they smell cheesy


“This isn’t going to work out between us, Y/N.” He pulled away from your embrace, guarding his mouth with both of his hands, pulling them down seconds after and crossing them over his chest. 

“What do you mean, Ash?” You blinked, looking up at him trying to understand what he’s getting at with his body language. 

He stood silent for a moment, biting his lip and running his hand through his hair after he gathered his thoughts. “This… whole us being in a relationship thing,” he sighed looking down at you with sorrowful eyes “I’m sorry, Y/N. It’s really not going to work out. I can’t take your confession.”

You clenched your jaw, trying your best, not to cry. “Is-Is this because I came off too strong?”

He shook his head, a pitiful smile casting down at you before making his way out the door. He left you there to take in that the guy you’ve been crushing on for months now rejected you when you finally got the courage to speak up. 

“What do you mean I can’t play with you?”

“You just can’t okay? This is a difficult game and if I let you play you’d probably screw up.”

Rejected from playing a video game with your best friend. Little did he know that you actually played this game and kicked some serious ass while he was away touring. 

“Fine be that way, Mikey. You’ll regret this.” You stomped away from him, sitting on the couch across the room. You bitterly watched him play, getting stuck and confused at what he was supposed to do in the game. 

He was about to rage quit when you got up, took the control away from him and started to play the game. Minutes later you got him out of the situation he was in, handing him back the control while he was staring at you with amazement.

“Y/N! That was bad-ass! Why didn’t you tell me you could play?!”

You scoffed, rolling your eyes at him. “Maybe you shouldn’t reject me so quickly. But you’ve made me bitter, so don’t come to me for help anymore.” You shrugged, shuffling away from him.

His fingers slid downward from your waist to the button of your jeans, smoothly undoing them. 

You took notice and pushed his hand away, breaking the passionate kiss he was distracting you with. “Not tonight Cal.”

He pouted, his eyes glimmering with sadness. “But babe…”

“No buts and stop giving me that face. We can’t do it this whole week, my love.” You caressed his cheeks, touching noses with him. 

He took a while to understand what you meant. And when he did “Oh! Oh, okay I get you.”

You laughed getting up and rebuttoning your jeans. “But I can make you breakfast for dinner?”

“Hell yeah, I’m okay with that. Reject because of damn aunt flow but an another good outcome come from it.” He rolled off of the couch, hugging you from behind and staying like that as you cooked.

“Luke I can’t!" 

"Why Y/N? Please, for the love of God, tell me why you keep rejecting me? Do you not like me? Am I a bother to you?” He desperately looked at you searching for an answer in your expression.  

“No! It’s not any of those reasons, Luke! ” You chewed on your lip, clenching your hands struggling for words. You got frustrated, plopping down to the floor and held your head on your balled hands. “Luke… I’m scared." 

"Of what?” He kneeled down in front of you, lifting your head to meet his eyes.

You stared back at his for a moment, pulling your gaze away. You tried to talk, but the words caught in your throat, making you tear up from frustration. He pulled you into his arms, holding you gingerly and rubbing your back to calm you down.

After controlling your sobs, still holding onto Luke, you cleared your throat to speak, “God this is going to sound so ridiculous, but I’m scared of the relationship not ending up good. Like you’re going on tour, I’m scared that somehow the distance is going to fuck it up. And I’m scared of the heartbreak if that happens because,” You paused pushing away from him, his arms relaxing the grip they had around your waist. You caressed his cheek and he nuzzled against it, “I’m seriously in love with you Luke and I never want anything bad to happen to us. Dating or not, you’re still someone so important to me and I never want to have bad blood between us.”

He smiled faintly, kissing your palm. “I love you too Y/N. And if you feel like that then we don’t have to rush into it. We’ll take it slow and I’ll show you that we’ll never end up with anything negative.”

The weight on your shoulders lifted as you leaned into kiss him and he kissed you back.