they skipped school

when stenbrough get ill

-Stan hardly ever got ill but when he did he refused to skip school and rest to get better, he’d come to every class sniffing and spluttering all over the place (during this time, Eddie refused to even sit at the same table as him, instead, dragging Richie off to an isolated corner)

-But when Bill gets ill, he acts like he’s dying. He gets really clingy and tends to annoy all the losers but they know that he’s just not very good at coping when he’s ill

- (Being Ill also reminds Bill of Georgie so the losers try their best to keep him distracted)

- Stan comes over to Bill’s house with new blankets and his favorite chocolates

- Bill visits Stan with homemade soup and a scarf after school before Stan shoos him out before he gets ill too but when Stan comes over and Bill tries to shoo him out he doesn’t care

- They would sleep over at Bill’s house and watch “lame” popular films like footloose (modern day high school musical, mean girls ect)


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Anime Favorites

The following are my personal favorite animes. Anything anime related that I will draw or mention will most likely come from this list. This is just my opinion. I’d love to hear yours too! :D

Anime with fantasy characters

  • Assassination Classroom
  • Noragami
  • Fruits Basket
  • Owari No Seraph
  • Kamisama Kiss
  • Akatsuki No Yona
  • Attack on Titan

More Realistic Anime

  • Kimi Ni Todoke
  • Yuri On Ice!
  • Ouran Highschool Host Club
  • Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!
  • Your Lie in April
  • Say “I Love You”
  • Skip Beat

do you know that (7/8) : jungkook edition


high school !!!!!


Kagome Higurashi // chapter 1 vs 558


“And if you maybe-sorta-kinda like me back then maybe we could sort of go on a date-ish?”