they should never ever ever break up

nct as texts in my class chat
  • Taeil: #whyareyouallsogay
  • Hansol: that was my plan and if you steal it i will break a coconut with your head
  • Johnny: *at 1am* what was the homework and did anyone do it and can you send it to me. *1:50am* please?
  • Taeyong: you all should be studying instead of writing here
  • Yuta: *only ever writes happy birthday and happy new year*
  • Kun: oops sorry, wrong chat
  • Doyoung: wow! great! i would've never! ever! thought of that!! you! deserve! a medal!!!!
  • Ten: *only ever sends dog pics captioned 'look how cute, just like me'*
  • Jaehyun: i just met my old teacher, should i fuck him?
  • WinWin: why did i even get up
  • Mark: i'll explain the homework to you but you gotta do it yourself i'm not THAT nice
  • Renjun: *the one who always sends the material*
  • Jeno: *uses fish and noodle as insults*
  • Haechan: Guys…I have to tell you something…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT
  • Jaemin: Shirts do weird things sometimes, you never know what they’re up to in your closet
  • Chenle: i'll bring watermelon. or some other fruit. fruits are great.
  • Jisung: *8pm* good night, i'm going to sleep
You like to pretend you’re in love with her, but we both know that’s not true. So do me a favor. Let her go. Someone else will love her better than you, so if you ever loved her, if any small part of you ever saw her the way you should’ve, let her go. She deserves the world, and someone else will give it to her.
—  from an unfinished story #331

***Things are staring to come to a close. 🤘🏼 As a reminder, If you’re unhappy in your relationship, just break up. I know that it isn’t a simple process but regardless, you should never, EVER, cheat on the person that you’re with. I don’t care if they don’t give you the attention or affection that you want or if they can be distant or if you argue too much. Just talk to them and try to fix it. If you can’t, split up and move on but don’t cheat. That is the most low down, disrespectful, humiliating thing that you could ever do to someone that you proclaim to love. Don’t do that shit. It ain’t cute or mischievous, it isn’t glamorous to have a risqué affair and it doesn’t make you seem cool. You look like someone who’s selfish and has no respect for anyone but themselves and can’t be trusted. Remember, karma is one hell of a bitch 😊*** 

Part 9 

 "Well, you’re all set. Your bruises and scrapes will heal within the next week or so and the pump on your head should be gone in a couple days. All of your paper work has been filled out and your discharge papers are done so you can go get dressed and then leave whenever you’re ready.“ You nodded and smiled at the doctor, happy to finally get out of here. You weren’t as happy however to have to face whatever came next. You didn’t know all that much about Juice and you knew even less about his club but the Irish had given you enough clues as to what they were about. You’d heard the conversations, seen the weapons and cash. You knew there was much more to Juice than met the eye and you knew that you were now caught up in whatever he had going on.

 That wasn’t the part that made you nervous though. What made you nervous was thinking about who you were supposed to go home with when you left this hospital. You’d fallen for a juice and you knew he had fallen for you. You’d devolved strong feelings for each other and you longed for the affection and happiness that he had brought into your life but at the end of the day, you were still married to Evan and he was the one you were supposed to be going home with. Evan who was still completely lost as to what had happened to you. He’d been at home when he’d received a call from St. Thomas saying that his wife was there. His heart had sped up and he’d rushed out of the house, hauling ass all the way to the hospital to go see you, praying that you were alive and fearing the worst. At the desk, they’d immediately ushered him in seeing as he was your husband but as soon as he’d came in, he could feel something was off. 

 He’d seen the leather clad bikers in the waiting room when he’d walked passed and had scoffed, turning his nose up at them. He’d been thoroughly surprised then to see another two in your room with you, one sitting close by your side and holding your hand in his. He oozed danger and crime, tattoos along his arms and even on his head. Even still, you seemed comfortable. You looked at ease with them being there, safe even. Evan had swallowed dryly around the sight. His brain had been going crazy from the moment he’d seen them in your room but could describe the feeling he got when he learned that the tattooed outlaw holding his wife’s hand was Juice. The Juice. The Juice that had called your phone in the middle of the night, wanting to know if you’d gotten home alright. The Juice that you partied with when he wasn’t around. That Juice. 

 Were you supposed to go home with him? Be with him where he could love you and appreciate you and keep you safe? Or should you go home with your husband and try to work on your marriage for the hundredth time in a row? You still hadn’t decided and you sighed, sitting up and standing from the bed, clutching your hospital gown. “I’m gonna go get dressed so I can leave.” Evan opened his mouth to say something but you shook your head softly. “I don’t need help. I can do it.” With that, you pulled your clothes out if the closet and walked off to the small bathroom to get dressed, which left the three men alone. There was a minute of solid silence before Evan opened his mouth.

 "You fucking my wife?“

 Tig snorted and rolled his eyes, leaning back in the chair and looking over at Juice to see what he’d say. Juice stayed looking Evan in the eyes, never wavering. "What would make you ask that?” Evans shrug was sarcastic. “Oh I don’t know. First you were calling her in the middle of the night. Then when I called you to get your help and you said you knew nothing about her being taken, yet here you are. The sheriff told me that you delinquents brought her in. Now you’re the first with her, holding her hand. You never called me to tell me that you found her or that she was safe.” Evans smirk was obnoxious as he finished, happy that he was able to prove a point. Juice wore a smirk of his own though. 

 "Well I don’t know man, something told me not to tell you. Seeing as it’s your fault she was taken anyways.“ Evans smirk fell but Juices stayed. "I can’t believe you let them take her. What kind of husband are you? They took your wife right in front of your eyes and instead of going after them to get her back and protect her, you called me. You wanted me to come fix your problem because you weren’t man enough to do it on your own. Can’t protect her like a man and you sure can’t fuck her like one either." 

 Tigs eyes were just as wide as Evan’s, never having seen him get like that. Juice was the baby of the group, the quiet shy one that was awkward and got picked on. Looked like he wasn’t as wimpy as he seemed and Tig watched him proudly, looking over and Evan with a smirk as well. Evans smirk was gone by though though and it was replaced with battling anger and shock. He wanted to get up and hit him but he knew that would be a bad idea. Him versus 2 bikers didn’t seem like a good idea so instead he stayed seated, trying to think of someone to say.

 ” “So are you fucking her or not?" 

 Juice shrugged and tossed his head to the side. "I don’t know. You should ask her.” His cockiness was surprising even himself but he had to admit, it felt good. It felt good to stand up for you and let Evan know that he wasn’t good enough for you. Juice knew he wasn’t the best choice for you either but he was better than Evan. You deserved a man that was going to love you and care for you and worship you. You needed a man like Juice, not like Evan and Juice swore to himself that he would do everything he could to make you see that. They had a staring match for a couple more seconds but it was interrupted by you coming out of the bathroom, now dressed in your own clothing and wearing a smile. “Couldn’t wait to get out of that thing.” Both men turned their back attention to you and you could feel the animosity in the air as Tig got up and grabbed your clothes from you, stuffing them into a bag and holding it for you.

 "I’m ready to go.“ You weren’t exactly sure which person you were talking to but you just wanted to soothe the tension. It seemed they both thought you were talking to them though and they both stood up, speaking at the same time. "Ok.” With their mirrored responses, they threw another glare at each other before Evan stepped forward, wrapping his hand around your wrist. “Let’s go home honey.” Juice didn’t miss a beat though and took a step forward as well. “Actually I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think she should be somewhere safer. You know, where she has someone that can protect her.” “Oh and you think you can?” “Better than you.”


 They both jumped slightly at you raising your voice, already annoyed by their bickering. "I’m staying at a hotel. I want to relax, Im not sure I want to be at home just yet.” Evan nodded and began walking out of the door, pulling you gently along behind him. “Great idea baby. It’ll be good for us to be able to relax and catch-” “I want to be by myself. I want to go alone.” He stopped pulling you and turned back around, looking at you incredulously. He reluctantly agreed though. “Ok. Whatever you want.” You nodded and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, the tension making the air thick. Walking out of the room and down the hallway, you came to the waiting room and smiled as everyone stood up wearing smiles and coming to hug you. Evans nervous swallow was audible and you felt kinda bad but you ignored it and said your goodbyes before turning to Juice while Evan was looking away. 

 "I’ll call you later to give you my room number at the hotel. We need to talk.“ Juice nodded and looked down at you. "Talk about what?” You stayed neutral for a second before you blew out a breath and smiled lightly. “Us.”

Something I learned from heartbreak is that you don’t get to tell someone when they should be okay again. After a month, my mother started telling me it was time I stopped writing about him. My sister kept telling me I should start dating. My friends seemed annoyed when I came to them crying because I had a dream about him the night before and it knocked the breath out of me.

The most important lesson I learned is that you should never, ever, ever, tell someone when it is time for them to be okay. They will figure that out on their own, and your only job is to be there for them until it is time.

—  excerpt from a book i’m currently writing // “breaking up is hard to do”
The signs as “Wrecking ball” lyrics

Aries : I came in like a wrecking ball, I never hit so hard in love.

Taurus : It slowly turned, you let me burn and now we’re ashes on the ground

Gemini : We jumped never asking why

Cancer : All I wanted was to break your walls

Leo : And instead of using force, I should’ve let you win

Virgo : I can’t live a lie, running for my life I will always want you

Libra : I put you high up in the sky, and now you’re not coming down

Scorpio : I never meant to start a war, I just wanted you to let me in

Sagittarius : I just closed my eyes and swung, let me crashing in a blazing fall

Capricorn : All I wanted was to break your walls, all you ever did was wreck me

Aquarius : Don’t you ever say I just walked away I will always want you

Pisces : We kissed I fell under your spell a love no one could deny


Jesus Christ this fandom…“#DinahDefenseSquad Edition”…Part 99/? 👊🏼💥👍🏼

continuation of [x]

“Tomorrow we should order pizza or something.” Adam suggested, thought it was hard to stick to as he took a bite of the delicious food. “Yeah then you can watch Adam write my poem and then watch me sign it.” Presley joked. “Seriously though if you ever want a break you know - ordering up a quick pizza never killed anyone, not that it would ever match this… incredible dinner.” She was interrupted as she took a big bite halfway through the sentence. “I’ve seriously never had better food than yours.” Presley wasn’t lying either. “Amen sister!” Adam chimed in, winking at Rose as he took another huge bite.