they spend so much time with each other and they aren't sick of each other

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Don't be a sad panda!!! :( I love you're writing!!! just to throw a few happier and lighter ideas!! I think people ask you to write the sadder one's just because they tug at your heart strings more. if that makes any sense. Please don't feel the need to write about any of these I just want to throw out a few ideas for you that aren't so angsty or sad! prince cooking for mc, prince meets mc's family, holidays, b-days, if mc &/or prince are sick, princes were butlers, prince & mc childhood friends

I’m gonna do the Princes and MC as childhood friends. :) That one sounds sweet and fun! :D


Wilfred: I believe there would be two stages in Wilfred and MC’s childhood relationship - Pre-Stephen and Post-Stephen. What I mean by this is before Stephen abdicated the throne and after Stephen abdicated the throne. Before his brother gave up the throne, I think Wilfred was a more cautious than shy child. He liked to explore and read and play, but not to the point where it became a hazard for him. He and the MC would read to each other and play outside a lot. I do believe he’d be very close with her. After Stephen gives up the throne, Wilfred doesn’t have as much free time as he used to. He barely sees the MC anymore. Despite this, I think she would leave him notes or books outside his door or in his office. I believe they would get into the habit of writing notes to each other secretly. :)

Keith: Keith and MC would definitely have a competitive relationship. MC would be a total tomboy. She’d try and beat Keith at everything. Once Cathy is born, Keith is slightly more gentle and considerate, but barely. He and MC play lots of sports together. He’d be that kid in school who teases and terrorizes the girl he likes. Overall, they just have a very competitive relationship. They’re always trash talking each other, even when they go into different interests. It’s all fun and good sportsmanship though. Maybe.

Roberto: Roberto and MC would be inseparable. They’d always be together and they’re always playing. Roberto would bring MC would dangerous or tricky situations, but MC doesn’t mind. They especially give grief to teen/twenty-something Alberto who is always the victim of their pranks and tricks. After Roberto’s mom dies, MC spends a lot of her time trying to cheer Roberto up as best she can. She helps Roberto make sweets for Roberto. She’ll simply sit with him and hold him. I’d say she’d read to him, but since that was a nightly activity for Roberto and his mom, I think it would be a bad idea. I can see Robbie locking himself away in his room and it being like the end of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” where MC waits outside his door and asks/begs to be let in. I think overall, she’d help him through the grief and they’d grow closer as a result.

Glenn: Well, we kinda already know what Glenn and the MC were like during childhood, at least in the Non-GREE version. In the GREE version, they’re only together for a day, so it doesn’t make as much of an impression. I think MC would drag Glenn around a lot, since she’s older than him. She might play house with him or dress him up or play in the flower fields with him and even though he grumbles, he’d totally go along with it. I think MC would be the only sort of reprieve Glenn would get since his upbringing is so strict. Still, they’d certainly have fun together. :)

Joshua: Before Joshua is sent away, I think he and MC would have fun playing together. If she’s allowed to go with him to study, I think their tastes would quickly mature, since Joshua’s being forced to mature so early. They’d definitely have lots of reading sessions in the library (right spyoflove ;) ?) and share books they think are interesting. MC would like to help him as much as she can and Joshua may complain about helping her with her work, but he secretly likes helping her because then he can be with her instead of his smelly tutors. ;)

Edward: Can you say literal fairyland? Edward and MC would play dress up ALL. THE. TIME. They’d have so much fun at it too and it’d be totally supplemented by all of the books and fairy tales they read. Once Louis joins the group, it’s like the Three Musketeers. They’re always together and having fun. Louis might try and back out from time to time, but Edward and/or MC will always drag him back in. They’d play in the rose garden and make tents out of pillows and sheets. Lots of flashlight sleepovers would ensue! :D

I hope you liked it! Thanks for asking!