they sure do clean up nicely

@newbark-town and I decided to do a thing were I pick a panel for her to color and she picks one for me.

My half was to color this panel of Y

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hi! please can I ask your advice on something. I'm thinking of selling some prints of my art but I've never done it before. A friend has suggested using etsy. But what's the best way to turn trad art into a print? How do you do it? Should I buy a scanner?

sure! since i make my art traditionally, i scan it in and make a nice n clean file in photoshop. that’s what i use to make my prints.

i ended up buying an epson artisan printer because it makes high quality prints and can print on larger paper (11″x17″) as well. so i print on 80lb matte card stock, crop, and ship out myself through my online store. some people will make their prints through other manufacturers and they either send them all to you or ship them out for you, but those options are more time consuming and expensive, so i prefer to make them myself. basically, there are lots of different ways to make prints, and you should experiment to see what you like best!


Reader and John are going on a blind date together. But bump into each other before they get to the restaurant

“Do I have to go!” John yelled from the kitchen. Arthur and Polly walked in. Arthur laughed and Polly smirked.

“Yes. You fucking do! Or do you want to be scared of women your whole life?” Polly told him with a slap on the back.

“Shut up. I’m not scared of women!” John yelled at Polly. She laughed and lit her cigarette.

“Is that why you haven’t had a proper fuck with a girl in what is it? Four years. You can’t mourn forever.” Arthur told him.

“Shut up!” John retaliated.

“She’s a nice girl. I made sure there wasn’t any dirt on her, she lives around here but her father owns a factory so she cleans up nice. But she’s a brummie through and through, wouldn’t leave her home even when her father got loaded and moved to a big house. She’s nice but wants to meet someone. She won’t know it’s a Peaky Boy so don’t scare her.” Arthur told him.

“Sounds like a stuck up bitch if you ask me.” John muttered and Polly hit him.

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HC’s for Kiibo’s S/o holding an annual ‘robot appreciation’ day for him?? ^.^

This sounds super cute! And for anybody wondering, Robot Appreciation Day is October 9th c:

  • you have a lot planned, you really want to make sure kiibo knows how much you care about him!
  • when he boots up in the morning, you suggest right away that you do some repairs today, since you know he really likes being tinkered with and debugged.
  • makes him feel nice and fresh!
  • you give him some proper repairs and a full clean-out, and he’s very appreciative!
  • you make sure to tell him consistently throughout the whole day that you love him soooo much!
  • he really appreciates the whole day, and thinks you’re adorable when you do things like this.
  • you’re glad you can make him happy!
  • you give him lots of hugs and kisses at completely random times, so that he’l be happy all day long, and at night, you two have a really nice warm cuddle.
  • overall a great day, definitely going to be a tradition!

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⚡I'm so stressed⚡ I have so many painting projects that arent done, a job interview tomorrow at 5 along with a musical im in at 7. My art is not where i want it to be, i need to do laundry and my room is a mess. Im overwhelmed and dont know how to cope or "un-stress" Any advice Jamie?😷😅

I’m a huge hypocrite by answering this because I’m currently stressed and not doing enough to de-stress BUT!! here’s some things to help: if you have a nice planner, write everything out in detail. And if you don’t have a planner, just write it out all organized-like and pin it up somewhere so you can see it! Try multitasking. Start some laundry in the washer and clean your room until it’s done. Cleaning will make you feel a lot less stressed so I’m sure that will also help in the de-stress process. Get some extra hours of sleep tonight and get up early to do whatever feels right to you. I personally like to do my makeup really nice on days I know I have a lot to do. It motivates me! Take breaks outside to get 10 minutes of sunshine, and drink lots of water!

“Just about to finish up here, boss,” Justin said, “Wanted to get the stables cleaned up a little bit. Got anything else you need me to do before I go?”

“Naw, Justin,” Slim said in a deep drawl, “You know, you done a real fine job ‘round the ranch here this summer. Been real nice having a nice, young, able-bodied man around to take care of some of this stuff. I know the missus has enjoyed it, too.”

Justin gave an uneasy laugh. Surely Slim didn’t know about him and Mrs. Thomas. They’d been so careful. Hadn’t they?

“Been a pleasure, sir,” Justin said. He slung the saddle over his shoulder and hoped to make it into the barn without saying too much more.

“Not so fast now,” he heard Slim say, “Turn around, boy. Let me get one last good look at ya.”


“Let me take a look at that city boy body of yours,” Slim said. Justin gave him an unsure look.

“You know, I didn’t think you had it in ya to come out here and work on this ranch. Hired city boys like you before, but none of 'em could do the work. Takes a real man to do the work, am I right, Justin?”

“Uh, yes, sir,” Justin swallowed hard, “Sorry, sir, but I do need to get finished up here and get goin’.”

“Naw, you ain’t goin’ nowhere,” Slim said, and then he looked dead into Justin’s eyes, “Tell me, son, did ya like stickin’ it in my wife?”

Justin completely froze.

“I didn’t –” He stammered.

“Now, I know you did, son,” Slim smiled, “Got back from town a little early a couple weeks ago, heard you two goin’ at it pretty good up in the main house. In my own goddamn bed, son. Now that takes some real balls.”

“Sir, it was just that once. It wasn’t –”

“Don’t matter much if it was just that once, or if you two were doin’ it all summer long, son. Hell, I don’t blame her. You sure are one pretty son of a bitch.”

Justin was now thoroughly uncomfortable. He’d always had a strange feeling about Slim Thomas, and now he knew something wasn’t right. All he wanted to do was get in his truck and go. But he couldn’t. When he tried to walk away, it was like his feet were stuck to the ground. Slim was walking towards him. He was turning an old silver coin in his hand.

“Told ya you wasn’t goin’ nowhere,” he said, rubbing the coin, “Now, turn around, boy.”

Justin felt his feet turning on the spot, but he wasn’t in control of them. He tried to fight it, but something else was making him move. He dropped the heavy saddle and it landed on the ground with a thud. His arms rested at his side. He couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t tell Slim to fuck off. He couldn’t run. He couldn’t scream for help as he felt Slim’s hands slowly and deliberately tracing the muscles across his back.

Then, to his horror, he felt Slim squeeze inside of him. Not just inside of his body, but inside of his mind, like he was wrapping his hands around the very core of his being. He felt the world coming and going, his vision becoming blurry and his thoughts becoming distant as Slim forced himself deeper and deeper inside.

Finally, he gasped for air. But Slim was in control now. Justin was just a passenger in his own body.

“Hoo-whee!” he heard Slim speak with his voice. But his voice had a different tone to it now. It sounded deeper, and he could hear Slim’s ranch drawl layered on top of it, “I done it! Finally got myself a nice, new cityslicker’s body.”

Slim ran his hands over the body he now possessed. He found his way down to Justin’s large cock and gave it a squeeze through his tight Wranglers.

“Goddamn, son!” he said, “No wonder you had the missus moanin’ so much. This thing’s a goddamn horsecock! Lucky her, she’s about to get it again… and again, and again!”

Slim thrusted his hips in an exaggerated manner as he imagined fucking his wife with his new, young body. Justin was screaming on the inside, pushing, trying to get Slim out. But he could only fight for so long before he started slipping away and everything started going dark.

Bad Day

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Member: Exo Kai/Jongin

Type: Smut

“Please let me take you somewhere jagiya. It’ll be fun, I promise, let’s just get out okay? Yeah?” His hands were at your hips and his thumbs were making slow circles under your shirt. His chin was rested on your shoulder and you could feel his warm breath hitting your neck as he pulled you back into his arms, wrapping them around you. His lips touched your neck softly as he whispered. “Please?”

You weren’t angry at him. It had nothing to do with him at all actually, you just had a bad day is all. Your morning coffee spilled all over your boss and her nice, clean, white blouse. You’d accidentally sent somone the wrong file, causing 10 minutes of chaos in your department trying to find the one you were supposed to send in. Your coworker tripped and knocked you over during an important meeting, and you were 100% sure that everyone had seen your underwear up your skirt as you struggled to stand up again. 

Bad day? More like the most horrid day one could possibly imagine, and all you wanted was to hide under your covers alone and sleep. 

Your boyfriend had some other ideas though. 

You loved him you really did. Jongin was always there and you were happy to have him hugging you and reminding you that your life wasn’t a total disaster, but after today’s events all you really wanted was to be alone. You knew you’d feel better after sleeping it off but Jongin was absolutely determined to get you out of the house so he could make you feel better. 

“At least let me take you for a drive. We can get some air and maybe get some overpriced food or just do something that’ll make you smile. I can’t see you like this please Y/N,” he whined, nuzzling your neck and squeezing you in his arms. 

You groaned, knowing he wasn’t going to let this go anytime soon. “Yeah sure, just let me change-” you agreed as Jongin had already started dragging you out of the apartment. 

“You look fine jagiya, let’s go, it’ll be so much fun I promise,” he said, smiling cheekily. 


It was not fun. 

Jongin had falied to realize that the car was nearly out of fuel, so there you were, parked on the side of an almost empty road, with no fuel in your car. 

Then the rain started. 

“Jagiya I’m sorry…” 

You really just wanted to go home. Today had been enough and you pulled your knees up into your chest and hugged them as you put your head down so your boyfriend wouldn’t see your tears. It wasn’t his fault. He couldn’t help that you were too far from the nearest station to just make a run for it in the rain and try to get home. He couldn’t help that the roadside assistance wouldn’t show up for at least another hour. You knew it was nobody’s fault.

But you still felt like crap. 


Jongin’s voice trailed off and you sniffled, trying to wipe your tears on your pants before he saw them. You felt his hand touch your head and he pulled you into a hug. His warm arms wrapped around you, and you turned to look at him. His chocolate eyes were full of concern and he sighed, pushing a hand through his hair. 

“I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I don’t want you to be sad too.” 

He planted a kiss on top of your head. You stayed like that for a few minutes, and your eyes closed, relaxing in the warmth of his arms. His hand stroked your back, and moved up to the back of your neck. His fingers played with your jaw as he pulled your head up slowly to plant a kiss on your lips. 

“Climb over and sit in the back.” He pulled away from you and your brows furrowed. You went to the back and he followed, putting his hands on either side of your waist. 

Before you could say anything he kissed you again. Hard. 

You whimpered and pushed your fingers into his soft hair, letting him push you back onto the seat. He ran his tongue over your bottom lip, sucking slightly before biting and making you moan. His tongue pushed inside, playing inside your mouth as you pulled him closer. 

His hands played with the end of your shirt, pulling it up slightly so his fingers could dance across your stomach, leaving goosebumps on your skin. His lips left yours and began attacking your neck as you panted breathless. 

“Jongin…” You moaned as your hands left his hair and ran down his toned arms. He lightly bit at the skin on your neck, making you clutch and pull at his shirt. 

He got the idea quickly and yanked his shirt off, throwing it somewhere. You sat up with him and he grabbed the end of your shirt too, pulling it up and tossing it with his own. You both looked at each other, panting lightly before he attacked your lips again, his hands running up your sides then to your back, unhooking your bra. You let it fall off you as Jongin continued to kiss your mouth, rubbing one of his thumbs across your nipple before pinching it. 

You gasped at the feeling and pushed yourself closer to him and pressing your chest against his. He pulled you into his lap and his lips began nipping at your neck and chest again. You could feel his erection growing through his sweatpants and you grinded into his lap, making him freeze and groan into your neck, bucking his hips up to meet yours. 

“Fuck, Y/N I want you now,” he said, his eyes dark and focused. You stared back at him and only grinded against him again, harder this time, smiling slightly. “Fuck,” he moaned again, grabbing your hips and pushing into them. “Stop teasing me.” 

He pushed you over so you’d be lying down on the seat again and stared hungily at you, his erection apparent. You reached down to grab him, but he took your hands before you could, holding you down. 

You pouted, and fighting against his hands but he just hovered over your smirking. 

“Jongin please do something,” you whimpered, bucking your hips up to try and meet his. He smiled and used his free hand to pull down your pants just enough so he could slip one slender finger into your core. You moaned, rocking your hips and trying to make the most of his slow moving finger. “More please,” you moaned, feeling him slow down even more. 

“But you look so good like this,” he said, pulling out his finger. You opened your eyes to watch as he slowly licked your juices off of his index finger, and you felt the heat pool at your core. “Fuck you’re so wet.” 

He let go of your hands and you immediately reached for his sweatpants, yanking them down. He leaned down to kiss your mouth again as he grabbed your hips and possitioned himself over you. 

You felt his tip against your folds, rubbing gently as he kissed you harder. 

“Jongin please,” you moaned against his mouth, your fingers wrapping around him to claw at his back. 

Then he plunged into you. 

“You’re so tight,” he groaned, thrusting into you as you dug your nails into his back. You hooked one leg over him, letting him go deeper into you and you tightened your falls around him. He gasped and bucked hard, hitting you exactly where you wanted it. 

Jongin’s lips crashed against yours again and he continued slamming into you, and your walls soon tightened around him as you came, moaning against his mouth. Soon you felt him twitch before you felt his warmth spread inside you. 

He continued lazily kissing you as he pulled out and let himself rest on top of you, trying not to crush you. 

“Feeling better now?” he asked, pulling up to look at you, smiling. 

“Mmhmm,” you nodded, planting a kiss on his nose. “Thank you.”

He laughed, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he kissed your lips again softly. “Well I’m glad you’re feeling better,” he said, pushing himself off of you and sitting up, pulling you with him, “because I’m pretty sure the roadside assistance will be here any minute.” 

Your eyes widened and you laughed too, as you both scrambled to put on your clothes. 

It's Just A Job


Emma was going around, trying to clean up the apartment. She was meeting a potential sitter today and she was determined to put on a good show. She was starting her new job in just three days and she was just becoming a little desperate. She wasn’t sure what she would do if she couldn’t find someone. Maybe let Granny keep watching him? She wasn’t a bad choice. She was just…older. And had a thing about archery.

Lifting Henry up, she cleaned his face from his lunch. Three years old, the apple of her eye and messy as could be. “We gotta give a good impression, okay? Nobody else has worked with us. Killian might be our last chance, so let’s be nice to her, okay?”

Fleur's Wedding

“Hi lovely! Love your work. You are a cousin of Fleur and at her and Bill’s wedding and you find yourself overcome by the amount of people and how nice they are compared to your own stale family. You accidentally bump into Fred sending your drink flying then you and Fred go into the house to clean up and start talking and… Yeah ;) thanks heaps!! Xx”

Wow, great request! Before I write any of my imagines, I always do a bit of background research to make sure every little detail is as close to the JKR story as possible, and when reading about the Delacours, it turns out they’re rather pleasant and not stuck up at all! I thought that was really interesting, since I always envisioned them the same way you described too, so I’ll try and keep true to their character when writing this! 😄


Your cousin Fleur announced a few weeks ago that she is getting married to this guy named Bill Weasley. You’ve never met him, or any of the other Weasley’s for that matter.

Fleur was older than you and Gabrielle was younger, so you never really bonded exceptionally well with either one of them in particular, so you were beside yourself with excitement when Fleur asked you to be one of her Bridesmaids.

“Of course I will, Fleur!” You beamed at her, running to her and giving her a massive hug before thinking. You two weren’t as close as you’d like to be, but maybe this will all change that.

You always saw her as being a little bit too up herself for your liking; looking down her nose on people and seeing herself as above everyone else, but you were looking forward to hopefully starting up a stronger relationship with your cousin.

“I ‘em a bridesmaid too!” Gabrielle appeared next to you, also looking excited. “’Ve vill 'ave to make sure zee other doesn’t trip over!” The three of you giggle at how exciting this all was.

—– Wedding Day —–

Your hair was perfect, your dress fit like a glove and your makeup was on point. You felt like a princess and were wishing this moment would last forever.

As you were zipping up Gabrielle’s dress, Fleur walked into the room, wearing an absolutely gorgeous gown, with atight fitting bodice and fanned out at mid-thigh and fell gracefully to the floor, with a meter long train at the back.

“Fleur, you look stunning!” You cry out as she blushed. You’ve never seen her blush before, because she’s so used to all the compliments. But then again, this is a big day for her.

“Vould you two 'elp me tie up my corset?” She turned around and in that moment Gabrielle and I remembered what our jobs as bridesmaids was.


“William Weasley and the now Fleur Weasley, I pronounce you husband and wife!” The crowd cheered as the two kissed and white rose petals magically fell from above. Everything up until now had gone perfectly according to plan, but now was the moment you weren’t looking forward to…

The dance.

It’s tradition that the newly weds take the first dance, then joined by the bridesmaids and groomsmen, except you couldn’t dance to save yourself.

There were two groomsmen who looked to be totally identical, down to their dress robes and all. You recognised them as the ones who were playing all sorts of tricks, such as apparating and scaring the life out of their mother, or hexing the wedding toppers to say and do rude things.

When the song that Fleur and Bill were dancing to was over, you knew it was your turn.

You tried to sit there quietly, not daring to make eye contact with anyone, hoping that people would forget.

Fat chance.

“May you do me the honour of accompanying me to this dance?” One of the groomsmen had come up to you with his hand held out. You have to admit, he is pretty damn cute.

By this point everyone was staring at the two of you, as Gabrielle and the other twin were already on the floor.

You took his hand and walked out on the dance floor with him, trembling with nerves.

The music started playing and you took a deep, shaky breath.

“Y/N, look at me” he said quietly to you. He knew your name! You looked up at him to see him staring straight into your eyes. “Just keep looking at me and you won’t need to feel nervous, alright?”

He seems like far more of a gentleman than when he and his brother were attempting to change the falling rose petals into chicken nuggets.

Just as you were getting lost in thought about this boy, you realised what was happening.

You were dancing.

Up until now, you two had been in sync, slow dancing to the music hand in hand. That is, until your nerves kicked in.

You fumbled and tripped and bumped into the table behind you. Of course, it had to be the Weasley’s table you bumped into.

You had never met them before, and you were worried about how disapproving they must have felt about you, but instead they chuckled and the mother made sure that your dress wasn’t stained.

“Wow, they’re so charming” you accidentally said out loud. “Yeah, must be where I get it from, eh?” The boy grinned at you cheekily.

“How come you know my name, but I don’t know yours?” You said, trying to avoid any sort of flirtation. For someone who’s a quarter Veela, you really aren’t good with confidence.

“I only know your name because I was fascinated by who that gorgeous bridesmaid was, the one I’m dancing with now by the way”

You blushed and tried to hide your face by turning away, but of course he saw it.

“My name’s Fred by the way. Make sure that if you’re ever blushing from a compliment that it was from me and not some tosser called George” he inclined his head towards his twin who was dancing with Gabrielle.

The music ended and that meant it was time for that dance to end. You couldn’t believe how much you wanted to keep dancing, for someone who loathed the idea of it about five minutes ago.

Fred bowed before you and kissed your hand, and you gracefully curtsied in return.

“You know Y/N, you’re quite the dancer, so don’t let that pretty head of yours tell you otherwise” he gave you a cheeky smile again and you returned it, trying to suppress a giggle and a blush.

Fred was great, wow! You couldn’t ask for a better guy to be with right now. While wanting to play it cool and try not to say or do anything that might ruin your chances of getting closer with him, you knew that the best thing to do would be to act yourself and let all those worries fly away. You gotta risk it for the biscuit! Which gave you an idea…

You stood on your tippy-toes and whispered in Fred’s ear, “I hear there’s chocolate mud cake out the back for dessert”

As you pulled back from your whisper to see his reaction, he had the exact same look of mischief on his face as you did.


The two of you were sat next to each other on top of the counters in the kitchen, surrounded my mounds of treats.

After pigging out on any sugary food you could find, the two of you started chatting and laughing, and before you knew it were getting on like a house on fire.

“I don’t even feel bad about eating all of these desserts, French food is disgusting” you said as you shoved another piece of cake in your mouth.

Meanwhile Fred was in a fit of laughter at your bluntness, and how you were not the girl he thought you were at all; you were way better.

When you swallowed your bit of cake and Fred had finished laughing, the two of you looked at each other, and for a moment it was perfect, until Fred tried to hold back another burst of laughter, resulting in a grunt sort of noise.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake what now boy!” You said to him as he tried to even out his breathing.

“Did you actually manage to get any of that cake IN your mouth, or just all around it?” He started laughing and howling at his own joke, and your eyes widened as you rubbed ferociously at your face.

“Y/N Y/N stop” he laughed, “let me get it off for you”

With your hands still clasped over your mouth, you turned to look at him and vigorously shook your head. As if you weren’t embarrassed enough!

His hand tilted your chin upwards so that your eyes met his, “Please Y/N?”

Normally you wouldn’t out of embarrassment, but you felt like you could trust him. Maybe it was the ice-cream soaked in butterbeer making you like this, or maybe it was the way Fred’s eyes made you feel when they looked into your own. Or maybe it was just Fred. Whatever it was, your hands moved away from your face and even though you were vulnerable to being made fun of, you never felt safer.

“May I?” He said, his hand still on your chin. You nodded, and he slowly leaned in towards you. You met him half way and the two of you kissed. Funny enough, it was chocolatey.

After a few minutes of what started as a kiss and resulted in a bit of a heavy make out sesh, the two of you pulled away and you saw that now Fred was covered in chocolate sauce too, making you burst out laughing.

As the two of you sat on that counter top laughing with his arm draped around your shoulders, the kitchen door opened.

“'Allo? Iz anyone in 'ere?” A voice called out from the doorway. It must’ve been Uncle Monsieur.

He walked in to see the kitchen empty and spotless, so walked back out to the party.

Once the door shut behind the man, you and Fred crawled out from under the bench cautiously.

“Wow, that could’ve been a *sticky* situation if he had have walked in any earlier” Fred commented to which you rolled your eyes playfully.

“Maybe next time we should be *saucy* somewhere a little more private”

Not only was Fred now smiling because you’re just as goofy and punny as he is, but also at the chance of there being a next time.

Hope you likey! I was a bridesmaid for my own cousin’s wedding about a year ago and it was such a perfect moment, the best day of my life! So pardon me for getting a little carried away writing about the bridesmaid stuff! Thanks for requesting, Anon!

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Hey Pop! I love you~☆☆☆ don't feel bad about yourself just because you are doing your best with self-care. I understand that it is hard and makes you feel shitty, but in the end you are the only one who can properly care for YOU☆♡☆ If you need to skip class and not shower or eat today, then just be sure to eat and clean up soon so you can be a healthy Pop, a brighter Pop. One so bright she shines like a star☆☆☆

I shall burn down cities with my brightness. BWAHAHAHA.

(Seriously though, I often wonder what could have been if I’d been mentally healthy from the get-go. Would I have gone farther? Would things be the same? Why am I acting like I’ll never be mentally healthy, lord, there’s still plenty of time?)

*exhales* Thank you, anon. You know you’re the first person ever that has said it’s okay *not* to do things. It’s strangely comforting to be told that.

I promise to be bigger and brighter soon. For now, I wallow!! *ahh*

okay but modern blake siblings when they were kids and bellamy takes care of octavia because their mom works all the time

  • like octavia is playing outside and scrapes her knee and bellamy cleans her up and puts her favorite wonder woman bandaid on
  • bellamy gets really good at doing hair because he braids octavia’s every morning before school
  • packing a lunch for the two of them to share (and making sure to pack a surprise little treat for her)
  • helping her with homework afterschool (and really trying to help with math even though he isn’t that good at math)
  • playing pretend with her where she is the knight and he is the prince in the tower and she fights the dragon and saves him
  • trying his best to make a nice dinner but it’s usually just macaroni and cheese (but octavia doesn’t care because she gets to stir while it’s cooking)
  • bellamy reading octavia her favorite bedtime story (the paper bag princess) and then tucking her in. octavia says she isn’t tired so she ask bellamy to tell her one of his favorite myths (and he does with a little bit of editing)
  • bellamy staying up late to finish his homework and covering his mom with a blanket who is alseep on the couch after getting home late from work

(Note: I posted this doodle yesterday.  Now it’s a story.)

Amy stretched and yawned as she woke up.  Sheldon was already awake, and he was sitting up on the other side of his bed.  She wasn’t sure what she should do. Waking up in the bed of the man she loved was new, and she didn’t exactly feel at home.  It was Sunday, so Amy normally would get up and clean her apartment before meeting the girls for brunch.  She thought about going home to clean up, but it was also nice being next to Sheldon.

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OCD isn’t cute or funny or “just wanting things to be nice and even”

OCD is lying on your bed crying because your poster isn’t straight in its frame and even though you hid it from yourself you know it’s there and it’s not straight

OCD is hyperventilating in the bathroom because you feel sick to your stomach and you can’t find the plastic bucket that should be in your bed with some towels, even though you haven’t thrown up in like three years

OCD is shaking and crying because there’s a thunderstorm outside and you can’t go for a walk like you always do

OCD is rinsing your mouth six times after you brush your teeth because otherwise your mouth isn’t clean enough

OCD is sitting and trying to explain that you can’t go to bed unless you shower first, even though everyone says it would be fine

OCD is making sure that as many things as possible are in multiples of five, because otherwise they aren’t nice numbers and you need to fix them so they can end in zero or five

OCD is sneaking downstairs after your family is asleep to check the locks on the doors for the fifth time, just to make sure

OCD is touching your ring every minute or so to make sure it hasn’t slipped off your finger and gotten lost

OCD is panic and routine and fixing and checking and adjusting and always the impending feeling that Something Bad is going to happen if you don’t fix the thing that is wrong

So please, don’t make jokes about OCD. Don’t treat it like it’s no big deal, and everyone is a little OCD, and “but it’s fine, you already checked the locks”, and “hey change is a good thing” because to us, and to me, it’s serious and a big deal and something that’s never mentioned seriously, and it isn’t fine and change feels bad and wrong and that inexplicable Something Bad is coming any minute.

A blind date | Rachel

Jeff was nervous and hadn’t felt this way in a while. But he had a good reason to be at that. The last time he was on a blind date it went great and did for a while till it crashed and burned. Tonight he wasn’t going to think about his past just his now, what was going on tonight mostly. He spent some time of what he was wearing. A nice pair of black pants, with a red shirt that was a dark shade but looked nice and his leather jacket. Doing his hair so it was back and in place. But his beard he was a but putt off with he couldn’t do much to it due to filming. But he cleaned it up the best he could before he drove down to the restaurant. It was a little before six, a little to early really. But he had make sure their table was ready for when she arrived. That he made sure they had the flowered he ordered too and everything was set.  After a short wait it was five minutes before six and he was just looking towards the door waiting for someone wearing red to show up. 


Inktober 2015 #003 + #004

I asked for Inktober requests a while ago and @roirence requested P3 Protag! I wasn’t sure which one :3c so I drew both lol 

I’m still taking requests! No guarantee I’ll get to them all at the pace I’m going at but you can just fire me an ask or fanmail if you wanna…


After what seemed like the longest dance practice the male had ever had, he was finally home. Cleaning up his room and making sure that the apartment looked nice he waited for Jin. The two had been hooking up behind closed doors for the last few months, and he considered her to be his best friend. So many things had happened and he was falling for her, knowing that was the last thing he needed to do. Changing into some basketball shorts and a wife beater, the male made his way to sit down on the couch and turn on some show on the tv, waiting for the female to make her arrival. 

Manners Preference: Assassins

Character(s): Edward Kenway, Connor Kenway, Desmond Miles, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Altair Ibn-La’Ahad, Arno Dorian, and Jacob Frye

Warnings: hints to sexual activities 

Request: Request: Assassins and/or Templars at a fancy dinner and how they behave? e.g. Edward cleans up nicely and behaves like a real gentleman until the wine is brought out and he begins to have bad manner etc. something like that but whatever you write! :)

Edward Kenway: 
The man works the hell out of a suit that’s for sure, though you do want to laugh at how uncomfortable he looks. When he finally revealed himself, struggling with his knotted necktie, you squealed happily as you clapped your hands. 

“Oh! You looks so handsome!” 

“At least you’re not making me wear a powdered wig.” He deadpanned, adjusting his clothing before making his way toward you, dropping his hands from his neck and silently asking for help. 

At dinner he’s quiet, feeling out of his element. He’s used to being around ruffians, pirates, but all he’s surrounded with are stuck up aristocrats. You whisper in his ear that he needs to relax, patting his knee lightly. Your response is just a drawn out sigh from deep in his chest. 

When the dinner is finally over, you reward him for behaving. 

Connor Kenway: 

Connor stands next to you, shuffling awkwardly. 

“I do not know anyone here, (Y/N)” He whispered to you, leaning down only slightly; he was afraid the clothing he wore might rip if he strained himself too much. You respond with a reassuring smile. 

“Connor, would you stop worrying.” You chastise him gently, slipping your hand into his larger one before bringing your lips to the back of it and kissing it softly. He huffs at you, but nods anyway. 

Connor’s silent most of the dinner, but not in an off putting way. He was polite to the wait-staff, all the awkwardness he felt before somehow gone. He tells you later in the evening that he had enjoyed himself, and would be willing to go out again if you’d like. 

Desmond Miles: 

You currently sat next to him at a friend’s wedding reception, a flute of champagne in your hand, your free one resting on his knee. The tux Desmond wore fit him nicely, and he must have felt you staring because he silently turns to look at you, raising a questioning eyebrow with a smirk on his face. 

You only roll your eyes and look away. He knows he looks great in what he’s wearing and an air of confidence surrounds him. During the dinner he jokes with his friends, congratulating the groom and bride, and even dancing with you. 

You didn’t know he had it in him. His usually cynical attitude disappearing with the more drinks he had, and it was nice to see him finally relax and let loose. 

Ezio Auditore da Firenze: 

Everybody is all over him and he’s eating it up. His charming personality is always most useful at public events, especially when needing information. His silver-tongued words get the best of everyone, especially the women, and they’re puddy in his hands. 

That doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it. 

You were his date for the night, but no one seemed to notice. However, whenever he saw you get too particularly worked up, he lean in close and whisper in your ear what he promised to do to you once the two of you leave. 

Altair Ibn-La’Ahad:

Altair can be very arrogant while at dinner, though you’re not entirely sure if he means to be. He’s very intelligent and dedicated, and when that mixes with impatience and imprudence, he can come off mean. 

You’ll lean over and whisper to him a reminder, telling him that he’s making the other guests uncomfortable. He nods curtly with pursed lips. 

He becomes more aware of what he’s saying after that, taking into account that not everyone is like him. He’s more enjoyable after that, even making a few jokes. 

Arno Dorian: 

Arno is excellent at fancy dinners. His witty and charismatic nature is easy to play into, making conversation flow naturally throughout the night. His noble upbringing truly shows here, wowing people as he quotes classical literature. 

When the night has ended, he’ll have his arm looped in his own, a large smile on his face as he walks home with you. You think it’s nice to see him this happy. 

Jacob Frye: 

You soon discover Jacob has little to none table manners. He get’s along relatively well with the other guests, but he can be reckless, so you keep in eye on him in case he decides to pick a fight. 

If his sister is with the both of you, she’ll keep him level-headed like herself, letting you enjoy your night without worrying. 

The guests do like his brass-knuckles though. 

“I know you don’t like weddings, Harry. But you do like Y/F/N, so there’s that!” You couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Harry all dressed up in a clean black suit - a definite contrast of his usual bright attire and ripped skinny jeans. Today was Y/F/N’s wedding, and you were her maid of honour. Obviously Harry had to come.. he was your date, and your boyfriend! He had no choice either way. 

“Yeah, yeah.” Harry crinkled his nose as he looked at himself in the mirror, making sure everything was buttoned up nicely and his tie wasn’t wrinkled in any way. He really wished he could wear one of his loose dress shirts over the suit.

“You look really good in black, by the way.” You walked over next to him, giving him a bright smile as you tangled your fingers together. You were wearing a slim-fitting dress in a nice shade of cream - the complete opposite of Harry.

“Look at that - a demon and an angel.” Harry laughed, gesturing to your contrasting shade before nudging his nose against the side of your head fondly. “You look very lovely yourself, my love.” 

“Oi, you two! It’s not even your wedding day and you’re acting like it is - the ceremony’s about to begin!” Y/F/N popped her head in through the door and let out a squeal of excitement before disappearing. 

“When it’s our wedding day, we’ll be the cheesiest couple ever.” Harry murmured, your cheeks heating up slightly. He wanted to marry you? 

“I think we’re already there, Harry.” 


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hatoful beach episode 7

Quails! This is how you know its a good “nothing hurts” au :’)

Annnd I think that just about covers all the major players?? I might tack on Isa and Ryuuji at some point, but they’re a special case. 

I had a lot of fun doing these, and reading everyone’s tags has been an absolute trip, and I’ve met some nice people too :)

I might pick a few of these and clean them up/redraw them for the kind-of maybe hypothetical fanbook I mentioned some time back. We’ll see!