they stab my mouth

be passive. they try to stitch my mouth closed, stabbing the needle & thread in and out so i am volatile no longer. i gasp like a girl drowning, but i force words up my throat & spit them all out, daggers in search of places to bury themselves. what they don’t know is i’ve always hidden inside my body a tempest made of magnificence & fury.

be hidden. sometimes i hear their voices hissing my name like a curse, whispering at me to blend away into the shadows — a place fit for what they call a porcelain girl. to become a shadow myself; wherever, whenever, a ghosting act performed with stilted grace. i know they want me to forget my own face, but my memory is like steel & will never break.

be tolerant. they tie strings around my wrists and call me their little puppet. i step out of line & they’ll dangle me out dry for the vultures circling overhead. every time, i’ll break free & run, run, but there’ll always be wolves high off a chase or sharks hungry for a taste of my flesh. but you can bite a string for so many times until it breaks, so i learn to hone my teeth like a blade.

be pretty. they adorn me in pearls for the passersby so they coo at the sight of me. no man wants a woman who can do more than he can, so make use of that little doll face. nobody likes a girl who’s angry & passionate & unlovely, so soften up & close that mouth. careful, i’m an uncut gemstone masquerading as a girl. i’m covered in sharp edges all over behind that glittering smile.


Help Me Get The Girl part 12 (Grayson Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,661

Warnings: Language. Extremely light mention of sex.

A/N: Hi there!  If you’ve made it to part 12 know that I love you.  If you stuck with me even after part 11 which upset quite a few people, I love you.  Hopefully you all enjoy this because it was such a fun chapter to write!  Let me know what you think!  Also, I read over this so many times but feel like it still has mistakes so ignore them lol

Dedicated to my best chick @dolanxtwinzz

Your POV:

“Y/l/n!  Y/L/N!” My eyes snapped open as I sucked in a sharp breath, my head whipping up to see Mr. Stephens looming over me.  “As much as you drive me crazy, this has me concerned.  Why are you sleeping in my class?  Normally, you’re annoying me.”

Hearing a snicker next to me I looked over to see a girl that I had never seen before, covering her mouth as her eyes flickered back and forth between Mr. Stephens and I.  She sent me a mischievous smirk before turning back to her book and continuing to read while the rest of the class kept their focus on me.

“I’m tired?” I said matter of factly, truly having no excuse for being tired.  I wasn’t staying up late, in fact, I was falling asleep earlier than usual with the help of some melatonin.

He rolled his eyes, “Well, try to stay awake.  I let you sleep for 30 minutes thinking that maybe there was a valid reason for your exhaustion, but you have just reminded me how much you frustrate me.” he walked away with a loud huff, sauntering back to his desk.

Sitting down, he glared in my direction, watching me as if I was about to sneak out of the classroom.  Challenging his stare I sat up straight in my seat and held eye-contact until he gave up and started to type on his laptop.

“Hey…” a voice next to me whispered.

Turning my head to the unknown girl next to me I replied, “Hey.”  Her dark brown hair stretched past her shoulders and her dark eyes still held a glint of mischief.  This chick had to be a damn model!

She chuckled, “You were dozing off when I got introduced to the class.  I’m Nicole, self proclaimed new girl!  What’s your name?”

My voice still rough from being asleep, I yawned out my name, “Y/n.”  Turning to face her, ignoring the lasers Mr. Stephens was shooting at me with his eyes again, I slumped in my chair comfortably, “So, self proclaimed new girl?”

“Mhm!” she hummed.  “I figured that if I refer to myself as the new girl, it takes away the excitement of calling me it.”

I gave her an impressed nod, already knowing that she and I were going to become good friends.  “What page are we on?” I asked, no longer whispering, “Not that I care!” I said louder just to piss Mr. Stephens off.

“You shouldn’t care!  It’s pointless reading anyways!” she responded just as loud, earning a laugh from me.

Luckily, the bell rang right after she said that and the two of us bolted out of the room in a ball of giggles.  Bursting through the door we stumbled forward and came to a stop.  My hand was on her shoulder as I tried to steady myself.

Nicole was bent over, laughing so hard I thought she was going to gag.  “Has he always hated you?” she asked as she attempted to catch her breath.

“Yeah,” I answered, “He hates my best friend Ethan as well.  We tend to cause him a bit of trouble.”

“Hm, well I have a feeling he hates me as–woah!” she stopped mid-sentence, straightening up I shifted my position so I could get a better look at what caught her attention, “He is beautiful!”

There, down the hall and leaning against the lockers was Ethan.  He was casually talking to a girl in our grade, Josie, and he seemed fully entertained by the conversation.  Working my eyes back to Nicole I saw that she was still looking at him, a small smile forming at the corner of her mouth.

“That is one of the most attractive males I have ever seen in my life.  Is he single?” she turned to me, hope dancing in her eyes.

“He’s single, but you can’t!” I said without thinking, mentally scolding myself.

She wiggled her eyebrows, “Does someone have a crush?”

“That’s my friend Ethan I was just telling you about.” I told her, ignoring her question.

“Does someone have a crush on her best friend?” Nicole rephrased her question to be more specific.

“No!” I shrieked, which wasn’t how I had planned on it coming out.

She rolled her eyes, “Do you have lunch right now?” she changed the subject.

“Yeah.  Do you?”

“I do!  Perfect!  That gives us time to talk about how lying is bad and you can tell me the truth about your crush on Ethan!” she grabbed my hand, “Oh and to get to know each other too.” and with that she drug me behind her to the cafeteria.


“THERE ARE TWO OF THEM?” Nicole shouted as we sat down at an empty table.  A few tables over from us sat Ethan and Grayson, along with Grace who was sitting further from Grayson than usual.

I quickly shushed her, “Could you be any louder?” I asked as I realized that they had heard her and were now looking at the two of us.

“Two of what?” Ayla asked as she sat down next to me along with Jason.

Ayla and Jason were both in my PE class and I had been sitting with them for the past week.  We usually grouped up in the class so we were familiar enough with each other that I started sitting with them at lunch to avoid the awkward tension with the twins and Grace.

“Two of those!” Nicole shouted again, her finger pointed in their direction, drifting back and forth between Ethan and Grayson.

“Oh my gosh!” I growled, pushing her hand down.  “Would you stop being so obvious!”

“Oh yeah!  We have been blessed with both of them.” Ayla agreed, scanning over the two who were still looking at our table.

“Both of you!  Knock it off!” I begged, covering my face with my hands.  “They’re looking!”

Nicole gave me a look that said ‘who cares’, “Tell them to stop looking then.” she said as if it were nothing.  Tossing her a side glare I stabbed my fork into my pears, shoving them messily into my mouth.  “STOP LOOKING OVER HERE!” Nicole’s voice made me jump.

Both Jason and Ayla bursted into a fit of laughter while I threw my hands up in the air in defeat.  Nicole began to introduce herself to them while I wiped up the mess I made with my napkin.  

“Why aren’t you sitting with them if you’re best friends?” she asked curiously.

I acted like I didn’t hear her, but she still got her answer from Jason.  “He’s mad at her for being an indecisive, hot ass bitch.” Jason informed her, stuffing his slice of pizza into his mouth.

“Yeah,” Ayla chimed in, “He thinks she bedazzled her jeans with his brother Grayson, if you know what I mean.” she winked.

“No, I don’t know what you mean.” Nicole looked at her like she was crazy.

“Bedazzled the jeans. Threw glitter in the janitor’s closet.  Broke shelves and ripped clothes.” Ayla listed off her nonsense while Nicole continued to stare at her in confusion.

“He thinks she had sex with Grayson in the janitor’s closet.” Jason interrupted her, “Stop trying to make new sayings happen.  Nothing you just said made any sense.”

“Yes, it did.” Ayla argued, her eyebrows furrowing.

“No.  It was all stupid.” Jason spat back.

“You’re stupid.”

“Not as stupid as your sayings.”

“She gets it.” I stopped them both.  “You both have made your point.”

“I like you guys!” Nicole pointed at them with her fork then pointed at me, “You’re alright I guess.” she joked before returning to her food.

I smiled, my eyes drifting back over to the twins.  Grayson was eating, no longer paying attention to us, but Ethan made no effort to hide that he was looking at me.

Attempting to be friendly, I gave him a small wave and a half smile, but he took a deep breath and turned back to his food.  At this point I was just annoyed with his childish attitude and was ready to confront him.  There was no more dodging it anymore.  We were going to talk about it whether he liked it or not.


At the end of the day I waited for Ethan at his locker, knowing that even if he tried to leave right away, he would have forgotten something important and had to come back to get it.  Nicole was standing next to me, not wanting to miss out on any of the action, but I didn’t mind.  Throughout the day I had come to learn that she was a much more bold version of me and we clicked quite well.

“There he is.” she whispered, bumping me on the shoulder with hers.

Ethan noticed that I was waiting for him and I could tell that he was contemplating whether he should turn around or not, but in the end he decided to continue walking towards us.  

When he got to his locker he looked at me with no expression on his face, “Can’t you move?  I need to get my history book.”

“No.  What I can do is talk with you about what’s going on.  I’m not moving till you agree to talk with me.”  My voice was stern and I tried to sound commanding, but I knew that Ethan wouldn’t be intimidated.

“I don’t want to talk,” he informed me, “I want to get my history book and go home.”

“Good lord.” Nicole groaned, rolling her eyes and throwing her head back.

Ethan gave her a questioning look, “Who are you?”

“I’m Nicole.” she raised her eyebrows sassily, dropping her weight onto her hip and whipping her hair out of her face.  “You need-”

“Nicole was just about to leave.” I cut her off before she could say anything else.

Ethan looked at her for a response, “Fine!  I’ll leave but let me say this, it doesn’t matter how flawless and gorgeous you are, you need to hear her out or else I’ll come for you, you beautiful being.”

“Bye, Nicole!” I waved her off.  She winked at me and strolled away with her natural hip sway she had going on.

Turning my attention back to Ethan I asked, “So, where are we going to talk?”


We were in Ethan’s car driving down the side streets till we reached the main roads again.  I knew exactly where he was going… the boardwalk.  We drove without talking, the only sound being the light hum of the engine.  

“You know, there will probably be a bunch of people at the boardwalk.” I mumbled, giving him a quick look.

“Whatever.” he grumbled, looking over at me.  After seeing me tense a bit at his tone his face softened up, “We’ll be fine.  No one will be paying attention to us.” he said in a much softer tone.  I gave him a quick nod and leaned my head back the rest of the ride there.

After parking we got out and started to walk without saying anything, which in our friendship wasn’t normal.  Usually, there wasn’t a moment of silence between the two of us.  But, this silence held thick tension that I was desperate to break.

Walking us over to a bench, Ethan took a seat and lightly patted the spot next to him, a friendly gesture I hadn’t expected him to give me.  Sitting next to him, I fought not to lean my head on his shoulder as I usually would or rest my hand on top of his.

“I didn’t to it.” I told him as I stared forward, hands clasped together in my lap so that I didn’t reach to hold his.  “I wouldn’t lie about that.  I wouldn’t lie to you, Ethan.”

“I used to believe that, but Y/n, Corrin was specific about where and what you looked like after.  She seemed so serious about what she was saying.” he finally looked at me.  “I’ve never been mad at you, Y/n, but in that moment I was so angry with you and I’ve struggled to let that anger go, because I don’t know what to believe.  Grayson insists that it’s not true, but I also tell myself that he could be lying because he knows how I feel about you.”

“Ethan, you got this information from Corrin.  Creepy Corrin who has been obsessed with you for the longest time.  Think about it.  How often are we not together?  Only when we’re in class!  Don’t you think you would notice if I wasn’t around?” I pointed out the obvious while I made eye-contact with him.  “Honestly, Ethan, are you going to tell me that I magically hooked up with your brother in the whole 2 minutes during a passing period that you’re not with me?”

“What about during class?” He challenged.  “What if you both took a pass to the restroom or nurse or something?”

“ETHAN!” I growled, dragging my hands down my face.  “I DIDN’T DO IT!” I shouted.  “I wouldn’t ever do that to you!  I l-” I stopped before I got too deep into my emotions, “You are the only person I have ever been with in that way; no one else.  And as my best friend, I would hope that you would believe me.”

Sitting there for a beat I felt a hand slowly work its way into mine, lacing our fingers together.  “I believe you.” he told me as he squeezed my hand.  “Damn, this hand was made to fit in mine.” his voice was light and joking.

I pulled my hand out of his and slapped his shoulder before throwing myself onto him and pulling him into the tightest hug I possibly could.  He held me, his hand rubbing my back.  I took in his scent, which I had missed this past week, allowing myself to melt into him.

“If I buy you something from the candy shop will you forgive me for being an idiot?” he whispered in my ear as he squeezed me tighter.

“Can I do a pound bag?” I asked, burying my face in the crook of his neck.

He chuckled, “Do you really need a pound of candy?”

Leaning back with my hands still around his next I faked a pout and shook my head yes.  Giving in, he let go of me and stood up.  The candy shop wasn’t far away which I was thankful for because the whole walk Ethan apologized for believing Corrin to which I consistently reassured him that it was ok.

Upon entering the shop I grabbed a clear bag and immediately started stuffing it with as much candy as I possibly could, not bothering to ask Ethan if he wanted me to put any in for him.  Placing the bag on the counter, I waited as Ethan asked them for a few truffles and paid for our stuff.

Skipping out of the store I popped a chocolate in my mouth before turning around to Ethan, “Catch!” I said as I tossed one in his direction.  Leaning a bit to the side he caught it in his mouth, smiling as he chewed.

He caught up with me, throwing his arm over my shoulders, pulling me close.  Placing a kiss on my temple he let it linger longer than he ever had, almost as a claim for everyone around him to see.

“Missed me, huh?” I teased, poking his side.

“How could I not?” he poked me back.  “You’re my best friend.”

I forced myself to smile lightly and responded, “And you’re mine.” For some reason, I wanted him to miss me for more than that.

“Don’t worry, I’m still in love with you.  Your fake smile may now become genuine.” he didn’t look at me when he spoke, but I didn’t have to see his face to know that he wore a cocky smile that said ‘I’m under your skin’.


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Pairing: Isaac x Reader (thx for requesting love)

Warnings: none ;), just me crying in the club over how Isaac wasn’t in the last season

Summary: Isaac finally gets the nerves to ask Y/N out on a date, due to a bet.

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: oml this has been in my drafts for ages so I’m sorry for you sweets (whoever requested this lol I’m too lazy to check) but here it is finally!! hope you semi-enjoy?? it kind of ends abruptly so dm me if you want me to finish it ;) also sorry loves for not posting an imagine for a while, so here’s one to hold you over until my next one which I’m v excited to post ;))))))



(this fic starts in Isaac’s p.o.v. and transfers to Y/N’s p.o.v.)

It feels as if the whole room goes silent as that melodic song passes her lips, the one that she calls her laugh; all other sounds in the room blurring except that damn laugh. That goddamn laugh. Even the obnoxious chatter from the cafeteria can’t pull me away from focusing on the happiest sound that exists, my eyes searching every inch of the room to find her angelic face.

It doesn’t take me very long before I see her bright eyes somehow finding my own for a slight second, causing me to look away embarassedly and quickly rush to my usual table with Scott and Stiles.

I plop down at the table, incoherent swears tumbling from my mouth, for the hundredth time, muttering how dumb I was for not pushing my nerves aside for once and just talk to her. I angrily stab my fork into the school’s spaghetti,  shoving it into my mouth.

“Why don’t you just ask her out already?” Scott asks, bringing me out of my angered daze and sliding across the bench to situate himself in front of me, Stiles sitting next to him.

Stiles and I look at him with wide eyes, shocked expressions being an understatement. 

“Isaac would never,” Stiles scoffs, ripping open the plastic bag of chips in his hands and eating a mouthful.

Something in me switches, maybe it was my wolf instincts or maybe my animosity towards Stiles, but I bitterly growl at him. “Bet.”

Scott looks at me, impressed, while Stiles sports an expression of disbelief. “You wouldn’t,” he laughs unsurely. “Would he?” He asks quietly to Scott.

“Watch me,” I say, confidence radiating off of me. I pull my shoulders back, getting up from the table and taking careful, long strides towards Y/N’s table.

As one of her friends talks about some date she went on over the weekend, Y/N’s eyes drift to me, ignoring the conversation. A sort of mischievous glint sparkles in her eyes that watch every step I take carefully, a small smile spreading across her kissable lips.

“Lahey?” She questions, just as surprised as I was about by my sudden confidence to actually speak to her. Her friends subsequently look up from each other, smirking while they look back and forth between me and her, whispering things like “finally” and “thank god”. 

They knew too? Was it really that obvious? 

One of her friends laughs, the blonde with dark green irises, getting the attention of the other three girls sitting at the table and declaring that she needed to use the restroom. All the others proceed to say, “me too,” giggling and giving Y/N and I some privacy. 

I smile gratefully at one of the girls as she gives me a thumbs up, sliding into the seat in front of Y/N. I look down at my hands for a few moments, my confidence slowly starting to dwindle. I rub my sweaty palms against my jeans, then look back up to her. 

Y/N looks back at me intently, urging me to speak, yet with a demureness about her that made me so much more attracted to her (if that was even possible). She shyly pushes some strands of her hair behind her shoulder, her soft smile still gracing her lips. 

“So, erm, Y/N, I um…” I look off into the distance behind her, feeling the words I had planned to ask her fall into the void. 

“Yes, Isaac?” She queries, a shift of impatience in her noticeable. 

Did she actually want this too?

“Would you, wanna, like go on a date with me?” I ask, wetting my chapped lips with my tongue and biting on my bottom lip. 

“Of course, I mean, yeah,” she answers quickly, fidgeting with her fingers. “I’d love to, Lahey." 

"Okay.” I reciprocate her anxious happiness. I pull out my phone from my back pocket, clicking onto my contacts and typing in her name, then sliding he device over to her.

Y/N looks at me questioningly, and I’m quick to explain. “To set up the details.”

She nods, smiling up at the ceiling. “I should’ve assumed that,” she laughs. “I’m so dumb.”

“No,” I intervene, disagreeing. “You’re not dumb. You’re at the top of our class, Y/N. There’s literally no possible way for you, out of all people, to be dumb.”

She looks at me stunned, but flattered, a hint of a red rosy color displaying on her supple cheeks. My eyes widen, realizing how I just exposed how much of a stalker I was. 

“Thanks,” she laughs, her fingers reaching up to her earlobe and tugging on her gold hoop earring, a habit that I’ve observed she does when she’s nervous. A small sigh of relief slips past my lips and my tense shoulders relax.

I stand up, giving her one last charming grin and telling her that I’d text her later.

“Woah, he actually did it?” I can hear Stiles ask in the distance. 

Hell yeah I did.



“Y/N, I can’t believe he actually asked you out,” my friend says, as I look at my outfit in the wall length mirror, twirling to see all the angles of the black dress.

I smile brightly, just the thought of Isaac could get me happy if I was being completely honest. “I know,” I say, looking into my box of jewelry for some type of necklace to compliment my outfit. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this day.”

“Oh trust me, I do honey.” I push her playfully, laughing. 

“Do you think I’m trying too hard?” I ask, clasping the pretty silver chain around my neck.

“Not at all,” she assures, standing beside me in the mirror and smiling.

“Good, because this has to be perfect.”

“Speaking of perfect,” she looks down at my phone, the sound of an incoming call ringing. “Your soulmate is calling,” she teases, handing me my phone.

“Haha, I guess I’ll have to resend that offer of being my maid of honor, huh?” I play along.

“Nooooo, I’m being your maid of honor and I’m absolutely going to embarrass you with this exact conversation,” she promises, sticking her tongue out at me.

I roll my eyes, placing my finger up to my lips, motioning for her to be quiet as I pick up Isaac’s call.

“Hey, Y/N,” Isaac’s cheerful voice rings through the speaker. “I’m outside now, so whenever your ready.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a minute,” I reply, gathering my bag and waving a goodbye to my friend, going outside.

Before the phone call ends, I hear a ‘damn’ uttered from Isaac’s end of the line that doesn’t fail to make me look down to my feet while walking to his car, doing my best to keep the blush on my face hidden.

Isaac jumps out of the car, rounding the vehicle to open the door for me chivalrously. I smile at him, taking in his outfit lacking his signature scarf; he was wearing a pair of dark wash jeans, a black sweatshirt, and black vans.

He runs back around the car, slipping and falling, but then jumping back up and acting like it never happened. Once he gets back in the car though, he starts bursting out laughing, breaking the ice. I join him, putting aside my original plan of ignoring it for his sake. We both laugh for a solid five minutes, the type of laugh ending in sore stomachs and watering eyes.

We smile at one another, then Isaac grabs the wheel, pulling his car out from the  side of the curb, driving until he reaches a red light, then stopping and turning to me.

“I forgot to tell you…” he says, scratching he back of his neck endearingly. “You look really gorgeous right now, well I mean, you do all the time, but especially right now.”

A big smile adorns my face. “You look good too, Lahey.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think I’ll ever look as good as you.”

A Family Dinner.

“We’ll talk later.”

“I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it.”

“Oh, what a shocker, you have an excuse.”


Just a small side note - if you’re going through anything like an eating disorder or self harm or anything like that, my inbox is always open if you need to talk! I love you all! - red-w00dy xoxo

Glancing at my reflection in the bedroom mirror, I couldn’t help but feel disgusted with myself. My arms were looked vile, my thighs were enormous and my stomach was way too big for my liking. I tugged at the new dress I had bought for Thanksgiving at Gemma’s, arranging it so nobody could see how much weight I’d lost. It’s not like I’d always had issues with my food, but for the past couple of years I really struggled to find anything attractive about myself. My boyfriend of three months, Chibs, was nothing but adoring, constantly telling me that I was beautiful and whispering gaelic compliments in my ear whenever we were out on a date. I’d chosen not to tell him about my eating problems, thinking that if he knew then he’d probably dump me there on a spot. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the small machine that filled me with dread whenever I stepped onto them. Scales. I quickly kicked off my heels and pulled the scales out from their place under the sink, convinced that weighing myself just before the dinner couldn’t hurt. That way I’d know just how much I could eat without putting on anymore weight. I placed my feet on the machine and glanced down, watching the needle flicker for a moment before it stopped. 107lbs. I was determined to get down to 100lbs which meant eating today was out of the question, no matter how mouthwatering Gemma’s food looked. I’d just returned the scales back to where they were when Chibs wandered into the bathroom, wrapping his arms firmly around my waist and placing a soft kiss on my cheek with a smile.

“Ye look fucking beautiful, hen,” he muttered against my skin, running his hands up and down my sides whilst peppering kisses against my bare skin. I flashed him a weak smile in the mirror, leaning back against his chest. “Are ye ready tae go? Gemma just rang, she said the food should be ready in the next hour.”

“Yeah, just let me put my shoes on and grab my handbag,” I smiled, moving away from his grasp to put my heels back on before making my way into the bedroom where my bag sat on the dresser. I unzipped it to check I had my usual pack of mints along with a spare tube of lip gloss and another carton of cigarettes in case Chibs or I ran out during the meal.

“Yer gonna die when ye see all the shite Gemma’s making. Her pumpkin pie has tae be the best I’ve ever tried,” he told me, his hand resting at the base of my back as he escorted me out of the house and towards my car. We’d decided taking the car was the best option earlier that day as Chibs would probably be drinking and it was safer than taking the bike if that was the case.

“I’m not actually that hungry to be honest with you,” I lied easily, climbing into the passenger seat whilst Chibs slipped into the driver’s side. He took the keys from me and inserted them into the ignition, turning the engine over before reversing backwards into the street. “We’re not going to be having massive portions are we? Only I’ll feel rude if I don’t manage to finish it all off.”

“Ye’ve nae eaten anything today, baby. I bet once we get there and ye smell all the food, ye’ll feel hungry. I ken Juicy boy always says he’s nae hungry but usually ends up eating more than everyone else combined,” Chibs chuckled, taking one of his hand off the steering wheel in order to light the cigarette he had trapped between his lips. I gave a weak nod in response, diverting my attention to the houses we were passing out the window rather than continue to talk about food - the thought of how much Gemma would be cooking was enough to make me feel nauseous.

By the time we reached Gemma and Clay’s house twenty minutes later, I was a nervous wreck. I knew the club didn’t trust me yet, not that I expected them to given I hadn’t been around that long, but I didn’t really want to spend the entire day listening them talk about Chibs’ past conquests in front of me and making me feel jealous of all the pretty girls that had spent the night with him. I voiced my thoughts to Chibs as we sat in the driveway of the house, our ‘thank you for having us’ gift for Gemma resting in my lap. He reassured me that they were only doing it because they knew it winded him up but if he saw me feeling uncomfortable then he’d be the first to tell to knock it off. We both climbed out of the car and made our way to the front door, Chibs opening it and gesturing for me to go in first where we were immediately greeted by Gemma and Clay, the MC’s president wearing the most hideous green jumper with a turkey on the front underneath his kutte. The couple gave us both a kiss on the cheek and thanked us for a gift, motioning for us to go to the living room where the other guys and their counterparts were already sitting, drinking beer and laughing at something Tig said. Chibs grabbed my hand and led me over to the empty armchair by the fireplace, dropping down into the seat before pulling me to sit in his lap. He instantly fell into conversation with Opie about some old motorcycle Opie was working on whilst his wife, Lyla, began complimenting me on the dress I was wearing. Half an hour after we arrived, Gemma announced that it was time for dinner and everyone had to sit at the dining table.

I was seated between Jax and Chibs according to the place cards that Gemma had laid out on the table, something that made me happy as I got on well with Jax quite well. Just as everyone started laughing at Tig ripping into Clay for his awful sweater, Gemma and Tara emerged from the kitchen holding several plates that were piled high with food. I paled at the sight, especially when Gemma placed one down in front of me that was equally as full as both Chibs and Jax’s. There was several slices of turkey, a mountain of mashed potatoes, stuffing, an assortment of different kinds of vegetables, some candied yams and a bread roll on the edge of the plate. I fought back the urge to gag and smiled gratefully at Gemma, picking my fork up and poking tentatively at the food as if I was deciding what to eat first. Everyone else tucked into their food around me, leaving me to stare down at the overflowing plate in front of me. I only stopped when I felt Chibs squeeze my thigh softly which caused me to look at him, seeing a kind smile on his face as he mouthed the words ‘eat what you can, Gemma won’t be offended’ at me. I nodded quickly and scooped the smallest amount of mashed potatoes onto my fork, using my teeth to scrape them off the fork and into my mouth with a fake smile plastered on my face. I knew I should have told Chibs I didn’t want to come, that way I could have spent the day alone with no food in sight. But no, I had to say I would love to go with him. Damn his pretty face, I probably would have declined his offer if he was ugly.

“Hey baby, are you enjoying the food?” Gemma asked as she passed behind me with another bowl of cranberry sauce. Turns out that Bobby and Clay both loved the sweet sauce, adding piles upon piles of it on top of their turkey to the point that the white meat had become red from how much they had used. “You’ve not ate that much, why not try the stuffing or the turkey? All you’ve seemed to do for the past half hour is pick at the potatoes.”

“It’s really good, Gem, I’m just not that hungry at the minute,” I smiled at her, cutting up a small sliver of turkey and stabbing my fork into it before slipping into my mouth, forcing myself to chew it with the smile on my face never faltering. Gemma seemed to be pleased with this and carried on to her seat next to Clay at the head of the table. Chibs however was a different story, continuing to flash me concerned looks as he ate his own dinner. A pang of guilt shot through my chest but I ignored it, turning away from Chibs to carry on spooning the smallest bites I could manage into my mouth with the occasional fake moan to keep up appearances.

“Y/N, are you going to eat that stuffing?” Juice piped up ten minutes later, noticing that I hadn’t touched the stuffing on the left side of my plate. I shook my head as Chibs reached over the table to clip the young Puerto Rican around the back of the head, berating him for being rude. “What was that for? I was only asking. She’s not touched it, thought I may as well see if I could have it if she wasn’t going to eat it.”

“If it’s okay with Gemma, I don’t mind. I don’t want to be rude though, I’m just feeling a little full from all the turkey and the mashed potatoes,” I frowned, Gemma nodding to say that it was okay for Juice to dig into what was left over. Half of the food on my plate was cut up into miniscule bites and merged together to appear as though I’d eaten a lot, when in actual fact I’d only had several forkfuls of mashed potatoes and a couple of bites of the turkey. I had become fairly skilled in making it seem as though I was eating, using diversion tactics to take away the attention from my plate and mixing my food up to make it seem like there was less on the plate which meant that nobody would suspect that I wasn’t eating properly.

Once dinner was over and everybody had retired to the living room, I couldn’t stop thinking about the amount of calories I had consumed during dinner. After the plates had been cleared, everyone had encouraged me to eat an entire slice of Gemma’s famous pumpkin pie and the thought of it making me gain weight was enough to convince me not to eat for the next few days. I knew I’d have to exercise all the calories off once I got home as well, but I had developed a routine which meant that I could burn them off without feeling faint. After twenty minutes of losing myself in my thoughts, I realised that Gemma’s bathroom was upstairs which meant nobody would be able to hear me if I was to make myself throw up. I excused myself from the conversation I was having with Chibs and Tig, heading out of the room and up the stairs where I locked myself in the bathroom. The full length mirror behind the door caused me to see my own reflection as I hovered over the sink, urging me to critique my appearance for the millionth time that day. Although my cheekbones and collarbones were well defined, I could still see the fat on my upper arms and the way the dress clung to my thighs which made them seem bigger than they actually were. It was enough motivation for me to drop down onto my knees in front of the porcelain bowl, shoving my fingers down my throat until I was able to make myself gag. After a couple of minutes a knock at the door stopped me in from what I was doing, a sigh of defeat escaping my lips due to the fact I hadn’t managed to make myself puke.

“Are ye okay in there, lass? Ye’ve been up here a while and everyone’s beginning tae wonder where ye’ve ended up,” Chibs called from the other side of the door, causing me to stand up and straighten out my dress before opening it to see him leaning casually against the doorframe. He had his arms folded across his chest and one of his eyebrows were raised, giving me the impression that he knew exactly what I’d been doing. “What were ye doing in there, hen? I mean aside from the obvious. Yer eyes are all watery and shite.”

“Oh, I was just checking my make-up and realised I had a stray eyelash on my face, accidentally poked myself in the eye trying to brush it away,” I laughed lightly, dabbing underneath my eyes to get rid of the tears and shrugged it off like it was nothing. Chibs shook his head and pulled me into the bedroom opposite, closing the door behind us once we were both in the room. Judging by the posters of girls on motorcycles and the stack of Harley manuals stacked up on the bedside cabinet, I came to the conclusion that it was probably Jax’s bedroom before he moved out. Chibs perched himself on the edge of the bed and beckoned me forwards, resting his hands on my hips once I was stood directly in front of him.

“Be honest with me, Y/N, were ye making yerself throw up in the bathroom?” he asked slowly, pulling me down so I was sat on his right thigh and brushing my hair away from my face. I narrowed my eyes at him and feigned confusion, playing it off that what he was saying was craziness. “I’ve noticed ye’ve lost a lot of weight recently, nae tae mention ye barely ate anything at dinner today. And dinnae say it were because ye weren’t hungry because I ken fer a fact ye haven’t ate since yesterday afternoon.”

“What are you trying to say, Chibs?” I scowled, standing up once more and stepping backwards when he proceeded to do the same, looking down at me with a knowing expression on his weathered face. “I’ve just not been feeling very well recently, that’s why I barely ate anything today. As for the losing weight thing, I’ve just been exercising a lot. I’m not starving myself if that’s what you’re getting at.

“Och, come off it, Y/N, yer a terrible liar and we both know it. Ye barely eat, and whenever ye do ye go and run off to the bathroom after half an hour or so. Ye exercise way tae much fer it tae be healthy and yer so skinny, I’m afraid if I hug ye too tight, ye’ll snap. Just admit ye have a problem and we’ll get ye some help,” he shot back, grabbing hold of my wrist and tugging me back to him when I tried to leave the room. “Dinnae walk away from me, and none of that ‘We’ll talk later’ shite either. We’re going tae sort this oot once and fer all.”

We continued to argue over whether or not I had a problem for a good twenty minutes, both of us turning red with how frustrated we were getting with each other. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t just leave me to it, especially given that we’d only been together for a few months. Surely it was my decision to make if I decided whether to eat or not, and I didn’t need Chibs giving me shit for it like I was a small child. I eventually admitted that I’d skipped the odd meal here and there, and maybe I was exercising more than I should, but that didn’t mean I needed to go seek help for it. As Chibs stood there processing what I had said, I took the opportunity to escape the bedroom and head downstairs, mumbling a quick apology to Gemma before exiting the large house. I had just reached the driver’s side of my car when Chibs came storming out of the front door, blocking me from getting into the vehicle as Gemma, Jax and Tig all crowded in the doorway to see what was happening between us.

“Look, I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it, okay? So why not just let me go home and you can come talk to me when you’ve calmed down a little?” I tried to reason, despite knowing that Chibs wouldn’t go for my suggestion. He scoffed at what I said and shook his head in disbelief, removing the carton of cigarettes from his jeans and proceeding to light one up. He took a long drag and exhaled the smoke through his nostrils, a mixture of sympathy and annoyance swimming in his dark brown eyes.

“Och, what a shocker, you have an excuse. This isn’t just something I can forget about, Y/N, yer clearly nae very well. Christ, I really fucking like ye, lass. I dinnae want tae wake up one morning tae get a phone call from the hospital saying yer hooked up tae a load of machines because ye haven’t been eating properly,” Chibs sighed, running a hand through his dark hair as Tig and Gemma carefully approached us, obviously figuring out the reason behind the argument Chibs and I were having.

“Look, doll,” Tig said before I could tell them both to stay out of it, holding his finger up to silence me as Gemma moved to wrap her arm around my shoulders. I rolled my eyes, ready to hear whatever he had to say whilst Chibs tapped his foot opposite me in a feeble attempt to calm himself down. “My kid, Fawn, has been through exactly the same thing and I don’t want to see anyone ever go through that, especially not someone that Chibs likes so much. You might not think you have a problem but we all noticed at dinner that you were off your food, and with how skinny you are, it’s not hard to put two and two together. In my eyes you only have two options - go see someone that’ll help you get better or start planning your funeral because if you carry on, you’re gonna end up dead.”

“Tig’s right, sweetheart. You’re beautiful but it wouldn’t hurt to get a little meat on those bones, you’re far too skinny for my liking. I tell you what, you get yourself sorted out and we’ll go shopping for some new clothes once you’re better. And if a shopping spree isn’t a good enough excuse to sort yourself out then think about Chibby. You’re not just hurting yourself by doing this, you’re hurting him as well and I know for a fact that you don’t want that,” Gemma added, combing her fingers through my Y/H/C locks in an attempt to assure me that sorting myself out was the best option.

I couldn’t help but think that maybe I did have a problem, and a bad one at that if everyone had picked up on it in the space of a couple of hours. I gave them a weak nod to confirm that I’d seek help, wrapping my arms around my grumbling stomach as Chibs gathered me up into his arms and span me round in a circle, causing me to giggle at his actions. Tig and Gemma chose to return to the house at this point, leaving Chibs and I standing there in the middle of the driveway just staring at each other. He dipped down to brush his lips over mine softly, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear when he pulled away from me. A small smile appeared on his lips as he continued to gaze down at me, clearly delighted that I was willing to sort myself out.

“Yer absolutely stunning, lass, I want ye tae remember that next time ye feel unhappy with the way ye look,” he whispered quietly, resting his forehead against my own and placing his hands on either side of my hips as I proceeded to drape my arms around my neck, relishing in the warmth radiating from his body in comparison to the cold, winter air. “I ken it’s a wee bit soon but I just want tae say that I dae love ye, hen, and I want tae spend the rest of my days with ye. I cannae dae that if yer six feet under because ye didn’t eat. Yer beautiful, and I’ll always think so, just remember that, okay?”

“I love you too, Filip. And thank you, for making me realise that I had a problem and for being there to make sure I get help. I promise I’ll get better, not just for me but for you as well,” I mumbled back, pressing my lips against his and relaxing into the kiss. I knew I had to stop what I was doing or I’d end up losing this wonderful man, and if that meant getting help then I was more than happy to do what it takes. With Chibs by my side, I knew I could conquer anything that came my way.

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Theo Raeken - Forgive

Prompt: Ireland (My character) watches as her friend betrays her by sending the love of her life to hell. 

Word Count:  685

Warnings: None!

 Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this one for a while and I’ve written so much more than I put on here so if you want to read more then please let me know! Enjoy!

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Obedience Part 1 - Norman Reedus 🔥

NSFW 18+

Panting in anticipation I assume the position for him. I need him, I want him.

The door opens slowly and in walks he with a belt in hand. He’s quiet until the door closes and stands in silence. I know the rules he’s taught me, and one of them is no speaking unless spoken to, and even then I could get punishment. “Hello, my little slut.”

The name-calling alone has my pussy clenching. I know better, and pussy penetration isn’t his first choice.

With my arms shaking from being in the position for so long already, I simply keep my eyes focused on his legs as he takes his steps forward. He places his thumb and first finger on my chin and moves my head for me, looking at me. I feel two abrupt smacks on my face, and I know this routine. The hits force me to close my eyes, and as he expects, I open my mouth. His first two dry fingers are sliding along my tongue, forward and back. I have my throat closed, and he tests me for this, sliding to the back of my throat. “Bad girl.” Two wet hits on my cheek are my punishment, and more of a warning if anything. I open my throat for him and he assesses me again. This time I begin to gag, not being able to hold my own. He enjoys the sight, watching me suffer, and my pussy enjoys the pressure he’s placed on me. I’m lucky to get this treatment from him. I’m lucky to have met him at all.

“My beautiful bad girl.”

His fingertips hold steady at the back of my throat. I taste the salt of his skin as I gag again and the tears begin form. Gag after gag, he watches me agonize in position. He’s getting me ready to deepthroat. He’s getting harder. He’s treating me the way a ‘fuckhole’ needs to be treated. You see, I am one. I am His ‘fuckhole’. Away from the life I live, this is my true desire – to be treated like this. This is my Dirty Little Secret.

And then, strings of saliva run it’s course down the corners of my mouth as I gasp for breath. He’s pulled his fingers out and before I can fully breathe, his belt is around the back of my neck and he’s forcing himself into my gaping mouth. I can’t breathe. I can’t see through my tears, all I feel is a thick strong and hard cock in my mouth. I hear him, and he’s grunting and moaning above, loving every second of this welcomed abuse.

“Take it you dirty girl”

With my spread pussy dripping down my thighs, his hands begin to move my head along his shaft without warning. I haven’t been able to breathe yet, and I try to vocalize but all the both of us hear is a drowning moan as he pushes his head to the back of my throat repeatedly with a stabbing motion. Finally, he pulls out and I gasp, my used mouth and throat dripping with an overflow of mixed juices. Just as I’ve caught my breath, he stuffs himself back inside and I’m being suffocated again. I feel his tip at the back of my throat and know he’s gone as deep as he can. Out of breathe, I hear him, “You’re my dirty little slut aren’t you,” he starts, while he begins to fuck my mouth again. It’s a question that goes unanswered as I’m unable to speak any words, just gagging noises and that drowning moan, “You’re my obedient little pussy for me to use.” And just like that, the names take me into another realm of sex and my throat relaxes, opening for him…as I nod in obedience


They’re like magnets. Keith is furious. The soulmark on his shoulder has been pulsing more than ever lately.

For Klance Week 2017, day one - free will vs. fate. This has been done before - by literally everyone - but I love a good soulmate au. I couldn’t resist.

on ao3

Keith doesn’t know why he always ends up next to Lance.

But he always ends up next to Lance.

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Joining the team of the living Pt. 3

These characters belong to Teen Wolf

You both sat quietly for a few minutes. Nolan decided to sit next to you on the bed again. You shivered when his leg brushed against yours, but the silence continued. You were starting to get tired of not talking so you bursted out “ so was it a werewolf or not? ”. Nolan jumped a little by the sudden out burst, “ I don’t know…but it was dangerous, it could have hurt someone… ” he looked down at his shoes. “ how? ” you said quietly. “ It could have scratched you until you bled out, bit you, and no one would have known that a person, a monster did it. ” Nolan started shaking with his hands in his lap. You opened your mouth to say something, but Nolan started talking again. “ y/n, I need you to believe me, that thing, it kills people ” he said a little louder. “ I believe you… ” you grabbed one of his hands. Nolan looked up at you, on the verge of tears “ I need your help… ”

You both got in your car and drove to the library to research on supernatural creatures like werewolves and stuff. Nolan kept explaining that they were dangerous and the two of you got a little tired. You both fell asleep on the table, you had a weird dream. You were in the middle of the library alone, but kept hearing people talk and pencils on paper. You looked around for a little bit until everything went quiet. You heard horses, you turned around and saw a black horse with a odd looking man with no eyes. He was about to shoot you, but all you saw was green smoke. And that’s when Nolan woke you up. He walked away from you to look at the lower level to see Mason and Corey. Than one of the lacrosse team members, you think his name was Aaron, walks up to Nolan and starts talking to him. Nolan looked nervous, so got up and walked towards him, you hear Aaron say “ there’s only one way to find out ” and walks away from you and Nolan. “ what was that about? ” you asked quietly. “ I think I’ll need your help now ” you nod and follow him to the lower level. Nolan drops his books on Corey and Mason’s table. “ Trying to study for the bio test ” Corey asks. “ Trying to…yeah ” you look at him confused as he sits and you follow his actions. Nolan starts talking about organisms evolving and changing. “ um…isn’t the test on DNA vs RNA ” Corey questions. “ I wonder if organisms can change…and change back? ” Nolan asks nervously. Mason starts talking about some of the animals that can change genders, “ I wonder if any of us have changed ” he says, Corey and Mason look at each other confused. Why would he ask that? I mean it’s not like if they did change they would admit it. Just as I open my mouth to say something, Nolan stabs Corey with his pen. “ NOLAN, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!! ” he than grabs Corey’s hand “ LOOK Y/N, LOOK!!! ” His hand healed, there’s no scratch or scar, it healed. I look up and see Aaron smile and walk away. I than see Nolan rush out of the library and into the hallway of the school. I catch up to him “ Nolan, what were you doing! ” I quietly yell. Just as he’s about to answer with his bloody pen in his hand, we almost bumped into a strawberry blonde girl. Just as we’re walking away, she yells “ 68?! Hey, 68?! ” me and Nolan turn around and she asks “ Do you where Brett is? ” “ Who’s Brett? ” he answered. “ Brett Talbot?! ” Nolan raises his head a little bit and says “ your one of them ” “ one of who? ” she asks. Before she could say anything else, Nolan runs away clutching onto his bag. “ NOLAN! ” I ran after him. I see him in the parking lot standing next to my car, shaking. “ Did you see Corey’s hand?!? ” he almost yells. I was shaking, more than Nolan, and he’s always shaking. I nodded while I was starting to cry. He pulled me into a hug, “ Do you see what they can do, they can heal, while people, people who aren’t like them are dying. And we’re gonna stop them, we’re gonna stop all of them”

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When do u get ur braces off, Ben?

They should be off by my birthday at the end of the year! Just imagine—I won’t have to deal with wires stabbing the inside of my mouth anymore! I’ll be able to eat like a normal person! And I’ll be even more dashingly handsome than I was before!!  Pretty wizard, right?

The Monk, The Wizard, and The GM's Revenge - A DnD Tale

So this has been my first real DnD campaign. We started out with five in the party, but then our two guys (brothers who work at the same job) had to go on hiatus due to busy schedules. So we ended up with just me and my female human paladin of Pelor, my friend with her female goliath death monk of the Raven Queen, and our GM with her female mute minotaur bard, who was mostly there for support (and comedic value).

Our GM probably should have learned her lesson after our first session with just these three, wherein we faced a dragon in a dream/vision swamp and took it down far faster than she was expecting. But the GM shook it off and said things would be harder in the next part.

Two sessions later, we succeeded in tracking down Braegg, the evil wizard guy who had been having all the red-headed elf men of nearby Silvervale killed for some mysterious reason. My paladin was just there to avenge their deaths and stop a madman, but the monk was out for blood because Braegg had tried to kill our party before my character showed up.

Our GM set things up beautifully. Braegg was at the other end of the room. He summoned a weird electrical storm centered around a rune-covered staff held by a statue in the middle of the room, and used totems to bring up a bunch of skeletons. It was shaping up to be an interesting fight.

Let me tell you something about our monk: her player had already established the fact that her goliath is insanely acrobatic (like monks do). She is also pretty much our powerhouse. She likes to charge straight in. And, in-character, she was really, really ticked off at Braegg.

So basically, on her first turn, the monk bolted the entire length of the room, dealing damage to every enemy she passed, and basically punched Braegg in the face. She also got to add a flurry of blows. Then the player used an Action Point so that she could use ANOTHER move, which was Very Effective. And to top it all off, yet another flurry of blows.

By the end of her turn, the monk had 1HKO’d Braegg, as well as four of the five skeletons.

We finished the whole fight in about two more rounds (to finish off the last skeleton and stop the lightning bolts shooting from the ceiling), and got some cool prizes out of the deal, including a Rod of Lightning and two magical horses. We were feeling pretty awesome, and our GM was in complete disbelief.

Of course, this is not the end of the story. Our GM was so frustrated by our easy defeat of her boss fight that two sessions later, she brought Braegg back as a ghost just to get a few punches in. His main target was our monk. The monk almost died and was bloodied three times; it was the first time our party wasn’t able to move from their starting spots for more than one turn, because the paladin and the bard were desperately trying to keep the monk alive. Finally they beat the three ghost-things that were directly attacking them, and the monk was able to vault up onto the roof where the wizard-ghost Braegg was waiting and punch him. And it still took my paladin stabbing him in the mouth with her Rod of Lightning and using Ribbons of Radiance and THEN another attack by our monk to take him out.

And then immediately after the encounter ended, all of the ghosts started recoalescing and pretty soon there was a ghost army. Our entire party (by this point two goliaths, the human, the minotaur, and three half-elf kids, if you count all the NPCs) piled onto the two horses we had and ran for their lives.

By the end of the session, everyone everywhere had been run out of town and the place was overrun with weird ghost creatures, whose presence will presumably be explained in the next session.

The Moral: it’s awesome to have a really good turn and deal max damage and take out the bad guy all in one go, but just remember that your GM will probably have vengeance in the end.

(But let’s be honest, it’s not a moral any of us are probably going to learn from.)

When I was about nine years old,
I wanted to be a boy.

In my mind, boys had everything.
Boys had it easy. Boys had it made.

I didn’t get along very well with
other girls because I would
rather be covered in mud than
in makeup. I would rather
skin knees than stab backs.
Boys ran their mouths and
ran the school while my
patience ran a little bit thin.
But that’s not what girls did.
Girls kept pretty and girls
kept quiet and girls kept
themselves together.

When I was about nine years old,
I realized the biggest difference
between boys and girls to me
was that boys never seemed
to think before they spoke
and I would watch girls
swallow their words like
they were pills made
for horses.

But to boys, there was more
than just that. There was
something in them that
told them girls were weak,
when all I could see was the
strength seeping out of their
pores as they bit the strongest
muscle in their body until it bled.
There was something in
them that told them
girls were worse, when
all I could see was every girl
in a race to better themselves
before the ideal image
of a perfect girl changed
once again.

Even at nine years old,
there was nothing better to me,
than girls.

But I wanted to be a boy, I think,
only because I wanted, just once,
to be picked first to play ball,
to show them I could run just as fast,
kick just as hard,
win just as fiercely.

I wanted to prove myself,
as a girl, that I could be everything
a boy was,
and then some.

When I was about nine years old,
as I hurriedly tried to tie up
my shoes to race others
to the field,
I heard the phrase:
“You can’t play for our team,
you’re a girl.”

I remember thinking,
“But why does that make a difference?”
Until I turned fifteen years old.

When I was about fifteen years old,
I realized that I did not want to
be a boy any more.
I wanted the freedom and
the power and the worth
every boy I grew up with
felt he had.

I wanted to be an equal.

When I was about fifteen years old,
and heard,
“You can’t play for our team”
as I laced up my heartstrings
like a pair of battered cleats,

I learned to say, with a huge smile,
and a nod, remembering
girls and their strength
and their beauty and their poise
and their ability to keep everything
in and everybody out and
hold together a family or bring
down an army,
“It’s okay. I play for the other team



Original Imagines: Imagine being stuck in a house with Kai during the snowstorm. At first, you both annoy each other but then things get heated and you end up seducing him & Imagine having a very animalistic game of hide and seek with Kai in the town of 1994. It ends with him finding you and marking you as his & Imagine Kai eating you out
Author: puellaigmotum
Reader gender: female
Word count: 3,028
Warnings: smut
A/N: The song at the beginning is ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ by Blue Swede. You don’t have to listen to it whilst you read but it might help!

‘The room was empty yet the sound of the grandfather clocking chiming away in the corner of the room made the silence of the manor even more terrifying.

Her heart was thundering away in her chest and she knew that the beast would find her. He always did.

She slowly backed herself into the far corner of the room, waiting for him to burst into the room and kill her.

The sound of boots on the wooden staircase made her heart jump with each step.

Just as the footsteps stopped outside her room, she held her breath, waiting for the beast to appear, yet nothing came.


The speakers boomed alive with chanting causing me to jump right out of my skin; the book I was so enveloped in tumbling from my hands and onto the floor in front of me.

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Champagne & Whiskey

Characters: Reader, Bella, Reader’s parents, Dean (For now)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: AU, Reader is part of a wealthy and extremely dysfunctional family and even though her life appears glamorous she hates it. Until she meets Dean who is everything she wants in life. First person POV

Warnings: Talks of death, violence and bad language.

A/N: Depending on the response of this first this while become a mini series. This is something that I cooked up in the time I was taking a break from my assignments. Let me know if you like it or not and i’ll keep updating. This is not edited whatsoever so excuse any mistakes I will edit later. Thank you for reading and I hope y’all enjoy!!

I was listening to this when I wrote this

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A Week With Miss Taylor

AKA, what it’s like to be a preschool teacher.

  • One of the two year olds who is potty training pooped, and it fell out of her pants and onto the floor. Another kid saw it, thought it was play doh, and started playing with it.
  • One girl takes pleasure in putting her finger in your eye and seeing how far in she can push it.
  • I was sitting with a group of one and two year olds a few days ago, and they were showing me their animal toys. One girl, for some strange reason, thought it would be a good idea to shove a plastic shark, hard, directly into my open mouth and stab the place between my gums and my upper lip. It hurts to smile and eat, still.
  • I bought some new toys for the kids; I showed a barbie to one of them and she made an O face. Even before I got the dolls out of the packaging, the kids were having fun playing with them.
  • My coworker was dancing at the end of the day with the kids in the three year old room. One of them went up to her and simply said, “I like your moves.”
  • The three year old sister of one of my one year olds is very loving. She gives surprise hugs (a lot of the kids do, and it’s always a pleasure) and yesterday she came up to me, sat on my lap, and pointedly told me, “Did you know I love you?”
  • Coming back from break is the best part of the day because by then all the kids are up from nap and when they see me they all rush over at the same time to hug me hello. 
  • Several kids blow or give you kisses (though at this stage, they put their mouth on you and say “Mwah!”) It’s still very sweet. 
  • Young children are so precious. I love them and I love my job.

I don’t need anything from you and i am not asking anything except one thing; do not lie to me.

I hate being lied to. I’m not asking you to tell everything but what i’m asking is your honesty. Tell me what i need to know even if it means breaking my heart, i still want to know. Tell me what you think; when my over-sensitivity takes most of what patience you have left in your heart. Tell me when my mood swing and childish acts gets on your nerves. When you can’t stand my craziness and my other side. Tell me when my tantrums annoys you already. When everything gets rough and everything becomes a problem, you can always tell me, i’m more than willing to listen.

I know you are not perfect. You’ll hurt me in many ways but i will gladly accept that as long as you’re being true to me. I want you to look in my eyes and tell me what’s running inside your head. I want you to tell me what your heart is saying. Don’t hesitate to tell me the truth.
I’d appreciate your sincerity than your sweet lies. I want to look at you and see through your eyes tells me that your intentions are clearer than the waters of the cleanest sea not that face that has stained on with a fake front. I’d rather hear the truth than your filthy lies. If you hurt me, hurt me with the truth. I want honest words from your sweet mouth that stabs through my heart. Hurt me because i know it’ll wake me up from the reality, it will make me go back from real world. Hurt me with honesty and with your most precious feelings. You won’t hear anything from me then, just don’t look into my eyes and you’ll see the meaning of pain.

I don’t want to live in a world full of lies. That everything around are just part of the script on your story. I don’t want to look but just to see the knives ready to stab me at the back. I don’t want to hear any excuses like you don’t want to hurt me because that will happen if you’re going to lie. I don’t want to wake up seeing an unfamiliar face that says “full of lies”. Let me live with a love that is pure and honest. Let me live in a world where everything feels so real and true. I want to see the one i love waking up next to me with sunshine and galaxy in his face.

I want you to be honest with me, especially to your feelings for me…

—  to my future half
Two Weeks Notice [Baekhyun]

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“Babe,” I groaned in my sleep, stirring in bed, “Babe.”


“Babe,” I hit him lightly on the chest, “The…mmm.”

“What did you say, baby?” he slid his arm around my waist, pulling me towards his chest, “Hm?”

His deep, rough, raspy morning voice rumbled in my ear and I liked it so much that I snuggled closer to him. I forgot about the annoying alarm clock for a second.


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The Signs as Things that have come out of either my/my friends mouth
  • Aries: Well stab me in the face and call me Narancia because I don't know math
  • Taurus: Maximum nut
  • Gemini: Leggyton
  • Cancer: Doppio did nothing wrong
  • Leo: Miguel's bustin out of his clothes like the incredible thot
  • Virgo: Norman Reedus and his funky fetus
  • Libra: "everyone in Drama come out" "I'M GAY"
  • Scorpio: *reaches hand in bag* hey I got something to show you! *Pulls out middle finger*
  • Sagittarius: my arms may be noodles but they can still knock you the fuck out
  • Capricorn: *with one foot in trash can* I'm going home!... Guys I'm stuck
  • Aquarius: I didn't know the goblin king was an edge lord too
  • Pieces: Maybe the cookies were the enemy stand