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Haha yeah. Be glad you don't work in a human hospital. Humans can be pretty nasty. At Cozy's did you ever have to clean anything that was exceptionally gross?

“Anon, you do realize we’re both eating right now, right? But if you really must know - yes, there was one incident that stands out… a princess-themed birthday, lots of little monsters having a nice tea party, that ended up with a lot of ruined petticoats and dresses.”

“I’m not sure which one ‘started’ it, but when they did, it was like a domino effect. We used up our full week’s supply of Ginger Ale, and loaned out a few of our tablecloths to the poor things so they didn’t have to go home in their underwear… ”

“At least the parents tipped exceedingly well for all the trouble.”

Church Boys Moan Louder

THIS WAS A PROMPT BUT I FUCKED UP AND ACCIDENTALLY POSTED IT EARLY SO NOW ITS GONE FOREVER IM SORRY ANON BUT I STILL WANTED TO FINISH IT SO YE the prompt was basically innocent religious dan and phil like pines after him ; ending in sex in church bathroom and yes, you are going to hell

it’s also really long oops


Phil was fucking screwed. Never had he wanted someone so bad as he wanted Dan Howell. That boy fucked with his head and his body and his life. And he wasn’t even TRYING.

If he was trying, he was doing a damn good job at hiding it. Dan seemed completely oblivious to Phil’s attempts to win him over. The light blush on his cheeks said otherwise, but Dan ignored it completely. Dan was the goddamn priests son, but Phil liked a challenge. And this definitely was one.

Phil took another sip of the dumb nonalcoholic punch they were serving, scowling at the plastic cup. He shouldn’t be here, at this dumb church party, he didn’t have to be. It was optional, unlike the weekly services he was required to attend due to his parents getting pissed that he had defiled the school with graffiti yet again. It wasn’t that bad, he got to see Dan at least. But the only reason he was here was for him.

“Hey,” a girl spoke, interrupting Phil’s thoughts. He turned to look at her, scanning her blonde hair and plaid school uniform. Who wears a uniform to a party? Church kids, Phil figured.

“Uh, hey,” Phil responded, sounding completely uninterested, but she didn’t take a hint.

“Fun party, huh?”

Phil raised his eyebrows at her, chuckling, pulling a flask out of his leather jacket pocket and tipping the clear liquid into the cup.

“No, not particularly.”

She seemed a bit put off by that, but bounced back quickly.

“So, do you know anyone here?” She asked, her voice light and Phil swore he heard a hint of flirtiness in her tone

Phil chuckled, his eyes glinting.

“Look, sorry honey, but if you’re trying to get in my pants you might as well give up now. I like cock, dunno if your tiny brain can wrap itself around that, but the only reason I’m here is that I want to fuck Dan Howell.” He casually picked at a black nail, flashing her a tight lipped smile. “So, if you still want to bother me after that, feel free. But I’m gay as hell. Just saying.”

The girl stared at him, her eyes wide and her jaw practically hitting the ground. Phil chuckled. He loved doing that.

She let out a small squeak, whirling on her heel and rushing off. Phil shook his head.

Phil cursed under his breath as he watched her beeline straight to Dan and his group of friends at the other side of the room. Phil couldn’t hear what she was saying, but she pointed at him less than subtly. A blush appeared immediately on Dan’s face, a hand going to cover his mouth automatically. He said something, and glanced over at Phil. Phil winked, waving. Might as well commit.

Dan blushed harder, looking away immediately and pressing his hands to his clearly heated cheeks. Phil smirked. He loved how much of an affect this had on him. He was so responsive.

Phil would just have to wait until he was alone.


It was about half an hour of boredom and wanting to leave later when Dan’s friends started to leave one by one, and Phil watched them almost hungrily until the only one left was the girl who had talked to him.

Phil moved along the wall a little closer, straining to hear their conversation. He couldn’t hear her but he heard Dan say “Silvia, I’m fine, I’m just gonna help clean up. I can take care of myself.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with walking home alone?”

“Of course. It’s just a few blocks over.” He offered her a soft smile, touching her shoulder, and Phil’s heart swelled. Damn it. “It’ll be fine. I’ll see you at school, alright?”

“Alright…” she agreed hesitantly, going on her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek, rushing out of the room.

And then it was only them.

Dan cleared his throat, his cheeks beginning to redden again. “So, um, do you want to help clean up, or…”

Phil recognized the opportunity he was offering, and took it. “Yeah, sure. I’d say you’ll probably need a hand.”

Phil helped Dan fold chairs, watching him the whole time while Dan avoided his eyes.

“You look nice,” Dan commented, just being polite, but Phil snorted.

“Are you kidding? I’m wearing rags compared to you. Seriously, who wears a tie to a party in a church basement?”

Dan blushed even harder, glancing down at the black tie fastened neatly around his neck.

“Me, I guess,” he muttered, laughing awkwardly.

“Was that your girlfriend?” Phil blurted.

Dan looked at him then, eyes wide. “Who, Silvia?”

Phil nodded, and Dan laughed. Like, really laughed.

“No!” He exclaimed, shaking his head. “She’s my cousin!”

Now Phil laughed too, pushing his hair back until it sat in a quiff above his forehead.

“Oh Jesus,” he muttered. “Well, thank god.”

He expected Dan to just brush off his comment like he always did, change the subject, look away, something. He didn’t.

“Why’s that?” He asked softly, pressing his lips together and searching Phil’s face. “Why are you relieved?”

Phil shrugged, tossing a plastic cup at the trash and making it. “Because if you were with anyone else, I’d be upset.”

He glanced at Dan, smirking at the way his eyes had widened and his mouth had fallen open just slightly.

“W-Why?” Dan asked again, biting his lip and turning back to the plates he was stacking.

“Because I like you.” He shrugged, casual. “I wanna make you mine, and if people are interfering, that’s a problem, isn’t it baby boy?”

A small gasp escaped Dan’s mouth at the nickname, and Phil smirked.

“Silvia… Silvia said you…” he trailed off, chewing on his lip, his eyebrows furrowed. Phil took this opportunity to step closer.

“That I want to fuck you?” Phil asked, finishing the sentence, and Dan tensed up.

“Yeah…” he muttered, practically a whisper.

“Well, it’s not a lie.” Phil glanced at him, searching his face before turning back to the chair he was folding up. “I’ve been hitting on you for the last month, you didn’t notice?”

Dan shook his head, avoiding his gaze, and they were quiet for a moment.

“You ever kissed a boy?”

“What?!” Dan spluttered, his cheeks redder than Phil had thought possible. “N-No, of course not, I… I couldn’t.”

Phil turned to look at him, frowning, turning his whole body this time so he was facing him.

“Why not?”

Dan faced him too, at a loss for words, his mouth opening and closing.

“I mean, I s-suppose I could but… I CAN’T. That… that’s…” he trailed off, and Phil stepped forward so he was only inches away. Dan froze, but didn’t move away.

He trailed a finger up Dan’s jaw slowly and Dan swallowed, shivering, watching its progress. “You never know if you like something until you try it, right?”

“Well I suppose, but…” Dan gasped as Phil grabbed his tie, wrapping it around his hand and pulling Dan closer.


“But…” Dan looked like his mind was going fuzzy, glancing down at the tie that Phil was holding him by and back up at Phil’s eyes, and then his lips. “I’m not gay,” he practically squeaked, his voice small.

“You never know if you like something unless you try it,” Phil repeated, slowly touching Dan’s waist with the hand that wasn’t gripping his tie. Dan didn’t move an inch as Phil leaned over, pressing his lips against Dan’s.

Phil waited a second to make sure Dan wasn’t going to pull away before reaching up to touch Dan’s chin, really kissing him. He dragged his tongue along Dan’s bottom lip, asking for entrance, rather surprised when he actually opened his mouth.

He could feel Dan’s hands shaking as they moved up Phil’s chest, sliding over his shoulders and wrapping around his neck. Phil gripped his waist, pulling him as close as possible. With one hand he tangled his fingers in Dan’s hair, kissing him deeper. He tasted like awful punch and fruit gum, and Phil was sure he tasted like cigarettes, but Dan didn’t seem to mind.

Phil backed him against the wall, kissing him hotly and letting his hands roam Dan’s body. He moved his mouth to Dan’s jaw, kissing down to his neck and nipping at the pale skin. Dan whimpered, moaning softly and tangling his fingers in Phil’s hair.

“Ah-” Dan gasped, letting his head fall back against the wall. “Phil…”

Phil pulled back, pressing his forehead against Dan’s and breathing heavily.

“Is there somewhere we could go?” Phil breathed, and he promised himself if Dan said no, or didn’t get the hint, he would give up. Dan’s brown eyes blinked at him.

“Just one…”

They ended up in the boy’s bathroom, Phil roughly shoving him against the wall and kissing him possessively. Dan whined into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Phil’s neck and clinging to him desperately.

Phil grabbed Dan’s thigh, hooking his leg around his waist and Dan took the hint, hopping up and wrapping his legs around Phil’s waist. Phil went back to his neck, trailing sloppy kisses down to his collarbone.

He unbuttoned Dan’s shirt, loosening and removing his tie before kissing him again. He let Dan push off his leather jacket and tug his shirt over his head, tossing it aside.

Phil’s hands explored Dan’s chest, pinching one of his nipples, and Dan gasped.

“Phil…” he moaned, an indirect beg for more. Phil palmed at his bulge, feeling Dan grind against his hand desperately.

Phil picked him up, spinning them around and setting him down on the counter, tugging at the button of Dan’s black jeans. Once he got them off he flipped Dan over after pressing a kiss to his jaw, bending him over the counter.

“I’m guessing you’ve never done this with a guy before,” Phil muttered, smoothing his hand over the curve of Dan’s ass and squeezing roughly. Dan jumped.


Phil kissed the nape of his neck, pressing himself against Dan’s body. “Are you sure you want to?”

Dan let out an almost desperate gasp, his voice breaking. “Yes, yesyesyes, god just please… p-please fuck me, Phil, want you.”

Phil grunted, slapping Dan’s thigh sharply. “Jesus, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.”

Phil took no time removing his jeans, tugging down Dan’s boxers as well, grinding his still clothed bulge against Dan’s ass. Dan moaned, reaching back and grabbing Phil’s hips, pulling him closer.

Phil’s boxers were off in a second as well, skin rubbing against skin. Dan pushed his ass back; he was a needy bottom and Phil fucking loved it.

Phil held two fingers to Dan’s mouth, motioning for him to open. Dan sucked on the fingers obediently, slicking them up with spit.

“This might hurt a little,” Phil muttered, rubbing Dan’s entrance with one finger. “Tell me to stop if you need to, alright?”

“Mhm,” Dan agreed, pushing his ass back again. Phil slapped it and Dan yelped, pulling forward again.

“Don’t be a needy bitch, Dan,” Phil growled, pushing the first finger into Dan slowly. Dan moaned.

“S-Sorry, sir-” he gasped.

Phil took his time stretching him; considering it was his first time he didn’t want it to hurt too bad. Dan flinched away at first but soon he was whining and grinding back on Phil’s digits. Phil moaned just at the sight, he never thought he’d have him like this.

Finally he pulled out, holding his hand up to Dan’s face again and instructing him to spit. Dan did as he said, and Phil slicked himself up with that as well as precum that was already forming on the head of his swollen cock.

“Ready?” He breathed, pressing his whole body against Dan’s and leaning over him to kiss his neck. Dan whined.

“Yes, yes sir, please, I’m ready, I need you.”

Phil hummed in approval; he loved how quickly Dan had changed from a good little church boy to a desperate slut with just a little kissing.

Phil pushed in slowly, taking his time in edging into Dan, which took an incredible amount of self control on his part. Finally he bottomed out, kneading Dan’s ass in his hands. Dan was a mess beneath him, whining and whimpering at every movement, conflicted between pushing back and pulling away.

Phil reached up, tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair, giving it a soft tug and driving a whimper out of Dan’s pretty mouth.

He began to thrust, pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in slowly, Dan gasping every time he did so. Phil snapped his hips roughly without warning, thrusting hard, and Dan cried out.

“Fuck!” He practically shrieked, a loud feminine moan falling from his mouth.

“You’re a loud little slut, aren’t you?” Phil panted, groaning as he thrust roughly again. Dan let out a high pitched whine.

“Fuckfuckfuck p-please, fuck, harder…”

Phil obliged, driving his cock deeper into the whimpering boy, skin slapping on skin echoing through the room. Phil tugged on Dan’s hair again, watching his face through the mirror, and fuck he could cum just from that.

Dan’s lips were swollen, his cheeks red and flushed, his hair messy and his eyes glazed over with need. Phil groaned, snapping his hips.

Phil knew he had hit Dan’s prostate when he screamed, a loud “FUCK, PHIL” bouncing off the walls. Phil smirked, angling his thrusts to hit that spot.

“This is a sin, you know,” Phil growled, reaching up to cover Dan’s mouth with his hand as he fucked into him harder. “Such a filthy fucking sinner for me, princess, ruined on my cock.”

Dan’s desperate muffled moans against his hand were pushing him to the edge, that and his tight heat encasing Phil’s cock. Phil smirked.

“Such a pretty fucking sinner too, isn’t that right? All for me. Your tight ass is all mine, yeah?”

Dan didn’t answer, continuous moaning falling from his mouth, muffled by Phil’s hand. He just nodded frantically, his moans sounding close to sobs.

Dan came after a few more thrusts all over his stomach, white streaking the counter under him and he whimpered, now sensitive to Phil’s cock pounding into his prostate every thrust.

Phil pulled out, quickly tugging Dan to his knees in front of him, guiding his cock to his lips. Dan took it obediently, lowering himself on Phil’s length. Phil groaned, tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair and fucking his throat as gently as he could. Dan gagged, digging his fingernails into Phil’s hips, and that was all it took. Phil came down his throat, keeping his cock still until he was sure Dan had swallowed all of it.

He helped Dan to his feet, holding him steady because it was clear he was close to falling over.

Dan just stared at him, stunned, watching as Phil casually got dressed. After he was clothed he cleaned Dan’s stomach and the counter with a paper towel, tossing it in the trash.

He grinned, kissing Dan’s cheek and backing towards the door, winking.

“See you next Sunday, Danny.”

New Moon Forest Ritual

A ritual to learn what you need to work on this moon cycle.


- A circle made of natural rocks in a forest

- 4 white taper candles 

-4 white tea lights

-An assortment of your favourite tumbled stones (optional)

-A fireproof bowl/cauldron

-A bay leaf

-A small orange tiger’s eye

-A palo santo stick

-A tarot board/ anything to stop your cards from getting wet

-A tarot deck


Set Up

Set your tapers at equal intervals around your circle, making sure they are secure. Add the tea lights in between them. Randomly place your tumbled stones on the flattest rocks in your circle. Put your bowl/cauldron in the center of the circle,and your tarot board on it’s southwest side. Place your palo santo, bay leaf, and tiger’s eye in the center bowl. Light the candles and palo santo.

Performing the Ritual

Shuffle your tarot deck 3 times. Fan them, face down, and wave them in the smoke of the palo santo. Chant:

“I salute Mother Nature, 

The Forces of the Universe, 

and all that brought me here.

On this new moon

I ask of you

what I can change in my life

to make myself anew”

Shuffle your deck once more, then knock three times. Draw the topmost card and lay it on your tarot board.

Meditate on what that card means to you. End your ritual in a way you are familiar with.

Note: Please do not trespass to perform this ritual, and make sure to clean up properly. Leave nothing behind. Practice basic forest safety. Do NOT perform this ritual if there is a forest fire warning in your area, and be extra mindful of fire safety, or use LED candles.

Have a nice new moon!


Work it Out

Bucky x Reader

Summary: after pulling a muscle on a mission, you need to stretch out your leg while working out. But you need help to do so. There’s only one person around to help.

Word Count: 2595 (I got carried away!)

Warnings: language + references to smut + angst

A/N: I have so much unfinished hw and I’m writing a fanfic. honestly I should just drop out I can’t anymore w school. anyway, enjoy 💛

“That bad?” Wanda says, chuckling breathlessly. I shake my head. A familiar pain strikes through my thigh and I wince. Wanda looks at me in concern. “Stop.” she says. I look at her for a moment, almost limping on the treadmill, before pressing the “Stop” button and letting the conveyer belt slow to a halt. She finishes her own as well, wiping the sheet of sweat off her forehead.

“He literally ate his rice with his hands.” I sigh. Wanda raises her eyebrows. “I don’t know when the dating pool shrunk to all the losers.” I shake my head.

“Well, don’t take it out in your workout.” she says. “At least not until your muscle has healed.” I roll my eyes. “Doctor’s orders!” she says impatiently. I stick my tongue out at her and she smiles. “Well, I’m done anyway. Tony organized a dinner.” I tilt my head.

“Tony did something nice? What’s the catch?” I say. She shrugs.

“I think Pepper kinda forced him to. He said something about bonding, and I knew there was no way he had decided to do this on his own account.” I smile, shaking my head. “I’m gonna go clean up. Make sure to be down by seven.” I nod and bid her farewell. “And please take it easy on the workout.” she says, exiting the gym.

I bite my lip and turn around, looking for the next thing to do. After a moment, I decide to work on my combat by the punching bags. I cover my hands first so I don’t hurt myself, then begin punching at the sand bag, grunting with each blow. I use my left leg to kick, keeping use of my right minimal, like my doctor said to. My elbows strike the bag over and over, letting out my pent up anger. My stupid muscle was keeping me from going on the missions. I’m stuck in the compound and the best thing I can do is watch Netflix. I’m dead weight until my leg heals, and there’s no telling when that will be. My mind goes back to the first time I had to sit out on an assignment, five days ago.

We were about to leave for a mission, practically walking out the door as we finished gearing up. It had been a day since my doctor told me I hurt my leg. I was limping slightly, as the pain had turned into a dull ache. I pull on my jacket and look around at my teammates. Everyone is preparing, tucking guns into their jeans, putting in earpieces. I notice Bucky looking at me for a moment, but I don’t give it any notice, because he soon calls Steve over to him. I return to my prep, sliding a small dagger into my boot. I turn around, ready to leave, and nearly crash straight into a chest. My feet stumbled back and my eyes meet Steve’s concerned ones.

“What?” I say, furrowing my eyebrows. He folds his arms and looks down at my leg.

“I think you should maybe sit this one out, Y/N.” he says firmly. I stare at him incredulously.

“What?” I say, shaking my head. “No, I’m fine, Steve. I can handle myself.” He purses his lips.

“And if you can’t?” I tilt my head at him.

“I’m trained, Steve. I can handle a leg.” I say, looking at him stubbornly.

“I can’t risk you getting caught out there. You know they’ll take advantage of any of our weaknesses.” I step back.

“I’m a weakness?” I ask. He shakes his head.

“You know that’s not what I meant. I don’t want you to get hurt.” I exhale sharply, looking around at everyone else. Nat’s lips are pursed, looking at me identically to the way Steve is. Everyone has stopped what they’re doing to tune into the conversation, looking at me like I’m a child. Everyone except Bucky.

“You gotta be kidding me.” I say, setting my gaze on each one of them.

“He’s right, Y/N.” Tony says, his voice muffled by his suit. “It won’t help anyone if your leg acts up and you fall on your ass. That’s bad enough, now add the responsibility of innocents and the threat of HYDRA.” My nose flares, because I know they’re right. I silently throw off my jacket and limp back to the elevator.

“Y/N!” someone yells from behind me. I snap out of my thoughts and stop beating the bag in front of me, turning around. Bucky is standing by the Dumbbells, concern obvious on his face. “Are you alright?” he says. I breathe heavily and look down at my wrapped feet, wondering how long he was calling me for.

“Fine.” I mutter, turning back to the punching bag. I feel his eyes burning into the back of my head and huff. Great, I think, now I can’t concentrate. I straighten my posture and swallow, still knowing that he’s watching me. Ignore, ignore, ignore. I begin punching again, trying to keep from making any grunts of effort. I’m back into a routine, this time not out of anger, but out of genuine focus. I’m in the zone, pretending to deface a HYDRA junkie, making him call for his mom. I get too excited, because I jump up and do a 360, sticking out my leg—my right leg—to kick in midair. My hamstring protests, causing a jolting pierce to run up my leg. I yelp and fall to the ground, landing on my knee. “Shit.” I mutter. From the other side of the gym, I hear something falls and footsteps approach.

“Y/N?” Bucky says. “What’s wrong?” I wince and pull my legs out from underneath me, laying them out,

“Uh, hurt my leg.” I groan. His brows furrow in worry.

“How bad?” he says, his eyes darting around my leg. He sits down on his knees beside me, his hands frozen in the air, unsure of where to go.

“Think I disturbed the healing or something. Doctor kind of expected it to happen, considering I work in combat.” I sigh, the pain not subsiding.

“What can I do?” Bucky says hesitantly. There is already a polite decline leaving my mouth when I cut myself off. Shit. My face visibly shows me cringing at the words I have to say.

“Uh… My doctor said to do an exercise.” I mumble, looking down at my lap.

“What is it?” Bucky says. I sigh and run my hand over my face.

“I have to lie down and keep my legs straight, and, uh, another person has to lift my leg up really slowly and to stop when it starts to hurt. And, um, keep doing that until I can get my leg to a 90 degree angle.“ I breathe. Bucky itches the back of his neck. “You don’t have to—”

“No, it’s fine. I’m not just gonna leave you here.” he says. I keep from gritting my teeth. I kinda wish you would. It would save an incredible amount of awkwardness.

“Um. Ok.” My face turns hot as I lie down on my back with my hands at my sides. Bucky shuffles over, still sitting on the ground.

“Right leg?” he asks. I nod, watching my chest rise and fall. He gets up and leans down, taking my ankle in his hands. My breath nearly hitches at the contrast of his cold metal hand and his humanly warm flesh one. It makes goosebumps rise on my entire body. His eyes meet mine as he stands back up slowly, taking my leg with him. I internally throw profanities at myself for deciding to wear gym shorts. What’s wrong with sweats, huh? “Tell me when it hurts.” Bucky says quietly. I bite down nervously on my bottom lip. He slowly lifts my leg up, the movement of his fingers on my skin making my legs clench, which is infuriating because it makes my thigh hurt. Every move he makes, I can feel it like I’m watching it. But all I can see is my own chest and most of Bucky’s face. He looks right at me, watching for any sign of pain. Once my leg has reached the same height as wear I imagine his belly button would be, I wince and bend my knee for a split second. Bucky re-straightens it, skimming his flesh hand to my kneecap and gently pushing it down. He kneels back to the floor and sets my leg on the ground without letting go of it. He rises again, slowly, making his way back up. My fingers are digging into the mat underneath me, begging for this to be over before I do something stupid. I try to stare up at the ceiling, but it’s so difficult when I know I could be staring to his marble-like eyes instead. And that’s precisely what I do. My leg reaches his chest before the back of my thigh stretches painfully. I narrow my eyes and breathe in sharply.

“Um, it hurts.” I whisper. He stops and proceeds to repeat the protocol, kneeling and rising. The only times my eyes leave his are when they disappear behind my chest, setting my ankle down. The process repeats four more times, dead silence consuming the gym. The only sounds are my erratically beating heart, my murmurs telling him that my leg hurts, and my foot gently touching the floor. On the last time, my leg is nearly there, and when he takes a step closer to me to reach my leg easier, I nearly stop breathing. He’s towering over me, his orbs staring at me softly. He smiles slightly.

“There we go.” he says. I look at my leg and realize that it’s reached the 90 degree angle. I open my mouth, then close it. His hands roam down the back of my shin as he backs up and lays my limb back on the floor, reaching an arm out to help me up. I slowly lift my hand and take his flesh one, letting him haul me off the ground. We’re standing unbearably close, is hand on my forearm.

“Thank you.” I whisper, looking down. He nods his head and slides his hand back the way it came, down my wrist, through my hand, lightly applying pressure on my fingertips before stepping away. I take a long breath in before beginning to walk. I don’t let the breath out until I’ve safely reached my room, locking it and collapsing onto my bed.

I only have about twenty minutes to get ready for dinner, so I take an impossibly quick shower—desperately trying to wash away the tingling on my right leg— and change into a pair of dark skinny jeans and a cream colored blouse. I brush my hair and leave it down to air dry, as I don’t have time to do it. I get out of my room just in time and head down the lounge. It’s modern and sleek with grey couches and smooth wooden floors. On the other end of the room, there’s a mountain of food neatly placed on the board glass dining table. The food is surrounded by empty dinner plates and cutlery. The rest of the team have just made it, talking to one another and taking their seats. I can’t help but smile. As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t blame them for keeping me off the missions. I feel grateful that they care about me enough to put my safety before the given assignment. Nat notices me standing at the entrance of the room and smiles, gesturing for me to approach. I do, greeting everyone in a friendly manner as I take a seat between Sam and Clint, breathing in the sweet scent of fresh food and laying a towel out on my lap. Most of it hasn’t been uncovered yet, still blanketed with a silverware dome. Chatter echoes around the table, but I stay silent, watching the plates being uncovered by outstretched hands, taking in the sight. Rice, ribs, steak, pasta. Every dinner food I can think of is stretched out on the table. I feel someone tap me on the shoulder. I look over to Sam, whose looking at me mischievously. I narrow my eyes. “What?” I ask testingly. He smiles and props his cheek on his knuckles.

“I saw quite the sight earlier.” he says quietly. My eyebrows knit into a confused frown. “I saw you,” he pauses, “gettin’ all touchy with Barnes in the gym.” My eyes widen. I hear an irritating clink behind and look over to see Barton has dropped his glass of champagne. It leaks all over the glass, but no one seems to notice. He’s staring at Sam with his eyes wide. My head whips back to Sam and I give him a deadly glare. He doesn’t even look at me, but instead smiles at Clint.

“You had a thing with Barnes?” he says. I close my eyes at the volume of his voice and nearly off myself right there. The chatter at the table comes to an abrupt halt at the sentence. I’ve never been happier to not have Bucky at the table.

“No,” I croak, “I didn’t.” Tony giggles like a child. My eyes fly open and I look at him testingly. “I didn’t.”

“Then what the hell did I see?” Sam says. I swallow and look down.

“I hurt my leg. He was helping me stretch.” I say quietly. Tony makes an uh-hu and I grit my teeth.

“Stop.” I say. Sam and Tony have childish smirks on their faces that I wish I could punch clean off. Everyone else looks at me with raised eyebrows or widened eyes. “Nothing happened.” I mumble. Sam shrugs.

“Here he comes. We’ll just ask him ourselves.” Tony says. My breathing pattern disorients as I look behind me to see Bucky coming through the hall, shaking out his wet hair like a dog. I want to sink back into my chair and become one with it, completely out of sight and finished with this situation. “Hey, Barnes, what were you doing with Y/N in the gym?” Tony says. I barely look at him, just enough to see his face. He raises an eyebrow.

“Working out?” he says, like its the only possible thing that could’ve happened. I mean, it is. Of course it is. “That’s not what I saw.” Sam says, tilting his head at Bucky. I feel a lump form in my throat as Bucky looks at me in confusion.

“She hurt her thigh. I was helping her stretch.” he says, squinting.

“Mmhhmm.” Tony says. “I bet you help her stretch all the time.” I stiffen, looking around the table. Clint, Sam, and Tony giggle profusely. Steve is tugging at his lips to keep a smile from reaching them. Wanda and Nat look at me in surprise. I breathe in and look down, suddenly disheartened.

“You know what, guys?” I say quietly, standing up and folding the towel on the table. “Have a great dinner.” I push my chair out with the back of my knees. The boys aren’t laughing anymore. The table’s eyes are on me. I shuffle out of the chair and turn around, walking past Bucky, brushing his shoulder and trying not to stare at his concerned face. My feet thump, carrying me back to my room, locking the door and sitting on the end of my bed, a sigh escaping my lips.

World’s Best Dad

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Summary: One of the reader’s students has a problem and she confronts her father about what’s going on…

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 3,500ish

Warnings: language

A/N: My second ever daddy Dean fic. Quote for this one was “It was an accident I swear!”…

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To Become A Hunter [2]

Part 1

Characters: Sister!Winchester reader, John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Words: 3600+  

Warnings: Anxiousness, some violence, verbal abuse, a bit of a language, bad mental health, John’s A+ parenting, implied abuse. I know it looks like a lot, I’m just making sure. This is dark though.

A/N: Boom, part 2/3 (as it looks like right now). As I said, this fic has some darker themes, but there’s nothing too graphic I would say. Hope you like it. 

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Heart pounding. Head throbbing. Legs wobbly. Sight blurry. Body tired. And a fire burning inside your lungs, or at least that’s what it feels like.

The sun is about to reach it’s peak, in the middle of the sky, like the star on top of the christmas tree. It’s starting to get really warm as well, at least that’s what you think as you try to push forward, try to complete the task.

You have no idea where you are. You’re completely encircled by trees, that look exactly the same to you, except for ’the road’ that just never seemed to end. You briefly wondered if you even took the right direction, but you quickly concluded that it was unlikely that you didn’t, and that the thought was too scary to think of right now.

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Naughty Student

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Characters: Y/n, Sam

Pairing: Sam x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Smut, pure 100% smut!! That’s all. Pussy eating, fingering, normal sex. Professor!Sam.

Word Count: 809

Summary: Professor Sam takes Y/n on his desk. 

A/N: Ok, request from @carbonated-beverage​-Could you write some smutty Professor!Sam or Stripper!Sam?? Or if possible a teen wolf/supernatural crossover that has Sam x Issac x Reader smut?? Went for Professor!Sam….just cos. It’s a bit short, hope u don’t mind!!! So, here it is. Hope u like it!  

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The professor gripped your waist, lifting you up and settling you on his desk.

“Spread your legs for me”.

You nodded, legs wide and open, pussy on display.

The professor hummed in appreciation, kneeling in front of you, face inches away from your wet heat.

“Good girl”.

He moved forward, his warm breath fanning over your pussy, making you squirm.

He chuckled, before he suddenly latched onto your clit with his lips.

You let out a silent gasp, screwing your eyes shut as he sucked on your sensitive bud, smacking his lips around it.

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What are your thoughts about Ishida sensei's poem for the latest illustration? (Probably Kaneki's!)

I’m pretty sure it’s Kaneki now that the illustration’s been cleaned up!

White hair, black nails, and we’ve seen him naked in the fetal position a few times before.

As for the poem, at first glance I thought it had something to do with oxycodene lol. But I’m pretty sure it actually means oxygen here.

He kept her waiting.

She kept him waiting in the pool (blood)

He lost OXYGEN

She opened up his [throat] with a very nice tool (knife)

He lost OXYGEN

They needed to be [saved].

“She” snapped and cuts “his” throat open. 

I also saw someone point out that OXY could represent coordinates… I think they meant (O)rigin, (X)-axis, (Y)-axis, which in that case would give it a really nice double-meaning: “he lost oxygen”/”he lost his way” 

Mr. Sleepy Head

At first you’re annoyed with the guy that falls asleep next to you in class, but he’s like a fucking puppy. How could you be annoyed with that for long?

Anon said: If my 😴😴😴 eyes arent deceiving me I see that requests are open pls write me a college!au thing where ty is always sleeping in class and you always happen to sit next to him and one day he falls asleep on your shoulder and just 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💖 idk i’m tired write that for me to read when i wake up -sleepy lty enthusiast 😴💘👍       

for carmen because she saw the secret ;))) 👀👀👀👀 enjoy sleepyhead ^^

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Aaagjfkfnkshemrnnel!!!! I need more HS!au in my life , pleaaase ????

SJ edit here: here’s part one for some more hs au humor

omg i still can’t believe people like this au!!! i’m gonna do my best and shitpost some humor for these silly boys

  • you think kevin can do basic shit on his own without doubting himself?
    • no
    • the answer is no
    • more specifically:
    • not at all, ever
    • the only reason kayleigh day trusted her son to transfer to a school halfway across the world was because neil was with him
  • speaking of, the plane ride to cali was definitely fun
    • poor kev had a panic attack on the way over. the most neil could glean from him was that he was finally going to see his dad and adopted sister without shitty wifi, or smth. he wasn’t really paying attention at the time
      • (he was trying to watch the avengers, kevin)
    • and we all know neil is not the. well. best. when it comes to comfort. he ends up bantering with kevin for 20 minutes and that’s what eventually gets kevin to calm down and breathe, during this time he had his movie paused because he’s a good bro
  • since they have several classes together, they’re always paired up
  • mostly because the teachers don’t want to really separate the foreign exchange kids but also because kevin will throw a hissy fit
    • in their former school, neil knows how much kevin hates making decisions
    • which, unsurprisingly, is a self-aware inside joke between them
      • kevin: we need to get this project done. stop doodling on your notes you shit
      • neil: you wanna do the project with someone else? jerry over there looks lonely
      • kevin: i was just stating my opinion, get back here
  • this also includes neil getting kevin shit without even thinking about it, like food or a stress ball
    • neil: you were out of toothpaste so i got you some
    • kevin: how the fuck did you know i was out of toothpaste


  • now, andrew got some chub. he avoids sports like the plague (completely out of spite because no, he doesn’t want to join the baseball team, thank-you-very-much) and only barely tolerates exercising
    • he’s on the debate team and has homework to do. he doesn’t have time for stick-ball or kicky my legy out rly far-ball
      • (he has thighs of steel, though. neil uses them as a pillow when he can get away with it, because they’re firm but he got the Squish)
  • since neil and andrew meet via tutoring, this gives a lot of opportunities to let them play their truth games in between study sessions
    • neil, scribbling away at his bio lab: how’d you get deaf in one ear?
    • andrew, checking neil’s english lang paper: i don’t know. why’d you and kevin transfer from england to a backwater american high school halfway through the year?
    • neil: mostly because wymack is kevin’s dad, but also because our old boarding school was. well. i’ll just say it’s unsavory to talk about such things in public.
    • andrew: good enough for now, hatford. i lost hearing in my ear because of a car accident.
    • neil: oh.
    • andrew: yeah. your grammar sucks, by the way.
  • (i love these boys)
  • aaron is constantly on andrew’s ass about having a crush, which nicky finds hilarious
    • aaron: can i have neil’s number? i want to show him what it’d be like if you had real, human expressions
    • andrew: why do you pretend like you don’t already have it?
    • aaron: it’s always nice to ask

and this is all i got for now. sj will probably come in and clean this up later but i love shitposting and sj loves making sure my shitposting actually makes sense


A-Z NSFW: Xiumin

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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

A = Aftercare 
Xiu’s a very neat guy, he has a freaking tiny vacuum for his bed, c’mon. He doesn’t like mess, so he’s pretty keen on quickly wiping you down with a warm rag or dragging you to the shower and stripping the bed sheets. He works out like crazy, so he knows the importance of taking care of yourself, so he takes great care with making sure you’re not hurt, hydrated, clean, and even is pretty into giving you a tiny massage with sweet smelling lotion. 

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Obviously Xiu’s pretty proud of his abs and muscles, they really come in handy when he’s in the mood and you don’t really have a surface to do it on…On the flip side, he gets really sappy, he loves your eyes. He may have the muscles in the relationship, but you have the power to render him a mush of compliance with just a glance at him, use your power well.

C = Cum 
Again, Xiumin’s pretty clean, especially his bed, he doesn’t like making a mess so I imagine he almost always cums on like your tummy or thighs, somewhere that’s easy to clean up and isn’t going to make a mess on his bed.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
He hasn’t brought it up yet, and honestly he’s surprised you haven’t noticed. but he lowhighkey likes his hair pulled. He’s been thinking of a way to bring that to light…

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
He’s the oldest, and I don’t buy into his whole cute and innocent act when he turns around and gets on stage and does that shit. Xiumin certainly knows what to do, there’s no doubt about that.

F = Favorite position
He gives me the ‘from behind’ kind of vibe. He can easily reach any part of your body, curl his fingers in your hair, hold you still or pull you back to meet his thrusts easily. Plus wall sex is 10x easier from behind, no one needs to accidentally be dropped.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Xiu’s like a secret goof. He puts on this act, then Baekhyun tries to touch him and it all falls apart lmao. I can see it starting out serious, and then someone can’t get their sock off and it all falling apart and you’re a mess of giggles.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
That boys titties are always out, so thankfully I get a good shot of his tummy. I think he grooms occasionally. He’s, again, a clean dude, and sometimes there’s a happy trail and sometimes not, so I don’t think he keeps up with trimming day to day, but he does keep it neat.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
I think Xiumin would be one of the best boyfriends from EXO, I think he’s really into taking care of you and showing as well as telling how much he cares for you, so I’m positive it travels into the bedroom. I think the showy part of his romance is more for your non-sexual relationship, and the talking is for the sexual part of your relationship. He’s a talker in the bedroom, he’s got his face hidden in your neck, and panting sweet nothings against your skin all the way through sex.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Once again, he’s a really clean guy. I don’t think he jerks off much, because of the mess. The only place Xiu does it, is in the bathroom, in the shower. That way there’s not mess to clean up and he can just relax afterwards.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
He really likes hearing you. Xiumin loves hearing you breathless, whining for his tongue, his fingers, his cock, anything, he’ll give you, you just need to say it and he’ll comply. He’s more on the dominant side of actions in the bedroom, but he loves you whimpering for him and telling him what you want him to do to you.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Bathtub is a prime location, nice lock, warm bath, some bath bombs, and no clean up. Plus you’re all soft and smooth and smell good afterwards too. Just the bed is a close second, but Xiu really likes the bath.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Back to the Kink, he loves you begging for him. Even if it’s just you and the boys out for dinner, and you start tugging on his arm and whining that you’re tired and want to go back to the dorm, he’s already scheming his way to make sure the boys stay gone long enough he can have you a tired mushy mess in bed again. Something about your voice whining for him, just really gets him going.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Xiu’s kind of shy and a bit insecure(although I think he’s a lot more confident in himself now yay), he can’t even fathom the idea of someone trying to take you away from him, threesomes or some voyeur stuff is 100% off the table.  

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Xiumin? Aka the king of singing? And rapping? And basically anything a human can possibly do? He may not talk much, but that’s cuz his tongue is busy doing something else….69 is more his speed though, he likes pleasure between you two to be matched.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Xiumin’s normally a mix, he’s kind of on the slower side, not really slow but he’s not quick, not particularly rough, but hard.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
A few times quickies happen, they’re usually in the morning when you’ve woken up and Xiu has like a half hour to get his ass moving and dressed and to his schedule. Quickies are just morning sex, to be honest. He’s not against them, plus he knows when he gets home later at night you’ll have more proper sex.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
He’s the oldest, so I don’t really think he cares about getting caught doing anything in the dorm. Outside the dorm is off limits, public sex isn’t a go. But as for anything you can do inside the house, he’s open to discussing and trying if it sounds fun or actually pleasurable. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
He’s pretty big on foreplay to make up for how ‘normal’ sex is with him? Like sex with his is pretty average, the sex itself spans about 10 minutes, and two rounds in a row is a stretch for him. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Xiumin is tip toeing on the line of being a full blown dom, and the boys know better than to touch Xiumin’s stuff so he’s not worried about anyone seeing his secret stash. He’s got various handcuffs and silk clothes to tie your hands together or to the bed, and a few vibrators for foreplay.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
I feel like Xiumin is more impatient than the others, so teasing you is more like teasing him, and he’s not here for it. He’s big on foreplay, but full blown teasing, he normally passes on that stepped.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Xiumin’s pretty quiet, but that’s just because he’s sort of shy. In the bedroom, with you, he’s in his element. He doesn’t hold back, and the mofo is a goddamn gifted singer and rapper, he’s got a voice. He’s pretty loud, to be honest, groan and moans and he’s very vocal, I feel bad for any members that are near, no one needs to hear that.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Shower sex isn’t safe, kids, you and Xiu learned that the hard way. One day of work for you, and an intense schedule for Xiu, you were both in the mood but no one had the strength to go through stripping the bed afterwards, so shower sex was proposed. Long story short, a bar of soap was knocked off the shelf, someone slipped, and a trip to the ER was needed. 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Nana’s bias lmaoNana…this was a 20 minute convo for her to just give me an answer…According to my ‘dick master’ grandma, Xiumin’s dick is a bit on the shorter side, but he’s ‘thick like a one of those good big German sausages’. I hate my grandma 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Xiumin’s climbing in the years, so I think his hormones have certainly settled down, so he’s not just a horny teenage boy anymore. I think his sex drive is pretty stable, few times a week you two have sex, or if he knows he’s going away for a while he tries to squeeze in a few extra rounds to make up for the time you’ll lose. But besides that, he’s a pretty average sex drive man.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
After the work he puts in with you, Xiu’s exhausted and ready for a tap out nap. I don’t think he falls asleep quickly, but he’s flopped down, demanding cuddles, and settling down for sleep.

Jared Leto Imagine - Honeymoon

This was requested. Inspired by the song Hello by Beyonce.


Your P.O.V.

This day had been the one I had waited for all my life. The day I married my soulmate, my best friend, Jared Leto. The day I became Y/N Leto.

Jared had been so happy today. When I closed my eyes I could see his pretty blue eyes looking into mine as I reached him at the altar. He had cried when he saw me in the wedding dress. We had said our ‘I do’s and then we had the most amazing ceremony with our friends and family. The entire day had been a blast but the best part was coming. Our two-week honeymoon in Italy.

We finally arrived at the fancy hotel together. We were both damn excited to get in our room that was on the highest level of the hotel. It was like a penthouse just for us! Jared held my hand as we walked into the elevator. ‘’I love you so much’’ I whispered happily. We were both still in our nice wedding clothes. After all, we had gotten married in Italy. It was so beautiful here so it was perfect.

Jared looked extremely hot in his suit and tie. His hair was a little messy from dancing but it was still sexy. I was just getting warm in my dress. ‘’I love you too’’ Jared told me sincerely. Those words still made my heart beat. He didn’t need to spoil me with diamonds and gold to make me love him. Jared was such an amazing man and I was lucky to call him my husband. It still felt unreal!

We got out of the elevator and arrived at our room. It was like a palace! Everything was fancy and gorgeous, even the door knobs. We had plenty of time to check out everything. We hurried straight to the bedroom. Although this was a romantic day, he still teased me and I teased him. We found the huge bedroom quickly. There was a king sized bed in the middle of the golden room. The walls were white with golden patterns. Everything looked like it belonged to a king.

I loved this but I would be happy no matter what as long as I had Jared with me. He let go of my hand and he walked over to the stereo. He wanted to put on some romantic music for us. I saw candles all around the room and a lighter on the nightstand. Of course, I lit the candles. Soon everything was perfect.

Jared turned to face me and he reached out his hand for me.I smiled widely and grabbed it. The music and the candles made this super romantic and sweet. ‘’A dance before the main event could be nice’’ He whispered into my ears, making me giggle.’’Good song choice’’ I let him know while wrapping my arm around him. we were really close and he led me. Slow dancing with Jared was something I appreciated a lot. It was just me and him and the moon on the pretty night sky.

‘’Who doesn’t like Beyonce on their wedding night?’’ Jared thought out loud. Then he put his big hand on my lower back to keep me close. The words were perfect. ‘’ ..Don’t fly me away. Don’t need to buy a diamond key to unlock my heart. You shelter my soul. You’re my fire when I’m cold , I want you to know ..’’ I listened to the words with a smile. Then Jared started singing along with his unbelievably beautiful voice.

‘’You had me at hello, hello, hello, you had me at hello..’’ He sang ever so softly. I looked up into his eyes. I could hear that he meant what he sang. I decided to join him. ‘’Cause it was many years ago baby when you stole my cool, ‘cause you had me at hello’

Jared smiled at me. Then he stopped dancing so he could place a kiss on my head. My heart was full of joy and happiness. He walked behind me and started to untie my dress. His hands were working smoothly like it was easy. ‘’You’re so gorgeous Y/N’’ He let me know while undressing me. I felt like blushing. Although we had been together for years, his words still made me feel appreciated and happy.

My dress cascaded down and left me in my white underwear. I stepped out of my dress and turned to Jared who was already shirtless. ‘’Let me help you with that’’ I offered him and I hurried to unbutton his black pants. He kept his eyes on me while kicking off his pants. Now we were both in our underwear. I was still amazed by Jared’s body. His personality was fucking perfect and on top of that, he looked perfect. But if he would ever get into an accident and change on the outside, I’d still love him. No one could replace Jared.

‘’Think fast’’ Jared chuckled and quickly picked me up. I squealed and wrapped my arms around his neck. We got in bed where he put me down so I was leaning against the soft pillows. He crawled on top of me and I wrapped my legs around him. Finally, he leant down and pressed his silky lips against mine. I shut my eyes and tangled my hand in his hair.His lips felt so marvellous. It didn’t take long until our heated kiss turned really deep. Jared nibbled my bottom lip which made me part my lips.

He used that chance to push his tongue in my mouth. I moaned into our kiss and let him explore my mouth. Our tongues brushed against each other. He was almost choking me because of the amazing kiss. I didn’t want to pull back but we had to breathe. Jared pulled his head back and our eyes met again. Both of our lips tinted red and I saw my lipstick on him.

‘’I want you’’ I admitted heatedly. Jared smirked and then took a deep breath. ‘’I’m right here princess. I’m not going anywhere’’ He promised and then rubbed his hands on my thighs. His delicate touch caused a shiver to run down my spine. He moved his fingers towards my hips and kept a strong look directed to me. I arched my back impatiently which made him press me back down against the bed. ‘’Jared’’ I whined with a pout. ‘’Patience kitten, we have all night’’ He reminded me with a voice that got deeper the hornier he got.

Jared reached for my bra and slipped his hands under my back. As simply as that he unclasped them and threw them away. My chest was exposed to him and I could tell that he enjoyed the sight. ‘’So pretty’’ He purred and cupped my boobs. I bit my lips and smiled. Soon Jared started massaging my boobs and I felt goosebumps on my skin. Damn his touch was magical!

‘’Are you horny?’’ He asked me while pinching my nipples. ‘’Yes Jared’’ I moaned a little bit. I noticed that his blue eyes had turned darker. The more he massaged and pinched my boobs, the more sensitive they grew. I got really wet and these undies were awfully in the way. Jared lowered himself so he could press a kiss on my stomach. Then he planted kisses in a both down towards my heat. Meanwhile, his hands were rubbing my thighs to awake all my senses.

Just as I thought he would touch me down there, he froze. He looked up at me with a devilish smile. ‘’Jared pleaaase’’ I scoffed making him laugh. ‘’Okay baby girl, I won’t be a huge tease tonight’’ He was kind to me. Then he bit the fabric of my panties. I watched as he slid them off with his teeth. Damn, he was hot.

He reached the end of my feet and he threw away my panties. I watched as he got up and he removed his last piece of clothing as well, revealing to me his huge cock that looked pretty hard already. Jared got back in bed and crawled slowly towards me. I smiled at him and did a ‘come here’ motion with my finger, luring him to me.  Jared reached me and wrapped his strong arms around my legs.

‘’You’re so wet’’ He stated happily and then faced my wetness. Heck yeah, I was. ‘’Just for you’’ I mewled like a good girl. Jared licked his lips and then lowered himself. I was really impatient and I felt like I would lose my mind soon. Then finally he went down on me. Jared put his mouth on my clit and he licked me so he could get a proper taste of what was his.

I moaned softly because it felt so good already. He gave my clit full attention by licking it and nibbling softly. It didn’t take long until his fingers snaked to me and he pushed two of them inside me. ‘’Fuck’’ I gasped as his long fingers stretched my walls.  I grabbed the sheets and looked down at him while he was working his magic. The sight was incredibly hot. Jared kept eye contact with me which made it even more amazing. He knew exactly how to treat a lady!

He curled his fingers and bit my clit a little harder making me moan loudly. ‘’Fuck yes J’’ I responded to his actions. His long fingers brushed against a very sensitive spot and the sweet pleasure from his mouth made it feel fantastic. I pushed my hips up so I could get closer to him. Suddenly Jared started fingerfucking me harder while licking my most sensitive nub.

I nearly rolled my eyes to the back of my head but I wanted to keep eye contact. I could hear how I wet I was. A knot formed in my stomach and I felt like I’d come undone.Jared added pace and it caused me to cry out in pleasure. A few seconds later my orgasm approached and my walls tightened around his fingers. I wailed out his name as the pleasure took over me. Jared still fingered me but slowly so I could ride down my high. A little later he removed his fingers and crawled up to me.

‘’Wanna have a taste?’’ He purred and showed me his glistening fingers. I nodded and opened my mouth happily. He pushed his fingers in my mouth and I started cleaning up nicely. I knew it was one of his weaknesses. I made sure to circle my tongue around his fingers just like I did to him when I was giving him a blowjob. ‘’Okay I think I’m speaking for both of us now, I can’t wait anymore’’ He growled and pulled out his fingers.

Tonight was super special, not just because it was our wedding night, our honeymoon. We would also do it for the first time without a condom. We wanted to be super close. ‘’Are you ready?’’ Jared asked me while getting in place. He grabbed his member and placed his tip at my wet entrance. ‘’Yes’’ I told him and then held onto the sheets again. Jared pushed himself inside of me slowly and stretched me more. It was so different. It wasn’t just a slimy rubber layer. Now I could feel him, skin to skin.

Once he got a few inches in, he lowered himself closer to me so I could hold onto his shoulders. He was huge and that wasn’t a lie. his size always had me surprised. It’s like I could never get used to it and I loved it. Once he was fully inside, he started thrusting softly. It wasn’t rough at all. Things went slowly because we wanted to feel each other. we weren’t fucking, we were making love.

‘’You feel so good princess’’ Jared grunted with a sexy raspy voice. His cock was throbbing in me. I could really feel everything. I bucked my hips towards him to create a slow and steady rhythm. Jared hid his face in the crook of my neck and he started kissing me. The sensitive pleasure was absolutely overwhelming. I dug my nails into his back and curled my toes.

‘’Jared ah..oh my gosh’’ I whimpered in pure bliss. Although he wasn’t pounding in me, I felt like I was a firework. He easily hit my G-spot and each time I felt a wave of pleasure shooting through my body.After a while, we were looking into each other’s eyes again. Our bodies got covered in a thin layer of sweat as we kept going. This felt so special. This was love, not sex. So it was easier to just love it.

‘’I love you so much baby’’ Jared groaned in satisfaction. ‘’I love you too’’ I tried to tell him as steadily as I could but I was a moaning mess. Suddenly he turned us over so he was on his back and I was on his chest. I smiled and tried to sit on him which made me even more sensitive. My hands were on his chest and he grabbed them with his. Then I started riding him slowly so I was practically rubbing myself onto his cock.

I watched how Jared’s confident face turned to a more vulnerable one as I made him feel good. His plump lips parted and the veins under his eyes got more visible. Then he moaned so sexily that simply that could’ve made me come. I loved making him feel good. So I added a little pace and it made me moan too. He was so deep in me that I nearly reached his balls. I couldn’t get enough of him!

‘’Just like that’’ Jared growled and moved his hands onto my hips so he could keep me in place. Jared started moving my hips in a motion that drove us both crazy. ‘’Oh my gosh J’’ I yelped as he started pounding in and out of me. The pleasure grew so intense that I couldn’t keep myself up anymore. I lied down on his chest so my boobs touched him. Then I squeezed his shoulder tightly as he thrust his cock in me. ‘’You’re so good baby girl’’ Jared purred deeply.

Our eyes met and I got an overwhelming desire to kiss him. So I used my other hand to direct his face closer to me and I pressed our lips together. We were both obviously close to our orgasms so he started adding pace until he was going really hard. I moaned into our sloppy kiss. It felt so good that a tear rolled down my face.

‘’I’m c-close’’ I gasped on top of his lips. Jared nodded and pushed my face closer to his. Just a few seconds later I came the second time tonight. My entire body stiffened for a brief second as my powerful orgasm took over all my senses. I dug my nails into Jared and then I screamed out in satisfaction. All I felt was an amazing bliss of the orgasm and him. Jared had to make me cum before he would.

He still slammed himself into my sensitive wet walls which made my body tremble. His strong arms held me close to him and I knew he wouldn’t let go. Finally, he reached his high as well and an unfamiliar feeling approached. Jared’s cum shot inside me, filling me up. The warm seeds felt strange but I didn’t mind that feeling either. He slowed down until he didn’t move anymore. Yet he stayed inside me.

We were both panting as we came down our highs. I felt like I was in heaven. ‘’Holy shit that was amazing’’ Jared breathed out and ran his hand through my hair. I looked into his eyes and nodded. This got me sleepy but I knew that we were both ready for round two sooner or later.

‘’It sure was but it doesn’t have to stop there’’ I giggled happily. Just then he pulled out and I felt his hot cum squeezing out of me. My eyes shut and I sat up, making his cum run down my leg. Jesus his load was big. ‘’Oh my gosh J’’ I gasped while standing up. My legs were a little shaky which was fine but the cum on my legs felt a little weird. Jared looked at me like he was in a daze or something.

‘’That’s really hot’’ He let me know. ‘’Hot?’’ I smiled. I guess so. ‘’ about we go and check out the bathroom? Maybe we could make this happen again?’’ I suggested flirtily and bit my bottom lip. I didn’t have to tell Jared twice. He got up from the bed and got closer to me. Just as he thought he could pick me up, I stepped back as quickly as I possibly could. ‘’You gotta catch me first’’ I showed him my tongue. Jared gave me a mischievous look. ‘’You’re gonna get it girl’’ He warned me and just like that round two began..

pickledpennies  asked:

hi! please can I ask your advice on something. I'm thinking of selling some prints of my art but I've never done it before. A friend has suggested using etsy. But what's the best way to turn trad art into a print? How do you do it? Should I buy a scanner?

sure! since i make my art traditionally, i scan it in and make a nice n clean file in photoshop. that’s what i use to make my prints.

i ended up buying an epson artisan printer because it makes high quality prints and can print on larger paper (11″x17″) as well. so i print on 80lb matte card stock, crop, and ship out myself through my online store. some people will make their prints through other manufacturers and they either send them all to you or ship them out for you, but those options are more time consuming and expensive, so i prefer to make them myself. basically, there are lots of different ways to make prints, and you should experiment to see what you like best!

anonymous asked:

I currently have 16 days left of school and I'm very stressed out to the point, where I'm vomiting. Anyways, could you possibly write a very fluffy scenario with either 76 or Jesse and them trying to calm and relax their s/o?? Thank you so much sugar!! 🌸

I’m SO sorry this is a few days late!! I’ve been hella stressed myself and finally caught up on my classwork from being sick with a cold. I hope you feel better really soon and I hope that this helps make you feel a little better! I send lots of love and hugs and support and positivity spells your way!

So, how about 76 AND Jesse? :0


Jesse McCree

“Jesse, usually, when your romantic partner is stressed, your job as their romantic partner is help them chill out, not kick them out of their home for hours!” You pressed your thumb and forefinger against the bridge of your nose and you waited for your boyfriend to reply on the other end of the receiver. You sat in a large squishy armchair in some random study cafe, waiting for your dear, dorky significant other to allow you to come home.

“I’m sorry, darlin’, I really am!” McCree exclaimed over the droning chatter that went on in the background on his end. “Just promise me you won’t head home until I tell ya to. I’m planning something fun fer us. It’ll help calm ya down, I promise.”

You sighed softly but a small smile graced your lips anyways. He was going overboard but at least he was trying his best.

“Fine,” you replied. “Just don’t take forever.”

You settled down in your big leather armchair and occupied yourself with casual mobile games and the occasional drink refill until, more than a couple hours later, Jesse shot a text your way: “Mosey on home lil darllin’, I got a surprise 4 you” ending with a smiling cowboy emoji. With a snicker, you paid and made your way home.

“Cowman?” you hollered as you made your way into your house. Your boyfriend was nowhere to be found but you could hear rattling in the backyard.

As if to confirm your suspicions, Jesse hollered from the backyard patio, “Out here, sweet pea! I’m just finishing setting up!”

“This better be good, cowman!” You snorted and tossed your jacket in the entryway closet before making your way through the small house and out to the backyard, where you stopped and gasped.

The patio had been transformed into a gazebo of sorts, with dark blue and cream-colored sheets hanging off the roof’s overhang and draped over the railings. Dim, white leftover Christmas lights decorated the stair rail leading into the yard, as well as the patio swing and he back door. A nest of sleeping bags and blankets covered the side adjacent to the patio swing, bordered by several TV dinner trays holding snacks and a portable holographic DVD player.

Beyond the patio, the backyard was surrounded by black night, though more dim lights seemed to flit around in the bushes of your garden, matching the stars that twinkled in the sky. The picnic table that was usually hidden along one side of the house, due to lack of company, had been moved to the yard’s center, cleaned up, and covered with a thick blanket. Sitting on the edge of the table was McCree, wearing his best faded plaid shirt and jeans, holding his arms out wide and sporting a cocky, welcoming grin.

“Whadd’ya think?”

“Christ, McCree,” you murmured, stepping off the last step into into the yard, “I was expecting dinner or a musical or something, not all this.”

“You were having an especially rough time, so I created an especially great night fer us.” The cowboy slipped off the table and strolled over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close. He kissed your forehead before turning you around to have your back against his chest and facing the backyard scenery once again. Resting his chin on your shoulder and pressing his lips against your ear, he continued in a low, slow voice, “So, ‘ere’s my plan. First, we’ll lay out here on the picnic table and stargaze for a bit. Just talk and stuff. Then, after it gets cold, we’ll migrate to the fort where we’ll cozy up, pig out, and watch an awesome collection of old Westerns and cheesy musicals until we fall doze off. How’s that sound?”

“Absolutely amazing, Jesse.” You placed your hands over his where they lightly rubbed your waist and turned your head to kiss his scruffy jaw. “Thank you so much.”

“Nothing’s too much for you, sweetheart,” your favorite cowman replied. He returned the kiss before releasing you, then placing a hand in yours to lead you tothe blanket-clad picnic table to start your cozy nightly adventure.

(Soldier 76 under the cut)

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Let Me Love You pt. 6

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

Let Me Love You

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Description: You finally understand why Baekhyun acted so guilty.

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Mobile Masterlist | Request

It hadn’t been long after your meeting with Baekhyun that you found yourself sitting at the bar of your hotel; the place where it all started. You couldn’t get the image of your new face out of your head and you weren’t sure if it was a good thing or bad.

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Ok listen

I know..I know that the bedroom scene from ep 5 was near perfect with all that tension and unspoken attraction…I know…..but just listen…. Jughead was nervous walking up the stairs inside the cooper house, the tie in his hand twisted painfully in his grip. What was he thinking? He felt uncomfortable in this getup. Like he looked stupid. Betty was probably going to laugh at him.. He had reached her bedroom door by now . It had been left a jar so he didn’t bother knocking. Pushing it open he tried to compose himself by sticking to his normal sarcasm.

“Ready to enter the belly of the beast?”

she was standing in front of her mirror, adjusting her cardigan.

he braced himself when she turned around, ready to hear her mock him.

but she just grinned. looked him up and down and grinned. she wasnt laughing at him like he thought.

he felt the back of his neck heat up and resisted the urge to adjust his collar. it was suddenly too hot in the room-too hot in the suit.

“Its the best I could do” he tried to defuse the tension he was sure only he felt.

“although I think I might still need your help..” he lifted his clenched fist with the tie still wrapped around it.

She just shook her head fondly and stepped up to him, taking his appearance in entirely, unashamedly. She knew it was making him feel uncomfortable but she couldnt help it. He looked too cute. It wasn’t just that he cleaned up nicely, and he certainly did, no, it was his shyness, the faint blush running up his neck, the slight shuffle of his feet, his fidgeting fingers playing with the tie.

She stilled his hands with hers in front of him. Her fingers felt cool against his as she slid the silky material through his hands. His senses were in overdrive. He felt it all at once. His skin was hot, his palms were sweaty, he felt like he was suffocating but he couldnt step away from her. he thought he might crumble if he did. So instead, he took a deep breath and held it. A mistake because she took that moment to step even closer and wrap the tie around his neck.He breathed in her sweet floral scent and was filled with it. It was too much and not enough at the same time. He let out a shaky breath and watched mesmerized as it softly ruffled the loose hair framing her face. His eyes involuntarily fluttered shut when he felt her against his neck as she adjusted his collar.

“All done” She sounded as breathless as he felt.

Her fingers dancing down his chest as she smoothed out the wrinkles in his tie.

They met each others eyes.

“Thanks Betts” He licked his suddenly dry lips

“Anytime Juggie”

Her Or Me

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words:  1020

-Sam’s girlfriend tries to get Dean to like her, but he keeps pushing her away. Until Sam makes him see she stays or he goes.-

Warning: Dean being a jerk…

          You were putting the top crust on the pie when you felt strong arms wrap around your waist. You leaned back against that broad chest, “Hi, Sammy.”

           “Hi, Baby,” he kissed the side of your head, “What are you doing?”

           “Baking a pie,” you answered.

           “For Dean?”

           You nodded, “A peace offering,” you said, “Even though I’m not really sure why I need a peace offering.”

           Sam sighed, “He’s Dean. He doesn’t always warm up to people very quickly. He’ll come around.”

           “I hope so.” 

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4| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 4377

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Park Jimin. He strode into the studio, wearing a black t-shirt tucked into black sweatpants. He stood in front of the class, eyebrows raised as they curtsied. “Good Afternoon, Sir.”

You stayed rock still.

“You didn’t tell me Park Jimin was teaching this class!” You hissed to Jiwoo.

“He’s not.” She replied. “Madame Zhang is, but he’s kind of like her apprentice. She’s always late, so he ends up taking the classes half of the time.”

“Good Afternoon.” He replied, his voice like velvet. His eyes scanned the room, taking in the class.

“Yesterday’s class was not up to standard, despite what Madame Zhang said. I will make sure as hell that you don’t go for the end of term assessment unless you are at the standards, and I have yet to see a single pair that is.” He eyed the class. “Don’t screw around. Now positions please!”

Everyone hurried to their partners. Kwangsik shyly offered Jiwoo his hand, which she took with badly concealed eagerness. On the other side of the room, Minjee and Jongsoo were eyeing each other up as they got into position. Minjee seemed to be into it a lot more than Jongsoo.

Only Kihyun and you were left without partners. He coughed, going up to Jimin who was leaning against the piano, talking to the pianist.

“Uhm, excuse me, sir, can I please go with (Name) today? Seohyun twisted her ankle in tech.”

“(Name)?” Jimin questioned, turning around.

Kihyun pointed to where you stood, trying to look small. Jimin’s authoritative gaze flicked to you.

Suddenly, your memory was thrown back to last night, when you had seen him looking so open with his emotions. Every frustration, every happiness playing out on his face. Now it wasn’t like that. Now he was all business, the Park Jimin that the world saw; confident, smart and, you had to admit it, kind of cold.

“She’s new.” Supplied Kihyun.

Oh God, please say no, please say no. You could just sit out, yes that was it, sit out! 

Jimin scrutinized you and your shy expression closely before slowly nodding. 

Kihyun happily beckoned you over. Hesitantly you walked across the room to him. Easily, he put his hands on your waist and was standing very close behind you. You had a sickening clunk in your stomach. Oh God…

“Alright.” Jimin spoke up. “I want nice clean échappés. Mrs. Shin.” He cued the pianist. “If you please.” She nodded and started up a nice flowing tune.

“And plie down two three four.” You shakily bent your knees out. Kihyun gripped your waist, making it harder to go down. It felt so wrong to have his hands on you…

“And to Pointe!” On reflex, you snapped up onto your platforms, but Kihyun’s hard grasp on you made sure that you couldn’t rise up, then you couldn’t stabilize and slid back down to flat.

“You can do it, (Name).” Whispered Kihyun.

“It’s just new to me.” You replied. That was true enough. You figured that having a guy’s hands gripping you like that meant you needed even more force than usual to get up…it still didn’t feel right, though.

“And again!“Jimin called. "Plie down two three four and to Pointe! Hold it there for four and down very good, and-” He and the piano cut off simultaneously as the door swung open. A rather round looking lady shuffled in.

“Good Afternoon class!” She called out with a careless wave of her hand. She pulled out a stool from the corner of the room and plopped herself down on it.

“Good afternoon Madame Zhang.” People curtsied, but the atmosphere in the room had a taste a bored disappointment in it. Next to you, a girl and her partner exchanged tired glances.

“She’s Madame Zhang.” Kihyun informed you. You bit back the snarky response of ‘no, really?’ and instead looked at your real teacher. She looked about forty, with spots and wrinkles on her kind of pudgy face. She was dressed in dark pink suit which was too small and strained round her legs. Her feet were squeezed into some gold stiletto heels.

“Ah, Jimin, will you please get the door for me, dear.” Jimin, who had been helping a girl with her footwork, grudgingly stood up and shut the door. He went to lean dully against the piano. Madame Zhang shuffled on her stool.

“Okay, so where were we up to? Echappés? Right, well we’ve done those so many times before. Let’s move on to some promenades, shall we? Gentelmen, you know the drill. We’ll begin with just holding the leg up.”

This time, you were thankful for Kihyun’s instructions. “So you just draw a circle with your toe, and then step and arabesque.” You nodded uncertainly. You really needed to see it first.

“Don’t worry.” He assured. “I’ll be holding you the entire time.”

“Right.” You said quietly.

Madame Zhang swayed on her stool in time to the piano. “And a one and a two and a three four and circle and step and one.” It was a sloppy movement which got you halfway up by the time she’d said ‘one’.

“And again…”

Kihyun prepared to hold you again, but you didn’t bother to move, and instead watched the couple next to you. You tried to commit her smooth transition of balance before Madame Zhang counted everyone in for another one. This time you did it, circle with the toe, then step then step to Pointe. As your leg went up, Kihyun gripped your waist harder, and you emitted a little grunt as his nails dug into your belly. Neither Kihyun nor Madame Zhang noticed, but Park Jimin heard and sharply turned to you, seeing your position, seeing you trying to conceal the look of pain in your face. He was just about to say something when Madame Zhang clapped her hands.

“Right! Now let’s get to the promenade. So circle step up and arabesque and then turn her round. Alright on one two three four and hold it! And now step and turn her step and turn her step and turn her step.” Kihyun stepped in, slightly skewing your lifted leg, before twisting your hips and stepping further in behind you. You gulped, having trouble finding breath. He wasn’t exactly rough, but you just couldn’t get used to the feeling of someone moving beside you, like the way he did…it just didn’t feel right. So this was pas de deux; no exhilaration, just uncomfortable hands and a little pain.

You hid the pain better this time, so Jimin didn’t say anything. You had to prove that you were strong enough. That you didn’t need someone to tell people to go soft on you. If this was ballet, then so be it.

You did promenades again and again, each time Kihyun awkwardly turned you around and around. Then you went on to other moves, each one you found just as difficult and uncomfortable. Kihyun helpfully explained them as you went, but you preferred to stand and watch – if not for understanding the move, then for the relief of not having Kihyun’s hands on you.

Finally, Madame Zhang decided everyone have had enough of that.

“Okay, everyone to the back of the room. We’re going to do a very simple combination.” 'We’ clearly meant 'the students’ as she hadn’t gotten off that stool for the whole lesson.

You headed to the back, and you were happy that Kihyun and you weren’t in the first group, of three couples to go up. Instead you watched intently…You had to ready yourself.

“So I want courus for eight, then step down to fourth for a pirouette then two steps and arabesque and then…” She thought for a second, then said the one thing that you were dreading above all others. “Lift. Lift from the arabesque and then promenade. Then finish in second.”

“Courus, pirouette, arabesque, lift, promenade.” Kihyun recited. Then he turned to grin at you.

“This will be fun.” You didn’t say anything, but looked to the front. You were going to be sick.

“Alright? Okay, piano.” Madame Zhang ordered. “First group up and courus courus courus courus and pirouette and arabesque and lift! Yes! And then twirl her round!” You stared in sheer terror as you watched Kwangsik put a hand on Jiwoo’s inner thigh and wrapped the other around her waist and lifted. Oh God…you couldn’t do this…you just couldn’t…

“And next group up and courus, nice flowing arms and pirouette and arabesque and twirly twirly twirly and land in second. Good!”

You couldn’t control your breathing. The groups kept going, one by one. You were in the last one, but you just couldn’t…

It was the group before you. Kihyun readied himself behind you, putting his hands back on your waist. His grasp was tight.

You couldn’t do this! You couldn’t!

“And next group up! And courus…” Suddenly you were up on Pointe, your arms shakily going up. Kihyun’s hands stayed on your waist. You stared straight at a spot on the floor, as your mind screamed no!

As you went for the pirouette, Kihyun held you even tighter. And as he spun you roughly around, you wobbled on your Pointe, no longer trying to keep the pain off your face. Then you stepped down and went up again for the arabesque. His arm slid round your waist and squeezed.

The air was practically shoved out of you. You looked up in horror, and met a sharp pair of brown eyes. His hand was about to go on your inner thigh for the lift. You couldn’t breathe…You had no air…

“STOP!” Jimin yelled, slamming his fist down on the piano. Kihyun unceremoniously dropped you, and you slipped down to the floor, gasping for breath. Jimin strode over, his eyes dark and dangerous.

“You never-” He growled to Kihyun. “Hold your partner like that.”

“Mister Park…” Began Madame Zhang, finally getting off her stool.

“Shut up!” He yelled at her, then swung back to Kihyun. “Do you know how dangerous that is? She couldn’t breathe, Mister Lee!”

Kihyun looked stunned and afraid, like a rabbit caught in the headlight. Jimin towered over him by a good few inches, his muscles were tiny in comparison to Jimin’s.

“I…I was just…” Actually, he looked like he might cry…

“You were what, Mister Lee?” Demanded Jimin. Kihyun just stood there looking terrified. Jimin sighed heavily before squatted down to you.

“Are you okay?” He asked you, his smooth velvet voice low, so only you could hear.

“I’m fine.” You told him softly. He held out a pale white hand and you took it. It was as if the warmth of his hand spread over your entire being. You suddenly felt safer…calmer. Your heart slowed for the first time since the start of this class. Actually, it may have stopped altogether of the thought that Jimin was here, holding your hand…You avoided his eyes as he gently pulled you up, not wanting him to see the trust and surprise in your expression.

He finally let go, and turned to the rest of the class, who were still standing dumbstruck of what had just happened – though you were not sure it was your suffocation or Jimin getting angry. As he were, calmer now, Jimin slowly looked around the semi-circle of students.

“When you dance with a partner, you must learn to calculate how much of your strength is needed.” His voice was quiet, quiet and almost entrancing.

“Both the lady and the gentleman must understand each other’s needs perfectly. Which is why we shouldn’t be doing lifts-” He turned briefly to glare at the bewildered Madame Zhang. It was clear who was in control now. His eyes then went to you. His voice grew softer.

“-Until we know our partners.” You had the tingling feeling that those words had a double meaning…but then you blew it off. That was ridiculous.

He flicked back to the rest of the class and became business like again. “There is no need to hold your partner any tighter than to simply steady her.” He turned to you and held out his hand again.

“May I, Miss. (Name)?” The surge in your chest as he spoke your name was so strong that you felt yourself nodding before you even had thought about it. Even when you did…you couldn’t convince yourself that you didn’t want to.

Jimin positioned himself behind you, facing the class. They backed off to give you space, amazed expressions everywhere. You guessed Jimin didn’t demonstrate in class very often…

He placed his hands gently on you waist and out she reflection you stiffened. “Relax.” He whispered from behind you. And you did. His presence was comforting.

“For courus.” He spoke louder to the class. “Your hands aren’t even needed. If, for the sake of appearances, the hands are on the lady’s waist, they only need to rest there. Mrs. Shin, some adage please.” She nodded with a soft smile and began the first chords of a beautiful, flowing tune.

“And up.” He whispered to you. You échappéd smartly up onto Pointe, you arms rising softly up and down as you made the tiny steps called courus, your shoes making hollow noises as you came forward. Jimin’s hands lay perfectly steady as he stepped forward with you. His presence made everything feel perfect as you came down into fourth.

“And pirouette.” He told you. You spun, his hands just giving you one firm and gentle twist. You kept the pirouette longer than you had ever done before. Jimin’s hands lingering around your waist. And then as you slowed, you gracefully stepped down, Jimin held you as you fluidly stepped forward and lifted your leg. You felt his warm breath on your back.

“Can you do this?” He asked softly.

“Yes.” You whispered in a heartbeat. There was no question. His arms simultaneously twined around your waist and thigh and suddenly, you were high in the air, above his head.

The gasps of your class mates were blurred as your heart grew with exhilaration. Your arms naturally came up above you, your fingertips just a metre from the high ceiling. Your front leg bent, the other stayed totally straight. You were flying! Your arms stretched out behind you as Jimin turned you gently around and you raised your chin, feeling free as you never had before. You felt beautiful.

Eventually, it was as if you both thought the same thought – that this could not go on forever, that this had to end. And Jimin began to bring you gently down, still turning you as you went.

As the last chords of the tune were played, your satin bound toes touched the floor once more. Jimin just stared at you, his hands still on your waist, his feet still in third. His god like face just gazed down at you, and you gazed back, right into the deep depths of his brown eyes.

You don’t know how long it lasted, but you knew that you could travel forever in those eyes, it was as if you two shared a thought when suddenly the both of you snapped out of it.

You returned, back into the dance studio at Amour de la Beauté.

Jimin looked at his position, at his hands resting on your waist, his body so close to yours. He suddenly wrenched his hands off you and turned his back.

“Class dismissed!” He growled, and walked out of the studio, yanking the door shut behind him. Madam Zhang wobbled angrily out after him. The pianist, Mrs. Shin just shook her head and smiled at you before collecting her music sheets and left.

You turned to face the huddle of classmates. You could feel the blush beginning to creep on your cheeks.

“Oh. My. God!” Cried one girl, breaking the eerie silence. “You just danced with Park Jimin!” She squealed.

“That looked so romantic!” Another girl said energetically.

“Oh please, Hyeun.” Drawled Minjee, regarding you snidely. “You saw the way he walked out. She clearly wasn’t good enough for him.”

“Ha! As if you’d be any better!” Exclaimed Hyeun.

“Oi!” Minjee growled. “I wasn’t the one trying to get his attention, was I?” She stepped up to you. “You think you have a chance with him? Because you really, really don’t.”

You rolled your eyes, glaring at her. “If dancing with someone means that you think you have a chance with someone then you’re deluding yourself with Jongsoo, Minjee.” She blushed an angry red.

“How fucking dare —”

“Minjee!” Jiwoo hurried in between the two of you. “Quit it, you’ve no good reason to act like this!”

She just snorted. “Oh come on, Jiwoo! You are always so damned prissy! Sucking up to the new girl like a faithful little kitten. It’s pathetic!” She said and pushed Jiwoo out of the way.

Kwangsik stepped forward at that moment, his eyes defensive. “Shut your mouth, Minjee.” He snapped. “Get away from her.”

She opened her mouth to retort, but Jongsoo and Dongwon stepped up behind him. However many plies and leg holds you ballerinas did you would never be able to take on the danseurs. She grudgingly spun on her heel and stormed out of the studio. The room was tense for a minute, before Yuna, who you had met briefly last night, came to put a hand on your shoulder.

“That was really beautiful, (Name).” She told you, a grin on her freckled face. “Minjee was talking crap – you and Jimin were so perfect.”

“That was a freaky lift, though.” Said Hyeun, as she sat down to take her shoes off. You did the same.

“It was way higher than any of our level stuff.”

“I know.” You said. “It was a bit of a surprise.”

“You looked great up there, though.” Jiwoo assured with a pat on the back.

You blushed again. “Thanks.”

“God! The way you were staring at each other…” Yuna stared off dramatically into the distance.

“Oh no!” You groaned. “How long was I staring at him for?”

“Just a couple of minutes.” Said Jiwoo, as if that was meant to be reassuring.

“Minutes?” You put a hand to your head. “I’m such an idiot.”

“No, I think Kihyun’s the idiot.” Said Yuna. “I can’t believe he did that to you! I felt so sorry for you!”

You glanced over at him. He stood in a corner by himself, pulling on track pants with a blank expression. “Poor guy.” You said quietly. “He didn’t mean to. I didn’t tell him that he was holding me too hard.”

“Yeah.” Agreed Jiwoo. “You have got to communicate with your partner, you know.”

You nodded. “I know…I’ve just never done it before. I just thought that that was how pas de deux was done.”

Jiwoo smiled and shook her head. “We’re Ballerinas, (Name), not gladiators.”


The girls and you put your shoes in your bags and headed up to the dorm.

Unfortunately, Minjee had already left and Seohyun must still have been at the physio. Half of your dorm was in your class, but the other three were all in the other first year class. They were eager to find out what had been going on after Minjee apparently had stormed in here and told them you were a bitch. Fortunately, they didn’t seem to believe her. Yuna went right ahead, telling the full story with a whole ounce of enthusiasm.

It was interesting to hear what it had looked like to everyone else. “It was so beautiful!” Yuna exclaimed. “(Name’s) pirouettes were so perfect! And ohmigod! Jimin was soooo charming he offered her his hand and everything! And then when he was doing the lift - ohmigod he looked so hot! He had his eyes closed and he looked sooooo beautiful! And he was smiling and Jesus he was hot! God you are lucky, (Name)!”

You nodded your head her way, but your thoughts were elsewhere. Jimin have had his eyes closed? Again, you had the vivid flashback to last night, his eyes shut, the happiness spreading across his face…he’d been doing that when you danced together?

You got changed quietly. It was only when you pulled down your leotard that you realized how much damage Kihyun had done to you. There were little crescent moons all over you belly. Red blotches surrounded each of them. You were going to have bruises by tomorrow, for sure. Quickly you pulled on a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans. You brushed your spray encrusted hair out and pulled it over one shoulder, then glanced at the clock. Dinnertime.

You all walked down together, you, Jiwoo, Yuna and Hyeun. You were beyond worn out, and you didn’t think you could face socializing. Hopefully Minjee would still be brooding.

You knew from the second you entered the dining hall that this wasn’t going to be a nice quiet dinner. Straightaway, a gaggle of second years girls came up to you. “Oh my God are you and Park Jimin an item?” Asked one girl.

“Uhm, no.” You replied, getting into the food line.

“But he danced with you!”

“It was just a class demonstration.” You said, and turned to get your food.

By the time you had gotten to the table, you were asked four times if you were going out with Park Jimin. “Gossip sucks.” You muttered. “News spreads fast here, doesn’t it?”

“Oh yeah.” Jiwoo agreed, sitting down. Thankfully, only Kwangsik, Jongsoo and Dongwon were sitting at the table. You spotted Minjee and Seohyun, whose ankle was bound with sports tape, sitting at another first year table. They were leaning in close and occasionally throwing malicious glances at you. You rolled your eyes and went back to eating your stirfry.

“Hey Kwangi.” Jiwoo said quietly.

“Yeah?” He asked, his eyes flashing to hers.

“Uh.” She looked down at her food. “Thanks for sticking up for me after class.”

He smiled widely. “No problem…”

“Oh and for (Name), too, of course.” She added. You pretended not to hear her, but the damage was done. What a way to ruin a romantic moment! Bring in a friend!

Fortunately, they kept talking. You tuned out, giving them some privacy, and found yourself caught right in the gaze of Jung Dawon. She regarded you for a moment and smiled. It seemed like a nice smile. She turned back to her table and leaned in. Soon Kim Seokjin and Jeon Jungkook and Jung Hoseok were all staring at you as well. Oh God…you blushed bright red. Your tables was close enough for them to see it. Hoseok broke out into loud, booming laughter, which brought a few stares. Yoongi had his eyebrow raised, scrutinizing you. Dawon just smiled apologetically and whispered something to Seokjin. Oh God, why were you letting them all study you?

You snapped back to your own table and became very focussed on the food in front of you. Dinner passed like that, with you staring fixedly on the plate in front of you. When Master Jinho finally stood up and dismissed everyone, you had to remember, that sprinting out of the room would just draw even more attention to you.

By the time Madame Hyejin came around to tell it was time for bed, you had been forced to recount the story so many times. You were tired and drained. The classes, not just the last class, but the entire day, had taking a toll on you. Your toes ached, even after you had soaked them, and you whole body felt half-dead.

As Madame Hyejin got everyone settled down, you laid on your bed, thinking. The day had started off bad, with your embarrassing wake up. It had gotten significantly better with your success in Madame Choi’s tech class, but then it had progressed downhill until you had had Pas de Deux class with Kihyun. Everything that had happened were confusing, and with Jimin? Nope, you had no idea.

Now that you had time to think about it, you realized that the dancing alone was not what had made it so exhilarating it was Jimin himself. The connection you had. You couldn’t stop yourself from thinking about it. The way that you both knew when to go down, the way that he knew your reluctance about the lift, the way he talked so softly, as if it was only him and you in the world at that moment.

'You saw the way he walked out. She clearly wasn’t good enough for him.’ Minjee’s words echoed in your head. She was right. Jimin was auditioning for the American Ballet. Jimin was a senior. Jimin was Taeyeon’s partner. Jimin was well and truly out of your league. But that connection. God, you just didn’t get it. How could you have it when you was nowhere near good enough for him? How could that be possible?

“Miss (Surname).” Madame Hyejin’s voice broke you out of your thoughts. She stood in the doorway. “May I have a word?” You nodded and nervously stood up and followed her out into the corridor. She looked at you with a worried expression.

“I’ve been informed of what happened today in you partnering class.” She said in a soft motherly voice. You looked down at your feet.

“(Name), are you alright?” She asked. You were surprised she used your first name. You hesitated, unsure on how to answer. “On both things.” She clarified.

You glanced up at her. She knew about Jimin?“ He came to my office, (Name) Jinho and I have become quite close to him in the years we’ve tutored him. He came to tell me that you were probably hurt from what Mister Kihyun did to you…” She hesitated, looking at you.

“But judging by his story, I can guess that you were probably hurt twice, not once.”

Tears came to your eyes. “I’m so confused…” You half sobbed half mumbled, before she pulled you into a hug.

“Jimin is a silly boy, (Name).” She murmured, rubbing your back. “We’ll never know what he’s really thinking, but you can always be sure that it’s not what you’re guessing.”

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Hello! Hello! I'm so happy to see requests are open again! Anyway for a headcanon, MC's grandma / grandpa come visit but they always drive MC and the RFA crazy whenever they visit (too much complaining, long boring stories that don't go anywhere, specific foods to prechew, interrupting their "moments") how do they feel and deal with it?


  • whenever MC’s grandparents arrive he tenses up like a scared cat
  • he and MC have perfected the “grin and bear it” technique
  • Yoosung has just accepted it. No matter what he cooks, MC’s grandparents will complain about it
  • he still tries to act all nice though


  • always thinks “well how bad can this get anyway?” and in the end finds the same answer
  • worse
  • the first time she was shocked by the sheer rudeness of MC’s granparents
  • why compain so much? they don’t like the house’s colors? the carpet is ugly? they don’t like the silverware?
  • she’s heard it all. Every single complaint
  • After a visit, Jaehee is so emotionally and spiritually drained she needs to lay on the couch for half an hour while MC brushes her hair or something


  • good god does Zen hate annoying family members
  • he always tells MC “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb” when they know their grandparents will come over and they’re feeling absolutely stressed out
  • honestly- why does he feel as if those two hate him so much?
  • they make comments like “an actos I see… how… curious.” and start talking for so long
  • Zen feels like if he hears the story of how they met one more time he’ll drop dead
  • MC knows that this stresses him out lots and always makes sure to get some goldfish bread and beer for him to de-stress


  • look, he’d be able to deal with complaints
  • he can deal with picky appetites
  • he can tolerate hour-long old person stories
  • but when MC’s grandparents got angry at him for kissing MC and they saw- he realized he disliked them
  • has he no right to peck his lover on the lips without them calling him a “depraved pervert exhibisionist”?
  • He hates it when they come over, since he can’t show affection to MC at all


  • he doesn’t know if MC’s grandparents were just set on annoying the hell out of him before they met or if he prompted it
  • maybe if he hadn’t dressed up as a maid the first time they came over
  • maybe their visits would now be bearable
  • it’s not like he wanted them to see him dressed up as Mary!! He forgot they were coming over and he was just.
  • dressed like that
  • he and MC are reminded of how much MC’s grandparents disliked that every single visit. every time.
  • he just stress eats honey buddha chips when they aren’t looking to survive the visits

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2p FACE with s/o who won't go to sleep unless they go to bed with them.

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy- Begrudgingly he will stay over at your place sometimes but it’s easier if you just come over. It means he doesn’t have to pack clothes, smoke outside and shit. Plus then he can do more of what he pleases. But you still get hat you want/need.  

2p!America/Allen Jones- No problem there! You can alternate whose place you stay at, that’s fine. It might even get him to clean his a little more often since it should be presentable when you come over. It’s nice having someone want so badly to curl up and sleep with you. 

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- Well…if that’s really, really what you want…he can do it sometimes, but not every night. After all he does like to have some breathing room sometimes. But most nights it’s fine to stay over and be close to one another.  

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- Yes! that would be great! It’s like having a long sleepover! And he can always make sure you get a great breakfast, have a decent start to the day! On top of all those bonuses he gets to sleep with you every night! How didn’t he think of doing this first…