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best headphanons??

Hey anon! Sorry I took a while to answer, phandomestic and I were working on these last night! You led us to a conversation that gave us tons of pheels, so thanks.

(Most of these headphanons are written with the idea in mind that Dan and Phil are a couple, just so you’re aware - I mean I assume that’s what you wanted, but if not I’m sorry)


Dan sometimes stands outside Phil’s room to watch him film (and Phil has to redo a lot of takes because of Dan’s laughing) because he still love’s Phil’s videos just as much as when he was a little fanboy in his bedroom, miles and miles away from him, and now he gets to see the videos being made and he get to live with the man he’d idolized and moved across the country for and it’s basically a modern day fairytale and sometimes he just can’t believe that this is his life.

Dan is way clingier and cuddlier than Phil. He’s just a big fucking sap even if he doesn’t like to admit it. That’s why he’ll always lovingly tease Phil - he wants to flirt like all the time but doesn’t want to admit that he wants to flirt.

Dan loves and adores Phil and basically looks at him like he hung the stars (that’s not even a headcanon that’s just TRUE) no matter what Phil’s doing. Like he could just be setting up the camera or prepping for a gaming vide or in their lounge in pajamas with a scruffy face watching anime, and Dan can’t help but see Phil as utterly beautiful. A part of him regresses into 2009 Dan and he’ll randomly say “I love you” just because he CAN now because Phil is WITH him.

They want to get married in Manchester because it holds so many special memories. Maybe in December.

When Phil visits his parents he likes to go to Manchester and visit the Starbucks he and Dan used to frequent, sit on their couch and drink a caramel macchiato and think about how much their lives have changed since they were just two young guys making silly videos and falling in love.

Phil loves to listen to Dan rant about formula one and kanye west and spoilers and whatever else he’s passionate about, not necessarily because he’s interested in the topic (he couldn’t care less about the artistic merit of kanye’s work) but because he loves the way Dan’s eyes light up and how his hands move around dramatically and how he gets this flush in his cheeks, because he’s talking about something he’s PASSIONATE about and Dan is never more beautiful than when he’s letting himself be fully and completely invested in something.

As much as they like to ramble to each other about whatever’s caught their interest, their favorite moments are when the apartment is quiet and peaceful, and they’re sat next to each other on their laptops or watching TV, because they don’t feel the need to fill the silence. They’re happy and content just being near each other, lost in their own thoughts but always right next to the one person in the world they can’t imagine their lives without.

After someone brushes off Phil when meeting them, Phil pretends not to care but Dan gets absolutely furious, ranting about how amazing Phil is and “it’s in your fucking channel NAME damn it” and that night Dan takes special care to completely worship Phil’s body, which Phil usually does for him but Dan NEEDS to make sure Phil knows how loved he is and that Dan is never going to stop adoring him. The opinions of some

They’ll be out with friends and end up basically having an entire conversation with just significant expressions because they know each other inside and out, and it will take a few minutes for them to notice their friends have gone silent and are giving them amused looks, and “Honestly guys, I know you don’t need to talk to communicate but there are other people with you.”

They’re introverts, we all know this, but even introverts sometimes find people that don’t tire them out. That’s how they are to each other, and that’s why they retreat to a corner and huddle together when they’ve been at parties for a while and are feeling exhausted with all the socializing, and that’s also how they get though their longest days, because they’re always right next to each other and they’ll give each other a little nudge when the other looks overwhelmed, just to say “hey, I’m here, I love you, we’ll be home soon”.

When Phil gets angry about something, he holds it in but acts colder towards Dan, and it drives Dan crazy, because if Phil doesn’t TELL HIM he’s angry, Dan won’t know he needs to fix it. When Dan’s angry, he’s loud voices and caustic remarks, but even though he knows absolutely everything that makes Phil Phil, knows all of his insecurities, he doesn’t use those against him. He would with other people, people who aren’t such a core part of his life, but never with Phil.

When they have small arguments Phil gives in first for the sake of keeping the peace, but when they have big arguments Dan usually blames himself and apologizes first whether or not he instigated it.

Dan rolls his eyes and complains about Phil’s enthusiasm for all things Christmas, but he smiles behind his hand and secretly loves seeing Phil lit up brighter than any Christmas tree, running around and decorating their apartment weeks before he should, humming Christmas songs under his breath. And part of Phil’s love for the Christmas season is because it always reminds him of their first Christmas together in 2009, when Phil knew he was well and truly in love with this stupidly perfect teenager. When some part of him already realized he was going to spend the rest of his life with Dan.

Dan was always the little spoon when he and Phil got together, and even now that he’s bigger than Phil, he still wants to be the little spoon. He loves being held and Phil loves holding him, so it works.

Sometimes Phil gets embarrassed when Dan goes on and on about “Phil created” this and “Phil actually invented” that, because he’s a humble person, but he also loves having someone who’s ALWAYS willing to stick up for him, and who will ALWAYS recognize his achievements.

Phil has a bunch of “heart eyes howell” gifs saved on his computer and he’ll sometimes tease Dan about them, but honestly he thinks it’s really cute and flattering.

Sometimes when he and Phil are lying in bed, lazing around for a couple hours before they actually go to sleep, Dan will read phanfics while Phil watches TV. And every now and then Dan will nudge him and tell him to pause the show so he can read a funny bit, or he’ll to, “You’d never say that!” or “I wasn’t that obsessed with you.” (and Phil will give him a look and he’s grudgingly admit that he was, and still sort of is.)

When one of them is hurt or feeling really poorly, the other will get this sick feeling in their stomach until they know the other is actually okay, because even if they try to act casual and laugh it off, the idea of the other in genuine pain hurts. And Phil still remembers the night he had to take Dan to the hospital and how he’d never been so scared in his life, and he never ants something like that to happen again.

They always manage to distract each other. Like they’ll be trying to get serious business done in the same room, only to realize hours later that they’ve wasted their time with a debate about whether or not free will would exist if people could travel to the future (because that would mean their decisions were set in stone, and whatever they were going to do was already decided, right??)

When Phil’s away Dan tries his best to deny missing him, because they’re not that codependent, he swears, but then he’ll be cooking dinner and realize he’s automatically made a serving for two, and that the kitchen is far too quiet without Phil clumsily puttering around, and the loneliness will hit him again.

Phil loves to take photos of Dan when he’s not looking, enthralled with something else, because Dan when he’s relaxed and content and not putting on a face for anyone is just breathtaking.

On one of their early dates, Phil convinced Dan to watch a horror movie (hoping for some cuddles), but he found out Dan mostly just jumped and screamed bloody murder and certainly didn’t cuddle when he was scared.

Dan fucking LOVES Phil in formal wear - loves it so much, he ends up distracted basically every time they have a hosting gig. Hence why he ends up staring at Phil even when they’re interviewing huge stars.

Sometimes Dan will ask some existential question that Phil knows will lead to a discussion that will upset Dan, so he just changes the subject.

On some mornings, when Dan is tired and grumpy, Phil will follow him around the apartment and narrate what he’s doing like he’s David Attenborough in a wildlife special, dodging the pillows Dan throws at him and trying his best not to laugh.

Sometimes they’ll get annoyed because one will use the other’s phone or laptop without asking and then not put it back in the same place, and so they won’t be able to find it for a while, and the whole time they’re searching, the one that actually owns it will be insisting that they’re going to change the passwords and never let the other borrow it again (but never follow through).

I don’t have any more to add at the moment, except this - I’ve said this in another post of mine about Phan head canons, I’ll say it again, I’ll never stop saying it - no matter where they are or what they do with their lives, they’ll always be happy as long as they’re together, because they are each other’s home.

I love my spoonie community on Tumblr

You all helped me through processing as I lost my health, slowly but steadily since 2010. You helped me realize I still have a life to live. 

You helped me through using my first mobility aid (my rocking cane in the pic I use every day) and when I had nightmares about losing the ability to walk, and then having to buy a wheelchair for my worst days. I fully and completely got all my courage to improve my life through mobility aids via friendships made on tumblr.

You stood by me and held the space for me to rage the fuck out, understand the frustrations and hurts, know that grief is circular and are there for those dark humor jokes that horrify our able bodied people. 

I learned coping methods, about pain meds and side effects, how to advocate for myself with doctors who mistreated me. I learned work arounds and how to adjust tasks so I could keep doing them. 

I have 5 - FIVE - incurable diseases. Five god damn incurable diseases. ALL of them cause pain. And my spoonie community? Taught me so much. I learned to have the mentality of “I am not dying, it’s not killing me, I will find a way”. And I do. Every day. 

And I can honestly say a huge part of how well I have acclimatized is because of my spoonie tumblr community. 

So thanks for sharing your pictures. Thanks for sharing your stories. Thanks for sharing your triumphs and rages and experiences and humiliations and personal successes and the good, bad and agonizing with the community. 

Ye carry me through <3 

The fact that Supernatural continually thanks the fans and loves the fans and dedicates episodes to us despite how badly some of the fans have treated the show’s writers and production staff

The fact that-after everything-they still care about us

I need a moment


It’s been almost seven years since I started being a VIP and I really can’t imagine how those years would have been if I didn’t have you and your music in my life. You’re one of the most hardworking, talented and passionate artists that I know yet you remain humble and grounded. Even with all the achievements that you’ve already had, you still continue to strive for even greater things. You’re such an inspiration to so many people and I can say to anybody, with utmost pride, that I am your fan. Until whenever.

Happy birthday, Jiyong! Thank you for giving us the gift that is you, and for sharing with us your music and your passion. I love you! ♡


One year anniversary of the livestream!!! Hey Taylor! We all met you after the livestream one year ago and we still cannot thank you enough for inviting us into your home and partying with us!! It would be so amazing if you could follow our blogs!

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We love you so much Taylor <3 We had the time of our lives with you! Love, your A-Team


happy birthday beautiful angel! it’s been nearly a year since you’ve been gone. it still breaks our hearts, but more than anything we’re glad that you are forever at peace in a much better place. 

we thank you for everything you’ve done for us. you’ve left behind a legacy of love, happiness and light, one that will never be forgotten. it burns brightly in each and every one of us and it will never dim. your smile, the sound of your laugh, your kindness! we will never forget them and we will most certainly never forget you ♡ 

a special thank you to the participants and everyone who took part in making this happen. it never could have happened without any of you! thank you so much ♡


Dark skin people learn at a very young age that they’re not loved by society.

I know the undeserving pain one receives for being a darker shade of black. I used to wash my skin extra hard hoping that if scrubbed long enough my skin wouldn’t be so dirty and I would be lighter. I used to stay inside because I was afraid of getting darker than I already was. I used to laugh along with people who made ape jokes about me because I myself saw my skin as less than.

That shit blows my mind how programmed I was to hate who I was. It took years for me to grow out of that mindset and love who I was. I still struggle with it at times. Thank God for tumblr making me as woke as I am today. 

Still learning bit by bit but at least I know one thing for sure


“Everyone’s existence to us, is a special driving force. Because there’s absolutely no meaning to what we’re doing if no one is watching. And it’s only because there are people on the receiving end that we get this motivation to continue, and to be able to stand here now. We are always thankful for it.” “Arashi is written with YAMA and KAZE. Yama is what the five of us are still striving to climb. And Kaze is you. We’ll try harder to reach the pinnacle of that mountain, and you are the wind that will be our wings to heps us.” “The most important things to me are the fans and time.” -Matsumoto Jun /down to one week to go!!!! Thank you for loving us this much babe! We love you too!!!

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If you're still taking prompts, I would love to see Steve using Tony's shower for the first time and finding a pumice stone and being like, 'wtf is this? Why does he have a rock in his shower?' And just going around trying to figure out what the fuck his bf could possibly be using a rock in the shower for?

Steve clasped Sam on the back in the threshold to his apartment. “Thanks for coming,” he told Sam. Throwing a thumb over his shoulder, Steve said: “Let me grab my keys and phone and we can get going.”

Sam nodded, hands in his pockets as he waited just in the doorway. “No problem. Not like you’ve had thirty minutes to be ready for me.”

Steve snorted as he tucked his wallet into one pocket and his phone in the other. His keys jangled in his hand as he headed to the door. “What are the kids saying? ‘Bite me’.”

“Maybe the kids in nineteen ninety-five. Nowadays it’s probably 'blow me.’”

Fighting hard to keep a straight face, Steve pointed out: “I think Tony’s called monopoly on that one.”

Sam laughed hard at that. As they started down the stairs of Steve’s brownstone Sam prodded: “So where we going? You just said 'errands’: you got anything more specific in mind?”

Steve nodded. “Yeah, yeah. Just the grocery store, general store, and…” Steve stuck his tongue out as he fished for his phone, determined to get this right. “And some place called 'Bath and Body Works. Does that make sense? That’s a place, right?”

Sam snorted. “Yeah, it’s a place. What, run out of rose-scented soaps? Don’t you wash your hair with hand soap?”

“I don’t see any reason why that doesn’t make sense,” Steve grumbled good-naturedly at the old argument. “And it’s for Tony. I snapped some pictures of the stuff he uses in his bathroom. I thought maybe it was time I stocked up on that stuff, for when he stays over.”

Sam wolf-whistled as they bustled down the street. “Buying bubble bath for the boyfriend? Things are getting serious, huh?”

Steve fought down a blush as they jogged down the subway steps. “Seems like common courtesy, is all. He does spend the night here often enough, and. You know.”

Sam snorted as they settled onto the subway. “Looks like chivalry isn’t dead. Though I guess the morality action groups wouldn’t be too interested in holding this particular case up as an example.”

“Well they can…” Glancing around for innocent ears, Steve leaned in and lowered his voice: “'blow me.’”

Sam’s roaring laughter was swept away with the train.


Steve fiddled with his phone as they stepped into this Bath and Body store. He had a whole list of photos to go through–he just hoped they had most of the stuff he needed here. He had gotten a hit on the Google when he searched for the name brand on the side of one of Tony’s lotions, but some of the products in his shower didn’t have labels on them. Not to mention some of them Steve wasn’t sure if they were bath products at all.

“Excuse me, Miss?” Steve got the attention of a young lady stacking bottles of… something. She looked back at him and smiled big, though it didn’t seem to be a smile of recognition–thank goodness. It was nice to stay anonymous sometimes. “I need a little help finding some things. I have pictures and was wondering…” He held his phone out to her with a smile.

“Of course! What’s the first thing?”

“You took pictures?” Sam mumbled behind him. “Stalker…”

Steve rolled his eyes. He smiled reassuringly at the young woman. “It’s for my boyfriend. He has a lot of products I don’t use and I wanted to do something nice.”

The woman’s nose wrinkled in a cute little smile at this. “Oh, sure! Let me see.” She thumbed at the first photo. “That’s a sugar scrub. We have a whole line right here against the wall. Do you know what scent he likes?”

The next ten minutes were a blur of scent-testing and piles of plastic bottles and cups being hoisted into Steve’s–and then Sam’s–arms. As Steve reached the end of his photo list he grew more nervous. He had saved something he wasn’t sure of for last, mostly because… Well. It had all the hallmarks of a future thing. Something he just didn’t get because he was still a stranger to this world.

Steve fiddled with his phone for a long moment as he stared at the last item. The salesclerk waited patiently, smiling encouragingly at him. “Is there something else?” she finally asked.

Steve smiled and rubbed the back of his head. “I’m not sure,” he admitted before holding out the phone to her. “It’s a… Well. It’s a rock. That my boyfriend keeps in the shower. I’m not sure if it’s for decoration or an actual… showering… tool? It might even be for cleaning the shower but I don’t think so, Ton- my boyfriend isn’t exactly the cleaning type, you know?” The thought had crossed Steve’s mind that the little oval rock in Tony’s bathroom might be a sex toy, but Tony had introduced him to most of those already–at least, so it seemed to Steve. Not to mention that the rock was much too rough to be sensual. Probably.

The woman’s expression stayed pleasantly bland as she looked at the photo and nodded, but from behind Steve came raucous laughter.

“Is it a pumice stone? Are you asking the poor lady’s about a pumice stone?”

Steve frowned and glanced back at Sam. “I don’t know. It’s a rough rock Tony keeps in the shower. I figured since I was coming here for all that other stuff anyways I’d ask the expert…”

Sam groaned to himself as he fumbled for his phone. “Oh man, why wasn’t I filming this? YouTube would have died. Captain America confounded by a pumice stone.”

Steve turned back to the woman with an apologetic smile. She was staring at him wide-eyed now, but fighting valiantly to stay professional. “Is it? A, uh: 'pumice stone’?”

She smiled and handed him back his phone. “It is. And we have some! It’s for scraping away the rough dead skin on the bottoms of your feet. If you wanted to know.”

As the woman led them to the selection of pumice stones, Sam shifted his share of the bags over to Steve’s arms. “Hang on: I want you to pose with the stone. If I can’t YouTube it, I can at least Instagram it.”

Steve sighed but stuck the stone next to his head and smiled. “Wait to post that though, would you? I don’t want to spoil the surprise for Tony and he 'follows’ you on the instant grams.”

“Sometimes I think you do the folksy talk just to get your way,” Sam grumbled, but he held his phone to his chest. “And yes, I solemnly swear to wait a week before sharing this nugget with the world. After you share that nugget with Tony.”


Two nights later, Tony rolled off a still sweaty and dozing Steve and padded off to the shower. Steve perked up as the water rushed on, lifting his head toward his bathroom. A minute later he was rewarded when Tony called out “Hey! You got stuff for me!”

Sticking his head through the bathroom door Steve smiled gamely. “Yeah, just for. You know. Days like today.”

“Seriously, I should have just brought my own stuff, this can get expensive.” Steve watched as Tony picked up the pumice stone and proceeded to scrub the underside of his feet with it. The future sure was amazing, sometimes.

The next morning when Tony stuck Sam’s Instagram page in Steve’s face and howled with laughter, Steve grumbled as he scrubbed his breakfast dishes. And sometimes the future was amazingly irksome, too.


Well, I finally made my first follow forever. I was really busy with school, I only get time to use tumblr app instead of using my computer. But I have to thank for my wonderful followers for following my blog. Teehee. /throws much loves.

Blogs down here mentioned are precious, they always made my days. Thanks for existing, you all are precious.
P/S: I didn’t really socialize with everyone down here but I still love their blog. Sorry if I missed anyone. <_< 

27kb a-sakuras acnologla akahito akason akiyue bakamura beautifulgeneration blosseoming dailyhaikyuu dobengal franklylexiconic gurenichinnose happvpills honey217 hopelessbaka izayas jenkirschtein jesseseo jihyossi justmyperfectgoddess kotoh kryoutas kunizuuka locksters lucy-dorkneel lucyheartfllia lucysenpaii mahiros maikohana mirayama mmatsuokah mochichou morgianafanaliss naotarou netsudragneel ninepearls ninthwish nnightray ohmnomnomber ohmynatsu ooiikawas ootsukis panny-mushroom quinsdecim raiijinshuu rboz rinmatzoukas rinshoshizoras s-ooyoungs sailorseo savokiku seo-mate seohyunism seotaeyeon seotaku shisshio sicajungs snogfairy soonkyuism suuzumes suzuyas t-amaki taengisc nyoomsting trafalgar-dlaw tsukiyma ulquioras wendychuu xxene yatamisakis yoonyvl yoshiohka zorobae angstaf magi-sheba shebasborg braiya kurokocchi-sama fire-dragon-prince jellalkun narakami sezakis noyasahi ikihiyoris ot9s lilium wcndymarvell icepearls nansami kurogamis naruseis immortalpromise kurummi kiryuun ryuusouken hideyoushi seieiryu

I don’t know what to say down here but thank you for existing, as you and your blog makes people happy!

One year anniversary of the livestream!!!

Hey Taylor! We all met you after the livestream one year ago and we still cannot thank you enough for inviting us into your home and partying with us!! It would be so amazing if you could follow our blogs!

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We love you so much Taylor <3 We had the time of our lives with you!

Love, your A- Team

Music S.T.A.R.T!!
  • Music S.T.A.R.T!!
  • μ’s
Welcome song! Our hearts are together as one
That's why this will be our never ending stage
I want to experience lots of wonders
I want to experience them with you
A miracle will make that wish come true, la la la love live!
I'm thankful that I was able to meet you
I'm thankful for the power to believe
Our courage will change the future
How come I still can't be honest with myself?
Music! Listen!!
It's time for us to all dance together
Let's go! It's starting!!
After all, the party will never end
The party will never end
There's still time for us to sing with all our might
After all, the party will never end
The party will never end
I'm filled with thoughts of fun miracles and invincible smiles!
(There's no stopping us) La la la, this is the best feeling!!
Welcome song! Our hearts are together as one
That's why we'll dance here together
Welcome song! Our hearts are together as one
That's why this will be our never ending stage

Thanks, and Thanks, and Ever Thanks

The last video in the Call Me Katie story was released today and it marked the end of an incredible journey for the cast and crew. We’d like to thank you all for you wonderful feedback and support for the series, it means the world to us.

Even though the vlogs have ended, our characters are still active on their various forms of social media aside from YouTube which can be found here:

We’re also excited to announce that George Bates has a new tumblr: so feel free to follow him and talk to him there!

Thank you again for all of the love and support, you’ve made this an incredible experience for all of us.

- The CMK Family


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I am having an end of summer sale to celebrate the arrival of fall (which means the arrival of my birthday) and to help get some more traffic to my shop, as its still new and in need of  love. I have only a few products to list right now, but the sooner they sell, the sooner I can get more new ones up. So check out the shop and don’t hesitate to use this coupon code if you like what you see. Thank you. ♥♥♥

Come Back Home, Epilogue.

Hey guys, I don’t think I can thank you all enough for reading my story, for sticking with me until here. This is the last part, and it’s a short, maybe I can write one shots about their life. Again, thank you all so much. Enjoy :)

For my lovely friend, I’d love to write something with you but yeah time zones can turn into a problem for us, I still think that we can do it if you want, just tell me how we can communicate :) Oh and, Karmyyyyyyyy.

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SMC sucked but the silver-lining is that it gave me a new appreciation for classic Usagi. I used to think Usagi was annoying and nosy, but now I see that she really just wanted everyone around her to be happy, even if her life was in danger. And her relationship with Mamoru is much healthier (well after the break-up). She still spends time with her girls and doesn't obsess over him every second. So thank you SMC for giving me a new love for Usagi, and thank you for this blog! It made it bearable

The thing that Crystal has done right is to get new people into the classic anime and also make us appreciate even more the flawless classic anime lol.

So yay for Crystal!.

We had an absolutely unreal time at Warped Tour this year. We got to meet some of our favourite bands, made all kinds of new friends and fans, and accomplished a long time dream of ours, all in the one date we were lucky enough to play! If you want to help us play more than one date next year please go to this link and vote for us! Even if you don’t vote for us, you should still go here and vote for which bands you want to see next year :) thank you all for your endless love and support! <3 <3

Vote for Warped Tour 2016

900 Followers Gift: Part 5

Doll Eyes

As the final part of my 900 followers gift are these eyes that I used on all of my Disney edit sims. 

I hope you all enjoy these gifts. I had a surprising number of projects that I never uploaded. But here they are! Please Tag me if you use my stuff, but it’s okay if you don’t :P 

Thank you all for following you >.< I still can’t believe that there are this many of you. I love you all bunches! 

Here’s a big shout out to my super sexy and loving wife! Who despite having 4 kids at home and a full time job and being a full time student in college she still makes time for us and our fun ;)…..I know there are men just as lucky as me so reblog this and let us all appreciate your wife as well-C