they showed me a better way to living my life you know


I don’t know why I’ve been so fortunate in this life, but I’m not going to take it for granted. Never feel you’re en­titled to anything. To have a successful career, you need a healthy dose of luck. And then having mentors: Tom Hanks has given me jobs several times. I saw the way he behaved on the set, his ability to convey respect and appreciation for others, and I made mental notes. Let’s keep the drama in the show, not around it, and let’s all be thankful. […] I got comfortable with trusting that I’d get a job. And I was very frugal. I had a middle-class life, better than my upbringing, until I was 40. I didn’t have stardom, and I didn’t crave it. If I could say, “I make my living as an actor,” that was everything to me. That’s still the accomplishment I appreciate most.


dw meme — six companions

↳  Rose Marion Tyler [1/6]

It was a better life. And I don’t mean all the travelling and seeing aliens and spaceships and things. That don’t matter. The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life. You know he showed you too. That you don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand. You say no. You have the guts to do what’s right when everyone else just runs away.

Do you know the feeling when...

…you watch a good show in a normal, healthy way (maximum 3 episodes a day) and after you finish all the seasons you move on and live your life like nothing has happened?

Me neither.

Obviously, I prefer the marathon style, when you watch as many episodes/seasons you can in a day(night). You actually challenge yourself how many hours can you spend sitting in bed without moving and watching a show on your laptop until your eyes hurt. Much better :))

And then, naturally, because the show is so good, you start obsessing more and more about it and about its actors, because why not?

So yeah…

I’m Daniel and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I wanted to share my transformation story and give some information on what I did to achieve these results. I’ve always believed if you want to work in the fitness and bodybuilding industry you need a respectable physique that shows you know what you’re doing. I was skinny during my youth playing soccer, so I decided to add size to better my game. I saw results quickly and only got more serious from there. The fact that it kept me healthy is an added bonus.I wanted to become a bodybuilder like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but now I want to be like Greg Plitt. The way he lives life and his positive mindset are highly respectable. I want to follow in his footsteps. Consistency and obsession are my driving forces. You have to change for yourself. I never missed a meal or a training session in the past year. Staying consistent with my eating and training is the key. You must be obsessed to hit the gym every day and improve your body. During the past year, I’ve watched blogs, training videos, and interviews with fitness gurus to understand their view on hypertrophy to gain as much knowledge as possible. When it comes to supplements I’m a BIG fan of Test-O-Boost and Supreme AntlerWhen combined, these two supplements: enhance athletic performance and strength, pump more blood into muscles by expanding veins and capillaries, deliver nutrients to muscles at a faster rate, which quickly builds lean, solid mass and give muscles more definition and size. Right now you can both for FREE you just have to pay shipping and handling. You will see results if you don’t change your lifestyle but a healthy diet and regular visits to the gym will only enhance your results. If you have any questions feel free to message me! 

You don’t know how to gracefully let things go, and neither do I. The difference between us is that I break down every wall just to show people the way out. I smash every lock and do whatever I can to help them out of the maze. I practically push them out. Maybe that’s not right, but it’s better than keeping them on a leash and choking them just because you don’t know how to be without them. Anything is better than pushing someone underwater just because you don’t want them to know how to breathe without you.
—  The difference between you and I

Bad Wolf Meme: (¾) Favorite Quotes

“And I don’t mean all the travelling and seeing aliens and spaceships and things–that don’t matter. The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life. You know, he showed you too. That you don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand. You say no. You have the guts to do what’s right when everyone else just runs away, and I just can’t–”

Sin Wagon

A/N: Ok. Soooo I feel so dirty, but also liberated. I have been obsessing over this song for a while, and I have very little Sam x Reader fics on here, so this is one for my Sam!girls!!! I based this off of the song ‘Sin Wagon’ by the Dixie Chicks. I am still new to writing smut, so any comments are appreciated, good or bad! Let me know so I can make it better next time.:)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: SMUT

Word Count: About 1600.

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So recently I hit 1,00 followers which is a huge deal to me. I am so grateful to each and every one of you, You have no idea how much you all mean to me. Honestly, making this blog has been such a great experience for me because I have met so many great people. I wish there were a better way to show  my gratitude, but this is all I can offer. Thank you so much to everyone who follows me. You have really made an impact on my life.


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Melbs 2K16

A few days ago, @apostrophelover made this post, which sums up, in many ways, What Happened in Melbourne. It is heartfelt, and reflective, and incredibly well-written. If you have not already done so, please go and read it, for she says many of the things I wish to.

I think we all know that this show changes lives – it challenges us to be better than we are, to support others, to think about what we really want from life.

For me, this trip to Melbourne, booked on something of a whim four weeks ago, was never just about ‘seeing Nathan Page in a play’ (sorry Nathan!), it was about so much more – meeting some of the other amazing members of the Phandom; seeing Melbourne again; showing myself that I could put myself on a plane, on my own, to the other side of the world; having a glorious adventure.  *And* I came to see a piece of theatre that, by the time I booked, had received good reviews.

What I’ve learnt this week is that I’m braver than I thought I was: I got on the (mercifully rust free) plane, and made a nodding acquaintance with a bloke who was travelling back to Melbourne with his two sons. I navigated myself around both Abu Dhabi and Tullamarine Airports. I found my way to Sturt Street, and met up with two amazing women: apostrophelover and izzyandlouie. And I did it without a map, because my phone was refusing to play ball with the wifi!

And from there, the adventure continued – an unexpected meeting with NP:

when only three hours off the plane – and he was so nice about it: “Hi, I’m Nathan”, with me in short order, “Hi, I’m Anne. I just got here three hours ago and my ears haven’t popped yet, so I have no idea whether I’m shouting or whispering right now”, NP: “You’re about somewhere in the middle, it’s all good”. He really is that lovely! Huge thanks to Sam McAdam-Cooper for arranging that one, and to Nathan for being very relaxed about the fact that there were suddenly three of us when he’d been expecting two.

I could give you a day by day, but I’ve decided to do that in photo posts and things were I utterly ruin the ‘magic’ of the TV show for you (just wait until I get to Mistletoe!). Let me just say that I utterly love Melbourne, and if emigration was in anyway a possibility for me, I’d be there like a shot.

Oh the play? A post about that is coming. I’ll amend this later to include the link.

So what have I learnt? As I said, I’m braver than I think I am. I’m not the person I was this time last year; seemingly trapped in a job I hated. I don’t even think I’m the person I was three months ago; I have a better understanding of who I am, and what I want to be. I’m *done* with messing around in the shallow end of ‘being a creative person’. So I’m jumping right in, and I know now, that actually, that’s exactly what I need to do. So I’ve just cancelled a job interview that was being lined up for next week. I’m not A Lawyer anymore – I’m a person who makes ‘art’, whether that’s through photography, writing, acting, directing, producing, film-making or anything else that comes along and takes my fancy – this is what I do now – I create things. And working out a way for that to pay will come, but come it will.  Oh, and I’m brave enough to ride The Great Scenic Railway - for which feat alone Essie and Nathan deserve a Logie each – truly scream-worthy – and I want to do it again. 

I had an awakening when I was in Melbourne 9 years ago, and it’s been a re-awakening now – that I need to be true to myself, and the way I want to live my life. It will be less than 9 years before I go back.

Huge thanks to Sam McAdam-Cooper and @phrynesboudoir for sorting out the NP meet ups, to @apostrophelover for talking me down from the cliff edge in the run up to me getting on the plane, to @izzyandlouie for sorting out the *best* located apartment, and to everyone else who made this week so awesome!

(Screencaps from

Miraculous Ladybug Theme Music: English vs. French

It’s so weird how the theme song for the French and English versions are like, COMPLETELY different. The French lyrics focus entirely on the star-crossed love story, and the words have a sort of tragic quality to them, while the English is more concerned with the fun/adventure angle. Seriously, they seem to be describing two entirely different shows. Have a look-see:


In the daytime, I’m Marinette,
just a normal girl with a normal life,
but there’s something about me that no one knows yet,
‘cause I have a secret…

I live a life that’s full of fun
It keeps me sharp and on the run
When evil comes, I find a way
To use my force and save the day.

Oh oh oh, life’s got me spinnin’ round
Oh oh oh, my feet are off the ground
Oh oh oh, and when the sun goes down
You better hang around!

Miraculous, simply the best,
up to the task when things go wrong
Miraculous, the luckiest,
powering up, always so strong!

They look at me and think I’m cool
I’m Cat Noir, at night I rule
My ring is charged with energy
My claws are out, just watch and see.

Oh oh oh!
Oh no, you’ll never know
Oh oh oh!
My force will only grow
Oh oh oh!
And when the moon is out,
You better hang around!

It’s Ladybug, jumping above
Power is on when things go wrong!
It’s Ladybug, the lucky charm
Magic is on, always so strong!

It’s Ladybug, jumping above
Power is on when things go wrong!
Miraculous, simply the best
Up to the task when things go wrong!
Miraculous, the luckiest
Powering up always so strong
Simply the best
Up to the task when things go wrong!

FRENCH (my translation. There may be errors):

My name’s Marinette, a girl like any other.
But when fate chooses me to fight against the forces of evil,
I become Miraculous Ladybug!

Black butterfly, Paris mystery - this is my rather strange story.
Black magic makes me despair, and Chat Noir is no angel.
Ah ah ah, mixed-up love
Ah ah ah, my heart loves Adrien.
Ah ah ah, but he only seems to love me when I become…

A Ladybug, a lucky charm,
Lady Magic and Lady Luck!
A Ladybug, Lady of the Heart,
Being heroic in case of emergency!

It’s me Chat Noir, always there.
I have super-powered (overpowered?) powers.
For victory, I swear, I’ll fight desperately.

Ah ah ah!
Mixed-up love
Ah ah ah!
I’m afraid to love in vain
Ah ah ah!
The one who cannot love me when she sees her destiny…

A Ladybug, a lucky charm,
Lady Magic and Lady Luck!
A Ladybug, Lady of the Heart,
Being heroic in case of emergency!

Anyway…I clearly have nothing better to do with my time today…lol


I guess this is the first time in a video that I ever showed my arms since my arms have been scarred, ‘cause my arms are-are pretty badly scarred. I guess people are always wondering so I might as well say that, um, that the way that my arms got the way that they look, um, is was from abscesses, which came from shooting huge amounts of drugs. The results could have been a lot worse, so I’m happy to have the scars from a period of my life where I was living destructively, just as a… as a sign of what I’ve been through. And, uh, these days, I-I’m, you know, being healthy and taking care of my body is so important to me. But looking at it here, is seems like my arms have gotten better since then, so… That’s nice to see. ”


RTD Era Meme: 3 Quotes [1/3]

“But it was, it was a better life. I don’t mean all the travelling and seeing aliens and spaceships and things. That don’t matter. The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life. You know, he showed you too. You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You take a stand. You say ‘no’. You have the guts to do what’s right when everyone else just runs away. I just can’t…”

I guess this is the first time in a video that I ever showed my arms since they’ve been scarred… Cause my arms are pretty badly scarred. I guess people are always wondering… so I might as well say that my arms got the way that they look from abscesses which came from shooting huge ammounts of drugs. The results could’ve been a lot worse, so I’m happy to just have the scars from a period in my life that I was living distractively, and just as a sign of what I’ve been through. These days I’m being healthy and taking care of my body. It’s so important to me. But, looking at it here it seems to me that my arms have gotten better since then, which is, you know, it’s nice to see.
—  John Frusciante commentary on Californication video

anonymous asked:

It's really pathetic that you made Foggy a girl just to throw him at Matt muses. RP shouldn't be just about smut. You must live a really lonely life since that's all you're here for. Any Matt deserves better than your stupid excuse of Fogy.

I think it’s funny how the sharks circle at the first sign of blood in the water. Less than 24hours since I post that I’m struggling, and anon hate starts showing up. Nice.

But since you were so kind as to post this…

Well, maybe not drunk this early in the morning, but the first part totally stands!

I shall call this post addressing concerns, and I hope it helps. This is not a response to this Anon alone, but to the other Anons who so lovingly reached out to me last night (and whose asks I will not be posting)

1. To start this in the most direct way possible. IF I WANTED TO JUST DO SMUT… if that was really my starred, bolded, A, number one goal with this blog, I would have left Foggy male. Let’s just face it, for better of for worse Male muses have a lot easier time on his site. Particularly in sexual/smut based relationships. It’s just a thing. So, if I WERE after the D… I probably would have left Foggy with his. 

2. It’s not about Matt. YES a lot of Foggy revolves around her feeling for Matt and the complicated thing that they are, but that is because of FOGGY’S nature, not because of Matt himself.  It’s about how Foggy deals with this person who has become so integral to her character. 

2a. These feeling and the complications therein would be vital to my portrayal of a MALE Foggy too. It is, in my mind, a large part of what makes Foggy, Foggy. To have a best friend that he/she trusts completely and feels like he/she knows better than her/himself… Foggy and Matt are and will always BE Foggy and Matt. It’s complicated because he/she doesn’t always agree with Matt or LIKE what he does, but Foggy Nelson will always be Matt Murdock’s best friend. Would you say this stuff about Jess and Trish’s relationship? Or, Luke Cage and Danny Rand? Probably not… because they have a same gender relationship… 

2b. Foggy’s feeling for/about Matt are not strictly romantic. YES she canonically (for Netflix anyway) finds him attractive (see the handsome wounded duck comment) but this DOES NOT automatically mean she is interested in a sexual relationship with Matt. She does have self-control. Additionally, she would not chance her relationship with her best friend just because she thinks he’s pretty. And, again, this attraction is not dependent on Foggy’s gender. 

3. Now this part applies to this blog specifically but… Currently, the only physical relationships Foggy is involved in are with WOMEN. One being RP based, the others being alluded in other threads (namely her on again off again relationship with Marci Stahl and her ex Debbie… interestingly enough, another CANON relationship). So… your theory that I’m throwing Foggy at Matt for the sexy times… doesn’t exactly hold water. 

4. I didn’t make the decision to write a female Foggy for smut purposes. It was actually as a result of my fascination with the show Elementary and how they switched the gender of two of my favorite male characters (John Watson and James Moriarty) and yet very little of their core character traits changed. I then started noodling around with that idea in my other favorite fandoms. I started with Matt himself, but when I started working out a female Foggy I absolutely 100% fell in love. Foggy has so many characteristics that defy gender, and the few changes that occurred when I thought about if he had always been a SHE  came mostly in her college years. For a girl with traits that Foggy canonically has (intelligent, witty, kind, compassionate, flirtatious, trusting) law school would be a different thing. She would have to fight different battles than her male counterpart. And yet,she ended up in much the same place and as the same person as canon Foggy. So… I couldn’t pass her up. THAT is why I made this page. THAT is why i decided to write a rule 63 Foggy.

I hope this clarifies some things for you. There will be no further hate posted on my blog, but if you have genuine questions about my portrayal of Foggy… and even how SHE differs from canonically male Foggy (full disclosure personality wise, it’s not a lot), I am ALWAYS willing to reply and discuss. But, further personal attacks will not be acknowledged, posted, or read ( I mean maybe the first line, but if things start getting gross I will stop reading and delete). And, if I ever find out who is sending these asks, and I find out you are a follower of mine, you will be blocked. 

Just a heads up. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this post. The month that I’ve spent with this blog, and with Foggy, has been amazing. I have never felt so attached to a character, and have had such an amazing time meeting and interacting with people here. Thank you for your love and support. I hope each of you knows how much I appreciate and adore you. Oddly enough, a little hate has brought Foggy back to life, so expect replies soon-ish. I just have to get some things done today…