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The Finger Habit II

A/N: Again, I’ve come up with a sequel to an un-sequelable one-shot. It’s a talent.

He was doing this thing.

It was a thing he had never done when we were married. Owen and I were very on/off, and we’re both the first to admit that although we may still be soulmates, nothing can override two different desires for the life you want to live. Not even love. He wanted family, I wanted a career and him. He was enough of a family for me but I wasn’t fulfilling his need to be a father. Thank God, because that would be weird.

Switzerland was the best move for both of us and although at first we struggled, it appears we’re both stronger and better individually as more space and time has grown between us. This hurts, don’t get me wrong, but although the next statement is very cliche and horribly sick-inducing, I am genuinely happy for him. We’ve finally found the opportunity to move on with our lives- me to a Harper Avery award and him to his new family.

I first saw them together at Derek’s funeral. I had flown in to be there for Meredith (she needed her person) but I was also painfully aware of how many lives Derek effected, Owen being one of them. When I arrived at the funeral however, he seemed much more preoccupied by Derek’s little sister. I had told myself to ignore this and be there for Meredith, so this is what I did.

The second time was a few years later at the wedding of Alex Karev and Jo Wilson. I was honoured to be a guest there but was also dreading seeing Owen in case feelings arose once again and we ended up back at square one… you know? All the usual things to happen at a wedding. Meredith could have warned me that he had been dating the She-shepherd for a year or so but she hadn’t. So I turned up, wearing a dress I knew he liked, only to watch the two of them laugh and dance the night away. Luckily, a young hot doctor also happened to like the dress on me, if you know what I mean.

The third time was on Christmas day. I was sat opposite Meredith at her dining room table, enjoying the food and the company. I had my girl Zola to my right and Ellis on my left. Further down the table sat Owen and his wife, Amelia.

He was doing this thing.

It was a very miniscule movement but a movement I had not seen him do before, certainly not when we were married. He had finished what was on his plate and was deep in conversation with Richard to his right. His left arm was resting on the table’s edge and his hand was slightly raised off it. He was rotating his wedding ring around his finger with the help of his thumb, occasionally looking down to it. Every time his eyes met the gold glint from the ring, he would smile momentarily before re-engaging with the conversation.

Later that evening as he tucked into another whiskey, I noticed him clicking the ring against the side of the glass. He looked down to the sound and it’s source and smiled before continuing on with the drink. The two had been married for some time but the way he looked down at the ring and smiled, as if every time he looked at it was the first realisation of his life, was endearing to watch and for possibly the first time ever- I was actually, genuinely, not-just-saying-it-now, happy for him.

Christmas evening was drawing to a close. I walked into the kitchen to put a glass back and saw Amelia and Bailey at the breakfast table with a book. She was looking over his shoulder as he read the words about a silly stuffed bear belonging to Christopher Robin, her arm dangling over the chair’s back behind him. I silently watched as her fingers did this thing. It was the same twisting motion with her wedding ring as Owen’s had been doing. Her eyes followed her nephew’s progress but as the diamond of her ring became caught between her fingers she winced and looked to what her fingers had been unconciously doing. She returned the ring to it’s correct position, looked at it, smiled a wide and big grin, before returning her gaze to the book.

He was doing this thing.

It was the same thing that I caught her doing. When two people’s desires for life differ, don’t try to outrun the inevitable. Stop running. Stand still and let life find those differing desires on their own. If you happen to end up with the love of your life then brilliant. If it means the love of your life ends up with the love of his life… well, be happy for him. Actually, genuinely, not-just-saying-it-now, happy.

Being still does not mean not doing anything; it certainly does not mean lazing around. Still comes from the Hebrew word rapha which means “let go” and “to release.” In other words, God wants us to stop striving and let Him take over. He wants us to depend on Him. 

He is here for you, will you let Him in?

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p.s. Thanks so much, all 5005 of you :) Let’s be still and continue to learn to let go and let God work in our lives!

I just wanted to thank you all for following. From those who’ve been following us since day one, and watched us form and grow to those who literally just followed us yesterday, thank you. 

I am so grateful for each and every single one of you I don’t really know how to thank you. When my friend and I made the original anoncatfish blog back in 2012 I believe, we never ever envisioned the success it has today. Although new admins have come and gone the spirit of the blog still remains. There are times I question if it’s worth running anymore but last night proved to me it’s very much worth it. I love each of you and if you ever need anything our ask, kik, and aim are always open to hear you out. I send you all my love, thanks again for everything!

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Hey everyone, we’re still working hard on the Markimoo Million project. If you haven’t heard of us already, we’re working on a book made by the community for Markiplier. A physical copy of the book will be given to Mark, and physical copies will be available to the community, though the e-book version will be free.

Any money we make from the physical copies or donations will be given to a charity.

See this page to see how you can contribute! We’re accepting art, thank you’s, photos, etc.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you have such a bad attitude sometimes when you answer questions? You're so short with people. Nobody is making you answer these questions and making you maintain this website. If anything we are giving you an audience for this page, you should be thanking us. (Still love you though because you're the best Gaga source on the internet 😒😘)

Well, it’s mostly because I get asked the same question over and over and over again and I offer all of these sources to use before asking me questions. Things like my search bar, my F.A.Q., and even Google could be used before asking me things that has been answered before. 

Most of the time, if I leave a question unanswered, people will then attack me with an attitude saying things like “why didn’t you answer my question?” and things of that matter. 

It’s just frustrating when you get the same question asked twenty times a day. That’s why I changed my ask box title to “Lady Gaga is not going to space.” It definitely reduced the number of space-related questions I receive, but now I get questions regarding why she’s not going to space. Which that question has also been answered a number on times on my blog.

I’m sorry if it seems I have an attitude, and I would never want anyone to get the impression that I have a bad attitude. That is something I do not want to be known for. I love you guys and I would hate for you guys to think I am annoyed by you. A mother would never hate her children, but she can get frustrated with them, and that’s the situation I am having. I’m sorry for any bad attitude that I may be putting off.

thunar asked:

Hello! I've been thinking of getting a Pionus -probably a rescue- to have as a companion/therapy bird. I've only had cockatiels before so I've been a bit nervous about getting a parrot -knowing that they can be very high maintenance. I really need a bird that's relatively quiet, friendly, affectionate, but independent enough that I don't need to be entertaining them 24/7. Do you think a pionus would be a good fit for me? Thanks

Hi there! George serves as both my companion and emotional support bird. He loves getting head scritches, but he doesn’t usually like to sit still for very long unless he’s sleepy. He is very active, loves tearing up his toys, and has a very silly personality. He really enjoys attention and likes being around us. His cage and playgym are in our main living space so that he gets lots of time with us.

As far as parrots go, George isn’t all that loud. He is chattery and talky, but his volume isn’t usually all that much. That’s not to say that he is never loud. He has his moments when he imitates the microwave beeping pretty loudly, but mostly he’s just kind of chattery. His voice is kind of high pitched as well. Sometimes he will contact call if we go out of his sight.

In terms of care–he is a responsibility for sure. I wake up extra early in the morning before work (I work an 8 hour day five days a week) to give him his morning fruits and veggies and let him play on his playgym for a while. He goes back in his cage when I have to leave until my wife comes home from work, which is usually about an hour before I get home. My wife lets him out onto the playgym and gives him his evening fruits and veggies. He then has free range of his playgym and cage for several hours before bedtime. On weekends he gets a lot more out of cage time since we’re both home more. I rotate his toys on a regular basis and give him lots of foraging opportunities.

Feel free to ask any more questions you like. I’m happy to help!

The fact that Supernatural continually thanks the fans and loves the fans and dedicates episodes to us despite how badly some of the fans have treated the show’s writers and production staff

The fact that-after everything-they still care about us

I need a moment

[Instiz] Exo Chanyeol's Instagram Update



“You are very tired, very angry and frustrated right? We will embrace you and we will comfort you. That’s why, believe in us  and always see only good things and say nice words only from now on. You still remember what I said right? I will let you be able to only love us comfortably :)”

_I love you Chanyeol-ah it must be hard on you too but you always think of us first, I’m thankful. Yeol-ah like you said I will only love Exo comfortably, I love you.

_Aigoo, he posted this because he thinks fans might be hurt and upset? This Chanyeol kid uses his instagram really well T.T Exo and Exo-L find strength… Chanyeol’s words are really beautiful.

_wa….this alone melted the ice in my heart…I’m sorry we can’t protect you…

_Chanyeol ah♥ your rap made me cry because you wrote exactly what we have in our heart. I’m really touched and thankful.

_ahhh I’m really upset. Our kids are having a hard time, he wants us to see good things only, and comforts us like this. Chanyeol-ah nothing bad will happen to us from now on.

_How could he be so niceㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I cried the moment I saw this, Chanyeol-ah I’m thankful and sorry.

_ Thanks for always comforting usㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠwe will make you happyㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

_Our yeolmae is an angel ㅠㅠ yeol-ah you too let’s only see good things

Translated By: Jina


I mean you should have seen the way he used to be around her. He was kind of obsessive, but not all bad. You know, Lydia used to pretend not to be smart. Stiles was the only one who knew. He paid a t t e n t i o n.❝
‘’Scott McCall,the number 1 Stydia shipper,since season 1..’’

hey guys!!! if you still haven’t gotten used to my new url, I used to be flowerboyeol! wow this is so long overdue but I honestly just felt like making this the other day so I did! my 2nd anniversary of this tumblr passed last month and so I would like to do this ff in celebration of that!! I honestly have no idea why I haven’t made this sooner! 

sorry my edit is really crappy?? idk how to edit??? anywayssss

I love all of the people who follow me!! thanks for sticking with me even though I have disappeared for an uncertain amount of time a couple of times! thanks for sticking with me even though I changed my bias groups so many times! thanks for sticking with me through 2 years of my life, especially those who have followed me for a while!

to the people that I follow, thank you for filling my dash with so many lovely things!! I always look forward to what I’ll see on my dash! even though I don’t talk to a lot of you, you guys are really the coolest people ever!!!

for those people that I have spoken to before and messaged back and forth, thanks so much for talking to me even though I’m somewhat awkward and don’t know what to say at times! thanks for still talking to me even though I usually end up replying late because I forget! you guys make my life more interesting. to those who I have never talked to before, don’t be afraid to start a convo with me in my ask!! I love talking to new people!!

that’s it for now, thank you guys so much!!! if I forgot you, i’m so sorry!! I tried to include everyone, but it’s possible I could have made a mistake. you can check out my blogroll here!!

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Yesterday Ringtone (rap verse for hailangs)
  • Yesterday Ringtone (rap verse for hailangs)
  • 黄子韬
  • T.A.O

Listen my baby don’t cry, wipe away the tears and smile for me, ok? All of you who have always been there for me, who watched me grow, are you all still okay? All that I have been through, all of my memories, please help me keep them, ok? Even if I’m on my knees, I will still walk with you. I have not forgotten that promise. Let’s close our eyes and continue loving forever.

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150717 Hayoung Fancafe Update

Before I say goodnight!!
I am soso thankful to our pandas this whole entire day..
I was worried if we met your expectations
But everybody said that it was really good
And washed away our worries..
I wonder how nervous you all were yesterday at 12..
When I think about it..It’s so cute..ㅋㅋ(I know there’s a lot of people older than me but still it’s cute….)
Our fans who came to see us today..I missed you so much
Thank you so much for coming to see us
I wanted to see all the pandas but the ones that
Saw us at home, or outside the venue
I’m happy at the fact that you all watched us one way or another
I think this album we are also 
Getting off to a happy start^^
Look forward to tomorrow’s stage as well!
Sleep well while listening to Remember~^^I love you a lot!
(Listen to dejavu…The song is really good too..)
(+what a boy wants..)
(+Eunji unnie will get sad so Promise U too..)
(Nevermind let’s listen to everything before we sleep..)

translated by apinktrans
please take out with full credits to apinktrans when reposting. 

drag me down is like a thank you to the whole fandom. it’s like the boys are thanking us for still continuing to support us even if our fandom is divided to ot4, ot5 and zayn stans. even if people kept on dragging the boys down, we still supported them no matter what and the boys appreciated so much and my hEART FEELS SO TOUCHED AND WARM FUCK I LOVE THEM


“Accent” - Kurds

Accent is a show on Kazakh TV that shows the rich cultural diversity of the displaced national minorities which live on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“Kurdish people are very happy that we still have a opportunity to develop and preserve our culture, language and traditions. We live in Kazakhstan that is why we won’t be like everybody, we call ourselves Kazakh Kurds. But anyway, we’re Kazakhs abroad no matter Caucasian or Russian… However we don’t forget our Kurdish roots… Kazakhstan is our homeland. We thank Kazakh people that during deportation they gave us bread, salt, shelter, clothing. They had given us their homes and we would never forget these. Our grandfathers and fathers, we tell these to our children, grandsons, we love Kazakh people. All our families speak Kazakh language, we express our thanks to all Kazakh nation… May our Kazakhstan grow and prosper…”

According to the most recent Kazakh census in 2011, the Kurdish population is 38,325 or 0,2% of the population, but Vice President of the Kurdish Association of Kazakhstan, Malikshah Gasanov numbers the population up to 46,000, because many Kurds list themselves as Turks and Azeris.

In cities with a substantial Kurdish population, Kurdish literature and Kurdish language is taught in the primary and secondary schools. In the village of Kashkabulak, Kurdish students can study Kurdish through 12th grade.And since 1990, Kurds also have had their own newspaper, the Kurdistan newspaper.

Kurds were deported twice to Central Asia from Caucasus. The first deportation occurred in 1937 where Stalin deported Kurds from Nakhchivan and the second deportation occurred in 1944 in Georgia. Stalin feared a Turkish invasion and he saw Kurds as unreliable, even though many Kurds served in the Soviet military. Many of them died during the deportations. After the Osh riots and the riots in Fergana Valley between the Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, many Kurds moved to Kazakhstan.


on Georgians of Kazakhstan

on Greeks of Kazakhstan