they spelled his name wrong otl

Why Mike Zacharias is better than everyone: a real and canon list
  • is the literal erwin smith protection squad
  • was humanity’s strongest before Levi arrived and can actually keep up with a lot of his moves
  • can make good and accurate judgements of character based off of a persons scent 
  • can smell titans from a distance and can accurately predict how many + how far they are
  • instead of intimidating his squad members or scaring them into becoming alcoholics, he supports and motivates them
  • he literally fucking died because he was distracting the titans from getting to the baby squad members and if that doesn’t make you cry then you are wrong bYE
Sungyeol is nominated for M!CD Awards: "Miracle Of 1 Second"

20111215 Mcountdown - Nominee of ‘Miracle of 1sec’ <2011 Mcountdown Awards> - Sungyul(Infinite), Minhyuk(CNBLUE), Bora(Sistar), Suji(miss A), Seungri(Bigbang). Who will be the winner? Who’s the most attractive one for '1sec’! 6pm on 15th, Mcountdown Live show!

I honestly don’t know what this is about, but I guess I’m watching M!CD tonight \o/!