of you make sure to look out for each other when one is feeling down, & personal experience with similar problems helps Undyne know what she needs to do when you’re dropping into a particularly bad mood. She’s got a lot of notes & reminders around to help you out for when you can’t remember things, or she’ll set up reminders on your phone to help you out as well. You both spend a lot of time bonding over your interests together, & she even gets you set up with a YouTube channel of your own, in no small part also thanks to Napstaton. You’re both pretty tall, so cuddling & hugging is easy to do, & since she’s a kinda physical person, you can look forward to that a whole lot.