they spent most of the time listening and chiming in when prompted

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here (Remus x Reader)

What can i say? Ed’s new album inspired this xx listen to the song here

She is the sweetest thing that I know

You should see the way she holds me when the lights go low

Shakes my soul like a pot hole, every time

Took my heart upon a one-way trip

Guess she went wandering off with it

Unlike most women I know

This one will bring it back whole

Daisies, daisies perched upon your forehead

Oh my baby, lately I know

You had known Remus since you were a first year; he was best friends with your twin brother, Sirius. Everyone knew that you were both head over heels for each other since second year — it was now fifth year and everyone was pretty much tired of how oblivious the two of you were.

If anyone asked you if you had feelings for the tall marauder you would blush furiously and timidly say no. But you knew that you were lying, you had a crush on him since second year and you hoped to have the courage to profess your feelings to him one day, but were afraid to do so for the sake of your friendship.

If anyone asked him if he had feelings for the youngest Black sibling (youngest by twelve minutes but Sirius dubbed you as the baby of the family) he would nervously say no, that it would be wrong to have romantic feelings for his best friend’s younger sister; inside his mind it was different, he wish he could go on and on about how wonderful you were, how your laugh was his favorite sound and how he was definitely sure that you were sweeter than chocolate.

That every night I’ll kiss you you’ll say in my ear

Oh we’re in love aren’t we?

Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby

I feel safe when you’re holding me near

Love the way that you conquer your fear

You know hearts don’t break around here

Oh yeah yeah yeah , yeah yeah yeah yeah

 Study dates were a Friday night ritual for the two of you, even though neither one dared to say the word date out loud. This particular Friday you had come down with a terrible cold and could barely walk straight.

“Y/N, you really should rest, I’m sure your professors will understand if you miss class today, hell I’ll even make it sound that you’re dying so they don’t give you any problems.” Lily said as she put a hand up to your clammy forehead.

“I’m not upset about missing class…” you mumbled.

“I’m sure Remus will understand that you can’t make it to your weekly library date.”

“It’s not a date.”

“Then what do you call the love sick lingering gazes?” she teased.

“Sod off, Evans.” You muttered as you sank deeper into your blankets.

“Love you too! I’ll see you later, okay?” you simply nodded as she left.

A couple of hours past which were mostly spent sleeping on and off, by dinner time you were starting to feel a bit better and were about to fall asleep once again when a knock woke you up.

“Come in!” You hoarsely called back. You heard a faintly “Alohomora” and Remus came in with a tray of food.

“Hope you’re feeling better.” He said as he made his way to your bed, gently setting down the tray on your lap.

“Now I am.” You replied, smiling broadly. He had made you some chicken broth and tea.

“Just so you know, Pads and Prongs were very close to starting a vigil for you…” he said chuckling. You arched an eyebrow in response, prompting him to go on.

“Lily really did sell the story of you being on your deathbed, you would think that Sirius would know if his twin was truly dying but he claimed that the twin telepathy wasn’t working properly because it was raining today.”

You snorted, shaking your head as you picture the scene, but were thankful that Remus was the brains of the group and that he was kind enough to come and check on you.

“I figured you didn’t want a Sirius induced headache so I set up a few more spells so he wouldn’t be able to come into the girl’s dormitories.”

“Remus, have I ever told you how much I love you?” you said gratefully but quickly turned a deep red once you realized what you had said. He simply looked down and smiled, running his hand through his already messy light brown hair.

You finished your meal and asked Remus if he could bring you another blanket, he quickly went to get you one.

“Scoot over,” he said. You were confused but did as you were told.

“Remus, I don’t want to get you to get sick!” you protested, not because you didn’t want to cuddle with him, but because you really didn’t want to get him sick.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’m a healthy wolf.” He said with a lopsided grin.

“That was one of the worst wolf jokes…What would the guys say? You can kiss your comedy club goodbye.”

“Well aren’t you the funny one tonight.” And so you spent the rest of the night bantering and laughing. He had his arm around you, protecting you from the world, your head on his chest. You fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

 She is the river flow in Orwell

And tin wind chimes used for doorbells

Fields and trees and her smell, fill my lungs

Spent my summer time beside her

And the rest of the year the same

She is the flint that sparks the lighter

And the fuel that will hold the flame

Oh roses roses laid upon your bed spread

Oh my, hold this, oh this, I know

 Not that Remus needed any confirmation that he was in love with you, but the moment he took a whiff of his Amorentia potion, the smell of your shampoo, chocolate, and caramel coffee overwhelmed his senses and prompted a deep blush to cover his pale face.

“So does it smell like my sister’s fruity shampoo or no? perhaps like the sickly sweet coffee she drinks?” Sirius said as he smirked at Remus knowingly.

“Not now Sirius…”

“I’m just saying, I wouldn’t mind having you as a brother-in-law.”

Remus, Sirius and James left Potions class, both of them were teasing Remus but stopped once they sat down in the Great Hall next to you and Lily. You happily waved to the boys and after a few minutes someone tapped your shoulder. You saw Sirius glaring at whoever was behind you and how Remus had a confused looked on his face.

“Y/N Black.” Called the voice from behind you.

“Lucius Malfoy.” You said as you turned around, of course you would have recognized that snobbish voice anywhere. You had been introduced to the Malfoy family when you and Sirius started Hogwarts but since you three were sorted into rivaling houses, the pureblood friendship that your parents had hope for had vanished. Or so you had thought.

“Will you do me the honor of accompanying me for a short walk?” he said offering you his hand while throwing your brother a condescending smirk.

“What if I say no?”

“Trust me, this is not an offer you can refuse, darling.” The way he said darling made your skin crawl, you decided to go with him just so he would leave you alone. Your friends threw you worried glances and you saw how James had to place a hand on Sirius’s shoulder to stop him from attacking Malfoy, you also noticed how Remus was also glaring at Lucius. Yeah, it was better to humor the Malfoy snob than have Sirius expelled because of a fight.

After a few minutes of  walking in silence, Lucius spoke up.

“I don’t understand why you mingle with those sorts of people.”

“Well, one of them is my brother.” You said curtly.

“But the mudbloods, Lupin and the Evans girl?”

“What about them?”

“As if you don’t know what I mean, with such a pretty face, being a blood traitor is something I could easily ignored.”

“Excuse me?” you said, stopping in the middle of the hallway.

“All I’m saying is that out of you and your so called brother, the only one worth saving and keeping pure is you. What do you say if we got to know each better at the next Hogsmeade visit? “When hell freezes over, Malfoy.” And with that you spun around and went straight to the Gryffindor common room, no longer hungry.

Once your friends got back and saw you sitting by the fire with a scowl on your face they knew that whatever Malfoy wanted was nothing good, and they were right.

“So, what did that git want?” Sirius asked as soon as he spotted you.

“He basically told me that I should consider the Black family ‘motto’ and that by dating him I could atone for being a blood traitor.” The room went silenced as you said, good thing it was only the marauders, Lily and you in the common room because you didn’t want anyone else to witness Sirius’s reaction. In an instant he drew out his wand, James tackled him as Remus shouted expelliarmus.

“HOW DARE HE? JAMES GET OFF ME, I NEED TO GO AND KILL THAT WEASEL.” James was currently sitting on top of Sirius, Remus had his wand with a scowl on his face and Lily just looked apprehensively at the situation.

“Sirius, I said no, he’s a horrible human being. I mean he basically told me what mother is always telling us, to remain pure. I’m not stupid, I obviously turned him down.” You said, putting on a smile for your brother so he could calm down.

You all calmed Sirius down, and soon enough him and James were planning a prank on him while Remus watched you carefully. You were far too quiet and he was starting to worry.

You excused yourself and headed towards the astronomy tower. Lucius words did get to you, it hurt that he spoke of your brother and of your friends in such a way, especially of Remus. You didn’t even realize that hot tears were cascading down your cheeks, it wasn’t until someone placed a handkerchief on your lap that you looked up and were met with a familiar pair of green eyes.

“Thank you.”

“Always.” Remus murmured as he pulled you into a hug, your tears soaking his dark red sweater, as he rubbed soothing circles on your back.

In that moment you fell harder for him, if that was even possible. 

A couple of weeks passed after the Lucius incident, and soon enough the whole school found out that you had turned down one of the most prominent pure blood heirs. Sure enough, Lucius would throw snide remarks your way whenever he would see you, usually you didn’t let that bother you, although Sirius hexed him at least five times over the past two weeks, whereas Remus didn’t like you being alone in fear that the spiteful Slytherin would hurt you in anyway.

Remus and you were making your way towards the library, it was a Wednesday night but the full moon fell on a Friday this month so you had to rearrange your weekly study date. You were laughing at something Remus said when you were harshly shoved aside by someone’s shoulder, your books flew out of your arms and next thing you know, Remus had Lucius pinned down against the wall, wand drawn out and pointed menacingly towards his neck.

It took you a good five minutes to coax Remus off of the now scared looking Lucius. As soon as Remus lowered his wand, he ran off.

“Are you okay? He didn’t hurt you did he?” Remus asked, scanning you over for any sign of injuries.

“You could’ve gotten expelled if you attacked him! What were you thinking?” you asked with a voice full of worry. Remus started laughing.

“Moony! This isn’t funny!”

“Love, I would get expelled in a heartbeat if it meant that no one would ever hurt you.” You didn’t know what to say, his eyes shone with sincerity and love. It was in that moment that you realized that the boy in front of you saw you the same way that you saw him. You hugged him tightly and he did the same, he looked down and asked you if you were really okay, instead of responding, you acted on instinct. Heart hammering wildly, you rose on your tiptoes and kissed his lips. You heard him gasp into the kiss but he started kissing you back in a heart beat, you were both smiling into the kiss once you realized that you both felt the same way.

“I guess we ought to thank that git for this, huh?” Remus said as he took your hand into his.

“I would say yes but he’s already too full of himself…”

Later on that night when you came back to the common room, hand in hand, the whole room did a double take from your faces to your intertwined hands.

“IT WAS ABOUT DAMN TIME!” Sirius shouted as he and James came sprinting down the stairs. Lily squealed as both you and Remus blushed furiously.

“Now Remus, I know that you could easily tear me apart with your furry little problem and all, but if you hurt my sister…” Sirius said, smiling at the both of you. Remus simply chuckled and shook his hand. The rest of the night was spent as usual, only this time around Remus didn’t let go of your hand at all.

Well I found love in the inside

The arms of a woman I know

She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home

And I’m not scared of passing over

Or the thought of growing old

Because from now until I go

Every night I’ll kiss you you’ll say in my ear

Oh we’re in love aren’t we?

Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby

I feel safe when you’re holding me near

Love the way that you conquer your fear

You know hearts don’t break around here

Oh yeah yeah

Many full moons had passed as you and Remus began dating, the current one came and went, you still weren’t allowed to accompany the rest of the guys into the shrieking shack but you waited for them to return so you could tend to Remus’s injuries. It was around dawn when Remus came stumbling in, dark circles under his eyes, but overall it didn’t look as bad as other moons. You gently dabbed at the wounds on his face and tucked him in. As you were about to leave he grabbed your wrist.

“Stay with me, love? I missed you.” You nodded, a loving smile on your face.

A few minutes passed by, you thought he had fallen asleep but you were surprised when he nudged you.

“I love you.” He said as he kissed the top of your head with a smile.

“I love you too, now get some rest, I’ll be here when you wake up.” You answered back, snuggling closer to him as he wrapped his arm around you.

You both fell asleep intertwine in each other’s warmth and love.

I feel safe when you’re holding me near

Love the way that you conquer your fear

You know hearts don’t break around here

Oh yeah yeah

You know hearts don’t break around here

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

From an anon prompt passed over from @talortut​. I got a little carried away and next thing you know it was ~1700 words. Oops?

Lance regrets a lot that morning when he manages to wake up. He regrets being almost late to Allura’s drill–or really, he regrets her drill in general.

‘Is this what death feels like?’ Lance wonders as he settles himself into the Blue Lion.

It’s been a rough morning. 

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ᴍʀʏᴅᴇʀ × ᴊᴀᴀʟ •  ᴅʀᴀʙʙʟᴇꜱ.

Sending major major thank yous and much love to everyone who sent in prompts. You’re all good people, and I’m the luckiest. I hope you all enjoy! This is only three of them, but I’ll be getting to the others in the next few days! Gotta get in the habit of writing more. ❤

Prompt: “Dawn” by Poets of the Fall, sent in by @canonhawke​​.
I will be standing by your side. / Together we’ll face the turning tide.
AO3 link.

Thinking of Meridian as a gift was… difficult.

Oberon looped his arms behind his thighs and pulled them flush against his chest. The muscles in his legs ached, even after a few long days of rest on the Hyperion, but stretching felt good. Freeing himself of the self-imposed exile to his father’s room felt good.

Not his father’s room. The Pathfinder’s quarters were his. Why was that still so difficult to work his head around?

His face scrunched as the limbs of the tree he sat beneath shifted, letting shafts of pure light through its broad leaves. The artificial sunlight couldn’t have felt less artificial. Where light touched, his skin warmed to a pale pink. Where light touched, life grew in a plentiful, vibrant green.

Meridian was beautiful, but he saw it in a different light.

To most people, their new home was either a promise fulfilled, a miracle, or something akin to destiny. To him, Meridian was taken, wrestled from the hands of the Archon and the Kett, and it was something they would no doubt have to fight to keep.

Even through the ambient sound of wildlife and the repairs being made to the Hyperion, Oberon heard footfalls on the grass behind him.

Jaal Ama Darav is approaching, Pathfinder, SAM chimed between his ears.

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#21 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “hii love could you possibly write one where van and the reader start off as friends and the reader confesses her love for him under the stars xx”

You met Van and Benji in high school. You didn’t know who they were, and when they sat down in the chairs at your table in the library you were a little confused, but mostly uninterested. You looked up over your book at them, then back down. They seemed offended.

“Told ya she doesn’t know who we are,” the fuzzy haired one said. You would have laughed out loud, but you were trying to not engage.

“Hi Y/N,” the other one said. He had a bad haircut and his two front teeth were rabbit-like. You looked back up over your book. “Um, you’re the girl that records the school band and choir and shit, yeah?”

Yes. He was right. Most people stayed pretty clear of you. You were kind of a loner, which would have made you a target, but because the school needed your excellent audio/visual skills they upped the protection. You spent most of your time between the library and the sound lab.

Both boys continued to look at you. You shrugged and raised an eyebrow.

“Cool! So, uh, we’re in a band,” Bad Haircut said. You rolled your eyes. Here we go. “No! Don’t roll ya eyes, love,” Love?! Really. “We want to record a demo to send off to the record companies and stuff, and we were hopin’ you’d help!” He did sound very hopeful. You lowered the book and looked at them.

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“Someone will love you but someone isn’t me”

A/N: Hello,everyone x
Long time no see! I am so sorry for not writing for so long, I know I promised I won’t stop after the show is over but I overall lost any inspiration for everything related to my so called ‘writing.’ I wanted to write something Rucas related a while back and asked for some prompts and got a few waiting in my inbox and am slowly making my way through them (tho most of them include jealous Lucas and I don’t really like to write him to be honest, too familiar with the jealous type) but this is something like that and came to my mind last night at 4 and I had to write some parts down and finished it up today. It was inspired by Halsey’s song “Sorry” - go listen to it, it will break you! I think the song describes Riley in a way but I took only a few things from it. Anyway, I really hope you like this even though I think I am a little rusty haha I just felt the urge to write this. Also,I just found out it’s Andii’s birthday today - Happy birthday,love @grantsass ❤️ I wish you all the happiness in the world,all the love you can get and a never ending supply of good days! Here’s to more years of being mutuals because I love everything about you and your blog/fics/videos,gifs/etc. Here’s a little pain but I really hope you enjoy it!


Today was supposed to be my best friend’s happiest day, the day Farkle Minkus gets to make Isadora Smackle his lawfully wedded wife, the day I was going to tell my best friends that I am getting married, too. The day I was going to meet two shadows from my past – the day I’d finally understand if I have actually moved on. Lucas and Maya missed the church ceremony and were supposed to meet us all in the beautiful garden Farkle and Izzy picked out as a venue.

“You’ll be okay, honey,” Isadora put her hand on my shoulder, “You are strong and past this, everything will be just fine.”

“Also, please try to not break anything if you decide to fight,” Farkle chimed in, “We spent a lot of money on the wedding.”

“Farkle,” I laughed, he somehow always knew how to distract me from my dark thoughts.

“I’m just saying,” He laughed too and kissed the top of my head but his smile froze when he looked over my shoulder, “I think it’s time.”

“Are they here,” I was too scared to turn around, to face them after all this time, “I don’t think I’m ready.”

“He definitely is, but I think that Maya is not,” Izzy noted and that made me turn around in a heartbeat.

And of course, just like old times, our eyes met in no time. He hasn’t changed at all but he looked different. His eyes were different, or maybe they just weren’t mine anymore. Lucas smiled at Izzy and Farkle and mouthed “Congratulations” and they nodded, slowly walking away from me.

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Malec Prompt

Since you’ll always take smut ;) I even tried to word it properly for you :D “I just met you and you are the sweetest person ever but I also kind of have a crush on someone who writes the kinkiest smut on their blog and we’ve talked and they even write smut for me… What do you mean it’s you?” Have fun :D

OMFG I LOVE THIS PROMPT! This went completely out of control (again). Apparently I’m not very good at the whole drabble thing *sigh* Here you go!

cross-posted to ao3

AU, Mentions of smut, Fluff, SO MUCH FLUFF

The first time Magnus goes on a date with Alec he can’t believe there is anyone in the world that is this beautiful and still genuinely this sweet. But Magnus learns quickly, this is just the way Alec is. Alec is considerate, and chivalrous. He listens to Magnus’ unending stories, laughing at all the appropriate places and asking all the right questions, even if he stumbles a bit over his words. He offers to buy dinner even though he knows that Magnus has much more money than him. It’s something that never happens, and Alec’s gentle insistence makes Magnus swoon just a bit more.

Magnus ends up liking Alec a lot more than he expected to. It would all be overwhelming as part of a first date if Magnus didn’t know that Alec is young, and inexperienced, and just very eager and open. And sweet. Alec Lightwood may just be the sweetest man Magnus has ever dated.

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anonymous asked:

Sufin with prince finland and personal guard Sweden where they sleep together but it's not allowed and fin is set to be married off to prince Norway

Pairing: SuFin (Sweden x Finland) (Human names used)


  • Finland (Tino) as the prince
  • Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna) as the personal guard
  • Norway (Lukas) as Finland’s fiancé/prince
  • Special guest: Denmark (Matthias)

Being royalty had its ups and downs. For one you were royalty, you were revered and there was no one was above you. But then it also meant following rules and being restricted here and there. This included to have guards around you to make sure no one attempted to kill you. Tino had known his since he was seven years old.  

“Tino, this is Berwald. He will be your personal guard from here on.” The queen said, young Tino peeking from behind her. Standing in front of them was a boy just a year older than him, wearing noble clothing, and armed with a dagger which was holstered on his belt. Tino didn’t get to see many kids his age around the castle, so to have this personal guard with him and that not being an adult truly delighted him. He stepped away from his mother, walking over to Berwald with a smile.

“You’re going to be my new friend?” Tino asked innocently enough. Berwald seemed confused for a moment, maybe by the reference of being a friend, but instead just nodded.

“Yeah.” Berwald said, giving a small bow. “I’m here to keep you safe from any ha-!” Berwald began, reciting a practiced sentence, before being interrupted by a hug from the prince.

“I’m so happy! I don’t think I’ve had a friend of my age before! We’re going to have so much fun!” Tino squealed. Whether he realized what Berwald actually was or not it appeared he didn’t really mind, or that it mattered.

“Er, your majesty-“

“Call me Tino!”


“Come on, let’s play outside!” Tino asked, taking his hand and dragging him away. That was when their friendship began, and my how it flourished throughout the years. Both boys grew up to become young handsome men, both exceeding in their own fields and talents…and both growing to love each other every day more. Childish crushes slowly grew into confused feelings, and eventually into full blown, undeniable love. Their love for each other was realized just at the end of their teenage years, when Tino was 18 and Berwald 19. The two ended up kissing under the garden stairwell, confessing their love, allowing their feelings envelope them before they moved into Tino’s room to…ahem, well you can guess.

However as powerful as their love was, they knew that if anyone were to find out, they would be in grave trouble, especially Berwald. So they made a deal, to keep their love a secret, and hopefully one day when Tino finally came to have enough power of his own, they could finally be free to express their love without any risk. Their plan went well for years…up until Tino’s 21 birthday.

It was a grand party celebration. Of course the kingdom would celebrate, for their one and only prince was turning another year older. Nobles from the kingdom itself, and other kingdom across the land attended the party, wearing their best gowns and attires as they celebrated. Tino spent most of his time with Berwald, greeting nobles and thanking people for attending the party, Berwald always on guard to watch out for any attempts or suspicious activity around Tino. From a certain point on the two hanged out with the prince of the neighboring kingdom, Prince Lukas and his bodyguard Matthias from the Kingdom of Norway. They were all around the same age, and could relate to each other the most. Overall, they were all having lots of fun.

“DUDE, did you see how big that LOBSTER IS?!” Matthias gasped, Lukas hushing him down.

“I saw. Geez, why can’t you be quieter like Berwald?” Lukas teased, even though he would never mean what he said. He loved Matthias as who he was.

“Berwald seems quiet, but he’s actually a chatterbox when prompted, right Berwald?” Tino asked, Berwald nodding in agreement. “Ah, relax a bit, Berwald. You shouldn’t stress too much.”

“It’s my duty to protect you, Tino. I must make sure that you are safe in every aspect.” Berwald insisted, for a moment reaching to hold Tino’s hand, but retreating just as quickly once he realized himself.

“Matthias is like that as well…though he’s more aloof.” Lukas giggled, Matthias pointing at himself.

“No one will lay a hand on Lukas while I’m around!” Matthias assured.

“Your majesties.” A new voice said, all turning to a servant who kept his head low. “Pardon me, but I was asked to call for you two. Your parents wish to make the birthday toast, prince Tino.” The servant explained.

“Ah of course.  Come on, let’s go. Maybe then you can get to eat some of that lobster.” Tino said, teasing Matthias, who seemed more than eager to indeed, eat the lobster. The four walked back up to the large balcony up the hall’s stairs, and the two princes stepped away from their bodyguards, as they were prompted to stand beside the king and queen. With the sound of a few bells, the hall went quiet.

“I wish to thank you everyone for coming to celebrate Prince Tino’s 21st birthday, including the special guests from the Kingdom of Norway.” The King announced, Lukas and his parents nodding in acknowledgement. “Today my son transcends from youth into man. From today on, he is closer to take upon his duty as King of this kingdom.” The king said, a round of applause erupting. The king then gently pushed his son closer to Prince Lukas. “Now, before we continue with our celebration, I have a grand announcement to make.” The king said, getting his hands on Tino and Lukas’ shoulders. “I wish to announce, that the rulers of the Kingdom of Norway and us have made an arrangement. We are proud to announce the union of our Kingdom’s relations with the marriage, between Prince Tino, and Prince Lukas.” The king announced, gasped surrounding the court along with cheers. For the princes and their guards, however, it was beyond shock. Tino’s face went pale, and instantly turned to look at Berwald, who seemed equally as shocked. Marriage. It couldn’t be. It had to be a mistake.

“Father-!” Tino began, but was quickly cut by the King speaking again.

“Let us celebrate!” The king said, taking up a couple of and giving glasses to the princes, before taking one himself. “For Prince Tino, and his birthday, and his marriage to Prince Lukas. Cheers!” The king chimed, the entire hall cheering along with him. Tino stood there in shock, not even drinking, just staring into blank space, as if waiting to wake up.

“Tino…Tino?” Lukas asked, trying to gain Tino’s attention. Tino shook his head, the grip on his drink lessening until it fell and the glasses shattered beneath his feet.

“Ah…” Tino gasped, about to kneel down to pick up the pieces.

“Your majesty don’t! I’ll do it!” A servant quickly intercepted. Tino shook his head slightly, taking a step back.

“My prince?” A nearby guard asked, seeing Tino’s unusual behavior.

“I-I’m fine. Just…” Tino’s eyes locked with Berwald’s. “…surprised.”

After the grand party, and Tino finally had time alone with his parents, he went ahead to speak his mind. It wasn’t a pretty argument. He insisted that he didn’t want to marry Lukas, as much as he liked him, he didn’t love him. That he was sure Lukas felt the same way. However the King and Queen argued that Lukas had agreed, which led to the conclusion that Lukas’ parents had given him hell about the decision too. As much as Tino argued, it appeared his parents had made it final. Tino would marry Lukas, whether he liked it or not, for the sake of the kingdom, and himself. The entire time Berwald stood outside, unwillingly listening to the fight, trying his best to keep his own feelings in check.

“I can’t believe this! You can’t do this!” Tino screamed. Next thing anyone knew the doors slammed open, an upset prince running out and down the hall.

“Tino.” Berwald whispered, hurrying right behind him. The guards looked at each other before being dismissed by their king.

“Let him be. He’ll get over it eventually. He has to realize that as a prince…he has duties to fufill.” The king assured.

Tino ran as far away as he could. He ran up the stairs, past servants and maids, before running into his personal room and slamming the doors closed. He gritted his teeth as he sat on the bed, and curled before beginning to cry. It wasn’t fair. He didn’t want to marry Lukas. He wanted to marry Berwald. He couldn’t just marry Lukas and hurt Berwald like this. He wouldn’t do it. He refused. He cried silently for a few moments, before a knock on the door brought him back to reality.

“GO AWAY!” Tino screamed. There was silence.

“…It’s me.”

Berwald. Tino glanced up.

“…enter.” Tino finally spoke. Berwald entered the room, closing the door behind him as he walked over to Tino. He didn’t say anything, and simply sat down on the bed next to him. The two stood silent, staring at each other…before Tino broke down again. He hugged Berwald, crying into his chest as Berwald hugged him back.

“It’s not fair!” Tino sobbed, shaking his head. “I don’t want to marry him…I want to marry you…”

Berwald gently stroke Tino’s hair. “You know that I am not allowed to love you. As much as I do love you, with all of my heart and soul…there’s not much we can do.” Berwald whispered, his voice broken as he tried to stay strong.

“I don’t care. I couldn’t give any less fucks about social rules and all that bullshit I just want…” Tino sobbed as he looked up. “I want to be with you.”

Berwald bit his bottom lip as he gently wiped away his tears. “And I want to be with you. But I can’t do anything, as much as I wish to.” Berwald said, resting his forehead against Tino’s. “You could always marry Lukas. He is a wonderful person and I know he-“

“NO!” Tino screamed, wrapping his arms around Berwald before pulling him into a heartbroken kiss. Tino let go a few seconds later, hugging him even closer. “I can’t do that to you…!!!” Finally, tears fell down Berwald’s cheeks, as he pulled Tino into a loving hug and held him gently.

“I love you, Tino…please know that. I love you now and I love you forever, no matter what happens.”

“I love you, Berwald.” Tino hummed. The two gently laid down on the bed, each other holding the other in their arms. Tino buried his face into Berwald’s chest. “We’ll figure something out. We have to.”

“We’ll try.” Berwald cooed. “We’ll try.”

The night felt the longest night in his life. He just wanted to stay in Berwald’s arms forever. By the next morning he didn’t even remember falling asleep. He just woke up, finding Berwald missing from his room, and the sun already up in the sky. He rubbed his eyes and grumbled at the thoughts from last night. They had to do something. He didn’t care what it took, but he wasn’t going to be married away from Berwald. He got dressed and stepped outside, surprised to not see Berwald waiting for him. He hurried downstairs to the dining hall, and he wasn’t there either.

“Excuse me, have you seen Berwald?” Tino asked to a nearby guard. The guard quickly shook his head, but the way that he avoided eye contact with Tino told him otherwise. Something was wrong. “If you know something, please tell me.”

“He’s where he belongs.” The queen said, stepping into the room.

“What do you mean?” Tino asked.

The queen gave a glance of disgust. “I went to talk to you this morning and you could guess my surprise to find him lying in bed with you, Tino.”

Tino’s eyes widened. Shit. Fuck. They had fallen asleep, but they didn’t wake up in time like they always did to separate. Fuck. Fuck. “Mom-!”

“Your arms were wrapped around him, and his around you. I knew that your outburst about the marriage was unusual. But to think that it would be this low.”

“Where is he?” Tino stepped closer. “Mother.”

“Where he belongs, in the dungeon. Once your father found out he was just as furious. We waited until he woke up to have him taken care of. To sleep with a prince is against the rules. We’ll make sure that he-!”

“NO!” Tino ran to her. “Don’t! It wasn’t him! It was me! It was all me! I asked him to stay! He fell asleep by accident! We didn’t do anything, mother please-!”

“What he has done has no forgiveness! Neither for him, or for you. Your father has yet to judge him but I’m sure-!” Before the queen could finish, Tino ran off. “Tino!”

Tino ran as fast as his feet could take him. He ran down the stairs, slamming doors opened as he made his way to the forbidden part of the west wing, the dungeon. He ran down the cobblestone stairs and past guards, running to the only cell with life within it.


Berwald glanced up, his eyes widening once he saw Tino running up to his cell, slamming his body against the bars that separated them. Tino had tears falling down his eyes, his heart aching. This was his fault. This was all his fault. Because he was a prince. Because he kept Berwald there. Because he couldn’t help himself from falling in love.

“Tino, you shouldn’t be here.” Berwald hummed, kneeling closer as he held Tino’s hand, a few tears escaping his eyes as well. Tino sobbed and shook his head.

“I’m so sorry! I’m going to get you out of here! You’re going to be ok!” Tino assured. But another presence assured otherwise.

“No, you won’t.” The king said, Tino turning to glare at him.

“Father he is innocent. Let him go!” Tino demanded.

“He is no less innocent in this matter than you! To think you would fall for a mere commoner-!”

“I don’t give a damn of what you think. What gives you the right to allow me who and who not to love?!”

“That is not the point! You are a prince and it is your duty that must come before your own self-fulfillment!” The king screamed. “I refuse to let this go any further…Berwald has been a loyal and wonderful guard, protecting you to every fault. But this has gone too far. I will be merciful, and let him live. Berwald is to be banished from the kingdom.” The king said, allowing Tino to have a sigh of relief. “But you two will never see each other again. You will be locked in your room until the day of the wedding. No exceptions.” The king said as he waved at his guards. “Take prince Tino to his room. Make sure he stays there.” He ordered. Tino turned to Berwald, forcing himself to be able to hug him through the bars.

“I love you, Berwald!”

“I love you too, Tino!”

Soon the two were ripped apart, Tino being taken away by force, relentlessly screaming for Berwald until his echoes faded away. The king glared down at Berwald.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.” The king huffed.

“I should…but I am not.” Berwald admitted. “I truly love him with all of my heart.”

Tino was locked in his room, and regardless of how much he tried to punch the door open, it was useless. He slumped onto the floor, now feeling empty. He had saved Berwald’s life…but he would never see him again. How it hurt. How it hurt to know that he was safe…yet that he wouldn’t be able to be with him.

“Berwald…” Tino whispered, curling up against the door. He stayed like this for hours…until a small envelope was slid underneath the floor. Tino picked it up, opening it to reveal a letter.

‘Pack your stuff, and wait by the balcony. We’re helping you get out of here with Berwald. – Lukas.’

Tino paced back and forth around the balcony, holding the small amount of clothing that he could carry, along with gold and other items they could use. A loud ptsss caught his attention. He looked down to see Lukas, who waved at him with Matthias.

“Catch this!” Lukas called, as Matthias threw over a rope as far as he could.

Tino barely caught it, wrapping it around the balcony before using it to slide down to the ground.

“You could get in trouble for this.” Tino said blankly.

“Yeah. But you’re not the only one who’s in love with someone they can’t marry.” Lukas said, holding Matthias’ hand reassuringly. Tino smiled in amazement.

“Come on, we’re getting you to Berwald.” Matthias said.

“My little brother is distracting the entire court with his useless knowledge of Puffins.” Lukas assured as the three began to sneak across the castle. They used the darkness as cover, running over the castle walls before reaching to one of the small towers, closing the door behind them. There Matthias unfolded a rope ladder that led all the way down to the other side.

“Prince first.” Matthias assured. Tino gulped. This was higher than his balcony.

He carefully got on the ladder, and began to climb down. He made it most of the way down, before suddenly slipping on one step.

“Tino!” Lukas gasped, watching Tino yelp as he fell. Luckily, a pair of strong arms caught him.

“You need to work on that.” Berwald said, smiling down at his beloved Tino.

“Berwald!” Tino wrapped his arms around him, kissing him gently and happily.

“You’re crazy in accepting this.”

“You’re crazy for actually hoping that I did accept it.”

“Hey, love birds!” Matthias called, waving at them. “You better hurry off. Emil’s knowledge can only distract for so long.”

“Will you guys be ok?!” Tino asked.

“Don’t worry. They can’t touch us.” Lukas assured. He pointed at Berwald. “Watch over him!”

“I will!” Berwald took Tino’s hand as he gently settled him down. “Ready? This is going to be one hell of an adventure.”

“As long as I’m with you. I think I’ll handle.” Tino assured, holding Berwald’s hand tightly, before the two ran off. Lukas and Matthias watched smiling, slowly losing sight of the prince and his lover in the darkness.

They never found them. Rumors spread that the prince and his lover had gone to hide in a kingdom overseas, while other rumors told of how the two had met a tragic death and their bodies awaited to be discovered. Regardless every rumor agreed with one fact; wherever they were, they were together, for then and ever.  

#123 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “I was wondering if you could write something along the lines of telling van you want to get some catfish lyrics tattooed on you???”

Note: Boy reader! Boy reader! Hope that’s okay! Shaking things up a little, you know? Also, shout out to @lennonsjohn and my friend Kasey for talking through ideas with me.

Obviously the books had to be in their relevant genre sections, and within those sections they needed to be in alphabetical order. That is how bookstores worked. At home, yours were stacked in piles all over the place. No order, but still treated with the utmost respect. At work though, you spent hours returning the books to where they belonged. 

That is what you were doing when you thought you saw Larry Lau walk past. Couldn’t be, you thought and proceeded to stalk between the shelves. The guy had stopped in the cookbook section. Your heart started to race and your mouth went dry. It 110% was Larry Lau. Fuck. Fuuuuuuuck. You considered going over and talking to him, but what would you say? Hi, Catfish are the best band that’s ever existed? Seemed a little intense, regardless of if it was true (which it was). Then, you realised you could play it cool and just do your fucking job. Walking over to him, he looked up and smiled as you approached.

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Travels With The Doctor Panel at Gallifrey One

anonymous asked:

ASK BOX IS OPEEN! can i request kuroo and bokuto having a crush on someone and discovers they are left handed? (in japan is really really uncommon using the left hand)

sorry this took so long! enjoy :D 

-admin sen (requests are open!!)

Kuroo Tetsurou

Libraries- how uncomfortable it made Kuroo feel whenever he went. Something about the muffled quietness in the air with the occasional turn of a page or murmur of those nearby made him yearn to be elsewhere- like the gym where there’d be the scrape of sneakers and slam of volleyballs hitting the court. Yet here he was, sitting in one of the few tables tucked away in the corner and surrounded by shelves. Each week, he’d come to this same spot to take out an assignment and pretend to work on it- when really, he spent at least half the time watching the person sitting a few seats away.

He’d first seen you a couple months ago in the midst of searching for Kenma, whom was the only to not show for club activities that day. The soft-spoken boy often preferred quiet, secluded locations where he could be left to his own devices without being bothered- what better place than the library? It didn’t take long for Kuroo to find him towards the back, sitting between shelves playing on his phone with earbuds in. As he moved closer, the sight of someone sitting some feet away stopped him and he just had to stare. Something about how you sat there just flipping through a book captivated him. He knew he’d been watching too long when Kenma tugged at him to leave.

Once outside, he asked, “The one sitting across from you, do you know them?”

“Dunno,” Kenma shrugged, “But they’re always there when I go.”


Soon after, Kuroo found himself coming to the library each week when there weren’t club activities. At first out of piqued interest, but as he saw you more often, he started noticing each little thing you did. If you were reading it’d sometimes be a textbook or novel- the cover different each time. Occasionally, you would idly fiddle with a book mark or pause to tuck a bit of hair behind your ear. Other times, you’d be typing on your laptop whilst listening to music. Before long, he started trying to find reasons to talk to you- though none of the attempted yet.

Today though, he was surprised to see you writing an assignment and with your left hand to boot! Just how many people were there who wrote with their left? No one Kuroo could think of. Maybe he could strike a conversation on that? Well, it was now or never- he swallowed and strode over.

You ceased writing; looking up when you felt someone standing over you- seeming to be glaring daggers at you. Tentatively, you asked, “Can I help you..?”

“So.. you’re a lefty, huh?” Kuroo wanted to hide- why did that sound so dumb?? And he was sure the whole library could hear his heart pounding. But he trudged on; no turning back now. “That’s pretty cool.”

“Oh, thanks haha,” you were slightly taken aback, not expecting that to be the first thing he said. “I’m (Name) though,” you held out your hand.

“Kuroo,” he shook your hand, nearly jumping when he felt tiny sparks. If you’d felt them too, you didn’t show it.

You almost laughed- he looked so awkward and jumpy. “So Kuroo, are you the one whose always staring at me?” you teased. After a few weeks, it was hard to not notice him glancing at you every minutes. Though, you definitely weren’t sure how to bring it up.

“Heh guess I’ve been caught,” he laughed, rubbing the back of his neck and shoulders relaxing. “But do you want to get coffee, maybe?”

“Mmm,” you contemplated- finish this assignment or go with the cute guy? Not hard to choose. “I’d love to,” you smiled, quickly gathering your things.

Kuroo couldn’t be happier- thank god he finally decided to talk to you. Together, you two left the library happily chatting and getting to know one another.

Bokuto Koutarou

It was noon when you found yourself staring at the clock, wishing for the professor to end his lecture soon. Maybe taking a three hour classes wasn’t the smartest choice, especially if it meant sitingt through someone droning on and on about the most irrelevant things.

“Okay, that concludes today’s lesson. Please remember to read the assigned work tonight.” the man concluded.

You sighed- thank god it’s over. Eager to leave, you gave a long stretch and packed up your things. Cold air nipped at your nose upon leaving the building. Though it didn’t faze you much; only prompting you to hurry down the block. After a few minutes of walking, you stopped and ducked into a café, the bell chiming as the door opened. Immediately, you exhaled as warmth fanned over your face. You quickly made your way over to a table and settled in whilst listening to the murmurs of other students nearby.

“ ’Sup (Name)! What’ll it be today?” a server greeted you, his silver-streaked hair spiked and owlish eyes gleaming.

“Hey Bokuto,” you looked up, warmth creeping up your neck (though that could just have been the cold, right?), “umm just the usual?”

He grinned, “Sure thing!” not even bothering to write it down and walked back to the counter.

Quickly, you rummaged through your bag and chose a book, turning it to a random page to feign busyness. This was normal; you came to this café almost every day for lunch, Bokuto took your order whilst making small talk, you ate, paid, and left. One could say you always came here because you liked the food, which technically was good- but you were really came to see the cute-ass server. Of course you admired his looks, but there was also his jubilant behavior and radiant smile that always left you breathless. Unfortunately, you weren’t sure if the attraction was mutual; sure he always seemed excited to see you and made a point take your orders, but that could just be how he acts. There wasn’t enough for you to be confident in asking him out.

The clink of the plate of food set down in front of you snapped you out of the reverie, forcing you to look up.

“And one sandwich for m’lady!” Bokuto bowed dramatically, in which elicited a giggle from you.

With that, he turned to leave. Feeling brave, you impulsively grasped his sleeve, “Sit with me, maybe?”

He looked surprised, glancing around the café before rubbing the back of his neck, “I guess I could- since there aren’t many customers.” He pulled out the seat in front of you and sat, resting his elbows on the table.

You blushed- that was so bold! Even you can’t believe you did that!  Unbeknownst to you though, you weren’t the only one embarrassed. Bokuto’s ears were tinged pink as he tried not to smile too hard. He’d always looked forward to your coming by during lunch hours- practically stumbling to take your order and sorely tempted to ask for your number each time. But he’d never found the right chance as you always seemed busy on your laptop or reading. Maybe it’d be different this time?

Pretending to be nonchalant, you picked up your sandwich and asked, “How’s work going?” before taking a bite.

“It’s not too bad, especially when there are more customers,” he went on, talking about what it was like to socialize with customers and the different types of people he got to meet. “Though sometimes Akaashi tells me not to flirt with the customers,” he continued.

He must’ve seen your face as your heart plummeted at that, “No! I meant- I don’t actually flirt! I’m just being friendly!” he quickly tried to explain.

“Oh..” you feigned a smile, not really knowing what to say- did that mean he was just being friendly now? Wanting to sigh, you tried to give it one last shot, “Has there been anyone you tried to flirt with though?”

He paused, “Well.. there is one- but they always seem busy so I don’t really know how to..” he laughed, though abruptly stopped as if realization dawned him. “Actually, they’re sitting in front of me right now. (Name), you’re hella cute and special and I really wanted to ask for your number!” His face was bright red, as was yours at the confession.

“Same here..” you mumbled, your heart beat pounding in your ears.

“Huh?” he stared, not quite comprehending your response.

“I like you too!” you practically shouted, earning stares from practically half the café. God you wanted to die.

“Well why didn’t you say so!” Bokuto’s face broke into a huge smile, not even bothering to be quiet, “Gimme them digits!” he slid you a napkin.

You almost smacked him, quickly getting out a pen and writing your number down.

“Woah, you write with your left? That’s so cool!” he suddenly pointed out.

You looked at the pen in your hand, surprised he’d noticed. It was such a normal thing to you after all- you hardly made note of it anymore even if you knew it wasn’t very common. After you finished and handed him the napkin, you noticed he was still grinning enthusiastically. “What?”

“Nothing, just that knowing one more thing about you makes you even cuter,” he laughed.

You blushed only darkened, both embarrassed and elated.

anonymous asked:

one of the new recruits is British af and they say all these foreign terms that the team just doesnt get but Neil does cuz he spent a while in London and whenever he talks to them his accent comes out a little and Andrew can't fucKING DEAL

Okay so I am one of those people whose British accent only appears at select moments and I am here for British Neil™

In which Neil somehow gets even hotter

  • so it’s time for freshman foxes and among them is Lily and she’s British af because reasons
  • Lily is training to be a striker so as such she spends a lot of time with Kevin and Neil
  • as is his way Kevin flings non stop criticism about her game at her in new and colourful ways. Neil is of course a lot more encouraging because he is their beautiful co-captain
  • then one practice Lily is having a particularly shitty say and Kevin is so not helping and she just goes off
  • and it’s a string of creative British insults made up of words Kevin has never even heard and when it’s over all the foxes are kinda stunned because that was awesome and Kevin had it coming
  • Neil casually walks up to Kevin and translates quietly for him after which Kevin is very Tantrum Prone™ for the rest of the practice and Neil decides Lily is his favourite freshman
  • later Neil finds Andrew on the roofs do Andrew hands him a cigarette and then Neil just starts Rampling about practice and the freshmen and being co-captain and classes on top of it and he’s just stressed
  • then he realises Andrew is just sort of staring at his mouth, not really listening to a word Neil’s saying and Neil is v confused
  • Andrew only realises Neil’s stopped talking like 5 full seconds after he stops and Andrew Minyard doesn’t blush but if he did he sure as hell would be because Neil has gradually slipped into a British accent and Andrew doesn’t know why it turns him on only that it does
  • and Neil is aware that Andrew is turned on but he has no clue why and honestly when Andrew is looking at him like that he doesn’t really care
  • a Rooftop Makeout Session™ ensues and only the next day when Allison comments on Neil’s accent and Nicky chimes in that he thinks it’s hot then Dan and Matt totally agree that British accents are v hot does it click for Neil
  • he looks at Andrew who is silently raising the percentage and smiles because now he know and he is going to have the most fun teasing his boyfriend with this
  • cue the British accented dirty talk
Hope you like it (*^_^*)
Fic: Partners

anon prompted: “kurt and blaine are partnered together for a school project where you have to take care of a fake baby,” and then I added the nerd/badboy trope for good measure. Probably more fluff than actual development, PG-13, ~1700 words. 

“Everyone got a wristband? Good. Once you’ve got those on, listen for your name and come up with your partner to get your baby,” Mr. Hopkins said. “In an effort to be more socially aware-” he rolled his eyes - “we’ve put together some heterosexual pairs and some homosexual pairs. The assignments were random and no, you cannot switch partners, I don’t care what reason you have. Got it?”

Murmurs of displeasured understanding ran through the room.

“Awesome. Great. Whatever. Anderson and Hummel, come get your baby,” he continued.

Kurt nearly fell out of his desk in shock.

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Quiet Ice, Silent Nights Part 8

The final chapter :)

And I shall also take the time to announce that the Nino Prompt is the winner of the poll with 111 votes! New year’s Dance internship was in a close second with 108 so no worries, i will write that as well just after.

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Kol’s Big Mouth

This is my bday present for @gooddame, HAPPY BDAY SWEETHEART! I do hope you like it ^^ I personally don’t think it’s all that great..but oh well…

(I want to thank @fanfantasticworld for helping me out with the prompt lol)


Kol’s Big Mouth

Caroline’s musical laughter drifted through the house, making Klaus stop what he was doing - the supernatural drama of the day could very well wait - and focus on what was happening in the living room on the first floor.

“You’re lying!” she laughed, her whole body shaking, her eyes glittering with unshed tears.

“I most certainly am not, darling. Who do you take me for? I would never lie to such a beautiful woman.” Kol said, his roguish smile betraying his words.

Klaus, still listening in on the conversation, rolled his eyes.

“Seriously?” Caroline asked smiling, completely used to his lines by now.


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kit-moosebuckle  asked:

Since you're taking prompts--how do you think Dex reads Nursey when N's all stuck in his head? Does he know how much N struggles with it? Does he have or develop techniques to make N smile and engage when N gets too stuck?

from the tending a fire verse

There’s always a difference, Will thinks, between minds. The way people think. He used to spend his down time at the docks listening to the tourists speak, waiting for Uncle Sam to call him back for work. That in itself was entertainment, probably. Standing around pretending like you didn’t listen in. Most of the people spoke English, tinged with an accent, about the water. The colour of it. How strongly the waves beat into the shore—then the photographers. The highlight of all that waiting was when someone commented on something else: mostly the children.

“I wonder if sea monsters have fathers,” said a kid once, when Will was fifteen. Waiting for his mother to come fetch him. It made him remember Anna, then. How almost everything made her happy. That’s the thing about being the oldest sibling: you watch the people around you grow and forget to breathe in the pauses. Entire blocks of summers they spent working and carefully picking out what they could afford. Couldn’t afford. It used to be easy, entertaining them with stories. Absurd questions. That was before.

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anonymous asked:

Number 6..... I have been waiting for this.....

I wasn’t sure which number 6 you meant, so I’m just going to go with this one for now! If I’m wrong send me a message and I’ll do the other one as well!

6: things you said under the stars and in the grass

In which I promised to write romance of a couple I only ship on rainy days and horribly failed at it.

Bunny Burrow wasn’t really a place that Nick Wilde frequented by any means. Foxes and rabbits weren’t known for getting along, and no matter how much time had changed them, tolerance was an age old mystery that no one had even begun to crack. History was a subject that surpassed time, and it was nearly impossible to find someone who hadn’t at least picked up the book.

It bothered him. But he did his best not to show it.

Which was exceedingly difficult when a certain rabbit approached him at his desk where he’d been filling out paperwork (or playing phone games, but really, what was the difference) and spun him about in his wheely chair before declaring, “You’re coming home with me.”

He blinked at her, once, twice, green eyes wide and questioning. He swallows back a lump in his throat that always seems to appear when she’s this close and manages a meager, “… What…?”

“You,” she pointed at him before pointing towards herself, “are coming home with me.”

“Oh am I?” It didn’t take him long to gather his wits, and soon enough his grin is back. He wonders if it shows in his eyes. “And why’s that?”

“Because my moms birthday is next week and my entire family is showing up. And if I go alone they’re going to ask me about marriage and kids and why I’m not seeing another rabbit.”

“Isn’t that supposed to happen.”

“Yes,” she replied loftily. “But I don’t want it to.”

“… because…”

“Because, dumb fox,” she slugged him on the arm, “I’m with you. And based on our agreement of the romantic kind, you’re meant to be suffering with me.”

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It's going to be life changing

Prompt; ‘I’m sorry but your headphones are so loud I can hear them from here and just what the crap do you think you’re listening to that’s so two thousand and late like let me turn your life around i hope it’s not too late… ?’

Happy Valentine’s Day, oftheskyepeople!


Music wasn’t exactly in her interests, but Clarke had agreed to take it because it would be the only class she would have with all three of the girls. She’d never had much an interest in anything but instrumentals when it came to listening to music; she wasn’t into who was hot, or in at the moment. She had what she’d listened to for most of her life, with a few other things introduced to her by her friends here and there.

It simply wasn’t of much importance to her.

So when Octavia’s older brother came up to her, asking her what trash music she was listening to, she had to remind herself not to be offended.

“Who made you the expert on music, Bellamy?” She asked, hating that her irritation with him always made it impossible not to retort, even when she knew that his knowledge of music was far greater than her own.

A dark brow lifted in response to her snarky retort, that familiar smirk she always saw on his lips making itself known.

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anonymous asked:

Mulder and Scully go through a maze.

“You know, Scully,” he began, in his story-time tone, “this is the same hedge maze where Kubrick’s The Shining was filmed.”

“That was a set, not a real hedge maze.”

“Fine. But it kind of looks like the one in the movie, doesn’t it?”

“I mean, a hedge maze is a hedge maze, Mulder. One is pretty much like another.”

“You say that as if you’ve been to all of the best hedge mazes already and this one is too pedestrian for you,” he quipped. Their footsteps crunched on the gravel walkway as they approached the crime scene.

“Can we please stop saying ‘hedge maze’?”

“‘Fraid not, because I’ve got to tell you that the body was found over here, just outside the entrance to the hedge maze.”

She rolled her eyes at him, turned to one of the other agents at the scene, and started asking questions. He was listening in a detached way, his ears tuned to hear any phrases that might require him to chime in with his paranormal perspective, but the words, for the most part, flowed past him unnoticed. He crouched down by the entrance, touched a pool of viscous purple liquid with this middle finger, and brought it to his mouth, tasting it.

“Mulder,” she accused, her shadow falling over him, “are you eating evidence again? One of these days that’s going to come back to bite you in the–”

“Scully,” he interrupted.


“It’s grape cough medicine. Don’t worry, I’m not poisoned. Let’s walk the maze, look for clues.”

“I’m sure there are already dozens of field agents working on that this very minute, scouring every inch.”

“They’re not us.”

“No, no they’re not,” she conceded.

He rose and started inward. When he arrived at the first fork, he paused, allowing her to catch up with him.

“I say we go left,” he said.

“I don’t know why, but I think we should go right.”

He reached into his pocket, producing a quarter. “Heads or tails?”


They went right. Mulder chose their direction at the next chance and hit a dead end. They went back. Since the other agents were doing a thorough combing of the maze, they just wandered, waiting for a gut feeling to strike.

“You think there’s a prize at the end?” he asked. “Like a piece of cheese or a beer or something? I could use a beer.”

“If there were beer at the end, do you think you’d be motivated to do a better job? Because so far, Mulder, it doesn’t seem like we’re getting anywhere. Not with this maze, not with this case, not with…” she trailed off, staring at a seemingly random spot on the hedge.

“Not with what, Scully?”

“I found blood. Give me one of those evidence markers and help me collect a sample.”

He handed her the requested items and they continued on their convoluted path.

“Not with what?”

“Hmm? Oh, it’s not important. I was just thinking about some things Sheila said to me about us.”

“Yeah? Holman said some things to me, too.”

The conversation stalled into silence as they rounded another corner. Agent Ybarra waved to them.

“Find anything?” Sonya asked.

“Some blood back there, two or three left turns ago,” Mulder offered. “Honestly, I’m not exactly sure. I got distracted. We marked it and took a sample.”

“I’m sure I can find it again,” Ybarra said, heading in the direction they’d come from. “Don’t worry about it,” she called over her shoulder, and then she was gone.

They spent the last several minutes of the maze in silence, lost in their thoughts. When they arrived at the center there was only a sundial. No beer. No cheese. No one else around.

“Well that’s disappointing,” Mulder said. “Who moved my cheese?”

“I don’t know, Mulder. Sundials are kind of interesting. They’re educational. Did you know that it’s a tradition for sundials to have a motto on them? Like reflections on the passage of time, how short life is, or sometimes the person who makes it just says something they think is witty.”

“Educational? That’s not going to motivate the masses, Scully. A prize is supposed to be a reward for a job well done, not a lesson,” he declared.

“Ah,” was her response. Hardly a ringing endorsement of his argument. She sat down on the edge of the sundial, squinting.

He sauntered up and stood in front of her. “You want to know what kind of reward I’d like at the end of a hard day?” he asked, rhetorically. His knuckles lightly caressed her cheek as he moved in closer, and her lips parted just a little. She searched his eyes, unable to move. He leaned down slowly.

“I think we’re almost to the center!” a voice called out. It was very near.

“Damn it,” Mulder whispered, and stepped away. He pretended to be very interested in a rock in the corner as she turned to face the sundial. Scully ran her fingers over the motto carved into the face of it.

Love is the act of pulling another from the shadows and into the light