they still appreciate the majority of us

I hate doing stuff like this because of pride but i really need the help…Sooo long story short… me and my family were wrongfully evicted from our home (currently in talks with a lawyer). Majority of our belongings were lost, stolen, or damaged. Our dogs were taken on top of my husband being laid off from his job (he starts a new one tonight).. We’ve been staying in an extended stay for the last few weeks. An apartment complex finally accepted us but doesn’t have anything available this weekend for us to move into but we still have to provide them with a $200 deposit. I just can’t afford to pay them and the extended stay. So if you’re able to help please do and it will be greatly appreciated. Even if its just a $1.

Thank you!

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I can’t express to you guys, the feelings I am going through having memories from these photos from a year ago. While things were so new and undiscovered, unrevealed. Before all our hearts got torn out by DW and we were so innocent in knowing what was to come. Our hearts were full, whole, and not yet mangled. And here I stood a full day, my first time as the face of Hiccup for the movie no one knew would break all our hearts yet put us through loops of emotion.
This event was so important to me that I had just been recovering from a major hospital visit, and even though it was hard, I got up and hobbled my peg-legged self to that showing in that armor because thats how much it meant to me.
Being Hiccup was worth every moment, and also every penny I spent seeing this movie over and over. And I still appreciate dreamworksanimation and kris0ten for inviting me and allowing me that opportunity. (Im still here if you guys ever want me.) This movie and the last has changed my life for ever, this is why it’s birthday is important. Happy Birthday, How to Train Your Dragon 2.
You are amazing.

// Donna Noble Appreciation Week

(Slightly Belated) Day 4: The DoctorDonna

“I was going to be with you. Forever.”

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The following is directed at those few who complained about Daehyun & HakEnt these past few months; especially on Daes birthday. Im just really fed up and need to say a few things & i know the majority of the baby fandom has no part in this.

Tbh i think alot of us appreciate daehyun alot more since this lawsuit started. I know i do. There were alot of times when i strayed or got bored here on tumblr since the same old posts crossed my dash everyday or only other groups showed up. This is by all means not baps fault since they are not at all obligated to keep us updated, post alot on their sns and share their life with us. I’d rather have them post something cause they want to and not cause they have to. 

So here’s the thing: Daehyun did all that because he wanted to. He replied to fans on twitter, set up the fancafe, showed us his smile when he hung out with friends/family, let us know that he still trains with sharing his dance vids and song covers, kept us updated with pics & vids of the other members and decided to participate in HakEnts performances and letting us know about them so fans could go watch him while simultaneously giving us who couldnt attend new pics & vids through them. He has been nothing but being a sweetheart.

During all this i’ve seen nagative things cross my dash everytime daehyun did anything really (not from the people i follow but they shared comments they saw online). To some ‘fans’ he apparently cant do anything right. One time he posts too much trying to steal all the fans from the other members and demanding too much attention being all up in our faces, another time he does something that could harm them in the lawsuit, then he’s being too rude or mindless, does spend too much time with his friends and not enough with bap and in the end he is not smart enough to realize that he’s being “used” by his teacher.

Can you all do the rest of us babyz a favour and just take a step back and actually use your brains for once before you talk? it would be much appreciated. You cant complain about the others not posting enough and at the same time  bad mouth daehyun when he does. He’s not trying to steal any of us away, he’s trying keep us around and reassured that they’re fine and still here. You accuse daehyun of being too mindless and hurting those around him by not thinking before he speaks and yet here you are doing the exact same thing. no, actually you’re being worse. What you’re doing is assuming things about stuff you have no insight in and thinking you’re entitled to have any say in their life and the choices they make.

Bap has been in the business for more than three years and know how it works and what they’re allowed to do and what not. They have lawyers they can consult if they’re not sure whether they can or cannot do or say certain things during this lawsuit. They know. They dont need you to tell them. And saying daehyun did things that could hurt them is ridiculous when yongguk and zelo released tracks that without a doubt fire shots at TS and their current situation far more clearly than anything daehyun did all this while. All other members can travel for several months and not spend time as ot6 and yet only daehyun gets scolded when he spends some well deserved time with his friends he hasnt seen in years. Can you all just stop with your double standard?! 

Lastly, Daehyun isnt totally naive. He chose to participate in those performances. He knows that HakEnt and his friends who have the same dream as him get attention they wouldnt get otherwise through his attentance. Have you ever thought about that that may be his way of giving back? They showed nothing but support for him and bap and that this is his way of saying thank you by giving them some spotlight? I also heard that the live stream was actually planed to be for just HakEnt and they combined it with daes bday. You know what that means right? They gave up alot of their airtime to make it about daehyun and us babyz. Willingly. Of course the stream wouldnt have had as much viewers if daehyun hadnt been there, but they still changed it all to give him the most time. And yet some of you dont think its necessary to just think for a moment before you insult his friends and teacher he loves dearly.

And although it probably were only a few who spoke badly about this whole situation, congrats. You did it. We wont get any performances anymore till the lawsuit is over for however long that will be. And i wouldnt be surprised if daehyun doesnt post as much anymore since it wasnt the first time he had to apologize for absolutely nothing. I couldnt even blame him.

Do us all a favour and leave the fandom or sit down and shut up and give positive support to our boys instead of making them feel even worse and guilty for nothing in this already hard time.

Hello everyone! We, The Procastiwriters family would like to thank each and every one of you. Thank you for supporting us since day one. Thank you for appreciating our family and our writings. You are the reason why we’re still here.

As we achieve the 10K milestone, we will keep our promise to give you all the best literary pieces. We will continue writing as a reflection of each and everyone’s perspective. And we will continuously improve and develop our writing skills to give you the best that you deserve. Expect major changes and updates in our literary works that will build more relationships and connections from us to you.

Again, from the Procastiwriters Family, Thank you and let’s keep the Literature’s flame burning- even burn harder!

ok i’m gonna make a super small little rant abt steven universe and queer/nonbinary media representation.
so the thing is, the gems are all canonly nonbinary, but they all still use she/her pronouns (which is a normal and okay thing for some nonbinary people to do), and yes they are just rocks with personalities.
but at the same time, they represent strong, courageous women, and ruby and saphires beautiful relationship is SO important in media. its one of the first times a major childrens television network has had openly queer main characters, which is REALLY important.
so lets just appreciate how big of a step both NONBINARY main characters, and a beautiful (what seems to be)QUEER relationship is.
that is all

I used to hate the hyper sensitivity that came with my ASD. Lights were too bright, sounds were too loud, and everything smelled a hundred times stronger than it needed to. 

Now? Now I’m okay with it. In fact I actually kind of love it. Some adjusting was required, and some things will still be too much for me to handle at times, but I feel like I get to experience more of the world than the majority of people. 

See a nice painting of a landscape? Woah, look at the detail on that one leaf! The artist must have spent hours upon hours with this.

Going out to eat for a meal? This food tastes amazing! I can taste every ingredient. 

Going to bed? Aw yeah, silky soft sheets all around me. 

It took a long time to get used to everything being at 120%, but I’ve got a stronger appreciation of the world around me because of it. 

i’m now selling my original photography with added text on etsy in order to make some extra money for school, as well as an overseas trip to italy next spring!!

i’m a design major and if you know anyone in design school then you know it’s ridiculously expensive and supplies are constantly needed.

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please let me tell you a thing

Teresa Agnes is a selfless character because she practically sacrificed whatever relationship she and Thomas could have had to save him, right? Well yes, but that’s already been established. However, I still think her selflessness is a little under-appreciated, and I think Wes did a great job expanding on her character and giving her more depth in the TST movie.

~ cue MAJOR tst movie/book spoilers welp ~

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so i used to wanna be like those tiny girls that make up the majority of our media exposure. i wanted to be tiny/skinny/have no boobs or ass (although to be fair i think a big part of that is that i have a very hourglassy build and it frustrated me because i felt like presenting masc was just NOT AN OPTION…still frustrates me to be honest, but i’ve come to terms with that) and that used to be the ideal for beauty for me, both what i wanted to be and what i found sexually appealing

but now i’m like

nah brah


this is what i wanna be when i grow up

i wanna be strong and healthy

i wanna be able to fuck your shit up and let out an adorable little giggle when i’m through with you

i mean look at this

look how fucking happy she is with herself

she even walks cute as she steps up to lift shit over her head

i mean, i don’t even know if i want her or i want to be her and i don’t care anymore


Okay so in the past few days I have seen a bunch of posts about groupies and how 5sos is “abusing their fame” or “being rude to fans” and I just thought I would make a little rant about it because I’m sick of it.

Okay so first of all, these boys are receiving a lot of popularity and they have handled it well in my opinion. They still try everyday to remind us that they love us and appreciate everything we do. Does that mean that they can always stop to take pictures with us? No. You have to understand that while we do take up a major part of their lives, they do have other priorities so I don’t think it’s being rude if they don’t take a picture with you. Honestly, they take so many pictures with so many fans and they really don’t have to. You’re getting this picture for free, on THEIR time.

Now as for the groupie ordeal, please stop saying that they’ve had tons of groupies because think about it, do they really have time to have that many? No. They have a lot going on and while I’m sure they get their fair amount of sex, I HIGHLY doubt they’re having as much as people make it out to be. They’re teenage rock stars, not teenage porn stars.

So don’t say they don’t care about us because they have groupies. A lot of bands have groupies, it’s normal. And don’t say they don’t care about us, because if they didn’t they would not take the time to follow us on twitter and take pictures with us. So keep that in mind when you call them rude and say they don’t care about us.

This is just my opinion.

((But come on you know I’m right))

i’m now selling my original photography with added text on etsy in order to make some extra money for school, as well as an overseas trip next spring!!

i’m a design major and if you know anyone in design school then you know it’s ridiculously expensive and supplies are constantly needed. 

also it’s cool to support artists who are still on the ground, and if you would like 10% off a print, just use the code PINEAPPLEPARTY before august 31st.

if you’d like to look at my prints, i have various selections in different sizes, and can also give you a larger discount if you’d really like one but can’t quite afford it. 

thank you all so much for supporting me, i truly appreciate it. 

On Acronyms

Ok so, I didn’t think I would have to make a post about this, but just for the sake of my followers and the people I follow, and please forgive me this PSA:

If you make posts about your Sole Survivor from Fallout 4, please do not shorten it to SS. 

This abbreviation is associated with Nazi Germany’s schutzstaffel from the Holocaust, as well as modern white supremacist movements/groups and can be severely triggering and upsetting to people who had relatives live through/die during that event or from violence related to those groups. 
This abbreviation has been time and again commented on by Jewish bloggers, especially, as being unsettling and I would personally appreciate it if we could acknowledge this.
While some people who were not effected have, rather insensitively claimed that since people were not individually effected, I would like to point out cultural memory and the fact that familial empathy exists. Additionally, as the acronym is still in use today for white supremacy groups, it continues to be a symbol for hate and discrimination that a majority of fans are unaware they are using.

Now, I am aware many people are simply shortening the terms together for ease of typing, but the trauma of a people’s history being brought back when scanning their dash, or inadvertently normalizing the spread of the symbols of hate groups, isn’t worth a fast abbreviation. 

Instead, you can take a few seconds longer and type out “Sosu” which is the first two letters of each word and identifies the character. 
Or simply “Sole” which has the same amount of letters.

Please, everyone– there is no need to make people so viscerally uncomfortable. No need to be so insensitive to others suffering for the sake of an acronym. Please, think it over. We’re all people here.

I’ll personally be unfollowing blogs that use the “SS” acronym and refuse to change it, and personally promise never to use it. 

luke hemmings imagine (good girls)

Request: Yes - by: alva-99


Based off of Good Girls by 5 Seconds of Summer


A/N: requests are open!! :—)


I sat by myself in the school’s library, whispering my notes from my laptop screen to myself over and over again. Although I had spent a majority of the week studying for this damn test, I had to make sure I knew absolutely everything on it. The librarian knew me fairly well by now, so she was used to me coming up during my lunch instead of being in the overcrowded cafeteria. The air in the library was still and deadly quiet. The only noise I could hear was the soft typing from the librarian’s keyboard and my own steady breathing. In the same second that I was appreciating the only quiet space in the entire school, the door immediately burst in followed by four black blurs.

Honestly the only reason I even noticed them coming in was the sudden burst of air around me, otherwise I probably would have been too indepth my notes. I couldn’t exactly make out who they were because I wasn’t really the type of person who got too involved with the social politics of the school. It was all mind numbing and time consuming, so I kept myself as far away as possible from everything and anything related to pointless high school drama.

My eyes retreated back to the screen, scanning over a chart when an earth shattering boom came from behind me. I think one of the boys laughed at my sudden jump as a reaction, but was I really supposed to be expecting that kind of noise in a library? Or at any other time of the day? Maybe if I was in some sort of battle zone or if a rift valley was opening before me, but never at a small high school’s library. Morons.

Curiosity got the best of me to check who it was and when I could make out their faces from the large distance that was between us, I was not shocked to see it was Luke Hemmings and his little posse. I didn’t know much about his shenanigans because like I said social politics is not my thing, but I’d be willing to bet a good amount of money that he doesn’t do many productive things with himself. We have a class together, which you would find shocking because he’s a senior and I’m a freshman. I’d found out from another classmate that he’d been held back in the same math course. Four times. If that’s not enough to worry you, I’m not sure what will.

Unfortunately, when I turned around we made dead eye contact and either he noticed that it was me or he had gotten the wind knocked out of him. His eyes were wide and it looked as if his shoulders had gotten larger, if possible. I looked around me to see what he could be looking at and I came to the conclusion that he was either staring at me or had a strange fascination with stacked books. My instincts told me it was the first one.

As I turned around, the bell rang indicating that my “lunch” was over and that whatever class he was supposed to be in ended as well. I got up slowly, stretching out my back a little from the uncomfortable position I had been in for almost half an hour and begin to shut down my laptop and collect my papers. I reached for my text book when another blur was black ran past me, knocking down the book I was grabbing for and most of my papers.

“Absolutely beautiful,” I sighed to myself, pushing my glasses up farther up the bridge of my nose before crouching down to begin collecting my fallen items.

“Wait, let me help. I’m sorry he’s an idiot,” a voice above me bellowed. I was more than a little surprised to find that it was Luke standing above me offering his help.

“It’s fine, really, I know he didn’t mean it,” I tried to sway his offer.

“Yeah I know, but all of your shit went everywhere and I feel bad,” he picked up the textbook and handed it to me, “So at least let me help.”

I smiled weakly in response, not really knowing what else to say. Before my mind had really processed the situation all of my papers had been neatly stacked on the table before me. I got up from the crouching position, but surprisingly bumped into another body.

“My name’s Luke, by the way,” he grinned wildly, dimples and all.

 A/N: request if you guys want a part 2 :-)

For all of my life I’ve questioned it (captivity) to an extent. I was always conflicted about zoos, for example, even as a young girl. being an animal lover, I’d love the opportunity to see animals; but, also, being an animal lover, it made me so sad to see them confined and living in such unnatural settings with people ogling and bothering them all day. i felt guilty. like many people I’d always been drawn to whales and dolphins and found them intriguing. when the opportunity to work at Seaworld arose, I found myself able to set aside my issues with captivity, essentially with this type of rationalization: “well, the animals are here. who better to care for them than someone like me”. it worked for a while, but I still often found myself feeling the same type of guilt, after work, that i used to feel as a young girl when i left a zoo. i believe that the majority of the trainers have a great love and appreciation for the whales, but I’m now able to see that it’s so misguided. to claim love for these animals and yet to support them being in confinement, it’s a great hypocrisy really.
—  Carol Ray, former Seaworld trainer

I know sometimes being in this fandom feels like hitting a brick wall, but try and think about how much progress we have made. There was a time when we were ignored and belittled by everyone, the cast and media ignored us even though we were such a huge fandom.

But now we have a sweater selfie, we have major publications using the phrase “Swan Queen”, we are finally being acknowledged. In a couple years we’ve gone from being the fandom’s dirty little secret to being recognized and appreciated. If the show’s still around in another two years, who knows how much farther we’ll go. Change doesn’t happen overnight but we’re getting there.

In video games, it’s the tiny details that make me appreciate the game more. Take Dragon Quest VII on the 3DS, I love how the Hero, Kiefer, and Maribel take different stances in battle. Who doesn’t love Maribel’s ninja run? The use of items is a great addition, like you actually SEE the sandwich Pearl gives to the Hero (it looked good, it made me hungry) and Maeve’s doll (don’t talk to me about her I am still emotional). Seeing enemies on the battlefield is a major improvement. One thing I dreaded about the original PS1 game was that the battles felt difficult and endless. I am sorta sad they removed the in-battle party talk. The graphics surprised me too; I’m too use to handheld games being 2D sprites. These 3DS graphics are beautiful! I wish DQIX had come out on the 3DS! 

I keep comparing the DQVII remake to the original. The remake is a little too PG at times and I’m not too happy about some name changes (GABO GABO GABO GABO). But the remake is doing a good job holding onto the feelings and emotions with the more darker scenes. Maeve’s scenes and the village of stone was done beautifully. My biggest complaint is that I don’t like how the Fane was dumbed down, but I understand they wanted to shorten the intro so the player could get to the slimes faster. I hope as I play more the remake keeps making better improvements rather than downgrades.