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Got7 reaction to meeting a tall fangirl

A/N - Requested by the lovely @datyugyummy! As I said when I first responded to the ask, as a tiny person I can’t relate to this one but I hope it’s good nonetheless~

Hey there~ could I request a reaction to Got7 meeting a REALLY tall fangirl? Super tall for a girl, like 1,85m (6'1")? 

Mark: Mark would like seeing some taller fans, I think simply because they’re different. He likes people who have a certain difference about them that makes them stand out in a crowd and their height would definitely fit that criteria. He’d probably find them really cute too.

JB: I don’t think JB would care too much if a fan was taller than him. It might surprise him if the majority are short but he’d probably appreciate not having to bend his neck too long and getting cramp just to talk to them. He might not like it if he’s the one having to look up constantly though haha.

Jackson: Since he’s the shortest member, it’s definitely more likely that he’s used to meeting fans taller than him but he’d still feel a little disappointed that they were taller. He’d get all cute and pouty in front of them because of the height difference.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be shocked to see someone so tall but he wouldn’t really mind if they were taller or not. He’s probably just not used to seeing tall people on the regular outside of the members. He’d still love you though and might say “the taller the fan, the more they can love us”

Youngjae: Youngjae will be all smiles for any fan, tall or short. But he’d like the tall ones especially because he somehow finds himself getting along with them better than some of the shorter fans. He wouldn’t mind at all if they were taller and might actually find it pretty cute.

Bambam: I think Bambam would be cool if the fan was on the taller side but if they were taller than him, he wouldn’t like it. Be prepared for him to stand on his toes in photos just so he looks that little bit taller when standing next to the fan.

Yugyeom: I feel like it’s rare for someone to be taller than this tree of a boy but if you were a similar height or taller then he’d be pretty impressed. He’d probably enjoy being the shorter one for once, since he is taller than most of the fans he meets.

Make You Feel My Love - Solangelo CollegeAU

Will loves college life. He loves his campus, the atmosphere, his new friends, his roommate. What he doesn’t love is a groggy next door neighbor that’s always got dark bags under his eyes and a snarky mouth.

Chapter one

Word count:  2247

Ao3 link

Will had always thirsted for the day he would finally move out of his childhood home and into his own place. A place where he could finally really start his life. Of course, he would miss his mom, he would miss his friends back in Texas, and he would miss the sun and the warmth. However, as soon as he had gotten that acceptance letter from his dream school, all his instincts told him to hurry up and get out of here. He would never tell his emotional mess of a mom that, of course. She would cry whenever they talked about it for the next few weeks. Will loved his mom. She was his absolute everything. All that he really had. His father wasn’t much of a father figure, never really in Will’s life much. He had met him maybe three times, as far as he could remember, but Will didn’t hate the guy. He was actually quite fond of the egocentric bastard, although he always pretended to do so when he saw him. Apollo, Will’s dad, had an important and difficult lifestyle, and Will couldn’t really blame him for not staying in Texas with him and his mom.

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anonymous asked:

You know, I just realized that since they patched in poise and made armor actually useful, if you had worn a fire resistant armor set you might have had a better time with that fight. I'm at the part just before Midir, but when I fought Demon O&S, I used a majority Black Knight set, including halberd and shield and he did negligible damage to me in the 2nd phase. Although, I was sl140 on ng+, which is around 20 more sl than recommended for the dlc.

Okay, I really appreciate the advice! But let me show you something.

Armour I’m currently wearing:

Absolute beauty queen of the Ringed City, 11/10

Armour with high fire resistance (that still let’s me fast roll):

Abomination doesn’t even begin to describe this

Beauty and the Beast 2017: My Thoughts on the Title Characters

I have so many thoughts on this movie that I couldn’t smash all of them into one succinct review, so I’m going to compartmentalize a bit. This is just what I thought of Belle and the Beast and their relationship.

These are my initial thoughts after seeing it once, and as I have more time for everything to sink in, and to see it a second time, I may have more/different thoughts. Spoilers, so don’t read under the cut if you haven’t seen it yet!

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100 reasons to love Philip Michael Lester

Dan’s appreciation post

I’d like 2017 to be the year we really show our appreciation, and honestly there are so many reasons to love him and who said showing a little extra love and appreciation would be a bad thing? So I present to you, 100 reasons to love Philip Michael Lester a.k.a. @amazingphil! Don’t hesitate to add to the list!

  1. His name is literally my aesthetic, as is everything about him!
  2. He is British and can do more than one British accent (Surrey and Northern, specifically. Yes, Britain has loads of different accents.)
  3. As a certain someone once said, his eyes are so beautiful “you could go swimming in them”…
  4. …however according to said person, they are also “green, blue and yellow”.
  5. He looks equally handsome with black, dark blue and ginger/brownish hair.
  6. His name means ‘lover of horses’, yet in typical Phil-fashion he happens to have a fear of horses instead.
  7. Most of the time looks like the softest angel bean…
  8. …however the rest of the time he is devilishly handsome and makes ovaries explode (sorry about the last bit, it had to be said).
  9. His laugh is better than the sweetest symphony…
  10. …and his smile is brighter than the sun.
  11. Those cheekbones… I can’t even…
  12. He loves anime and is a massive weeaboo *falls even more in love*.
  13. He always knows what to say to brighten up anyone’s day.
  14. He is the sweetest, most charming, most charismatic person I could ever hope to meet.
  15. He loves animals and dogs, which makes him an even better person (which I didn’t think was possible).
  16. He’s really fucking intelligent…
  17. …and he doesn’t need two university degrees to prove it (although he has those as well)…
  18. …not to mention he’s pretty damn wise, with some of the best philosophies I’ve ever heard (PHILosophies! Ha, ha… I’ll let myself out).
  19. He actually makes an effort, and a huge one at that, to engage with his audience, unlike many YouTubers out there.
  20. He has common sense. Might not sound like a good reason, but honestly, I’ve learned the hard way that many people out there have no fucking clue about anything in life so I’ve come to appreciate those who do a hell of a lot more.
  21. His compassion, love and care meters are somewhere around the ∞ level.
  22. He has a great sense of humour, and that’s not as easy to come by as it might sound.
  23. He’s been doing YouTube for over a decade now! He’s literally a dinosaur, but an immortal dinosaur.
  24. Y’all, I’m starting to wonder if he’s a vampire. Perfect pale skin, hella fine teeth and he literally hasn’t aged.
  25. He’s unapologetic in his quirkiness.
  26. ‘Self-confidence’ is his middle name.
  27. His origin story… oh my god. A fucking cereal box? Why haven’t Marvel or DC requested permission to release Phil Striker merch, comics and movies?!
  28. He’s too damn patient and I love it so much it almost annoys me.
  29. He’s always willing to listen to others, which is a skill may people never learn and suffer for it.
  30. Y’all know that his best friend is the memelord, Daniel James Howell.
  31. They’re polar opposites but at the same time they couldn’t be more alike.
  32. They’ve done so much together, I can’t even right now…
  33. Like, can you say that you’ve made a game with your BFFL?
  34. Can you say that the two of you have released a chart-topping single (The Internet Is Here)?
  35. That you’ve written two books together that are full of all-round goodness?
  36. Done a BBC Radio 1 show together?
  37. Made a mobile game together?
  38. Written a script for a full-scale, high-budget stage show together?
  39. Taken that stage show around the world and met so many of your fans together?
  40. Made said stage show into two movies together?
  41. Didn’t think so. There are tons more, but I don’t wanna be here a month later still writing them and miss out on their uploads, so let’s all agree that they’ve done so many things throughout their history.
  42. They got PewDiePie himself calling them YouTube’s Power Duo. That’s like being fucking knighted by the king or queen!
  43. People say that a friendship that can last seven years can last a lifetime. Guess how long they’ve been friends? SEVEN YEARS, five of which they’ve been living together!
  44. I mean, literally every justgirlythings post about friendship can apply to them. #friendshipgoals
  45. He’s a giant. He’s 6 feet tall. No explanation needed.
  46. He looks hot with and without glasses…
  47. …well, he looks hot all the time and it’s not fair.
  48. He’s always made an effort to keep things friendly for people of all backgrounds and ages…
  49. …yet he still remains true to who he is and what he makes.
  50. Clickbait on his channel? Nuh-uh, bitch.
  51. I’ve just realised that he made me swear more in this one than in the one I wrote for Dan, which is kind of ironic but it makes me love him even more so fuck it, I’m writing it down.
  52. ‘Sell-out?’ Who is she, I don’t know her.
  53. He really appreciates us and everyone around him. I’m love.
  54. He’s won awards, including his own one at the first BONCAs, Creator of the Year.
  55. His acceptance speech was really inspiring and also remained classically ‘him’.
  56. “I’ve spent the majority of 2016 with another person, Dan Howell… so I think it’s only fair that he comes up here and shares this award with me.”
  57. “What would happen if we did go further apart?” “I think the universe would rip in half, let’s not try that.”
  58. My point? If Phil isn’t selfless then selfless doesn’t exist.
  59. His accidental and not-so-accidental (because come on, not all of them can be accidents) innuendos.
  60. He’s inspired art and creativity in people who otherwise would have no way to express it.
  61. He’s inspired people to keep on going and persevering with life, and in doing so has saved millions of lives…
  62. …not to mention he’s done it in a new and different way to what would normally be expected of life-savers (making videos)…
  63. …so you heard it here guys: he is officially a pioneer AND a hero.
  64. His voice is really relaxing to listen to.
  65. He is an innocent angel who must be protected…
  66. …but we all know that secretly he is a dirty-minded, flirtatious lil’ devil.
  67. Charities must love him because boy, has he given them a lot of money.
  68. He is an extremely hard-worker and he doesn’t procrastinate (not to say procrastination’s a bad thing, but as someone who does it constantly I can tell you it’s not fun).
  69. He’s loads of fun at parties, from what we can tell. Who doesn’t love a party animal?
  70. He directly avoids drama. God bless him (because God sure as hell ain’t blessing me).
  71. He has never said a harsh word to or harmed anyone or anything in any way.
  72. Bless his gentle soul in general.
  73. He’s loyal and honest - loyalty and honesty are something we need more of.
  74. Arrogance? Never heard of her.
  75. He’s not afraid to admit to his mistakes and imperfections (I mean I think he’s as close to perfect as you can get, but his willingness to show his faults makes him even better).
  76. He is talented, people. Want me to spell it out? T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D.
  77. His sympathy and kindness levels are… actually, I was gonna say through the roof, but I’m looking now and not even aeroplanes can see them, they’re so high.
  78. Why am I so sassy in this post when it’s Phil, not Dan, we’re talking about? Eh, I’ll take it, and I love it too.
  79. Come to think of it, he can actually be pretty sassy when he wants to be.
  80. He’s seen and learned so much over the years, all of which he’s been willing to share with us and teach us.
  81. He’s also been through a lot, y’know. His best friend from university died, yet he remains happy and optimistic because he knows his friend would want him to be.
  82. The above point is the literal definition of ‘courage’, which is him in a nutshell.
  83. Actually you can’t fit him into a nutshell because he’s so complex and infinite.
  84. I can never decide whether he’s the sun (bright; giving and inspiring life)…
  85. …or the moon (mysterious; always watching over the world) but either works, I guess.
  86. He’s so accepting of diversity and variety, it’s amazing (puns for days).
  87. “You know what I say? You should never make fun of something a person can’t change about himself”…
  88. …but what makes it funny is that he goes on to make fun of Dan for having deep dimples, which is something he can’t change about himself (something Dan points out).
  89. Honestly the banter and domestic moments between him and his buddy are just really cute, so fuck it, I’m writing it down.
  90. He deserves so much, you cannot comprehend it, but he never asks us or anyone else for anything.
  91. He is really trusting of those around him, and in turn he is really trustworthy.
  92. He’s literally psychic:
  93. …”Some guy is gonna come into my life, an energetic warrior. He has a hasty personality and is really quick to love or hate.”
  94. …”I wish for pandas to mate and increase in population.” “My panda wish came true!”
  95. Bonus points for making his wish be saving the pandas. You can’t not love him for that.
  96. He’s grown really thick thicc (metaphorical) skin and is as immune to negativity as you can get.
  97. His music taste is… *nodding* yes.
  98. Nerd galore, people! I love it!
  99. His moral compass is on point (geddit?).
  100. He is the purest man alive and he has done so much for me personally and many others out there. Thank you for existing, Phil, and always remain true to yourself, as you have taught us to do.
  101. Come on, 100 reasons is not nearly enough. There are an infinite number of reasons to love him, but everything has a start or beginning.

You paced back and forth in front of the train station, both to keep yourself warm in the chilly December air and to try and keep your excitement and nerves under control.

It had all started more than two years ago, when you’d seen an advert in the paper, asking those at home to write to soldiers abroad to help keep their spirits up.

After receiving the telegram the week before about the death of your father in the battle of the Somme, you had thought it would perhaps lift your spirits as well.  You were used to writing two letters, one to your father, and one for your older brother.  You had hoped that still writing two levels would help take the sting out of his loss, at least a bit.

You’d responded to the add, and asked, if possible, to be assigned to a solider in your father’s unit.  They had complied, and soon you had the address for a Major Thomas Shelby.  Knowing from your father and brother exactly what sort of things a solider would most appreciate, you included a pair of warm socks, a box of cigarettes, and a short note.

Tommy had written you back, and the two of you had spent the last two years corresponding. In that time, the letters had grown in length and the feelings between the two of you had deepened.  It was you who had confessed first after eight months of correspondence.  Tommy had sent a one line postcard back with a translation of the name he’d been calling you for the past three months, refusing to tell you what it meant.

Ves'tacha, the postcard read simply, means beloved.

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As we’re getting really close to The Hanging Tree, I’ve had some thoughts about how we (meaning mostly “the active Tumblr fandom” and “me, specifically”) talk about RoL and representation, which I’m gonna cut for length, but I want to get out before we get a whole lot of new canon. 

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To the Kind Folks at WebMD

March 22, 2016
7:15 am

I tried to snip off my uvula an hour or two ago. I read online that problems with my uvula can be why I snore so bad and I didn’t want to make my girlfriend deal with it. She doesn’t want to sleep over anymore and I’ve got no insurance and can’t afford the doctor to get it fixed.

Anyway, I tried to cut it off but it’s still hanging by a thread and I don’t know whether or not I should cut it or leave it. It hurts a lot but I think the bleeding stopped for the most part. Let me know.

March 22, 2016
8:19 am

Hi guys, I haven’t heard anything back yet so I did some more research and it seems like the upper palate can be a problem with snoring too? I don’t want to do anything major yet just because I want to be careful, so just reply back when you can ok?

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anonymous asked:

Firstly: just wanted to say that I've been thoroughly enjoying all criticisms on A:TLA. I always look forward to seeing another analysis of yours on my feed. Second: Its pretty clear that Bryke has no clue how to write a good romantic relationship. If you could re-write the way a canon ship was written, how would you change it? How would you change Maiko or Kataang?

I honestly think the only way Kαtααng would work without major changes to the characters is if Aαng were older. It might make Katara a little less likely to go into overprotective mother mode every time someone criticizes him (whether legitimately or not) and Aαng might be a little less likely to lean on her all the time. In a nutshell, Kαtααng lacks two main ingredients for an interesting and balanced relationship: conflict and reciprocation.

Kαtααng up until mid-season 1 is a fairly innocuous ship, and the relationship is more reciprocal then than it is at any other time in the series. The idea behind Kαtααng was supposed to be that Katara, who has had too many responsibilities foisted on her at a young age, gets her spirit and burden eased by this playful young monk, while Aαng, who is a little too playful, can benefit from emulating Katara’s responsibility for others. The problem is that once Aαng had to accept the full weight of being the Avatar, Katara’s motherly nature went into overdrive, while he was increasingly unable to reciprocate Katara’s support and lighten her mood. Rather than detracting from her responsibilities, he started adding to them. And that also meant that he could continue to dodge responsibility for his actions on many occasions, such as in “The Desert” or when he failed to tell his team about his Avatar State debacle. 

Season 1 Kαtααng can remain as it was up until “The Fortuneteller,” but I would have Katara gradually become aware of and start to reciprocate Aαng’s affections toward the end of the season (but NOT as a reward for saving the Water Tribe!). Then in Season 2, I would have Kαtααng start down the road of Katara shouldering too much of his burdens and not getting attention for her own, but after “The Desert,” I would have had Aαng reevaluate how his Avatar status was getting in the way of his relationships. I would also have had a parallel journey for Katara.  In order for Kαtααng to work, Aαng would not only have to truly let go of his attachment to Katara, but Katara would have let go of her incessant need to shelter him. 

After “The Crossroads of Destiny,” I would have Katara realize how much hope she has pinned on this one person, and how unfair that is when he doesn’t have control over how the world works. He is mortal; he can die and fail and he can’t just be her one savior. This would lead to them talking about things that they hadn’t discussed before–the Air Nomad ways (which I would have fleshed out more, giving them a less one-sided positive portrayal) versus Water Tribe custom (maybe adding some conflict there about how violence is perceived in each culture). I would have Aαng express understanding for Katara’s loss and her people’s when the waterbenders were taken away and Kya died (in a similar way to what Katara did for him in “The Southern Air Temple”), and have them recognize positive traits in each other’s cultures. Then if we need a final conflict as the series winds to a close, I would have it be over Aαng’s tendency to fly away and Katara having a hard time dealing with what she might see as abandonment, given her issues with her father in “The Awakening.”  

As for Mαiko, it flat-out does not work on a conceptual level. Zuko’s journey is all about beliefs, inner conflict, identity, and compassion, and Mαi’s journey…well, she doesn’t have one. But even worse, she doesn’t have a solid belief system that we know about. Mαi has to care about something other than Zuko or else she won’t even begin to understand who he is and where he is leading the Fire Nation. And frankly, Zuko just doesn’t make Mαi a big part of his life. Think about it: he doesn’t even mention her in the first two seasons, and only thinks about her as part of a flashback about what happened to his mother. After he leaves to join the Avatar, he only mentions her once at Sokka’s prompting, and then after Mαi is taken prisoner in the Boiling Rock, he completely forgets about her until she shows up in the finale (and threatens him into not breaking up with her ever again). What does he need from her emotionally and psychologically that he doesn’t get from his friends and Uncle? Nothing, which basically boils the Mαiko relationship down to teenagers making out and clinging to memories of childhood that Zuko, at least, has outgrown. It’s sad to say, but in order for the relationship to work, Mαi would have to change drastically to the point of not being recognizable—and I am not a proponent of female characters changing themselves for the sake of their love interests.

The biggest obstacle, really, is empathy. Mαi is never shown truly caring about anyone except Zuko and perhaps Ty Lee. Neither does she have any causes she is passionate about. She orders around servants for the fun of it, enjoys it when her enemies suffer misfortune, hates her parents and isn’t upset when her brother is kidnapped, is amused when an ally is going to wet his pants because of Azula, and treats her boyfriend like a gift factory whose products are always up for inspection. All of that would be OK if she were allowed to grow out of that behavior and/or if she had some positive traits to balance out her negative ones. Sadly, she doesn’t. Mαi needs empathy, and she needs a moral compass—badly—in order to be with Zuko.

The second biggest obstacle is that existing in the Fire Court is bad for Mαi. The whole reason she learned to submerge her personality and keep quiet at all times was because her parents were trying to curry favor with politicians—the same politicians she would face as Firelady. It’s true that she would be a political asset with her intelligence and subtlety, but it would put her right back in a very unhealthy environment that brings out the worst of her apathetic nature. If they wanted to be together, Zuko couldn’t be Firelord, and since a principle goal of his character growth was to be able to lead his people away from war and the delusion of Fire Nation superiority, his entire development arc would be damaged.

The third biggest obstacle is that Mαi and Zuko do not communicate well. Almost every scene they have is either them misunderstanding or refusing to understand each other, demonstrating a lack of appreciation for the other’s efforts, finding fault with a major facet of each other’s characters, or saying they “care about/don’t hate” each other without ever once telling us why. How can we fix a relationship that falters at every step, and still retain the identities of both characters involved? We can’t. We would have to start from scratch with new characters, and since I am a fan of the characters as they were, I wouldn’t recommend it.

BUT, I will say: if you want to see what it takes to fix an unhealthy but reparable relationship…look at Hiccup and Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. In the first HTTYD, Astrid was mostly treated like a girl Hiccup would “get” at the end of the movie, and she did some really awful things like step on him and demean him repeatedly until she wised up. But then, in “The Gift of the Night Fury” and HTTYD 2, they fixed it. Her cruel jabs morphed into affectionate teasing; she praised and defended him (“You’re amazing”!). Their touches became both friendly and mutual; Hiccup was just as comfortable getting in her personal space, consensually, as she was getting in his. So if we were doing this with different characters in a different story, that’s how I would fix some of the similar problems they have. But frankly, in A:TLA proper, it’s all too little, too late.


Clover: you know I still think it’s incredible how you’ve lived away from people for so long…but it’s pretty cool.

Mauve: I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s cool…but that’s an interesting way to put it. 

Clover: well I mean it might just be that I find it so interesting. I honestly thought when I was told about you that maybe it’d be hard to get along with you..but then again I think we understand each other. Although I didn’t spend as many years away from people I have spent a majority of my life isolated. It was hard to adjust to interacting with others. Still is sometimes. 

Mauve: yeah, I’m still getting used to it…but I have to say it’s better than being all alone in a cave. Although it had its perks.. 

But I appreciate that you are trying to treat me like everyone else while still being considerate. So thanks again. 

Going back to the school I used to work with last night was so, so bittersweet. I realized how deeply I miss my students and my former colleagues, how much I felt welcomed and appreciated by them (after graduation, everyone went out for dinner and drinks and made sure I was coming with them). It’s a small school and very much a family; everyone plays an important role, and I was very well-liked (and am apparently still very much missed).

I didn’t have any choice but to leave — there were some major problems with the administration that kept getting worse — but I can’t shake the melancholy. I like my new job fine, and it was a great career move to take it… but I miss what I used to have. I’m grateful that I got to have a taste of that again, just for a few hours, and that if nothing else, I’m remembered fondly. :(

I used to hate the hyper sensitivity that came with my ASD. Lights were too bright, sounds were too loud, and everything smelled a hundred times stronger than it needed to. 

Now? Now I’m okay with it. In fact I actually kind of love it. Some adjusting was required, and some things will still be too much for me to handle at times, but I feel like I get to experience more of the world than the majority of people. 

See a nice painting of a landscape? Woah, look at the detail on that one leaf! The artist must have spent hours upon hours with this.

Going out to eat for a meal? This food tastes amazing! I can taste every ingredient. 

Going to bed? Aw yeah, silky soft sheets all around me. 

It took a long time to get used to everything being at 120%, but I’ve got a stronger appreciation of the world around me because of it. 

Things NOT to Ask an Unemployed Person

I left my job about three months ago. In that time, I have been asked a lot of questions by some well-meaning people. Depending on my mood, these can either come off as annoying or as hurtful.

Here are some samples:

  • Why don’t you have a job yet?
    (It must be because I’m not trying, right?)
  • Why don’t you go work at ___ (a restaurant, retail, etc) to earn some money and then do your job searches and applications at night?
    (Because applying for jobs and researching industries/companies is a full time job as it is and just because I’m unemployed doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to have a life. I want to remain a part of my community groups and see my friends regularly. Still, if you think I haven’t debated the option of working a minimum wage job, you would be wrong. I wrestle with that option daily.)
  • I’m so stressed! I wish I had time off like you do.
    (Do you really? Because you could train me to do your job and we could switch. Plus…if you consider being unemployed to be like a vacation, maybe you should try it yourself.)
  • Have you thought about going back to school?
    (Of course I have. I don’t know what I want to get a Master’s degree in yet though and I don’t want to make that major life decision out of desperation.)
  • Do you want to go out to dinner/have a spa day/go shopping to talk about it?
    (Not really…do you remember I don’t have an income right now? Unless it is your treat, please offer a free activity like an at-home movie/game night or going for a walk. Please don’t make me tell you that I don’t want to spend money right now.)
  • Have you had any interviews this week?
    (Assume that I will tell you anything I want you to know about whether I’ve had any interviews or not. If I have and they went great, I’ll probably talk about them without a prompt. If I haven’t had any or I had one that didn’t go so well, I really won’t want to talk about it.)
  • How many jobs do you apply to every day?
    (Assume the answer is somewhere between zero and one million. The number fluctuates based on how many jobs interest me and how I’m feeling about my unemployment status on any given day. The number is none of your business.)

Remember this…we were friends/acquaintances before I was unemployed. I know we didn’t spend ALL of the time talking about our jobs. That means we don’t need to spend every conversation talking about my current job (applying for jobs).

Do you know that I’m taking some life-improvement classes? What about my twice-a-week volunteer stint downtown? When was the last time we talked about my work with the start-up company I found? Have you also considered that I’m using some of my time to evaluate my life and make some major decisions about what career path I want to pursue? It’s hard to just throw resumes out there when you are still considering your options.

I know it’s awkward for you to try to come up with things to talk about because you just want this difficult time in my life to be over so you don’t have to worry anymore. I always appreciate your love and support. If you really want to help, maybe ask questions like this:

  • Do you want another pair of eyes to look at your resume?
  • I’d like to keep my eyes open for you. What kind of jobs would you like me to watch out for?
  • How’s (anything else in my life) going?
  • Have you heard about (any news topic)? Let’s start an extensive conversation about that topic like two normal adults!

Or simply:

  • Here’s a bunch of money I’m not using that I’d like you to have. Would you prefer cash or check?

It has been well over a year and I finally finished writing this.  I’m really sorry, guys, I have no idea why it took so long.  Here is how Dark Bishop and Knightfall, the second two books in the theoretical Gambitverse trilogy, would have gone.

Queen’s Gambit is structured somewhat oddly because it was written and plotted to fill two distinct and contradictory positions: the second book in one trilogy (the Ouroboros series) and the first book in another trilogy (the theoretical Gambitverse series).  The universe in the Gambitverse existed before the Wake characters arrived; it will continue to exist now that they’ve gone.  The story hasn’t concluded, and for that reason there are a number of plot threads that weren’t tied up or that were introduced near the end of Gambit, because they were intended to lead into the second and third books.

I promised that when Gambit had finished I would write up the events that I knew of in the second and third books – Dark Bishop and Knightfall, respectively.  There’s a good chance that this says more about the way that I plot and write than it does about what was actually intended to occur in the remainder of the trilogy; I usually write to and around what I call “keystone scenes” – flashes of visuals or, occasionally, dialogue that stand out for me.  They don’t always end up in the story in its final form, but using them is often what I’m structuring the plot around.  I didn’t do extensive plot work on Dark Bishop and Knightfall since I knew I wasn’t going to be writing either one, but I do know a handful of the keystone scenes and plot threads in each one.

Queen’s Gambit opens with Queen Amidala essentially occupying Count Dooku’s canonical position as head of the Confederacy; it ends with her in Leia’s position at the end of A New Hope: as a queen in exile (though still head of the Confederacy, at least in name).  In some ways Gambit was supposed to be kind of a fakeout; the basic set-up implies that it’s going to be a take-off of the PT/TCW, but the bait and switch at the end – the introduction of Palpatine’s New Galactic Empire – is to actually set it up as a mirror to the OT, a thread meant to be carried through the second and third books.  Exact parallel?  By no means.  But it was something I was thinking about.

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Hi, I saw the ask about your charm and I can personally attest that it's very durable. A friend of mine put her Haikyuu keychain on her backpack. She use public transport every day and didn't coat it with anything. She's a careful person, but still, you know how crowded Jakarta bus/trains are. Until now I didn't see any major scratches on it

Thank you for the feedback, really appreciate it! (^人^)(^人^)

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Dude holy shit you were like one of my most favourite jedward blogs back in like 2012/13!!! I feel kinda honoured you reblogged me haha~ Seriously tho where has everybody gone???? (mostly twitter it seems) (but i rarely use mine now) (fml)


(from what I’ve been intermittently stalking I can confirm that quite a few people seem to be on twitter, although the vast majority are un-jedwardy now.)

(I still stand by my statement that we should organise a reunion one day. Does anybody know if thecestyplace is still running?! Admin John might appreciate a visit tbh.)

Fuck post-grad expectations.

I’m thankfully becoming more accepting of the fact that it is entirely *normal* and *okay* that I am still searching for a full-time job having graduating in December. This has been a major source, if not *the* source, of my depression lately, mainly because I’ve always had a clear path to follow. Not knowing what comes next has been making me feel like I’m losing a race, that I’m behind and therefore not accomplished, successful, useful, appreciated, and respected, even by my own peers. It’s sucked for a while, but I’m learning more and more every day that this is a normal course of life. While a huge percentage of Cal Poly Grads get jobs before graduating, there is also a significant percentage who get jobs a little later – three months, six months, even nine months after graduation. You know what else takes nine months? Bringing new life into the world. That’s symbolic to me.

Anyway, It is a privilege to live at home with my parents and not have to pay rent right now. It’s motivating me to save money and find multiple income streams. My independence is slightly stunted, but this time is actually really valuable for my growth. I’m humbled. I’m working my ass off on freelance now that I have a business license, I’m practicing my illustration and lettering skills and growing my Instagram following, I’m keeping myself to a strict schedule, and I’m in between contracting gigs.

I have people looking up to me who admire my dreamer-and-doer personality as if it’s obsolete and impossible to do, but in reality you can’t be one without the other. When I declared myself an artist early on in my life, and when I decided to major in graphic communication and studio art, I knew it was going to be a tough, competitive, and niche field. I knew many people were condescending of artistic jobs. But this is what I was created to do, and I’m not going to compromise my integrity and skills for a job that stifles them. This journey is what I signed up for, and I know that very well now. I have to work my ass off because this is a labor of love.

For me personally, I’m realizing there is no rush. It’s a privilege to say that, no doubt, but I can (just barely) afford to live off of savings and inconsistent income from freelance and contracts right now. I’m not taking my sweet-ass time or twiddling my thumbs, contrary to what people may stereotype about an unemployed post-grad millennial, but I’m cutting back on the pressure I’m putting on myself. I already do that more than enough. And, as I cut back on that pressure, I can feel myself becoming more creative and present. I’m feeling more like the artist I was before college destroyed her and that is incredibly empowering. I missed her.

This time in my life is so valuable, and I’m tired of feeling like it’s inherently wrong to be here just because I’m not making “enough” money to be considered “successful” (Fuck your capitalist standards of success, if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t spend nights like these blogging about my insecurities). This is becoming exactly what I need as an artist, entrepreneur, and freelancer. It may not be the best time socially–I’m feeling like I’m on my own planet that no one cares to visit because it seems unsustainable and therefore not worth learning about– but I have to compromise something. I’m finding balance in the meantime.

There’s no One Right Way™ to do life. I’m grateful to even graduate from a four-year university– I’m the first of my nuclear family to do so in the US. I’m tired of feeling bad about not having a job yet. I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m a failure. Things take time. Seeds need to be sown. Research has to be done. Lessons need to be learned. I have the rest of my life to work, why must I settle when I have the opportunity to thrive?

In short: Fuck the post-grad expectations set for me, and fuck the system that makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me for being an Outlier. I didn’t choose this path, but I’m grateful it’s happening. I’m encountering challenges that others may never face, and I’m *learning* nonetheless. That’s important.
I’m important.

And to others who are in my same shoes right now: I see you and admire you. We’re in this together and we will get there. Everything is going to be okay.

Good afternoon to whoever may be reading this! I just wanted to address something really quick while I’m still online. We’ve gotten questions about our activity levels and amount of members and so I’ve decided to make a post about it. HollywoodRPG has been open for quite a bit now, not too long, but not brand new. Not too long ago, we did have many more members than we currently do. Some of the members who are no longer with us have decided to leave, but the majority of the ones no longer with us just went inactive. It sucks, really, we know that larger groups attract more people, as smaller ones do not get too much attention. We are a smaller group now and it is hard to attract people and have them join. I made an OOC post last night on Niall thanking those who are still with this group, even though we’ve dropped quite a bit. I honestly, truly appreciate anyone sticking around. Amber and myself are dedicated to keeping this group up and running. We may not have a million members, we may not be the most active due to that, but we do enjoy being admins and having a group to look after and members who we think are pretty great. Again, we’re not huge and our dash isn’t going at the speed of light, but we aren’t giving up. This isn’t my attempt to bring attention to our group or make you feel any sort of sympathy. We have gotten messages regarding these things, saying that we’ve gotten smaller or that our activity isn’t the best. I don’t know if messages like that were because people were concerned about joining, one being a bit over the top and rude about it. But get this: We know. We aren’t in tears over it, neither will we ever be. Now that small amount of sass isn’t for anyone except that one anon I deleted for just being, pardon my language, a complete ass. Sometimes it takes time for groups to grow and get that activity back and we understand. We do hope to bring in new members for our current ones to plot with and grow with and interact with, of course. We’d love to watch this group grow and become very active. What admin wouldn’t want that? And we understand that, sometimes, people would like to join a group, but become concerned about activity and amount of members. That’s normal. But also remember if you take a chance on a smaller group, just that one extra name added can help bring more people in. When potential members take notice of others joining a group, they feel like they can because the member count is going up, meaning so is the activity. Sometimes a one groups isn’t for everyone, that’s also understandable. But please, before sending us, or any rpg, some sort of rude, uncalled for message, again to that one unnecessary asshole of an anon, remember that admins are aware of the situation and state of their group. We’re aware of the activity levels and the members part of the group. What I would like you to remember is to take chances. Whether it’s in this group ran by Amber and myself or another small group that may be struggling for the time being. Take a chance and possibly help them grow rather than point out their hardships. With all of that said, I thank whoever took their time to read this. A bit of a rant, but an important one to myself. So thank you, I’m now done and will get to enjoying my DD iced coffee because it’s the Thanks you guys !!