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Take this in

Early in the episode Kara white lied to Lena about grief baking and instantly Lena laugh scoffed and said “liar!”

Then the scene where Kara first told Lena about Jack “The nano swarm is dangerous and Jack is covering it up”, now notice the responses from Lena

Lena: You’re Wrong, Jack would never hurt anybody

Kara: Lena I’m not lying

Lena: *looks her square in the face* then you’re mistaken

Points being “you’re wrong” and “You’re mistaken”, clearly these 2 spend way more time together than what we actually get to see, Lena completely avoids using the words “You’re lying”, because Lena KNOWS Kara wouldn’t lie to her about something as important as this, she knows when Kara is lying, do you know how much she must be staring at Kara when she’s not looking? To know things like this, Lena is extra, and the fact that Kara was indeed “wrong” and “mistaken” just shows how much attention Lena pays to Kara, because she knew she was wrong and mistaken and NOT lying, she knows Kara so well she knew Kara had jumped ahead to a conclusion before knowing for sure.

Lena Luthor is madly in love with Kara Danvers and I don’t even think she knows it to be honest, I don’t think either of them know it about each other, whatever happens they’re built on a healthy and supportive friendship, and tbh I’m fine if it stays friendship, with how they’ve been built as friends it’s already so satisfying to watch, but to be honest the gay was so heavy in 2x18 and it centred around 2 ‘straight’ girls and the canon lesbian was on screen for all of 5 seconds

Supercorp is canon, romantically or platonically, Supercorp is canon, I’m happy with that

my AP psych teacher still uses the term “MPD” and thinks an alter can b fluent in a language the ***host doesn’t know ://:: and also she claimed that alters can have physical conditions that the rest don’t and i’m.not sure if that’s true???
@stimcourse can i get ur opinion ??

The Holts

Psyched for season 3

For that character meme, @lurkerdelima asked for my headcanons (i guess that’s what they are?) for my smallpox Thomas Hamilton. I’ve only written him twice, but here’s what I got:

– Not a day goes by where he doesn’t think of Miranda. In Savannah, especially in the early days, the only way he made it through a day would be by imagining conversations with her (it was too painful to think about James). They’d converse in his head, often the same conversations over and over, fine-tuned and perfected over the years, about the best way to earn favor with the guards and other prisoners, the best way to plant seeds evenly, the best way to tend to an ill friend. Now, back with James, it’s even worse. He finds himself constantly turning, mouth opening to speak, or turning up to smile, at something James has said or done, only to find his best friend won’t be there to smile back at him.

– He had been with James the first time he ever saw a man hanged. All the other times, he’d been with strangers.

– Life in Savannah was easier than at other prisons or asylums, sure. But a prison is still a prison, and men are the same everywhere. Guards are the same everywhere. Thomas knows he can tend a garden with broken fingers. He can work twelve hour days with influenza. He can withstand sunburn over sunburn over bruises over sunburn. As a child, the only serious injury he’d received in his sheltered youth was a bruised tailbone after falling from a tree. He was four years old, and his mother had praised him for not crying, for being so brave through the pain. Thomas had climbed that tree often. He could see over the high gates surrounding his home. Up there, he could see the people of London on the streets. He could see a lot. He could see far. He had known, even then, there were always worse pains.

— He had a lover before James, before Miranda, even. She was only one who knew about him, though. The man had been older, a friend of his father’s, and Thomas had been freshly 19 and eager to learn about the world. His lover had spent just over a year teaching Thomas all the ways in which he could feel pleasure, to be comfortable with his body, with who he was and what he wanted. To love without apology. The final lesson had come when the man had moved away to the Colonies with his wife and children, without a final goodbye, or indeed any word at all, to Thomas. He never begrudged the man for it, and thought of him fondly still, years later. But he knew then to never feel shame for what he yearned for in this life.

– He has a quiet bet going on with himself to get Silver to ride him by Christmas. It hasn’t happened yet, but he likes his odds.

Oppss…i’m suppose to be finishing up some old drawings and i just keep drawing new stuff instead ;v;!  (Bad pam…bad!)

I blame @white-rainbowff you stop putting ideas in my head :V! (*Cough* Chapter 3…*cough* give me three series and movie…jk ;v;)


What went down in Horrificator
  • Nino: kk let's film a horror movie bc we need a one-off plot for this episode
  • Mylène: I can't act bc Ivan is terrifying
  • Nino: aren't you and he supposed to be a thing at this point
  • Nino: bc that was established when he was akumatized and that's already happened by now
  • Mylène: idk but either way he's f**king terrifying
  • Mylène: imma sing the song that helps me calm down
  • Mylène: smelly wolf, smelly wolf, trapped in the stinky hut
  • Mylène: smelly wolf, smelly wolf, I'm gonna kick your b**t
  • Nino: did you just censor "butt"?
  • Mylène: why is that relevant?
  • Nino: why would you censor that? it's not a curse word
  • Mylène: idk
  • Alya: ok speaking as the only voice of reason in the room, as usual, can we maybe get back on track?
  • Max: agreed, we've got only 78 hours before they kick us out of the school for the evening
  • Nino: there's no way that number is correct
  • Nino: maybe like 7 or 8 hours at most
  • Alya: that running gag is kinda worn out now
  • Chloé: hi
  • Mylène: NOPE NOPE NOPE
  • Ivan: hey Mylène, things are gonna be ok, pls don't get akumatized
  • Mylène: *gets akumatized*
  • Ivan: that defs went well
  • Chloé: so anyway imma take over Mylène's part so I can get to smooch Adrien
  • Alya: that was defs not in my script
  • Nino: I um...may have made a couple revisions?
  • Nino: ok sorry we can take it out
  • Marinette: and there's a whole lot of unnecessary shenanigans averted
  • Rose: aww :(
  • Chloé: anyway imma leave and take Kim and Max with me
  • Max: there is an 87% chance—
  • Kim: that you're a nerd?
  • Max: ...
  • Max: ...yeah.
  • Kim: and that Chloé is a scuzzbucket?
  • Max: now we're talking! <>
  • Max and Kim: *enact sweet high five*
  • Max and Kim: *get captured by Horrificator*
  • Marinette: ok Nino so you know how you wanted a realistic monster in your film?
  • Marinette: and then one conveniently showed up
  • Marinette: so what I guess I'm asking is
  • Marinette: are you Hawkmoth?
  • Nino: yes Marinette, as somebody who was previously akumatized, Hawkmoth is defs who I am
  • Nino: great theorizing there
  • Nino: anyway can you transform and beat the monster pls
  • Marinette: ok. Tikki, spots on!
  • Adrien: imma leave a shoe here as a diversion bc that's defs how that works
  • Adrien: Plagg, claws out!
  • Nathaniel: anyway I'm standing here and I'm defs not in immediate danger of being captured
  • Horrificator: HEY GUYS
  • Nathaniel: hey Horrificator!
  • Horrificator: *captures Nathaniel*
  • Nathaniel: in retrospect I should have seen that coming
  • Horrificator: *captures Chloé*
  • Ladybug: ok let's have a show of hands
  • Ladybug: who here is in favor of not actually rescuing Chloé this time
  • Ladybug: by an overwhelming majority of literally every person, we're not rescuing Chloé
  • Chat Noir: *traps Horrificator in Cataclysm cage*
  • Ladybug: and now it's time for an impromptu musical number!
  • Everyone: *bangs loudly on miscellaneous cleaning supplies while singing*
  • Horrificator: MAKE IT STOP
  • Horrificator: pls have mercy and deakumatize me Hawkmoth
  • Hawkmoth: yeah that's warranted
  • Ladybug: well that's that then
  • Nino: anyway Mr. Mayor here's our film of very real events
  • André: yeah imma disqualify it bc you left my daughter there to die
  • Nino: ok fine we'll go back and rescue her if you give us the award
  • Ladybug: no way in hell am I going back to rescue her
  • Nino: but that's the only way to get the award!
  • Ladybug: then maybe you should have thought of that before you voted to leave her to die
  • Nino: oh yeah good point

can i just talk for a minute about how Lucas was willing to go headfirst into the upside down just to bring Will back ? as soon as it was revealed to him that Will was trapped in this cold, dark space he had to find out how to get him out. and once Eleven, or Mike, or even Dustin didn’t seem to have the same drive he just decided to go on by himself. no matter what it took, no matter if he’d get caught, his priority, his mission was to find his friend and get him back. and honestly, he didn’t even understand what he was getting himself into. he hadn’t seen the demogorgon before so he had like no idea how high the stakes were. he just knew his friend was in trouble, and that they had to get them out. and he geared up for battle and marched himself over there to do it himself. because he couldn’t go on and possibly let Will die because they all were taking their sweet time with it. like just realizing he was willing to walk into another dimension solely based on the fact that his friend needed him says a lot about his character. and honestly people think that he’s selfish, or rude, but this is a kid with clear allegiances, who has a tight circle around him and if you’re in the circle he’ll do anything for you, he’ll die for you, but if you’re out of the circle he just can’t focus on your troubles ?? and while that’s a hard position to take, it’s very realistic imo and very mature tbh and I don’t feel like he should be vilified for it. another thing is, is that he actually realized he was wrong and sincerely apologized for it like– that’s so mature and aware of his actions and I just want this kid to be appreciated and loved and respected and yeah.

anonymous asked:

Mint I need your advice. I started dating this guy a few weeks ago and everything was going great until he brought up us having sex. I told him I wasn't ready, and he said that was fine, but afterwards he was so distant and weird with me. I was scared that he was going to break up with me so last night I lost my virginity to him. He's acting normal again with me now, but I regret it so much and I don't know what to do now

Okay hey legit try and talk to him about it but if he starts being a dick drop his ass, as hard as it might be. Honestly if someone pressures u to sex thats a big warning sing like thats really fucked up and manipulative i am so sorry that your first time was like that, i wish i could give you a hug. I really dont know what else to say because there isn’t much that I can do, just tell him how you feel about the whole thing and if he doesnt even try to understand what ure saying leave him and if he is gonna act like that i am sorry but your boyfriend sounds like a fucking asshole id love to fight.
I hope youre gonna feel better, talk about this to a close friend or someone who will listen without judging you, talk to an adult if u can because stuff like that can legit cause psychological traumas. Love u💕

titusdravtos  asked:

Drautos/Cor: 11, 28, 42, 46

This is late because I couldn’t figure out the specifics and I’m still not sure I answered this right but I am always down for Cor/Drautos headcanons

11. sleeping habits?

Drautos usually falls asleep on his back, but he tosses and turns frequently during the night. He also has absolutely no set sleep schedule since he doesn’t sleep much to begin with, but he’s an early riser, usually up before the sun.
Cor has a very set sleep schedule. Usually falls asleep on his side, curls up when he’s alone, but with Drautos in the bed with him they always end up close. Drautos often wakes up to Cor’s legs tangled with his or his arm draped around Cor. And despite what he tells himself Drautos always sleeps better when Cor is there.

28. what kind of stuff can be found around their place?

They both have their apartments that are vastly different, but they end up bleeding into each other’s spaces in unexpected ways. Mostly in the shape of gifts they both refuse to acknowledge as such.

Titus watches his apartment go from drab grey and bare of anything save necessities to having little pops of color. A plant makes it’s home by his single window, an old blanket to replace stark sheets, books on his table, a coffee mug, and a photo of him and the Glaives he can’t remember being taken but can hardly refuse. It’s the little things that make him feel guilty about the future, but he also can’t bring himself to get rid of them. He blames Cor for that, he can’t throw anything away when the man drops by however infrequent, though truthfully he couldn’t get rid of the damn things anyway.

In contrast Cor’s place goes from what was essentially a lived in somewhat cozy bachelor pad and starts looking like a couple’s home. One glass for after work drinking becomes two, his dishes get more use, matching coffee mugs on the table on those rare morning when Titus stays the night. For a while, after the first time Titus stays the night, he keeps a blanket out on the couch since the first few times he stays he refuses to share the bed. A drawer in his bedroom gets a spare pair of Titus’s fatigues and sweats so he has something to change into, and he most definitely never wears the tshirt he keeps for Titus to bed, absolutely never.

42. what are little gestures they do for each other?

It’s a lot of subtle things. Coffee brought to an office in the middle of a busy day, suggesting a spar when the stress is evident, offering to cover a day of training with the other’s respective soldiers if one of them looks particularly weary. Getting Titus out of a meeting with the Council early if he looks overwhelmed. All tiny little gestures that mean a lot to men like them.

46. (added) morning routine?

Usually Titus’s morning routine when he stays the night at Cor’s place is to get the hell out of dodge before Cor wakes up. When he’s not successful at that, something that becomes increasingly frequent, it’s different. Sometimes he’ll shower, and by the time he’s out Cor has coffee ready, and sometimes breakfast, which is painfully domestic the first time it happens. Rarely Titus will try his hand at food, it’s not great, but the fact that he tries means more than he would ever say.