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I'd like to think that the Cyndago-Iplier Egos moved to a building next door so in a way, ALL of the Egos could still have meetings and hang out. :) - Curly Anon

aw, that’s a nice concept! wilford probably looks out the window to their room and pouts like “i wanna go over there, they’re having so much fun” and dark just rolls his eyes lmao 

Johnny Storm Drabble

A/N: Because I’m a glasses wearing dork and I need more Johnny Storm in my life.


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“I never thought I would be jealous of a baby, let alone my own nephew.”

You look up from the sleeping 9 month old in your arms to your friend, Johnny. You had agreed to help him babysit his nephew, Ben, while still keeping with your plans of hanging out. It’s just now turning 9 p.m. and the baby was fast asleep.

“Why’s that, firecracker?”

“Look at him! Living the life of napping with boobs for pillows, hand fed every meal, and cuddling with beautiful women! He’s living the dream!” He whisper yells. You roll your eyes.

“You don’t live much differently, you know. You have plenty of beautiful women throwing themselves at you all the time.” You say before redirecting your attention to the sleeping infant on your lap.

“Not the one I want….” Johnny mumbles from across the room.

“What was that?” You snap.

“Nothing. Go put him in bed so we can watch this movie.”

“Yes dad.” You stand carefully, doing a combo of rocking and bouncing while walking down the hall towards the nursery. Baby Ben fusses some as you lay him down, but stills after a second. You carefully raise the gate of the crib, quietly leaving the room and shutting the door.

“Alright! Movie time! What do you have picked out?” You ask.

“The Ugly Truth, Men in Tights, or Tropic Thunder. Ladies choice.” Johnny says from the floor.

“Men in Tights. Haven’t seen that in awhile.”

Johnny puts in the movie while you get the drinks and a package of popcorn. Sitting down, you curl into his side for warmth while he heats the popcorn with his hand. Halfway through the movie, he shifts, almost as if he’s uncomfortable.

“You okay?” You ask, looking up at him. But he’s already staring at you.

“Yeah, I just….” he starts to lean forward, but the extra heat from his body makes your vision go blurry.



“You’re fogging up my glasses…”

He pulls back fast, as if he burned you. ‘Dumbass’ he thought. But he’s stopped when you take them off and set them on the coffee table.

“Better?” You ask hopefully. You knew Johnny wanted to kiss you. You wanted him to kiss you.

“Much.” He whispers, before his lips are on yours, soft and warm and needy.


A/N: I know it sucks, it was written on my phone in a hurry at work.


hc that Preston and Nerf’s egg never ran away but rather… Jasper was watching all this unfold from afar and decided that now was as good a time as any for ghostly intervention

taylor really went from London, to Rhode Island, to California, to Nashville within the span of TWO WEEKS just to meet hundreds of us. homegirl must be on 4 different timezones and jetlagged af BUT SHE STILL COMES ON TUMBLR TO HANG OUT WITH US AFTERWARDS. i truly love every fiber of this woman

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i need a list of all the stupid shit no one would expect Bitty to do other than trying to pick Tater up on the ice

okay so i had this half written and then didnt touch my computer for a week oops. so a list of stupid shit bitty has done that no one expects despite the fact he is a college student, a hockey player, a boy, and only 21:

  1. shotgunned a beer at 10am the friday before finals bc fuck his life he’d been studying all week and if he aint ready now hes never gonna be
  2. once nearly took out the legs of the dining room table trying to escape a post workout holster by sliding through the kitchen
  3. ate a cold pizza straight from the box for breakfast because he was running late to class and it had been left on the table the night before
  4. nearly fell off the roof while smoking with shitty and lardo
  5. actually fell into the school swimming pool when the current seniors decided they wanted to break into the pool at 3am on a whim
  6. nearly got arrested for trespassing in the park after dark bc shitty decided he wanted to play frisbee in the dark at 11pm
    1. bitty actually was the least likely to get arrested considering he straight up vaulted over a short brick wall and tore down the side of hill away from the cop car
    2. the others were honestly really impressed with his reaction time
  7. did several chinese fire drills with the frogs the last time they drove to providence to see the falcs play (nursey nearly didn’t make it back into the car the very last time)
  8. did a shot of absinthe to prove that his alcohol tolerence was amazing fuck you very much zack jimmermann
  9. woke up the next morning on the cursed couch with a box of mickey d’s chicken nuggets sitting on his stomach and possibly a rash from said cursed couch
  10. bus surfed (as in, balancing in the aisles without holding on not on top of the bus) on the local bus and nearly killed an old lady
  11. rode down the Haus stairs in a laundry basket bc other than lardo and foxtrot he was the only one who would fit (lardo was too stressed and foxtrot has done some stupid shit with the boys but she at least has that much sense)

honestly i could probably come up with more but this was getting long

sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.

All of them are bi

mike gets a video camera

some cute headcanons involving mike recording the losers!! also this is kind of got hella long so sorry haha

  • oKAY so let’s get started…

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  • Alex: Be myself? Laf, I have one day to win over Eliza's family. How long did it take before you guys started liking me?
  • John: Couple weeks.
  • Herc: Six months.
  • Burr: Jury's still out.
  • Alex: See, Laf? 'Be myself'. What kind of garbage advice is that?

Imagine Allura having her usual nightly gossip session with the mice when she suddenly comes the realization that she might…she just might…be starting to develop feelings for Lance. Her mind is blown and in shambles. She must speak to someone that is not a rodent about this revelation.

Coran as father figure is out. Shiro is technically her boss so that would be awkward. Lance is a no-go. Hunk is sweet but is too close to Lance and a terrible gossip. Keith is Keith so no. Matt is too new. 

So she goes her only option left- Pidge. Sure they haven’t had much in common before, but perhaps this will be their bonding experience! Talking about boys and feelings!

Allura, filled with determination, goes to straight to Pidge’s room, knocks on her door and when asked what Allura wants, Allura truthfully answers with her biggest smile.

“I have just come to realize that I might be holding feelings of romantic nature toward Lance and am in great need of some female companionship and advice.”

Pidge stares. And stares some more. Then she holds up a finger, stating, “Hold on for juuuuuuust a bit.”

Then she promptly shuts the door in Allura’s face and she is forced to listen to Pidge howling in laughter behind the door for a full hour.