they spelled japanese wrong

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Hey Elfgutz I really love your art and always wanted to ask you if you have any specific eye company you particularly like to use for your dolls? They always have rly sparkly and beautiful eyes and apart from OscarDoll I'm not finding any eyes that have enough sparkly in them~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Also, for your header I think エルフガッツwould sound more like "guts" rather than ガツ which is like "gatsu" lol sorry for being super picky but i want your blog to look cool and be perfect é_è Love from Jp :)

Well the only place I buy my sparkly eyes from is oscardoll and I make all the other sparkly ones ^_^ I’m planning on opening up a bjd eye shop and I’ll be selling really sparkly eyes :D

Oh hhaha sorry I’m not that great at Japanese XD + someone told me that’s what elfgutz is in Japanese but I will take your word for since you are Japanese yourself ^_^ feel free to correct me if I spell it wrong again 🙈🙈🙈


This is my first original post as a studyblr! I was studying some basic Japanese grammar here; it’s kinda funny since I already know this stuff but just wanted to take some pretty notes:) I never really studied at school except for my English class (as I love the teacher and don’t want to disappoint her, I always try to get full marks), so whenever I try study I get anxious/my heartbeat goes crazy and my concentration sucks, but I’m getting better! I’m proud to be a part of this great community:’)

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for the club flehmehbleh post I almost forgot aoba doesn't speak English. like, when he just suddenly said "motto!" I was a bit confused for a sec. like, wait, this game is in Japanese? I guess sexual moans are the same in every language.


Yeah but in regard to that post, the rough translation of what aoba says is basically

“Motto!” = “More!”
“Tsuyoku!” = “Harder!”
“Dame da!” = “It’s no use!/I can’t!”
“Iku!” = “I’m coming!”

and yet in japanese random broken sex noises just sound so flowery and beautiful :| language man~

You’ll have to excuse me if I spelled something phonetically wrong. :| I know maybe 12 words in japanese. None of which would help me in any conversation ever.