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high school headcanons!

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  1. Did your muse enjoy school?
  2. Did your muse ever skip school?
  3. Did your muse go to high school parties?
  4. Was your muse involved with band/choir?
  5. Was your muse involved with any sports?
  6. Did your muse take any electives (such as art class)?
  7. Was your muse more of a popular kid or an outcast?
  8. Did your muse work part time while in school? What did they do?
  9. What kind of grades did your muse get?
  10. Did your muse do their homework?
  11. Did your muse ever get suspended or expelled?
  12. What was your muse’s favorite subject?
  13. Did your muse have a lot of friends?
  14. Was your muse in a relationship during high school? Multiple? How many?
  15. How often was your muse in detention?
  16. What sent your muse to detention?
  17. Was your muse bullied?
  18. Did your muse bully others?
  19. Did your muse ever go to school sporting events?
  20. What was your muse’s favorite school lunch?
  21. Did your muse plan to go to college? Did they?
  22. Which year of high school was the worst for your muse?
  23. Which year of high school was the best for your muse?
  24. Did your muse experiment with sex, drugs or alcohol?
  25. How did your muse do in P.E. class?
  26. Did your muse read novels outside of class?
  27. How much did your muse study?
  28. Was your muse more into science/math or art/music?
  29. Did your muse’s high school have uniforms? 
  30. Which high school stereotype was your muse? (e.g. nerd, jock, etc.)
Top 10 Best Romance Anime's To Watch With Your Special Someone

1. Snow White With The Red Hair: Bypassing Their Status And Finally Admitting Their True Feelings For Each Other

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2. Kimi Ni Todoke: Discovering A New World With The One Person Who Supported You On Day One

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3. Cardcaptor Sakura: Once Rivals In The Past Now Understanding What True Love Really Means

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4. Yona Of The Dawn: A Shocking Experience In Life Only To Discover Something New Ahead As Well As New Feelings

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5. Yuri On Ice: One Routine, One Skater, Two Hearts Becoming One

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6. Maid Sama: Breaking The Rules Just To Be With The One You Love

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7. Ao Haru Ride: A Lost Love Being Reawaken

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8. Kamisama Kiss: Never Wanting To Fall In Love Again But They Realized That It Was Too Late

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9. Fruits Basket: Zodiac Animals Surpassing Their Curse For Love

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10. Ouran High School Host Club: A Sudden Debt Helps You Find Your Future Lover 

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11. Skip Beat: What Happened In The Past Will Forever Be A Memory But Finding A New Love Will Never Make You Forget

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12. Your Name: Different Times, Different Bodies But The Same Heart

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13. Orange: Sending Messages To The Past Just To Discover New Feelings

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14. Special A: Challenging A Childhood Friend Finally Discovering Their Feeling For Each Other

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15. Your Lie In April: A Sudden Wave Of Music Can Lead You To A New Road Of Love

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I’ve seen many posts reminiscing about how buckwild Twilight was but somehow nobody seems to have mentioned the matching family jewelry?? that for some reason the movie’s costume designers thought it made sense that all of the kids would casually wear a family crest to school every day and nobody would say anything about it?? as if five weird antisocial adopted teenagers who skip school a lot and are all dating each other doesn’t just SCREAM cult activity??? if Charlie Swan hadn’t wanted to bang Carlisle he would have CPS on that family in a heartbeat, thanks for coming to my tedtalk 


a. studies to learn, not to get good grades. doesn’t stress about anything, sloppy handwriting, stacks of books, takes napping seriously
b. spends every single night working their ass off for their grades yet still people think they are naturally smart
c. spends more time procrastinating than actually studying. gets still good grades. secretly envied by others.
d. always late, never has their material with them and interrupts everyone. still liked by everyone.
e. the stereotypical hipster. loves classics, coffee and rainy weather. can be found at coffee shops reading or observing people.
f. perfectionist who feels the need to better than anyone else. gets mad when a friend gets a better grade.
g. envious of everyone. wants to get good grades but spends their time watching netflix all day long, still has the gut to complain about not having enough time to study.
h. tries to do everything they can even though their mental health isn’t the best. skips a lot of school days to catch up on school work.
Why Many Native American Girls Skip School When They Have Their Periods
“They shouldn’t feel like they’re being punished for being a girl.”

“Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, S.D. ― Dominique Amiotte, 17, always makes sure to keep a few extra tampons in her locker. It’s not much, but it’s enough to encourage at least some of her struggling friends to come to school when they have their periods.

About half of Amiotte’s girlfriends can’t afford tampons or sanitary pads. As a result, when they menstruate, they’ll skip school for as long as a week. This can lead them to fall behind in class, contributing to the already abysmal graduation rates on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. There are no official records on how many of the young women at the reservation’s 13 schools have felt the consequences of this issue, but individuals we spoke to say it’s an inescapable part of everyday life.

“It makes me angry,” Amiotte told HuffPost unflinchingly while seated in an empty classroom at the Crazy Horse School, where there are 70 girls enrolled in middle or high school classes.”

Read the full piece here

Shoujo in general makes me happy but shoujo from the 90’s to the mid 00’s makes me even happier.

“When I was a boy I’d skip school to sell roses on the street.  My parents gave up trying to educate me.  They said: ‘He’s lost his mind over the roses.’  I wanted to be around flowers all the time.  I sold so many that I opened my own kiosk across from a famous country club.  But I could never sell on Fridays.  The police would close our entire street so the governor could visit the club.  But once I ignored their instructions.  It was the day before Mother’s Day.  My biggest day of the year.  So I took a chance and remained open.  When the police found out, they confiscated all my flowers.  They even took my license.  It was a fatal blow.  All my money was in those flowers.  I had piles of them.  So I had to start from zero.  I’m a street vendor again.  For awhile I was ashamed, but I’m fine with it now.  It’s better than working for someone.  I buy the roses I want, and sell them to whoever I want.  Maybe I’ll have a shop again.  But as long as I’m around my roses, I’ll always feel peaceful.”  
(Cairo, Egypt)

Peter struggles a lot with his memories of Tony’s death. He’s a little ashamed of how much it bothers him. He’s an Avenger, after all. Death shouldn’t leave these kinds of scars.

But it did. It had. The images of Tony slipping away, the smell of his charred skin, the way his breaths had wheezed in, out, then shuddered to a halt, arc reactor flickering into nothingness…

The memory of Tony’s hand falling limply away from Pepper’s was always playing in the back of his mind.

But most of all, he couldn’t stop replaying the fact that Tony hadn’t said anything to him. He’d just laid there, still and silent. Peter hadn’t gotten any last words, final comforts. All he’d gotten was hazy eyes and a bucketful of trauma.

There was no escaping the memories, no running from the horror that bubbled in his throat whenever they resurfaced. And he knew he couldn’t survive like this. Maybe even more so, he knew that Tony would never want him to.

So, he goes to Pepper.

There were only two people on Earth who truly understood. Sure, Steve and the others had watched from afar, but Rhodey, Peter, and Pepper had been on the frontlines. They’d been close enough to hear his last breaths, to see the life dwindle out of Iron Man’s eyes.

He could’ve gone to either Rhodey or Pepper, of course, but he chose her because the memory of Tony’s death wasn’t the only one that he could recall with frightening clarity.

In the settling moments, the ones that came in the shockwaves of that final breath, Pepper had kissed Tony’s cheek. Peter had felt like throwing up. Rhodey had held him back, steel arms around his stomach.

“Rhodey,” Pepper had gasped, “Rhodey, let him come, now. Let him… Just let him come.”

He’d been released, and he would’ve face-planted if Pepper hadn’t twisted around to grab his arm, steadying him as he sunk to his knees in front of Tony’s body.

“Mister Stark?” He whimpered. He’d reached for Tony like a child, hands grasping helplessly just inches from his motionless chest. It was a physical call for action, a plea to be held.

Tony hadn’t answered it, was far past that, now, but Pepper had.

She had pulled him into her chest, chin resting on the crown of his head. “Shh, sweetheart. It’s alright now. It’s over. It’s… It’s all over.”

“Tony?” At any other time, he would’ve been ashamed of how cracked and desperate his voice was, of his entire reaction in general. But then, he’d been strangely detached, out of control. “Tony.”

Pepper had been the one to guide him as he tucked himself against Tony’s chest, had been the one to rub his back as he sobbed. Eventually, she’d been the one who’d rocked him while Rhodey scooped Tony into his arms, to carry him back. To carry him home.

Although the memories were hazy, he knew that she’d stayed with him once he slipped into shock, too. She’d filled the role of May, of Tony, without missing a step. And she’d done it all while struggling under the weight of a loss that even Peter couldn’t begin to comprehend.

And, sure, Pepper had always been kind to him, but she’d taken more of an interest in him after… well, after. He knew it was probably only out of a lingering need to protect whatever Tony loved, but he clung to that connection all the same.

So he skips school, comes to the cabin when Morgan’s at playgroup. The conversation he needed to have wouldn’t feel right with her in the house. It would feel wrong.

As soon as the door opens, he can see Pepper’s surprise, see the reprimand on her lips, but then she takes in the look on his face, the bags underneath his eyes, and she ushers him in.

She makes him sit on the couch, offers him tea. He shakes his head, just curls into himself until she finally sits beside him.

“What do you need, Peter?” She asks, voice soft. Peter wonders if that’s why Tony fell in love with her: because her ability to gentle was good for his rough edges.

“I… I keep thinking about it.”

Pepper didn’t need clarification to at least understand the ballpark of his meaning. “Oh, Peter. It’s normal to feel the… the loss of presence in your life-”

He shakes his head. “No, no. I mean I keep thinking about it. About the.. the moment. It won’t stop playing in my head.”

“That moment that he…?”


The moment that he died.

“What bothers you about it?”

It feels like a ridiculous question at first. What bothers him about it? Well, the fact that Tony died, for one. The fact that he was just sixteen and confused and watching something horrific happen without the gravity of the moment really registering until after, until it was too late to really process it at all.

But then… but then he realizes that there was a reason behind why it bothered him so much. That despite the generic awfulness of the whole experience, there was one aspect that stung above everything else. One fact that he was constantly tangling himself up in.

“He didn’t say anything to me,” he whispers, voice breaking. “He… I don’t even think he knew that I was there.”

He would’ve comforted me. He would’ve said something stupid, smiled, cracked a joke. If he’d known I was there, he wouldn’t have acted the way he did.

He wouldn’t have just laid there.

“He knew,” Pepper murmured, and she said it like she never once doubted that it was true.

He wanted to believe it. God, he really, really wanted to believe it.

“How do you know?”

“Because I saw him recognize you, Peter. He… He wasn’t at peace until he saw your face. Didn’t you notice him look at you?”

“I… I don’t know.”

If he was being honest, he hadn’t been seeing much of anything at the time, besides the blur-wobble of unshed tears.

“He did.” Pepper tilts his chin up, the same way Tony used to, when he refused to look at him after a rough day at school or on patrol. “He looked at you like he’d be alright if that was the last thing he’d ever see. And I don’t think… I don’t think he could talk, sweetheart.”

“He talked to you.”

He hated how petulant it sounded, how childish and resentful. Of course Pepper deserved those final words. She was Tony’s wife, the mother of his child, the love of his life. What right did Peter have to resent Tony’s last gift to her?

But Pepper didn’t seem upset. She just smiled, genuine and sad. “And you heard how it sounded, didn’t you? He was trying not to scare you, Peter. At least, not anymore than he already had. You were so frightened. I think he knew that if he said anything, it would just make it harder for you to accept.”

He felt a sob threaten to crawl up his throat. When he spoke, his voice was strained with it. “He just… he used to talk so much.”

“I know. But, honey,” Pepper’s thumb swiped under cheek, caught a tear he hadn’t even known had fallen, “sometimes we don’t need to say anything to tell someone we love them.”

“Did he… Do you really think he…?”

“Loved you?” At his reluctant nod, Pepper laughed. “Peter, look outside. Half the birds, half the children, half of everyone: they’re all there because of you. Tony stitched the universe back together just so that you could live in it. If that isn’t love, what is?”

And for once, Peter didn’t really know what to say, either.