they still thank us and love us

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In the picture where you have the short cut ombre wig and is captioned,"Oh no", can you tell me what kind of lower lashes you used? I'm still trying to figure those out still so I am curious if you used the small separate ones or the lower lashes that come connected (if that makes sense?). Thank you love

I cut one of the top lashes that I was about to throw out and used them as bottom lashes!


lost in the music

Hello my dudes!
Sorry I’ve been inactive,tumblr gives me anxiety.
First things first, I just want to send my thanks to everyone that has supported the @arthoecollective and has been with us through our journey.
We still have a lot to learn-no doubt,but thank you for supporting us through our progression.
Much love to all the people who has submitted in the past and is going to submit in the future.
Without the help of you beautiful talented artists we wouldn’t have come this far.
It’s your strength and motivation that enables us to keep pushing forward,and working harder.
Our main aim to create a multifaceted safe platform for marginalized groups.
Although we still have a lot of growing to do, it’s satisfying to know that we’ve matured.
This year we have so many things in store for you guys.
Our first announcement is that the @arthoecollective is currently in the Dazed 100.
This is such a great way for us to start off the year.
We’ve appreciated the support you gave us in the past but now we need your support again for the Dazed 100.

Please vote the AHC up on the dazed 100
Link to our profile on the bottom!

gtkmm: favorite female groups → gfriend (2015)
“I really feel thankful to those people who leaves positive comments and supported us even though they are no a fan. After we debuted, there are people who writes letter and come to see us. I was so surprised! We received so much love even though we just released our first album and are still rookies.”


160129 KTR - Phone call with Kangin:

Kangin’s message for Ryeowook:
To our reliable maknae, Ryeowook
Ryeowook, it’s already been more than ten years since we have known each other. If I look back, I feel sorry that I didn’t really act like an older brother to you. You’ve always been quiet without any complaints, being in charge of singing and giving your best in many different fields. That, is a fact that everybody knows. That is why us hyungs were happy and anticipated for ryeowookie’s solo album more than anyone else. Ryeowook, you once said that the biggest reason you are doing radio is because your mum is very happy to hear your voice every night. That story made me feel thankful that someone like you, who knows what is really valuable, is our member. Sometimes you act cold and cranky, but us hyungs still love and cherish our maknae ryeowookie. Our ryeowookie, your solo album… Of course the chart is important but more than that please be thankful for each performance and give us great music; because you are the owner of the voice that is loved worldwide! Don’t get sick, and our maknae ryeowookie fighting!

Ryeowook: Kangin has really taught me a lot about life. The reason why we can continue for so long, is because of all the hyungs who had done a really good job, this includes Eunhyuk who is currently in the army and Yesung..shindong..and sungmin…

- Ryeowook started to cry, Kangin was also sniffing -

Leeteuk: Take your time, we still have plenty of time.

Ryeowook: What I realised while preparing my solo is “what would I have done if it was not for our hyungs?” I’m going to be super junior forever. Even when i am doing activities now, i will constantly remember myself as SJ’s Ryeowook 

- Kangin who wants to liven up the situation -

Kangin: Actually Leeteuk and i really dont have plans for solo.

Leeteuk: What are you saying? i will release it in 2040.

Kangin: Are you still healthy then?

Leeteuk: If i am still alive, Kangin will then release solo in 2041. (c)(c)

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I usually stay pretty quiet on tumblr, but I wanted to make a point of reaching out and telling you that you are so loved. For every bitter and biting person who spits insensitive or hurtful comments here, there are a hundred of us quiet strangers who are touched by your tenderness and made brave by your lion heart. You help us live. You inspire us to reach out and feel the stillness and the torrent. You bless us through your highs and lows. Stay wild, love. - A stranger

Damn. Thank you. I’d hug you if you weren’t a stranger. I’d probably hold on a little too tightly then ask you to come over for dinner. 

happy birthday to out one and only, jackaboy!!!!

Dear Sean/Jackaboy,

Thank you so much for making us happy in your own little way. Thank you so much for being an inspiration for us and for being the kind of person that’s always there for us. Thank you for being the Jacksepticeye that you are now. You are a silly goofball that love cake and cookies, and as well as jokes! (like me!!) More importantly, thank you for being that friend that I never had. I hope you keep being the way you are and even if you do change, we’ll still be there for you. And oh yeah, YOU’RE AN OLD GEEZER NOW!!!!! How does it fell being a grandpa? :DD Nah, i’m just kidding with you! You’re still that li’l 6 year old at heart. Even if you are a grandpa, YOU’RE THE BOSSIEST GRANDPA THAT HAS EVER BOSSED! 

I hope you have an epic time hanging out with your friends there in LA!

Please continue on what you’re doing and keep enjoying life!! I love you jack!! All of us loves you. Keep smiling and stay determined.

-From, a fan.


Thank you. Merci. Gracias. Obrigado. Grazie.

Thank you Chino for all that you have done for us these past years. I just wanted to give you thanks and apologize for what the “sour candies” of the fandom have done, still do, and will possibly do in the future. You do your best to make sure we enjoy the game, you listen to us and our ideas, such as giving us the gift of changing the skin tone of our candies. 

Although this seemed to still leave complaints, I believe what you’ve done is great as do many others. Your art has improved tremendously over the years and I honestly love watching the changes throughout the game. I’m so sorry that you have to put up with so much with certain “fans”, but I hope that you are doing well and that it does not stress you out too much. 

We love you Chino!

Feel free to write your own thanks to chino on this post!


#Repost @thatvision / the morning after… we still can’t believe these sad news, we would like to share that you @mskatiemay are one of the people that helped us appreciate our journey, thank you for always smiling and spreading such a positive vibe around us, we’ll keep sharing it, huge love all around you

The fact that Nikki was in pain for 3 months and still wrestled amazes me. Every time a wrestler perseveres and sets their pain aside to entertain us I just find it so damn incredible. They love this and they’re so passionate for this. Thank you to any and all wrestlers who have wrestled through injuries and just those who have been in pain, but have set that aside to give us some good wrestling. Thank you.

If I called you dead,
would you love us
If I gave you life
would you need us
If I asked you to be my wife
you’d still leave us
If I searched for us
I’d never find us
We’re the cracked
shadows; there is
no reflection within
our eyes-
the blackness consumes
more than our lungs;
we’re a bit dead on the inside
—  would you be mine? dead lover of mine… // @vulgarink, thank you.

Last year, on February 4th, at 6:46 am a thing that I still wonder why it happened, happened
It’s one of my favorite memories ever, of me running in class and almost fainting. The rush, the emotion and the freaking out I can still feel, bc she could have unfollowed me but no, she follows me and I can’t explain what it is to your idol to be your friend, no one on earth can!
Thanks my best friend for that, and thanks for being with us. You could not talk to us and be rude to us and don’t care about us if you wanted to, but it’s otherwise, you do everything for us and I love u, love u to death, it’s a soul thing u know? I LOVE U AND THANKS FOR MAKING ME ALWAYS SOOOOO HAPPY

[BangtanSimmies] Eyeliner Set
Hello~ I tried something new. Here are 3 Eyeliners for your sims! ♥
Number 1 is a normal, thick, black eyeliner.
Number 2 is a glitter eyeliner, but it turned out bad. I still don’t want to remove the swatch because maybe anyone would find it useful lol. I got the idea from the amazing @split-ma-soul, by the way. If you also play TS3, you should definitely check out her glitter eyeliner, it’s much better than mine. [x]
Number 3 is a cute eyeliner + waterliner inspired by Ulzzangs ^-^

♥ Costum thumbnail included! Yay! ♥
♥ Three swatches
♥ Base game compatible
♥ Please tag me if you use it, ty! <3

Btw this is my first time shairng sth through simfileshare, thanks for inviting me @split-ma-soul ♥ (-whispering- I love you, Kitty!)


So formation is Beyonce’s “I’m black bitch” anthem. i love it!

i also love the glimpse of Blue proudly rocking the afro…so those stupid hair petitioners can go suck a dick instead of picking on a child.

One problem i have is the use of the word yellow bone. It’s just a personal pet peeve so i’ll always have a negative reaction to it’s use. YEAH LITTLE HORNET, the accent didn’t translate well to this South African, sorry. 

And the negro nose comment would have more bite if she kept her original nose like Rihanna did…just saying. i still love the video though.

Oh & thank goodness we’re done with videos being exclusive to TIDAL shit

One year ago today, and you still continue to give so many people strength and courage to go after their dreams and do the things they love.

Thank you Monty, for providing so much wisdom and inspiring people to keep doing what they love. The world may be darker without you physically here, but you still shine down on us and watch us all from above, and keep us moving towards our goals.

I know I never personally got to meet you, or have any interactions with you, but I just want to say Thank You. Thank you so much for being who you were and are, for being such an amazing person, and for RWBY. RWBY, in fact, is the reason I’m still alive to this day. It was RWBY that had helped bring me out of a terrible depression and it was you, yourself, that started me thinking that I can pull through and become something great.

One year gone and you’re still pushing people to keep moving forward, and that we shall do.

We miss you Monty, and we all love you so very much. ❤

Each individual person has their own ambitions in life. Something that has been crafted through life experience, driven by passion or the deep desire to become the best of something.

But my mother here, her ambition and passion in life is to simply provide for us. She has dedicated her life since our birth to provide and nurture us. I’m at the stage of young adulthood and coming home I still see her constantly providing for us in some way.

There is no words or action that can ever repay such devotion, Thank You, mum. I feel the same.

Thank you for submission! We love it!

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

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Hi! I am currently debating whether to convert my novel from past tense to present tense, and I am leaning more towards present tense, though my dad (who is my only reader/editor right now) thinks I should keep it in past tense. I showed him several YA novels that I've read that use present tense, and he still thinks it's a bad idea. Long story short, I'm torn. What's you opinion? Is there an advantage to using one of the other? Thanks! I love your blog :)

It really depends on what works best for your story and for you yourself. The main reason people like present tense is because it offers a sense of immediacy. The reader gets to feel like the action is happening right now, as they’re reading it. However, that tense doesn’t work well with all stories, especially if your character needs to be able to apply hindsight to whatever they experienced. For example, let’s say you’re writing in first-person and your protagonist has to describe meeting their future best friend. In present tense, all they can do is describe meeting a person they know nothing (or very little) about, because they don’t know yet that this person will become their best friend. However, when using past tense, as long as the story is being told after the point at which they became best friends, your protagonist can let the reader know more about this person. Here’s what I mean:

Present Tense

The girl is sitting on the steps of the school, staring down at her shoes as if afraid to take in the world around her. She looks so scared and alone, I know I’ve got to at least try to befriend her.

Past Tense

The girl was sitting on the steps of the school, staring down at her shoes as if afraid to take in the world around her. I didn’t know it at the time, but she had begun to lose her hearing little by little, but none of the adults in her life had quite realized it. All I knew right then and there was that she looked scared and alone, and I knew I had to try to befriend her. Little did I know, we’d be joined at the hip for the next twenty-five years.

So, obviously the past tense version allows us to infuse some later insight into what’s going on, which changes the scene entirely. If you feel like your story might benefit from that kind of insight, you may want to stick with past tense. 

If you don’t have a reason for switching to present tense–and by good reason, I mean that you really feel it would work better for you or your story–I’d probably go ahead and keep it past tense and try future tense for a new story. If you’re really not sure, try rewriting a single chapter in present tense and see how it works. You could even have your dad read it to see if he likes it better. :)

Have a question? I’d love to hear from you. Please be sure to read my ask rules before submitting your question or it may not be answered. Thanks! :)  


Updates + Bathing twins | 31.01.2016

Hello everybody!

Today we decided to bathing the twins. Well, while swimming, they were calm, they liked! They even smiled. Since the bathing two children at once I was not very comfortable, the Jean helped me. For bathing the kids, we used cosmetics for bathing Sophie La Girafe.

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another name and pronouns thing, please read and reblog!!

This is a long post about my names/pronouns because I’ve made a lot of changes recently, so I thought I would just put them all together to try and save some confusion. Most of the names/pronouns are the same, I’ve just added two names/pronouns and taken away a name and pronoun set. I will still be putting the name(s)/pronouns I’d like to use that day in my bio, so please don’t call me a different name/use different pronouns than what is in the parenthesis. 

And most of you have been so supportive and helpful during my exploration of gender/names and pronouns and I can’t thank you enough for that. It means the world to me and I love you all so much <333 

Under the cut is all my names and pronouns that are to be used with those names, and if there are any questions at all, please don’t be afraid to ask! Tumblr wont let me edit my theme for some reason, so if you look at my ‘pronouns’ page it wont have the updated list. Sorry about that, I’ll change it as soon as I can. 

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