they should perform in my garden

**Find My Kind** Spell

Here is a simple spell I thought I’d share for attracting like-minded people and luring towards yourself more genuine friends/friendships.

Quick Tip: A cup of Chamomile or Mint tea would be quite nice to start, finish or to drink throughout this spell, as chamomile is good for abundance and mint attracts prosperity.


Basil  - crushed, powdered, plain, whatever!

Rose or Clear Quartz (alternative = silver coin)

Vanilla Essence or Oil

Lavender -  sprigs or powdered, doesn’t matter.

A Candle  - white is great. so is orange or brown.

A Pen  -  green, orange or red would be best.

An Envelope

A Piece of Paper


1. Keep the quartz in your possession throughout the spell - in a pocket or next to the candle is fine.

2. Dab the vanilla essence in the four corners of your piece of paper.

3. Draw 3 circles/suns on the piece of paper with your pen, interlocking with each other like in this picture:

– write your full name in the middle section outlined here in red.

4. If you want, you can write on the other side of the paper the qualities you want the people you attract to have. A similar sense of humour, loyalty, any particular appreciations/hobbies etc.

5. Fold up the piece of paper and put it in an envelope along with the basil and lavender.

6. Pass the envelope through the flame of the candle as many times as you wish (if in a circular manner, aim it to be clockwise) and repeat this mantra:

I call upon my people
Listen to my voice
The blood that runs through all our veins
Will now give us no choice

Now is the time
For us to be bound
To attract like to like and within each other
Our light shall be found

I call my kin
Come to my side
Let our minds intermingle
Let our lives intertwine

– Repeat the last phrase as much as you like.
3 or 9 times would work quite well, but it’s up to you.

7. You may decide to burn the envelope - if this is what you choose, then wrap the ashes in a lettuce leaf and bury it in a flourishing garden or at the base of a big, old tree. If you do not want to burn the envelope, kiss it and bury it in your garden, close to your front door or at the roots of a large tree.

8. Keep the quartz on or around you when going to meet new people, or if you’re feeling in the mood to meet new people. If you don’t want to wear it on your person then keeping it in the bedroom or near the phone or computer should be fine as well.

Good times to perform this spell: Waxing Moon or Midday

~ BewitchedByNight

Setting Aesthetics for the Types

Based on people I know, stereotypes, and cognitive functions.

ENTP: A comic book store. The International Space Station. Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.
INTP: A museum at night. The Space Needle in Seattle. A telescope on an apartment rooftop.
ENTJ: A game of chess in the park. Pike’s Peak. The head of a long dining table at Thanksgiving.
INTJ: Physics and chemistry laboratories. Secret passageways in old buildings. A sealed vault.
ENFP: A poetry slam. Ancient Aztec ruins. A room full of decorative, metal-framed mirrors.
INFP: A window seat in a library. A small countryside chapel with stained glass windows. A canopy bed in a cluttered bedroom.
ENFJ: Making snow angels in a park. A birthday party with lots of balloons. A pay-per-view telescope at the beach.
INFJ: The Notre Dame Cathedral. Cloud watching on a grassy knoll. Watching the roe deer in the Hallerbos forest in Belgium.
ESTP: An arcade. Hang gliding over the Grand Canyon. Labeling arteries in a cadaver lab.
ISTP: On a motorcycle in the city at night. Sheer cliffs with waterfalls. Jigsaw puzzles by the fireplace.
ESTJ: The labyrinth of Versailles. Rehearsing in an empty auditorium. The top of the Statue of Liberty.
ISTJ: A subway station early in the morning. The archives of the Library of Congress. A well-worn path through twisted woods.
ESFP: Snorkeling at a coral reef. Fashion week in New York. A performance of Shakespeare at The Globe Theater.
ISFP: Botanical gardens. A blanket fort in the attic. The Santa Maria Cathedral in Florence, Italy.
ESFJ: A picnic in a park with kites. A bustling marketplace with fresh food and flowers. Feeding lorikeets at an aviary.
ISFJ: A petting zoo with baby goats. A meadow of wildflowers as far as the eye can see. Studying at a familiar coffee shop with a house band.

abundantsunshine  asked:

I am studying abroad in London this summer, do you have any suggestions of places to go or need to see things?

Sure! I’ve gotten a few asks about this in the last few days, so hopefully everyone will see this answer. Here are some suggestions:

  • Borough Market - This is one of my favorite spots in London. It’s basically a huge food market, and definitely one of the best ones I’ve been to. The market is a little way from the London Bridge tube station, and is directly next to a church which is very cool (and totally worth looking inside!) My favorite thing to do is walk around and try all the different samples, but my biggest suggestion for the market is a small grilled cheese stand that’s just outside of the courtyard of the church. There’s always a huge line for it, and it’s about 10 bucks, but you’ll never ever have a better grilled cheese in your life. 
  • Museums - Obviously, you have to go to the British Museum and to the National Gallery (I would highly recommend the second floor, impressionist rooms. The Monet collection is out of this world!) But on a less obvious note, I would suggest the The Courtald Gallery on the Strand - it costs money, but it’s a fantastic, small art museum that’s held in a really beautiful building. If you have time, I would also suggest the Museum of London and the Imperial War Museum, but both of them will take at least half a day each (the Imperial War Museum is pretty far away, but close to the tube station). Also, really quirky suggestion, but there is a museum just outside of Hyde Park called Apsley House, which is the house of the Duke of Wellington. It’s one of the weirdest museums I’ve ever been in but really awesome - it’s especially cool if you read up first about the history between the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon (the story behind a huge ten foot statue of Napoleon in the stairwell is one of my favorite things ever). Also: The Tate and Tate Modern, if you have time. Tate Modern will cost money though - they have a permanent collection, but it’s never as interesting as the new exhibitions. 
  • Theater - London has, in my opinion, the best theater scene in the world, and you have to take advantage of it. You can go to a play at the West End but in my experience, it’s really expensive and not as good as plays that are put on at smaller theaters. Check out what’s playing at some of these theaters, and you should be able to get some reasonable tickets: Southwark Playhouse (this theater is amazing, it’s made out of an abandoned tube station so the stage consists of two huge tube tunnels), The National Theater (panders to a greater audience, but the tickets are cheap and they usually play three to five plays at a time so there’s lots of options), Young Vic, and Barbican Centre. The National and Barbican both have bars in the lobby, so they’re a nice play to hang out before the play as well.
  • Walks - Literally. Just walk around. It was one of my favorite things to do in London. My favorite walks include bridges, particularly the Millennium and the Embankment bridges, because they have such amazing views (nothing is better than walking over the bridge with St Paul’s in the distance). Go from Tottenham Court Road, through Charring Cross, through Leicester Square and China town. There are tons of tube stops on the way, but honestly it’s not a long walk. Go from Trafalgar Square to Picadilly circus. There are signs everywhere with maps on it, so you don’t even need a GPS. Walk through Hyde Park, or spend the afternoon in Regent’s Park following the same path that Virginia Woolf laid out in Mrs Dalloway. Walk down the Strand, past theaters and the court houses. There’s so much to see just by walking around and looking and, best part, it’s free!
  • Churches - Obviously. St Paul’s is expensive, but if you go on Sunday it’s free, and they often have free organ concerts in the afternoons. There is almost always someone playing music on the back steps, so spend some time out there. There’s no way to get out of paying for Westminster, but you should just pay the money and take the audio tour - it’s a really amazing place. If you can get out of London, I would suggest taking the train to Salisbury (where Stonehenge is!) - the cathedral there is one of my favorites in the world. 
  • Other - Check out the basics: Tower of London (go early so you don’t have to wait in line at the crown jewels), walk over London Bridge, see Big Ben and Parliament, go on the London Eye if you want to (pretty cool, but v expensive), walk through Covent Garden, see the street performers in all of these places, get harassed by someone wearing a queen mask, etc. 
Babysitting? - part one? - Mike Fuentes

hey can you please do one where your 16 and your living with your older brother kellin quinn, but he has to go out of town for a few days and mike fuentes is house/baby sitting and you try and climb out of your window to go to a party and he’s on the tire swing in the backyard (he’s 21 in this one) and he asks you to sit with him instead and you guys smoke some weed and make out (detail on the making out please)

Smut warning - part one - part two - part three - written by Emma.

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Professor Snape: Potter, what’s your hurry? Congratulations. Your performance in the Black Lake was inspiring. Gilllyweed, am I correct?

Harry Potter: Yes, Sir. 

Professor Snape: Ingenious. A rather rare herb, Gillyweed. Not something found in your everyday garden. Nor is this… Know what it is? 

Harry Potter: Bubble juice, Sir? 

Professor Snape: Veritaserum. Three drops of this and You-Know-Who himself would spill his darkest secrets. The use of it on a student is, regrettably, forbidden. However, should you ever steal from my personal stores again, my hand might just slip over your morning pumpkin juice.

Harry Potter: I haven’t stolen anything.

Professor Snape: Don’t lie to me! Gillyweed may be innocuous, but Boomslang skin? Lacewing flies? You and your little friends are brewing Polyjuice Potion, and believe me: I’m going to find out why!

Mirror Song (Reimagined Preview)
The Caulden Road
Mirror Song (Reimagined Preview)

Here’s the second preview from my band The Caulden Road’s upcoming album Reimagined. Conveniently posted here for all of your listening, sharing, and reblogging needs. =) This is a preview and may change in mix or even additional instrumentation before the final album release.

Unlike the first preview “Just A Boy” (listen here), which more-or-less stayed true to the format of the original composition, “Mirror Song” features not only a new rap verse performed by Toronto hip-hop artist Gardener, but also a newly written chorus. All other Reimagined tracks will fall somewhere within these two extremes with regards to compositional changes.

Reimagined should be out later this year on iTunes, CD, and (possibly) double vinyl.