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Comic N-040 “Comfy doesn’t have a T and I’m distressed”

This comic is dedicated to my dog who has started faking wanting to go out so she can steal my spot. Boo, I love you but you’re a jerk.

I see people repeatedly confuse crows with ravens. Which is admittedly fairly easy to do. This is somewhat helpful. I would also look online or with local park rangers to see if one or the other are actually found in your area if you’re still not sure from looking at one. The difference in size alone can be a good indicator. I know many want to collect bits they may have left behind for workings. Or see their appearance as significant. So do your research first!

Anon: can we discuss kook/min’s size difference lately?? jimin’s tiny in general but seeing him next to jungkook, someone 2 years his junior, looking so petite and delicate gives me such intense feels omg!! like during bts gayo track, maybe it was jungkook’s sweater that made him look bigger but jimin looked so small and precious, i wanted to cry omg.. btw i love u and ur my favorite kook/min shipper~ <3            

Anon: Ugh, I might be stupid right now, but looking at kook/min sitting next to each other yesterday, all warm, they looked so much like a couple 😭😭😭 a beautiful one, let me say that.            

I want to compile an anthology on Kook/min’s size difference. It’s that cute and important to me. Just look at this chemistry:

The first two pictures aren’t recent (obviously) but I needed to put it there. I for sure thought there would be less of a size difference if JK took off his jacket or sweater. I was wrong. But do you know what’s the best part about all this? Jungkook is getting buffer.. 

Why aren’t we talking more about Jared dressing as Castiel tho? Like honestly? The idea of Sam trying on Cas’ clothes is just so???

Like can you imagine Sam stumbling across Cas’ clothes in the bunker. Maybe they’ve just been put through the wash and Sam sees them and the gears in his head start turning because yeah, Cas is smaller than him, but surely the size difference isn’t big enough that Sam can’t fit in his coat right? So Sam goes to put the coat on but the rest of the outfit is right /there/, and if he’s gonna be a grown man playing dress up he may as well not half-ass it.

Dean walks in about 30 minutes later to Sam in his room, fully dressed in Cas’ clothes and doing his best “I saved you from perdition” in the mirror and gets about 2 minutes of it recorded before Sam hears him snickering from the doorway.

Sam won’t look Cas in the eye for the rest of the day. Cas finds the whole thing flattering (and secretly a little bit hot)

We need more of this????

So @pipermccloud asked me about how I draw different faces and how to make sure not all characters look the same. I dont think I’m very good at that kinda stuff tbh, but I’ll try my best to explain how I do things heh

it can be super hard if the characters have very similar body shape or the same hair and stuff like that, but then you just gotta make sure to have different shaped and sized parts everywhere, and also different personalities make characters look different as well, for example some characters smile a lot so their face is shaped a certain way and some might be very tired so they have bags under their eyes and stuff like that

For example aph Germany, there are creases around his eyes and eyebrows since he frowns a lot, he looks a bit intimidating in general haha

The eyes obviously shape the character a lot, the size of the pupil, the colors and the way they look can make them seem super cute or super scary

And then some characters (like my boy Josuke) have pretty big lips but there are also characters that I don’t even draw lips on lol, some characters just have bigger or smaller parts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And idk, I often end up drawing the shapes of characters heads quite similar but you can still make them look super different in so many ways by giving them makeup or accessories, just all kinds of stuff

Ahh I hope this helped in some way ^^’ I’m not very good at this kinda stuff but I try my best, you should probably just try drawing all kinds of faces, look at people around you and look at the details in their faces. If you draw a lot of different faces it will become easier to make your characters look different


Owari no Seraph iPhone Backgrounds! - (640 x 1136)


30 Day Coloring Challenge- Create a coloring for gifs. Specifically file size reduction. {13/30}

Anon asked for a tutorial on how I draw mouths/ lips!

I don’t really know how to do a tutorial but I can give some tips and tricks I know! ( I’m also self taught so I could be dead wrong)  LETS DO THIS!! 

You hear it everywhere but you need references if you’re starting out! Especially if you are trying to draw a person in particular. Each person has a different mouth shape and different lip size and shape! 

To make sure I know where a mouth starts and stops I normal start with the little… balls on the side of your mouth??? is that the term?? idk THESE THINGS

I usually draw them first when I draw the mouth like anchors so I know where I’m going with the mouth. ( before my final drawing I’ll draw a bunch of weird cycles/ shapes to figure out what kind of emotion I’m trying to make with the mouth // does that make sense??)  anyway here’s me drawing the mouths above I made the little balls of their mouths a little bigger then I normally would so you can see!  

once you have the anchors of the mouth it’s time to draw the inside! in the picture above I added arrows to show how the two halves interact. Sometimes they go in direction meeting in the middle  (ie a smile/frown ect) or they can go in diffent directions to make weird faces ( ie silly faces/ kissy face ect) Once you know the basic shape you want with the mouth you can really just go nuts! 

Now for lips! I don’t really have any rhyme or reason for my lips… I like to draw them really exaggerated normally. The only advise I can give is to remember that LIPS ARE 3D SHAPES! make them big make the thin make them bumpy, smooth dry, shiny! just don’t forget that they have mass to them!   

I hope this was somewhat helpful! I’m not a very good teacher!! Sorry! Good luck out there all you self taught artists DON’T GIVE UP! And if any of you have questions I can try and answer it! until next time kids! 

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Beth Greene’s boots

In light of the recent spoilers, here are the last boots Beth was seen wearing:

Could she have found different boots?  Sure, but unless it is a size 13 clodhopper we see on Sunday, I hold out hope!  And remember, one of the lasts times we saw her, she was putting her boots back on.

These boots are made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’ll do.  One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!  Sing it Beth!

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Hello Peach! I hope i sent this through the right channels! May i request fluff for TFP smokescreen reacting to his previously human male cybertronian s/o being super hyped that theyre the same size and species now. (This might be a little self-insert-esque fantasy of mine XP)

You’ve come to the right place for self insert fantasies! I’ll leave it up to you how the change happened

Smokescreen TFP

He had no problem dating a human before the switch happened. Sure it was odd and the size difference was a bit difficult but he had been completely content. However, now that you two were in a similar size range, he had to admit he really liked how many doors were now open 

For one, hugging. He likes big hugs, and even when he was mass displaced, he was scared to hug you too hard. Now he could take a running leap and there was no danger of him hurting you, you could probably catch him and spin around without ever worrying 

Sleeping arrangements were also much easier. He always let you sleep on top of him, but he was secretly worried he might roll over and squish you. Now the two of you could cuddle and nap together without worry

He’s most excited about you getting to come back to a newly reformed cybertron with him. You could have argued your way to come with eventually, but in the beginning, the answer would have been no. It’s just too dangerous for a human there, especially with new life coming back that could easily be dangerous. But as a cybertronian, no one really has any reason to say no. Smokescreen is over the moon at the prospect of returning home with you beside him