they still adorbs :)

I just wanna do this every time i see Hau! (that’s @dc9spot‘s grown up kahuna Hau)

I imagine Hala’s entire family gives out tight hugs <3

btw first frame by frame animation – what whaat

Nekoma was having their lunch break during weekend practice when Yamamoto accidentally spills his food on his shirt because he was telling a story too enthusiastically. So Yaku with a small frown accompanies him to help him clean up so that his practice jersey won’t be irreparable. Kuroo smiles and says, “I’m glad Yaku’s here.” And among the murmurs of ascent, Inuoka goes ahead and adds, “he’s the team mom after all.”

 All the while Lev was chewing with a confused look on his face, “Why is Yaku-San a mom?”

Kenma sighs and speaks under his breath, “Coz he’s good at taking care of the team even if he is a bit strict. Won’t you liken him to being a mom too?" 

 Even though Kenma speaks quietly, everyone waits for the usually slow Lev to realize things, seeing as he’s the most frequent focus of Yaku’s motherly affections. So it was a bit baffling when Lev’s expression didn’t clear up and he answered:

 "Yaku-San wouldn’t like to be called mom though. He told me to call him Daddy.”


That time on Jimmy Kimmel when Matt & Channing united in a pre-game fist-bump and a post-game high-5! <3