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《 MJ // Kim Myung Jun ¬

▪ Cuddle monster
▪ Always climbing on things
▪ Thinks he’s invincible
▪ ‘You’re only part cat, dumbass.’
▪ Hiss
▪ Refuses to drink from a glass
▪ More cat than human at this point
▪ Kisses constantly
▪ ‘Mj, please-‘
▪ ‘But-’
▪ Pouts
▪ ‘flisrgjdtihb…. Fine.’

《 Jin Jin // Park Jin Woo ¬

▪ Lazy as hell
▪ Melts when you touch his tail
▪ Probably moans when you touch his ears
▪ Likes stretching across your lap
▪ Tummy rubs
▪ Scratches
▪ Bites ( affectionately )
▪ Always panics when he breaks something
▪ Responsible
▪ Just a little bit spacey

《 Cha Eun Woo // Lee Dong Min ¬

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   ▪ Sits quietly
   ▪ Plays with his own tail
   ▪ Overthinks
   ▪ ‘How is it possible for a human to be part cat?’
   ▪ ‘Dunno babe, guess you’re a freak.’
   ▪ Sensitive
   ▪ ‘Shit, I said the f word-’
   ▪ Cuddles
   ▪ Love
   ▪ F o o d

《 Moon Bin ¬

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▪ what’s the difference in hybrid binnie and normal binnie tbh
▪ Soft
▪ Just loves everything
▪ Playful but reserved
▪ Often /on/ you
▪ ‘Yes, Binnie?’
▪ ‘Just wanna be near you.’
▪ Smiles
▪ All the pretty smiles
▪ Wraps his tail around your wrist out of habit, instead of holding your hand
▪ Needs some type of contact with you
▪ At all times

《 Rocky // Park Min Hyuk ¬

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▪ Little shit
▪ ‘Why are you na- Put clothes on!’
▪ I’m a cat, I don’t need to wear clothes.’
▪ ‘I sweat to cthulhu, if you don’t put clothes on-’
▪ Hides your things
▪ Hoards your sweaters
▪ Replaces them with his because
▪ ‘Yours smell like you, so you can have mine that smell like me.’
▪ Cheesy
▪ Cheeky
▪ Lovely
▪ Playful, too playful, sometimes

《 Yoon San Ha ¬

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▪ ‘Why is your tail pink?’
▪ Just smiles nervously
▪ ‘Sanha, what did you do?’
▪ ‘Rocky dyed my tail- we tried to clean the sink, but-’
▪ Too cute
▪ Awkward
▪ Purrs when he cuddles you
▪ Mischievous
▪ Gets into trouble a lot
Generally Rocky’s fault
▪ Just wants your love tbh


Joannah: Now tell me, how many other girls have you said that exact same line to?

Don: W-what? What do you mean?

Joannah: Don, this isn’t exactly my first rodeo. I could smell your cheesy lines from a mile away.

Don: Well, in that case.. Do you like, ahem, cheese?

Joannah: (shakes head) Ya know, when you’re not trying so hard, you’re actually pretty cute. 

Don: Maybe I should not try more often.

Joannah: That’d be pretty nice. (smiles) But, I do think it’s time I get heading home now. It’s getting pretty late.

Don: Mind if I walk you home?

Joannah: I’d like that.

Big Bang Reactions to their kid’s first day at school

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I hope you like this one because kids are my life. I love kids and I love writing about them. 



You woke up and found both of them dressed and ready to go. Since they were ready and you weren’t, you let them go alone. It was the first day of school for your 6 years old daughter. T.O.P was nervous about this day and he was scared how she’ll communicate with other classmates. He bought her very beautiful pink dress for this day and even managed to dress her. He put on sunglasses and drove her to school. He thought she wouldn’t let go of his hand, but it looked like he didn’t want to let go of her hand. He kneeled to her size and told her to behave and be nice to the teachers and other classmates. He was standing there for a bit until he saw she sat down and started talking with others. He was surprised she fit in so quickly. He was at work, helping Jiyong with a song for their new album when it was time to pick her up. He couldn’t wait to pick her up and see her smiling from the adventure she had.
“Hey Sweetie, how was it? Did you enjoy your first day of school?”

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His first born was a boy and he loved him. He was a replica of him but had his emotional side like you. He couldn’t be happier. He was used to getting up early, but you weren’t so he took him to school. You were worried because he said he’ll dress him and he wasn’t really sure what’s appropriate for a 6 year old to wear at school. So at the end, he had to wake you up to ask if ripped trousers are appropriate, you told him to how to dress him and after that, he made breakfast for him. He wanted his son to have good friends at school and that’s why he wore sunglasses and a mask when he arrived. He was surprised when he saw his son talking to the girls more than the boys. But he smiled and was proud that he was friendly to the girls too. When he picked him up he listened to his day and his son told him other boys taught him how to draw a boat and how they played with swords. He was really relaxed while listening to him.
“Oh yeah? So we’ll draw boats together, okay? And once, we’ll go to one okay?”

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Taeyang couldn’t wait for his daughter to go to her first class and learn new things. He loved to teach her to sing and write, but now it was time to get her in school. He left dressing and breakfast up to you, but he prepared her schoolbag. He even bought her big pink bow that she wore in her hair. He wanted for her to be well dressed every day and to be well mannered. He drove her to school and only waited until she changed her shoes. He hugged her tightly before she went in the classroom and kissed her on the forehead. Since it was his day off he was out with some friends until it was time to pick her up. He surprised her by buying her an ice cream and then they went in the park and talked about each others days. He told her a lot to be friendly to all of her classmates, even if someone was different.
“Cutie, just be friendly to everyone, okay? Even if there is someone you don’t like, promise me you will be friendly to them?”

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He loved his son and was always playing with him. He had to make a lot effort to learn him how to write, but he didn’t worry about him going to school because he knew the teachers are good to kids. He made sure to know who was his teacher. He made him breakfast since you were already at work and drove him to school. Before they went to school he told him to learn and be nice to the others. He would go crazy if he learned his son was not good to the others because he knew socializing is important when you are young. He wanted the best for him. When it was time to pick him up, he was there 1 hour earlier and just watched the kids play on the playground, because he like kids and that relaxed him- to see his child is having fun with others. He ran to his son to hug him when he came and together they came to pick you up at work.
“Hi~~ Did you learn something new? How was it? Tell me all about it.”

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Seungri always treated her daughter as a princess. He called her a princess and he spoiled her, but he was very strict when it came to behavior  He wanted her daughter to have what she needs and if she had too much, she would give that to others and she was just like that. He was so happy when he saw her in her dress and her cute backpack. Before he drove her to school he gave her flower and told her to be as sweet as the flower’s smell. He loved saying cheesy things because he knew it meant a lot to people. He had to watch her change her shoes and walk in the classroom. He hugged her and didn’t want to let go of her because he had work after that and he couldn’t pick her up. When he got home, just before she went to bed, he listened how they played princesses with other girls and about the food they ate. He was happy to hear her talk so joyful.
“Oh? Princesses? But you’re my princess and I won’t let any prince take you away from me, okay?”

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Duckvember Day #3: Space Duck

I decided to draw a scene from the DuckTales video game, adapted to fit a scenario from the reboot: Scrooge and the boys took to the Moon in search of the Legendary Green Cheese, but in this case, the treasure kinda stinks xD Dewey’s just too excited to care – he reveres the cheesy smell as “the odor of adventure”
I tried to adapt the reboot designs to my style :3 I think it went all right in the case of Scrooge, but I still need practice with the boys ^_^

Rooftop Season (Peter Parker x Reader) Part 6

Everything comes undone. Secrets are finally revealed. 

A/N: I thought this was going to be the final part to RS, but it turns out I wanted to pull a classic Hollywood move and split the last chapter into two hahaha. This is also because the story developed in ways I hadn’t anticipated and the surprise was totally awesome for me as a writer! So I went along with it, which inevitably ended up adding to the wordcount, hence the splitting of the chapter in two (and sparing everyone from scrolling past a 3k+ words long post) haha Thanks for sticking with the story so far! Please let me know if you would like to be added to the tags list! 

Parts [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


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After the mugging, you’d entirely forgotten that the only reason you were in the alley in the first place was to go rent a costume with Aunt May.

When you arrived at the shop, she gave you and Peter a suspicious look, but didn’t ask what happened. Peter didn’t say a thing, and neither did you. In fact, you didn’t open your mouth once. Now that adrenaline slowly left your system, you felt dazed.

The experience with Aunt May went by in a blur. The whole time you were stuck on autopilot; you felt your hands go through the motion of feeling the costume’s fabric, checking for sizes, even felt your lips move to thank Aunt May for the company and opportunity. But your mind was elsewhere.

You could still feel the impact of the glass cracking on the crazy man’s head. Your brain replayed the scene overland over again.

“We’re here!”

Apparently you had walked back to Peter’s place with them.

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Fart God's Part 1

The morning Liam received his invitation was the morning that Liam’s life of solitude was forever broken.

Groggily stumbling over to the first letter he’d recieved in weeks after his roommate’s escaped, Liam was unsurprisingly shocked at the fanciful nature of the letter requesting him to meet the taxi which would apparently be arriving later that day.

Liam wondered why anyone would want him anywhere outside his house where he decided to quarantine himself after the rude remarks his ex-roommates left him with. Looking over the letter again Liam decided that he might as well check out what it was about since all his links to the outer world had been cut and maybe it could have something to do with helping his problem.

Preparing a breakfast of a few boiled eggs on toast seasoned with garlic powder Liam leaned onto the counter to let out the first of many farts he would no doubt release on that day. This was what Liam saw as his blessing and his curse.

The pleasure of releasing his noxious flatulence into an area was unrivalled and as all people know but refuse to admit: being surrounded in the stinking aura of your own brew can bring a sense of pride Liam revels in. However the pure power of his gas has left him abandoned by any friends family and even partners he’s ever had in the past and having to live in solitude at the age of only 18 has greatly influenced him.

Hastily consuming his breakfast he heard the a car pulling up outside and grabbed the bag and headed for the door. He looked back inside about to open the door wondering when he’d return to the house his parents paid for in an effort to get him to leave and thought of the roommates they hired for company for him which fled after just a couple days of putting up with him. Resisting the sense of abandonment creeping up on him he closed the door behind him.

Waiting for him just outside was a man who looked like a butler who bowed deeply as his eyes caught Liam’s. The pure attractiveness of the well groomed man instantly made Liam self conscious at his disheveled dark brown hair and also feel short despite only being a few inches shorter than the man at around 5'10.

Holding back a choke the butler exclaimed:

“My employers have requested me to bring ‘Master’ Liam to the meeting place as quickly as possible so if you could please follow me to the car it would be much appreciated”

Liam was borderline disappointed following the man tentatively at the butler’s reaction to his natural smell hoping he would be prepared for it but obviously he had underestimated the pure stink radiating from Liam. Catching up to the man opening the door Liam asked:

“Am i ever going to get any explanation about this? Am I going to be safe?”

Holding back laughter the butler replied:

“Don’t worry Master Liam all will be explained in good time and you are going to be looked after with the utmost care”

Shocked again at the formality of the butler but also a little intimidated by the stifled laugh, Liam decided to get in the car. The first thing Liam noticed after the decadence of the black car was the lack of dividers between the front where the butler was driving and the back where Liam had spread himself in an attempt for comfort. Despite the embaressment it would probably cause him Liam could not resist the pressure building up inside him and the chance at establishing his skill to the butler was worth it.

After a few minutes driving smoothly in the car Liam leaned over letting his prominent as lean to one side aimed at the butler in the front and he pushed out effortlessly a loud but short blast of eggy fumes. In the mirror he could see the nameless butler make eye contact with him before he could hear an audible inhale from the front seat.

“Well it is as i expected but better, Master Liam your gas is almost as bad as i was warned but if I may admit it doesn’t affect me in the way that you have previously experienced”

Shocked Liam blushed and stuttered a combination of an apology and gratitude. He has to let out a few more silent blasts during the rest of the journey and despite the initial embaressment, he grew to enjoy the stink the car was beginning to possess and the butler seemed to agree. If Liam had the confidence he used to have he would have probably tried to make a move on the butler but his lack of restricted him with past memories of men walking out on him due to his smell or even worse when they pass out and he has to wait for them to wake up to walk away.

The car finally pulled over in front of what looked to Liam like a large cathedral. Leaving the butler with the gift of another gas blast he picked up his backpack and got out on the gravel only for the car to drive away around behind the church and out of sight.

With no guide of any sort in sight Liam started to walk up the stairs leading to the grand door at the entrance. He was halfway up before he heard an long unmistakable ripping sound from behind him which made him a little shocked that someone else could have a power of gas to rival his own.

Turning around he saw a guy standing at the bottom of the stairs with a look of relief on his face and his leg slightly raised. He made eye contact with the stranger noticing his tall build and almost black hair and smirk on his face as he worked out that the smell of his gas was just just about to reach Liam. The smell shocked Liam as he thought it was almost as bad as his but it had more of a strong cheesy smell instead of Liam’s eggy flatulence. Just as he began to cough the slightly older boy looking around 19 caught up to Liam laughing a bit.

“I hope you’ve become well acquainted with my gas you better get used to it soon it’s pretty much a constant for me…..but do you have any idea why we’re here?”

Just as Liam was about to stutter out an answer the doors up ahead opened.

(Hope y'all liked it, wrote this about a month ago and thought it would be worth putting it up here)

I love romance. I really do. I don’t care if some people find it to be irrational or unrealistic, but I fucking love romance. And I’m talking hopelessly passionate romance. I’m talking sweet nothings spoken at all times. Love letters galore. Flowers everyday, the house won’t stop smelling like them. Cheesy shit, ya know? I want people to be grossed out by how cheesy and romantic my relationship is. I know relationships aren’t always like this, but why not strive for it? Why not fight for it?

Idc, this is what I want.

I Hate You

Requested by anonymous: heyy can you do one where y/n a new exchange student on shawn’s street and they don’t like each other at first then something happens and they start dating? 


Week 1

You and your family had recently moved to Pickering for your dad’s job. Of course, you were bitter as you had to leave behind all of your friends in a different country and honestly, the relationship between your dad and you was extremely rocky.

There was nothing you could’ve done to stop the move anyway, so your parents told you to stop acting like a brat and accept it. You were currently setting up your desk, pictures of your friends scattered on a cork board right above it.

Just the mere thought about having to start over in a new country, at a new school, and make new friends made your heart speed up and your stomach sink.

“Y/N, mom and dad need you to take me to the hockey try outs!” Your younger brother Ethan yelled behind your closed door.

You rolled your eyes, running your fingers against your scalp. You were definitely not in the mood to take anyone anywhere. Plus, how were you supposed to get there? You’ve only been in Pickering for three days, you had no idea where anything was.

“Please, Y/N!” Ethan screamed louder, making you let out an annoyed sound. You swung your door open aggressively and walked right past Ethan, down the stairs and into the kitchen where your parents were seated at the table.

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scarfgal398  asked:

Hi, me again! I was wondering if you had any headcanons on Beetlejuice going on dates with his s/o, i.e. what he considers romantic? Also wanted to remind you that you’re awesome 👏🏽 Love the blog, love you, aaaannnd yea *rolls away*

Oh jeez,, yes

-brings u dead flowers,, they’re all he could find

-wears a fancy suit (think of the wedding outfit)

-wow,, he actually kinda brushed his hair??

-you guys can’t really go anywhere you y'all just order Chinese food and watch some movies

-he puts his arm around you and kisses ur head

-he keeps a mint in his big dumb mouth the whole night,, he may not seem like it but he’s self conscious,, doesn’t wanna smell like rot

-dumb cheesy pick up lines and compliments


Therese came home exhausted, still figuring out how to properly walk with a cast, without putting too much weight on her right leg. It was going to take some getting used to.

She quickly realized the furniture was still not delivered. Jeremy was probably dealing with that though, since he wasn’t home. 

Also, there was now no turkey or any other food ready.

She made her way to the stove and began preparing some Alfredo pasta with what was available in the fridge. At least her parents liked cheesy foods, so that was a plus. This day was going badly, but she could still amend the situation somehow.

The smell of the cheesy hit her nose sharply, causing her insides to turn again. 

Great, she was still sick too. 

She barely made it to the bathroom before her breakfast came back up.

Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien sat at the Comic Con Q&A for Teen Wolf. The fans were raving with questions, and telling them how much they loved them. One fan spoke in the crowd: “I am absolutely amazed and I’m crying that I’m meeting you right now!” Tyler laughed and replied “Well, I’m amazed and humbled that I get to see this stud just about everyday…” He winked at Dylan in a joking manner as the crowd laughed and aww’d.

A new question was then asked by a young man in his mid twenties. His voice was kind of higher pitched. The stereotypical gay man’s accent “Okay, have you guys ever had a farting contest?” Both guys laughed hysterically with the crowd.

“Well…” Tyler blushed and tried to continue talking when Dylan leaned to his right and ripped a pretty decent fart at Tyler. Tyler busted out laughing and was shocked when Dylan ripped another. Dylan chimed in with “We’ll we haven’t but we’d both know who would win.” At the same time, both men replied with “Me!” Dylan and Tyler stared at each other as Dylan raised an eyebrow and twisted his hip towards his bromance. A third fart escaped his butt and Tyler matched it with a fart of his own. Tyler laughed and stated “It kind of stinks in here.” The crowd laughed, with just a few of the girls crying “eww!” But it was too late. The fart war had begun. Dylan ripped a 5 second long ripper straight into his chair. It echoed across the auditorium. Tyler ripped a good 4 second fart and wafted the smell to Dylan’s face. Dylan retaliated by wafting his ass fumes back to Tyler and the contest was just starting to unfold. Tyler ripped a 5 second blast as Dylan let out a 10 second blast. The crowd began to ooh and aah in excitement… and then the smell. The rank sulfur smell of Dylan’s fumes mixed with the cheesy smell of Tyler’s gas and began suffocating the crowds. Coughing could be heard, as well as moans and dry heaving. But those sounds were soon masked by the sounds of non stop farting by the Teen Wolf heart throbs. As Dylan ripped a fart, Tyler would rip one before his ended. Dylan would start back up before Tyler’s ended. Then, countless “victims” of the gaseous warfare began to fall to the ground. The smell became too much for them. 60% of them fell to the ground within the first 10 minutes of the battle. 10% were actually able to run out of the doors into the halls. The hallways began to flood with the guys’ smells and soon more victims were taken hold of. The remaining 30% either stood in bewilderment as the contest continued on or ran to the front of the stage to get a closer look at their favorite actors. Many of those fools met an unconscious fate as well. Dylan ripped what was his 80th fart of the contest and Tyler let out his 78th. The entire Comic Con arena began to succumb to the smells and sounds of Dylan & Tyler’s backsides.
Dylan then let out the king of all farts, a minute long, the loudest of the day, and the most frightening. Tyler backed away and began covering his nose with his shirt. The original guy stood there in bewilderment as both men stoically perched themselves in their seats and continued blasting gas. “STOP!” The fan yelled out. “Why should we stop?” Dylan replied. “Yeah, this is fun, I’m gonna beat him soon!” Tyler was determined to win. “Beat me? You’re 3 behind!” Dylan blasted another bomb aimed right at Tyler’s face and replied “Make that 4 behind.”
“Let me sniff you! Up close! Please! I’m the only one conscious right now! I just want to sniff you!” The fan’s response shocked the guys into hysterics as Tyler motioned the man up to the stage. “Get down there buddy” Tyler pointed to his ass and pushed the fan into the crease of his cargos. A long muffled stream of gas escaped his ass as Dylan chuckled. “My turn!” Dylan took hold of the fart hungry fan and ripped another fart of his own. He felt the nose of his biggest fan wiggle in his pants seat as it flowed out of his body. Tyler ripped 2 farts during that time. “Save them for his face dude!” Dylan was in tears from laughing so hard as Tyler responded “Screw that dude! I’m 2 behind you!” Dylan laughed and ripped 5 more farts “Make that 7!” Dylan grabbed one side of the fans face as Tyler grabbed the other. He was sandwiched between both stars’ hands, facing both their asses. “Let’s finish this once and for all.” Dylan looked serious and was met by a yes nod from Tyler. Then all hell erupted. The gas was phenomenal as the Auditorium, the Comic Con arena and the outside decks were soaked in gas. What farts seeped through the openings of the buildings soon escaped to the outside city. Businessmen were soon calling out of work for feeling nauseous and lightheaded. The fans in the auditorium were still laying on the floor passed out. The gas continued to flow as both fart fellas held their prey in the palm of their hands. “This is the best contest ever bro!” Dylan exclaimed. Tyler was struggling to keep a gas flow. “What’s wrong man? Can’t keep up?” Tyler was scared of losing and tried pushing harder as his last bit of fart escaped him. “Haha! Looks like someone’s out.” Dylan patted the guy on the back as his gas got louder. Tyler tried pushing again and failed to get anything out. Tyler was really getting scared.
Dylan’s gas soon overpowered the stench of Tyler’s farts by ten fold. The surrounding city declared the air quality at a dangerous level and sent as many people into shelter that were still conscious to walk. The lowly fan stayed perched behind Dylan’s rump as even he began to fade out. “Thank you… th… thank you Dylan…” He faded into a sleep state as Dylan laid him down to the ground. Tyler began to cough as Dylan’s fart slowly faded to a trickle, and then to silence. “Nice one bro!” Tyler applauded his friend and coworker for his impressive showing. Dylan patted his own ass and smiled as his destructive work. “Man, no wonder they don’t let me eat food on set. The guys walked past their unconscious fans as they headed to the nearest Chipotle for a quick snack before dinnertime. The scent of destruction wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

ignaciovarga  asked:

also idk how you feel about weirdly specific AUs but get this: sauljesse + "why does no one tell me when we have people over, i just walked downstairs wearing a 'say hey if you're gay' t-shirt and batman boxers"

Plot twist: the t-shirt is actually Saul’s.

♦ A bar they went to was giving them away one night with a couple of those special t-shirt guns; and as much as he tried to hide it, Jesse could tell Saul was stoked. It’s several sizes too big on Jesse and tie-dyed in vibrant rainbows with big ass bolded letters. If he’s completely honest, he’d say it fits the colorful lawyer to a T.

♦ Jesse steals it now and then when he’s gotta do laundry or throws it on for lounging at home after a long day. Waiting to see Saul, who’s probably pulling a late night at the office. Jesse likes that it smells like him, his cheesy cologne or whatever. It makes him feel safe.

Sometimes, Saul softly teases him after finding Jesse curled up in it on the couch, half-asleep with the tv on.

Saul bought the boxers more or less as a gag gift for Christmas but “Jokes on you. Batman’s the shit, yo!”

It’s well past noon when Jesse makes his way down the stairs. Only to nearly run into Saul and two district attorneys discussing something in the hallway.

Jesse panics, practically leaping into the kitchen and behind the island with the hopes neither had seen him yet. Saul flounders with some legalese to cover him.

With Jesse relatively hidden, Saul quickly escorts the other two out onto the condos’ back patio. None the wiser.

Jesse is so flustered when it happens. A few minutes later, while still holed up in the bedroom until the other lawyers leave, he calls Badger or Skinny Pete to voice his frustration.

Send Me an AU and a Ship/Character and I’ll write 5+ Headcanons