they should just make out tho

@myfortae happy early birthhday ( a g a i n ) enjoy sm skeleton au w taemin n skele jjong

Sojiro Shimada headcanons
  • he has an older sister who ran off with a lover when they were young. She visits sometimes to give his kids too much sugar and encourage them to do wild shit like express themselves. Of course you can finger paint on the walls Genji.
  • He liked sweets he kept a stash in his office.
  • God damn he loved his wife
  • it was a kind of business marriage, probably arranged for him, but they were lucky and fell in love. She was super funny?? It surprised him she seemed so quiet and reserved in meetings between their families he was not expecting dick jokes on the first date
  • They worked wonderfully together, he was a practical businessman and she was ruthlessly clever and charismatic. A perfect team the family had never done better. 
  • She died having Genji. His father never blamed him though. 
  • God damn he loved his kids!
  • He was always busy but still a damn good dad. He never ignored his kids and tried not to tell them “not now” if he could help it. He took every opportunity he possibly could to go out and do fun kid stuff with them. He’d do Hanzo’s hair for him and help him with his homework. He’d let Genji paint his nails and scribble on papers he didn’t need, just please, not the walls again.(Hanzo’s responsible attitude developed quite early. Think like, 4 years old following Genji while he crawls around, just kinda herding him away from things he shouldn’t touch. Probably making a face and sighing like he’s too old and tired for this, even tho he is doing it completely by his own will.This was helpful for poor busy dad.)
  • He told his kids stories before bed almost every night. Even when it was just Hanzo. When they were a little older and he pulled that “once there were two dragons who were grounded because they stayed out past curfew” Genji told him he should have ditched the family and written children’s stories. He low key liked the idea. 
  • There’s a picture of his wife on his nightstand and he talks to her sometimes. About things that are stressing him out, about how smart Hanzo is or how Genji looks exactly like her. 
  • He tried not to put excessive pressure on Hanzo, but Hanzo would just make up for it by putting pressure on himself. This is a little bit frustrating, he doesn’t wanna say, “maybe you shouldn’t aim so high”, but he hates to see Hanzo so stressed out trying to reach the bars he set for himself. He appreciates that Genji seems to take care of and support his brother, tho. 
  • He never pushed Genji to accept his role as heir to the family, but he did try to convince his son that there was a nobility in what they did. Even if they dealt in weapons and drugs and death, they provided jobs and second chances to unfortunate people, they were fair with their justice and they protected their city. 
  • He was constantly at odds with his wife’s older and younger brothers, who joined the family’s council of elders when they married into the family. The pair of them were greedy and underhanded and blamed Genji for the death of their sister. They went behind his back and gave the poor kid shit all the time.
  • He always has been and would still be very proud of his kids.

I’m sorry if it’s confusing to understand at all -.- next time I’ll plan ahead instead of just making it up as I go.

I used to be against drawing from refs, but once I started doing it, I realized how useful it is. I mostly draw faces, and using refs has helped me to understand how the different planes of faces work, which has made my drawings look better/more anatomically correct. 

HOWEVER, don’t become dependent on references, because there won’t always be the perfect one you need. (Not to say there’s anything wrong with people who only draw from refs, but then, that goes back to knowing what you want to do with your art).

ALSO, keep in mind that drawing from reference doesn’t have to be some rigid thing. You don’t have to aim for photorealism if you don’t want to. I like to stylize a bit by making the eyes large and using colors like dark blue or purple instead of straight black.

ONE MORE THING! Don’t fall into the trap of drawing from reference all the time when you feel like your original drawings aren’t good enough. One artist I love (I think it was Sycra?? not completely sure tho, it’s been a while) said, basically, that drawing from reference is easy because the reference has all the answers. You don’t have to figure out anything for yourself. If you’re like me and you want to draw amazing pictures from imagination, you should know that just because you can copy a photo, doesn’t mean that’s how good your art is.

that’s all for now, k thanks bye lol

Messy hair, Don't care

OML . I saw a few gifs of Sebastian Stan’s messy hair and I GOT THE FEELS.

So I did a smutty n fluffy af one shot outta this cuz I couldn’t resist. I apologize because it might not be well written but it was stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG.


I was happy I decided to come along with Sebastian to this Comic-Con. Leaving my usual worries back at home and taking care of myself. Of course Stan still had to work, but I liked being able to support him. The best part was when the day was over, he’d come back to the room and make love to you for hours.

Today he had meetings with some important people, so I took the morning to enjoy the pool with Elsa -Chris Hemsworth’s wife- and her babygirl. “The twins stayed back home with grandma’.” she’d said. You played around with India all morning, she was a really playful one. When lunch time arrived, both of you headed to your respective rooms to shower and be ready for the afternoon activities.

As I got out of the shower -with a towel around my body and another on my head- the room door flew open and my husband walked in. Looking like he just ran a marathon. “Are you okay?” I ask, he chuckled and looked at me closing the door. “I am… very horny, that’s what I am.” he mumbles, liking his lips as he inspects my body. I cock an eyebrow at him, a perky smile appearing on my lips. “Why would that be?” I ask and he walks towards me. “There was this one picture of you in your bikini today..” he trails off putting a hand in your waist. You giggle when he pulls you closer to his body and he bites his lower lip. “And another one with India on your hip, you two looked so cute.” he grabs a hair that has slipped from the towel on your head, smiling.

“And just the thought of you as a mom seemed so hot for a second.” his eyes are on your body now and you can feel the growing bulge under his pants. You immediately pull him into a passionate kiss and it turns wild in a matter of seconds. He grabbed your waist and lifted you from the floor, taking you to the bed. He gets rid of the towel of your hair carefully as he continues to explore your mouth with his tongue. You run your hands through his hair and pull of it as he bites your lower lip.

He looks into your eyes and smiles “You should quit the pills.” he says and you freeze. For quite a while you had been considering to stop taking the contraception pills you were on, because you felt ready and wished to have a baby with your husband. You discussed it with him some days ago and gave him time to think about it. And here you were. You kiss him repeatedly. “Are you sure? A baby requires a lot of love, time and attention .. I would hate it for you to not be around a lot.” You say making a puppy face and cupping his cheek. He grabs your hand and kisses it. “After the movie I’m filming it’s over I don’t have any upcoming projects for ten months, and if we do achieve a pregnancy nor will I sing up for more in the lapse our baby’s first year. You have nothing to worry about, I want this just as much a you do.” He was serious about this, he had decided he wanted a baby too. He’d even made plans to make this works. And nothing could make you happier. “Well, even tho we need to plan this out better than this… we should get right to it. you give him a big smile and bring his fingers to your mouth provocatively.

His hands were all over you again as he kissed you and you are reluctant to undress him, looking so hot in those clothes and with a tie. His lips trail down your neck making an obscene but sexy sound. You let out a soft moan as his hands reach your breasts. By this moment he is humping you, seeking liberation. My arms climb to the back of his neck as he bites my collarbone lightly, and when his fingers make their way to my ass to finish removing the towel there is a knock on the door.

"FUCK” he whimpers under his breath, you let go of him knowing he wouldn’t ignore it but you aren’t even mad. He quickly answers, walking outside and almost closing the door behind his back so whoever it was couldn’t see you naked and spread in the bed. You chuckled, your heart beating fast. You heard the indistinct conversation of your husband with the person who knocked to your door and you could hear his nervous laughs. He was acting very awkward and you couldn’t even see him. This man would make the best father on the entire universe and you knew it.

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Boyfriend Daniel

Requested by Anon

  • He is so caring omg you lucky bean
  • You get to be with such a respectful and caring guy aHH
  • His goal is to make you happy always
  • He makes you happy all the time tho so that’s out of the list
  • Will give you surprise backhugs to scare you
  • You’d playfully hit him and yell at him for scaring you
  • “Ahh you’re so cute, baby~” he would tease you while pinching your cheeks
  • Treats you like a baby
  • You’re his baby
  • You’ll never see him sad
  • He’s always smiling, especially for you
  • Harry Potter impressions
  • Or should I say
  • Harry Pote
  • ew kms
  • Hides his inner cheesiness to avoid making a fool out of himself
  • But sometimes his cheesiness just comes out at random times
  • “Are you from Starbucks? Because I like you a lat-te”
  • You aren’t used to this unusually cheesy and cringy side of Daniel but no doubt you find it absolutely adorable and you wouldn’t mind seeing more of this side of him come out more often
  • Has an obsession with your existence
  • Strict
  • Overprotective
  • Doesn’t want you to ever get hurt
  • If you did, he would FLIP THE F**K OUT
  • He would confront all of the pd101 members and blame them for “hurting” you
  • Even though all you did was scrape your knee while you were running
  • He would actually hold a huge meeting for the boys and ask every single one of them who hurt you
  • It’s pretty hard trying to calm him down and making him not worry so much
  • Kind of a sensitive babe
  • Forehead kisses
  • Clings onto your waist while you two are cuddling

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Making out with… Jaehyun


  • pretty straightforward about it?
  • especially if you’ve been dating for a while 
  • just grabs you and kisses you
  • tends to be pretty slow and sensual about it bc he’s a tease
  • but like also sometimes smiles into the kiss and giggles against your lips
  • kisses are warm n loving 
  • (even when he’s trying to initiate sexy time)
  • (especially when he’s trying to initiate sexy time)
  • kisses all over ur face and neck
  • (if he’s feeling frisky even lower)
  • probs lots of hickeys too tbh
  • (not bc he’s the jealous type he just likes seeing them on u)
  • uses kisses to make u frustrated and flustered
  • no qualms about initiating makeouts in front of the others tbh?????? 
  • mostly around the older members tho the dreamies don’t need to see that shit
  • everyone is like “get a room jesus” and then Johnny’s just like “yeAH JUNG JAEHYUN GET IT BOI”
  • anyway
  • will literally make out w/ u anywhere any time 
  • kissing you is one of his favorite pastimes
  • and he’s gr8 at it too
  • just kissing him is enough to get you wet tbh
  • honestly the first time he realized he could get u wet just by kissing you he was sh00k
  • “oops was that my fault?” yES JUNG JAEHYUN U PIECE OF SHIT
  • but later on he starts to get rlly cocky about it
  • either way
  • Jung Jaehyun is a god and making out with him would be heaven basically

Peter Scanavino 2014 audition video for a role right before he came to SVU.

Let me point out that Sonny Carisi could have looked like this. Even for just one episode. This is what could have been ^^^^ *weeps*

still love mustachioed peter, but damn

Awesome find by my friend @echelonislovefamilyandpower 

video at source link

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May i ask about the hit (tm). What team/ game was it??

of course!!! let’s talk about the hit that i mention in this post. so the legend goes, The Hit™ took place on nov. 16th, 2005. it was against the philadelphia flyers (contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t on the 5th and it actually wasn’t sid’s first game on philadelphia’s ice but his second).

basically what happened was this: sid’s taking the puck up the ice and flyers d-man derian hatcher twists around him, checks him into the boards and gets his stick up under sid’s helmet and hits him in the mouth

some have called it a “sher-wood root canal”; sher-wood is a brand of hockey sticks, so i’m thinking the term means a player takes their blade and fucks your mouth up with it, which i’d say that’s a fairly accurate description. here’s a video of the hit (fair warning, the title/description indicate the uploader is a big ol’ fly*rs fan) and here’s a photo of sid’s whole face situation after that happened (another warning, there is blood).

so anyway, sid’s spitting blood, and it clearly should have been a high sticking penalty and it also should’ve been doubled because blood was drawn. it would’ve been totally appropriate to make the call, and not just because this game had a shit ton of penalties (check out the box score; brutal). instead, you’ll notice that hatcher gets zero (0) minutes, and sid himself maaay have actually received an unsportsmanlike penalty for what he did next (tho i can’t tell if that’s from this hit or something else).

either way, the ref blatantly refused to give a penalty when it would’ve been appropriate. sid’s not gonna let that go, so he complains to the ref (still! spitting! blood! might i add). philadelphia took that and ran with it for miles. “sidney crosby is a whiner” “sidney crosby’s a little bitch” “sidney crosby’s a pussy” etc. etc.

now i have to give some context: sid was 18 years old at the time and about 5 weeks into his first nhl season. in addition to being expected to singlehandedly save the penguins franchise, he was being primed to be the new face of the league. that’s a lot of pressure, and if you ask me, he probably knew exactly how many eyes were on him at this point. he wasn’t being treated fairly because of how much the league had hyped him up and he knew it, and had to play through it anyway, but taking a hit like that that goes unpenalized and walking away is just too much to ask any player, much less a rookie with the weight of the league on his shoulders. 

the end result? sid continues playing and goes on to get the gwg in OT, which reeeally pisses of philly. to this day, whatever sexist/transphobic insult you can think of, some flyers fan probably will probably have it on a sign at any given pens/flyers matchup. they’re never gonna get over the fact that even though their player dropped a dirty fuckin hit on our boy, he still kicked their asses that day.

(anyway, daily reminder that fuck the flyers! xoxo)

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remember when how to train ur dragon 2 came out and everyone made a huge deal about the "gay moment" in it even tho it was literally just a character making a vague comment about why he didnt get married that could have been anything. from what ive heard that "gay moment" in the new beauty&the beast movie is basically just that.

like somebody tell Disney this isn’t progressive and they should just let us have our trans girl already


Baby can you move it round the rhythm
Cause you know we’re living in the fast lane, speed up
It ain’t no game, just turn up all the beams when I come up on the scene

Pretty Boy Zen is ready to fkkin deck in the gut someone who misbehaved in his club and oh boy is he gonna enjoy it ;)

i’m rly sorry lovely zen i have no idea what happened to his hair, i tried to make a sort of mashup of something accurate to the era and his hair and this happened lolol

i kinda like it tho,? ;)?

again, credits to @promiscuous-jalapeno for the mafia au, bless your good soul!!

please tell me if i should stop tagging you for this stuff mamapeno i’m a noob to tumblr yet´A`

Giving out a hint of which manhwa’s that will be released out next week (hopefully) ❤️❤️😍 and amly is out next week too!! 💕💕😘 so just a heads up… there is a problem.. i’m and other translators are being hunted and reported on Instagram.. so i might take these chapters very slowly also because i managed to get an interview!! (Part-time) so im hoping to get it!! Tho that will make me more busy along with school… anyways!! See you next week!! The drama should settle down by next week hopefully unless they continue to search for us… keep a look out for me guys!!! If you find anything suspicious please dm me quick!! Thank you!! ❤️❤️😅(also made this awesome picture) ❤️❤️☺️

New Look, Still Me

Though things have gone a bit unexpected, Marco still sees Star…

Made a dub of @rakhall‘s Mewberty AU comic, which ya’ll should start….. HERE!! Make sure to check it out, as it’s an ongoing thing!

Also! Now unveiling my garbage attempt at making a Star voice!
Yes, it’s edited, just her voice, tho..

spoiler: make sure to watch til the end

Thanks for watching!

Edit:dont mind the credit title mistake ._.
Dating Jungkook would be like...

Hiii can you please write dating jungkook would be like what. Bye bye i love you xoxo


  • Okay so dating the beloved maknae would be one hell of a ride
  • At first it would be really awkward bc he’d be like
  • what do I d o wtf is going on help
  • but then he wakes up one morning to a happy text from you
  • and he’s just like
  • I could get used to this :)
  • Amusement park dates
  • Taking you out for ice cream
  • Dance battles
  • or him teaching you how to dance
  • Slow dancing in the dorm when nobody else is awake/home
  • him singing you a lullaby
  • or having a rap battle
  • wrestling each other
  • he often lets you win
  • but let him win too, okay?
  • let his ego live a little
  • him coming over to sleep at your place bc it’s quieter
  • You having to impress two sets of parents: his blood parents
  • and Eomma Jin and Appa Namjoon
  • but nah they’d all love you 
  • probably not that much into matching clothing
  • maybe a sweatshirt or two
  • adores it when you come out in just his shirt tho ;)
  • he gets really flustered tho let him live
  • Half the time people can’t really tell that you’re dating tho????
  • Like y’all tease each other so much that it looks like you’re just best friends
  • and tbh that’s probably something he looks for in a s/o
  • like he really values having that connection with his partner and being on the same wavelength
  • he’s probably not all that into pda tbh?
  • like maybe a little here and there
  • also Taehyung third wheeling on dates is another factor that makes it seem like y’all aren’t dating
  • half the time Tae doesn’t really realize that he’s taking quality time away
  • and it can get a little annoying but let’s be real
  • they’re both adorable and if Jungkook is happy
  • then you should be happy too, right?
  • Right.
  • but can we talk about his visuals for a moment bc wowowow
  • honestly he’s adorable with his cute bunny smile :3
  • and his eyes are so pretty?
  • but like he goes from “Hi i like your daughter to I bang your daughter” in like .2 seconds lets all be real
  • his thighs tho like ughhghgghgh y e s
  • Ripped Jungkook™ in general
  • him easily being able to get the pickle jar open lololol
  • on another note
  • teasing the heck out of his hyungs
  • like just pestering them by like making derpy faces when a camera’s around
  • speaking of derpy faces
  • there would be a lot of them taken on phones
  • if it’s not you taking one on his then it’s him taking one on yours
  • but Kookie would be so sweet 
  • even though he’s a little shy once he warms up to you he’ll just be so incredibly supportive and sweet and asjlsdfljkfsdkjlfsldfsldfskjsdf—-


SHINee: dating Onew would include

▪ literally being drawn to him like the earth being drawn to the sun 

▪ bc he’s actually a ball of sunshine

▪ not being able to look away from his smile at first and nodding your head to whatever he was saying

▪ you find yourself doing this often lmao he loves it

▪ anyways

▪ so like he’d be pretty nervous to move things along and ask you to be his gf

▪ bc like tae, he’d wanna be 100% sure that you feel the same way so he doesn’t lose you or act awkward around you

▪ but he wouldn’t even give it a second thought after a while bc you two already act like lovers and he feels no hesitation

▪ the others would cheer their tofu leader and be so happy when they find out you’re together

▪ I think he wouldn’t act different around you when you’re in public or with your friends

▪ just bc it’s so natural when you’re together…he feels like neither of you should hold yourself back from showing affection

▪ tho ofc he wouldn’t straight up grab your butt and start making out with you

▪ you surprising him at their shows and him fanboying over it

▪ would be so happy and wrap you in his arms hella quick even if he’s sweaty

▪ you two probably love shopping at ikea

▪ you’d spend hours in the cool-looking rooms and deciding that you’re gonna get a house big enough to fit all those room designs

▪ he loves it when you talk about the future, esp when you mention him in it

▪ cooks for you all the mf time and spoils you with comfort food when you’re sick or not feeling well

▪ bc he knows how hard it is not to have anyone take care of him when he’s sick 

▪ introducing you to his idol friends and they love you right away

▪ rarely ever buying you material items

▪ bc you two would love traveling the world instead

▪ so you know whenever he has a couple days or weeks off, he’s already planning your next destination

▪ sitting on the couch, cuddled up into his side and drinking wine

▪ leaning up and kissing his Adam’s apple bc…how can you not

▪ FaceTime and Skype when he’s away always lead to both of you nearly crying bc you miss each other

▪ coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist

▪ while he moves away your hair and places tiny pecks on your neck

▪ “I love you so much, y/n”

▪ “I love you more, Jinki”

▪ legit being a power couple

▪ like you support and encourage each other so much that you couldn’t live without the other, it makes so many people envious (yall love that)

▪ also wouldn’t care about people knowing you’re together

▪ he just doesn’t pay any mind to the press or the jealous people

▪ he’s all about you and makes sure you know that 💘

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ehhh if you could give me some advice? i want to write a fic, but idk how to attract other people to read it. what should my title be like? what should the summary be like? how to tag? what to include? obv i gotta be funny and witty in the tags, and the title has to be decapitalised (i think?) but should the title be a single word, a poetic phrase, or what? should the summary be vague and abstract, or concretely explain the fic? what attracts you to read a fic tho?

This is a lot of questions haha I’ll try my best to answer them! Disclaimer: this is all from my experience/opinion so make sure to ask other people too!

For me, a short and interesting title is what attracts my attention! Song lyrics or a line from your story are always a good option! Don’t worry about capitalization, I personally don’t really pay attention to that! Personally, I would make it a bit longer than one word, but sometimes that can make you stand out, so just do what feels right!

The summary should NOT give away the entire plot, but should hit the main points of what your story is about. Here’s the great summary of The World Opened With You by DiAnna44, one of my favourite fics: 

“Despite the smiles famous violinist Victor Nikiforov puts on for the world, he’s been in a slump for almost two years, and no longer views himself as worthy of his fame. When he’s paired up to play a duet with esteemed pianist Yuuri Katsuki, he finds inspiration once again, and maybe even something more.”

What I love about this summary is that it’s short (two sentences!!) but I still am intrigued. You can already sense the tone of the fic, who the main characters are, what type of AU it is, and leaves on a cliffhanger: and maybe even something more. What does that mean? *opens fic to find out*

It’s a good idea to leave the reader with some sort of a question or cliffhanger, something that will make your reader want to find out more!

Another thing to note about summaries, do not write “I suck at summaries, sorry” or “I don’t know how to write summaries”. HAVE FAITH IN YOUR ABILITIES/WRITING!! I know people don’t mean to, but saying that can give the wrong impression on a possible reader. If you’re not great at summaries, take a quote/section from your story! I see that all the time, it’s an easy and effective way to grab people’s attention!

TAGS!!! Please, please, please tag your fic with the appropriate tags! If it’s nsfw, don’t mark it as gen or teen, mark it as explicit or mature! That goes the same for fluffy fics w/out sex. A lot of people think the safest rating is “not rated” but, in fact, if you mark it as that it will show up as “may contain adult content” when the reader clicks on it! Mark it gen or teen!

If your fic contains ANY graphic depictions of things that could be triggering, (abuse, non-con, major character death, etc.) please put it in the tags and/or in the archive warnings! This will let the readers know what they are getting themselves into! I have read so many fics where Yuuri and/or Victor die at the end and the authors didn’t put any warning. I was super upset, and as a result, I don’t have much trust in those author’s fics anymore. I understand that it may be a spoiler, but it can be very upsetting to someone who was not ready for it. I have read some amazing fics with that tag, (P.S. I Love You by c000kiesandcream, for example) that have the major character death tag and are truly beautifully heartbreaking. It still broke my heart even though I knew there was going to be death. Don’t be afraid that putting that tag will lessen the impact, I can assure you it’ll still be heartbreaking!

Like the summary, don’t put too many tags to the point where the reader can figure out your entire fic without even reading it! Try to hit a middle ground, not too many, but not too little.

What attracts me to read a fic is definitely the summary and the tags. If I see humor, fluff, domestic, and/or angst in the tags I’ll be sure to click on it! I love to read fics with a unique AU as well, but I equally love the fics in the more “popular” AUs too. It’s the summary that usually will determine if I read it or not. Think of your summary as the trailer for a movie! That’s what I think of when I write a summary for my own works.

I wish you the best of luck with your fic(s)!!

Whew! That was a lot! I hope this helped! If anyone else has any other/different advice, please feel free to share it in the replies!

Sf9 When You(an idol) are shipped with them. (Your Bff’s)

Inseong: will giggle and grin or smirk to himself whenever a fan mentions you, thinks you two would make a cute couple himself and occasionally brings it up as a joke like “we should date since we are shipped so much.” 

 Youngbin: The more you two are shipped, the more he will gradually start seeing you as a woman and develop a crush. One day will be like “I don’t mind being shipped together just so you know.”

Jaeyoon: “Her? She’s my ugly raccoon.” But the more you two are shipped, he will start to look at you differently. “Did she get prettier? The raccoon doesn’t look so bad today.”

Rowoon: Will play along and flirt with u just for the ship and fanservice but as soon as you play along as well and hold his hands, his heart will race and start crushing on you. Thinks about it for several sleepless nights. One day will be like “Lets back hug next time what do u think?” 

 Zuho: Literally freaks df out “NO WAY! She’s not my type!!” But the more you two are shipped, he might start subconsciously eyeing u like hawk when other guys are around, and get more shy around u when u look extra pretty etc., but still try to deny his feelings while teasing u and nagging even further. “That skirt is so small, all the boys are looking!“ 

 Dawon: Lowkey smirks and like it so much, more than he should. Acts like a boyfriend yelling your name playfully across the music stage and cheering for u in front of fans and telling everyone on tv that your his girlfriend. 

Hwiyoung: Shy shy shy shy baby. “ah~no~.” Whenever someone mentions you, he goes shy. Doesnt mind how everyone thinks you two should date, but doesnt really say anything really to make his feelings clear. However when you two are together, he will be more manly and protective. 

Taeyang: Likes you for a while now before the ship but now has a reason to flirt with u even more in public even tho u punch him every single time he hugs u. You get annoyed playfully but somehow isn’t suprised because he’s so greasy and thinks its just for show until one day he actually asks u out on a date and ull be like oh shit ur really serious.

 Chani: Literally avoids whenever anyone talks about it or awkwardly gets shooked and replies with a small smile whenever someone mentions your name. Doesn’t want to make the friendship awkward unless he sees you make a move first.

Monsta X reacts: a very hot guy asking for his number and praising his s/o

requested by anon~


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Shownu; The two of you were just enjoying the view of the Hand River when a hot guy approaches the two of you. At first Shownu was confused, thinking that you probably know the guy. When the hot guy asked for his number, Shownu would go ‘uhh’ before glancing to your side then back to the guy. And before Shownu could tell him that he couldn’t give his number that easily, the hot dude had already started praising your sense of fashion and whatnot. Shownu would be so taken aback and confused af since he doesn’t know if he’s hitting on him or on you. He’d make up excuses that the two of you had to go since there’s an emergency and leave without hearing the hot dude’s response.

Hi, can I have your number?” 

“uhh…. *looks at you*”

“You’re so beautiful with that outfit of yours, Miss. I bet you have a good sense in fashion.”


“A-ah! Oh no, we have to go now. I just received a text from our friend that our other friend was brought to the hospital. We’re so sorry, good bye. *drags you away from the hot guy*”

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Wonho; Both of you were at the club when a very hot guy approaches the two of you. When the hot guy asked for Wonho’s number, he’d be so flushed that he’d just laugh it off and avoid eye contact. He’d also reject him tho since he’s dating you and why would he give out his number to some stranger. But then, when he heard the guy praising you, he’d look at him with a blank expression and would casually send a text to one of your friends to distract the very hot guy while the two of you make your escape. And when the hot guy’s distracted, Wonho would come to a decision that the two of you should just stay at home and eat ramyeon.

Hey dude, can I have you number?”

“*bursts out laughing* Man, sorry I can’t.”

“Oh, alright. Damn girl, you look oh so fine tonight with that black dress of yours. *eyes you from head to toe*”

“*sees your friend* Oh hey, [yf/n]! We want you to meet a friend. *gently pushes the hot guy towards your friend and quietly grab you by the hand and leave the place* We should’ve just stayed home and cooked some ramyeon..”

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk would be so confused when a very hot dude approached the two of you while looking at clothes.He wouldn’t know where to look at, at the very hot guy or at the cardigan that he just picked. When he asked for his number, Minhyuk wouldn’t be able to respond since thousands of thoughts came rushing in. But when the hot guy decided to give up on asking for his number and praised you instead. Minhyuk would be in shock that he’d just stare at the guy then back at you and would just blurt out that he needs to pay for your clothes and his clothes, making the two of you excuse yourselves.

Hi, can I have your number?” 

“*blanks* *why is he asking for my number? wait how much was this cardigan*”

“I guess that’s a no then? Hahaha, anyway, I just wanted to say that your hair is pretty amazing and–”

“Babe, I need to pay for our clothes *innocent*.” 

“O-okay, please excuse us. *drags Minhyuk towards the counter*”

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Kihyun; Kihyun and you were busy choosing a hair color at the counter when a hot guy, aka. the hairstylists, approaches the two of you and straightforwardly asked for Kihyun’s number, leaving him speechless as he just starts to let out an awkward laugh. He’d also glance to your direction before telling him that he doesn’t have any phone (but then he has one… but he doesn’t know his number…. or does he?) and would bring his attention back to the set of samples in front of him. When the hot guy praises you, his ears would perk up, making him snake and arm around your waist and purposely call you by your endearment. overprotective kihyun on.

“O-oh, sorry but I don’t have a phone… *scratches the side of his head*”

“It’s alright. Oh, your eyes are really pretty. I can look at them all day long *jokingly winks at you*”

“*chuckles* Thanks, I get that alot–”

“*snakes his arms around your waist and pulls you closer to him* Baby, which color should I choose?”

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Hyungwon; You actually had Hyungwon as your model for your funshoot when a very hot guy decides to come in and say hi to the two of you. The conversation was great until the hot guy asked Hyungwon for his number, leaving Hyungwon dumbfounded. He’d stutter at first and decides to give him a number, not his number but maybe Hyorin’s or Bora’s number instead. And when he starts praising you, he’d chuckle would go along the praises but with s subtle ‘that’s my girl’ kind of thang.

Oh, by the way, can I ask for your number? *faces Hyungwon*”

“A-ah, yeah, sure. *punches Hyorin’s number in the hot guy’s phone and innocently smiles at you*”

“And man, your shots are really great!”

“Well, that’s my girl, she takes really awesome photos and sometimes, some magazines would buy her shots!”

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Jooheon; You were just casually strolling at the park with Jooheon when a random hot guy approaches the two of you. Ar first, he thought that it was some gangster that he would protectively put his arms around you but when he sees that he’s harmless, he would flash a smile but he’d still have his guards up. When the guy asked for his number, his eyes would widen like saucers and gawk at the hot dude. He’d casually reject him and would awkwardly look away. Once the hot guy’s praises left his mouth, the smile on his face would be gone and would have a little chat with him and would casually tell the dude that you guys had to go and whatnot.

Hey, can I have your number?”

“W-what? *eyes widened* Sorry but I can’t give you my phone number*”

“Oh, it’s alright. *looks at you* My, my, you really have a nice figure!”


“*chats for a while* Oh, man sorry, but we have to go since we have to check whether our kid’s alright in her tummy *lying lying lying*”

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I.M; Changkyun would find it really weird when a very hot guy asked for his number. Shouldn’t he be asking for your number? But then, Changkyun would be that type of person who’d give his friend’s number to some stranger. He’d be like ‘yeah sure’ and gives the hot guy Jooheon’s number and quietly snicker when he saw you gape at him. When the hot guy started praising you, he’d be like Hyungwon and go along with the praises but when he thinks that it’s going overboard, he’d protectively sling an arm around your shoulder and tell the guy off.

Hey, can I have your number?”

“Yeah, sure, here you go. *punches Jooheon’s digits in the hot guy’s number and notices your shocked expression, only to snicker quietly*”

“Thanks and by the way, you’re really beautiful.”

“O-oh, thanks.”

“Yeah, my angel’s really pretty that no one can beat her.”