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Age gap - Request

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Requested by anon:  Hey, I was wondering if you would write a Dean/Reader fic, where the Reader is like 10 years younger than Dean? Like she’s mid-20 and he mid-30? And people who meet them don’t think they’re together, especially women who flirt with her boyfriend right in front of her eyes and sometimes even insult her?

Summary: A woman tries to flirt with Dean in front of (Y/N) and doesn’t really believe they are dating, which makes (Y/N) feel really upset about the whole thing. So Dean tries to comfort her and… Fluff. (I suck with summaries, pardon me.)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 2,248

Warnings: Dean implying dirty things… at the very end…

A/N: First fic of 2017! I loved doing this, age-gapped realtionships are my very fave and oh Lord this request made me so happy…. THANK YOU! I really liked it, and I hope you do too.


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Maybe it was her matureness, or maybe that he was a man-child; maybe it was the many things they had in common, or the ones they differed. Maybe it was a prank made by some naughty cherub that made them fall in love; or even so Chuck’s way of saying “thank you”, but either way they had fallen in love and nothing could interfere between them – not even the age gap.

Yes, there were sixty year old men married to twenty year old girls, as well as forty year old women dating nineteen year olds, but Dean and (Y/N) – as well as everyone around them – felt like the mild ten years gap was massive. She was still in her twenties, and she was vibrant and so full of life it was unbelievably attractive for the already thirty year old Dean, who’s age and life had led him to mature enough to turn into a dad every time (Y/N) did something reckless like the things he used to do.

But they were so happy together…

Of course, there was also that social pressure than got to their nerves. For starters: Her parents. Not only did her dad got all grumpy when he met Dean but also Sam had taken a while to get used to the idea because he too saw her like a child. Less to say, everyone around them couldn’t get in their minds that they were actually dating, and actually in love – not just a sugar daddy with his princess.

“Hey handsome,” a MILF greeted as she sat on the bar stool next to Dean, “how about you drop your daughter at a friend’s house and take me to my place?”

“She’s not my daughter.” Dean replied with a sarcastic smile as (Y/N) gave her a death glare from the opposite side of Dean.

“Niece, granddaughter… Whatever.” The woman rolled her eyes.

“Girlfriend, actually.” Dean snapped and the woman let out a dry laugh.

“Right, you dating this… Kid?” She couldn’t believe it, “Honey, if you didn’t want to say yes you just had to be honest, not lie.”

“She really is my girlfriend, and I would really appreciate it if you went to stalk someone else and let us enjoy our evening.” Dean spoke in the most calm way possible, but (Y/N) – who knew him very well – could tell how pissed off he really was.

“You’re rejecting this” she gestured for Dean to notice her curves, “for a gold digger?”

“Basically, I’m rejecting an old-ass woman who doesn’t know what being taken means.” Dean chuckled cruelly, reaching for (Y/N)’s hand and squeezing it tightly.

“At least I’m a woman.” The stranger barked, “I’m sure behind all that makeup she still has zits.”

“It’s better than being all wrinkly.” (Y/N) beamed, making Dean choke.

The woman gasped loudly, she was offended. “How dare you?”

(Y/N) shrugged her shoulders and the woman left. Both (Y/N) and Dean were used to older women – MILFs – flirting with Dean, as well as them not buying it when he explained (Y/N) was his girlfriend. Why was it so hard to understand? It wasn’t as if ten years was that much. And yes, Dean had a few wrinkles and (Y/N) still had her baby face, but apart from that there wasn’t much difference.

“That was fun.” (Y/N) breathed out sarcastically as she and Dean got in the car.

“It wasn’t that bad.” Dean locked eyes with her, begging for his girlfriend to agree.

“We’ve been through worse.” She granted and Dean smiled, “I just wished they weren’t so cynical and avoided flirting with you right in front of me.”

“To be fair, they think you’re my daughter.” Dean clicked his tongue and sat up straight; putting the key in its place and making Baby come to life with a twist of it.

“To be fair, a decent woman wouldn’t flirt like that with a man in front of his daughter.” (Y/N) insisted.

“To be fair, none of them was decent.” Dean chuckled. He wasn’t as affected by everyone else’s behaviour because he was never insulted. Whether it was because boys the age of (Y/N) were utterly scared of his authoritarian pose or because older men respected when a guy dated someone younger – because they were mature enough to do so – and the ones who didn’t usually got kicked in the ass before they could even approach her.

“To be fair, it’s awfully annoying.” (Y/N) continued.

“To be fair, I love you.” Dean stated, knowing that those three words would calm (Y/N) down.

It was her safe zone, something to grip onto when times get tough. Whenever someone insulted her out of jealousy, or tried to play with her mind claiming that Dean couldn’t really be in love with a kid, or just messing in their relationship, Dean only needed to remind her what was keeping them together – what made them get together in the first place – and that would be the end of it.

He was protective of her, and most times the one to scold her after a hunt in which she did something stupid or dangerous. He would take care of her when she was sick, or dealing with any kind of hormonal issue, as well as cure her when hunts got a little too violent. Dean was the kind of man who works better as a human shield than he does as a boyfriend, but honestly, she couldn’t complain.

She was young, and so dumb in so many things… The lack of experience sometimes got to Dean’s nerves, but she was also open minded and not only would she absorb every last bit of information like a sponge absorbs water, but she would also find different ways of doing things – like the time she hula-hooped her way across a farm full of ghosts – she was a revolutionary, just like any other young woman. Of course, she spent much time on social media and doing “Millennial stuff” but truth was it made Dean feel alive again.

They were so uneven their relationship became equal. They completed each other, and made the other’s life find its balance. It was like with magnets – opposites are attracted to each other. And, when Sam understood that, every resistance he had settled fell down.

(Y/N) had been hunting with them for a while; since she was seventeen, to be specific. Of course, Sam couldn’t help to see her like the teenager they rescued from a fire caused by a wicked witch. Dean had seen her like so for many years until her matureness caught his attention.

Of course, she had the body of a younger woman, but her brain was something different. She was smart, comprehensive, merciful, empathetic and so authentic, it was impossible for Dean not to fall for her. She could be serious in serious times and childish in childish times; her control over herself was something Dean couldn’t even dream of when he was her age.

“Babe, are you okay?” Dean asked. They were parked right in front of the bunker. (Y/N) hadn’t said a single word on their way back home.

“Yup, why?” She lifted an eyebrow, trying to look normal but Dean knew her a lot more than she knew herself.

Her breath was different, and her eyes had that thing that makes Dean’s heart ache. The curve of her lips were trembling lightly and Dean could see her jaw clenched, figuring her teeth were pressed against it other tightly. Her eyes looked sad, no matter how much she tried to look tired, and her back was arched to the front rather than the usual straight position she tried to keep.

“Is it because of that woman?” (Y/N) didn’t have to say anything, the mere mention of that person made her face fall. “Babe, we’ve been through this many times- I love you, and only you, no matter what others say… Let-”

“Let them judge.” (Y/N) finished the sentence, “I know.”

“Then why are you down?” He leaned closer to her, instantly holding her hands in his warm ones.

She breathed in deeply, biting her lower lip as she tried to formulate the correct sentence. “I just…” She sighed, “It really hurts me to see them flirting with you. As in: they are your age, they have quite the same knowledge of life and the experience and… I feel like you could share so many things with them you can’t share with me… Like life during the 80s or something.” She looked down shyly, “Maybe you’d enjoy them better than me. Sometimes I do feel like your daughter, because you scold me and get pissed at me for being so ruthless and- and I don’t know.”

Dean listened carefully to ever single syllable she pronounced. “Babe…”

“No, don’t babe me. You know I’m right.” She looked up at him. His eyes were glossy and his lips were lightly parted; on the other hand, she had tears threatening to spill and her cheeks were blushed. “I thought it wouldn’t be… hard. It would’ve been worse if we had started dating when we met, but even so… I’m still too young, and too dumb and so immature…”

“You’re the smartest girl I know.” Dean stated softly.

“What will happen in the future, Dean?” (Y/N) inquired sadly, “What if we stick together and I start craving a family? What if you feel too old to have kids by then? Or what will happen when I grow up and make my own decisions rather than asking you for advice? What will happen when I grow up? Our whole relationship will change.” (Y/N) cleared her throat, “Right now I have issues everyone my age has, and they feel like the biggest thing in the world… And you help me, because you know they’re not that bad… But when I grow up, when I’m more mature, I won’t need you to give me advice, and…”

“I’m not dating you only because I like being your personal counsellor, (Y/N).” Dean smiled warmly, “You’re too mature… At least most of the times, and even when you grow up-” He let out a shy chuckle, “well, I’m not getting any younger.”

“But, Dean…” He placed a finger over her lips.

“Let me finish.” He begged, “When it comes to you, none of it matters.”

“But…” Dean lifted and eyebrow and that was enough for her to stay quiet.

“Having a family, with kids and all… I can be sixty years old and still want it as long as it’s with you. I know you may not see it know, but you make me so happy… You’re that missing piece I had searched for, and no matter what anyone says, I’m not giving up on you anytime soon.”

Dean shifted even closer to (Y/N). His breath and hers crashed against each other as his calloused palm cupped her cheeks and his apple green eyes locked with her (Y/E/C) ones. “I’m so in love with you… And not like a puppy love but rather a serious love… A real kind of love.”


“Dean.” He mimicked, “The only one who should be worried is me – Dean. Maybe you’ll grow up and realize you don’t love me anymore, or that I’m not the type of man you want to spend the rest of her life with… And that’s fine as long as I get to enjoy every damn second I have with you by my side.”

“I will never – never ever – stop loving you.” She whispered.

“Then why are we worrying about?” He smiled cheekily at her and it was so contagious her lips ended up curving as well. “I love you, kiddo.”

“I won’t love you anymore if you keep calling me kiddo, old man.” She joked.

“What about baby?”  Dean wiggled his eyebrows, making her giggle.

“Do I get a bottle?” She inquired, following his joke.

“Only if it contains beer.” Dean left a shy peck on her forehead, “But seriously, (Y/N/N)…”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry.” Dean muttered, “I do get very jealous whenever anyone lays eyes on your flawless ass,” (Y/N) laugh, “and I sure as Hell hate it when other women don’t respect you… But you’re mine, and I’m yours and, I don’t know about you, but that’s more than enough for me.”

(Y/N) nodded. “Let them judge.”

“Let them judge.” Dean repeated the mantra before leaving a soft kiss on her lips.

No matter how many prejudices people had – which were many – (Y/N) and Dean would overcome them. After all, they were all they needed, and as long as they loved each other things would be just fine.


“Okay but do you really feel like… Like my daughter?” Dean furrowed his eyebrows.

“Only when you act like a dad with me.” She replied nonchalantly.

“I won’t act like a dad, then.” Dean breathed out, “Although…”

“Although what?”

“You can call me daddy anytime you want, sweetheart.” Dean winked at her.

“You’re gross.” She furrowed her nose.

“Are you kink-shaming me?” Dean pretended to be offended.

“Only because of the context.” (Y/N) laughed.

“Who’s the gross one then, huh?” Dean wrapped his arms around her.

“You are.” She breathed out. Dean left a warm kiss on her shoulder.

“You can be gross with me…” He whispered seductively.

“Gross.” Dean laughed.

“You love me.”

“That I do.” Dean smiled proudly, leaving yet another kiss on her lips.

“And I love you.”

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Finnick O'Dair x Reader. Requested.

Prompt; “They were all looking, but I didn’t care- I ran to him anyway.”

You and Finnick had been best friends, once upon a time. The friendship began when you two were kids and as you grew older it blossomed into love. For a long time you thought the love was unrequited. You thought the love was one sided. You loved Finnick and you wished that he could hold you in his arms, that the two of you, perhaps not at the age of fourteen but in a few years time, you wished that the two of you may one day, possibly, maybe actually get together, that he might actually fall in love in with you. But you were smarter than that, Finnick wouldn’t love you the way you love him, he sees you as a best friend, as a sister, not a lover. And you were not willing to risk your friendship with him for a hopeless dream. So you kept your mouth shut. And you thought that you would NEVER tell him of your true feelings.

But things change.

The capital ruins everything.

It started the day Finnick was reaped for the hunger games. Tears poured down your face as Finnick made the agonising walk from the crowd to the stage. When he reached the stage and shook the hand of the female tribute, his eyes locked in yours only for a few seconds. It was only when the double doors closed behind Finnick closed, blocking him from your view did it all sink in. Finnick O'Dair, your best friend and the boy you were in love with was going into the hunger games. And there was only a one in twenty four chance he was going to come back home to you.

Finnick’s family were the first to see him after the reaping. You stood outside the doors, pacing back and forth, twiddling with your thumb and doing anything to distract yourself as Finnick said goodbye to his family. When they left, surround by peacekeepers, you could see their blood shot eyes and slouching backs, they didn’t think they’d see him again either.

As soon as you were aloud in you launched yourself into Finnick’s arms. He held you closely and petted your hair, trying to calm you down. Finnick was the one to pull away. He looked into your eyes searching for something. Using the hand that wasn’t on your waist he pushed back a few strand of hair from your face but he left his hand on your cheek. He slowly leaned in until his lips were millimetres away from yours, he waited a few seconds as if changing his mind and began to pull away. But before he could you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled his lips to yours. The kiss was a little awkward, a mix of lips and tears and it only last a few seconds but neither of you could deny the butterflies in your stomachs, the pounding of your hearts, that commenced as soon as your lips connect and continued until the moment you both pulled away. Before either of you could say a word, you felt a strong hand take hold of your arm. Your time was up. Tears began to blur your eyes as you looked widely between the peacekeepers and Finnick trying to get free to get back to the young boy but to no avail.

“Win for me!” You called to Finnick. And as the doors closed, you could hear him say; “I’ll come back to you, I promise.”

You didn’t see Finnick again until after he won his games, after he returned home because not matter how much your parents tried to get you to watch Finnick in the games, you’d always look away. You knew that he wouldn’t want you to see him like that, so you didn’t. When Finnick got back you were so happy. He wanted nothing more than to return to his normal life, a life with you by his side, but it was harder than he first imagined.

Neither of you could stop thinking about the kiss but it wasn’t awkward between the two of you, you both acted the way you did before the games. It went unspoken that you both were far too young to start dating so you decided you’d wait until you both were sixteen to date officially. Even though the two of you weren’t dating after a while things got a little friendlier between the two of you. When he hugged you, you’d snuggle into him, you’d kiss his cheek and he would blush and when he had nightmares, thoughts that haunted him even in his sleep, you’d be by his side, holding him and calming him down, like he did to you the day he was reaped.

By the time you guys were sixteen you both knew, without even talking, that you two were dating.

But things change.

The capital ruins everything.

There was absolute no denying that by the time Finnick had become sixteen he was extremely attractive, so much so that any girl would fall to their knees and grovel at his feet. The capital knew that. And they wanted that. And the woman of the capital, the rich and bejewelled, wanted to have him. So the President tried to make a deal with Finnick, to make him a cortisone. Finnick said no and the capital killed his family. When he tried to run away with you they caught you both and took you away from Finnick, making a promise to him that they wouldn’t hurt you, only if he obeyed them.

And that was the last time you ever saw Finnick.

Each day passed the same way. You’d wake up in your soft bed, in your huge room in the president’s own home. You’d ring a bell to notify the peacekeepers outside your door that you were awake, and one of them would send for an attendant to dress you in some simple clothing and give you breakfast that could be bacon & eggs or pancakes or even waffles with ice cream, you were given anything you’d like. After getting ready and eating, peacekeepers would escort you to the library where you would read until lunch which would be served either in the library or in the gardens. After lunch you had a large verity of activities to do to entertain yourself. You could watch capital tv (never anything about the hunger games as you were forbade to have anything to do with Finnick), write, draw, shop with some of the presidents family and once a month you’d have a spa day to keep you looking beautiful. And once a month you’d have tea with President Snow himself.

It continued like this for years but not once did you go a day without wishing for Finnick to be with you or at least to see his smile. Up until one day during the 75th Hunger Games.

You were taken from your room in the middle of the night and taken to a tall building which was said to be the training centre for tributes. They lead you to a room and injected you with something and than something else, and something else. You were injected with needles over and over again causing stabbing pains throughout your entire body. You screamed and withered in pain until eventually you passed out.

When you woke up, you were hot. You felt the humid air surrounding you like a completely unwelcome blanket. You lied on a soft dirt ground facing towards the sky. Slowly, you raised yourself to your elbows and looked around, trying to familiarise yourself with your surrounds. Jungle. You’d never seen one in real life but you remember seeing an arena like this on the hunger games when you were younger.

The Hunger Games.

Is that where you were? Immediately feeling extremely paranoid you jumped up form the ground a began walking in a random direction, hopping to find some clue of where you were. By the direction of the sun it looked as if it was the afternoon, around four.

Coming closer to the beach I saw five figures. Quickly I ducked behind a tree and remained as silent as possible. Three of the tributes had their backs to me, two men and a woman. They seemed to be banging on a barrier of some sort of force field, blocking them from the other two. A man curled in a ball, whose face I was unable to see and a brunette girl who must’ve been a teen, she looked terrified and than he curled herself into a ball and laid next to the man.

Curious about the lot, I stayed and watched. Not long after the blonde male moved forward and lifted the brunette to carry her to the beach near by, the other man trailing behind.

“I heard her. She was screaming.” The boy said, still curled in a ball. “It was her.”

The woman crouched down in front of him. “The Capital has her, they promised you they would kill her.”

“They didn’t say they wouldn’t hurt her.” The man said looking up.

I gasped in shock, alerting their attention. My hiding place concealing only the left side of my body, they could still me. But against my instincts, I didn’t hide. I was in an arena with killers, two of which are right in front of me armed. But I didn’t want to run. I did probably the dumbest thing someone could do in these games. I stepped forward, with arms raised.

“Finnick.” My voice came out a lot quieter than I had intended. The woman looked ready to charge but Finnick held her back. I felt tears pool in my eyes, he recognised me. “Finnick it’s me. I swear it’s me.” I took another step forward.

So did Finnick. “(Y/n)?”

I nodded my head furiously. “Its me Finnick, it’s really me.”

He shock his head. “Your not her, your a trick.”

By this time the other three had returned and stood with the woman with the axes.

“Our first kiss was the day you were reaped, when I had to say goodbye to you. You were about to pull away when I grabbed your collar. I told you to win for me and you said that’ll you’ll come back to me, you promised.”

“(Y/n)?” I saw in his eyes that he believed me. I smiled.

“Finnick, do you know her?!” The axe girl yelled in question.

Finnick nodded. “Yeah, I do.”

They were all looking, but I didn’t care- I ran to him anyway.

When I reached him his arms circled around me holding me tightly and I wrapped my arms around his neck as I cried softly in his shoulder.

“I love you (y/n). I love you so damn much, and I’m never letting anyone take you away from me again. Especially not the capital.” My arms wrapped tighter around his neck.

“I love you too Finnick.”

—–Extended Ending. Do not read if you want a nice warm and fuzzy feeling after reading this.—–

“How are you here?” Finnick asked pulling away.

“I- I don’t know. I was taken from my room in the middle of the night and they injected something in my arm.” I said gesturing to my arm. “I woke up about an hour ago.”

“Finnick, I thinks she’s now a tribute.” The older man says.

We both stared at him not believing his words. But than it slowly started to click. The injection was a tracker. I was in the Hunger Games. I was now officially a tribute.

It was the Capitals final revenge. For Finnick to survive I’d have to die. To live myself Finnick would have to die.

This was the way to make sure Finnick and I could never be together.

“She’s Using You”(Jungkook)

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Genre:Angst/ Fluff

Word Count:983

Summary: “We just think, Y/n is using you”

A/n:Sorry this request took so long, it’s probably been in my inbox for a couple weeks. I hope you enjoy reading it!~J

Jungkook and you have been dating for over a year now, he was always happy to see you. Although there were lot’s of problems over the year of dating Jungkook, may it be company, tours, and the people around your lives. When you two first started to date, the company didn’t approve since Jungkook was so young, it could ruin his image. Although you two got past that, it didn’t help that his tours happened so much, and if he wasn’t doing a tour, he was working on music. So there wasn’t a lot of time you two spent with each other, but you always cherished the time you got with him. There’s always those people that say to you that dating a idol is risky, they always tell you how you should be careful since he could be cheating on you when he goes on tour, but you always trust him. Jungkook also had people in his life that weren’t one hundred percent okay with the relationship, and they often talked about it.

Jungkook was at the dorms, sitting on the couch playing some video games with Taehyung, when all of a sudden Taehyung decided to talk about his relationship with you.

“Jungkook, don’t you think it’s a bit weird that Y/n dated you when we got really big?” Taehyung asks.

“No, not really” Jungkook says.

“I just think, that maybe Y/n isn’t who we think she is” Taehyung says.

“What do you mean?” Jungkook asks, pausing the game.

“It’s just, Y/n was a fan before this all happened, don’t you think it’s a little weird that she’s only dating you cause she was a fan?” Taehyung asks.

“Well when you word it that way then yes, but Y/n is a sweet girl she wouldn’t date me for fame” Jungkook says confidently.

“Okay if that’s what you think, I just don’t want you to get hurt” Taehyung says, un pausing the game.

After playing games with Taehyung, Jungkook went to go play some basket ball with Yoongi. After a couple rounds with Yoongi, they sat on the bench to take a break.

“Jungkook, what do you think of Y/n?” Yoongi asks, taking a sip of the water.

“I think she’s beautiful, and wonderful, and really nice” Jungkook smiles.

“Have you ever felt something off about her?” Yoongi asks.

“Yeah, when she takes time to bake me cookies, during her exam week.” Jungkook laughs.

“I’m being serious” Yoongi says.

“No hyung, there’s nothing off about her” Jungkook says.

“I mean isn’t it odd that she used to be a fan and now she’s dating you?” Yoongi asks.

“I mean isn’t that the best? It shows we care about our fans” Jungkook says.

“Yeah, but don’t you think she might be bragging about dating you to her friends?” Yoongi asks.

“I mean who wouldn’t brag when they’re dating me?” Jungkook says cockily.

“Jungkook, be serious with me” Yoongi says, frowning.

“I don’t know why you guys are so against me dating Y/n” Jungkook says, frowning.

“We’re just looking out for you.” Yoongi says, before heading back to the dorms.

It was worse at dinner, the boys all started to talk about it to Jungkook. They all sat at the dinner table quietly, not sure who to start talking first.

“Jungkook, how are you enjoying the food?” Jin asks.

“It’s good” Jungkook smiles.

Back to silence.

“Aren’t you guys going to talk?” Jungkook asks.

Everyone was silent.

“What’s wrong?” Jungkook asks.

“We don’t know how to tell you at this point” Namjoon says.

“Tell me what?” Jungkook asks.

“We just think, Y/n is using you” Jin says.

“All of you guys think this?” Jungkook asks, seeing the nods from all of them.

“We just think, it would be better if you stop seeing her” Jimin says.

“I mean, if you guys can give me solid evidence that she’s using me, I guess I’ll break up with her” Jungkook says.

“We thought you’d say that” Namjoon says, pulling out his laptop.

“We’ve checked her twitter, and Instagram, even found her facebook.” Namjoon starts “Every one of them, has something to do with you, and surprise, surprise she gets so many likes.” 

Jungkook knew that he should trust his hyungs, and they had actual evidence. So he decided to trust them.

“Alright, I’ll break up with her” Jungkook sadly says.

“Trust me, it’s for the better” Jin says, patting him on the back.

The next day, Jungkook headed to your apartment. Knocking on the door you opened the door giving him a big grin, and then going in for a hug, which he didn’t return.

“You came to visit!” You say, smiling.

“Yeah, something like that, can we talk?” Jungkook asks.

“Yeah totally, let’s sit down” You say.

You two headed to the couch, sitting together.

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and I realised a lot of things” Jungkook starts.

“Okay, and?” You ask, seeing him suck a breath.

“I think you’re just using me for fame” Jungkook blurts out.

“Wait what?” You say.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t be with someone who doesn’t actually love me” Jungkook says.

“Jungkook, I do love you, where did you hear I didn’t like you?” You ask him.

“My hyungs.” Jungkook says.

“Jungkook, I love you and I’m not using you for fame, I just like to talk about my awesome boyfriend sometimes.” You say to him.

“So you’re not using me?” Jungkook says.

“Never would” You smiles, giving him a peck on the lips.

“Can we bake cookies?” Jungkook asks.

“Of course we can” You say, heading to your kitchen, after an hour of baking you two finally finished baking.

“Y/N?” Jungkook asks.

“Yes?” You ask back.

“Do you think these cookies are sweeter than me?” Jungkook asks, taking a bite out of the cookie.

“Jungkook nothings sweeter than you, cause you’re my kookie” You say to him.

So when I wrote the last sentences, it was suppose to be cute but if it’s cringey I’m so sorry.~J 


This is a follow-up to “Firelight”…


“Dinner was amazing, as always, mum. Thanks.” Harry said, standing up and taking his dishes to the counter where Anne was starting to clean up.

“You’re welcome, sweet boy.” She replied, leaning over to kiss his cheek. “What do you and (Y/N) have planned for the rest of the evening?”

Harry shrugged. “Maybe watch a film or something. Since Gem’s gone already.” He shifted, trying to keep his voice normal. He had something else planned, but he didn’t want anyone to know about it yet.

“Well, Robin and I will be out pretty late.” Anne said. “So you two will have the place to yourselves.”

Harry nodded, returning his mother’s kiss before walking into the living room. He leaned against the door frame watching you as you sat on the couch playing with the cat. You had been begging Harry for a cat of your own, but he wasn’t really down with the idea.

“All they do is scratch!” He had said. “If anything, we should get a dog.”

“They don’t just scratch!” You insisted. “We can get a sweet old cat from a shelter or something; one that’s already trained.”

He stood there now, recounting your conversation and smiling to himself as he watched you talk to the cat as if it were a child. Something in his heart swelled, picturing you with a baby of your own. You had been dating now almost three and a half years, and marriage and children were definitely two subjects that got brought up regularly. 

Harry had known very early on in your relationship that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. Something about you had just felt different to him - a good kind of different. The only reason he had waited so long thus far was because you had been so young when you started dating and he wanted to make sure that you were both ready.

You heard a shuffling sound behind you and turned to see Harry watching you.

“What?” You asked with a grin.

“Nothing.” Harry replied, shaking his head and coming into the room. “You’re just beautiful and I like looking at you.”

You smiled and rolled your eyes at him. ‘You’re dorky.”

He leaned down to kiss the top of your head and then sat down on the floor next to the cat. “You wanna go for a walk?”

You turned to look at the window which showed just how dark it was outside. “Now? It’s dark…and cold. And I’m pretty sure it’s snowing.”

Harry chuckled. “That’s why I told you to bring a warm jacket. Come on, come out with me. I want to show you something.”

You reluctantly left the warmth of the fire-lit living room and stumbled out into the cold, December air in one of Harry’s over-sized coats, and mittens that you had borrowed from Anne. Harry grabbed your clothed hand and the two of you started walking down the driveway.

“Where are we going?” You asked, trying to adjust your body to the sudden temperature drop.

“My favorite spot.” Harry replied. “It’s not far.”

After about five minutes, you recognized where you were. Though it looked much different in the winter, it was a place that you and Harry had come often over the course of your relationship. It was a small park, with a pond in the middle. In the summer, there were ducks you could feed. Now, it was covered by a thin layer of ice. However, there were Christmas lights strung throughout every single tree, illuminating the rest of the park.

“Wow.” You exclaimed as you stopped. “It looks so different, but it’s beautiful!”

Harry didn’t respond, and when you turned to see what he was up to, you saw him staring at one particular tree.

“What are you thinking about, honey?” You asked, coming over to him and linking your arm through his.

“You remember this tree?” He asked. “The first summer I brought you here?”

The memory came back to you almost instantly and it caused you to blush. There had been many a summer night makeout session against this tree; one in particular that could have ended awkwardly had anyone else walked by during that time. After that, it had kind of become your spot to go when you wanted to be alone, just the two of you.

“This is the hanky-panky tree.” You replied, with a laugh. “Or…almost, before I stopped you.”

You saw Harry smile at the memory. “Yeah, there was that part. But there’s something else about this spot that I’ve never told you.”

“What’s that?” You asked, leaning your back up against the tree.

Harry took your stance as an invitation and pulled himself to you, placing both hands on your hips and leaning in close.

“This is where I realized I loved you.” He said in a husky whisper.

You felt your heart swell as he held you. In the still of the evening, all you could hear around you was the sound of falling snow and the soft breathing between the two of you. You could have stayed leaning against that tree forever.

“You remember two Christmases ago in front of the fire at moms? You remember what I asked you?” Harry contnued.

You nodded. “You wanted me to promise to spend next Christmas with you. And I freaked out momentarily because I thought you were going to propose.”

You both laughed softly. 

“You remember what else I said?”

You tried to recall the entire conversation, but Harry jumped back in before you could say anything. “I said that maybe one of these Christmases, I would be down on my knees asking you something else.”

And then Harry was kneeling in the snow in front of you, holding on to one of your hands as your face began to register what was happening.

“I…really, really love you.” He said. “I’ve known it since the moment I first held you under this tree and I’ve never felt any differently since then. The only thing that has changed is that now I love you even more if that’s even possible. And I want to come back to this tree every year to remind you, and I want to bring our kids here and our grandkids. And I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy.”

You were crying at this point as Harry reached into his coat pocket with his free hand and pulled out a small box.

“Oh my God!” You exclaimed, covering your mouth with your hand, letting the tears flow freely.

“(Y/N), will you marry me?” Harry asked, opening the box to reveal the beautiful ring.

You barely let him get the full question out before answering him. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes, Harry!”

A huge smile covered his face as he stood back up and picked you up in his arms, twirling you around. When you stopped spinning, he leaned in to give you a kiss and you gladly returned it, pouring all of your love and passion into it, trying to show him how happy you were and how much you loved him.

“Do you want the ring?” Harry asked, setting you back down on the ground.

You nodded, pulling off your mitten, not even worried about the cold. Harry took the ring out of the box and carefully slipped it on your finger. 

“It’s yours.” Harry said.

You threw your arms around his neck again and pulled him close, burying your face in his neck and savoring the moment.

“So am I.” You heard him whisper. “Forever.”

Tears started welling up in your eyes again. 


Young Love

Note: I loved writing this one. I love protective older brother Shawn. 

Requested: Can you do one where aaliyah is dating your brother and you’re dating Shawn? idk it’s the only thing I could think of


“They’re thirteen, and fourteen,” Shawn says to you out of nowhere. “They shouldn’t be dating.”

You’re sitting in the passenger side of Shawn’s jeep as he drives you home to drop you off and pick up Aaliyah from your house. She started dating your little brother a couple weeks ago and it seems to be going well so far. You think it’s adorable, Shawn, however, is being a protective older brother. It only makes it worse that this is Aaliyah’s first real relationship.

You weren’t talking about your little siblings dating, but apparently it was on Shawn’s mind since he brought it up out of nowhere. “We weren’t too much older than they are when we started dating.” You reply to him. He’s really upset that they’re so young, but you were fifteen when you guys started dating.

“We were much older.” He responds.

“Like a year.” You correct.

“I don’t know, but it’s just different with them.” He says, not really being able to say why.

“Its because she’s your little sister. You’re just going to have to deal with the fact that she’s growing up.” You tell him.

“I just don’t want them to get hurt, either of them.” Shawn says. He treats your little brother like his own brother. He doesn’t dislike your brother, but he’s just afraid of them hurting each other and breaking each other’s hearts.

“Shawn, you can’t protect them forever.” You tell him.

“I know, but I want to.” He’s so set on this. “I don’t think they should date. Not each other and not anyone. They shouldn’t date until they’re much older. Like at least twenty.” He says matter-of-factly.

“Shawn, we aren’t even twenty now. Should we not be dating?” You ask him. He has such double standards when it comes to you two, and when it comes to your siblings. It drives Aaliyah crazy, and you have to admit that it isn’t fair to them.

“No, I don’t know babe, I just really love them both and I’m scared of what will happen if this doesn’t work out. They’re so young. I just think they should wait to date.”

“They are young, but they’re figuring things out for themselves, and if this doesn’t work out, they’ll both learn from it, and we’ll both be here to pick up the pieces.” You reassure him.

“I don’t want to pick up the pieces,” He insists. “Because I don’t want there to be any pieces.”

“That’s out of your control, Shawn.” You tell him.

He’s silent for a moment, and then he finally says. “You’re right. I guess we just have to let them go, huh?”

“Yes, exactly.” You respond, glad he’s finally starting to understand.

A few moments later, you pull up in front of your house, and Shawn parks his jeep in the driveway. He follows you inside, where Aaliyah and your little brother are watching a movie in the living room. Once Shawn sees the two of them on the couch, all of his resolve from just minutes earlier to just let them go and figure it out on their own disappears. He says to your brother, “I love you, little man, but you better keep your hands and any other parts of your body off of my sister.”

Your brother, like the smartass fourteen year old he is, responds, “You don’t keep your hands or other body parts off my sister.”

Your jaw drops at the fact that your little brother said this. “(Y/b/n)!” You scold.

“What?” He asks, “Its true!”

“That may be true,” Shawn responds, “But we’re both eighteen and we’ve been dating for three years. Since you’re thirteen and fourteen and have been dating for all of two weeks, there will be none of that.” He says sternly. He’s worse than his dad is when it comes to being overprotective of Aaliyah. And he’s worse than your dad was with you too. “Aaliyah, we have to go.” He says to her.

Aaliyah, who is thoroughly irritated with Shawn and this entire interaction at this point says, “Can’t we at least finish the movie?”  

“Is it almost done?” He asks.

“Like twenty more minutes.” She responds.

Before Shawn has a chance to reply, you take his hand. “That’s fine. We’ll be in my room.” You say, pulling him upstairs.

“Keep all your body parts off my sister!” Your brother shouts up the stairs as you two leave.

“Shut up (Y/b/n)!” You yell at him.

Once in your room, you tell Shawn, “You’re overreacting way too much.”

“I don’t want them doing anything.” He replies.

“They’re kids, they aren’t doing anything.”

You try to get him to understand, but he only replies. “That’s what you think.”

“I know they’re not. I trust my brother and I trust your sister. You need to trust them too.” You tell him sternly, not backing down because you don’t want him to ruin their relationship. That isn’t either of your places, and he needs to stay out of it.

“I just worry,” He responds, and you can tell that he is genuinely stressed out about this.

You know he just cares and wants the best for them, but he needs to just let them go and let the relationship run its course. “Don’t worry so much. Its their relationship, and we both know that no matter how much you threaten or hover, they’re going to find a way to do what they want to do. Don’t push them or they might just do it a lot faster than they would have otherwise. Kids work like that.”

“Please don’t let that be true.” He groans.

“Then don’t push.”

“Done, I won’t push.” He answers immediately. He takes a seat on your bed, and pulls you down next to him, lightly kissing you. You pull away and jokingly say, “I distinctly remember my brother telling you to keep your body parts off of me.”

He rolls his eyes, “Okay, I deserved that. But that doesn’t mean I’ll listen.” Then he kisses you again, harder this time. And you just laugh.

Sometimes I think about how Kai and Jinora started dating so young and part of me wonders, when they’re older if Jinora will start feeling like, “I need to know who I am without you.” Because through all those really important development years they were together so she leaves to really find herself and of course Kai’s broken up about it (she is too). But it’s only for a few months and when she comes back they tiptoe around each other because they’re still definitely friends but it’s like where exactly do they stand?

But then one day when he’s airbending she corrects some part of his form and it’s just like old times and they start laughing and she kisses him and their relationship is better than it’s ever been.

Your daughter goes on her first date

Ashton: You were making yourself dinner when you heard Ashton and your daughter arguing as they came through the front door. You walked over to them, “What are you guys fighting about?” Ashton looked over at you, eyes widened, “I found her out with Kendall.” “Kendall Hood?” Ashton nodded. Your daughter groaned, “Dad, I told you. We were just hanging out.” He shook his head, “He had his tongue shoved down your throat. You weren’t supposed to start dating until I arranged your marriage.” You stifled a laugh, looking over at your daughter, “You can go upstairs,” you looked at Ashton, “Are you serious? It was her first date, give her a break.” He gave you half a smile, pulling you into his embrace, “She’s so young. She wasn’t supposed to start dating until I died.” “She’s 16.” Ashton frowned, “And she’s already making out with a Hood. Disgusting." 

Luke: "Luke, come say hi!” He silently groaned, heading over to the door. Your daughter was going on her first date, and Luke didn’t like the idea of losing his little girl. Especially not to Nathan Irwin, who had the reputation for being a heartbreaker. Luke looked over at Nathan, who was holding out flowers to your daughter, “Nice to see you again, Nathan.” Nathan grinned, “You too, uh, Mr. Hemmings, sir.” Luke laughed, “It’s good to know that you’re still scared of me.” Your daughter rolled her eyes, “Okay, we’re gonna go. Bye!” You looked over at Luke after shutting the door, “Give Nathan a break, he won’t hurt her.” Luke brought you into a hug, “I know, if he does hurt her, Ashton will definitely allow me to cut off Nathan’s penis.” He sighed, “I can’t believe she’s dating Ashton’s son. Lashton’s kids. The fans would love that." 

Calum: Calum was a protective father, everyone knew that. So he was a little less than excited when he heard his little princess was going on her first date. Part of the agreement of letting her go was that her date had to meet you and Calum first. When your daughter walked through the front door with Noah Clifford, your eyes widened, "Oh, hi Noah.” He grinned, “Hi.” Calum sighed, “What are your intentions with my daughter? You know she’s a virgin, right?” Your daughter’s eyes widened, “Dad!” “And you better be one too, Noah.” You giggled, “Calum, calm down. Noah’s a good kid.” “Dad, we’re just going out to a movie and dinner. I’m not going to have sex with him.” Calum frowned, “You better not, but just in case,” he pulled out condoms from his wallet, sliding them over to Noah, “Stay protected." 

Michael: "Wait, what?” Michael’s eyes widened as he heard your daughter talking to you. “You’re doing what?” Your 15 year old daughter grinned, “I’m going on a date.” Michael frowned, “No, you’re not. I forbid it.” You rolled your eyes, “Michael, she’s going on a date with Owen. It’s not like she’s doing drugs.” He looked at your daughter, “Owen? As in Owen Hemmings?” She smiled, nodding, “He’s a nice guy, you know that.” “Oh my god, you’re going out with Owen Hemmings? That’s worse than doing drugs!” You laughed, as Michael walked out of the room, “Where are you going?” “I’m gonna ask Luke to give Owen the sex talk." 

Let Go Too Soon ~ A Rucas Fanfic

Summary: How can Riley make the world her own when everyone else seems to be deciding how she should feel? A look inside Riley’s head, based on spoilers for Yearbook and Semi-Formal. ~8000 words. link available.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually been able to get the links to Yearbook to work, so this is all based on spoilers and analysis in the tags. I’ve seen Yearbook now, but this was written largely before I had seen it so really only focuses on the scenes I found on Instagram beforehand. This story will end up being Rucas, so read at your own risk.

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anonymous asked:

According to the spoilers it seems like Kurt doesn´t have friends or anyone who supports him anymore. Rachel is bitching at him, Santana is insulting him, and Mercedes is not there aparently. I wish I knew that there are people Kurt could turn to, but it seems that´s not the case, maybe Brittany...I miss Elliot and Adam.

Besides the whole Klaine crap of course, the fact that Kurt really doesn’t seem to have good  friends pisses me off the most in Glee.They come to him whenever they need him, but hardly ever return the favor. And on top of that most of them insulted and rejected Kurt too many times to still deserve being called his friend, even though Kurt keeps forgiving them.

I think that besides Finn (after he became his stepbrother and they worked through their issues), and maybe Mike in the few scenes they got together, there’s noone from his old glee club that has always supported Kurt and been a true friend. Puck (who turned from his bully to his defender) was doing okay untill the Quarterback episode when they messed that up too. And don’t get me started on Rachel.

The big public proposal from Blaine was the last drop for me. Everyone who was there beaming and smiling and pushing him to Blaine is no friend of Kurt anymore imo, even though the writers were trying to show us the exact opposite. Besides the obvious peer pressure and noone warning Kurt beforehand there’s the facts that half of them knew Blaine had cheated on Kurt so getting engaged so young after just starting dating again might not be such a good idea, and the other half saw Blaine obsessing over the political importance of gay marriage long before Kurt was even back in the picture! And all of them knew that Kurt and Blaine were only back together for a day or so before Blaine proposed, so Blaine must have planned that proposal well before Kurt agreed to even try dating again. Talk about creepy.

Speaking of that proposal and everyone who was there: maybe Kurt losing Burt as a good father pisses me off even more than him not having any friends left. I never considered Burt the “greatest dad in the world”, not even in the first season, but he was a good dad to Kurt (and vice versa) and I loved how their relationship developed. But after Burt brought Blaine to Kurt’s own home in New York after they had broken up (because Blaine cheated!) that all ended. I still can’t believe Burt did that, unless he still doesn’t know about the cheating, and even then it was a big violation of Kurt’s privacy and way too much meddling in other people’s affairs, even when it’s your own son.

And the final nail in the coffin was when Burt drove Kurt to the proposal and emotionally manipulated him with his dead mother. His dead mother! Even if it hadn’t been Blaine waiting to propose to Kurt (but someone Kurt could be happy with) Burt simply shouldn’t have done that, period. Especially not after he could see that his son had serious doubts and looked sick to his stomach because he was going to be put on the spot in public and needed to give an answer to a serious life changing question at age 19 while all the people he knew were watching (when Burt was so against the Finchel engagement). Did Burt even know Kurt and Blaine only started dating again the previous day?

Lol, this turned into a Burt rant more than responding to your ask about Kurt’s so-called ‘friends’. But for me those 2 issues are connected, as Kurt is now not only without any real friends, but also can’t expect much support anymore from his family (where’s Carol when you need her). Noone’s in his corner, and it’s just so sad.

I miss Adam and Elliot too, more than I can tell. And Dani and Isabelle as well for that matter.  :(

It seems that everyone who would be on Kurt’s side no matter what, and who would really listen to him and support him, were quickly gotten rid off, because nothing and noone can stand in the way of Klendgame, ugh. Ah well, never seeing those characters again is perhaps preferred over them turning into Klainers instead. Losing Burt like that was heartbreaking enough.