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Um... if I'm not mistaken, there was a time you were doing cosplays while still a school student... how did you manage the two? It really seems impossible, especially when your grades are expected to be higher than average... I would love some suggestions... ^_^

I’m so sorry that I haven’t answered this, it’s been laying in my inbox for a while^^ 

I can’t really answer your question in the way you ask, because it was when I was in high-school that I actually had time to do more elaborate cosplays. Spending afternoons, evenings and weekends sewing clothes and making props. I would lie if I said I never skipped school to work on a cosplay though. (Don’t do it, I don’t recommend it). But most cosplay work went into the summer holidays I think, when we had endless time. Personally I haven’t had a longer summer holiday since 2010, so working on cosplays gets a whole lot different when you need to balance it with work. 

We all have different school situations, and different expectations concerning grades. Just because I didn’t find it difficult to balance my grades (and they weren’t bad grades or anything) it doesn’t mean someone else won’t. If it’s difficult to find time for cosplay and grades need to come first, maybe just do one small part at a time? If you have 15 minutes to spare, just sew that one hem on the cosplay you’re making. Some cosplays take a long time to finish, and that’s all right!

Honestly I don’t get all these bare-minimum breadcrumb gay moments in movies because, like, homophobes will be like “the what? gay?” and boycott the movie over Craig Ferguson The Viking saying “ha ha that’s why I never got married! That and one other reason!” so like, if you’re in for a penny go in for a pound, clearly you want to tap into the lucrative market for content with same-sex relationships, and the Homophobe Market is going to pitch a hissy fit and boycott whether you toss in a few breadcrumbs or the entire loaf. Anybody who’s gonna boycott over gay stuff is probably already boycotting stuff where characters just wink-wink-nudge-nudge but never explicitly confirm anything so there’s no reason to hesitate. You could put in an entire gay wedding and it would be no different, from a homophobe’s point of view, than having a woman in your movie roll her eyes at a male character’s advances and say “sorry, you’re not my type if-you-know-what-i-mean!”

It’s like how my old high school marked you as tardy starting from one minute after the beginning of the school day (7:46 AM) through to 10:30 AM, at which point you’d be marked absent. The punishment was the same whether you arrived at 7:46 or 10:29, so if you were running late and couldn’t make it to school by 7:45, you’d essentially been given a free pass to skip first and second period and go get breakfast at McDonald’s because you’re already in the same amount of trouble regardless of when you actually show up, so long as you do so within the next two and a half hours

Don’t skip school, kids, but hollywood, take note, go big or go home on the gay stuff because the homophobes are already boycotting the movie even if you just put in a blink-and-you-miss-it nudge-nudge hint-hint background reference and you could be making a lot more money by giving the Yellow Ranger a gf in the sequel


a. studies to learn, not to get good grades. doesn’t stress about anything, sloppy handwriting, stacks of books, takes napping seriously
b. spends every single night working their ass off for their grades yet still people think they are naturally smart
c. spends more time procrastinating than actually studying. gets still good grades. secretly envied by others.
d. always late, never has their material with them and interrupts everyone. still liked by everyone.
e. the stereotypical hipster. loves classics, coffee and rainy weather. can be found at coffee shops reading or observing people.
f. perfectionist who feels the need to better than anyone else. gets mad when a friend gets a better grade.
g. envious of everyone. wants to get good grades but spends their time watching netflix all day long, still has the gut to complain about not having enough time to study.
h. tries to do everything they can even though their mental health isn’t the best. skips a lot of school days to catch up on school work.


do you know that (7/8) : jungkook edition

Anime Favorites

The following are my personal favorite animes. Anything anime related that I will draw or mention will most likely come from this list. This is just my opinion. I’d love to hear yours too! :D

Anime with fantasy characters

  • Assassination Classroom
  • Noragami
  • Fruits Basket
  • Owari No Seraph
  • Kamisama Kiss
  • Akatsuki No Yona
  • Attack on Titan

More Realistic Anime

  • Kimi Ni Todoke
  • Yuri On Ice!
  • Ouran Highschool Host Club
  • Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!
  • Your Lie in April
  • Say “I Love You”
  • Skip Beat

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