they stab my mouth

you have to take all of it

like amoxicillin or infinite jest.

stamps out of the room.
rememorizes the entire ulysses in greek while waiting.
yells, i am not an amino.

i said
dont feel bad if you see nothing in my mouth.
then she stabbed me with science.

yesterday all the rubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though theyre here to stay, beetle boop bop, your number is on top, so in you go, and dont be slow, beetle boop bop

im not james joyce
my name is julie
james joyce left you
years ago

Theo Raeken - Forgive

Prompt: Ireland (My character) watches as her friend betrays her by sending the love of her life to hell. 

Word Count:  685

Warnings: None!

 Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this one for a while and I’ve written so much more than I put on here so if you want to read more then please let me know! Enjoy!

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They’re like magnets. Keith is furious. The soulmark on his shoulder has been pulsing more than ever lately.

For Klance Week 2017, day one - free will vs. fate. This has been done before - by literally everyone - but I love a good soulmate au. I couldn’t resist.

on ao3

Keith doesn’t know why he always ends up next to Lance.

But he always ends up next to Lance.

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The Monk, The Wizard, and The GM's Revenge - A DnD Tale

So this has been my first real DnD campaign. We started out with five in the party, but then our two guys (brothers who work at the same job) had to go on hiatus due to busy schedules. So we ended up with just me and my female human paladin of Pelor, my friend with her female goliath death monk of the Raven Queen, and our GM with her female mute minotaur bard, who was mostly there for support (and comedic value).

Our GM probably should have learned her lesson after our first session with just these three, wherein we faced a dragon in a dream/vision swamp and took it down far faster than she was expecting. But the GM shook it off and said things would be harder in the next part.

Two sessions later, we succeeded in tracking down Braegg, the evil wizard guy who had been having all the red-headed elf men of nearby Silvervale killed for some mysterious reason. My paladin was just there to avenge their deaths and stop a madman, but the monk was out for blood because Braegg had tried to kill our party before my character showed up.

Our GM set things up beautifully. Braegg was at the other end of the room. He summoned a weird electrical storm centered around a rune-covered staff held by a statue in the middle of the room, and used totems to bring up a bunch of skeletons. It was shaping up to be an interesting fight.

Let me tell you something about our monk: her player had already established the fact that her goliath is insanely acrobatic (like monks do). She is also pretty much our powerhouse. She likes to charge straight in. And, in-character, she was really, really ticked off at Braegg.

So basically, on her first turn, the monk bolted the entire length of the room, dealing damage to every enemy she passed, and basically punched Braegg in the face. She also got to add a flurry of blows. Then the player used an Action Point so that she could use ANOTHER move, which was Very Effective. And to top it all off, yet another flurry of blows.

By the end of her turn, the monk had 1HKO’d Braegg, as well as four of the five skeletons.

We finished the whole fight in about two more rounds (to finish off the last skeleton and stop the lightning bolts shooting from the ceiling), and got some cool prizes out of the deal, including a Rod of Lightning and two magical horses. We were feeling pretty awesome, and our GM was in complete disbelief.

Of course, this is not the end of the story. Our GM was so frustrated by our easy defeat of her boss fight that two sessions later, she brought Braegg back as a ghost just to get a few punches in. His main target was our monk. The monk almost died and was bloodied three times; it was the first time our party wasn’t able to move from their starting spots for more than one turn, because the paladin and the bard were desperately trying to keep the monk alive. Finally they beat the three ghost-things that were directly attacking them, and the monk was able to vault up onto the roof where the wizard-ghost Braegg was waiting and punch him. And it still took my paladin stabbing him in the mouth with her Rod of Lightning and using Ribbons of Radiance and THEN another attack by our monk to take him out.

And then immediately after the encounter ended, all of the ghosts started recoalescing and pretty soon there was a ghost army. Our entire party (by this point two goliaths, the human, the minotaur, and three half-elf kids, if you count all the NPCs) piled onto the two horses we had and ran for their lives.

By the end of the session, everyone everywhere had been run out of town and the place was overrun with weird ghost creatures, whose presence will presumably be explained in the next session.

The Moral: it’s awesome to have a really good turn and deal max damage and take out the bad guy all in one go, but just remember that your GM will probably have vengeance in the end.

(But let’s be honest, it’s not a moral any of us are probably going to learn from.)

Champagne & Whiskey

Characters: Reader, Bella, Reader’s parents, Dean (For now)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: AU, Reader is part of a wealthy and extremely dysfunctional family and even though her life appears glamorous she hates it. Until she meets Dean who is everything she wants in life. First person POV

Warnings: Talks of death, violence and bad language.

A/N: Depending on the response of this first this while become a mini series. This is something that I cooked up in the time I was taking a break from my assignments. Let me know if you like it or not and i’ll keep updating. This is not edited whatsoever so excuse any mistakes I will edit later. Thank you for reading and I hope y’all enjoy!!

I was listening to this when I wrote this

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30 Days of Vulture Culture

Day 10: Share a story about a Vulture mishap or adventure.

I’m lame and ya’ll already know all my stories, haha. But I’ve had quite a few adventures and misadventures in my years of collecting!

Like the time I was driving a four-wheeler with the back end loaded down with maceration buckets that went flying through the air when I hit a bump too fast, sending rotten, jellied eyeballs and loose teeth flying everywhere just as some people were pulling into my driveway to visit a yard sale I had going on,

the time I electrocuted myself with a bucket heater,

the time I sliced off part of my knuckle while gutting a rotting opossum,

the time my ex-neighbors called the cops on me for ‘animal abuse’ because they were trespassing on my property and found a cage full of deer bones I was nature cleaning,

the time I was digging roadkilled dog bones out of a ditch and nice young man stopped to see if I was having car trouble while I had a fist full of muddy bones,

the time I almost walked under a waterfall of thousands of maggots pouring down a cliff after a rainstorm washed them off of a calf that was decomposing up on top of the bluff,

the numerous times I’ve splashed maceration soup into my mouth and eyes, 

the time I stabbed myself in the palm while cutting eyeballs out of a wolf skull, 

the time I was coming home after a formal award ceremony and stopped to pick up a 50+ pound roadkill coyote and load it into the trunk of my car (in heels)…

(M) At Your Service [End]

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Jungkook x reader

(Summary: a series about being Jungkook’s family maid.)

1   -   2   -   3   -    4    -    5

It’s been three years since Jungkook and I decided to be together, secretly and securely. There’s been a few times where Mr and Mrs Jeon suspected we were dating, although Jungkook and I denied that I was simply just taking care of the house and the family.

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When I was about nine years old,
I wanted to be a boy.

In my mind, boys had everything.
Boys had it easy. Boys had it made.

I didn’t get along very well with
other girls because I would
rather be covered in mud than
in makeup. I would rather
skin knees than stab backs.
Boys ran their mouths and
ran the school while my
patience ran a little bit thin.
But that’s not what girls did.
Girls kept pretty and girls
kept quiet and girls kept
themselves together.

When I was about nine years old,
I realized the biggest difference
between boys and girls to me
was that boys never seemed
to think before they spoke
and I would watch girls
swallow their words like
they were pills made
for horses.

But to boys, there was more
than just that. There was
something in them that
told them girls were weak,
when all I could see was the
strength seeping out of their
pores as they bit the strongest
muscle in their body until it bled.
There was something in
them that told them
girls were worse, when
all I could see was every girl
in a race to better themselves
before the ideal image
of a perfect girl changed
once again.

Even at nine years old,
there was nothing better to me,
than girls.

But I wanted to be a boy, I think,
only because I wanted, just once,
to be picked first to play ball,
to show them I could run just as fast,
kick just as hard,
win just as fiercely.

I wanted to prove myself,
as a girl, that I could be everything
a boy was,
and then some.

When I was about nine years old,
as I hurriedly tried to tie up
my shoes to race others
to the field,
I heard the phrase:
“You can’t play for our team,
you’re a girl.”

I remember thinking,
“But why does that make a difference?”
Until I turned fifteen years old.

When I was about fifteen years old,
I realized that I did not want to
be a boy any more.
I wanted the freedom and
the power and the worth
every boy I grew up with
felt he had.

I wanted to be an equal.

When I was about fifteen years old,
and heard,
“You can’t play for our team”
as I laced up my heartstrings
like a pair of battered cleats,

I learned to say, with a huge smile,
and a nod, remembering
girls and their strength
and their beauty and their poise
and their ability to keep everything
in and everybody out and
hold together a family or bring
down an army,
“It’s okay. I play for the other team



Two Weeks Notice [Baekhyun]

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“Babe,” I groaned in my sleep, stirring in bed, “Babe.”


“Babe,” I hit him lightly on the chest, “The…mmm.”

“What did you say, baby?” he slid his arm around my waist, pulling me towards his chest, “Hm?”

His deep, rough, raspy morning voice rumbled in my ear and I liked it so much that I snuggled closer to him. I forgot about the annoying alarm clock for a second.


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The Signs as Things that have come out of either my/my friends mouth
  • Aries: Well stab me in the face and call me Narancia because I don't know math
  • Taurus: Maximum nut
  • Gemini: Leggyton
  • Cancer: Doppio did nothing wrong
  • Leo: Miguel's bustin out of his clothes like the incredible thot
  • Virgo: Norman Reedus and his funky fetus
  • Libra: "everyone in Drama come out" "I'M GAY"
  • Scorpio: *reaches hand in bag* hey I got something to show you! *Pulls out middle finger*
  • Sagittarius: my arms may be noodles but they can still knock you the fuck out
  • Capricorn: *with one foot in trash can* I'm going home!... Guys I'm stuck
  • Aquarius: I didn't know the goblin king was an edge lord too
  • Pieces: Maybe the cookies were the enemy stand
Spring (Sanha, Astro)

Some Sanha fuzziness because this boy is wonderful. 

@junventeen You knew this was coming and now it’s here. I don’t know what I just did, but here~

Sanha is spring. Bright, refreshing, sweet. His existence danced on the periphery of my vision as we matured from unruly 1st graders, to awkward adolescents, to relatively stable young adults. He was always nice, albeit rather energetic, and high school suits him remarkably well.
Spring suits him remarkably well. His hair is tousled by gentle rain and sweet sunlight, and the army green jacket hanging off his gangly frame compliments his dusty red hair. Light wash denim fits snuggly against his lanky legs and white sneakers hug his feet.
I haven’t even stepped inside of the café yet. My feet are rooted to the ground outside of the quaint coffee shop and the insistent patter of rain against my skin barely distorts my focus on the boy inside.
Yoon Sanha is perched upon a stool on the stage, boyish features chiseled into a surprising mask of soul and masculinity, as he strums the guitar perched upon his lap.
His pull is magnetic. I wince when my sneakers squeak wetly against the shiny wood, but none of the other patrons spare me a glance. They are too immersed in conversations or Belgian waffles or their cell phones. But Sanha, he is immersed in his music. He applies pressure to the strings and sweet sounds reverberate throughout the café.
I am immersed in Sanha.
I order a dismal cup of black tea, only glancing away from Sanha to speak with the perky barista.
My body moves automatically toward a corner table, several tables away from Sanha.
He’s captivating, Lips twisted in concentration, brow furrowed in thought.
And then he starts to sing. Sanha’s voice is spring. Cool dew biting at your ankles as you forge a path through thriving grass, butterfly wings, the sun guiding you down the sidewalk.
If he wasn’t so hypnotic, I might be surprised that he’s singing in a café instead of running like a maniac on the rugby field. But he’s here and I’m enamored.
I sip somberly on my tea, eyelids fluttering shut.
I don’t even realize when his melodic voice has faded away until it’s too late.
“What are you doing here?” The inquiry is open and not threatening, but I jump out of my seat and stand rigidly on my feet, wide eyes and red cheeks.
He towers over me, but Sanha is void of any intimidation. He looks like a puppy, warm eyes brazen with curiosity, the edges of his lips turned upward ever so slightly.
“I-I just, um, well like this café a-and didn’t know you were gonna be, uh, here, but oh look you are! Great seeing you, Sanha, I’ll catch you later!” I stumble and squeak, ducking my head and grappling for my purse so that I can run.
He catches my wrist with his warm fingers, smooth from hours against guitar strings.
My eyes widen a little more, burning a hole through where his hand is wrapped around my wrist.
“Hey,” His tone is a murmur, almost, I note incredulously, bashful.
I allow myself to look up at him. Pink dusts Sanha’s cheeks.
“Don’t go yet.” He releases my hand and I fight the stab of disappointment in my chest.
I open my mouth and shut it before a slow “Okay.”
My butt falls to a chair and he slides in across from me.
“So…what did you think?” He piques shyly, glancing up at me through a fray of dark lashes.
I inhale sharply. “It was so amazing that I can’t think properly.”
He beams, and it makes the room a little brighter. “Really?”
I nod, because it’s the absolute truth. Minus the part where I imagine kissing his cheek.
“That was…unexpected. But it really blew me away. You’re incredible, Sanha.” My nerves and filters fly out the window when he reaches across the table to intertwine our fingers.
“You’re hands are cold.” His voice is underwater because all I can think about is how he’s stroking my palm with his thumb and it sends tingles to my toes.
After a moment, “Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.” His face is twisted in momentary agony, as if in brief but intense conflict with himself.
“What?” I ask gently.
Sanha’s gaze drops to our intertwined fingers. It doesn’t burn, but the warmth makes my skin buzz pleasantly. “Moonbin hyung told me that I do best when I channel, um, real emotion into my music.”
I followed the conversation in my head like a map. This was a confession.
“I thought about you. I guess it worked.”
A shy smile spreads across my lips and I find his eyes through a pleasant haze of blushing and butterflies.
“I guess it did.”
Sanha walks me home. Fingers interlaced, leisurely steps, bashful side glances.
There’s a cherry blossom tree and he stops to place one behind my ear. He smiles softly.
I put a flower behind his ear and mimic, “Pretty.”
He laughs and it’s pleasant and wholesome and sunny. “Tell me something.”
“What’s your favorite season?”

Please feel free to message me with requests. :)

Original Imagines: Imagine being stuck in a house with Kai during the snowstorm. At first, you both annoy each other but then things get heated and you end up seducing him & Imagine having a very animalistic game of hide and seek with Kai in the town of 1994. It ends with him finding you and marking you as his & Imagine Kai eating you out
Author: puellaigmotum
Reader gender: female
Word count: 3,028
Warnings: smut
A/N: The song at the beginning is ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ by Blue Swede. You don’t have to listen to it whilst you read but it might help!

‘The room was empty yet the sound of the grandfather clocking chiming away in the corner of the room made the silence of the manor even more terrifying.

Her heart was thundering away in her chest and she knew that the beast would find her. He always did.

She slowly backed herself into the far corner of the room, waiting for him to burst into the room and kill her.

The sound of boots on the wooden staircase made her heart jump with each step.

Just as the footsteps stopped outside her room, she held her breath, waiting for the beast to appear, yet nothing came.


The speakers boomed alive with chanting causing me to jump right out of my skin; the book I was so enveloped in tumbling from my hands and onto the floor in front of me.

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I don’t need anything from you and i am not asking anything except one thing; do not lie to me.

I hate being lied to. I’m not asking you to tell everything but what i’m asking is your honesty. Tell me what i need to know even if it means breaking my heart, i still want to know. Tell me what you think; when my over-sensitivity takes most of what patience you have left in your heart. Tell me when my mood swing and childish acts gets on your nerves. When you can’t stand my craziness and my other side. Tell me when my tantrums annoys you already. When everything gets rough and everything becomes a problem, you can always tell me, i’m more than willing to listen.

I know you are not perfect. You’ll hurt me in many ways but i will gladly accept that as long as you’re being true to me. I want you to look in my eyes and tell me what’s running inside your head. I want you to tell me what your heart is saying. Don’t hesitate to tell me the truth.
I’d appreciate your sincerity than your sweet lies. I want to look at you and see through your eyes tells me that your intentions are clearer than the waters of the cleanest sea not that face that has stained on with a fake front. I’d rather hear the truth than your filthy lies. If you hurt me, hurt me with the truth. I want honest words from your sweet mouth that stabs through my heart. Hurt me because i know it’ll wake me up from the reality, it will make me go back from real world. Hurt me with honesty and with your most precious feelings. You won’t hear anything from me then, just don’t look into my eyes and you’ll see the meaning of pain.

I don’t want to live in a world full of lies. That everything around are just part of the script on your story. I don’t want to look but just to see the knives ready to stab me at the back. I don’t want to hear any excuses like you don’t want to hurt me because that will happen if you’re going to lie. I don’t want to wake up seeing an unfamiliar face that says “full of lies”. Let me live with a love that is pure and honest. Let me live in a world where everything feels so real and true. I want to see the one i love waking up next to me with sunshine and galaxy in his face.

I want you to be honest with me, especially to your feelings for me…

—  to my future half
Part 2 - CEO Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.643


Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.


“What the hell?” I woke up with the sound of my phone. “Yes?” I said as I picked up.

“Y/N I need you. I need you to come here now.”

“Mr. Hemmings? What’s wrong sir?” I asked worried it was 6am and he never called me. Someone could listen to us.

“We’ll talk when you get here.” And with that he hung up.

I jumped out of bed and dressed my black leather pants and black shirt and black leather jacket. It’s a lot of black I know but I only leave the house at night so black is perfect to not get noticed. I put my hair on a ponytail as I was walking down the stairs of the apartment. It didn’t have an elevator and I hadn’t time to wait for it anyway.

I was glad I ride I bike instead of driving a car. Bikes are faster and I didn’t have to stop in traffic.

I was at the club in less than 10 minutes. I ran down the stairs until I was at Mr. Hemmings door. I took a moment to compose myself and control my breathing. He was my boss I couldn’t just appear in front of him like a crazy woman. Only then I knocked and heard him call me in.

I thought he needed me. Just me. But almost everyone was there.

“Mr. Hemmings?” I said confused.

“She went to the police Y/N.” The girl… The girl I disfigured.

“I can take care of her sir.” I offered.

“Pfff. You can’t even take care of yourself.” Maya spat. Was she the boss too now?? “Why didn’t you just kill her? You’re so stupid! Of course she was going to the police you-”

“Enough!!” Mr. Hemmings screamed cutting her off. “I told her to do so. And you did a good job at it Y/N. But now I need her to disappear and she has the police on her ass so you need to be careful.”

“I always am sir.” I confirmed.

“Yeah right…”Maya mumbled. She’s getting on my nerves.

“Dave is going with you and these two gentlemen too. They are cleaners, I know you used to do all the work but this way it will be faster. And I want you out of there as fast as you can. They will stay behind cleaning.” He informed.

“No sir, I can help them so it’ll be faster.”

“No! You are out of there as soon as you kill her. Police is involved now I don’t want you getting hurt.” There they are again, the butterflies. We stared at each other for a while and then I nodded and walked out the door.

I could still hear her. “I’ll stay and protect you.”

“I don’t know how having sex will protect him.” I whispered and Dave and the two guys laughed.

We found her easily, we had a good hacker, I could do it by myself but that’s not my job I guess.

She moved apartments and now there were two policemen in two cars, one on the back one on the front. I didn’t get this much action since I left the organization. And this was low key action there.

We had to think of a plan to distract at list one of the policeman. Since I had to kill the girl and the two new guys would clean the scene Dave was the chosen one.

“Be careful ok?” I told Dave. He was the first person I met when I when to work for Mr. Hemmings and he welcomed me with open arms. He had this thing that he always had to go with me to protect me, it was kind of annoying but I love him, I love him like the father I never had.

“I always am Y/N.” He said smiling at me and I smiled back. I was trained not to, but he wasn’t just a college he was- is a friend.

He went to the policeman and started to ask some questions and while he was distracted we went into the building.

I opened the door to her apartment with my lockpicks and stepped in while the cleaners waited outside for my order.

“I knew you would come. I told them two police officers wouldn’t stop you.” She was sitting on the couch like she was waiting for me, waiting for her own death. I was behind her.

“Why didn’t you run then?” I asked. Normally I never talked just did my job but I really wanted to know how she just sited there waiting for her faith.

She chuckled a little before answering. “You and I both know you would find me where ever I went.”

“No… It’s not that. Everyone would try to run because there’s always a slim chance of me not finding them. It’s not that… You. You want to die don’t you?”

“When I was little my mom said I could have everything I wanted I just needed to know how to use my beauty. She taught me everything I know. She eventually died and I found an easier way to make my money but, just like everything, I needed my beauty.” She told me standing up and looking at me. It was dark but I still could see my work on her face. “Yes! I knew if I went to the police you would come after me!” She screamed. “You took everything I had in my life away from me!!!!”

I laughed on her face as I went closer to her. “I took everything?? You have food, a house, a job! Most people don’t have half. You knew the risks of doing money on your own and you took them and I just payed you back. You know what most girls ask for, when I come for them? Their life! They tell me to do anything but to let them live. They never had that chance because the word was to kill, but you? You had that chance and you didn’t take it. Maybe you do deserve to be dead. You think beauty is the most important thing in this life? You couldn’t be more wrong. You know what angers me the most? You could have lived your life for all the lives of the girls I took but you’re just a selfish bitch.” And with that I put my hand on her mouth brought her back to my chest and stabbed her or her stomach.

I went to the door and told them they could do their work. As soon as they got in a police man came to my view. He must have heard her screaming to me.

He took his gun at the same time I took mine. We fired at the same time. The two bullets got at different parts of our bodies. While my hit his head his hit me on my left shoulder.

One of the cleaners came outside running.

“You have more work to do.” I told him clenching my shoulder with my hand as I walked to the elevator.

When I got to the first floor Dave was already there.

“What the hell happen? I heard a gunshot! I had to kill the policeman so he wouldn’t come here!!” My gun had a silencer so he must have heard the other policeman gun.

“It doesn’t matter now. We need to go.” I told him.

“I’m taking you to Mr. Hemmings. And don’t even say you’ll take care of it! You got shot!!” He screamed to me.

We were at Mr. Hemmings office in no time.

“What the fuck happen?” Mr. Hemmings screamed to Dave as he put me on a couch on Mr. Hemmings office.

“I don’t know she didn’t tell me.” Dave told him.

“Oh my God!” He panicked coming to me. “Dave go call the doctor.” He commended and Dave was out the door in no time.

“Jesus princess what happen?” He asked me with the sweetest voice I ever heard kneeling in front of me.

“It’s nothing sir I can take care of it.” And it was true I learned how to deal with things like this.

“It’s nothing? You got shot Y/N!!” He screamed to me.

“I’m sorry sir. It will not happen again I was careless.” I tried to redeem myself.

“No princess it’s not that.” He said putting his hand on my cheek and caressing it. “I just don’t want you getting hurt.” He said again with that voice that melted my insides. Why did he do this to me? I can’t feel this! I was trained to do so.

In no time his face was inches from mine and his thumb caressing my bottom lip. “Sir.” I whispered.

“Shh. Don- Don’t say anything, just-”

“What the fuck happen? Can’t you do anything right??” Maya came screaming through the door and Mr. Hemmings stood up.

She was walking long steps in my direction. “You’re garbage.” She said slapping me. The movement of my head made my wound hurt more even though I was trained to block pain I couldn’t help the yelp that left my mouth.

“You will NEVER touch her again! Did you hear me?” Mr. Hemmings screamed on her face clenching her wrist.

I slowly stood up. 1st rule: never let someone make a full of yourself.

“Excuse me sir.” I told him and he let go of her with a confusion expression on his face. I turned to her, face to face, and punched her right on her nose. She landed on the ground and I bent down and grabbed her by the sweater collars. “You will never touch me again.” I whisper growled on her face.

“The doctor is here sir.” Dave said standing at the door and looking at me with a smirk on his face.

Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

PART 3 →

So what do you think of this part? What do you think of Y/N? Do you want more? Thell me here!

Olivia and George Harrison, Ireland, 15 January 2000 (Photo: AP Photo)

(Warning: Some of the quotes contained herein - under a “read more” cut - include graphic descriptions of George and Olivia’s life and death struggle.)

“Around 3am on Thursday, December 30, 1999 an intruder named Michael Abram broke through the supposedly secure perimeter of Friar Park. When George surprised the trespasser, he began chanting ‘Hare Krishna’, a tactic that had the opposite of the desired effect, and the panicked Abram, armed with a kitchen knife, stabbed him. George continued struggling with him until Olivia tried to intervene, at first to no avail. Finally she grabbed a heavy table lamp.

‘I actually felt I may only get once chance so I better not miss,’ remembers Olivia. ‘It’s diabolical, really. George had told me the story about Krishna telling Arjuna, “Don’t aim at the sparrow, aim at the eye of the sparrow,” as your spiritual goal. Honestly, that went through my mind as well. (Laughs darkly) I don’t know how to say this, but don’t aim for his head, aim for the part in his hair. When you’re in a heightened state, you become so focused.’

Olivia, cut on her forehead and hands, hit Abram, disabling him long enough for the police to arrive and arrest him. ‘You should have heard the spooky things he was saying,’ the delusional Abram, who believed himself on a mission from God, would tell the police.

George was rushed to the hospital and, while in dire condition, he eventually stabilised. ‘I sent him a fax that morning at the hospital that said, “Aren’t you glad you married a Mexican?”’ recounts Tom Petty. ‘I meant it in the best possible way.’ Badly cut and his right lung partially collapsed, Harrison nonetheless recovered quickly.” - Mojo, November 2011

* * *

“The attacker wasn’t a burglar and he certainly wasn’t auditioning for The Traveling Wilburys!” - George Harrison, 1999

* * *

Katie Couric: “You took that lamp and walloped him over the head with it.”
Olivia Harrison: “Oh yes, I had to. George was coaching me, I have to say. And George was very brave and people don’t know that. Because he had already been injured and he had to jump up and bring him [the assailant] down to stop him from attacking me. You know, he saved my life, too.”
KC: “You saved each other’s lives.”
OH: “Yes, we did. And that was an interesting experience. Because, you know, not a lot of people get tested like that, thank God.” - Katie Couric interviews Olivia Harrison, aired 26 November 2002

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I’ll Show You Crazy Pt. 6

-well, I guess you guys want a baby! I don’t really see them having a baby, but i tried!

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

Words: 1,683

Warning: Violence

“Oh, fuck.” I say louder than expected in the bathroom.

“What did you do now, baby face?” J asks as he walks in the bathroom, expecting to fix something that I broke.

I don’t respond, but only lean over the pregnancy test on the marble counter.

“What’s that?” J snakes over, trying to catch a peak of the strange looking object he’s never seen before.

“I’m pregnant.” I breathlessly say, not looking away from the test.

“You’re what?” J looks at me in disbelief.

“I’m having a baby.” I explain further, eyes still wide.

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I thought you didn't like the show.


Hey guys, guess who’s back.

Believe it or not but I’ve actually have a new imagine for you.

This was a request from a while ago. I hope you like it.

SPOILER ALERT: This contains a major spoiler for Game of Thrones Season 3. So if you still want to watch it you shouldn’t read this!


I thought you didn’t like the show!

“Oh my god! I’m so excited for tonight. I can’t wait. Oh god, oh god, oh god!”, was the first thing Dan said when I entered the apartment.

“Nice to see you, too, love.”, I said and walked staight past him.

“I’m sorry but you know I can’t contain myself when Game of Thrones is on!”

“It’s not even on for another three hours. And I still don’t know what all the hype is about. There’s just a lot blood, everyone gets their heads cut off and there’s way too much nudity if you ask me. I’m only watching it because you’re making me.”

Well, that last bit maybe wasn’t entirely true. I did only start watching the show because Dan convinced me to and I honestly didn’t like it at first because of all the blood and violence and I made sure to let Dan know what I thought of it but after the first few episodes I got really into it. I started having favorite characters and storylines but I was too stubborn to admit this to Dan so I still let him believe that I don’t like the show. Tonight was the ninth episode of season three and I was pretty anxious about it because you never know what’s going to happen next on this show - especially so close to the season finale.

Dan and I spent the next couple of hours next to each other on the couch, browsing through Tumblr. What else would we do with our time? Phil came home about ten minutes before Game of Thrones started, Dan put on his Game of Thrones shirt and I cuddled myself into one his hoddies, perfect to hide my face in when it got too scary for me. We were all ready to go.

It worked in my favour that Dan was so into the show. He completely ignored me, which I would hate in every other situation, but here it was just fine. I got through the episode pretty well without drawing any attention to myself; Dan didn’t look at me once, but then it happened. The beginning of the end. There was no way I could have contained myself through what happened next. As soon as Talisa got stabbed I started shaking, my eyes got watery and my mouth was wide open. It was all over when Robb got shot. I was sobbing uncontrollably. I was in shock. I didn’t know what was happening to me. It all happened so fast, all our eyes were glued to the TV but when I started screaming, Dan took notice of me. He didn’t say a word, he just held me until it was over.

It took me about an hour to finally stop crying. Dan carried me into his bed after the credits and just wrapped his arms around me. I don’t know if he was so quiet because he was in shock himself. After a while I looked Dan in the eyes and tried to speak. All I could say was “Robb” before I started crying again. Dan wiped my tears away and said with a smile on his face: “I thought you didn’t like the show.”


I really hope you still like my writing or better my writing skills haven’t vanished.

Have a nice day, night, whereever you are.

I love you all!