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44 with yoonseok please :D

44. Caught off-guard kiss

Yoongi makes two mistakes and Hoseok makes a brilliant choice.

It is in the middle of Hoseok’s laughter that Yoongi has realized he’s made his first horrible mistake. He has fallen for the boy with a sunny smile. He’s not just any boy, he’s his friend. Also he hasn’t just fallen, he’s plummeted and that’s kind of frightening for the young Daegu man because no one warned him.

All he’d ever heard was that love was pink. It was soft and gentle, making you feel like you were filled with sugar. He knows that love is supposed to make you a better person and the sun a little brighter. What they’d failed to tell him was that falling wasn’t simply falling. It was diving head first, slipping into something unknown with your eyes closed and your heart wide open. It was feeling the roll of your insides and your heart stop at the mere sight of said person. Love is anxious waiting, stolen touches, and painful restraint.

And Yoongi realizes he has made a grave mistake.

It is during a conversation that Yoongi makes his second mistake. He’s sprawled across the floor of the dance room, a panting Hoseok beside him. Their bangs are plastered to their foreheads, their bodies sweaty and warm their hats discarded and water bottles empty at their sides. Yoongi’s supposed to be catching his breath, but the sound of Hoseok’s breathing and heat of his skin sends his mind in a frenzy and makes his breathing erratic, just like his heartbeat.

“You know you’re getting better though, right hyung?” Hoseok is smiling, delighted with the exhaustion that clings to his muscles after dancing.

Yoongi absolutely hates it, but with Hoseok beside him, he’s willing to bear it.

“I guess…you’re getting better too…” Yoongi pauses, “Your music is really good. It’s different, but it’s good.”

Hoseok turns on his side, “You think so? Thank you…I’m working really hard. I feel like I’m always running to catch you and Namjoonie. You’re both amazing, you’re talented hyung and you work hard all the time. It makes me want to be better.” Hoseok is still smiling at the end of his rant.

What Hoseok’s said pulls at something in Yoongi’s chest because he doesn’t understand what Hobi sees in him. Yoongi turns his head, meeting Hoseok’s smiling eyes. He wets his lips and in a quivering voice replies with a breathless, “But you’re already so brilliant.”

Hoseok freezes, he’s caught off guard by the main rapper’s words and in a flash there’s a smile adorning his face once more.

“Thank you…”

Yoongi has made a second grave mistake.

Yoongi has completely stopped talking to Hoseok and no ones knows what to make of it. Jin has tried talking to his roommate, but can’t get past one word replies. Namjoon receives a change of subject, Jimin and Taehyung receive a silent glare, and Jungkook can’t find the words to ask so he runs to Jin for comfort.

Yoongi knows he’s being horrible. He knows because he can see the slump in Hoseok’s shoulders. He feels the stare on the back of his head. Worst of all, he can see the smile that fails to reach the warm eyes he often dreams of.

His band mates disapprove of his behavior, but he figures they know nothing. Jin tells him he’s wrong though. He knows better than most. Yoongi doesn’t pry though, just storms out and to the studio where he places his headphones on his head, quashing the bundle of tangled feelings in his chest.

This is when Hoseok makes a brilliant choice. He respects his hyung, but he also respects him enough to let him know when he’s made a mistake. So he storms in after Yoongi, finding the blonde haired rapper engrossed in his music. Normally he wouldn’t mind, he’d find this endearing and charming, but today is different. Today he is angry and envious of the attention he isn’t receiving, so he decides and acts. He grabs the arms of the chair and hauls him away from the computer, spinning him and jerking the headphones off his head.

“What the fuck?” Yoongi is seething, but he immediately deflates at the sight of Hoseok.

“I love you, you idiot.” Hoseok grounds out and without skipping a beat dips to meet Yoongi’s lips, pressing him further into his chair and swallowing the small sighs that escape him.

Yoongi may make mistakes, but Hoseok will do his best to fix them.

Finding Closure with Failures

There’s a line mentioned at a recent talk that I went to:

“If you think you’ve hit rock bottom, don’t worry. You can go lower.”

Hearing this at 22 is quite depressing, as I’ve been experiencing a couple of failures lately (and I’ve spent some days just lying in bed trying to convince myself that the word is not ending). Let’s cut the crap, we don’t like failures, but they love us. 

I feel like a failure, often. But isn’t life often about how we deal with failures and disappointments?

While I’ve figured out that the bigger failure is not bouncing back from it, surely there must be a way for it to become a productive failure? There’s a tendency to run-away from our mistakes, but nope, it will definitely catch on with you. But here’s how I deal with failure, and make sure that they never touch me again: 

1. Cry it out.

Enough said, if you need to lock yourself up in a bathroom, go ahead. My personal favorite? Lying in bed, doing nothing. 

2. Process it.

Though it can be hard to swallow words or events that had made us feel like a failure, let alone go through it again and again and again: it’s necessary. While I would probably spend a day in bed doing nothing but feeling bad for myself, I would also call a friend for dinner and ask that person to let me go through what happened, and try to pinpoint what when wrong or what I could have done instead. Ask help. Do take note that there will be times that nothing more that could have been done. And we have to accept that. 

  • Tip 1: Document it if you must, but move on from it as well. (like, literally, tell yourself: “Okay, I’m done with this. I got this.”)
  • Tip 2: Identify what happened wrong, but identify what happened right as well. Failures are rarely black and white. 

3. Be grateful

Whether it was a bad job interview, a project that didn’t fall through, a failed romantic relationship, or simply a fallout with someone; reach out and leave a note of gratitude to the other party. It was a learning experience for you. You might not be able to pinpoint the cause of every failure, but each of them surely made you stronger one way or another – so thank him or her for that!

You know you’ve done #2 correctly if you can do #3 with peace in your heart. If not, do it anyway, because good deeds never go out of style.

A lot of times I tell myself that I will probably spend 80% of my life in failure or hard times, so I might as well make them count. Remember:

“One small crack doesn’t mean you’re broken. It means you were put to the test, and you didn’t fall apart.”

Point of Action: List down some of your recent failures (at least 2), if you need to do #1, do so again. But make sure you finish #2 and #3. 


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