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《 MJ // Kim Myung Jun ¬

▪ Cuddle monster
▪ Always climbing on things
▪ Thinks he’s invincible
▪ ‘You’re only part cat, dumbass.’
▪ Hiss
▪ Refuses to drink from a glass
▪ More cat than human at this point
▪ Kisses constantly
▪ ‘Mj, please-‘
▪ ‘But-’
▪ Pouts
▪ ‘flisrgjdtihb…. Fine.’

《 Jin Jin // Park Jin Woo ¬

▪ Lazy as hell
▪ Melts when you touch his tail
▪ Probably moans when you touch his ears
▪ Likes stretching across your lap
▪ Tummy rubs
▪ Scratches
▪ Bites ( affectionately )
▪ Always panics when he breaks something
▪ Responsible
▪ Just a little bit spacey

《 Cha Eun Woo // Lee Dong Min ¬

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   ▪ Sits quietly
   ▪ Plays with his own tail
   ▪ Overthinks
   ▪ ‘How is it possible for a human to be part cat?’
   ▪ ‘Dunno babe, guess you’re a freak.’
   ▪ Sensitive
   ▪ ‘Shit, I said the f word-’
   ▪ Cuddles
   ▪ Love
   ▪ F o o d

《 Moon Bin ¬

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▪ what’s the difference in hybrid binnie and normal binnie tbh
▪ Soft
▪ Just loves everything
▪ Playful but reserved
▪ Often /on/ you
▪ ‘Yes, Binnie?’
▪ ‘Just wanna be near you.’
▪ Smiles
▪ All the pretty smiles
▪ Wraps his tail around your wrist out of habit, instead of holding your hand
▪ Needs some type of contact with you
▪ At all times

《 Rocky // Park Min Hyuk ¬

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▪ Little shit
▪ ‘Why are you na- Put clothes on!’
▪ I’m a cat, I don’t need to wear clothes.’
▪ ‘I sweat to cthulhu, if you don’t put clothes on-’
▪ Hides your things
▪ Hoards your sweaters
▪ Replaces them with his because
▪ ‘Yours smell like you, so you can have mine that smell like me.’
▪ Cheesy
▪ Cheeky
▪ Lovely
▪ Playful, too playful, sometimes

《 Yoon San Ha ¬

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▪ ‘Why is your tail pink?’
▪ Just smiles nervously
▪ ‘Sanha, what did you do?’
▪ ‘Rocky dyed my tail- we tried to clean the sink, but-’
▪ Too cute
▪ Awkward
▪ Purrs when he cuddles you
▪ Mischievous
▪ Gets into trouble a lot
Generally Rocky’s fault
▪ Just wants your love tbh

Big Bang Reactions to their kid’s first day at school

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I hope you like this one because kids are my life. I love kids and I love writing about them. 



You woke up and found both of them dressed and ready to go. Since they were ready and you weren’t, you let them go alone. It was the first day of school for your 6 years old daughter. T.O.P was nervous about this day and he was scared how she’ll communicate with other classmates. He bought her very beautiful pink dress for this day and even managed to dress her. He put on sunglasses and drove her to school. He thought she wouldn’t let go of his hand, but it looked like he didn’t want to let go of her hand. He kneeled to her size and told her to behave and be nice to the teachers and other classmates. He was standing there for a bit until he saw she sat down and started talking with others. He was surprised she fit in so quickly. He was at work, helping Jiyong with a song for their new album when it was time to pick her up. He couldn’t wait to pick her up and see her smiling from the adventure she had.
“Hey Sweetie, how was it? Did you enjoy your first day of school?”

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His first born was a boy and he loved him. He was a replica of him but had his emotional side like you. He couldn’t be happier. He was used to getting up early, but you weren’t so he took him to school. You were worried because he said he’ll dress him and he wasn’t really sure what’s appropriate for a 6 year old to wear at school. So at the end, he had to wake you up to ask if ripped trousers are appropriate, you told him to how to dress him and after that, he made breakfast for him. He wanted his son to have good friends at school and that’s why he wore sunglasses and a mask when he arrived. He was surprised when he saw his son talking to the girls more than the boys. But he smiled and was proud that he was friendly to the girls too. When he picked him up he listened to his day and his son told him other boys taught him how to draw a boat and how they played with swords. He was really relaxed while listening to him.
“Oh yeah? So we’ll draw boats together, okay? And once, we’ll go to one okay?”

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Taeyang couldn’t wait for his daughter to go to her first class and learn new things. He loved to teach her to sing and write, but now it was time to get her in school. He left dressing and breakfast up to you, but he prepared her schoolbag. He even bought her big pink bow that she wore in her hair. He wanted for her to be well dressed every day and to be well mannered. He drove her to school and only waited until she changed her shoes. He hugged her tightly before she went in the classroom and kissed her on the forehead. Since it was his day off he was out with some friends until it was time to pick her up. He surprised her by buying her an ice cream and then they went in the park and talked about each others days. He told her a lot to be friendly to all of her classmates, even if someone was different.
“Cutie, just be friendly to everyone, okay? Even if there is someone you don’t like, promise me you will be friendly to them?”

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He loved his son and was always playing with him. He had to make a lot effort to learn him how to write, but he didn’t worry about him going to school because he knew the teachers are good to kids. He made sure to know who was his teacher. He made him breakfast since you were already at work and drove him to school. Before they went to school he told him to learn and be nice to the others. He would go crazy if he learned his son was not good to the others because he knew socializing is important when you are young. He wanted the best for him. When it was time to pick him up, he was there 1 hour earlier and just watched the kids play on the playground, because he like kids and that relaxed him- to see his child is having fun with others. He ran to his son to hug him when he came and together they came to pick you up at work.
“Hi~~ Did you learn something new? How was it? Tell me all about it.”

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Seungri always treated her daughter as a princess. He called her a princess and he spoiled her, but he was very strict when it came to behavior  He wanted her daughter to have what she needs and if she had too much, she would give that to others and she was just like that. He was so happy when he saw her in her dress and her cute backpack. Before he drove her to school he gave her flower and told her to be as sweet as the flower’s smell. He loved saying cheesy things because he knew it meant a lot to people. He had to watch her change her shoes and walk in the classroom. He hugged her and didn’t want to let go of her because he had work after that and he couldn’t pick her up. When he got home, just before she went to bed, he listened how they played princesses with other girls and about the food they ate. He was happy to hear her talk so joyful.
“Oh? Princesses? But you’re my princess and I won’t let any prince take you away from me, okay?”

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I Hate You

Requested by anonymous: heyy can you do one where y/n a new exchange student on shawn’s street and they don’t like each other at first then something happens and they start dating? 


Week 1

You and your family had recently moved to Pickering for your dad’s job. Of course, you were bitter as you had to leave behind all of your friends in a different country and honestly, the relationship between your dad and you was extremely rocky.

There was nothing you could’ve done to stop the move anyway, so your parents told you to stop acting like a brat and accept it. You were currently setting up your desk, pictures of your friends scattered on a cork board right above it.

Just the mere thought about having to start over in a new country, at a new school, and make new friends made your heart speed up and your stomach sink.

“Y/N, mom and dad need you to take me to the hockey try outs!” Your younger brother Ethan yelled behind your closed door.

You rolled your eyes, running your fingers against your scalp. You were definitely not in the mood to take anyone anywhere. Plus, how were you supposed to get there? You’ve only been in Pickering for three days, you had no idea where anything was.

“Please, Y/N!” Ethan screamed louder, making you let out an annoyed sound. You swung your door open aggressively and walked right past Ethan, down the stairs and into the kitchen where your parents were seated at the table.

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Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien sat at the Comic Con Q&A for Teen Wolf. The fans were raving with questions, and telling them how much they loved them. One fan spoke in the crowd: “I am absolutely amazed and I’m crying that I’m meeting you right now!” Tyler laughed and replied “Well, I’m amazed and humbled that I get to see this stud just about everyday…” He winked at Dylan in a joking manner as the crowd laughed and aww’d.

A new question was then asked by a young man in his mid twenties. His voice was kind of higher pitched. The stereotypical gay man’s accent “Okay, have you guys ever had a farting contest?” Both guys laughed hysterically with the crowd.

“Well…” Tyler blushed and tried to continue talking when Dylan leaned to his right and ripped a pretty decent fart at Tyler. Tyler busted out laughing and was shocked when Dylan ripped another. Dylan chimed in with “We’ll we haven’t but we’d both know who would win.” At the same time, both men replied with “Me!” Dylan and Tyler stared at each other as Dylan raised an eyebrow and twisted his hip towards his bromance. A third fart escaped his butt and Tyler matched it with a fart of his own. Tyler laughed and stated “It kind of stinks in here.” The crowd laughed, with just a few of the girls crying “eww!” But it was too late. The fart war had begun. Dylan ripped a 5 second long ripper straight into his chair. It echoed across the auditorium. Tyler ripped a good 4 second fart and wafted the smell to Dylan’s face. Dylan retaliated by wafting his ass fumes back to Tyler and the contest was just starting to unfold. Tyler ripped a 5 second blast as Dylan let out a 10 second blast. The crowd began to ooh and aah in excitement… and then the smell. The rank sulfur smell of Dylan’s fumes mixed with the cheesy smell of Tyler’s gas and began suffocating the crowds. Coughing could be heard, as well as moans and dry heaving. But those sounds were soon masked by the sounds of non stop farting by the Teen Wolf heart throbs. As Dylan ripped a fart, Tyler would rip one before his ended. Dylan would start back up before Tyler’s ended. Then, countless “victims” of the gaseous warfare began to fall to the ground. The smell became too much for them. 60% of them fell to the ground within the first 10 minutes of the battle. 10% were actually able to run out of the doors into the halls. The hallways began to flood with the guys’ smells and soon more victims were taken hold of. The remaining 30% either stood in bewilderment as the contest continued on or ran to the front of the stage to get a closer look at their favorite actors. Many of those fools met an unconscious fate as well. Dylan ripped what was his 80th fart of the contest and Tyler let out his 78th. The entire Comic Con arena began to succumb to the smells and sounds of Dylan & Tyler’s backsides.
Dylan then let out the king of all farts, a minute long, the loudest of the day, and the most frightening. Tyler backed away and began covering his nose with his shirt. The original guy stood there in bewilderment as both men stoically perched themselves in their seats and continued blasting gas. “STOP!” The fan yelled out. “Why should we stop?” Dylan replied. “Yeah, this is fun, I’m gonna beat him soon!” Tyler was determined to win. “Beat me? You’re 3 behind!” Dylan blasted another bomb aimed right at Tyler’s face and replied “Make that 4 behind.”
“Let me sniff you! Up close! Please! I’m the only one conscious right now! I just want to sniff you!” The fan’s response shocked the guys into hysterics as Tyler motioned the man up to the stage. “Get down there buddy” Tyler pointed to his ass and pushed the fan into the crease of his cargos. A long muffled stream of gas escaped his ass as Dylan chuckled. “My turn!” Dylan took hold of the fart hungry fan and ripped another fart of his own. He felt the nose of his biggest fan wiggle in his pants seat as it flowed out of his body. Tyler ripped 2 farts during that time. “Save them for his face dude!” Dylan was in tears from laughing so hard as Tyler responded “Screw that dude! I’m 2 behind you!” Dylan laughed and ripped 5 more farts “Make that 7!” Dylan grabbed one side of the fans face as Tyler grabbed the other. He was sandwiched between both stars’ hands, facing both their asses. “Let’s finish this once and for all.” Dylan looked serious and was met by a yes nod from Tyler. Then all hell erupted. The gas was phenomenal as the Auditorium, the Comic Con arena and the outside decks were soaked in gas. What farts seeped through the openings of the buildings soon escaped to the outside city. Businessmen were soon calling out of work for feeling nauseous and lightheaded. The fans in the auditorium were still laying on the floor passed out. The gas continued to flow as both fart fellas held their prey in the palm of their hands. “This is the best contest ever bro!” Dylan exclaimed. Tyler was struggling to keep a gas flow. “What’s wrong man? Can’t keep up?” Tyler was scared of losing and tried pushing harder as his last bit of fart escaped him. “Haha! Looks like someone’s out.” Dylan patted the guy on the back as his gas got louder. Tyler tried pushing again and failed to get anything out. Tyler was really getting scared.
Dylan’s gas soon overpowered the stench of Tyler’s farts by ten fold. The surrounding city declared the air quality at a dangerous level and sent as many people into shelter that were still conscious to walk. The lowly fan stayed perched behind Dylan’s rump as even he began to fade out. “Thank you… th… thank you Dylan…” He faded into a sleep state as Dylan laid him down to the ground. Tyler began to cough as Dylan’s fart slowly faded to a trickle, and then to silence. “Nice one bro!” Tyler applauded his friend and coworker for his impressive showing. Dylan patted his own ass and smiled as his destructive work. “Man, no wonder they don’t let me eat food on set. The guys walked past their unconscious fans as they headed to the nearest Chipotle for a quick snack before dinnertime. The scent of destruction wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Could you continue the Slept With The Boss AU? It's really great and I love your work.

Aw, thank you!

Part 1| Part 2

  • Percy sighed as he looked through his paper work again. Something wasn’t making sense in the case he was given, like there was a missing piece of the puzzle that was probably staring  right at him that he couldn’t see.
  • It also didn’t help that it was seven at night and everyone else already went home. The only ones left were him and Annabeth. 
  • Their relationship has gotten better since. He wasn’t ignoring her but doing as she said, pretend like it didn’t happen and be professional. 
  • Avoiding her would be Percy’s first choice. It’d make the professional and forgetting that it happened part easier. But she was everywhere and the one Percy had to report to. 
  • Percy’s stomach growls and head ached as he remembered that he hasn’t eaten anything today besides breakfast. This case has taken over his day without knowing it. 
  • “Hey.” He heard from above him. 
  • He looked up and saw Annabeth there with a pizza box in her hand and the smell of delicious New York pizza. He stomach growled.
  • “Hi.” He slightly blushed once he realized that it was his stomach. He needed that pizza.
  • “Would you like some? I always buy food for my employees that stay as late as I do.” 
  • Percy looked around. Yup, it was only the two of them. 
  • “There’s only two of us.”
  • “Then we better be able to eat this whole pie.” She walked over to the empty desk next to Percy’s and placed it down. “And you need a break. I’ve noticed that you’ve been sitting in the same spot all day.”
  • He turned around in his chair and stood up. His muscles and bones ached from not moving all day. 
  • “I know. I got a case that’s been keeping me busy.” He replied. 
  • “The Yuley Case.” Annabeth nodded as she opened the box. The smell of cheesy goodness hit Percy hard. “Usually custody cases are easy.”
  • “Yeah, but the kid. Both parents want fully custody and neither will budge. And the kid is only a few months old.”
  • “Then shouldn’t the kid go to the mother?” Annabeth asked. “The mother usually takes care of the kid.”
  • “That’s the thing, they don’t know who the mother is.” He sighed. “Both of these women are stubborn and love this kid to death.”
  • Annabeth got him a slice of pizza. “Well, take a break and clear your head for a while. Maybe something will come to you.”
  • He thanked her for the pizza before taking a bite. It was like heaven, if heaven served the best pizza in the world. 
  • “So, how do you like working here so far?” Annabeth asked Percy. She sat on the empty desk. 
  • “It’s good. The people here are nice and helpful.” He replied. “The boss isn’t too bad either.”
  • Annabeth chuckled as she chewed. 
  • Percy smiled as he ate. He couldn’t deny to himself that Annabeth was beautiful and powerful. She was running her own law firm at his age. She must be really smart or something if she got this position.
  • “You’re a great employee, Percy. You work harder than any other lawyer here.” She told him. “I’m glad I have final say in the hiring process.”
  • “I wasn’t going to get hired?” He asked, a bit shocked.
  • “No, not at first. The other people on the hiring committee were scared of you. The mock case they gave you, was a real one that they were struggling on for months. You solved it in the two hours we gave you.” She told him. “They thought their jobs were on the line.”
  • “Oh. Well, uh, thanks for hiring me.” He smiled. 
  • “It’s no problem.” She replied. 
  • That’s how the night went. They chatted about little things and finished up the pie. Percy was leaning back on his chair as Annabeth told him about the first case she ever worked on. 
  • It was great, but it was getting really late. 
  • Annabeth called it a night and grabbed her things. She walked over to Percy, who was also going to go home. 
  • “I’ll see you tomorrow Percy.” She smiled.
  • “Yes ma’am. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He smiled back before she walked out of the office.
Tossy...Part 14

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Epilogue)

The rest of the case was a blur.  You remember bits and pieces: sitting with him while he writes and signs his confession.  Standing idly by as he gets processed and booked.  The vague plea from him for you to be there by his side.  The dripping fear in his eyes.

But after that you went back to the hotel.

When your memory fully comes to, you are sitting in a chair, your feet propped up on the large window-sill of your hotel room, the curtains parted as you stare out into the night with a large glass of orange juice half-empty by your side on a table you do not remember moving to your side..

Apparently Hotch had excused you from the rest of the wrap-up…and apparently you had insisted on hailing a cab instead of riding in an SUV…and apparently you turned down any and all company that was offered.

As well as food.

And water.

And advice.

And listening ears.

Staring out of the hotel window as the darkness shrouds the ground below, you find your eyes focusing on your faded reflection: the puffy under-eyes, the makeup-less face, the empty stare, the modest rising and falling of your chest, the ratty clothes you had managed to pack in your bag despite being oddly meticulous about the clothes you wore around your colleagues.

You were slipping.

You felt yourself slipping…

Refocusing your gaze out the window, you hear a click at your door before it slowly slides open…just before the sudden jarring of the chain across the opening of the door catches the perpetrator who dare disturb you during your needed time to sink into oblivion and be invisible.



Staring out at the trees, your legs mindlessly curling into you as you situate them in your chair, you hear him call out again as the smell of warm, cheesy pizza starts wafting into the room.

“I have food,” he beckons.

You found yourself wishing he had alcohol instead.

“This is the best I could do, seeing as we can’t drink while on the job,” he says lowly.

“Fucking know-it-all,” you murmur to yourself.

“Please let me in,” he pleads.

But you couldn’t move.

You didn’t want to move.

You knew that if you moved, it would hurt.  And you knew that if it hurt, you would feel.  And you knew that if you felt, you would cry.

And you had shown enough weakness for one day.

Hearing the door close lightly behind you, you lay the side of your head against the wing of the chair, your frail, tired body curling up into the cushioning of the structure before you hear the door open again, your eyes fluttering closed as your stomach begins to growl.


Pain reminded you that you were alive.

That your heart was ticking.

That your brain was working.

That your-

“You need to eat,” Spencer says, placing his hand on your shoulder as you rip yourself from the chair, standing to your feet quickly as your wild eyes look sharply at the tall man standing just behind your chair, your hotel room door closed and locked, both in chain and in doorknob.

“How did you-?” you breathe, your body leaning slightly to the right as the door comes into view again.

“Magic,” Spencer says, the corners of his mouth ticking up as he realizes that he was able to finally impress you.

If only for a second.

“You’ll have to show me that trick,” you murmur, your eyes slowly panning back to his.

“Not until you eat,” he says, stepping to the side as his hand ushers to the piping hot pizza sitting on your bed.

“I’m not hungry,” you murmur just before your stomach growls loudly.

“Uh huh,” Spencer says, eyeing you playfully as his eyes begin to twinkle.

What the hell was he so happy about?

Feeling your eyes flutter closed, your legs begin to shake as Spencer shoots beside you, his arms darting out to catch you as he picks you up in his arms and carries you over to the bed.

You feel the coolness of the blanket his the back of your legs, and you sigh in relief as you feel your head lean on his shoulder for support, his hand reaching out to pull the pizza over so he could flip the lid open and raise a square-cut pizza slice to your mouth.

“Just one bite,” he says, barely above a whisper as the cheesy pizza corner sits taunting you at your lips.

Dropping your jaw as you take a bite, you begin to chew slowly as he takes a bite out of the opposite corner, his cheek laying down slowly on top of your head as you close your eyes.

It hurt.

It hurt without the alcohol.

And as you swallow hard, your breath coming in shaky bursts as the tears begin to fall onto Spencer’s suit-coat, he drops the pizza slice into the box and wipes his hands off on his pants, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his lap.

You felt empty.



…like a raw nerve at the bottom of a deeply rifted flesh wound.

And the worst part was you felt guilty.

For you had no rhyme.

And no reason…

…and absolutely no starting point.

And you sobbed for the disappointment you had turned out to be.

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Sonamy, 41 :)

41. “ You did all this for me “

I’m sorry this took a long time. I had many ideas for this prompt and I had to settle on one. So this was it. 

A brief summary:  Amy’s going through “that time of month” again (I don’t know if animal’s actually do have periods but for the sake of this, let’s just roll with it) Sonic appears at her house with goodies to cheer her up. 

The best feeling in the world? Amy would say that it was the feeling of falling onto her bed face first after an exhausting day. How the familiarity of her quilt reassured her, telling her that she accomplished something to deserve such a luxury. Also the smell of her pillows, and the way they made her sleepy. Amy dragged her blanket with her as she tossed on her side, suddenly an extremely, unpleasant pinch prodded her lower abdomen, which was followed by a cringe then a yelp escaping her lips.

Her belly poked out more than usual, that same bloated sensation she felt every month never ceased to irritate her. It was like she was constantly carrying more baggage, more food than usual - she ate more than usual. That’s because she had an unnecessary desire for junk food, the size of her belly was an indicator that the craving stage was starting. She worked extra hard to keep her pants white, and on top of that, she caged her emotions because she didn’t know when the next mood swing would come.

This happened every month.

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“This isn’t going to work out between us, Y/N.” He pulled away from your embrace, guarding his mouth with both of his hands, pulling them down seconds after and crossing them over his chest. 

“What do you mean, Ash?” You blinked, looking up at him trying to understand what he’s getting at with his body language. 

He stood silent for a moment, biting his lip and running his hand through his hair after he gathered his thoughts. “This… whole us being in a relationship thing,” he sighed looking down at you with sorrowful eyes “I’m sorry, Y/N. It’s really not going to work out. I can’t take your confession.”

You clenched your jaw, trying your best, not to cry. “Is-Is this because I came off too strong?”

He shook his head, a pitiful smile casting down at you before making his way out the door. He left you there to take in that the guy you’ve been crushing on for months now rejected you when you finally got the courage to speak up. 

“What do you mean I can’t play with you?”

“You just can’t okay? This is a difficult game and if I let you play you’d probably screw up.”

Rejected from playing a video game with your best friend. Little did he know that you actually played this game and kicked some serious ass while he was away touring. 

“Fine be that way, Mikey. You’ll regret this.” You stomped away from him, sitting on the couch across the room. You bitterly watched him play, getting stuck and confused at what he was supposed to do in the game. 

He was about to rage quit when you got up, took the control away from him and started to play the game. Minutes later you got him out of the situation he was in, handing him back the control while he was staring at you with amazement.

“Y/N! That was bad-ass! Why didn’t you tell me you could play?!”

You scoffed, rolling your eyes at him. “Maybe you shouldn’t reject me so quickly. But you’ve made me bitter, so don’t come to me for help anymore.” You shrugged, shuffling away from him.

His fingers slid downward from your waist to the button of your jeans, smoothly undoing them. 

You took notice and pushed his hand away, breaking the passionate kiss he was distracting you with. “Not tonight Cal.”

He pouted, his eyes glimmering with sadness. “But babe…”

“No buts and stop giving me that face. We can’t do it this whole week, my love.” You caressed his cheeks, touching noses with him. 

He took a while to understand what you meant. And when he did “Oh! Oh, okay I get you.”

You laughed getting up and rebuttoning your jeans. “But I can make you breakfast for dinner?”

“Hell yeah, I’m okay with that. Reject because of damn aunt flow but an another good outcome come from it.” He rolled off of the couch, hugging you from behind and staying like that as you cooked.

“Luke I can’t!" 

"Why Y/N? Please, for the love of God, tell me why you keep rejecting me? Do you not like me? Am I a bother to you?” He desperately looked at you searching for an answer in your expression.  

“No! It’s not any of those reasons, Luke! ” You chewed on your lip, clenching your hands struggling for words. You got frustrated, plopping down to the floor and held your head on your balled hands. “Luke… I’m scared." 

"Of what?” He kneeled down in front of you, lifting your head to meet his eyes.

You stared back at his for a moment, pulling your gaze away. You tried to talk, but the words caught in your throat, making you tear up from frustration. He pulled you into his arms, holding you gingerly and rubbing your back to calm you down.

After controlling your sobs, still holding onto Luke, you cleared your throat to speak, “God this is going to sound so ridiculous, but I’m scared of the relationship not ending up good. Like you’re going on tour, I’m scared that somehow the distance is going to fuck it up. And I’m scared of the heartbreak if that happens because,” You paused pushing away from him, his arms relaxing the grip they had around your waist. You caressed his cheek and he nuzzled against it, “I’m seriously in love with you Luke and I never want anything bad to happen to us. Dating or not, you’re still someone so important to me and I never want to have bad blood between us.”

He smiled faintly, kissing your palm. “I love you too Y/N. And if you feel like that then we don’t have to rush into it. We’ll take it slow and I’ll show you that we’ll never end up with anything negative.”

The weight on your shoulders lifted as you leaned into kiss him and he kissed you back.

Firefighter!Luke blurb(?)

Firefighter!Luke coming home after a long couple of days of staying at the fire department with calloused hands and a deathly sore back from all the late night calls he’d answered, dreaming of the soft plushy surface of his bed as he twisted and turned his neck in effort to untie the knots formed there from laying on the thin mattress of the bunks and the stiff pillows in the station. Sighing at the sight of his dark apartment, empty and somewhat cold from his absence, for some reason having imagined a warm welcome and a home cooked meal- though he lived alone.

He didn’t know why he had expected such a thing, but before he could ponder on the idea any longer, his mind filled with thoughts of his upcoming graveyard schedule at the station again and the things he needed to do around his home before he had to go back in.
Deciding he truly wanted to feel the familiar spray of his showerhead and smell his signature body wash, he chose to take a quick shower before whipping himself up something quick and diving into the ruffled sheets on his bed for a hopefully uninterrupted slumber, telling himself he’d have the energy to do whatever he had to the next morning. 

Just as he had walked out from his bathroom, in search of something comfortable to lounge around in, there was a slow, blunt, knocking on his door, confusing the blonde slightly as it was nearly midnight and he hadn’t been expecting anyone. 

Only managing to pull on a shirt, he went to go answer the door, clutching a fist to the corner of the cloth around his lower half in habitual effort to keep himself covered, only to nearly let the fabric fall in surprise at the sight of you standing there, turned around and about to leave, only to quickly turn to him at the sound of his door.  

You were hesitant to admit it, but you had managed to keep track of Luke’s schedule since the couple months he’d been telling you he’s been having to work at night and stay at the station over mail pickups, and had somehow made it habit to cook up something for the days he returned since the first time you had offered him some food after leaving off a package for him, knowing he was tired and had most likely not had a home cooked meal since the last time you had offered him some of your own, since he claimed he hadn’t gotten the whole ‘oven’ concept completely, so you knew he wasn’t cooking anything too extravagant for himself. And you had to admit it was because he was working and you wanted to help him out and make sure he always managed to find his way back home safe and sound after his dangerous work, since he was living on his own and not very domestic, but it may have also been because he was really attractive and you had maybe developed a bit of a crush on your blue-eyed neighbor, but as he stood there with wide eyes and soft hair, in only a towel and his navy blue cotton work shirt stretching over his broad shoulders, you kind of regretted coming over with a pan of lasagna in your hands as you felt heat quickly concentrate in your face.

“Hey, I-uh- I made lasagna- and I thought you may have been keen on having some. Or you can just have it, I get it if your tired, with you coming back from work and stuff, I just thought you might want some." 

Luke’s heart nearly lept out of his chest as he saw you panicking slightly, but he was quick to assure you that he’d love to have some of your food with a bright smile, before inviting you in, hiding his reddening cheeks and telling you he’d go put on some pants and be back in a second. 

It was when he came back,that Luke noticed the sudden warmth dancing around his apartment, seemingly changing the cool tones of the place to a warmer spectrum as he let the smell of the cheesy pasta waft through his nose- causing his mouth to water at the scent and a smile to form as he looked at you in the kitchen, through the doorway of the living room, uncovering the food and looking around the small kitchen, frowning a bit at the single plate you had set down before waiting for him. 

"You’re staying aren’t you?” It had come out less casual than he had hoped, but he didn’t really like the idea of the girl he had been crushing on for months leaving him to eat some of her magical cooking all by himself. The idea of eating a home cooked meal with you sounded like something he had dreamed of before.

“Oh, I didn’t want to bother.”
“Bother?” He laughed. “You just brought me a delicious meal, and it seems like its a lot. I think we can share it.” He said, smiling brightly at her quite response if an 'Okay’ before they both settled down to eat. 

They were eating silently- a pleasant silence that comforted the both of them- communicating with shy glances and smiles and a very subtle amount of small talk. It was midway through his plate that he had somehow managed to gather the courage to speak up with something other than a compliment to your cooking skills.

“You know,” he started. “ We should go out to dinner,” he rushed out the last bit, trying to act casual by picking at his pasta again but nearly cracking his plate from nerves, and blushing when she saw you smile confusedly and look down at the food between you.

“No, I mean like dinner- a date- not today, obviously, but maybe this weekend?” He questioned, nearly holding his breath at her silence, but quickly smiling as he saw her nod her head.
“I’d love to.”

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Everlark 26 please!

sitting on the same park bench au


He sat on this same park bench every Tuesday, the one day off from the bakery he demanded.

Part time artist, free lance architect, full time baker, Peeta Mellark needed a day every once and a while to just breathe.

The same tree he always sketched sat before him, new details he never saw before coming into view.

He knew all the attractions in Central Park by name, and waved at them as they walked past - He nearly jumped out of his skin when the mime, Finnick, sat down beside him and instead of doing an act like Peeta expected, he reclined with an over dramatic stretch, yawned, turned his head to look at Peeta and said, “Hey!”

This became a regular thing until he was beat one day by the girl with the braid.

Finnick walked by, saw her, and instead of dragging her out of his seat, gave Peeta a thumbs up with a goofy grin and continued on his way.

Peeta didn’t know her name, but he learned about her as he sketched her, deciding to move to people instead of trees, or at least, that’s the excuse he gave himself for not being able to look away.

She had olive skin and raven hair which was tied out of her way in one long, simple braid off to the side. And this unshakable feeling like they knew each other.

Sometime she would feed the birds, other days she would scare off Finnick with a scowl. When she had first sat down and made eye contact with Peeta, he saw that her eyes were grey as steel, but when she was turned profile to him, the sun shining through her eyes made them almost blue.

His favorite sketch was of her when she had fallen asleep, her face void of any burden she was carrying, the cute little snore she had, and the way her lips were barely parted, moving every so often as she mumbled in her sleep.

One day she sang quietly and he about dropped his pencil, staring at her unabashedly until she caught his eye and stopped with a blush.

Finally he could take it no more. He would tell her hello.

But she didn’t show up until he was about to leave, she came running up to him breathlessly. “Look, this is going to sound creepy, but hear me out,” she huffed, bending over on her knees to catch her breath.

Peeta reached for her, “Are you o-”

“I said let me talk!” She straightened. “Sorry. I just have to get through this. At first I came and sat here, every intention of talking to you, but I was too scared. I just moved here, and I come into your bakery every day, and you just seemed so nice, and you weren’t there on Tuesday so I said to hell with it and asked where you were - by the way, I think that old lady you work with hates me. She gave me the stink eye.”

So that’s how he knew her. “That would be my mother,” he smiled.

The girl with the braid was stunned into silence, her eyes wide, mouth flapping wordlessly. “I’m going to go.”

“No, wait! She hates me, too. She hates the world. Don’t ask her why, though. That story is too long to tell.”

She smiled briefly. “Okay. Well, I couldn’t work up the nerve to talk to you. Staring at you getting people’s cinnamon rolls behind the counter is one thing. There is a barrier there. But sitting beside you, nothing between us, and your eyes looking like that? I had bit off more than I could chew.” She hesitated. “Goodness, that was a bad bakery pun. Sorry. I’m not very good with words.”

“I think you’re doing just fine,” he grinned from ear to ear.

“Anyway, I’m Katniss, your stalker. Nice to meet you. Now you know what name to put on the restraining order.”

“No, now I know what name to look for next time I’m in the bakery. I may have to deliver it personally.”

“Well, I live right above it. It should be illegal to make my apartment always smell so temptingly cheesy. I almost ate my sofa the other day.” She winced. “That one was just bad. I’m not usually this cheesey- Dang it!”

Peeta chuckled and held out his hand. “Peeta Mellark. Welcome to New York.”

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