they sure are standing next to each other

Q: “Why do you care so much about how tall characters look next to each other?”

A: Look like 80% of my career has revolved around making sure characters look the right height standing next to each other.

I’ve been thinking about this scene a lot: 

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 and it had me thinking… what was the rest of their bodies doing? I’m pretty sure they were actually laying down, and not just standing next to each other with a rotated screen… so, obviously link wasn’t laying perfectly on top of rhett, that would be uncomfortable and Link most likely would’ve fallen off. so the only thing other than that was Link was straddling him. he must’ve had his legs… around…rhett’s….waist….. and they were close I’m talking CLOSE. touching. probably a little rubbing… i mean, it was either that OR Link rested one/both of his legs between rhett’s… either one is good with me

One Night Stand

Finally, a part 2! I’d been planning this for a while, but with all the requests i’ve received it’s been hard to do so. But here I am, and maybe this will become a series? I’m not sure, depends if you guys requests so!

Imagine Prompt: can i request a oneshot please? id like one where you and bellamy secretly like each other but you two are really sarcastic and you fight a lot and one day you two were on a mission and they had to sleep next to each other in a cave and bellamy surprise the reader by putting his arms around her in his sleep and spooning her. just this with a lot of sass and sarcasm, please? thank you :)

Warning: none. kind of…

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When you woke up, you felt oddly warm. A sense of safety flushed through you and you couldn’t quite figure out why. There was a body next to yours, and as you blinked in the brightness of the sun that surrounded the cave and blinked away the blurriness, you began to try and move only to find you couldn’t.

Strong arms wrapped around your waist, tight and protective to the point you couldn’t move. You furrowed your brows, still slightly asleep as you tried to pin who exactly was with you. You hadn’t had anyone on ground and you definitely wouldn’t sleep with someone on a… one.. night stand.

“You wouldn’t be just a one night stand.”

Bellamy’s words echoed through, the memories of last night flashing through as you became wide awake. You snapped up, forcefully ripping Bellamy’s arms of from around you. You heard him moan in shock as he too woke up. Shy and bashful, you hugged yourself as Bellamy groaned awake and sat up next to you.

What would you say? Everything that had happened last night was something you’d never expected. And despite how hard you tried to push down the secret feelings you’d developed for the boy, they were there and they only increased after the events of last night. But there was no way Bellamy would like you back, which was why you’d never acted on those feelings.

“You wouldn’t be just a one night stand.”

Or would he?

“Uh, good morning.”  Bellamy’s deep voice echoed around you and you felt your muscles tense. Was he going to act like none of this had ever happened? But, maybe that would be best. You didn’t think you’d be able to confront him or your feelings, so maybe acting as if none of it happened would be okay.

Standing up, you murmured a good morning. Ignoring the feel of his eyes lingering on you as you walked to the opening of the cave and stepped out. You let your eyes wander over the sunshine that no shun brightly and the warmth you could now bask in. Turning back into the cave you quickly began packing up your things. “The fogs gone, we should head back to camp. People are probably starting to worry.”

Bellamy said nothing but let his gaze linger on you a moment longer, before he too began to pack up. The walk back to camp was silent, and long. Even after an hour, which felt like you should’ve reached camp by now, you were still an hours walk away. And the silence was agonizingly painful as well as awkward. It almost felt as if you were alone, because of the dead silence, if you could miss the awkward stares and bumps of the shoulders.

Eventually, a short half n hour later (so they were only a half n hour away) you’d gotten tired of walking and leaned against a tree. Huffing in tiredness, and rubbing your feet in pain. Normally you wouldn’t be so whiny, but you hadn’t had to walk this long in a long time, seeing as before this you’d never been allowed out of camp.

You heard a huff of annoyance from behind you, but you chose to ignore it. Figuring Bellamy had been just as tired as you, and was annoyed by it. But you were hugely mistaken, when he began speaking. “Really, Y/N?” He snapped.

With narrowed eyes, you looked over at him shaking your head. “Really what?”

“You need to stop right now. We are almost back to camp and the sooner the better.” 

Your jaw opened in bafflement and with a huff, you let your foot fall and you slipped back on your shoe. You turned to him, crossing your arms over your chest as you glared at him. “Yeah, I did need to stop. I wasn’t the one who asked you to come on this damn mission, that had been an absolute fail by the way. And i’m tired, and i’m sick of being near you.” Suddenly, all your pent up feelings came pouring out at his complete ignorance to your side of things. You tried to tell yourself to remain calm, and reason things out, but your irrational side got the better of you.

“You should know by now that I take whatever lead I get and that when we go out, we do what needs to be done and get back. There isn’t time for resting!” He practically yelled.

“No, actually, I wouldn’t know.” You reprimanded. “I wouldn’t because ever since we landed down here, you haven’t let me step one foot out of that camp. God knows why.” 

He stayed silent for a while, both of you wondering what had started this fight and why it’d become so tense. It was a stupid thing to argue over, and the both of you knew, but for some reason every angry thought came to your mind, whether it had to do with Bellamy or not, and you couldn’t control yourself. 

“Sorry for caring.” Bellamy spat.

Your eyes widened and you let out a dry laugh, “care? Since we landed you’ve been treating me as if i’m an annoyance. Why care about a pestering princess right?”

“You are an annoyance!” He yelled, despite himself. And with shock, you took a step back. Not quite expecting such harsh words to come out of his mouth, you opened your mouth to say something but came out empty. You picked up your backpack, not quite sure what to do. “Wait, Y/N…” Bellamy tried but you interrupted him.

“No, uh, it’s okay.” You whispered, staring at the ground. “I get it. I don’t know why I ever thought that… we… no, sorry.” You let the words slip out before you ran off. Your feet carrying you faster than you ever thought they could, and before you knew it you’d ran so far that you didn’t know where you were. You’d never been in these woods before and without a tracker, you found yourself lost. The world spun around you as you tried to figure out where you were.


Bellamy huffed, after walking around searching for you, and not able to find you, he figured you’d gone back home. He was worried and regretted all the words he said, because in the moment he hadn’t meant any of it. He’d just been frustrated that the two of you hadn’t discussed what had happened the night before.

You’d been ignoring his advances and gazes, he’d become frustrated with you to the point he became irrational.

Letting out a deep breath, he signalled to be let in and walked through. His eyes already searching for you, and expecting to see you walk up to him with a stomp to your step. Only you never came, and instead in your place Clarke came up. Seemingly relieved to see Bellamy standing there.

Her eyes searched around him, and he blinked in confusion. “Bellamy! I’m so glad you’re okay!” She said once she reached him, smiling up him. Bellamy smiled at her shortly, his eyes going past her for you. His heart began to race when you never showed up.

“Where’s Y/N?” Immediately, Bellamy snapped his eyes down to Clarke. His heart picking up in fear as he stared baffled down at Clarke.

“What do you mean where is she? She’s not here?” Bellamy asked in a panicked rush.

Clarke furrowed her brows, shaking her head. “No, the last time she was here was when she left with you yesterday.” She explained, her face contorting in concern. “What happened Bellamy? Where is Y/N?”

At the frantic mention of your name, a crowd of your friends had gathered. All staring at Bellamy expectantly as he stared at the ground in pure fear. How could he had been so stupid? Letting you go over a stupid fight like that. 

“Bellamy, where’s Y/N?” Jasper piped up, coming to stand next to Bellamy.

“We were out, but then I got in such a stupid fight with her.” He said, his voice deep as he blamed himself. “She ran off, and I searched for her but I figured she’d headed off back here.”

Clarke’s eyes widened with realization. “Bellamy she’s never been out of-”

“Out of camp before.” He finished, nodding. “I know.” Nodding to himself, he grabbed his gun and began marching towards the gates. 

“Where are you going?” Clarke yelled.

“Going to find her.”

- Part 3?

I don’t know if this was already translated, but I was looking through my files and found an interview with Ohtaka from 2013 and discarded djinn equip designs for the Kou brothers. They appeared in a booklet that came with the magazine:

A discarded design for Astaroth djinn equip:

Aladdin: ‘On the right is Astaroth djinn equip that appeared in the story and below is a discarded draft. The motif behind the discarded one is a combination of a dragon and a skeleton, and it looks totally cool.’

On the current Astaroth djinn equip:

‘I was lost on the djinn equip for Kouen. I thought about the upcoming developments and imagined how Alibaba, Sinbad and Kouen will look like standing next to each other. I made sure not to have their colors overlap with each other. It makes one wants to see how they’ll look like in color standing next to each other isn’t it? Maybe someday.

A discarded draft for Dantalion djinn equip:

Aladdin: ‘in the image above are two rough sketches for Koumei. Tengu was the inspiration behind them. In here he’s holding his trademark fan as well. I wanted to see it in action, and it’s a shame that they ended up discarding it.’

Leraje djinn equip

Aladdin: ‘the author likes this one as well. I’m amazed by how intricate in their design the accessories on his waist and limbs are. The motif was the grim reaper+metal.’

Interview with Shinobu Ohtaka

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Say Something (Decode Part Two)

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You were a hypocrite, a big fat hypocrite. And you hated yourself for it. What was worse, you were fairly sure that Spencer was beginning to hate you too.

Nearly four months had passed since you’d turned up at Emily’s door in the pouring rain, telling her that you’d fucked up. She’d held you and let you cry, and then more or less forced whisky down your throat to make you sleep after you’d spent half an hour standing in her shower until the hot water gave out.

She didn’t ask who with, although it didn’t take a genius to work it out, especially given how you and Reid acted around each other at work the next Monday. In the morning you’d gone home to Paul, him passed out in bed; last night’s dinner still on the dining table. You cleaned up, tears falling silently and then you changed your clothes, tossing the underwear you’d been wearing the previous night into a bag and then carrying them outside directly into the trash. When Paul eventually woke up you slipped into your old routine, tiptoeing around each other and acting like nothing had happened the night before.

Spencer barely looked at you at work those first three weeks, only speaking to you when he had to, and sitting as far away from you as he could. You felt terrible, for yourself and for him. You’d wanted it to happen, not being able to resist the urge that had been building for months. But you couldn’t reconcile yourself with being a cheater, becoming the very thing that you hated. And you could see that this was eating away at Spencer too. Sweet, lovely Spencer, who would never do anything to hurt someone intentionally. The fact that he’d slept with a married woman went against everything he believed in as well. Neither of you knew what to do, where you stood with each other, and every time he messaged you to ask to speak privately, you ignored him.

Until three weeks after that first night. Another screaming argument ensued, you walking out again intending to go to Emily’s but instead finding yourself outside his front door. He’d opened it, his face lighting up when he saw you, thinking that perhaps you’d left him.

You’d shook your head sadly, expecting Spencer to shut the door in your face but he didn’t, of course he didn’t. And so it had happened again. Three times that night, each time more explosive than the previous. Neither of you had slept, spending hours worshipping each others bodies, exploring every inch of each other that you could.

Afterwards you lay in his arms, not running this time.

“Y/N…. What happens now?”

Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’ll be the one if you want me to

“I don’t…. I don’t know.” You snuggled against his chest, loving the feeling of his strong arms around you. You wished it could be like this always.

“You’re leaving him though, right?”

“I don’t know.”

“Y/N? After everything we’ve just done… Everything he’s done to you. How can you not know?”

“Because I made a vow. So did he.” He wouldn’t understand.

“Vows you’ve both broken. Vows I’ve helped you break.”

“Spencer please. I’m sorry. I’ll go.” You tried to move but his arms tightened around you.

“No. Stay, don’t run out on me like you did before. Please.”

You turned, rolling over to face him, his eyes full of concern and sadness as he spoke.

“I love you. I have done for a while. I shouldn’t, it goes against everything I believe in, but I do.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I involved you in this.” You ran your fingers lightly up his bare arm.

“I could have stopped myself. You gave me the chance. I just…. I can’t bear the thought of you going home to him. Doing those things with him.”

“Spencer, I haven’t done those things with him in a while. And even when we did, it felt nothing like it does with you. Lying here with you…. it’s perfect. You’re perfect. I wish we could have met each other in another life, one where I wasn’t married.”

“Me too.”

When you left him there the next day, he repeated to you that he loved you.

Anywhere I would’ve followed you
Say something, I’m giving up on you

But you couldn’t say it back. Not right now.


He said it again, a week afterwards. And then eleven days after that time. He said it to you everytime you met up in secret, and everytime you met up in not so secret.

And I… am feeling so small
It was over my head
I know nothing at all

You still couldn’t say it back, and you still couldn’t answer him each time he asked what was going to happen. You kept waiting for him to call it off, waiting for him to turn you away but he was in too deep as well. He couldn’t get enough of you. It wasn’t even about the sex, it never had been. You were two people who were so clearly meant to have been together but you werent. You hadn’t been home early in weeks. Even if you finished on time and didn’t have a case, you’d make up an excuse to Paul, not even hurt any more at the lack of a fuck he seemed to give. Before he’d have complained that you were working late but now…

He didn’t care. You stopped checking his phone for messages, stopped checking his pockets for signs he was having another affair. Instead, you changed the password on your phone; made sure you file locked any text conversations between you and Spencer, and you never ever let your cell out of your sight. You made sure that Spencer was in charge of condoms so that you wouldn’t be seen. Yes, you were on birth control, but you had to be extra sure. An affair was one thing, a pregnancy when you hadn’t let your husband near you in months was another. You showered at Spencers after everytime now, berating him when you found marks on your body. Not that Paul would see them, you changed in the bathroom now at home.

And I… will stumble and fall
I’m still learning to love
Just starting to crawl

Home. That apartment didn’t even feel like home anymore, the more and more you thought about. Your old house had, until he desecrated it by bringing her into your marital bed when you weren’t there. The only place you felt at home now, was with Spencer. You told him that one night and the smile on his face had been so sweet.

“Wherever you are, that’s my home. We could up and leave tomorrow, leave everything behind. And I’d still feel at home.”

“You’d do that? If I had to leave here, I mean. You come with me if I asked?”

“Y/N, I’d follow you anywhere. I love you.”

Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you
Anywhere I would’ve followed you
Say something, I’m giving up on you

You caressed his face gently. But you still didn’t say it back.


“Spencer, Y/N. Can I grab you for a second?”

It was the end of a long week. You’d arrived home from a case a few hours ago and had all trudged back to the office to complete your paperwork. Everyone was getting ready to leave and Emily had come over and asked to speak to you both. The rest of the team was already half way out of door, eager to get home so they didn’t notice when you both followed her into the meeting room, shutting the door behind you all.

“What’s up, Em?” You asked her, eyeing her curiously.

Reid knew she knew about the first time, but you hadn’t confided in her further, knowing that despite her dislike of Paul, she’d disapprove.

You’d been sneaking around behind his back now for fifteen weeks, still not coming to a decision about what to do. Spencer still asked you, but you couldn’t answer and despite the fact that you knew he hated that, he still couldn’t stay away from you, nor you him.

“You two are so fucking lucky that it was me in the motel room next door to Y/N last night and not one of the others.” Her voice was low and pissed off.


The case had been wrapped earlier in the day but the plane couldn’t refuel until the morning so you’d all been forced to stay another night. You’d had the luck to get a room at the end of the corridor and Spencer had been sneaking in all week, just so you could sleep in each others arms, setting a ridiculously early alarm. It was dangerous, you knew it, but even just snatching an hour alone together, meant the world to you right now. Last night though, the case having wrapped, meant that you didn’t need to be awake and alert for the next day, so you taken advantage of it; clearly not even realising how thin the walls were.

You and Spencer glanced at each other, quickly looking away.

“I thought it was a one time thing Y/N. You told me you and Paul were doing better.”

You had, you’d lied to both her and JJ, not being able to face telling anyone the truth.

“I’m sorry.” You said quietly.

“Y/N… You’re married. And Spencer… Fuck, Reid. I thought you knew better than to get mixed up in something like that.”

“Something like what, exactly Emily.” You looked at your friend.

“A fucked up love triangle. Because that’s what it is right. Has this been going on since that first time?”

You nodded at her, hearing the disapproval in her voice. She shook her head.

“You know I think that Paul is a prick. But you realise that what you’re doing is just as bad right? In fact, it’s probably worse.”

Spencer hadn’t spoken yet, just standing there biting his lip, looking like a child being told off.

“How is it worse exactly? He’s clearly had more than one affair, whereas this is the only time I’ve ever done it. The only time I’ve ever considered it.”

“You really wanna know why it’s worse? Can you really not see it?” Emily was incredulous.


“Alright. Leave it to me to give you a reality check. Paul may be a cheating, lying bastard who doesn’t deserve you. He may fuck around on you, and you’ve let him get away with it once before and you’re letting him get away with it now he’s doing it again. But the fact that he’s done it with different people shows he doesn’t love them. They don’t mean anything to him. ”

“Well I clearly don’t either otherwise he wouldn’t do it.” Your voice was starting to raise and Spencer reached his arm out to touch your shoulder.

Emily shrugged. “That’s probably true. You should have ended the marriage after the first time. But… What’s he’s doing, is just sex. What you’re doing, obviously isn’t. At least not for one of you, but I’m fairly sure it’s mutual. Spencer wouldn’t have got into this if he didn’t care for you, if he didn’t love you. I’ve known this man for five years and that’s not how he works. I’m a little shocked that he’s involved but I know he must love you. But this has been going on for what? Four months now and you two have making eyes at each other for a hell of a lot longer than that. This is worse because not only are you cheating on your husband, you’re cheating on Spencer too. You’re cheating yourself. If you don’t love Paul, leave him. Break it off so you can be with Spencer. But if you’re not going to do that, then you two need to stop and you need to transfer the fuck outta the BAU and move away again and fix your God damn wreck of a marriage. It’s wrong. Sooo fucking wrong. And you two are the smartest people I know, and neither of you can see this?”

Tears were silently streaming down your face now, your shoulders gently shaking.

“Y/N, you know I love you and I’m here for you. But you need to realise that you’re not only hurting yourself here, but you’re hurting Spencer. And if you don’t do something about this, then it WILL all blow up in your face one way or another. So sort your shit out. I’m going now, I need a drink. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My spare room is yours if you want it.”

Emily gave Spencer a sad smile and turned and walked out of the room, leaving you in deafening silence.

It took a few moments for either of you to speak and it was Spencer who broke the quiet first.

“She’s right you know.”

And I… will swallow my pride
You’re the one that I love
And I’m saying goodbye

Your eyes whipped up to meet his, barely seeing him through the blur of liquid that was filling in your eyes.

“None of us deserve to feel this way, not even Paul. Emily’s right. You need to make a decision.”

Oh god. Not now.

“I want to be with you. I could make you so very happy. I would walk through fire for you and I would follow you anywhere you asked me to. You’re not happy with him, your family’s would understand. The team would understand. They know about his and yours past, they wouldn’t judge.”

Say something, I’m giving up on you
And I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you

He was going to make you choose. You could feel it. And you weren’t ready yet. Despite everything you and Paul had gone through, you did still love him in some small way. You weren’t ready to leave. You weren’t ready to own up to the things you’d been doing.

Spencer moved away from you, putting distance between your bodies.

“I love you, Y/N. But you’ve never said it to me. I thought you were scared, but now I’m wondering if you do actually feel the same. It’s been fifteen weeks not counting the time we spent together as friends, ignoring our feelings.”

“I DO feel the same, I do. I AM scared.” You choked out.

“Say it then. Say you love me.”

And anywhere I would’ve followed you (Oh-Ooh)
Say something, I’m giving up on you

You bit your lip hard, you chest growing tight.

“I love you, Y/N. Say it back. Tell me you feel the same. It’s three words. Say them.”

You closed your eyes, feeling like the floor was going to drop out from underneath you.

After the longest pause, Spencer spoke again.

“Don’t come to see me again. We’ll work around each here, but that’s it. Don’t message me, don’t turn up at my door. Not until you’ve ended it. Not until you can say it.”

Say something, I’m giving up on you
Say something…

He turned and walked out of the door, slamming it behind him as your heart shattered into tiny pieces.

Zimbits Airport AU Part 4

Ao3 | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

“Hey Chowder, do you want to go to the Bruins-Falconers game tonight?” Bitty asks when he walks into the living room. Chowder is sitting on the green couch and playing Mario Kart against AI players. Dex, who followed Bitty in, plops down next to Chowder on the couch to watch. Bitty stays standing. “We have enough tickets for you, me, Nursey, and Dex, but I need to know now if you’re coming or not.”

“Sure!” Chowder says as he violently checks Donkey Kong off a bridge. “How’d you get the tickets? Aren’t they pretty expensive in the playoffs?”

“He hasn’t told us,” Nursey shouts from the stairs, where he’s returning from dropping his jacket off in the attic. Once Ransom and Holster had been convinced that Nursey and Dex wouldn’t actually murder each other if they had to be around each other all the time, they’d gladly offered their dibs. “But he said he got them from this guy that he walked out of the airport with. And—” Nursey is right behind Bitty now, and Bitty can hear the smirk in his voice— “they hugged.”

“What?” Dex shoots up off the couch. “When did that happen?”

“You were in the car.”

“I miss everything,” Dex grumbles as he sinks back onto the couch.

“But Bitty still hasn’t told us anything else,” Nursey tells Chowder. “Not even, like, how he met the guy. He’s being cryptic.”

“Nursey, I told you that you would find out soon enough.”

“If Bitty says that, I believe him,” Chowder agrees as he finishes the race. “But that doesn’t mean this isn’t an important development! When was the last time you went on a date, Bitty? Last year? Two years ago?”

“True, it’s been forever since you went out with someone,” Dex says. “When was that rugby guy hanging around?”

“September,” Nursey fills in. “So, beginning of this year, but it’s not like that lasted long.”

“You boys are ganging up on me. Who said anything about dating?”

“You blushed at your phone in the car.”

“You were staring at it the whole way back.”

“You’re blushing right now.”

“Enough. No more chirping or I can tell him that I only need one ticket for the game. And I’ll certainly only need Falconers locker room access for one person.”

“Bitty, that’s unfair, you never told us we were getting locker room access,” Nursey says.

“You won’t be if you keep on chirping me!”

Chowder frowns. “I hope you don’t think that we’re trying to embarrass you. You’ve hardly done anything but stress bake and play hockey this year. Just because you’re the captain now doesn’t mean you can’t have other things happening in your life. You can’t only do hockey. It just sounds like you really like this guy. We—” and here he gestures to all three of them— “want you to be happy. And we all see how hard it’s been for you to captain the team by yourself with a brand-new manager and do your classwork and still be there to support us with our own crises. You deserve something for yourself.”

There’s a long pause as all three of the frogs— now juniors, oh lord, Bitty isn’t ready for them to be seniors and him to be an alumni— watch Bitty to see how he reacts.

“Thank you, Chowder.” Bitty steps around the green couch and sits in the armchair. “I know I’ve been putting a lot more time into the team this year but it must have been more draining than I realized. I honestly didn’t even notice how long it’s been since I’ve done much other than play hockey, bake, and sleep.”

“Stop lying, Bitty, you don’t sleep, you just go on Twitter,” Dex says, and Nursey snickers. “But yeah. You don’t have to do everything yourself.”

“Seconded,” Nursey says. “Which is why I’m lending you my blue sweater, because otherwise you wouldn’t have anything in Falconers colors.”

“Nurse, that’s my sweater.”

“Then why is it hanging in my closet?”

“We share a closet. And furthermore, you shouldn’t hang that sweater, it’ll stretch it out. Fold it and put it away properly.”

Nursey is taken aback for a moment, but he’s not at a loss for long. “Oh. Well, anyway, Bitty, that’s why I’m lending you Dex’s blue sweater, because otherwise you wouldn’t have anything in Falconers colors. And it’s probably going to be big on you because apparently it’s stretched out. But don’t worry, you can pull it off.”

“Let’s meet up down here at four-thirty,” Bitty says after glancing at his phone to check the time. “Maybe I should bake a pie…”

“If you’re planning on bringing it with you to the Falcs’ locker room, you should bake at least two,” Dex says. “Apple, maybe. Pretty much everyone likes that.”

“They’d probably appreciate it if you could work maple syrup into it somehow,” Nursey says, picking up a controller to play Mario Kart alongside Chowder. “Don’t they have, like, the largest percentage of Canadians out of all the American franchises?”

“Think so,” Chowder says. “Bitty?”

“Yeah,” Bitty says, remembering the ‘eh’s that had peppered Jack’s speech (not to mention the accent, goodness— he’d never particularly thought of French-Canadian as one of the more attractive accents, and yet). “Maple apple pie should be perfect.”

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The end after END

This is a really late birthday present for @fleet-of-fandom-ships @lonestorm and @wordsofawitheringwriter​ I wrote all this last night at midnight and it has no editing or anything so sorry for all the mistakes that are bound to be in there. Anyway, without further ad, the end after END. (beware angst)

Lucy browsed through the little market. She mentally checked off items that she needed as she put them in her her bag. One item after another, she did this every saturday, refilling the things she went through in a week. She nodded to the shop keeper, they both knew each other well enough. He even gave her a discount, every single time. Lucy wasn’t sure if it was because of her situation or if it was because of her still very present good looks.

Either way she was happy for the discount. She moved on to the next stand, than the next, and then to the final one. Once she had everything paid for and packed away in her bag she started walking home.

Down the street, across the canal she stopped. The building that stood before her was much more worn than when she first came to Magnolia. There were cracks in the paint, chips in the door, broken roof tiles, but it still stood. But this was not Lucy’s destination.

She patted the door frame, which she swore that it was only used by her and her landlady. None of her friends used it.

She continued on to her destination.

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could you write a oneshot to what you wrote under these gifs? like having a fight with hector and then he doesn't celebrate the win?

It has been almost a week since I last saw Hector and actually, since we last talked to each other. It’s not the first time that we got ourselves into an argument for pointless reasons but this time it wasn’t like an argument. It ended up like a huge fight, me leaving his apartment at 3 am while he was sleeping. Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t stand the idea sleeping next to him but our backs facing each other. I had to go. At first I thought if I left we would talk about it the day after and we would be fine. We actually did talk the day after we weren’t fine. He just called to make sure that I was okay and safe and that was it.

It all started after I told him I was going back home for Christmas as my parents missed me and as I need to spend some time with my family too. He of course had to turn it then about moving in together which I already told him that I cant since my university is like an hour away from where he lives and it’s not that easy to find a new university that will be equivalent to that one. Then we moved to ‘who puts the most effort into our relationship’. Long story short, it ended up with me trying to make it unnoticeable that I was crying my eyes out to sleep and him taking deep breaths while trying to fall asleep.

Back to the future. As usually, on Fridays my friends and I always meet at own of our flats or at a café. And that where all the questions started hitting me.

“Aren’t you supposed to be going to London like every other weekend?”

“Why didn’t hector show up this week?”

“Did you two break up? Why didn’t you tell us anything?”

I wasn’t planning to let them know before I knew what was going to happen between me and Hector. Like I don’t even know if we broke up or if we are going to be alright soon enough? I know I might should have called him first after all those days but he could have could first too? I mean yeah, he called but it was just a cold question “are you okay?” and then after my positive answer he would just go like “oh okay, well I got to go now see you.”. Yeah “see you” my ass.

Anyway, I decided to surprise him at the game today and make the first move since he doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Arsenal was playing Tottenham and the score was 3-1 for arsenal by the 87th minute so I decided to leave my seat and wait for him where I usually do with all the other family members. A few minutes later the game was over and I saw Aaron’s wife with their son coming towards me. After like half an hour Aaron was out and after a short talk with me and his wife I decided to walk a little away from them so I would give them some time alone but I guess they didn’t notice I was close enough to hear what they were talking about because well..

“Are you sure they are okay? I mean Hector the past few days was pretty much pissed off and down and today he actually exploded after the game which was not normal as we won and actually all of the goals were scored after his assists? The things he said were not okay and it actually was pretty obvious that THEY are not okay.”

“Well I don’t know? Caitlin did not mention anything at all and she seemed so happy for Hector and his game today. What did he say? Maybe you misunderstood?”

“I don’t think so. As soon as he was out the pitch he was banging on everything talking to himself and slamming every single door on his way. Someone asked him the fuck was wrong with him like we won? And he started talking nonsense about how he tried giving the best of him today and the people that were supposed to be there for him didn’t even bother to attend the game and that he looked like an idiot every time he was looking at the fans trying to spot her. Then he went on about how much she is pissing him off the past few weeks and how she is always trying to go against what he says, him not being able to stand her anymore and that she is not even trying for them. Like he seemed so pissed off. I’ve never seen him like that I don’t know.”

‘Oh wow’ I thought to myself trying to hold back my tears. Or maybe I said it out loud because they both turned with eyes wide open looking at me and before they could even say something Hector was coming to me with a smile on his face. Before I even knew I was in his arms.

“I am so glad you are here. I thought you wouldn’t be but turns out I was wrong.” He said before making a move to kiss me which wasn’t successful as I immediately turned my face away. This aint how it is supposed to be going Hector. No. Talking shit about me to your whole team while I didn’t even bother telling anyone about what happened because I respect our privacy?

“What’s wrong?” He said taking a step away from me but keeping both of his hands on my hips. I could see Aaron facepalming himself from the corner of my eye.

“Nothing I just don’t think this is working anymore. You know. You can’t stand me anymore, I am pissing you off and I am not even trying. While you are still here fully respectful to me, our relationship and our privacy.” He obviously realized I was being pissed off and that I knew what went on in there. He also could see me barely managing to hold my tears back this time while I was moving my head in the you-are-unbelievable way. I didn’t wait for his answer. It didn’t bother me. There was nothing I wanted to hear him say. I just made my way away from him and I could hear him calling my name before I turned back to him  and warning him with a simple “Don’t even” to stop him from following me.


Guess who’s back?? RIGHT. ME.

Here is possibly the last thing I will ever draw that is Homestuck related until it is finally done. *throws confetti* Thanks for all the fish everybody. Stay tuned for things not HS related. I’ll come back when I receive a pigeon with a note on its cute little leg indicating a fair change in HS weather. 

I was trying to do something not-serious but gave up and did a standard hero pose pic instead OTL

am working on the aforementioned not-serious thing that explains why Spiderman’s missing his mask. Not 100% sure which spiderman this is– kind of a mix between the andrew garfield spiderman and the ultimate cartoon one? Eeehh

When Their Boyfriend is Taller Than Them and They Have to Reach to Kiss Them (SHINee)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Sherlock

Onew: I don’t think he’d mind too much at first, he’d make sure to give you goodbye, good morning, goodnight, and welcome back kisses everyday, but for him, his honeymoon phase would be more reversed. Slowly he’d become more conscious of having to reach up to kiss you, getting even more embarrassed as he thought about it.

Jonghyun: Poor Jonghyun, he’s already sad that all of his members are taller than him, so you having an even greater height difference may bring him down a bit. He’d be pretty shy about it, not even wanting to kiss you when you two were standing next to each other to avoid having to reach up to you.

Key: Key would not reach up to you so easily - oh no, this guy is cute but he can be stubborn and bossy at times, meaning you would pull your tie down or your shoulders if you weren’t wearing a tie that day. Stairs would be his friend, he’d climb ahead and wait for you to be in reach so that he could be the one kissing your forehead.

Minho: He would dislike it, greatly. Cue insoles that he’d hope made him tall enough to be face to face with him. He may even get so competitive that he might start taking vitamins and supplements to make him taller. He may get used to it eventually, but like Key, he’d make you reach down to him, feeling at too much of a disposition otherwise.

Taemin: He would be shy in the beginning as well, and it’d be difficult for him to get over it, and he’d whine about it after a while, but that wouldn’t stop him from kissing you whenever he got that chance. Since he probably likes being spoiled and cuddly, he’d get over it, but he’d keep up the act to be cute.

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Okay now I'm thinking about prince and morality only mowing about the stuff animals and anxiety making sure logic doesn't find out cause he thinks logic won't like someone who sleeps with stuff animals and anxiety has the biggest crush on logic.

And then one day Logic goes to Anxiety’s room and walks in and sees Anxiety sleeping in a giant pile of them and it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen, and next time they run into each other Logic gives Anxiety a small little wolf plushie and Anxiety’s heart speeds up in delight and his eyes brighten and Logic’s heart begins beating faster at the sight

Morality and Prince are standing off to the side. Morality smirking and Prince with a frown. Prince slips Morality ten dollars and Morality smiles in triumph

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ohhh okay, so how about Nsfw scenario of Aomine with his gf at the night before his flight to States?(they just have sex like usual, but didn't know it's ended up to get her pregnant) thankss

Sorry this took so long to write, I wasn’t sure how NSFW to make it so its quite tame lol I hope you like it!

You were upset, he could tell. At this point in the relationship both of you could read each other like a book. You were sat up in bed, glancing over at the digital clock on the night stand beside you. 2:05 am, four more hours until he had to be out the door and on his way to the airport to catch his flight. You continued to stare silently at the time telling machine as your boyfriend sat up next to you, having been watching you the whole night, knowing that you hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep yet. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into his lap and you allowed it, leaning back against his chest. You could feel his lips pressing kisses against the back of your neck as you rested your hands on top of his, secured tightly around your body.

“You’ve gotta get some sleep babe” He muttered against your skin.

You cocked an eyebrow, shifting around in his lap to face him, your legs now wrapped loosely around his waist.

“You’re one to talk, you have a long ass flight to be on in a couple hours and I’m the one who needs to sleep?”

Aomine smirked slightly at your response, not saying anything cause he knew that you were right… as usual. He leaned down, pressing his lips against yours as he bit down on your lower lip lightly and you immediately responded, parting your lips as you ran your hands up his chest, feeling his own hands slip underneath the hem of the large loose tshirt you wore to bed. You could feel his fingers, calloused from all those years playing the sport that he loved so much trail along the sides of your body as they came to a rest at the sides of your breasts, where they lingered for a moment. Your arms found their way around his neck as you sighed quietly against his lips, leaning into his touch which earned a smirk from him as he pulled the large shirt off of you. You pulled back slightly, pushing him down onto his back, kneeling over him, using your arms as support.

“Are you really going to start this right now?” You questioned with a small smile.

“I can sleep on the plane” He muttered, brushing off your question.

You frowned slightly, pulling yourself off him, sitting next to him again. A part of you wanted to tell him to stay, forget about leaving Japan, but at the same time you knew you couldn’t simply ask him to not go to America.


You glanced over towards your boyfriend, sitting up again.

“We’re gonna be fine, I’ll be back, it’s not like I’ll be gone forever”

He pulled you back into his arms again and you allowed him to, resting your head against the side of his neck, pressing soft kisses against his skin lightly. Although he was saying these things, it felt like this was a goodbye. You hooked your fingers around the waistband of his sweats, pulling at them lightly as they started to come off, wanting to distract yourself from your thoughts as he helped you out of your bottoms as well, eventually leaving the both of you undressed as he pushed you onto your back. He kissed his way up along the length of your body, causing little mewls to bubble from your throat before he found his way up to your lips, kissing you deeply as he so often did when you two were intimate. However, you were unable to bring yourself fully out of your thoughts as you pushed against his chest with your hands once more, making him pull away to look at you.

“Daiki… maybe we should just end things here” You muttered quietly.

Your boyfriend stared at you for a moment before shaking his head with a quiet, almost frustrated sigh.

“You don’t mean that” He stated, already knowing that it was the truth. “Trust me when I say that we’re going to be fine. I’ve thought about it too, believe me I have. But do you really think I’d let you go that easily? Fuck no, you’re the most gorgeous person I’ve ever met and you manage to deal with my shit better than even I do. You know, you’re one of the smartest people I know, yet you’re being ridiculously stupid about this.”


“Well am I wrong?”

When you didn’t respond he sighed quietly.

“We’re gonna be fine, I know we are, don’t worry so much about it”

You lay there staring up at him silently before reaching for him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you pulled him back down towards you, pressing your lips against his.

“I love you” You murmured quietly against his lips.

“Not as much as I do” You heard him say before feeling him push into you, causing a moan to escape your lips.

You could feel him moving with you as the both of you stopped speaking, the only noises coming from either of you were desperate noises of one needing the other before you came together, reminding you why you two wouldn’t fall out of love and why everything would be alright.

You sat in front of the computer screen, staring at the skype window that was open in front of you, Aomine in the little video window opening up the package you had sent him not too long ago, telling him as soon as he got it he needed to open it with you through video chat. You played with your fingers nervously as he managed to get the package open, pulling out it’s contents; a pregnancy test, not just any pregnancy test, a positive one. He looked at you through the screen, eyes wide in surprise.

“Is it…?”

You nodded lightly.

“Yeah, I found out about two months ago”

Aomine dug around in the package again, pulling out the other thing within it, a little envelope. He opened it up and pulled out an image, black and white, not quite seeing what it was but knowing what he was looking at.

“An ultrasound” He said, glancing back towards you through the screen.

You nodded again.

“Yeah. I’m pregnant Daiki. I thought about how it could have happened, did we use protection the night you left?”

You could see his eyebrows knit together as he thought hard about it, the both of you had been so busy discussing what would happen with your relationship that night. Had you forgotten about protection?

“I don’t think we did” You heard him say, looking back at the package you had sent him.

“What now?” You said quietly, biting your lip lightly in worry that this was where it would all end.

“Look’s like I’ll be coming home earlier than expected then”

You looked back at the screen to see that Aomine had a huge grin on your face making you smile. How had you gotten so lucky?

But I'm Aro!? (A Jamilton Fanfiction Idea)

Alexander Hamilton is your favourite quiet, short, bookworm, and self-proclaimed aromantic.
Well almost; he can be loud when he gets too excited explaining his passions, he is almost 5ft, and enjoys reading too much. Oh and spends all of his other waking moments online.
He suddenly starts to question his romanticality, when he seated next to Thomas Jefferson.
Thomas is your favourite popular, tall, secret nerd, whose sexuality stands at a solid homosexual.
At a stupidly tall height of over 6ft, Thomas may be popular, but he sure is smart, almost too smart, he is the social type that loves to break into random banter with any of his classmates.
Alexander in particular…
As Alex and Thomas quickly befriend each other, Alex has to figure out how he really feels, where as Thomas has to decide whether to disturb his popular status as he starts to fall for Alexander.

So ermm, do y'all want me to write this? :D

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1. The first time Miller does it Alec is taken aback. He stops what he is doing and just looks at her, causing her to snap an annoyed 'what?' at him before she storms off, leaving him standing alone with a case file in his hand. The next time it happens it surprises him as she hid it from him for weeks. So he is more than careful to ensure she does not notice the pleasure on his face this time, making sure to look away before she noticed his gaze lingering on her face and mouth.

2. But now, now months have gone by and they are comfortable with each other again. More so than before. They have changed in the time spent apart and their relationship changed. She might have become the only friend he has. And so he will do his damnedest to keep her, to keep her happy, to make her laugh. The sound is honey for his ears, her glowing face balm for his soul. He pretends not notice her smiles - and she rewards him for her freedom.







The Monday when they see each other again after all the events of the visit before and the R&R stuff will be very interesting indeed. I’m excited to see how they both act around each other, if there’s some awkwardness, if they’re both not sure where they stand with their relationship. Intrigued!
Also I’m imagining Aaron says something along the lines of “the wedding wasn’t even real” to Robert next week!!! And Roberts heart will crumble away into a mess on the floor! :(