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now or never // sweet pea imagine part 2

Title: now or never

Warnings: none really just your bright mix of fluff, angst, anger

Summary: Sommer decides to take matters into her own hands and confronts our favorite tall serpent at the Whyte Wyrm. 

A/N: literally embarrassed i set the comma in the direct speech wrong all along lmao i’m sorry. aslo i’m really happy how this turned out since i took more time in writing it, trying to really make you feel with the characters through their body language. i’ve read over it so there should be no typos. if you find some, just message me if they’re major and annoying. PLEASE

now have fun!

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Veronica Lodge had called Sommer naïve on my occasions. Like when she came to Reggie Mantle’s defense about listing her name in the playbook, saying he was most likely forced to do so by the other football players. Veronica had only scoffed at that, Betty gently touching her shoulder as if to console Sommer.

If Veronica knew that Sommer was walking down the dimly lit streets on the Southside of Riverdale, she would be furiously dragging her back to the Harris’ residence by her hair.

The wind was howling through the small town, Sommer’s heels clicking on the floor. She wrapped her black coat tighter around her frame, damning herself that she thought wearing a velvet dress underneath was a good idea.

One week had passed since Sommer had seen Sweet Pea last. Whenever she relived his words, they felt like a knife plunging through her heart repeatedly. She doesn’t exactly remember how many times she called him and then hung up quickly because she was unsure of what to say. Should she apologize? For what? For making him feel something other than anger and rage.

Sweet Pea wasn’t one to talk about his feelings, he had never been. But Sommer didn’t need him to.

When he thought she wasn’t looking, she noticed the way his eyes would follow her every movement, the way he would smile affectionately at her when she talked and the sweet nothings he whispered into her ear when he thought she was already sleeping.

It was fear that held him back, that she knew. The fear of loving someone, the fear of being vulnerable and not being able to do anything about it. He was scared she was going to slip through his fingers one day, without him being able to pull her back.

Sommer looked around, checking her surroundings occasionally, making sure she wasn’t being followed as she knew how dangerous this side of town was at night. She checked her phone again, making sure her GPS was leading her in the right direction of the Whyte Wyrm as she had never been there.

Sweet Pea would always tell her that the bar was a local spot for the Southside Serpents to hang out at. Since he used to go there when they couldn’t meet up, this was the place she was most likely going to find him since she didn’t know where he lived.

She checked her attire and sighed. She really could have thought this through, she couldn’t look any more like a prestige Northside girl.

Sommer might as well have worn her River Vixen uniform to paint an even bigger target on her back. She put her hands in the small pockets of her coat and gripped her pepper spray tightly.

The Whyte Wyrm wasn’t like any other bar Sommer had been to. It wasn’t as fancy and exclusive like the one her uncle owned in New York.

As she pushed the red doors open, it reeked of cigarette smoke and a sense of danger hung in the air. As Sommer stood at the entrance, now regretting her decision she even came here, she wished the floor would swallow her in whole. She was sure she had the attention of most of the serpents on her and it wasn’t one she could particularly enjoy.

Sommer closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reminding herself who she was here for in the first place. She quickly scanned the room, looking for the tall, raven-haired serpent but he could nowhere be found.  She spotted a few serpents surrounding a pool table. She took a step forward, hoping Sweet Pea might be amongst them but she felt a hand grip her shoulders.

She froze, her breath quickening as she slowly turned around and looked into the brown eyes of a girl. She was short and had a slim complexion. Her long, wavy hair had streaks of pink in it and she wore a bandana on top of it. Her left eyebrow was furrowed, looking the girl up and down.  She sneered at her and crossed her arms over her chest.

“So, you’re the girl Pea has been going on about,” she declared amusingly, a small smile gracing her face as she bobbed her head. Sommer’s eyes widened in uncertainty.

“He told someone? I mean – it’s not a bad thing you know – but, I mean considering the circumstances.” Sommer let out a breathless laugh and tucked a lock of hair behind her ears, a habit she had, signaling she was nervous. The serpent rolled her eyes.

“Considering you’re from the Northside and he’s a serpent, you mean?

“I don’t care that he’s from the Southside. I don’t care that he’s in a gang. I care about him. And I need this boy to understand that no one walks away from me!” Sommer scowled and the pink-haired girl let out a soft laugh.

“I’m Toni. Toni Topaz,” she introduced herself. Sommer smiled. “Sommer Harris. But you probably know that already.”

“Just so you know, I texted your lover boy. Should be here any second. It wasn’t hard to figure out who you are. What exactly were you thinking when you came here, girl? You’re lucky no one else approached you, might not have ended as nicely.”

“To be completely honest with you, Toni. I didn’t have a plan B. Only a pepper spray which sounds ridiculous now that I say it out loud. But I just…needed to do something.”

Toni gave Sommer a comforting smile, which quickly turned into a grimace as she looked behind the Northsider.

Sommer turned around and saw Sweet Pea taking long strides towards her, his jaw clenched, and anger radiating from him. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He quickly grabbed her by the arm, pulling her with him towards the door. Sommer took one last glance at the pink-haired serpent who waved at her and mouthed a Good Luck to her.

The cold air hit Sommer as Sweet Pea angrily pushed open the doors of the Whyte Wyrm.

Sommer looked up at Sweet Pea, taking in all of him. His messy, dark hair she loved running her fingers through. His plump lips she had missed so dearly and his broad shoulders she would cling on to for dear life.

He looked furious. His brown eyes were narrowed, his muscles tense under his leather jacket and the veins throbbing in his neck.

“What the hell are you doing here, Sommer?” he spat, a scowl on his face. Sommer balled her small fists and took a deep breath as her expression hardened.

“What I’m doing here? What I’m doing here!?” she screeched, her face flushed. “I’m here for you, you cretin. You can’t just expect me to forget about you and move on!”

“Do you know how dangerous and stupid it was of you coming here from all places? Wearing…that! You’re lucky Topaz recognized you and texted me!”

His loud voice boomed through the air and the girl took a step back, wincing at him. His eyes softened at her movement, clearing his throat and opening his mouth to say something.

“I know, okay! This was probably the most stupid and dumbest thing I could have done. But I knew you wouldn’t answer any of my calls and I didn’t know where you lived so this was my best shot. Also, I’m wearing custom-made Louboutins and a Vera Wang coat, thank you very much. I was supposed to go to Nick St. Clair’s party but he’s not worthy of my time.”

Who the hell is Nick St. Clair!?” His shoulders tensed. He couldn’t bear the thought of Sommer getting close to another boy. Sommer rose her eyebrows challengingly, a twinkle in her eyes as she put her hands on her hips, looking up at his tall frame.

“None of your business. Anyways, I’m not here to talk about him. I’m here to ask you something.” Sweet Pea ran his fingers through his hair, seemingly annoyed and wanting Sommer to leave.

“What are you afraid of?” His brows furrowed, looking at her in confusion.

“Is it commitment?” she pushed. He stiffened, and realization dawned on his face as his head lowered, not daring to look Sommer in the eyes. His expression dulled, and he stayed quiet for a few seconds, contemplating on what to say. The silence seemed deafening to both teenagers.

“You should go. I’ll wait for you until you call someone to pick you up.”

He pressed his lips together, though, not being able to hide the crack in his voice and the gloomy look in his eyes as he looked up again.

She inched forward, slowly draping her arms around his neck to hold him in place, hoping he wasn’t going to turn away from her. She looked up at him, eyes gentle and caring.

“I’m not going anywhere, I think you should know that by now,” she said, her voice low. His breaths quickened at the proximity. He had felt lonely for the past few days, yearning to touch her, to hold her close.

He cleared this throat. “I never meant to hurt you,” he began, voice shaking as he was unsure how to put his feelings into simple words. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, Sommer,” he admits, pulling her small frame closer to him by her waist. “I have never felt like this before with any other girl,” he explained, shutting his eyes.

“I’m scared one day you’ll see what I see every day when I look at you. That… you’re simply too good for me, princess.” For the first time in his life, Sweet Pea had laid out his feelings openly, leaving him utterly vulnerable and Sommer stunned and unable to move.

His face twisted. “I can’t afford to lose you,” he added with a mere whisper. Her mouth turned into a smile, her eyes sparkling at his confession.

“Listen here, Sweet Pea. You’re stuck with me now, okay? You have been since the very first day. Don’t ever think for one second that you’re too good for me. Because you’re not. You’re everything I could have asked for,” she said, looking him deeply in his eyes, hoping she would remove every trace of doubt he had in himself.

“If you ride, I’m riding too,” she added, a small smile tugging at her lips.

“You truly are a ride or die, aren’t your Harris. Coming here to the Southside, all by yourself like the badass you are.” He gave her a lopsided grin as he put his calloused hands on either side of her soft face to caress her rosy cheeks. Her face lit up at his affectionate way, enjoying every second of it.

“Don’t ever put yourself in danger for me, got it, baby?” he whispered huskily, his voice laced with concern. He looked at her lips and then into her eyes again.

“I missed this.” She sighed contentedly, causing Sweet Pea to chuckle. He leaned into her, placing a gentle, slow kiss on her lips. Soft and warm, sweet, with a subtle taste of peppermint. It felt like the first time all over again, butterflies erupting in both of their stomachs. Sommer pulled away and leaned her head against his chest as he buried his face into her soft hair, as the smell of pine and lavender mixed.

“Let’s get out of here.”

Can we talk about the US interviews?
  1. Mario Lopez dead ass asked if they danced at their concerts.
  2. All of them think that we’re rabid fangirls who just wants to tear them apart. I seriously thought RM was going to go off when Mario kept pushing Jin for an answer.
  3. Obsessed with finding out if they’re going to release anything in English. They’re a K-POP band. The K stands for KOREAN. Just respect that or go home. The fans they have like their Korean stuff. There’s no need to change it.
  4. Forever trying to find out who they should collab with. Their music is good as it is. I’m not saying they should just stop collaborating altogether but nothing is wrong with their music now.

I mean seriously it’s all rinse and repeat at this point. I haven’t heard one thing said about their UNICEF campaign, or how their music focuses on society, or how talented the boys are at making their own tracks. I kinda just want to send them back after their interview with Ellen and make them stay in Korea. They don’t need to be treated like this here.

Tiger Teeth

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 730ish

Warnings: allusions to sex, nothing explicit though. 

Another song-inspired drabble to stretch some writing muscles. Based on this lovely thing: 

Dean shouldn’t answer the door. He knows he shouldn’t answer the door. He does it anyway.

The sight of her punches the breath out of him. It shouldn’t be like this, after all this time. They’ve ripped each other apart so many times he should have scar tissue like plate armor by now. But he sees her and, just like every damn time, something raw and wild is eating him alive.

“Want to go for a drive?” she asks.

Dean should say no. He knows how this ends.

They go for a drive.

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(I am not good at thinking of titles ugh)


A/N: this is my entry for @caplansteverogers song fic challenge! Look I finally got it done before the deadline! 

Words: +- 550 (sorry it’s so short I wrote it in 10 minutes)

Song: Stay by Zedd ft Alessia Cara

Warnings: angst, break up (and bad writing)

Summary: Steve breaks up with you and you know you can’t make him stay

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So I’ve always made custom content as a follower gift, but I upload CC pretty often so it wouldn’t be that special. So I decided to do something different

I wanted to make a follow forever -thing, but I don’t follow many people… forever. So I made this Thank you -post as a… thank you. I’m out of words already, but please keep reading :)

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Oh man that part of Harry holding little Ruby makes me imagine Harry bringing little Grace (from @a-butterfly-on-his-tummy s Adventures of Grace and Harry you should definetely check that out!) to the studio/Abbey Road and she is distracting the band and Harry bc she makes everyone laugh and everyone just has their attention on her and she is all bubbly bc of hearing her father sing and she would try to “dance” along which results in just making cute little moves in her baby carrier and in between the songs everyone wants to hold her and play with her and I’m a mess 🤯

Real talk though, I really don’t see why we need to make a huge rivalry out of Marvel and DC. We should all just be happy that we are getting to see our favourite comic book characters appearing in live action on the big screen and the small screen. That’s such a beautiful thing to me, and I don’t think it really matters if you like one and not the other, or if you like both. I think, no matter which way we lean towards, we should be part of a community which respects, appreciates and supports one another. Do you get me? Like, this is something we should be celebrating, not fighting about. As someone who likes both Marvel and DC, it can be difficult to do so, when you constantly feel like you have to justify why you like which ever one has come under fire. You can criticise one and still be respectful, easily. All it requires is careful word choices and the reminder that the way other people feel about the one you dislike is the same way YOU feel about the one YOU like. Honestly, both Marvel and DC are doing exciting things with their respective universes and it’s something we should all be super proud of ❤


On November 15th, Lil Peep was found passed out from a drug overdose in his tour bus after a show in Arizona. They thought he was just taking a long nap but he was taking way more than a nap… One of his last instagram posts was captioned, “When I die you will love me”. A lot of his friends and celebrities who have met him (including his ex girlfriend Bella Thorne) all made tribute posts and made it about how he was troubled and not okay and how we should talk to our loved ones and make sure they’re okay. Other rappers have come forward making a point about how serious the addiction problem in hip hop has been. 

When someone first showed me his photos a while back, I wasn’t fair. I think I made fun of his ridiculous DADDY tattoo in old english letters on his chest. I was super judgmental and mean. I was like a bitter old timer, criticizing who’s famous these days, “these damn kids don’t know what music is good anymore”. I was only born in 96, so a lot of my generation’s rap influence and music comes from the early 2000s and 90s. I try to stay open minded, but I grew up with the likes of Ice Cube, Tupac, Three 6 Mafia, Chingy, Kanye, G-unit, Ludacris, and so forth. Hip Hop to me had a romantic sound but now that sound of romance has changed and tastes are different. I never took into account that Lil Peep was my age, so his influences were probably similar to mine. In the privacy of my home, away from my friends, I actually went to listen to him that day. His sound is rough. He rap sings over emo guitar riffs and well produced beats. His emo sound is most apparent in the last song he dropped, Avoid.  He describes himself as a GOTH BOI and as part of his gothboiclique. Some of his fans even called him the Kurt Cobain of emo trap. Like a lot of millennials who had access to a shopping mall in middle school, I went through a heavy emo-scene phase at one point in my life. I’m sure many my age had the same experience of poring over hot topic stores and gothic accessories, listened to hardcore metal and dyed colorful hair. His music was reminiscent of  this colorful, clueless time in my life. He would have blown up a whole lot if he came out with music in 2009 for sure. But he brought a completely unique sound to the game with this blend of emo rock and trap beats. I also found that his lyrics were not complete trash like most faded soundcloud rappers. Of course, he sometimes expressed his addiction to Xanax, cocaine, and ecstasy in his songs. But his lyrics were very relatable to me, being an outcast and feeling like nobody took him seriously or really cared about him. He often spoke up about the mistreatment of women in the music industry, and brought a lot of awareness to mental illness. He had just come out as bisexual this August and released a full album “Come Over When You’re Sober, pt. 1″ shortly after. So it’s so sad to see him go so early into the game. A lot of news outlets are using his death as a marker of the mental illness and opioid crisis we are facing in our country. 

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Please don't say menstruating people. It's offensive to women and it reduces us to just menstruating. Women are more than that. But they're the only ones who can menstruate.

I have absolutely no idea what this is in reference to. I don’t think I’ve made any recent posts regarding menstruation. I’ve barely been on tumblr at all this month. If it’s an older post, I cannot find it either (searching keyword menstruating and menstruation). Not claiming I didn’t say it, just that this seems out of the blue to me. I don’t fault you for that, time and date on this website are an afterthought at best.

That said plenty of trans dudes menstruate. It doesn’t make them women. If you don’t want anyone reducing women to their ability to menstruate, perhaps you should consider including the menstruating men in the world yourself. And the nonbinary people who get periods too for that matter. There are also a lot of women who do not have periods, does that make them men? No, that’s ridiculous.

I’m sorry you disliked whatever post this is in reference to, if it’s in reference to any, but I’m not going to exclude several groups of people who bleed once a month because historically it’s been associated with women in post colonial America (many indigenous nations included trans men and nonbinary people here before that just food for thought).

tl;dr: Trans and nonbinary people who have periods aren’t women by default of having bled. Women without a period aren’t men. You won’t change my mind on that.

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i feel really bad reading all of the stutter anons. a friend of mine, who doesnt stutter, once just stuttered from talking too fast you know? and i was like spit it out (then her name with a stutter) as a joke and she laughed and told me it was fine but now i feel terrible and wanna just apologize and hug her bc hi im a shitty person and should be punched

people make mistakes sometimes! as long as youre sorry

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Headcanons for Henry being with a shy and sweet reader who has depression/self esteem issues? Or maybe like finding out they have an eating disorder even though they act okay and loving towards him all the time? I love your stuff by the way, it makes me happier.


I don’t mean to offend you, but I really felt weird writing this, because I highly doubt Henry would date someone shy and sweet. It’s just not my best work because I don’t think it would be his type. I’m sorry, but still, hope you like it!

  • first of all, he’s always saying how he doesn’t think he should be with you
  • showing you off (even if it makes you uncomfortable, sorry, but it’s henry, he’ll do whatever he wants)
  • people make fun of him for “going soft” by going out with you
  • they’ll probably leave with a broken nose, but whatever
  • so many people think he threatened you into a relationship
  • honestly, henry probably wouldn’t notice at first
  • he’d likely be too caught up in his own home issues
  • you two are on a date, he brought food for the two of you, and you wouldn’t touch it
  • he was a bit concerned, but it was brushed off with the “i’m not hungry” excuse.
  • after that, he started noticing more; you eating much less, smiling less and being a lot paler by the day
  • he’s worried about you, and confronts you straight up
  • he’ll grab your arm a bit harsher than intended, hurting you unintentionally
  • cause this boy sucks at controlling himself & his emotions
  • you’ll give into his intimidating and tell him all about your emotions (mainly because you knew he was trying, despite it coming off poorly)
  • like i said, he tries. he’s not good with emotions, he never was, never will be, but he tries. and to you, that’s enough. 

idk man this is might be so out of character im sorry

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Callout culture I would agree is usually a bad thing but this doesn't concern disliked ships but in fact embezzled charity funds. Of which there is evidence for as provided by the receipts blog. Another thing is Lynn is 22 years old and not a minor, wherever you're getting your information is obviously faulty.

i don’t appreciate your tone anon. i’m just trying to make sense of the situation. someone told me she was 17, someone told me she’s 22. for all i know she could be in her 30s. there’s a lot of misinformation out there about almost every aspect of this whole situation so you can’t blame me for assuming. 

also, even if she isn’t a minor, i still think that extremely long winded and detailed callout post was uncalled for. this issue should have been resolved in private. i don’t know how much of the money stealing shit is true and i don’t have the means to find out, but i also do not trust the other side of the argument. like i have stated multiple times on this blog today, it is certainly possible and likely that neither party is completely innocent. so i think it’s 100% possible and even likely that while lynn may have taken money that was supposed to go to charity - by accident or not -  but that this issue was blown way out of proportion because she happened to speak out about her dislike for mc/reye/s, which caused the other mods and contributors who like the ship and don’t see an issue with it (which there is a serious issue there) to lash out and make this into a much bigger deal than it was supposed to be. there was no reason to have all those other accusations in the callout post if it was purely about the money. even a 22 year old should not have to go through such a huge, vicious, public attack that was most probably meant to put other people who had no idea what was going on against her. it’s a Mess.

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i stop watching/listening to the interviews since the 1st ET guy tbh. just seeing all the comments about them makes me so upset. they don't care about the boys or their music. just riding the hype wave to get the views, likes, retweets to get a boost in their social activity. I get it's their job but they should do their fucking job properly. do a little research or have their assistant do it for them. actually talk about their music, accomplishment not why they changed their fucking hair colors

Anonymous said: sorry about my language in the last ask. I’m just really upset and needed to vent

Yeah, I agree. The questions asked about girls, celeb crushes, what they like about LA and all that bs are so dumb. Like bts are out there trying to make a change in this world by doing the love myself campaign with unicef to end violence and no one even bothered to ask about that. Or about them making music and talking about society and how fucked it is. They’re out here breaking barriers and those interviewers don’t even care enough to ask about it. All they want to yap about are girls and crushes like shut up. Bts not out here trying to entertain and fulfill your dumb fantasies. Let’s be real here. 

loco4scandal replied to your post: “And listen I hate to be like that about MM but some of her tweets all…”:

I’m glad it’s not just me. Something felt off all season. I know that Ava wrote the finale and it was in line with the season, so I’m assuming her vision is playing out. However, I can’t help thinking that maybe things would have been handled with better care in the writing. The tweet that did me in was when she said Remy should run. He deserved better. I don’t recall any of this advice when RA was belittling and manipulating Darla or when Robert was making decisions for Nova without her input.

That one. That was the tweet that canceled it all for me and  Monica M. completely and made me have to unfollow her because I wanted to go off in a reply so bad. LOL, I had to woosah and sit my phone down and everything. She didn’t have a thing to say about Dudbois of course cause she and Sparks (he wrote the episode that introduced him) stanned for that hotep-ness and we already been down the road with Rah. Don’t get me wrong I love him. I love him more than I ever thought I could because I know his bok self too- he is mountains more redeemable yes but gosh knows he still needs to find real consequence as well. This sl with Blue, shouldn’t be considered as such because though he’s hurt and I understand that hurt- it’s still Darla who ends up paying the bigger price and losing so much progress in her steps, her son, and her found family  And for what? We still ain’t took a test to even see what the deal really is


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤

Jeong Jeong: I have taught the Avatar a lesson about fire bending.

Zuko: You fucked up a perfectly willing student is what you did. Look at it. It’s got anxiety.

I know a lot of Hollywood actors like to brag about “doing their own stunts” but you wonder how smart that is. Isn’t it just better to, eh, leave it to the people with the best training?

Tom Cruise should not be hanging out of the side of an air plane at 50 years old, let’s be honest. 

It’s unfair on the stunt people in the industry too.

 I remember Harrison Ford telling Parkinson about how he loved doing all his own stunts for the first Indiana Jones movie…until his stuntman came up to him and asked him, very nicely, not to do it anymore. Because while Harrison wasn’t getting extra money for doing that stuff, the stuntman relied on this to make a living. 

Harrison was basically: “Oh, shit. Sorry.” He was embarrassed.  

Gotta stay in your own lane sometimes. 


Oh boy. I finished this thing in a day, but I procrastinated posting it for another three days after realizing a lot of errors in the format of the comic rip but im lazy af so i never even fixed them ahh. As for the other comic I was working on: every new chapter released reveals another logical flaw in the comic. I think I’ll wait till the companion fic starts to really fix up that comic orz :’( 

This is for chapter 12 in the fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin