they should never breed

If you in anyway still support Trump, or can make excuses for the alt-right, or any of this fear mongering white supremacy hate bullshit. Unfollow me now. 

Praise those who have lost their lives to this fight, in the past, present and future, you are my heroes. Praise those fighting against it in Charlottesville and around the world. Praise twitter accounts for unearthing the names of these hateful excuses for humans. Praise employers for firing these people. 

You can not be a supporter of the neo-nazi’s and be a proud American, you can not promote in the historical “confederate” as a means to promote white power. America has fought these wars before. We have won.

We are one nation being torn apart. Because people out there, 53% of them white women, voted for someone whose entire campaign was about bullying, violating, terrorizing the opposition, anyone that didn’t agree with him. We allowed this hate to be supported, and strengthened by the words of our so called leader. 

Protesting for your opinion? I’m all for it. Throwing punches, torches, and hate speech because of the color of someone’s skin. GTFO. Intimidating others because you’re a white male? FUCK THAT. If one of the people following your cause plows a car at 40mph into a crowd of peaceful anti-hate protesters, your organization mentors terrorists. TERRORISTS. 

I am a white female, in rural Pennsylvania, a red county, who walked into a Trump supporting town on the edge of the Appalachian mountains and voted for Hillary. I love this land, I love this country, but I will not stand for any abuse of power by those who do not know how to wield power, who do not know just and equal law. I am a white female with a small voice in this corner of the internet and I will say right this moment, FUCK THIS. I condemn this. I condemn the white people who don’t stand up and say NO to this, because they are scared. I am scared. I am terrified, but fear should never breed violence and hatred. Fear should breed a hunger for understanding. 

The legacy of white men, and the white women that support them in their reign of fear, power, belittling, stomping, and violating the rights of others (others meaning anyone unlike them) needs to be addressed, and fought against. 

You have a heart, a brain, a body filled with blood just like anyone else out there in this the world, our bodies are all made up of the same goddamn things. You have no reason, no right, to violate anyone. 

I do not want your hate here. I do not want your following here. You are not welcome into my space if you believe that you can hurt others because of where you were born, or the color of your skin. 

I beg of you, with my words, not my fists, or weapons, leave. Educate yourself. You are special because you have the ability to change, to help, to heal. You are not special because of your gender, race, religion, or socioeconomic status. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 


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Title: With a Little Help From My Friends

Summary: You’re bitter and angry after Cas once again leaves on the Kelly Kline case. Except here’s the real kicker. He left with her. Dean is just as upset as you which leads to a rather unfortunate accident.

Pairing: Reader x Dean, Reader x Castiel

Warnings: just some rough smut, y’all

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           You’ve seen red maybe a handful of times in your life, but this time takes the cake. Castiel, the angel you’ve been in love with since day one, the angel you thought loved you back, ran off into the sunset with Kelly Kline and her monster baby. He left you. Again. And you’re fucking pissed.

           Dean’s in about the same frame of mind if his stomping around the bunker like an overgrown toddler is any indication. The two of you fall into a sort of pattern together. He’ll glare, you’ll mutter, he’ll stomp around, you’ll throw things. Usually things you can find in Cas’s room. Like that framed photograph of the two of you at the beach a couple of summers back. The sight of it is enough to have you flinging it across his bedroom with enough force Dean comes running in.

           “Heard a loud crash,” he says. “Thought you were hurt.”

           “Hurt?” Your laugh is bitter even to your own ears. “Why would I be hurt? Because Castiel ran off with a pretty, smart, kind woman to go play house for a little while? Because he abandoned me- us- yet again? Why would I be hurt about any of that?”

           Dean looks you over a couple times. “Because she has something you’ll never get?”

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The problem I have with breeding ball pythons

Well… one of the many…
Is that people are so concerned about the aspect of breeding they don’t even for a second think of the health of the animal.

Someone posted a verrrryyyy skinny male ball python that had only been quarantined for a month in a tiny tub with a female to breed. He’s supposedly eating regularly and still is very skinny. So great… now the owner has to take two animals to the vet. One of which should have never been introduced for breeding. He’s skin and bones.


I think I want to ADOPT a spider morph.

I don’t support breeding spiders. I don’t support knowingly putting the health and safety and quality of life of your animals below aesthetics.

I don’t even think spider morph is pretty, but that’s waaaaay besides the point.

Real talk? I’m disabled. I’m in a wheelchair, I have chronic pain and dizziness and a cocktail of mental illnesses that leaves me frequently very disoriented and confused.

As the spider morph drama has been unfolding here and I’m watching video after video of these poor genetic disasters unable to complete basic tasks like feeding themselves or moving about their enclosures, smacking their dum snake heads on things, I just…. I understand why one should never, EVER support the breeding of these things, at the same time?

I feel very intense empathy to these babies because I feel I myself have very much been there. Smacking my head and falling down and making a disaster just trying to eat? Been there. I too also have genetics that probably should be reconsidered, and I am actively making the choice for myself to not breed b/c hey, hey, these traits should not be passed on. It’s not fair.

And I know there are a LOT of these snakes that have been bred, that are hanging around in shelters and needing homes, and that these snakes are a LOT of emotional and physical labor, that they are really hard to own, but honestly, I think that’s why I want one. I want a little disabled friend that many think of as too much work, wrong and broken and in need of help, and maybe I can look over at the corkscrewing and go “Me too, buddy. Me too.”

SJW report

I swear, SJWs are going to rip us apart as a society. Every single thing they say and do is utterly and completely idiotic. In claiming to fight against bigotry they SPREAD bigotry. In claiming to fight for equality they divide people by every conceivable demographic. Race, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, nationalities, the list goes on. They wax lyrical about cultural appropriation but 99% of what they call “cultural appropriation” is not offensive to anyone actually from that culture! And it’s truly ironic given that SJWs are more than happy to strip us of all our cultural heritage and put EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING into two categories: white and PoC. Which, in their minds, white people should never even affiliate with any “PoC” or talk before them or breed with them because white people in their eyes are evil and inherently oppressors. Ironic given that most SJWs are spoiled liberal white American kids or BLM morons who seriously think they aren’t racists.

Everything I am is borrowed

The foods I eat
The words I speak
The smells I breathe 
The bloods I bleed
The visions that I seek

The molecules that make up me
Shall dissipate  into the bleek
And everything once striking bold
Will marvel as their corners fold

I am no weaker than every gale
Nor fuller than the great abyss
Surely prolonged uncertainties
Fill caskets with regretful fleets

Choose your values wisely
For I am you
As you are the bleek,
The lender of your bones

The foods you eat
The words you speak
The smells you breathe
The bloods you bleed

The visions that you seek
Everything you choose to be
Will spiral back to me
When everything we are is borrowed
A loneliness should never breed

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Hi, I've had a crown tail betta for about 5 days now and after much research I decided to place a female in the tank with him. I got a 10 gallon tank for the two and also allowed them time to get aquainted


Please separate them immediately. Your research has led you astray. Male and female betta splendens should never be kept together except specifically for breeding. It will only cause stress, injury, accidental spawning, and potentially death.

B.A.P as Dog Breeds

What breed of dog would they be? Based on the personality of the idol and dog, not looks. ^^

Yongguk – Spinone Italiano

Even-tempered and dependable, these dogs exude a quiet strength. They have an almost dual personality based on its work and home life. In appearance they are serious and almost have a wise grandfatherly-type air. When relaxing with their people they are silly and playful, even goofy at times. Working in the field they are relentless and methodical, never tiring until their goal is met. They may not have the flash that some of the other hunting dogs possess but they get the job done remarkably well nonetheless. It’s important to socialize this breed or they can be prone to shyness.

Himchan – Standard Dachshund

These outgoing and lively dogs get very attached to their families. They adore comfort and require minimal exercise, often preferring to be curled up in warm blankets during their downtime. Although usually good with other dogs they can get irritable if pushed too far. Jealousy and possessiveness over things they view as theirs are also common traits. These dogs absolutely need companionship. Depriving them of affection leads to depression and loneliness. This breed is stubborn but very smart and sensitive to harsh criticism.

Daehyun – Jack Russell Terrier

High. Energy. This breed needs people and activity or they can get destructive. They can be exceedingly vocal and while they are good dogs, a lot of control and direction needs to be applied to keep them on course. Typically cheerful yet brash, they sometimes rush into situations without much thought. Hard workers, they are quite clever and pick up on training very quickly, especially with food motivation. While generally amiable they have a strong prey drive and can sometimes antagonize other dogs.

Youngjae – Schipperke

If the dog world had an official smart ass it would be this dog. More than just fox-like in appearance, these jovial little guys are exceptionally clever and alert. They are always watchful of their surroundings and quite capable of out thinking you or taking advantage of being indulged. Mischievous and stubborn with clear cut preferences and tastes, this breed will get downright sassy (but not mean) with its people if it doesn’t agree with something. Despite their willfulness they are quite sensitive and do not like being teased or harshly trained.

Jongup – Newfoundland

Newfies are generally sweet, quiet, shy, and their calm disposition frequently attracts people to them. As a working breed they need a job to give them purpose and will happily handle any task set before them. Very kind and gentle they get along with almost everyone. However they do possess an independent streak so they are not easily pushed around if they don’t like something. While not as clingy as some of the ‘velcro’ breeds they are social creatures that need their people around them. Despite their powerful build they have a sensitive heart and mind that should never be handled with a heavy hand.

Zelo – Greyhound

This breed is reserved one moment and startlingly athletic the next. All dogs run but no other breed is as fast as this one. They are extremely loyal to their people and prefer to stay with them rather than interact with strangers, although they are exceedingly polite when made to do so. To build their confidence they need gentle exposure to many different situations. Greyhounds don’t do well in stressful environments and freeze when spooked or touched unexpectedly. Playful and sensitive they need positive reinforcement when training for best results and personal growth.

Ethical/Unethical Fancy-Bred Fish

Okay/healthy most of the time:

-selectively bred colour variants (usually causes no problems since colour is only scale-deep, however some variants like dragonscale bettas and certain patterned clownfish have genetic issues unrelated to colour but resulting from genetic bottlenecking)

-long-finned variants of certain species (bettas and angelfish in particular. Ideal fish are naturally slow swimmers that are not excessively hampered by the extra fin length. Even so, problems may arise in cases of extreme length or weight such as rose/feathertail bettas and SVT angels)

-GloFish (are absolutely identical to natural forms in every way except colour. The patenting/legal issues surrounding them are still mighty sketchy, though)

Grey area/debatable:

-round bodied fancy goldfish (while these deformities undoubtedly cause swimming/buoyancy/digestive issues, the fact that they’ve been around for centuries means the community has a pretty good handle on how to mitigate the damage, a well-informed keeper can humanely keep fancy goldfish without too much trouble)

-long-finned cichlid variants (seen most often in rams, Oscars and other S/CA cichlids. Can be kept generally without issue in single-occupant specimen tanks, but will be a frequent target in most community tanks)

-hybrid cichlids (flowerhorns, blood parrots and hybrid peacocks are the most common. As our understanding of their needs increases, it becomes more and more ethical to keep these fish. It is still very necessary to plan for the unpredictablility of their behavior, depending on which behavioral traits they retain from one or another parent species)


-balloon-belly cichlids, livebearers and gouramis (just don’t do it. So many health issues, these fish cannot be kept ethically, and should not be bred. Continuing to buy them, even as “rescues” fuels the demand and keeps them on the market. Just don’t do it.)

-extremely deformed fancy goldfish (bubble eyes, pearlscales etc. Breeding of these fish needs to be ceased immediately)

-long-finned tetras, barbs, danios and minnows (these are highly-active, fast moving schooling fish. Long, heavy fins absolutely prevent them from living proper lives, and in particularly nippy fish can succumb to infection after repeatedly receiving bites to their oversized fins)


-bicephalic arowana (do I even need to expand on why this is not okay?)

-zigzag fish (should generally be culled for humane reasons, definitely should never be bred)

The breed known as “Nightfury” is native to Scandinavia. Hundreds of years ago it absolutely terrorized the Vikings and subsequently gained the ominous as much as dubious honor of being described as the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. While to a modern observer such a characterization might seem somewhat over the top the origin of such claims quickly becomes obvious when one regards the uncanny abilities of the Nightfury.

Its coloring ranges from dark blue over purple to pitch-black, making it a hard to spot target at night, when it is primarily active in the wild. They have excellent night-vision not unlike other nocturnal predators such as cats and owls and, unlike many other dragons of this size, are known to lead a solitary lifestyle.

Nightfuries are small, but should never be mistaken for a courier breed. Their eggs rival those of heavyweights in value, and for a very specific reason: Nightfuries are unmatched in short-term speed and fire-breathing. While their relaxed flight speed is similar to that of common other European lightweight breeds, Nightfuries can enter short bursts of extremely high speeds so fast that they are nothing but a shapeless shadow to the human eye. Such speed bursts do not last long however; the dragon will soon become tired and require profound rest afterwards.

Their breath weapon is another point of value. Nightfury fire is long-ranged, focused and highly precise, while also sporting the strange characteristic of being blue, which makes for a nice light-show if one is graced with the luxury of not having to flee in terror at the mere sight.

Unfortunately, Nightfuries are also notoriously infertile. Very few eggs are laid in a generation. Attempts to introduce Nightfury speed and fire into other bloodlines have been made numerous times and mostly only met with mediocre success. On top of that the small dragons are not only extremely picky about who captains them but also fiercely independent in their temper, not unlike other fire breathers known to Europe. While protective of their captains at all times they are famous for being prone to argue; aviators in all of Scandinavia will know at least a story or two about a Nightfury being as cooperative as a brick. A hot brick, at that.

What do you mean “Nightfuries don’t exist in Temeraire”?
HTTYD is clearly the prequel to the books!

More seriously, I watched HTTYD2 again a few days ago; I’ve probably seen the first movie a hundred times and love it to pieces

I know it barely makes sense but I still felt compelled to draw a Nightfury in harness for the heck of it and write a nonsensical textbook entry about it, do forgive me

No snek picture is ever complete without a boop on da snoot!


(Yes, this is my snake. Her name is Wakita and she’s a Colombian Boa Constrictor. Currently she is 7 foot long, and has more growing to do yet. She’s a awesome animal though, and I love her like she’s my own kid……cuz she is. I’m NEVER having humans kids……..EVER!!!!!)

TL;DR - This snake is my daughter; I should never breed.

Cosplayed: April 13th, 2017

I literally just read with my own two eyes that girls loving girls is purer and better and nicer than boys loving boys. I just fucking read that and now I have to bleach my eyes. I saw a mlm positivity post with a reply that said wlw is better and mlm doesn’t deserve positivity. 👏THIS👏SHOULDNT👏BE👏A👏FUCKING👏COMPETITION👏EVER👏NEVER👏EVER👏 I’m so disgusted by this. Saying one is better than the other does nothing than bring people down. Sorry that I don’t buy into your terf bullshit. This genuinely pissed me off. mlm is just as good as wlw. wlw is just as good as mlm. Positivity posts should NEVER be breeding grounds for negativity.

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Do you feel that the "blame the deed not the breed" is trying to sweep under the rug that these dogs are usually dog aggressive? Or trying to cover up their history? Which is important to know about a dog especially a pet you are considering getting.

 Definitely. I honestly believe it’s one of the most dangerous things to say, maybe even THE most dangerous.
 The purpose of “blame the deed, not the breed” is to encourage people to ignorantly own these dogs because it’s the evil dog-fighters who create dogs who bite or attack, and the dog is an unwilling pawn in it all who is forced to fight.
 It encourages people to believe that if you raise your dog up the best you can, he will turn out fine and be perfectly cool and sociable with cats and dogs. After all, we all know it’s the dog-fighters that force these dogs to fight, so if you’re not a dog-fighter you don’t have anything to worry about!

 When these dogs act aggressively towards another dog or want to attack a cat walking by, the owner feels that they’ve done something wrong when they didn’t. What the dog did isn’t “bad”, he isn’t a bad dog or “evil”, he was doing something that he believed (instincts) to be a desirable thing to do.
 Dogs don’t operate on morals and they don’t think about how another animal or dog would feel about being attacked - it is IMPOSSIBLE for a dog to be “bad” or “evil” for chasing squirrels or getting into squabbles with other dogs. In order to be what we as humans consider “bad” (deliberately mean, malicious, sadistic, etc), the dog would have to understand right from wrong - morals.

 When a well-raised pit bull gets into a fight with another dog, the owner feels like shit because they feel like they raised their dog incorrectly. They truly believe that in order for these dogs to fight, they have to be forced or trained to do so, when we know that this is not true. Not even in an actual organized dog-fights are the dogs forced to fight; the dogs can hop over the wall, turn, or yelp, and they’re picked up. In order for two dogs to get into a full blown fight and not just one attacking and the other defending, both of them actively want to fight. Your pit bull fighting a dog at the park is doing something natural and free of force.
 Unfortunately the pit bull owner now has someone’s injured pet on their hands, will have to pay the owner’s vet fees, and if they’re lucky their dog will be spared it’s life. Unlucky dogs may be put to sleep for doing something that would have been entirely avoidable if the owner understood that you can’t love the dog-aggression or prey-aggression out of them. What this does is it adds fuel to the BSL fire and creates myths like these dogs “turning” or “snapping”. “He’s never done that before!, He would never hurt a fly!”
 Attacks involving APBT or bully breeds are not unpredictable. A responsible owner would get this dog knowing that you should always expect a bulldog to fight, and to not let your guard down around other dogs or pets. A responsible dog owner would not get a dog like this thinking “it’s all how you raise them” or “blame the deed, not the breed”, and they would take precautionary measures to secure their dog in their yard and keep it from causing harm to other dogs or animals.

 I think the entire purpose of “blame the deed, not the breed” is definitely used to cover up or erase the hereditary dog-aggression in the bully-breeds. A bully breed that you adopted from the shelter that was labeled a “pit bull” should be raised with the same amount of responsibility as if you were to buy an APBT straight from a breeder. A dog-fighter has very little to do with the training and upbringing of your shelter dog, and you should NEVER assume that your bully breed doesn’t have any latent dog or prey aggression.
 We’ve seen what happens when shelter dogs (or just pet dogs in general) are raised with the mindset of “it’s all how you raise them”. It breeds ignorance, fuels hatred against the bully breeds, and throws gas into the fires BSL lawmakers.
 This kind of ignorance and irresponsible ownership: [LINK] is just as dangerous as this kind: [LINK]

 Deliberately ignoring dog-aggression is actively getting dogs and pets killed. These people get mad about not being able to bring their bully breeds to PetSmart… but can you imagine a dog-fight breaking out there, amongst all of those ignorant, irresponsible dog owners? Do you think any of them would have a breakstick?
Don’t blame the breed, blame the dogmommies.

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Are there truly any dog breeds that should never be trusted off leash or is it all just about putting in enough of the right training?

I’d say there are breeds that are just more difficult to train off leash. Scenthounds & Sighthounds are more in tune with their surroundings than other breeds, so you’d have a harder time finding something they value more than their environment to get their attention.

Dogs shouldn’t really be trusted off leash unless you are certain of their safety. Regardless of breed, if you’re unsure of what they might do, then don’t risk it. Especially not in areas where people leash their dogs. Not every dog that’s in public is fond of others, so an unreliable pooch bounding their way towards a nervous leashed dog can be a disaster. And rude.