they should never even hold hands

And maybe one day he could love me. He would hold me in his arms and say “I should have known it would be you. I should have known since the day we met.” But now, he sits on his hands and loves this girl while I stare directly into the sun. He is the sun, and i am burning my eyes from looking at him, but her eyes have never even been scathed by the heat he reflects, for she has never really stared directly at him and in all of his sun-likeness.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1106 // @looselippedships

whatever you do, don’t imagine Eliza visiting the spot in Weehawken near the Hudson and standing there, grasping Alexanders hand as tight as she can, wishing for Philip to be there. just hoping, holding onto the little hope that maybe, just maybe it was a dream. hoping and praying for her baby boy to be waiting for her at home.

don’t imagine Eliza visiting that same spot again, years later. standing in the exact same spot, holding her hand out for another hand that will never take hers. longing for someone, anyone to be there for her that wasn’t Angelica. she would close her eyes tight and think about what might be if she opened them and Alexander was standing, waiting for her embrace.

whatever you do, don’t imagine Eliza never being able to step foot near the Hudson. even thinking of Weehawken makes her sick. she has the kids and Angelica and the public to comfort her, but at night she still feels that emptiness. They should be here. With her.

whatever you do, don’t imagine Eliza, years later, returning to that exact same spot, a gun in one hand and a picture in the other. she tries to work up the courage to aim the gun at herself, to be there with them. she takes a deep breath as a tear lands between Alexander and Philip in the photograph. she slowly holds up the gun, as she aims it to the sky and fires. she couldn’t leave those children behind.

whatever you do, don’t imagine Eliza laying on her death bed, scarily ill. the wishes of ‘get well’s meaning nothing to her as she fades in and out of lively consciousness. her heart beat gets loud in her chest and she can see them, her boys, waiting for her on the other side. she smiles and she looks to the sky. it wasn’t enough time.

whatever you do, don’t imagine it.

The Deal

My palms are sweaty. Why now? I should be graduating in a couple weeks.

I stare at the thing that looks like a mouse peeking out from the hole in my dorm wall. It is too calm. Around it’s neck is tied a small rolled note. I know I shouldn’t touch it. I shouldn’t even LOOK at it. I have been here long enough to know these things.

But I have never been good at following rules and I am compelled. I hold my hand out to the unafraid creature and take the rolled paper, gesturing towards a bowl of sweet cream in the corner.The mouse dips his muzzle in acknowledgement and scurries off towards the offering.

The writing makes ny head spin so that it’s hard to read. It is English, but something about the way it is written… the unidentifiable material it is written with… by the time I think I have grasped what makes it “wrong” the idea of it’s wrongness has already fled from my brain. I focus on the message

I could wretch with fear but instead I am frozen. The memories flood me…

Four years ago I was a poor, struggling art student. I could barely afford my meals and art supplies. I always made sure to have gifts for Them though… gifts and a ward in the form of an old iron chess piece.

I was terrible at this. I saw students all around me filled with inspiration in this ever shifting, vaguely magical place… but it just couldn’t reach me. I was a second rate artist at best with no good ideas. I would never succeed. I was inconsolable. I went against everything I knew and visited the crossroads, knowing that somehow, someone would be there to ease my troubles.

I pleaded for inspiration. For skill. For ability beyond the natural when it came to creating beautiful art. The stranger smiled and nodded at me. I fell to my knees “thank you! Thank you! How can I repay you?” The stranger was gone by the time the relieved tears were cleared from my vision.

The years passed fairly smoothly. I became top of my classes. I sold my paintings at shows with ease. I was praised as a genius by critics. My fellow students grew distant from me though. I liked to think they were just jealous but in my heart I saw their true fear. None would take my offerings of assistance and none would come near me without clutching something hidden in their pockets. I tried to prove I was not fae by holding on to my own iron knickknack but it soothed nobody. Eventually they wouldn’t even look at me.

I was lonely, devoid of company except for the unseen eyes I always felt on me when I walked near the forest or in darkened, vacant halls.

Now, nearing graduation I had begun to think the others were foolish, that the Gentry were not so frightening. After all, they had helped me… until that little rodent showed up…

The words on the unrolled paper echo in my head over and over. Though it is written I can somehow almost hear the dark, playful voice speaking the phrase in a singsong tone …“You still owe me”

And suddenly I know I will not graduate. Suddenly I know I may never see my home, or indeed this world, again. The mouse looks up from it’s cream with it’s beady red eyes and, its mouth still dripping, stretches its face into an unnatural, jagged grin.

(Sorry if anything wasn’t correct according to canon. I tried!)


ok Matt is officially the bravest person on the entire show hands down

Has gun pointed at him bc his lover just so happens to hold the fate of the world in his hands?

Doesn’t scare him.

He argues that no one should be killed, not even the enemy, for genocide is never the right thing to do.

Argues whilest at gun point.

When literally everybody (except Charlie sometimes maybe) treats him like he’s expendable 24/7.

Matteusz Andrzejewski, a gift from God indeed.

[bonus: and when Dorothea starts to up her game, he reacts appropriately scared, but secretly texts the others for help]

  • Gray: (holds Natsu’s left wrist) Stop, Natsu! Even if we fight, we should have a plan…or we can do Unison Raid, right?
  • Natsu: Your hand is shaking.
  • Gray: Well…after what we just saw…
  • Natsu: If you’ve lost your nerve, Unison Raid won’t work. Well, we’ll manage somehow!
  • Gray: (speechless)
  • Natsu: Hey, don’t say anything more, please. It’d just mess me up. We won’t lose. We’ll never lose!
Valentine Drabbles #3 | Baekhyun, You

Not really a drabble.

Requested by @parked-jimins​; Dare + Misunderstanding: I would clear up that misunderstanding for you. Even if you hated me

Words count: 1234 (OMG!! Ikr!!)

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Turning around and around and around. Once it stopped, your friends started to cheer up as you sighed, looking down on your lap. You lost five times already and the plenty was to drink soft drinks and you could drink anymore. You stomach hurt and you felt dizzy from the sugar rush.

What you hated the most about Truth or Dare is that you never chose Truth. You hated people digging into your life through a silly game. Plus Dare sounded more fun.

So even though you were full and couldn’t drink anymore soda, you chose Dare again.

Reaching for a drink your friend stopped you, holding your hand. “You will have a different dare this time. Enough soda.”

Your eyes Twinkled in happiness as your friend had just saved your life. “What should I do?”

One of the boys playing with you, held the bottle as he hummed. “Kiss the first boy that will enter the cafeteria. No excuse, you have to kiss without explanation and leave right away.”

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Hating people for the person they love is the most selfish thing anyone could do. Love should be a right for everyone but most of the time it’s seen as wrong and disgusting. We got to the point where we can’t even deny that we based our society on hate since we’re okay with watching violence as entertainment but the moment two people of the same gender hold hands we consider it inappropriate.
Consider this instead: hate is tiring, love is liberating.
—  giulswrites

The Quarry *Requested* Part 2

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1,400

When you woke up you were debating wether you should get out of bed yet or not. You totally dreaded facing Daryl. What would he say? What would he do? Would he even remember? “I guess now is a good a time as any.” You told yourself, pushing the sheets off of you and getting out of bed. You made your way into the main room and were relieved that you didn’t see Daryl in there. Thank god. “Ugh, I am never drinking again.” Glenn said, holding his head in his hands. “We all say that.” You said ruffling his hair, taking a seat next to him. “Ughhhh.” He groaned swatting your hand away and you laughed. “Here, drink some water it’ll help.” You said smiling and he took the glass from you. “I might throw up on you.” Glenn told you, before chugging it. “Some friend you are.” You said smirking at him.

“Thanks.” You said, when T-dog handed you a plate of eggs. “They’re powdered, but I worked my magic on them.” He said, making you chuckle. You looked up and saw Daryl had entered the room and you choked on your eggs, having a mini coughing fit. “Geez are you ok?” Glenn asked, patting you on the back. “Yeah, I’m good.” You said wheezing, trying to catch your breath. You concentrated on your plate for the most part, but you felt Daryl’s eyes on you and when you looked back at him again he quickly looked away. This was going to be a long day.


Unsurprisingly there was a problem, at first you thought this place could be a permanent home, you didn’t want to admit that it was a pipe dream. However, you didn’t think that this place would fall so quickly, it had barely been one day. “Please, all we are asking for is a chance.” Rick pleaded. “I told you once the doors are closed they stay closed.” Jenner told the group. Jenner eventually gave in and opened the door that kept the group trapped. “I’m grateful.” Rick said to the scientist. “The day will come when you won’t be.” Jenner replied, his response gave you chills. You shook your head and ran into your room and grabbed all your things, shoving them into your backpack. Daryl was looking around frantically, trying to find you. “Where is she?!” He screamed in his head. He was about to sprint back downstairs, but he saw you running towards him with Glenn right behind you.

Rick put the grenade that Carol had given him right by the window. Luckily the force of the impact broke the bullet proof window. “Come on let’s go!” T-dog said and everyone started to jump through the opening. “Shit!” You cursed when you fell getting out of the window and your leg was sliced by a piece of glass, there was blood everywhere. You stood up slowly but couldn’t move fast enough, the pain was excruciating. “(Y/N)!” You heard Daryl shout. “Just go, you don’t have time!” You yelled back at him. “I ain’t leavin’ ya.” He said, running over to you, picking you up bridal style and racing towards his truck.

He laid you down across the front seat and covered you with his body, shielding you from the explosion. Soon there was a loud blast and just like that the CDC was destroyed. Daryl sat up, when the sound of falling debris faded. Daryl looked down at you for a moment, making sure you were ok. He grabbed the red rag out of his back pocket and wiped the blood away. “It’s pretty deep.. but ya won’t need stitches.” He told you. He then got one of his shirts out of the backseat and wrapped it around your leg, tying it tightly. “Thank you.. for coming back for me.” You said to him and he nodded. The group started to drive off one by one and Daryl turned on his truck, following them. What are we going to do now?


Every once in a while you would glance over at Daryl driving. He had one hand on the wheel and his elbow leaning against the window frame, biting the tip of his thumb. It had been four hours on the road so far and the silence was killing you. You needed to know if he remembered last night, even if you didn’t like his answer. “Maybe I should give him a hint?” You thought to yourself. “Sooo, last night was fun.” You blurted out, immediately regretting your choice of words. What a stupid thing to say. You looked over at Daryl and waited for his answer, but he didn’t say anything. Another two hours passed and the group pulled over on the side of the road.

“What happened to you?” Rick asked, when he saw you limping with Daryl’s bloody shirt around your leg. “It’s stupid. This kind of world wasn’t meant for the uncoordinated.” You answered with a smile. You sat on a nearby log and checked out the large gash on your leg. Daryl watched you as you unwrapped it and saw that there was a minor infection. He pulled a pill bottle out of his bag and dropped it in front of you. “Here. It’ll help with the pain and infection.” He said and walked back over to his spot a few yards away. You sat there with a frown on your face for a few moments, before opening the bottle and swallowing the two pills dry. You got a clean bandage from Dale and rewrapped it. You stretched your leg out a little, it definitely felt better.

“Mom, I’m hungry.” Carl said to Lori, grabbing his stomach. “I know honey, we all are.” She answered. “I’ll try to catch us some squirrel or somethin’.” Daryl said and Lori thanked him. “Wait up.” You told Daryl and grabbed your knife. “Stay here, yer leg.” He told you. “It doesn’t hurt anymore, those pills worked quickly. Thanks for that by the way.” You said. Daryl just turned around and walked across the street into the woods, he knew there was no point in arguing with you.


“It’s so pretty out here.” You commented, the sunset was painting oranges and pinks across the sky. “I always wanted a little cosy house in the mountains, surrounded by trees.” You continued and he just grunted. Daryl shot his crossbow and caught his sixth squirrel, tying it to a rope around his belt loop.

Soon the pain in your leg came back and you leaned back against a tree. “I told ya you shoulda stayed.” Daryl said. “I’m fine, give me a second.” You said. “Just sit down before ya fall down.” Daryl told you and you did as he said. He sat across from you and cleaned off some of his arrows, while you watched him. “I didn’t forget ya know..” Daryl told you. “Huh?” You asked. “Never mind.” He mumbled and grabbed another arrow. Your eyes widened when you finally understood what he meant. You were at a loss for words, you honestly wouldn’t have thought in a million years that he would bring it up. “Did you.. mean it?” You asked him quietly, your heart pounding in your chest. He slowly nodded after a few long moments. You crawled over to him on all fours, taking the arrow out of his hand and sat on his lap. You ran your fingers through his hair and kissed him, the kiss growing more intense by the second. He ran his tongue across your bottom lip, asking for entrance, which you gladly allowed. Daryl moaned pulling you closer against him. Unfortunately you both pulled away, needing to catch your breath.

You looked at him with a wide smile on your face. “Wha’?” He asked and you shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t know. I’m just happy.” You answered and began kissing him again.

Hope you guys liked part 2. Please let me know if you’re interested in a part 3 (I have a few ideas☺️)!

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So you aren’t a part of my life anymore and I don’t know to feel sad about it. By now you’ve done this so many times and missing you has become second nature to me. Even when you’re here, some other part of you isn’t and even holding your hand can’t make me feel any less emptier. So I’ve stopped looking to you for saving. I’ve come to realize the amount of pressure that puts on you and I’m sorry if I ever made you hold the weight of my world alone. It was never your responsibility to fix me and just because you love someone doesn’t mean you even have to try. In that way, you should have known better. That you couldn’t save me. That you could never love every broken part of me whole again. It means the world to me that you’ve tried. Except I’m growing older with each passing day and I’ve got to learn how to swim against the current with tired arms and a heart that only knows how to weigh me down. So I understand why you aren’t here and some part of me can justify it. Your arms are tired too and your heart isn’t something I get to cling on to anymore. I’m sorry that it ever was.

2 years ago someone admitted something that changed the way I’ll view love forever. I thought that things would be different then, but now looking back I’m glad it wasn’t the way I planned things out. My first love was the most valuable, yet the most hurtful.
I learned that someone could tell me I’m beautiful and beg me to stay, and I could actually believe the words coming out of their mouth. Or that you holding someone’s hand meant so much more than just intertwining fingers, and could sometimes be even better than kissing.
But I also learned some bad things about love. Like falling in love with someone you thought could love you by just the sound of your laugh, is something you should be definitely be certain about. Because not only did it break my heart loving someone who could never possibly love me back, but it broke me to crush the person you use to think I was. And I lost my best friend.
I learned that you can do everything right in a relationship, and still be the one who cries themselves to sleep or wonder what in hell you did wrong. Some times love isn’t enough to make a person stay, and it pained me to learn that hurtful lesson. For months after you shattered everything in front of me all I could wonder was I wasn’t enough to make you happy. I learned that crying yourself to sleep almost everynight even though you’re with the person you love, is no way to live. And is almost as heart breaking as when they shatter your heart in front of you.
I learned that eventually you do get past your first love. You’ll learned to live without them. To live out your dreams. But you’ll always wonder if they regret throwing you back in to the sea for a better fish.
—  cheyanne223
Shane Dawson

I’ve been ranting about it on twitter and might as well here. No one deserves what Shane had to go through. Him and Ryland have the freedom to hold hands in public and the fact they broke his leg is terrible. Unfortunately homophobia exists in this world and it upsets me that it goes this far. But I guess it just shows people go through even worse for being open about who they are. Just know that many people love you and you should never be discouraged about who you are. I love Shane and I am incredible saddened by what happened .

Hold her. Kiss her gently. Softly whisper about how much you love her. Take her hand in yours and promise her you’ll never leave, and mean it. Love her, even when it’s hard, and there will be times when it is. Never waver. Believe in her, because she’s going to believe in everything you do. Be quiet when she needs it, but don’t forget that sometimes she’s going to need you to bring her out of her shell. Cherish her. Protect her. Make her feel safe. Show her why she should believe in love again.
—  Putting a broken girl back together.

Now that I’m basically a walking She Loves Me trash can, I wanted to make a headcanon about Georg/Amalia’s Christmas Eve dinner since we never get to actually see it. <3

~ they’re both basically on cloud nine after they kiss, but when they pull back they’re kind of just like “well um that was nice but we should probably go to dinner now”

~ even though they both totally enjoyed their kiss (because let’s be real that was hot), they’re both kind of sheepish (Georg more so) about showing affection since they literally just had their first kiss and they’re both still processing the fact that it just happened. But they’re totally holding hands under the dinner table.

~ when they get to Amalia’s mother’s house, Mrs. Balash keeps them too busy with setting up the table and such that they don’t really have time to think about their budding romance. But Georg opens the fridge to find a huge container of vanilla ice cream and starts laughing. (Bonus: Later Amalia drops some on herself while she’s trying to eat it and Georg can’t stop snickering for like ten minutes)

~ both of them are too tired after work and dinner to really do much, but Amalia’s mom got them both Christmas socks and so they pull them on and curl up by the fireplace for most of the remainder of the evening. They accidentally fall asleep like that.

~ before they both get too sleepy, Georg and Amalia take turns reading portions of Anna Karenina too each other.

~ at some point in the evening, Amalia ends up stealing Georg’s red scarf even though it’s not cold inside. (She likes it because it smells like his cologne, which is of course from Maraczek’s)

~ Amalia has suspected that Georg was Dear Friend for a while, so she purposely decides to get the musical cigarette box to mess with him. She decides to annoy him by opening and closing it every five seconds until her mom threatens to kick both of them out if they won’t shut up.

I put way too much thought into it but they’re quickly climbing up my list of OTP’s.

i don’t know why people don’t appreciate sam and cas’s relationship as much as they should like they love each other, whether you see it as platonic or romantic, they love each other, with or without dean. like yes, dean is what brought them together, but if you think cas only cares about sam because he’s dean’s brother or sam only cares about cas because dean does, you’re wrong. sam understands cas better than anyone, he never has given up on him, like he’s had his doubts a few times, but in the end he never has truly given up on him. he even said he’d die for him. “i’d die for him, i would.” quote from 6.20 and cas? from the get go, despite not understanding humans as much, he didn’t take their first meeting as an insult. holding sam’s hand with both of his hands should prove that. and of course, he’s there to help sam over and over again, no questions ask. he’s repaired him, despite that he’s the one who broke him, he’s the one who raised sam from the cage and get this? he didn’t have to! it was dangerous beyond belief, no one told him to do it, and yet he went down and dragged sam back up. yes, he forgot his soul, but as i said, it wasn’t exactly an easy task and he STILL repaired him in the end. plus, cas stood against LUCIFER, telling his brother to stay away from sam and when cas let him possess his vessel in later seasons, when lucifer was after sam, cas was able to shove him back down to keep him from hurting sam. “you’re not taking sam winchester. i won’t let you.” quote in 5.10 upon meeting lucifer. and of course, one of my favorite scenes, when cas was extracting gadreel’s remaining grace and he stopped because he didn’t want to kill sam in the process. “nothing is worth losing you” in 9.11 so you know, i stand by what i said…more people should appreciate their relationship. they both care about dean, yes, but they also care about, and love, each other. please don’t forget that, or ignore it for that matter. sam and cas love each other, so much.

Chapter 01: Unnecessary

— 2016

      One thing was important to La'Melia besides making sure her home was kept under control; was making sure her mental health was “okay”. At least as okay as society said it should be. To some, that may be stupid and naive, but it was La'Melia at her best. She liked the idea of being “normal” after being an outcast for countless years. 

Marring at the age of 19, Melia didn’t know half of what being a woman was.  Better yet a damn wife. Her mother, Michelle Thomas, was a single parent to both La'Melia and her adopted brother Zachary. The conversation about her father or even what a man should cover in a house hold never came up. At least not with Melia. The first acceptable male figure La'Melia started to speak on was De'Shade Asghedom. The man single handedly swept Melia off her feet; making her believe that she could handle anything. Even if that was walking down the aisle to hand over her life to someone, she only knew from grade school experiences.  

Next week she is supposed to be starting her joint counseling with De'Shade, Melia wouldn’t dare say marriage counseling because it was anything but that. Matter of fact, it was simply stalling. For what? She hadn’t quite figured it out, but she could bet her life that it all boiled down to control. De'Shade hates something more than anything and that’s being dominated at his own game. And with this divorce; La'Melia was achieving the goal perfectly. Hitting him right in the gut with this one. 

Regardless of the two of them seeing Dr. June, Melia wouldn’t just stop seeing her own therapist. Shade wanted to help make them work; he could do it alone. 

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It’s 1am and i sent you old pictures of us hoping you would fucking feel something.
You opened up the message and now my hands are numb and im filled with regret. I get that i should leave you alone but im just not that strong. Its been 4 fucking months and i still love you with every inch of my heart and being. Why did you leave me so broken because i will never be the same nor will i ever be okay. I will just get used to the pain and have random break downs that will make me look insane. And maybe i am for still loving someone who doesnt even care for my existence, for still holding onto something that never really was.
—  sky monreal
You’re an 10-13 year old trainee/soon to debut and he’s in charge of you (BTS)

Namjoon: -you were only 12 when you started and was incredibly tiny for you age. So he loved to tease you when you were dancing and stood next to him- “look how cute you are Y/N all short and stuff I’m glad you can dance”

Jin: -he made you blush even at 13 he made you hold his hand when you went places like he’s been doing since you were 11. He’d make sure you’d eat when you were out. He treated you like the little sister he never had- “eat Y/N you have practice in the morning and I’m not having you call me later tonight that you’re hungry”

Suga: -you knew every word to I Need U and could sing your heart out with such passion that he’d get jealous. He didn’t think an 11 year old should be able to make people cry by singing- “stop being so talented Y/N. You’re making me jealous”

J-Hope: -he was the dorkiest mentor someone could ever have but he was the best. He always supported you and made sure you knew he was your #1 fan. You rapped his part in DOPE and looked at him- *gif*

Jimin: -he’d been incharge of you for almost a year and was proud to say you were debuting with the tonight at 12 as the maknae of your group. So when you guys were on stage you waved to him and he gave you a cute smile- *gif*

V: -when he took you out for a day to show you around because it had become his responsibility. And fans stopped the two of you and asked for the picture with you and not him. But who doesn’t want a picture with a 11 year old trainee- “this kid she’s lucky she’s still little and cute”

Jungkook: -him being a baby himself he really didn’t understand why they left him incharge of a 10 year old. But as soon as a shy small child walked in with a backpack on and just stood there he melted- “you must be Y/N welcome to Big Hit I’m Jeongguk I’ll be your mentor”

All of them: -you were a socially awkward 10 year old foreigner that Big Hit took in recently and since they were slowly building the group they set you up with BTS as mentors. They all seemed normal well except Hoseok but you didn’t know that they all were weird yet. So their greeting was interesting enough- “welcome Y/N!”

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i love my best friend so much to a point that it's painful (we can't date because of past trauma and i'm trying to help him because i know i couldn't live my life with out him, dating or not) but it's just so hard not to kiss him and hold his hand and aaaa i just have such strong feelings for him that he can't reciprocate and it breaks my heart a little even tho i know it's not his fault

i was pretty much in the same spot post breakup with my ex but i had to get tf away b/c it was only hurting me more and more

  • [As Hagrid brings the cake out and the guests gather around to sing Happy Birthday, Sirius and Remus are having a minor conflict.]
  • Remus: You should hold Harry and I'll blow the candles.
  • Sirius: No, YOU hold Harry. I'll blow the candles.
  • Remus: Why is this so important? [suspicious pause] Did you do something to the candles?
  • Sirius: Nope. Didn't. I never even touched the candles. Definitely didn't do anything to them.
  • Remus:
  • Sirius: But when I say "duck!" you should probably duck.
  • [Minerva lowers the lights. Remus has one hand on his wand, and the other on Harry as the guests finish singing. He takes a step back when Sirius moves to blow the candles for Harry and Arthur takes their picture. Everyone is surprised when the two candles shoot up to the ceiling and explode in multi-colored sparks, twinkling and changing colors while descending to the floor in slow-motion. A chorus of impressed gasps from the guests follow. Harry and the other kids gleefully try to catch the sparks, but it disappears as soon as it touches their skin.]
  • Sirius: [to Remus] What? You thought I was going to make something explode?
  • Remus: Sirius, you did make something explode. [smiles] But it was the safe kind. Good job.