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Is no one going to talk about the scene at the end of Beauty and The Beast (2017) where everyone is turning into “antiques”? It starts with Lumiere crying over Plumettes motionless body & I’M SHOOK! GARDEROBE & CADENZA REACH FOR EACH OTHER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER & THEN THEY SLOWLY FADE AWAY. & Then Mrs. Potts is looking for Chip & then she freezes & Chip almost crashes to the ground?!?!?! MY SOUL LEFT MY DAMN BODY!! And then Cogsworth says to Lumiere “It’s been an honor serving with you my friend?” WHAT THE HELL?!?! THAT WAS TRAUMATIZING!! DISNEY WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS WITH MY HEART; I FELT MY CHILDHOOD DIE!!

  • You, A fool: The Great Comet's producers switched Oak with Mandy because they are racist assholes, who can't see real talent, and because of that I will not support the show.
  • Me, not a fool: The Great Comet's producers did not think about race in this situation at all, they thought about money and keeping the show alive, ya know what they need to think about. I do agree that they could've explained it better but they announced it to the public like they did when Brittain was switched with Ingrid Michaelson. It was the public eye that made this whole thing into a big deal AND Oak I love the guy I really do but he could've and should've handled the whole situation like a professional. Great Comet is a great show and no matter how bad this whole thing looks you should support the show. please. Just think of how many amazing actors will be out of a job. Lucas Steele, Denée Benton, Gelesy Bell, and so many other magnificent actors. Please support the show. please please please please. this show deserves way more that want it has been given. I love the other shows but this one holds a special place in my heart. It was my first broadway show I ever saw and I felt such a connection to every person in the audience and every actor and,,, sorry im rambling and I don't really have much to say other than support this show please please please, spread the word to every inch of the broadway community, buy tickets! it's actually pretty cheap compared to everything else. BUY MERCH!!! A very easy way to help them just do whatever you can.

okay but can we talk about neil for a moment??

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Okay, so I'm actually more of a writer than a science student, but I feel like this might be more of a universal question? How do you get over embarrassment about constructive criticism? I always feel embarrassed whenever I get something back from a proofreader because I feel like I should've been able to do it the better way on my own.

In the context of writing, and getting feedback, I tend to try and remember the feeling I get when I’ve been staring at a document for 10 hours straight and can’t stand to look at the words anymore. Because I know that in that state, there is no way I’m catching all the mistakes I’ve made, and I would kill for someone else to do that work for me, even if I don’t feel that way when I get something back marked up all to hell.

The other thing to try and keep in mind is that you might have done a great job, but you can only see things from your own perspective. If you’ve been thinking about something for a long time, it can be really hard to see it any other way, and proof readers come at your work with a fresh perspective. They don’t have all the background information and context that you do, so when they suggest changing something or whatever, it’s less that they’re telling you that what you did was bad, and more that they’re reading it from a perspective that you literally cannot, and pointing out things that you’re too close to the project to see.

Also try and remember that no one is perfect, and that even successful writers have editors. 

Why go to bed early when you can stay up late and listen to MBMBaM while making a weird tortilla pizza?

Oh because morning class tomorrow. Right. That’s why.

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Clalec is gross and it's shippers are gross but at the same time the show has never named alec as gay only as being attracted to magnus and jace so if someone didn't do outside research they wouldn't know he doesn't like girls and the show needs to use the word gay to describe him and also his coming out story wasn't perfect because it was always about other people like it should've been about him excepting himself as gay not as in love with magnus and like it was never clear


Clearly, shipping C/lalec is gross and I wish those people would just stop it like… we all know why they are doing it. It’s really not algebra.

But sorry, those things you are mentioned are exactly those “arguments” coming from C/lalec shippers. Alec is a canonically gay man. End of story. He might not have said it on the show yet but how many more clues do you need to even get this without having read the books or some research. He had “feelings” for Jace. He loves Magnus. He has shown zero interest in any woman on the show. He comes up with a fake girlfriend. He constantly checks out guy’s asses. I mean… what more do you need to understand that Alec is gay?

And just because he didn’t explicitely says he is gay doesn’t make him bi or pan or straight. Like… tune in on every show, have you ever seen a character there who runs around “oh yeah, I am straight.” I bet you don’t. It’s never been questioned. So why do you need this info for Alec? Isn’t he enough gay when not being described explicitely as gay? Is this also a discussion like… but he doesn’t look gay? Because I am this close to barf in my mouth rn.

I mean, the whole season 1 was about Alec’s character development. From a super closeted guy to that man who kissed a man in front of everybody, who not repressed his feelings and sexuality anymore. I don’t understand what wasn’t clear here.


I know there’s a lot of fanfic writers out there who write slowly and take a long time between updates. I’m one of them, but I also follow a lot of them and read their fic. There’s a lot of stress that goes into it that has nothing to do with the actual writing of the fic (though that’s a big part) but in worrying about the fic’s audience.

There’s obviously a lot of writers out there who have the confidence and comfort in their lives to be like “yeah this is just a hobby and I’m doing it for myself,” and I admire the hell out of those people–and there’s a whole lot of fic writers out there who very much like pleasing our readers and responses are very much the highlight of the day, regardless of our personal confidence levels. Even though we know that logically we don’t owe anyone our writing or time, it’s still… it’s nice, when people respond. It’s really nice to know your fic brightened up someone’s day in some way, or that they’ve got an emotional attachment somehow. I’m sure that’s something all fic writers experience, but when you write slowly especially, there’s an additional pressure to keep delivering that same quality of brightness and emotional attachment, but faster. Where’s the next chapter? Why isn’t it out yet? Why can’t I write more quickly? I shouldn’t ignore this irl thing but the chapter should really get done soon?? Why don’t I write better and faster and why can’t I just write all of it out in one sitting consistently and spare myself this stress??

There’s a fear you’re going to lose your audience, that the wait is too long and they’ll lose interest. And like, yeah, a handful of people will forget to subscribe or folllow your fic, or over time they will move on to a different fandom, or just lose interest in a pairing or trope all together. Those things happen.


Over the last two weeks, three fics I follow, which haven’t surfaced in months, just updated. Not with super long chapters, but they were there. The plot progressed. Got another cliffhanger, but eeeee, they were there! They updated.

Long-break fic writers: you’re doing just fine. It takes a while, but the excitement when that update finally comes is also a little piece of joy, to know it’s still out there and so are you.

After a few months of not reading, yeah, people might have to go back and reread the previous chapter to remember everything–but there is nothing wrong with that. It just means we hang out with your fic a little longer. 

Long-break fic writers. It’s okay. Just write your chapter the best you can, and yeah, the audience will hang around with quick-updaters until you arrive, but just because we’re reading quick-updater’s stuff doesn’t mean we aren’t also super excited when you update too. Fanfic isn’t a competitive sport; everyone can cheer for every fic and every type of writer, however they end up doing things.

There are plenty of other things to stress about in this day and age. Fanfic should be something enjoyable, not another hurdle to climb over. If you’re writing your fic and making the effort, no matter how fast or slow you go, the audience will come to you on their own time.

We’ll be there. You’re doing just fine.

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I'm NH, but I'm extremely disapointed in Kishi's way to show us NH developement. A couple of days ago, he said (in an interview) that there was a time when he really wanted to pair NS, but he changed his mind so why is he saying something different now? That's one thing, the other one is - I don't watch the anime, I don't watch the movies, WHY am I FORCED to watch a movie and a whole bunch of fillers to see my OTP fall in love? All of it should've been a part of manga...

You’re wrong on a few things here.

1) Kishimoto did not change his mind.  In order to change his mind, he would have had to deviate from the original idea.  Kishimoto did not do that. NaruHina has always been the endgame pairing, and that’s what he went with. 

First interview:


“I decided to go with Hinata [to be with Naruto] from quite a while ago”

Second interview:


“Naruto ending up with Hinata was decided on in the very early stages of the story”

He outright says that NaruHina has been the plan from very early on.  

2) No, Kishimoto never said he “really wanted” to pair Naruto and Sakura.  He never said he wanted to at all.  This is what he said:


“At one point/period of time, I thought about [considered] Sakura [for the role]”

takL translation is this: “There was a time when I wondered if I should pick Sakura (for the role)”

While NaruHina was chosen first and the original, at one point he only considered/thought about NaruSaku. It’s natural to wonder/explore different paths to take your story.  However, he scrapped that idea after realizing how bad it was and stuck to his original plan (which was NaruHina).

Kishi explicitly says that there was a time when he WONDERED whether he should change Sakura’s feelings.  He quickly dismissed that idea because as he said, it would make Sakura look bad to suddenly switch from Sasuke to Naruto (cue fake confession scene here), especially after he’s become a “hero”. He only “thought” about changing her feelings; it wasn’t materialized. Aka, this change of feelings never happened in the manga and everything he did with NaruSaku was done on purpose with the intention of misleading (which he says in his new interview himself; 「だからこそ、ナルトとサクラがくっつくかのようにミスリードさせるために、あえてサクラとナルトの母親であるクシナの動きを重ねるかのようなシーンを描いたりもしたんです」。He drew Sakura compared to that of Kushina, Naruto’s mother, in order to mislead.) and keeping people interested. He never intended on actually getting Naruto and Sakura together. The relationship was always platonic, as we’ve said for years.

OrganicDinosaur translation:

“I decided from pretty early on that Naruto and Hinata would be together. So I kept Naruto and Sakura close together in order to make it misleading. I even dared to describe and draw parallels between Sakura and Naruto’s mother, Kushina, in repetitive scenes, on purpose, to achieve that effect.”

And another thing:


“I think Sakura has always been devoted to/had her mind set on Sasuke”

Why would Kishi say this if he intended NaruSaku? No. Sakura’s feelings have never changed. She has always and will always love Sasuke.

3) Movie is not filler. It’s as canon as it can be and it’s 100% Kishimoto approved.  The guidebook for the movie came out, and it is completely written by Kishimoto.  It includes a two page NaruHina date that is set after The Last.

While I would have liked to see more NaruHina in the manga towards the end, that’s what this movie is for.  To be taken as chapter 699.5.

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One in every five women are raped? Women get paid on average 78 cents to the dollar of men. I understand that sometimes people misuse the label feminist for either themselves or other but given that you're on tumblr at some point you should've been informed that feminism is equal rights for men and women, called feminism because feminine traits are what they're being shamed for, and really you shouldn't complain about that when throughout history humanity is called mankind.

Also black and Latina women get paid even less than that and controlling an industry message if it’s discrimination is completely a right.

Show me an unbiased source for 1 in 5. Do not march out a damn thing that involved Mary Koss either. She flat put in her report than she marked women down as raped if she decided they were, even if the women said they weren’t.

No they earn roughly that over the course of a lifetime. Women have worked fewer hours, and typically stop earning, or work just part time when they find a spouse who fully supports them. If you compare the same job, education, experience, you’ll find the gape doesn’t exist. Currently young single women with no children out earn men in the same boat.

I’ve noticed feminists have to keep screaming the definition. Is it because you can’t find a single damned feminist that can live up to that definition?

Being shamed for feminine traits.. Fucking really? When mutilating a little boys genitals is legal and little girls are protected, what exact fucking feminine trait is he being punished for? Too much dick?

What fucking feminine trait are men being sentenced to 63% harsher penalties being punished for? 

Exactly what feminine trait are men being punished for when being denied a student loan because they didn’t sign their body over to the government?

Please explain to me exactly what feminine trait men are being punished for having when the CDC uses a “feminist informed” definition of rape to move 1.27 million raped men out of the rape category and into other sexual assaults, preserving the myth that men don’t get raped. 

What feminine trait are men being punished for when feminists ignore 200 studies over the last 30+ fucking years showing men suffer IPV at the same rate as women because those studies would invalidate their patriarchy theory?

What the fuck does the term mankind have to with shit? You know what? Let’s play your definition game shall we?

Look the fucking definition of man refers to both sexes!!! OMG!

No. Controlling marketing isn’t a right. You don’t like their message don’t buy their shit. It’s that fucking simple.

SICK BURN [Woolie Vs Reboot (Part 13)]
  • Mike: I didn't realize my gun was set to the other one.
  • Woolie: Even after I said it three times?
  • Mike: I wasn't listening!
  • Woolie: Why was that.
  • Mike: Because I was thinking about Haruhi. And One Piece.
  • Woolie: You should've been listening, and playing, and talking, and being funny at the same time.
  • Mike: Oh?
  • Woolie: That's what you're supposed to do.
  • Mike: I mean, you do two of those things, sometimes, but——

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I finished the show the other night and I was kinda sad that Michael wasn't really in the last episode like he wasn't even with all of them in the office at the end :/ I just feel like he was a huge part of the show and should've been there lol :( what do you think about that???

That’s exactly what I’ve always thought but I’ve never found anyone else who thinks that! The whole thing where they say “when are we all gonna be in this room again together” I was like bUT MICHAELS NOT THERE SO