they smell tho

Hufflepuff and Slytherin driving: part two
  • *as they come over a hill and see a neighbor mowing his lawn*
  • Hufflepuff: Nooo! He's cutting down the purple flowers!!
  • Slytherin, immediately rolling down every window in the car: The smell! The smell, oh my goodness... You smell that?*breathes in deeply*
  • Hufflepuff, crushed: But the flowers! He's chopping up the flowers!
  • Slytherin, still ignoring the yells: Ah, that scent... freshly mowed lawn...

yesterday someone reported seeing something “big”, “dead”, and “with lots of ribs” on a nearby road so I went out to check it out and found this beauty. She was too gross to take home so I dragged her further into the bushes and hopefully no one will remove her before I get the chance to come back when she is more decomposed.

I’m going to make a perfume called “Old Yharnam” and it’s going to smell like burning hair, ash, and the musty scent of old abandoned buildings.

Be sure to look out for “Hunter’s Nightmare”,which will smell like rotted blood and decomposing corpses. 


I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted too, I saw the most beautiful family today and honest to God, they looked like they were what the percabeth family would look like. I tried my hardest to capture their beauty and just pure love for each other but honestly, this doesn’t even hold a candle to their perfection.

if yall don’t think kavinsky would be the most turnt up ghost idk what to tell u. like yes we all love the angst w/e my boy here is a genius ok a g e n i u s dreamer like a) are dreamers even human ?? what would their ghosts be like ??? none of this sad withering away bs for my son, he was a firecracker alive and if he were a ghost, he would be the Best at ghosting, he’d become an urban myth, ghostbusters would dedicate episodes to his antics. he’d pull out all the stops. fucking sighting of white mitsus on deserted roads? check!! people hearing the sounds of an engine revving up or swearing they can smell fireworks even tho it’s impossible ?? check ! boo mofos my son is and always will be Extra af and that includes his afterlife activities