they spelled colour wrong


Today at drama rehearsal, the lot of us ended up getting into a debate/argument/discussion about what colour chartreuse was exactly.

Now when you think of chartreuse, what comes to mind? We were all debating between shades of red, blue and purple, or even brown. I was pretty convinced it was a dark purple. 

Now let me show you a thing. (Click the keep reading link to see the colour.) 

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How do I Say This

Okay so a loooong time ago, say back in February, @radchita tagged me in a writing challenge (I can’t find the post anymore). Although it was supposed to be done in February, I kinda got caught up in other things and ended up not finishing the other parts.

I also deleted my blog that I originally posted this on, so I’m starting from scratch again but it’s all good. I needed a fresh start

I tweaked and re-wrote a couple of the paragraphs, not wanting to change it too much, mostly because I’ll probably overthink everything and start all over again ehehhe

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Rating: K+

Pairing: NaLu

Natsu had seen pretty girls before.

I mean, it was kind of hard to miss the over-sized lingerie advertisements on the side of the road, although those meant nothing. Nothing compared to her.

She was beautiful.

Her silky blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and fell just above her waistline, bouncing behind her back as her body shook from laughter. Her smile stretched over her cheeks and met her eyes, causing them to crinkle cutely at the corners. They were casted downwards to a petite girl with blue hair, Natsu recognized her as Levy, but her barely paid the smaller girl any attention. All of his focus was on the woman beside her.

He found himself looking at her brown eyes, and they didn’t move from there.

A blush coated the pink-haired boy’s cheeks. He tried to look away, but it was as if she had caught his eyes in her gravitational pull. Suddenly, her eyes met his, as if she knew he was there, staring at her. The then girl sent a little wave with her hand his way. He made no move to reply with his own. His eyes and mouth remained where they were, with no intention of moving.

Her smile fell, causing Natsu to snap out of his reverie and realize that he had probably started to creep her out. He tore his gaze away, while his cheeks darkened in colour and his hand managed to give a response.

He didn’t look back to see if she had saw.

What a way to make a first impression, stare her down until she feels uncomfortable” Natsu chastised himself. She probably thought of him as a strange pervert now. He didn’t want that.

“Way to go Flame Brain, you totally freaked her out.” A deep voice came from behind him. It was Gray. That bastard always had something to say.

“Shut up ya damned pervert. Go find a shirt, no one wants too see that.” The black haired teen looked down in surprise as his upper torso was suddenly exposed to the air. Though that didn’t stop him from saying one more thing to Natsu.

“Ha! How am I the pervert in this situation exactly? You were practically drooling.” With that, Gray had started to leave, only to be stopped by Natsu’s words.

“At least I’m not secretly drooling over the girl who openly loves me ‘cuz I’m a damned coward and is too big-headed to confess!”

“What did ya say?!”

“You have ears Ice Freak, I’m sure I don’t have to repeat that!”

“You little- “Gray didn’t finish his sentence, and let his fist communicate instead. He swung his arm towards the shorter boy’s face, only to be stopped by the palm of his hand.

Natsu was quick to retaliate, as he quickly swung his arm back so he could gain some force in his punch. Although, his arm had already hit something.

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✿ Tsukishima Kei ✿
☞Requested by the lovely akariozora​ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Mogeko March Day 9 - Favourite Villain

lets be real here she’s probably the only villan that’s not a total douche bag

i’ve gotten so rusty and sloppy digitally,,,but thought i’d throw something together since it’s a week to eternal summer and i want to practice backgrounds and painting colours! ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊ 

nopathfollowed  asked:

Sorry about all the drama here. Welcome to the tag. Don't take it personally- a lot of them get lots of asks about cleaning or they see illegal US bird collecting or what have you and it can get frustrating and they jump the gun. Happened before, will happen in the future, sadly. I'm guilty of doing it before, I admit. Because they're so entrenched in it, anyone who's newer is immediately seen as stupid. I think your hare came out pretty damn great. Bet your friend will love it.

I guess the weird thing is I am very clear about my location in my writing (I often reference the fact that I’m a Canadian who has lived in Denmark for a number of years), so it doesn’t take much to find out I don’t–and have never–lived in the United States. I reliably tag most of my nature photography with city/province/country/continent.

This isn’t the first time this has happened with Americans either. In the years I have run this blog, I’ve had long condescending essays written for me on everything from my Canadian spelling conventions (apparently I spell things like “colour” wrong!), to my writings about planting Christmas trees, programs for swapping seeds, making bee hotels for (my local) bee species, using SI units, to planting (native) European species (because they are invasive in a swamp in Florida or something).

It’s very, very tiring, and sometimes I wonder why people will take the time to write so much without reading.

Anyways, sorry about the rant, and thanks for your comments. I know it was a rush job with the project I was doing (I even wrote, quite clearly, that my process was not ideal!) but I am very happy with it, and so is the recipient.

anonymous asked:

[#1] Hello! I hope I don't come off as rude, since that's not my intention at all, I'd just like to ask about something if you don't mind =) I've seen you bring up Britishisms in your reviews a few times now and never really got what the purpose of that is supposed to be? It sounds like you're putting a warning on it, implying it's some sort of mistake, while it only makes sense that Brits(and whoever else isn't used to speaking American English) would use Britishisms at times.

[#2] I can see how that might bother the review personally and all in all it’s not that big of a deal, but I’m just wondering what the point is to include it into the official review considering we’d really get nowhere if the rest of us started complaining every time American spelling finds its way into a fic? Sorry for bothering and keep up the oh wow brilliant work! =)

We understand where you are coming from. It makes sense that a British author would write in British English. However, Supernatural is set in America, has American characters, and is an American canon. We do mention it as a warning since a lot of readers (and not just American readers) get thrown by American characters using British slang and/or idioms. We don’t typically warn if it is only spelling related (color/colour, organize/organise). However, even that is “wrong” if it is written from a character’s pov. That character is (most likely) American and to read them thinking with Britishisms is, well, odd. And yes people do complain about it.

If you’re only active in the Supernatural fandom, of course you are only going to see people complaining about Britishisms. If you head over to a British canon, you’ll see people complaining about Americanisms (see: Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, and Harry Potter [only have personal experience with HP but assume the other fandoms deal with American authors not britpicking their fic]). Here are some links you might be interested in: Britpick and Ameripick.

A note about our reviews: They are written by a single person for other readers. We are not going up to authors, shoving our reviews in their face, and saying, “Fix this!” That would be dickish, to say the least. We write for other readers. Readers complain about Britishisms, so we warn when it’s more pronounced. We should also note that we don’t do this for every review since the mods come from different walks of life and only one is American (another is Canadian who has the pleasure of dealing with their country’s mishmash of Americanisms and Britishisms, lol; the final mod is ESL with a strong British English bias). The American mod is the one who points it out the most (because they notice it more easily) and, like it’s said above, only warns if it is pronounced (ie: they have to bust out urban dictionary/it’s not only spellings). How to figure out who reviewed what is explained on our about tag.

For example, there’s a certain fic we’ve all read. The review was done by the ESL mod and doesn’t mention Britishisms. However, when the American mod read it, the Britishisms severely detracted from their enjoyment of the fic (to the point that they almost stopped reading it). The Canadian mod noticed but it didn’t bother them too much. And yes, after it was posted, we had people asking for fics written by American authors (and how to avoid non-American authors/Britishisms). It would be one thing if it was an AU set in the UK. But American characters talking about primary schools, British cultural figures, torches, the boot of a car, phoning someone, things going pear shaped, etc etc, can really take you out of a story and detract from your overall enjoyment.

American bias definitely exists. However, that’s not what this is about. This is about authenticity. Supernatural is not only an American canon, but Americana is one of its focuses. So, yeah - the setting of a story matters. Wouldn’t you be upset if a fic set in a London-centric canon mentioned filling the car up with gas and grabbing french fries?