they smell tho

Other witches: Has perfect altar full of crystals, beautifully detailed grimore, does spells by candlelight on the full moon, has a large garden full of herbs

Me: Hangs around the local mini-nursery, shoving fresh lavender into my mouth when the guy who runs it gives me herbs to SMELL, accidentally inhales tea, yells at the sky, probably drinks candle wax

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describe the one direction fashion during their album eras.

Up All Night.

Pastel twinks. Giving off that vibe that makes you think they smell like an Oceanside Yankee Candle and freshly cut springtime grass. Would defo date you, open doors for you and smile at you with some sugary fucking tooth-rotting grin. Defo gonna have you back home 15 minutes before curfew with a wink at Mama as he leaves to drive the car that tells your mama he paid for the meal and could probably pay for her house too.

Take Me Home.

Sassy rich-boy fucks. Got that ‘lost my car keys so daddy brought me a new car’ vibe. Wears bowties to a casual as fuck house party. Other dudes think they’re twats but girls think they got dollar dollar hiding in their fancy fucking breast pockets. Lots of monochrome colours, wears white jeans and would probably wink at you as you notice the grass stains.

Midnight Memories.

Greasy gas station rent-boy chic. Excuse me m’aam, our car seems to have broke down can we borrow your cell so we can call a towing service“ Totally not passed them to throw you on the back seat and have the whole squad hit it in their cheap as fuck dodgy car whilst they wait for the tow truck tho. Smell like sweat, tequila and smoke. Bad-boy assholes that don’t believe in money as a concept which is an excuse for them being broke as fuq. Would get drunk with you and complain about captalism and the bourgeoisie. 


Slayin in all black cos it’s everyone elses funeral. Take me To Church plays in the background of them wherever they go. Has the ‘Daddy-doesn’t-talk-about-his-business-with-you’ vibe and you cool with that. Smells like overpowering Gucci cologne on a soft autumn breeze. Hair constantly in a state of ‘i woke up like this but it took an hour to get right’. Most likely actually has money falling out their pockets. Shoes pointier than cheekbones.

Made In The AM.

We’re not like regular dads we’re cool dads. Relaxed and chill vibe, just guys being dudes. The kind of guys who know how to bleed a radiator but know the best guy to get cocaine from at short notice. Would probably reference memes in conversation but only the relevant ones. If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms, they are wife material.


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Boyfriend Jimin

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  • chimchim is an asshole, let’s just get this straight
  • he KNOWS he’s cute and sexy and squishy and uses that to his advantage >:(
  • you’re usually late to work/school and if he eats your food or something, you don’t even get the joy of being mad at him because he smiles that beautiful asshole smile of his and giggles and cuddles you until you forget what you’re supposed to be mad at
  • hobi is the one who set you both up btw
  • he invited you to a party when they first debuted and you didn’t notice, but apparently jimin was checking you out all night and was too shy to approach you. as you both got closer and he gained some muscle, his confidence grew and one day he just randomly asked you out
  • hobi claims that’s only bc he was pushing for it
  • but jimin disagrees so who knows?? what the truth is??
  • jungkook always tell you what to get jimin for christmas/his bday so you never need to worry about that. even no presents is enough for him, all he really wants is love
  • this boy has such a big heart and wants to make everyone happy and smile, to the point where sometimes it impacts his health
  • he could spend all day at taehyung’s, trying to cheer him up if he’s having a bad day then go to practice and work hard for hours on end before coming home to devote all his attention on you
  • his stomach is growling, he’s stinky and he hasn’t slept in hours but he swears he’s fine, asks you how your day was, if you want him to cook dinner or order it in
  • so you need to look out for him!!! cherish this precious man with all your heart!! don’t let him overwork himself!! show him the care he shows others!! and don’t let his thoughts get to him!!
  • bc while he knows he can sing/rap/dance and looks good on top of it all … sometimes it’s easy to forget
  • when he’s down and the anti’s get to him or when his past insecurities come to the surface, he just feels so small and sad :(
  • and that’s all he wants in life
  • makes cheesy comments like “I’m hungry for your love” :) or “I’m hungry for you” ;)
  • hardcore cuddler
  • never looses his grip on you, no matter how much you both twist and turn at night
  • likes having you in the studio to sit on his lap while he works or just hangs out with company friends
  • brags that “yes, this is the person I’m in love with, I bet you’re all jealous” when you show up at BigHit or social gatherings
  • aesthetic couple pics
  • leaves his cool clothes at yours so naturally they’re yours now >:) and they smell like him too so, yeah, he’s never seeing those again
  • I bet he smells so good tho fuukk
  • his family gets concerned, knowing how selfless and hardworking jimin is, so they text you often to see how he’s really doing
  • sometimes he gets annoyed by this, like if he’s hiding a dance injury to not make them worry and you tell them
  • so he’s pouty and sulking and might even blow you off for a few hours
  • but as his parents concerned phone calls pierce his heart, he realises that not telling them was worse, even if he was just trying to protect them
  • and now he regrets being annoyed and doesn’t understand how he was so dumb
  • sometimes worries that these stupid little things will make you leave him so if you even just fight about the toilet seat being left up, he’ll come home with chocolate, offering kisses and hugs and puppy dog eyes
  • “you won’t leave me, right?”
  • “jimin, you literally just left the seat up - I’m not going to leave just bc of that”
  • but he just treasures you so much and doesn’t want you to ever think he doesn’t care. he does. he makes a point to always check up on you, or get his cousin that lives nearby to visit and keep you company, as way of always showing his love. you’re number one in his life, tied with his family and career and ARMY’s bc he could never class or prioritize such important things to him
  • “I’ll always love you, no matter how many years pass or how many miles away I am, you will always be my first and last thought of every day”

hc that one of the cats actually learns to pee in the toilet and neil and andrew don’t know. they just think one of them keeps forgetting to flush so after a few times they kind of confront each like wtf?

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Hey! How are you? I was thinking how would it be if 2D was in this new bar that plays live music with the gang. S/O is singing a acoustic cover and she's just so angelical, they start to know each other and them fell in love. Can you write something about it? Thanks, sweetheart. I love your job.

Love you too. The last part it totally not based on how my date went last night

2D was sitting with the other members of the band in a booth in this new bar that opened in town. He was enjoying a beer, while Murdoc was deciding which of the “lovely ladies” he was going to take home tonight as Noodle sighed and rolled her eyes. 2D wasnt really paying attention when they announced someone was going to sing as he was talking to Russel. Once he heard a guitar playing, he started to pay attention. The voice of someone who sounded like an angel filled his ears and his eyes got locked on the person standing on stage. He recognized the song: “All I want” from Kodaline. It wasn’t a song he would really listen to, but he had heard sometimes. The words hit him deeply. As if they were singing for someone they once deeply loved, but then they left them. 2D wanted to know who hurled you this bad to sing so real and full of passion and emotions. 

After your performance, you make your way off the stage, thanking everyone who complimented you on your singing and suddenly, you were facing a blue haired boy. He looked at you like you had just straight fell from the sky and you were afraid he kind of lost his mind. 

‘You okay?’ you asked, as it looked that that put him back on his feet. He nodded and gave you a shy smile.

‘Oh for fuck sake 2D’ you heard some guy saying as you looked over to see a some sort of green, old guy pointing at the two of you. ‘Just ask them, or I will do it.’ The blue haired boy, which name you now placed as “2D”, looked nervous at you and chuckled a bit.

‘I was wondering,’ he began, but he began looking around for some words, as if he was trying to write a poem but couldn’t quite find the words. ‘If you would maybe want to get a drink with me.’

‘Sure’ you smiled as he looked at you in disbelieve. Did this gorgeous person just say “sure”? 2D smiled and nodded as you two took place in one of the booths.

It as been two months since your first date at the bar. And even though 2D was busy with the band and the album, he still made sure he could spend time with you and see you perform at the bar. One night, he was walking you back to the apartment. You were walking next to the river, talking and laughing as suddenly, your foot slipped and you fell in to the water. You looked up at 2D, him trying to get you out as you both laughed.

‘God I love you’ 2D said, as he got you out. You stopped laughing and looked at him. 2D his face got red and he tried to look away, but you pulled him in for a kiss.

‘I love you too.’

Hufflepuff and Slytherin driving: part two
  • *as they come over a hill and see a neighbor mowing his lawn*
  • Hufflepuff: Nooo! He's cutting down the purple flowers!!
  • Slytherin, immediately rolling down every window in the car: The smell! The smell, oh my goodness... You smell that?*breathes in deeply*
  • Hufflepuff, crushed: But the flowers! He's chopping up the flowers!
  • Slytherin, still ignoring the yells: Ah, that scent... freshly mowed lawn...
  • me: life is awful, im gonna be bored and uninterested in everything + anything for the rest of my life-
  • haikyuu: hey here's a new ova, this time with seijoh
  • me: I LIVE

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could you do shinee as wizards ^^?

i gotchu bebs ^^

shinee goes to hogwarts


  • house: ravenclaw 
  • armful of chocolate frogs (”HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THESE THINGS???”)
  • some got loose so like there’s always one or two chocolate frogs hopping around in the ravenclaw dorms
  • a fantastic flier & quidditch player
  • he’s a chaser and shows off a bit how good he is during matches by spinning the ball on his finger before scoring a goal, kind of his signature move nbd 
  • does really well in defence against dark arts bc he’s controlled with his spells and can think quickly on his feet 
  • was REALLY reluctant at first to run at the wall to get onto the train platform bc dude he hurts himself enough without purposefully running into a brick wall 


  • house: sytherin 
  • disappointed that he can’t talk to snakes 
  • keeps turning onew’s and minho’s school things slytherin green bc his house is the best house clearly 
  • hates divination bc he doesn’t believe the future is set (jong: *peering at his tea leaves* “well will you look at that” / minho: “what???? do you see something???? / jong: “looks like you’re a lil bich in the future too”) 
  • best subject is charms though his wand movements aren’t exact but his magic does what he wants it to do which both impress and frustrate his professors 
  • honestly he’s making up shit but it works so?? 
  • employed taemin to supply him with potions to keep his hair bubblegum pink 


  • house: may i slytherin ;) 
  • under his robes he’s wearing his kermit outfit (jong: why / key: it’s house colors) 
  • friends with the portraits bc he takes the time to talk to them. they sit still sometimes when he asks if he could draw them and yeah it’s kind of strange to draw a painting but that’s art for ya
  • prof uprooted a baby mandrake in class and it screamed and kibum screamed back so loud the plant actually stop screaming for a sec 
  • jong’s partner in charms and is mUCH more technical than he is 
  • very skilled in spells bc he studies them intently before trying them out
  • will hit jong with tickling charm when he refuses to do the spells right (”ten points from slytherin!! kibum try not to torture your partner”) 


  • house: hufflepuff 
  • his trunk is stuffed with just hufflepuff scarves he literally hoards them
  • also a chaser and has a longstanding rivalry with onew so hufflepuff v ravenclaw games are always fun bc they’re so intense thanks to those two
  • when he’s not playing he’s the announcer and he gets the crowd SO hyped 
  • flies circles over key’s head to tease him, gleefully kicking his legs back and forth
  • goes through quills so quickly bc he keeps breaking them by accident 
  • hippogriffs like him and he wants to fly on one day and is working on earning their respect  
  • can apparate well but sh it’s a secret he’s not supposed to know how to do that yet


  • house: hundo p slytherin 
  • has turned jong’s hair orange before and he was V mad 
  • honestly a mad scientist in potions
  • gets bored with just sticking with what they’re learning in class bc hullo this is basic stuff 
  • experiments and sometimes his concoction explodes and the room smell like fart for an entire week (taemin evacuations are not that uncommon and profs are trained for the situation)
  • actually helps out in the infirmary bc he’s good at creating potions on the fly for injuries.. they don’t smell that great tho usually 
  • sends shinee howlers on their birthdays bc it’s not quite a celebration until there’s a red envelope scream-singing happy birthday in your face first thing in the morning 6v6 

thebaekfastclub  maknagisa harry potter au for you guys as well! <3

i am by no means a harry potter expert and i hope i didn’t make a really erroneous mistake!