they sounded amazing btw

honestly realizing that most things in life are never black and white
is absolutely terrifying to me as a borderline because black and white thinking is literally wired into my brain and idk how to deal

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What would be some reasons to learn Maltese?

  • maltese is a semitic language!
  • it’s also the only semitic language which uses the latin script!! 
  • maltese is like the love child of arabic and sicilian 
  • maltese comes from a dialect of arabic, so by learning it you’ll also learn tons of arabic vocab 
  • it was also heavily influenced by sicilian and italian so you’ll understand a lot of those too!!
  • it’s the native language to more than 430k+ people living on a small island in the mediterranean
  • malta is hecking gorgeous
  • if you come to malta and speak even a little maltese, we will love and worship you 
  • you can flirt with maltese babes 
  • you can really get in touch with malta’s rich history and amazing culture that many people don’t know about 
  • we have weird cute letters too btw (ċ ġ għ ħ ż) 
  • maltese sounds amazing 

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nine jews are walking down the street in a small pa college town. one is carrying a black lives matter sign. a white guy in a truck drives by and slows down to yell "no they don't" and all of us immediately turn and yell "yeah they do you racist fuck!" That asshole was obviously not ready to face us angry jews bc he drove off real fast

oof good job that sounds like an amazing experience lmao (stay safe btw!!)

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Have you heard that audio clip that's just every time the word dragon is said in how to train your dragon? Because I feel like that's what the inside of Hawkes brain sounds like (I love your posts btw they're amazing and so funny!)

…..Well, NOW I have.

For the unfamiliar: I found the clip here. And just for you, sweet observant anon, I’ve crafted this stunning visual accompaniment:


hey hey hey guess what y’all’s I got a new computer!! :0 holy heck!! all the parts for it finally came in and it’s all completely set up and I can finally show it off!!

I’ve been saving up for a new custom built computer for a really reALLY long time and I’m sO DANG HAPPY WITH IT NOW AAAAAAAA IT’S GORGEOUS AND IT RUNS SO SMOOTHLY AND THE MONITOR DISPLAYS ARE FANTASTIC and the fans are so quiet and soothing that RBG motherboard’s shifting colors are sO PRETTY IM HONESTLY SO SO HAPPY!!

for those interested in some of the specs, this computer has:

- 1 Terabyte Seagate BarraCuda internal drive
- Radeon RX560 graphics card (with RGB Aura sync)
- 550 Watt Corsair CX 550M power supply
- Asus ROG STRIX B350-F RGB gaming motherboard
- Ryzen AMD 5 1400 processor
- Logitech Z333 speakers (THEY SOUND AMAZING BTW OOOOH MAN)
- left monitor is an Asus ProArt LCD monitor, right is a Samsung S24E650 LED monitor
- Amazon Basics keyboard and mouse (the mouse I plan to upgrade later, keyboard’s perfectly fine)
- I’m probably forgetting a few things like the case and probably other stuff bc it was my brother, the IT genius, who selected the parts based on what I needed and put it together, not me lmao)

I’m looking to give the computer a name, if anyone has any suggestions hmu!! :0 I’m open to anything!!

(current desktop wallpaper credit to @tricotron!)


I unfollowed a buttload of blogs and shit I need to follow new ones gdi so just like or reblog or whateves this post if you post these pretty awesome stuff:

-Steven Universe
-Gravity Falls (Plus points if Dipifica)
-SVTFOE (Plus points if Starco)
-Sonic memes ;9

Yeah, I’ll check you out ;) and probably follow too :DDDD

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Harry articulates his words in singing very very clearly lolol i have heard wild thoughts 0384084 times but heard the lyrics only today ( it is making me giggle cause the lyrics are so silly , the song is really good feel song that might not even need lyrics lolol) BUTTTTTTTTTTT he sounded bloody amazing that demon

I snuck out to listen to it 😀 Love it!! Yeah Rihanna doesn’t enunciate, to a pretty comical degree. It’s such a silly song but he sounds amazing oh my god 😍😍

What’s the guitar sample from btw, I can’t think of it - Santana or something? It’s been annoying me every time I hear that song…

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Hi! This is probably going to sound stupid but at the end of Blackjack (which was amazing btw!) what does being a shadow mean?

Hi, anon - in the beginning of the chapter, when Y/N was describing the members of Bangtan, she mentioned this:

Taehyung is wild and unpredictable, manic and rude. Though he tempers slightly around Lena, you’ve never liked him. At least though, you’ve never seen him be rude to her – that’s something, you guess. Aside from Taehyung, there’s also the rumored seventh member of Bangtan – the quote, unquote SHADOW – but if that person exists, you’ve never met them. Never even heard of them, certainly not from Bangtan.

Basically, there’s a rumored seventh member of Bangtan no one knows anything about. Neither do we, although I daresay we’ll find out more in Part II. LOL thank you for reading!

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Hey! I'm planning to do architecture in Sydney! And I was wondering if it has a lot of note taking ? Just deciding whether I should hand write or type my notes because if it's not a lot of writing I'll just hand write em! Thank you! You guys are awesome :)

Architecture definitely doesn’t have a lot of note taking! For me (Marta) is easier to hand write math subjects related such as calculus or physics, cause I understand the process better, and on the other hand other subjects like architecture history (I think that is the more note taking one) I do it by computer cause for me is easier to add more info after the class and then I can print it and work with them as they were hand written ones! 

I also have to tell you that subjects are a small part of architecture, the biggest part will go by making drawings, both by hand and computer, so is important that you keep it in mind! 

Btw Sydney sounds amazing, I think is the nº1 in my places to visit someday list, you are super lucky!! 




I just listened to the first Chapter of the Blue Sky Podfic and I literally have no words. Good grief guys it sounds incredible…like extremely professional! I was blown away. EPIC! Wow!  I mean everything was amazing: music, sound editing, voice work (BTW Harry Callaghan, you are my hero!!!). I was listening to Wheatley’s plummet to earth in full stereo while driving in my car and the sonic boom was LEGIT!!!!!! Well done guys :D Working in Media, I know how much work goes into something like this and it certainly pays off. Cannot wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go listen to it again and work on more fan art :D