they soo cuteeee!!


Dark Matter + TV Tropes [Two]


ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ) Which Kitty Addol will you choose??? LP? MM? OR will it be DE?! 


blonded hair cuties

BTS reacting to your old baby pics and videos.


“Aww my lil baby… You haven’t changed one bit.” He pinched your cheeks and cooed before pressing a kiss on your pouting lips.


“Ohhh.. Cute.. Omg.. Kitten. Uwaaa I’m so happy I saw this!!” He squealed as he hugged the photo book close to his chest and twirled before covering his mouth in embarrassment, blushing at his small outburst.


“Meh… You look the same.” He’d lowkey be all giggly when you shrugged and left him to get some water. He’d blush and softly chant how cute you were when he peered at one of the photos with you wearing a flower crown. “Ah… My baby Y/n..”


“Omo… You were and still are so cute jagiya…” He’d pout and whine when you took away the photos in embarrassment. Hoseok is gonna be so soft and end up squealing throughout the whole day… Jus for one photo.


“Awww… Look at you here.. Ohhhhh.. Look at this one. I want a small you now.” He’d pout and pout before kissing your cheeks and saying how its still as chubby from when you were small. He’d say he want a kid because they’ll be as cute as you were.


“Omfg… Y/n… Omoooo” He’d be shook and awe struck when he skimmed through your photos, pausing when he saw the video before rushing to playing it. Giggling at the adorable gurgles and babbling of nonsense you emitted. “Soo cuteeee!!!”


“Oh… Guess you didn’t change one bit. Still a cute lil cupcake.” Smiling when he sat and watched through all of your videos. Sighing dreamily, thinking that he should get a lil one. “Aww.. Look at those dimples!”



Liyin teaching Jongdae Chinese tongue twister

The tongue twister was the reealllyy hard one that goes like
四是四,十是十…(four is four, ten is ten.. etc)
and Liyin said it in her dialect for fun so the tone changes and Jongdae said it all pretty much in 3rd tone which made it sound like dead dead dead and then in the very end Liyin changed it to Chen is Chen to tease Jongdae more.