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I'm suprised none told you this yet but, Please whatever you do if you grow up NEVER start at drawing porn,it's a virus for your art fella ! (-a kind anon)

//Thanks for the advice

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  1. …in the rain.
  2. …in the house they just bought.
  3. …on the nose.
  4. …against a wall.
  5. …before going to sleep.
  6. …to wake them up.
  7. …french.
  8. …in their neck.
  9. …on their forehead.
  10. …on the cheek.
  11. …out of happiness.
  12. …to thank them.
  13. …drunk.
  14. …to suprise/confuse them.
  15. …because you missed them.
  16. …to comfort them.
  17. …to stop them from rambling.
  18. …angry.
  19. …crying.
  20. …as a dare.
  21. …for the first time.
  22. …to tell them you like them.
Voyager characters as memes

Always drink plenty of water uwu

Bone app the teeth👌🏻

I’ll kick anyone’s ass. I’ll kick your ass, I’ll kick my own ass.

Harry Kim:
Tfw no gf

Ayyyy lmao

Looks into the camera like he’s on the office

While you were partying I was studying the blade

Audition song

Kermit drinking Lipton in the sunlight

Boi he bout to do it

Naomi wildman:
Smug girl who set house on fire

Suprise bitch I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me

Okay but

Hamilton where everything is the same but instead of James Reynolds confronting and blackmailing Alexander by letter, he goes to Alexander’s house and knocks and when Alex answers james says “Is this the Hamilton household?” Alex says “no, this is Patrick.” And slams the door

Bittersweet reunion rp starters(Warning:death mentions and angst) and
  • •"It's been awhile..."
  • •"Long time,no see..."
  • •"How long was I gone?"
  • •"Do you have any idea how long you were/I was gone?!"
  • •"You've/I've been gone for so goddamn long and the only thing you have to say is HEY?!"
  • •"I've missed you."
  • •"Did you miss me?"
  • •"Why are you here?"
  • •"Did you miss me like I've missed you?"
  • •"Why did you come back?"
  • •"Why did you leave?"
  • •"You're the reason why I've returned..."
  • •"Where have you been all this time?"
  • •"I thought you were dead!"
  • •"But you're here and that's all that matters"
  • •"I'm so glad that you're here"
  • •"You owe me an explanation."
  • •"So...what's new?"
  • •"Things have changed since the last time we saw each other..."
  • •"You're not leaving me again,are you?"
  • •"Will we ever meet again?"
  • •"Don't do this again!Please..."
  • •"I'll never abandon you again..."
  • •"You/I shouldn't have come back"
  • •"You/I should've have left"
  • •"I brought you a gift.I hope you like it"
  • •"I'm so sorry for disappearing so suddenly"
  • •"I told you I would come back!"
  • •"Thank god I've returned in time to save you!"
  • •"[insert name here]?Is that you?"
  • •"Are you real?This must be a dream"
  • •"It's been so long since we've talked like this"
  • •"I have no good reason for excusing myself.I'm sorry"
  • •"I left because I...I.."
  • •"Let's sit down somewhere comfy.Tell me all the juicy gossip that I've missed!"
  • •"I have so much to fill you in.."
  • •"Things were much better before you/I left..."
  • •"You know that legendary dog Hachiko?I'm just like him.At least my patience paid off..."
  • •"I've/You've changed..."
  • •"So,how's it going with [enter convention topic here]?"
  • •"I see that nothing has changed while I was gone"
  • •"Nothing ever changes here"
  • •"Suprise bitch!Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me."
  • •"Well...I've waited here like I promised"
  • •"I thought I would never see you again"
  • •"So,what do you want to talk about?"
  • •"You didn't even try to look for me!"
  • •"You left me to die!"
  • •"I/You left because of [insert person/reason here]!"
  • •"I wasn't able to tell you at the time"
  • •"You/I could've at least said goodbye."
  • •"How dare show yourself here after all this time?!"
  • •"Next time,take me with you,ok?"

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can you write something where it's y/n and Harry's first time making out?

You didn’t know how it happened. You both were in the hot tub having a good chat and enjoying the warm water.

But harry caught you by suprise with a small peck on your cheek. Which made you giggle.

But then he placed another peck on your lips, and slowly creeped down to your neck. That’s when You knew this wasn’t just inncocent kisses now.

You tilted your neck to allow harry more access to your neck and you moaned in approval. Harry smirked at your reaction as he kissed over your collar bone which was on full exposure in your bikini.

Wanting to be even closer harry pushed you up against the hot tub stairs. You sat down as Harry went between your legs. You missed his lips on yours so after you repositioned you connected your lips again.

This time you brought your wet hands up to Harry’s hair to deepen the kiss. He bit your bottom lip and slide his tongue between your lips making you moan in satisfaction.

“Har-ry..” you whispered out. You guys have never made out. A few kisses but not like this. Harry wasn’t holding back and you weren’t either.

Harry couldn’t resist how good you look in that swim suit and he had to let you know.

“You look so good in that Y/N.” he said between kisses as he slide his hands down to your waist.

“So good…” You smiled into his kiss because you thought the exact same thing about Harry and you couldn’t keep your hands off him.

Your hands went to his chest and suddenly you pushed him into the wall, Changing your position. Harry chuckled at how eager you were.

You sat on Harry’s lap as you leaned back in and took his mouth onto yours. The warm water surrounding you both.

Harry’s hand went back up to your neck and he slide his hands down your shoulder to your swimsuit top and slowly slide it down. But he suddenly stopped and disconnected your lips.

“Is this okay?” Harry asked you. He wanted to make sure you were comfortable.

As you looked at his now wet hair and glistening body,Your heart leaped with how caring he is.

“Yes Harry. This is ok.” You reassured him and smiled.

You’ve dated Harry for awhile now, and he would always make sure that whatever you guys did that your comfortable and ok.

You guys haven’t gone too far, this being the farthest you’ve gone.

But even your first kiss with him you remember he was centeminters away from actually connecting your lips with his.

When He asked if he could kiss you. The memory still made you feel all warm inside because that was just the type of person harry was. That’s when you knew Harry was a keeper.

You haven’t gone further then that though not because you didn’t want to. But because it just hasn’t been the right time.

Harry’s heavy breathing and kisses brought you back from your memory but you weren’t complaining.

But then you felt it. You felt the hardness between your legs, from Harry.

Harry quickly pulled away feeling the same thing too.

“I’m sorry. We should probably stop.” Harry looked embarrassed and tried to hide his hard on.

“Harry it’s ok.” You said placing a hand on his cheek. You were still sitting on his lap and you could tell Harry was growing.

“Y/N I just don’t want to make you feel like you have too-” You shut him up with a deep kiss to his lips. You knew Harry overthinks everything and he couldn’t help but be concerned about you.

You pulled away and shook your head. “Harry your not making me do anything.”

You leaned in closer and whispered in his ear, “I want too.” You tell him truthfully.

You could hear Harry’s breathe hitch after what you said. As you continue to kiss down his ear and neck.

You became bold as pushed your waist deeper in his groin.

Harry let out a quiet moan and tried stopping your hips from moving because if you continued right now, he couldn’t control himself.

“Ok let’s go inside.” Harry quickly got out of the water not bothering to dry off. As you eagerly stepped out of the hot tub.

You shrieked when Harry wrapped his hand around your waist and picked you up bridal style.

Both of you were still wet and your hair was sticking to Harry’s chest.

“Harry what are you doing! Put me down!” You giggled as he started walking towards his house.

“You were taking too long, Love.” He grinned back at you in his arms.

You wrapped your hands around Harry’s neck and brought his mouth closer to you to kiss him.

It didn’t matter that you both were completely wet and shivering. The only thing that mattered was how you felt for eachother.

“If you keep doing that I’m going to have to take you right here.” Harry teased in frustration as he broke the kiss.

“Well hurry up then.” You both smirked at him.

You both looked at eachother super excited for what was to come.
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Do you think it's possible for me to surf on my leaf? If so we could practice together!!!-@chikoritadaily

Uhm, I’d say. Negative… @chikoritadaily

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"Got7 Reaction: Finding their girlfriend sleeping on their bed" but with BTS please?


Rap Monster: Rap Monster would see you sleeping on his bed and wouldn’t have much off a reaction because it was normal for him, he would just open the window and sleep next to you holding your waist

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Jhope: When Jhope got to his bed, he sees you and the bed sheets all over the place, he would laugh but not too loud so he doesn’t wake you and them grabs the bed sheets and cuddles up with you putting the sheets the right way.

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Jungkook: Jungkook sees you in his bed and at first his shooked but them he just gives a little smirk and lays next to you.

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Suga: Suga sees you on his bed and he’s annoyed at first because your taking more than half of the bed but after putting you in a better position he kisses you on the forehead and sleeps next to you.

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Jimin: Jimin was really tired so he just lookes at you and then goes to sleep.

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V: V doesn’t even notice your there only when he lays on top of you and you start hitting him, he woud apologize and kiss you all over your face and then he would cuddle with you to make up for his mistake.

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Jin: Jin would be suprised to see you, but when he did he would be very happy because Jin knows that when you wake up your normally hungry he would cook you something put it on top of his side table and cuddle with you.

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Hope you like it :D

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Fun things about mental illness: Having been ill for most of your life, so that you don’t even know what being healthy is actually like and always being completeley suprised when you realize that some things aren’t “normal”.

It isn’t normal to hate yourself so much - Okay.
It isn’t normal to hurt yourself to feel okay - Seems understandable.
It isn’t normal to try to kill yourself every now and then - I get that.


It isn’t normal to want to lie in bed and not do anything all day? This seems strange.
It isn’t normal to rely completely on others for happiness? Good to know.
It isn’t normal to react extremely intensively and impulsively to any minor thing? Can’t imagine…

And so on.

I don’t even remember a life without mental illness and every time I really realize that, it makes me feel worse.
But I know there is no way that this will ever change.

Almond Joy (Suprise Dogsitting)

Summary: You take care of Bucky’s dog and find out who he really is

Word count:1851

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: none

A/N: Clearly I’m not the best at choosing titles, but I hope that doesn’t deter anyone from reading this! Hope you enjoy :) Oh and there will be multiple parts!

Next Part

It had only been a few days into the spring. Spring excited you because it meant a new beginning of life, which comes along with new goals and new experiences. You checked your list of goals for the year. At the top was the typical “get in shape”. 

Since most people’s resolutions were too broad, they usually did not last. So, you listed that you would go for a jog for at least half an hour every morning and substitute unhealthy food for healthier ones, such as eating wheat bread instead of white bread or granola bars instead of chips. This was supposed to start at the beginning of the year, but you had forgotten to and ended up putting it off towards spring time.

You were on spring break, so you did not have to worry about school interfering with your schedule. With the free time that you had, you got up whenever you woke up to exercise. Had it been the school year, you would have jogged 6 am every morning since you had a class that started at 8. You jogged into the city and returned to your apartment afterwards to continue with the rest of your day. It became a routine that you were fond of. Exercise may not be your strongest suit, but the feeling of satisfaction afterwards was well worth it.

You grabbed your running shoes by the door and headed outside. A few steps down your driveway you realized you had not grabbed a water bottle nor locked the door. You returned inside and took a water bottle from the fridge and locked your front door. It was cold outside. Although you hated the cold, the weather was in your favor; it’s a lot better than running when it’s hot out.

The cold air at first brought goosebumps but then your skin started to release sweat a few minutes into your jogging. Music was blasting through your ears and you imagined yourself in a music video, and the scenery around you played a role in it.

Once you reached the end of the sidewalk, you clicked the pedestrian crossing button. The breeze hit against you as you waited for the red hand to change into a walking person sign. You took a swig of your water and gulped it down.

When the light changed, you continued jog. The hardest part about exercising was getting yourself to begin. Once you began, you pushed yourself until you got tired. The nature got nicer as you kept jogging. Your thoughts were clouded with what you’ll be doing for the rest of the day. After you jog and shower, you had nothing planned for the rest of the day. The idea of messaging a friend popped in your head so you mentally noted to do so when you got back home.

You glanced down at your timer. It had been seventeen minutes out of the thirty. Time flew by. Transitioning from a slow jog to a fast walk, you tried to keep your breathing even. It was time for you to head back towards home. In the corner of your eye, you spotted a large brown dog. It was sniffing the ground. The dog had a dog tag on it, so you figured it had escaped from someone’s house.

The music was still playing in your headphones so you paused it. You called it over and it looked at you, but it continued to sniff the sidewalk. Noticing that you were cutting time into your walk, you went back to your exercise.

The path became bumpier as you moved and you slowed down so you wouldn’t fall. Over your headphones, the sound of barking intensified. You gasped and stopped in your tracks. With a swift turn, you faced the dog you saw earlier.

“Oh my gosh doggy, you nearly scared me,” you looked around to see if the dog was truly alone, and it was. There were no homes around for you to take the dog to “Want to come home with me?”

It just stood there, wagging its tail. In order to see if the dog planned on following you, you took a few slow steps. It followed you.

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